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What Did Blair Know About The 911 Attack?

Tony Blair was George Bush’s most eager supporter, of the  aggressive, illegal, murderous attacks against Afghanistan and Iraq.

The justification for these War Crimes, for which they have already been found guilty, was to present a catalogue of lies and deceit against both Saddam Hussein and the Taliban, suggesting that they had in some way been complicit in the 911 attack.

No evidence was ever, presented in corroboration of these allegations, both of the attacks were indeed War Crimes.  The Muslim World, in modern times has presented absolutely no threat whatsoever to the avaricious West, so in the absence of a direct military attack, by Muslims,  another excuse was needed.  911 presented that excuse.

The cooperation of the “coalition” in these attacks, which were declared illegal by the United Nations, renders all of them guilty of mass murder and the total destruction of both Afghanistan and Iraq.

The excuses which were offered by Blair, to the British Parliament, were bare faced lies.  Nobody beyond Parliament was satisfied by his explanation. It led to the largest anti-war demonstration ever held across the United Kingdom.

The propaganda in favour of the Blair/Bush pack of lies has been total.  The British and US Media and both Governments, are staffed uniquely by those who are apparently, completely convinced by this farrago of lies.

The Conservative Party, along with New Labour, were most certainly in the frame, as they say.  The Lib-Dems voted against the war on Iraq, no doubt with an eye on the size of the demonstrations going on in the streets of the UK and the possibility of gaining an advantage, in return for their opposition to Blair and the Tories. Under their Jewish leader, Nick Clegg, they have returned to the belligerent side of British politics.

So were all these critters convinced that a bunch of Muslims, with box cutters, hi-jacked four airliners and without the necessary skills, with pinpoint accuracy, piloted them to their chosen targets?

There must surely have been one or two who had nagging misgivings about the possibility of this, never mind the fact that the hi-jackers mission just happened to coincide with dozens of Government exercises, which, by chance, were organised for the same day.

Despite what they found on the ground in Afghanistan.  Not a trace of an Al Qaeda training camp,  never mind the luxurious underground cities and all that garbage and of course all of the Taliban melted into the mountains. Why was there no clamour in Parliament to immediately withdraw from Afghanistan, which they have since done, without any success to show for all the carnage. They had, after all, got it wrong.

Blair insisted that the same circumstances would not exist in Iraq. No! No! No! Saddam was a “really bad man,” he could get us in forty five minutes.



Well he quite obviously could not get us in forty-five minutes,  the Government were aware that Iraq was already in a desperate state.  The “No Fly Zone” and the Sanctions had knocked off a million Iraqis, including five-hundred thousand children and it was clear to one and all that Iraq would be unable to resist an invasion. Their Army had already been wiped out by illegal weapons on the road home from Kuwait.

So job done?  Well no, not exactly, there was still the little business of the oil reserves. The little business which is never mentioned by the British Cabal.  Control of the Iraqi reserves has been taken out of the hands of the Iraqis and into the hands of the multi-national oil companies, large parts of which are owned by Her Majesty.

The Jewish US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, considered the death of those five -hundred thousand children, “to be worth it.”  Well worth what exactly? The value of the oil for her friends in Israel perhaps?   Who are apparently buying it at two dollars a barrel

So what now for these humanitarian British?  A shot across the bows of the most vicious, dangerous aggressive state in the Middle East, which has weapons of mass destruction dripping out of its nose, Israel?   Perhaps not, anyway they have found another “really bad man” to take care of, Gadaffi in  Libya.

Of all the British slaughters carried out in recent years, what they did to Libya was the most loathsome of all.  That smug little savage William Hague organised that little bash, with the help of men trained in the US, who were prepared to carry out the necessary murders in Benghazi, which would provoke a response from Gadaffi and in they came,  like  Hounds From Hell, which they are. The Coalition, yes the Coalition of Scum, which has served The City of London  well ever since they were first unleashed against Germany in 1939.

Libya is now a wasteland.   Health Service, Schools, Industry, the highest standard of living in Africa, all gone to suit the British and The City of London and its aim to control all and everything.

So of course these folk have learned from all of this casual slaughter you might suppose?   Well no not exactly, in fact they do not even consider themselves to have done anything wrong, so for an encore, well why not Syria?

Take a listen to the drivel, which spewed out of the mouth of the man with no shame, is he the only man in the UK who does not realise that ISIL was trained by the SAS in Jordan, does he think that we think that they are a genuine threat to the UK?

