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What Is Murder?

The unending saga of Oscar Pistorius, is winding down. The sort of sentence which his lawyer and a psychologist are proposing for Oscar; whom has been found guilty of Culpable Homicide, which is the least he could have expected for loosing off four dum-dum bullets through a toilet door, knowing full well that there was someone on the other side, unlike to rapist in my previous post who was sentenced to five years in prison, Oscar’s team are suggesting house arrest, in his uncles mansion.

I have followed this case from the word go and having heard the defence case, my response would have been a verdict of murder, because as far as I was concerned, nothing else fitted the available evidence and the inconsistencies in Oscar’s explanation.

His histrionics in Court suggested that he knew full well that his main aim should be to convince the Judge that he was a broken man, as I would, should I find myself facing a life sentence in an African gaol.

Apart from that the tale he told, which was in fact the only tale available, was so ridiculous that it beggars belief that the Judge was not convinced of his guilt of murder, any Jury hearing the same story would no doubt have arrived at a majority verdict at least, of murder.

Oscar explained to the Court, how he had been in bed with Reeva, he decided to close the balcony window, which involved moving a fan which had been helping to cool the bedroom. He offered no reason as to why. This he did in the dark.

Reeva was in bed, no more than a couple of feet away from Oscar, who carried his business with the fan, with his back towards the bed, so he failed to notice that Reeva had silently got out of bed,  found her telephone in the dark, which she apparently used as a torch.

Oscar, heard no movement, saw no sign of a torch as Reeva left the bedroom, without turning on a light, walked along a corridor, still in the dark, entered the bathroom and into a small toilet and locked the door, all without turning on a light.

Oscar, still in the bedroom, having failed to notice that Reeva was no longer in the room, thought he heard a noise.  He told the absent Reeva to call the Police.  He failed to notice that she did not reply.

Still in the dark he went down the corridor on his stumps and thought he heard a noise coming from the bathroom, similar to the sound of a window sliding open.

He went back to his bedroom, still in the dark and found his gun,  In normal circumstances one might have expected him, at this point to call the Security Guard or to at least ask Reeva if she had called the Police but no, he did not and still in the dark he did not notice that she was not there.

Still on his stumps he went back down the corridor shouting, “Get out of my f*****g house,”  at whoever he thought might be in the bathroom,  Reeva did not cry out anything in the order of, “Who are you shouting at Oscar? Is there someone in the house?” or some such thing.  The prosecutor suggested that he was shouting at Reeva to get out of the house, after their argument, which had been overheard by several witnesses.

No, not a bit of it, Reeva simply stood silently behind the door, while Oscar, still in he dark; which is of course of vital importance in the entire tale, thought he heard something else and he accidentally fired four dum-dum bullets through the toilet door. There was apparently no recoil from his gun, which may have caused at least one of the shots to go off target.  Nope they all hit the target.

Oscar then desecrated the whole crime scene, with the lights now turned on and removed the corpse from the scene, which is never recommended, as to move an injured person is not the most intelligent thing to do, having smashed the door open with a cricket bat.

Is it any wonder that the Police found it difficult to believe his Fairy Tale?


What Is Rape?

For days now we have been saturated with calls for a young footballer to be banned from continuing his career because he is apparently a convicted rapist. It would appear that to serve your sentence is no longer enough to satisfy the female need of vengeance or in some cases a cash pay-out.

He must apparently, be prepared to spend the rest of his life as a leper, apart from normal society, living in a state of limbo, for what?  Simply because he was stupid enough to have sex with a woman, who had apparently been drinking along with him?  With whom he then went to a hotel, where he, in his inebriated state, had sex with her, in her inebriate state.

She then went to the police claiming that she had been raped, because she had not agreed to the sexual act. Well I can tell you for nothing, had I been that footballer, my immediate response would have been, that I had not given my permission for her to have sex with me. What is more,  I would have insisted that my life has been ruined, I feel defiled and all the rest of it.  On top of that I would never have agreed to it had I not been drunk.  End of story.  The whole business did not involve any form of violence.



The Wall To Wall Lies And Hypocrisy Gather Pace.

The Conservative Party, which is on its way to reneging on the promises which were made to the Scottish people, during the referendum.  Promises  which were made merely to conjure up a suitable excuse as to why the electorate had decided to vote no, when in fact the referendum result was rigged.    They have now apparently decided that “Private/Public” agreements are only suitable when they are in favour of the “Private” side of the deal.