These “Evil” men can be switched off as soon as they have served their purpose. They will soon be ordered out of Iraq and into Syria, where the coalition will have no other option than to destroy them and of course Syria along with them.  Syria will be sent into oblivion.  This man is a partner in crime with the true “Evil” on this planet, the British and the  trademark of the British evil, is non-stop, bloody slaughter.

As for the rest of Cameron’s speech, I think this link from Don just about covers it.


The British and their cronies are not attempting to install Democracy in the Maghreb and the Middle East, they are installing turmoil and chaos.  They will divide all of the Middle East into State-lets.  They call it Divide and Rule and that is the aim and that was the reason to carry out the False Flag attack on 911 and to immediately, without evidence, hang the blame around the neck of the intended culprits, the Muslims.

The alleged perpetrators,  just happened to come from the Jewish Royalty in Saudi Arabia, to where they were flown, by the only airliner with permission to fly that fateful day, the excuse for the flight being to carry the Bin Laden family to safety. Of course it was.

Blair and New Labour knew full well what was going on and they went along with it. The British electoral system made sure that Blair stayed in power until the job was done.  His closest adviser was the go-between with Rothschild, Peter Mandelson.

Cameron, who apparently has enormous pride in the behaviour of the United Kingdom, must surely be ashamed of this episode in Iraq.

When having dealt with that shocking exposure of “real” British behaviour, perhaps he could at last explain this one to us all.  We have been waiting patiently for years for this one to be cleared up.


If it looks like ISIS,  walks like ISIL,  kills like IS, well it must be one or the other, don’t you think Mr Cameron?

There is a rumour going around that Vladimir Putin is about to release the Russian files on 911.  They are alleged to contain evidence of the participation of Israel and Mossad in the caper.

Mention is made of a Russian who was invited to participate in the Bali slaughter with Mossad.

Plus the destruction of the Murra Building in Oklahoma City,  which was intended to implicate so-called international Muslim terrorists.  This did not work out as it was supposed to and in the end the US Authorities blamed their own man, Timothy McVeigh.

If only all of this were true and not just another piece of garbage from the warped mind of Gordon Duff.







A Vote For Ukip Is A Vote For Miliband, So What? Is Democracy Forbidden Now?


The above clip is a good example of the lies and deceit of the British Establishment and their eagerness for illegal slaughter in the name of this “Democracy”.

Sky News has quite cynically used an Image of Anjem Choudrey, a puppet extremist, with a poster behind him calling for the arrest of Assad for Crimes Against Humanity. This is to give the impression that British Muslims are in agreement with the UK aim of destroying Syria.

The liars on Sky News and the BBC, who helped build-up the excuse to kill two hundred thousand Syrians, are now fresh from the deception created around the Referendum in Scotland, which was most certainly rigged,  in the process of generating the latest pretext to bomb Syria, along with any innocent civilian who remains standing, to smithereens. This is for what “The Once Great British” are renowned.

The current crop of politicians are hardly worthy of the name, they wander around like characters from a farce, with their “Plan.” Whatever the plan amounts to is not clear. Today the man with his plan, explained to the cretins at the Tory Party Conference, that he was about to swipe three billion pounds out of the pockets of the unemployed, by freezing their Benefits for three years, in order to force them into work. This three billion pounds could then be used to reduce the “Deficit.” therefore keeping his plan on track.

He was not questioned as to the cost of the “New Illegal War” into which the UK is being plunged, which David Cameron has claimed would be an ongoing slaughter for at least the next three years, that is the war against a rag-tag bunch of paid mercenaries, who can not even be traced on the ground but are most certainly heading for Syria, where strangely the US have upset the “Good Terrorists” who are now going to side with the “Bad Terrorists” to do what?   Well to fight Assad of course.

The US “Smart Bombs” are so clever they have managed to find and murder an unheard of group of terrorists called Khorassan, or something like that, a name which will no doubt keep changing as time goes on. These fellows are to the right of Islamic State and they were on the point of carrying out an atrocity in the US, luckily they were tracked down and killed in Syria, preventing the attack in the US? They, of course, are in Syria, we have yet to hear whether the actual attack team, which was  surely in the US, has been apprehended.

The coalition has marked out those parts of Syria and Iraq which they would like to control, claiming them to be occupied by Islamic State, giving them access to Syria’s oil-fields.  Having already destroyed the Syrian refineries, this will allow the likes of Exxon and BP to steal the Syrian crude, along with the Iraqi reserves in the area which can be allocated to the Kurdish,  Jewish controlled region, in the north of Iraq.  Malaki and his government, have been booted out of office in Iraq, having insisted on a fifty-fifty share of  oil revenues, which did not suit the Oil Barons.

These would be the very same Oil Barons who would not countenance a “Yes” vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum, preferring to rob the Scottish people of their rightful share of the North Sea Oil profits, which apparently amount to a trillion pounds.

So these are the type of creatures, who once ran the ” Greatest Empire The World Has Ever Seen” are they? Mincing around the Tory Party Conference, discussing the Democratic election which is to be held next year 2015, the result of which is a foregone conclusion, it will be either a Tory or a Labour win, as it has been for the last hundred years or more. The British call this “Change.”

This time around we will most probably see the demise of the Liberal Democrats, a Party which has morphed or cloned, take your pick, into something or other lost in some sort of netherland, not quite Tory and not quite Labour and not quite anything else.

Menzies Campbell, a one time leader of the Lib-Dems,  appears to have completely lost the use of his brain and in his confused state he cannot spot the reality behind the “New Weapons of Mass Destruction” which have suddenly popped up, fully armed, with an income of over a billion dollars a year to justify yet another attack on Iraq. So despite having been opposed to the Blairite illegal attack on Iraq, he is now in lock-step with the Jewish cabal of Miliband, Cameron and ‘ illegal attack against Iraq/Syria.

He is not alone, George Galloway, the Muslims friend, is making no attempt to denounce the use of Islamic State as yet another Al Qaeda type excuse to plant hired killers all over the Muslim World. He has yet to notice that despite being surrounded by these Islamic State characters, who are being trained in all of the Royal Jewish Middle Eastern States, not one attack has been carried out against the initiator of all of the mayhem in the Region, Israel.  Why have you not commented on that one George? What price a little support for Gaza?

Meanwhile back at the auditions for the “Prat of the Year Award,” George Osborne, explained how he could use the money stolen from the poorest of society, to reduce the deficit, well I heard a man on television explain how he had quizzed many politicians about the banking system in the UK and a huge percentage of them had no idea whatsoever about the unscrupulous thievery which is involved in stoking up the debt, which Osborne is attempting to reduce, however when he refers to reducing the deficit, well that is a completely different thing altogether.

A deficit is not a debt. A deficit is a shortfall. So George is talking about reducing the amount of money which is necessary to finance what shortfall?  What does he mean by reducing the sum which is needed to reduce the sum needed?  Why does he not talk straight? Why is everything so confusing, to the point where even politicians do not understand.

Most people, when asked, believe the deficit to be the debt.  The debt is money which was borrowed from investors, is it not?   Well it could be, that is if there were enough rich fools running around willing to loan two trillion pounds to a bankrupt government.  In reality, the private Bank of England is buying government Bonds which are bought with funny money, ie. money which is simply printed without any inherent value.

However there is nothing funny about it when the Bonds come to term, because in order to honour the  loan the government is obliged to borrow more money to repay the debt. This is unsustainable, this is part of the reason as to why, after the longest sustained period of growth in UK history, there is a debt of a sum of money so enormous, it can never be repaid.  To repay a debt running into trillions of pounds, would involve every household in the UK coughing up millions of pounds, all of which would be fed to the Private Banks.

Gordon Brown sold off four hundred tons of the UK Gold Reserves and he refused to say to whom it was sold.  Unless we are informed as to whom is holding the UK debt, we can only make a guess. My guess would be that the recipients would not be too far from “The Bank.”

Anyway back to the deficit, George was glossing over the reality of the deficit, which occurs when the economy slows down and there are vast numbers of unemployed people claiming unemployment money and the housing market falters and is not available to help boost the economy, reducing the amount of Income Tax collected by Her Majesty’s Tax Collectors.

Every penny of income tax is used to pay the interest on the money, which is used to make the economy work, that is the cash in  your pocket. This money is issued by the Bank of England with interest attached. It is the property of “The Bank.”  When there is a “deficit” of Income Tax  available to pay The Bank, the deficit is made up by taking money earned from other sources to pay the bankers.  The bankers are ALWAYS first in line for payment.  George will allow the people to starve or die from hypothermia in order to make sure the bankers get their million pound bonus.

What is going on at the moment is the final act in the “Fractional Reserve Banking Scam.” “Armageddon.” which normally involves the gruesome death of many millions of US, in order to reset  the banking accounts to zero,  to restart the same old garbage for a repeat performance, of the  of the saga after the bodies are buried.







Lord Help Us! Millions Murdered, But It’s Still Evil, Evil, Everywhere.

David Cameron, like his idol the erstwhile Neo Thatcherite, Tony Blair, is still gagging for more human sacrifice in the name of Israel.  He has found yet another evil adversary in the Middle East. Very soon the only evil left standing will be that doyen of the connoisseurs of the genre, Israel and the pack of savages who are still seeking more and more of the land of others.