Today it was announced that they are now selling off the peoples holding in  Euro Star, no doubt, as with the Post Office, at a knockdown price.  Why should this lucrative business, which the people are earning more than forty million and rising pounds per year be up for sale?  We know where the money earned will end up, that is in the coffers of the Central Bankers,in part payment of the fraudulent debt, which the Central Bank is holding.

When Euro Star was in private hands, it collapsed under a mountain of debt. Public money was used to bail it out.  It is now earning a fortune, which is of course why it is up for sale. Does this mean that the only function of the Public side of these deals is to pay construction costs and then allow others to keep the profits?

Has Cameron now taken for himself the power to sell England by the pound, without any reference to the people who funded these deals in the first place?  Another prime example is the Royal Bank of Scotland, why does the government not retain control of this business which was totally destroyed by its “private” ownership and like Euro Star had to be bailed out?

The Jew Osborne, is forever calling for “Private” investment in projects, which is presented as being to the benefit of the people.  This is just another lie. There is no such thing as private investment, however much money the “private” side of a deal invest, they always earn more back from the people.  This means in effect that the best deal for the people is to keep control of these enterprises.

It has already been suggested that after the government has signed yet another of those irreversible treaties, TTIP, with the US, the first deal on the table will be The National Health Service.  Well if these folk are so interested in controlling a health care  system, which is going to be better for the patient, why not set it up now?  If more money is needed to run the NHS than the UK can afford to pay, where is the extra money coming from?  Out of the pockets of altruistic investors?  I think not, you will be making up the difference, they want only the profits.

These folk have already taken control of every aspect of the lives of the British people. Goldman Sachs controls the Bank of England, which means the Economy. Water has gone private, Electricity and Gas the same thing.  The Transport Network, which was the first thing to be Nationalised, after the War, has already been “privatised”, only the lucrative part of course, the people still maintain the Permanent Way for trains and the motorways for lorries.

British Telecom soon went under the hammer, handing over the billions of pounds, which are now being made through new technologies, into the hands of a few investors, who immediately send it overseas.

Gordon Brown, not content with selling off the UK Gold Reserves, managed to sell off what was left of the once proud British Steel and paid an Indian to set the same factory up in India,  just before leaving office. Yes that’s right to cut down carbon emissions?

Mad Maggie Thatcher, with the willing assistance of the Good Old British Bobby, completely destroyed the British Coal Industry, to suit her husbands friends in the Oil Industry, she then, of course,  handed North Sea Oil,  lock, stock and barrel to private industry, who do not sell the oil to the British people at a price which corresponds in  some way with the cost of production  but at the inflated price on the Commodity Markets. Oil costs roughly 2-3 dollars a barrel to produce and sells at around 100 dollars a barrel on the market.




Ebola Is Coming To Get You!

The moment I saw the hagette from Sky News, Alex Crawford, prowling around, where all men fear to tread, in the Ebola ridden West of Africa,  I knew there was something wrong.

I offer you this clip, make of it what you will but I sure as hell, smell a rat.  There are already calls to make a vaccine, which has appeared from nowhere, mandatory, at gunpoint if necessary.


One Mans Terrorist Is Another Man’s Member Of Parliament.

It is the thirtieth anniversary of the attempt to rid the world of the government of Margaret Thatcher. The Irish Republican Army, planted bombs in the Brighton Hotel, in which she and members of her staff were lodged during the Conservative Party Conference.  This was cold-blooded terrorism, so we are told.

During a debate on Murnaghan, the “Flagship” Sky News Sunday morning political farce,  a guest suggested that the IRA at least made efforts to limit casualties, by warning the Police of bomb attacks, with coded messages.   This annoyed  Murnaghan, an “Irishman,” who interjected with “Let’s not glamorise them, they were terrorists after all.”

Another guest added, “Unlike the Muslim terrorists, whose aim is to kill as many innocent people as possible, like on 911 and 7-7,” he then mentioned a few other foiled plots, all of which were based on rubbish, so apart from the two “False Flag” attacks, which have never been properly investigated, in order to protect the guilty, there is no evidence of any serious Muslim terrorism.  Murnaghan made no comment.

The next segment included a Tory MP, who announced outright that he believes that the UK should have been bombing Syria into submission, from the word go. Another guest posed the question, “Why was the UK refusing to recognise the State of Palestine?”  Murnaghan whined about Palestinian terrorism and the plight of those poor Israelis who might find themselves isolated on their settlements, built on stolen land, should the real borders be accepted by the International Community, whatever that is. This we are told, is NOT cold-blooded terrorism. Where’s the harm in a few buckets of blood running down a foreign street?

Perhaps Murnaghan should have a quiet word with his colleague,  Sam Kiley, the shaven headed merchant of disinformation on Sky News, who recently informed us that David Cameron’s remark about reserving the right to put “Boots on the ground” in Syria, should circumstances demand, without a debate in Parliament, to be perfectly justified, should there be a brutal genocidal attack against civilians, for example.  Murnaghan could ask Kiley why the continuing genocide by Israel against the civilians in Gaza and the West Bank, did not qualify for the same sort of intervention, why were Khazar Jews not considered as terrorists? Note that any mention of Assad includes the word “brutal.”

The problem with all of these murderous escapades, in which the British have been involved, it has never been clear as the whether there is a definite political aim in view or whether they amount to no more than a policy of International Genocide.

It has been made perfectly clear that there was a mountain of lies generated by the US and UK, along with their “cuddly coalition” to destroy Iraq.  Part of this  destruction involved the cooperation of the newly installed Islamic government in Iran, the very same Iran which was involved in the “Iran/Contra Affair,” with that US “Mob” The Central Intelligence Agency.


This cooperation with Iran, clearly shows the US arming of both sides in the war between Iran and Iraq, with the support of Israel, which like the US, now considers Iran as their mortal enemy and yet it was the Secular state of Iraq, with its mixed race population, which lived peacefully together, which was destroyed, without a moments care for the fate of the millions of innocent deaths which ensued.

The one sure thing about this war with Iran, is the fact that it depleted Saddam Hussein’s Military capabilities.  It was adequate to enter Kuwait, with the OK of the US, to sort out a problem of “slant drilling” and pumping of Iraqi oil but of course the rest of the Iraqi military machine was annihilated, with illegal weapons, during the retreat home. We then, on top of had all that, the Sanctions, which led to the deaths of at least one million innocent souls, including five hundred thousand children.

So when “Our Boys” went in with “Shock and Awe” they were attacking a basically defenceless country and did they go to town?  It was nothing more than a “Demolition Derby.”  What the Coalition achieved in Iraq was a “Crime Against Humanity,”  based on lies and a desire to control all of the oil and gas in the Middle East. It was of course presented as “humanitarian.”

The same lies applied to the invasion and destruction of Afghanistan and Libya. Having created exactly what they had aimed for in Libya, chaos, the British are still complimenting themselves on their courageous act of altruism and swear that the Libyan people are now, despite their current, difficulties, far better off than under Gadaffi.

In Syria, where the British had long been planning to replace the Assad family with their chosen puppets, the initial murders were carried out by aid terrorists, under the control of the SAS, with Stuart Ramsey and Sky News on hand to film The Revolution.

The British would do well to remember that the following video clip, show exactly what the Jewish leaders of the main political Parties in the UK are doing with your taxes. The Jew Cameron has just announced a three-year war, using these same murdering filth, to unseat a man, Assad, who is guilty of no crime, apart from the lies which are told against him by the Jewish controlled governments, who are lined up against him and who have already seen to the complete destruction of the country and the displacement of millions of people.

All of the current exploits of the US and UK could have come straight out of the notebook of Lewis Carroll. The British are training PKK terrorists to fight against ISIL; which was set up by the CIA, who  we are being told are fighting  rebels which have already been armed and trained by the British to fight Assad in Syria, a continuing war of which we hear very little these days, while the British are bombing sand dunes in the desert, pretending to destroy ISIL, who they are of course, continuing to support, while Turkey, which considers the PKK to be terrorists, is lining up dozens of tanks on the Syrian border but refusing to help the Peshmerger’s, while the US, like the British are dropping a few innocuous bombs, which do nothing to help the fighters on the ground, while in reality, this whole bunch of scum, are scratching around desperately seeking an excuse to destroy Syria.