Listening to the bald-headed reporter from Sky, Kiley, giving a breakdown of the financial report of ISIL, was a hilarious experience.  He has discovered every last detail of how these folk are generating the money which has made them the most prosperous terrorist group in history. No shit Sam?

He did not of course explain how they are managing to flog their oil and to whom,  in order to generate the two million dollars a day, which he tells us they are making.  Neither did he explain how exactly they are extracting the taxes, which they have levied against the locals.  Nor indeed how the locals, who have had no work for years are managing to pay up. It was in fact just another cartload of horse-crap, which provided an excuse to blow up some Syrian infrastructure and to explain away the fact that it is money laundered  through the truly brutal Jewish regime in Saudi Arabia, where beheadings and stoning are a daily occurrence, which is paying the bills.

Cameron is attempting to place Assad in the same bracket as ISIL, without actually telling us how much of British Taxpayers money has been expended on the training and arming of this “Evil” band of scum,  which has actually provided us with all of the necessary filmed evidence of their own evil acts and of course, he presented his case, as is usual, without providing any form of evidence of the so-called evil acts of Assad.

Perhaps he could explain to us all how he justifies the deaths of civilians, during the British illegal bombardment Libya,  while at the same time calling Assad a War Criminal, because he may have killed civilians during a raid against the British asset in Syria ISIL? Will he accept his culpability, should yet more civilians lose their lives under British bombs in Iraq?

The only true answer to that question is that there is no difference, he has condemned himself as nothing more than a low-life serial War Criminal and he should be taken to The International Criminal Court and tried for his admitted War Crimes, along with Blair and the rest of New Labour.

Throughout the last three years, he, along with his murderous colleagues,  has been prepared to continue the slaughter in Syria to suit the ends of his Tribe in Israel, without the slightest regard for the sufferings of the people of Syria,   who know  full well what to expect should Assad be driven out.  Which is of course why the vast majority of the Syrian people have stood by their leader throughout the barbarous onslaught of Cameron and the Jewish Cabal.

The British Prepare To Destroy Syria.

David Cameron has announced the recall of the UK Parliament, in order to allow a vote on whether to send the RAF on a mission, which is being quite deliberately presented as an attack on ISIL, which we are being told is in control of a huge swathe of Syria, when it is quite clear to anybody with half a brain, that he is a liar and he is preparing yet another load of crap, in order to bring chaos and death to yet another secular state, which is under the leadership of a man who is guilty of no crime or mistreatment of his own people.

The group ISIL, was set up by the same Bolshevik gang, which in past times gave us Al Qaeda and all of its so-called affiliates.  There are already calls from these affiliates in Syria for the coalition of filth, to take out Assad’s fixed wing aircraft while they are at it.  This is the group of terrorists which will be put into power in Syria, once Assad is out of the picture.

The thirty-one thousand strong ISIL, will be turned loose on Syria, where they will set about the murder of all those of whom they disapprove, as they have been doing already in Syria and more recently in Iraq.  The aim of the coalition is to quite deliberately, unleash these animals on to those they claim to be saving.

The question is often asked as to whether the coalition has learned nothing from the chaos which they have already achieved in Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Bosnia and Iraq, well the simple answer to that question is yes they have, they have honed their system to perfection.

These War Criminals are not getting things wrong, they are not misjudging the results of their actions, they are producing exactly what they intended to achieve.  These folk who are justifying their criminality with claims of safe-guarding the folks back home, folk who are so stupid that they in the main, go along with these slaughters of the innocent.

Once they have razed Syria to the ground and reduced it to the same state as Libya and Iraq, they will claim that all of the now “free” people of Syria will be forever grateful for their actions and they will then set about handing over that part of Syria, where the oil is of course, to the Bolshevik Jewish State of Israel, which has of course itself just levelled Gaza, schools, hospitals, power station and all,  with the blessing of the US and UK, unlike  Assad who is guilty of fighting off the “good” terrorists.    


The people of those States which are a part of this coalition of filth, whether they be in the Arab States of the Gulf or are  near neighbours of Syria in Jordan, they would do well to remember that they are working for the invaders who have already murdered hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and displaced millions, using money provided by the Bolsheviks in the US and UK, this is not a Jihad,  you are involved in  cold-blooded murder, there will be no Martyrs after attacking Syria.

If The Isis Beheadings Are The Excuse To Bomb Syria, Show Us The Heads Coming Off!

All of the Jews are on board for the coming slaughter in Syria, except that is for the cowering cowards in Israel, who are once again using courageous others, to do their dirty work, they prefer shooting fish in the barrel called Gaza.

The complete panoply of Royal Jewish families in the Gulf States and other Middle Eastern Countries, who have paid and trained the very terrorists who are being used as the excuse for the illegal attack; which it is, on Syria, are on board with the Jew Obama and his illegal act, which has been ordered by the Bolshevik Shadow Government in the USA.


The cynically, clinically sick British ex-politician Anthony Blair, aka Miranda, is still screeching and howling for ever more blood and guts to be spilt across the planet in the name of PEACE.

Sir Christopher Meyer, the ex Ambassador,  is in total agreement with Blair and he estimates that within days the Jewish Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, will be joining the attacks against Syria.  He is simply allowing the Jew Milliband to finish his Party Conference, to avoid opposition from a handful of Labour MPs.

The British, including the Scottish, have recently been lauding their wonderful achievements in past times as a United Kingdom, when in actuality, they have achieved nothing apart from slaughter and mayhem wherever they have set foot. They are in truth a United Kingdom of Scum.

This United Kingdom of Scum are now a key player in the aggressive destruction of the Middle East. They are even now justifying the massive attack against Syria, which is a State which has never posed a problem for the UK of S, which has itself already been the recipient of millions of refugees from the Middle East and there are even now several hundred thousand more, fleeing from the murderous Bolshevik/US bombardment in Syria.

The world is under no threat from any source other than the British/Bolshevik Jewish obscene desire to create a global empire, however much blood needs to be shed in order to achieve it.

The recent  decapitation of three Western hostages, is being used as an excuse to justify the killing of a hundred times more innocent people in Syria, while the murder of over two thousand innocent people in Gaza, produced no more than the comment that the Jews in Israel have a right to defend themselves.

The so-called beheadings, were no more than cinema, so in effect there is no excuse whatsoever for the launching of the current attack against targets in Syria. Very soon we will have pilot error and the missiles will start to hit unintended targets, which just happen to weaken the Syrian defences, the bombings will then be declared as having served their purpose and will be halted, leaving a weakened Syria against the might of the NATO armed trained and paid ISIS forces, a group which will soon vanish by melding into the so-called Free Syrian Army, which they have in fact always been.

This puts the lie to the US claim that they have no ” boots on the ground,”  if their own figures are accurate, they have at least thirty-one thousand ISIS  “boots on the ground” and they are still arming them.  When these people “go home,” as we have been warned that they will, we can only hope they go home to attack the “real” enemies of Islam,

Apart from the attack, which Saddam Hussein was ordered to carry out against Iran and later his takeover of Kuwait, with the OK from the US, (which was to be the cynically manufactured excuse which was to be used to destroy the Iraqi Armed Forces and to maintain a blockade against Iraq, which resulted in the deaths of more than one million innocent souls,) there has been absolutely no threat whatsoever to the West from a Muslim State.

However the pretext of US asset Al Qaeda’s base in  Afghanistan and Weapons of Mass Destruction, in Iraq, and the CIA/Mossad 911 False Flag attack, allowed the Jews to kick off their most recent unending war, The War on Terror, which is in truth their War OF Terror.

The British people, who are so proud of their Empire, from which they actually gained nothing whatsoever, apart from the death of millions of their young men, are now contributing to the installation of the Jewish Headquarters in the Middle East, where, of course,  the oil is to be found, while the Jews in the City of London, are even now stealing every penny of income tax, paid by the proud British people, to enrich themselves and their cronies, while these proud VICTIMS of Empire are suffering austerity measures themselves,  The people of the old Empire have now come to the UK and will soon swamp the proud British to oblivion.

Be sure, there is something so evil taking place in the Middle East and Africa  that it is hard to believe that it is being accepted by the vast majority of the Peoples of the Western world as a “good” thing, when there has been no real attack against the West from Muslim Terrorists.  ALL OF THE TERROR IS CONTROLLED FROM TEL AVIV, WASHINGTON AND THE CITY OF LONDON.

My last cynical comment on this state of affairs is, “Where is Mister Muscles, Vlad Putin, when his friends need him?”  No doubt he is off somewhere practising Judo, with his chum Porko the new Jew on the Block in Ukraine.

I offer you this link.. Please do not open it if you do not have a strong stomach. These are the people who are keeping you safe because in reality todays attacks are not against these folk, they are simply an excuse to weaken Assad so that these animals can take him down, they work for you!



There Is An Urgent Need To Arm We The People!