I was interested in the initial excuse for the attack on this brutal dictator Assad.  What I found was that all of his so-called Crimes Against Humanity, were allegedly committed during this ongoing struggle with the International Murdering Scum, now called ISIL. I can find no provable account of any atrocities against his own people prior to this struggle. There has been no mention of the fact that Syria was a prosperous country, with a contented population, nor of the fact that before the British initiated onslaught, he had already handed over more power to the elected Parliament.  He was in fact an example of Plato’s idea of the “best we can hope for” a considerate dictator.

Much can be said of that other unfortunate, Gadaffi in Libya.  The United Nations listed Libya above the UK in literacy, it was the country with the highest standard of living in Africa. They had free education, at hoe and abroad, a free health service, with the most modern facilities and there were no homeless people in Libya.

When the “Arab Spring” kicked off, particularly in Egypt, from the tone of the reporting on the BBC and Sky News, it soon became clear that there was more to this than was being explained on the “News.”  The Muslim Brotherhood was in talks with Al Baradei in London, while the Generals were in Virginia, holding talks with the CIA.

When the street attacks started in Benghazi, it soon became clear that the British had been involved in “uprising” in Libya from the word go.  Men were arrested in the desert, who were said to be UK “Diplomats” and there was evidence of SAS on the ground.

This takes our tale all the way back to the Iran/Contra Affair.  Press TV, “The Voice of the Voiceless” immediately started the character assassination of Gadaffi and his regime, while Little Willy Hague, was telling us he had humanitarianism in his genes.  To me it was clear that the real target of the Arab Spring was Libya.  In my posts I begged Press TV not to denigrate Gadaffi, because to justify an attack on Libya would open the floodgates and it would soon be the turn of others.

Sadly, my fears were well founded, Libya is gone and it will never come back. Press TV and its team of British reporters, Nick Jones and Johnny Miller, were somewhat more extreme in their reporting than either Sky News or indeed the BBC, which begs the question,  What is the real role of Iran in the mayhem in the Middle East?

We are well aware that the Mullahs were cosseted in Paris, waiting for the CIA to carry out the coup d’etat in Tehran. displacing the Shah, who was himself put in power after the overthrow of the Mosedeque regime. They also provided the excuse to hike up the price of fuel in Europe, to the delight of the Oil Barons and they now appear to be well placed to benefit from the sanctions which have been placed on Russia, by providing an alternative to Russian Gas and Oil.

All of the other enemies of Israel, Assad, Hussein, Gadaffi, Hezbollah, Hamas, have already been taken care of, why not Iran.  Why wait until they have a bomb, if that is their aim?

The same sort of allegations have been made against Adolf Hitler, another victim of British duplicity, like Gadaffi, he pulled his people out of poverty, transforming them into the most prosperous country in Europe, while the rest of the Continent was still wallowing in poverty and unemployment as a result of the sort of banking fraud, from which we are once more suffering.

Hitler and Germany were the excuse to unleash a World War, which generated so much debt, that the bankers were kept in comfort in their palaces, sipping Champagne and chomping Caviare, for the following sixty years, drowning in usury and other financial frauds.

As with Assad, the claims against Hitler, were to do with things which allegedly took place after the start of the war, there is not a shred of evidence that he was guilty of any crime prior to that.  Nevertheless most people believe that the war was declared to save those poor mistreated Jews.

Right now, the British public is being deluged with spokesmen who are insisting that the UK should start an offensive in Syria, to save the Kurds, while Turkey which is at war with  these same Kurds sits on the border watching them die. Why should the British be more responsible for the fate of these people than is Turkey? Could it be that Turkey is waiting for an excuse to go straight for the throat of Assad, which they have been planning for years and are the British involved in this underhanded deal?

One thing is certain in this continuing state of war, there will be no shortage of refugees swarming into Europe, all of whom will be in need of a job.  Traditionally these folk are offered the jobs which people of European origin do not want to do.  Well there are not too many jobs like that these days and  there is of course the other problem, the mass slaughter of Christians in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia has long been involved in the creation of religious intolerance.  The Wahhabi version of Islam originated in the Gulf States and has been despatched across the region provoking problems between Sunni and Shiite, which has now spread its wings to include Christians.  That was of course always part of the plan, which is why so any Muslims have been invited into Europe, by those government which are in fact under the control of Khazar Jews and they are numerous.

The UK is already suffering from the empty promises of politicians, intent on retaining their soft job in Parliament.  All of the promises made during the recent referendum in Scotland, promises which helped them win the vote, have already been forgotten by Cameron and his liars.