Anyone who has noticed the Jewish penchant for the cold-blooded slaughter of the innocent, not only in Palestine but now in Ukraine, where they have recently been installed, having learned their trade by killing sixty-five million Christians in Russia and Eastern Europe, after the Wall Street financed coup d’etat, quickly followed by the one hundred million souls in China, cannot have failed to notice that all of their victims have been civilians.

Chairman Mao was actually a Jewish puppet who was used as a front man, to disguise the presence of those ubiquitous Khazar Jewish trouble makers, who are still to this day well represented in the Chinese Politburo. They are names which you have most probably never heard of, we are allowed to know only the “front men” never the real “Top Men.”

Well sadly, they are not only in China and Israel, they have now installed themselves in England, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, India and of course the United States.

Well these Khazar Jews have been working their gonads off, in an effort to transform Middle Eastern Muslims, who were quite content to live out their lives in their homelands, into the most hated race on Earth.

They then set about destroying the Muslim Middle Eastern homelands, contaminating the entire region, including that of their own civilians, in the land they stole from the Muslims, Israel, creating millions of refugees, who have been directed towards every country in the World.

These Stateless folk, now find themselves unable to integrate with the locals, because their strict adherence to their Religion and are attempting to install their medieval Sharia Law; which Western Christians have been led to believe, involves the chopping off of the hands of thieves and stoning adulteress women to death, into the corrupted countries of the Western world, where they find millions of lost souls, drunkenly committed to a hedonistic life-style.

Now we have the latest creation from the weapon shops of the ghouls, Islamic State. Like Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, a group which was set up to fight the Russians, so we were told, however they were ultimately used as the excuse to declare the War on Terror and the invasion of Afghanistan. No trace of them was ever found in that country, despite all of the Black Propaganda, which suggested that they were housed in huge underground bunkers, with state of the art communications etc.

Islamic State is a mirror image of Al Qaeda, with the addition of a wardrobe manager, trained in the workshops which gave us the “New Romantics” Look,  back in the seventies and a leader named by Jay Zee or some other Rap Man, Al Baghdadi.  They are being primed for some as yet unclear future purpose.

All of this is a total fraud, which is now being used to justify the bombing of Syria and the dismemberment of Iraq. One would do well to keep in mind the “British Strategy” which has been used down through the years, the strategy of the “Twin group.”

In Iraq, during the second Gulf War, two British SAS men were arrested by the Iraqi Police, near Basra. They were disguised as Arabs and they had bombs in their vehicle. In an attempt to avoid arrest, they shot and killed an Iraqi Policeman; does anyone know his name? They were part of the strategy of this Twin Group policy.

These “Terrorists” were incarcerated in a Police Station, while the Iraqi Police, believing the British to be honourable, announced that they were holding the men. The British response was to send Tanks and Troops, to destroy the Police Station, to “rescue” the SAS terrorists. There has been and there is still a shocking shortage of genuine Muslim terrorists, they are in general a peaceful race.

This strategy was used in Northern Ireland, where the same SAS set up IRA 2 and proceeded to carry out the most murderous attacks in Ulster, which were blamed on the IRA.  They did at times work hand in glove with the British Police, The B Specials, allowing the Bs to earn a bit of “overtime” in the evening.

The Catholics are still considered to have been responsible for most of the killings in Ulster, despite the fact that far more Catholics were killed than were Protestants, including a Solicitor Pat Finucan, who was gunned down in front of his family, during Sunday dinner, by a British Agent, who was arrested and gaoled and then released under the Amnesty, after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

The Good Friday Agreement was itself a sham, which was used to clear the ground, for what Blair knew to be coming down road, the War on Terror. He was desperate to avoid any confusion, when the bombs in London on 7-7, which destroyed trains and a bus. It was imperative that it be clear to one and all, that it was those pesky “Muslims” when in fact the whole world is aware that it was no such thing, it was just another caper carried out by Mossad and the SAS.

The tragedy of the event, was in fact the gunning down of four young, decent, Muslim lads, who because of a simple matter of a cancelled train were not where they were supposed to be when the bombs went off. They were tracked down by Police using the coordinates of their portable phones. Let that be a warning, leave your gadgets at home.

This “Twin” has served the British since the days of the Mau-Mau in Kenya, where the British led Mau-Mau pinned the blame for their murders on to the Freedom Fighters. They also carried out the wholesale torture of prisoners, hundreds of men were castrated.

This ferocious dirty war of the British was carried out behind a barrage of propaganda from the “Free Press” as was the Red Terror which swarmed across Russia after the coup d’eta and in Ireland where the British watched five million Irish people starve to death.  Strange the number of similarities between British and Bolshevik atrocities.  It was of course the Jew, Churchill who starved an estimated twenty million to death in Bengal.

So wake-up, Islamic State is a fraud, which is why they are masked. Which is why they are only killing Muslims. Why not attack the enemy for a change? You are not too far away from Israel but you did not lift a finger to assist the “Prisoners of Gaza.” There have been no attacks against either the UK or USA, why is that I wonder?

One day, out of the blue, Little Willy Hague told us that perhaps there were British Muslims in Syria fighting for Israel against Assad. This was quickly followed up by the definitive number of four hundred. In France the suggestion was quickly confirmed at eight hundred, in fact they are now giving us a definite number for every country in Europe.

From where did they find this information? These trustworthy folk in London and Washington are now telling us that Islamic State,  has thirty-one thousand fighters on the ground in Iraq and Syria and it is going to take years to defeat them and of course, sadly, it will include the total destruction of Syria, to save the people you know.

We are even being told how much money these creatures have in the bank.  Well if they know that why are they not blocking the account.  They are also apparently selling oil on the Black Market, according to that bald piece of excrement Kiley.

They are “strangely” selling it to Assad.  What is more they are “paying” their Jihadists with the money. Next they will be telling us where we can buy one of those gorgeous black uniforms that the gals love so much.

The next step in this sad saga, will be to carry out the promised attacks on “home soil” with the object of starting a world-wide Civil War against the innocent Muslims. Whomsoever may come out on top in this slaughter, makes little difference, for White European Man, his days are numbered.

Through the use of a multitude of methods including, inflation, debt, the “pill,” abortion, mass sterilisation through water and foodstuffs, across Europe the indigenous Peoples are no longer siring enough children to maintain their population levels.

They are,  at the same time being urged to reduce the population. This is an impossibility if as we are being told it is necessary to allow massive immigration to make up for those children who have not been born in order to reduce the population.

Across Europe there is not one country giving birth to more than 1.8 children per couple, whereas Muslim families have a birthrate of over 4 children per family, it has been estimated that within forty years Muslims will be a majority across Europe, without a shot being fired, they will have defeated the civilians of Europe.

Before the Jew Winston Churchill, introduced the tactic of targeting civilians, wars were fought mainly between armies. Churchill and his homicidal chum, Bomber Harris, changed all of that. World War Two was a war of total genocide against the German people. As many as twenty-million Germans were butchered before, during and after the war.

We never hear a word about this outrage, we are lead to believe that the Russians were the main victims. Well, if you should adjout the millions of Russian Christians, murdered by Stalin, onto the German tally, it may be possible to suggest this, however it should be remembered that the culling of the Russian Christians had been going on for years in Russia, well-known by Western Politicians and it was still in progress when the Wehrmacht arrived in Ukraine.

When you consider that the Germans were in Russia fighting a war, against overwhelming odds,  they were not too concerned about slaughtering civilians,  never mind rounding up Jews, so in order to have killed the huge numbers of which they are accused,  they would had to kill a million people a month during the period in which they were in a state to kill anyone.  Work it out for yourselves, that would be quite an achievement.

So in essence, Islamic State is a Bolshevik Army. There has as yet been no example of an Army which has refused to turn its guns onto its own people when the order is given. The most recent example of this was in Cairo during the US funded Arab Spring, when the youngsters, with Twitter and Facebook, believed that they had generated a truly patriotic rebellion, the guns were of course eventually turned on them, despite their misplaced belief that the Army would never do such a thing and where are they now?

If the British Muslims, had decided to take part in the Middle East war, why did they not start at home? They are not stupid, they know the truth. For them to fight Assad is so ridiculous as to be beyond belief. It suggests to me that all of the so-called Muslim Clerics, accused of “radicalising” young Muslims are either frauds or they are stupid.  Why not send the Jihadists to the City of London, the real lair of the beast?

Turkey which is controlled by Jews; even the Founder of modern Turkey Kamal Ataturk was a Jew and Erdogan the current President and ex Prime Minister is a Jew.    He has just expressed his intention of recognising the so-called Caliphate which has been setup with Jewish money across the region, by Islamic State. So is this not warning enough as to the origins of this Muslim slaughtering group?

In the London district of Woolwich, a soldier; whom was  referred to as a Little Drummer Boy but who was in fact a brutal Machine Gunner Boy in Afghanistan, was allegedly beheaded by two Black youngsters, with names almost as similar as those of Osama and Obama. The whole event was filmed on CCTV, yet the actual be-heading was not too evident.

A passerby stopped to see if she could help the victim, she reported that she could see little sign of injury, suggesting that there was no pool of blood running down the street, not to mention a dismembered head.

I would suggest that this caper was the dummy run of decapitation as a means of generating fear and loathing in the minds of those amongst us who are hard of thinking,  just to see if they could get away with it.

It should not be forgotten that this has been a Bolshevik tool since the very beginning of the invasion of Iraq, when we were told that it was the Al Qaeda leader of the day, who has since retired, who was doing the beheading.

He killed a fellow called Ken Bigley, from Liverpool. We were not however allowed to see either the film or the corpse, we were obliged to take the word of Al Qaeda and the Western Media that the event had in fact taken place.

What we are now being presented with is a series of short, heavily edited films, taken in front of a “Green Screen.” They could as well have been filmed in Hollywood or Elstree as in Iraq or Syria, wherever they were made, they are a nonsense and an excuse to continue the unending garbage which is being broadcasted about this group on all channels, including Press TV and Russia Today.

Despite having all sorts of restrictions imposed on him and unending threats from the UK and US, Assad has fought this band of scum to a standstill in Syria, so what have we to fear from this mob? Why not stop arming them and allow Assad to finish them off?  Does it really need to involve a third invasion of Iraq and the threat of drones killing civilians?

It is becoming clearer by the day, that the real purpose of setting up and paying for this bunch was to facilitate the dismemberment of Iraq and Syria and the theft of the Iraqi oilfields.

So all in all I would suggest that it is time for We the People, to demand the right to bear arms. We are now the prime targets for whomsoever our elected scum choose to unleash against us.

Whether it be Police, the Military or a terrorist group, they have all been armed to the teeth, while we are left with no means of defending ourselves against them and it is about time that we woke up to the fact that our politicians have been chosen for their proclivity to kill to order, whether it be a child sacrifice or a million with an atomic bomb, they are always there to justify the deed, however merciless the deed may be.

So be warned we are next on the list.  If the Islamic State don’t get you the Ebola will.

God Save Me From Cameron, Talking Shit In His Most “Earnest” Voice.

I am standing here,  listening to David Cameron addressing the people of Scotland,  as if they were children.  Warning them about the negative side of Independence, as if what has been happening for the last six years, as a result of British Rule, which has seen to the destruction of the “British Way of Life” if such a thing ever existed, was the positive side.

 Along the way, he has forced the people of the entire  UK to “Bail Out the Bankers” in order to pay a “Debt” which has never been adequately explained and which was quite obviously a fraud on an enormous scale, while at the same time signing a whole catalogue of “Free Trade” agreements, which paved the way for the exportation of “British” jobs to the lands of slave labour, while at the same time opening the ports to the importation of  cheap rubbish into the UK, from the slave shops, which are of course owned by Big Bankers and Industrialists, who never disclose the reality of life for  their new slaves, who are living under sheets of corrugated iron, leaning against walls,  in India and in tower blocks like battery hens, in China, to swell the wealth of the sickly rich.

“Don’t let anybody tell you that you cannot be a proud Scot and a proud Brit at the same time.” he tells his admirers.  The twats on Sky News are even now describing his rant as a  strong, vintage,  Conservative Conference style speech, which was itself banal rubbish but which “won”  him the Leadership of the Tories, as if it had not already been decided in advance and the opposition man David Davis, having spent an hour or two in an MI6 Cage, emerged a mere shadow of his real self, delivered a few words designed to present him as a “no-hoper” before disappearing into oblivion.

 I have no doubt you were, like me glued to your screen clapping as Cameron delivered his plea, however I am sure you will enjoy it one more time, so here we go.


Sky News,  having bored the intelligent portion of the people to a “Scanners” state of head bursting,  are now, in a balanced manner, feeding us some sort of rubbish from the likes of Beckham and Izzard, from Trafalgar Square, begging the Scots to remain in the British Prison instead of seeking out a cell in the European Union Bagne.

The English, sadly, can never be free. They no longer even know who they are. They have been in the pockets of the bankers since the end of The Civil War, they ave never experienced true Democracy and they will be damned if they will ever allow it for Scotland.


The BBC is of course is, as usual, feeding the useless eaters on a diet of excrement and lies, which have been picked up by the alert Freedom Fighters in Scotland, however even a massed protest outside the BBC, was not enough to get it onto the evening  news, so watch it here before it disappears, as I already seem to be on you tubes hit list.

They Are Night Zombies, They Are Neighbors, etc.


Luscious sound and a good example for the uninitiated of a genre called Alternative Folk Music.


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