The British voter should not vote for one single politician who has been elected in past elections.  There is no such job as “Politician” and there is no need of Political Parties.  This is a form of control.  Anybody who was not on board for the recent vote on re-entering the war in Iraq, immediately lost their job, that is the truth of British Democracy and the Party system.

Vote only for those with a single issue manifesto, you will soon find that they are quite capable of cooperating on those measures which are in the interest of the country?  They can operate on a system of short term officials in Parliament.  The system is not set in stone it can be changed for the better.  Surely you can do without all of that “traditional” jeering and sneering in Parliament.



Is This A Moony?

This little snippet turned up on one of my memory chips.  Not too sure what he’s talking about but it sounds  just a little bit too acrobatic for me.


The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens

Formerly published by the Heretical Press in Two Forbidden Voices and now out of print

The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens

Lincoln Rockwell

Many, many years ago
When animals could speak,
A wondrous thing the ducks befell;
Their tale is quite unique.

Down by a pond dwelt all these ducks
Ten thousand at the least
Their duckish joys were undisturbed
By any man or beast.

One day down near the entrance gate
There was an awful din
A hundred hens all out of breath
Were begging to come in.

“Oh let us in” these poor birds cried
“Before we do expire!
‘Tis only by the merest inch
That we escaped the fire!”

Their feathers burned, their combs adroop
They were the saddest sight.
They’d run a hundred miles or more,
All day and then all night.

“Come in! Come in!” the ducks all quacked,
“For you our hearts do bleed!
We’ll share our happy lot with you;
Just tell us what you need!”


The Bleak Near Future.

Clarity in the Courtyard of Hell Part 1


Disclose.tvClarity in the Court of Hell.


Part 2.


Disclose.tvClarity in the Courtyard of Hell Part 2



I have a lot of trouble embedding links to Disclose.tv If all else fails try this;








Fire Chat And The Chinese Revolution.

Martin Sandford on Sky News was introducing us to the new “Ap” which apparently allows you to stay connected by “smart-phone” even after the network had been closed down.

He did not make it too clear, if the same “Ap” would allow the same access to portable computers. Never mind.  He brought on an expert to discuss the possibilities with this new gadget.

Sandford, it would appear, still believes that the “Arab Spring” was made possible by Twitter and Facebook in the hands of the tech savvy younger generation.

He asked the expert whether Fire Chat had been extensively used in Hong Kong, by the teeming masses, on the street demanding Democracy.

The expert replied, that in fact the phone network had not been taken down, so there had been no need of a new device as the older systems were adequate.

He continued to question the expert about how things had been managed in Hong Kong, the response was enough to make him piss in his pants.

“Things were not quite as we have been led to believe on the streets of Hong Kong, there is in fact mounting evidence of CIA mischief involved……………………..”

“Sorry! Sorry! We’re out of time,” Sandford yelped and cut the expert off in mid sentence.

That is a perfect example of how Sky is manipulating the News.  A genuine reporter would have leapt onto a piece of information like that, but not Sky News reporters. We can only wonder what was screamed in his ear by his producer.

Sky News, virtually on a daily basis, informs us that Iran is funding terrorism across the planet. That Russia was meddling in Ukraine, however they ignore any evidence against NATO or Israel.  This is what passes for unbiased reporting.  while John Kerry refers to Russia Today as “The Bullhorn of Propaganda.”

If I hear Sky News, one more time, letting me know, that the police hunt for the young child who has been missing for some weeks, “Is the biggest and most extensive since the terrorist attacks on 7-7.” without explaining that the reason for such an enormous operation, was the fact that the “Patsies” had not been killed by the bombs.  So they were hunted down like dogs and slaughtered in Dockland, making sure that they could speak to no one,  thus exposing the reality of the “False Flag.”  I will throw up.

Update:  This link, which I received today, 07-10-2014, appears to lend some credence to the allegations of US involvement in Hong Kong.

Bashar Al Assad Is Fighting For Us All. Wake Up!

Listening to the weasel words of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband about the threat posed by ISIL to the UK, is a new low-point for even the British, who with the aid of their allies in the Gulf States, paid for and trained ISIL, originally to help in the desecration of Libya and the murder of Gadaffi, before sending them to Syria, where as in Libya they quickly took control of the carnage, while the few genuine Syrian opposition fighters, looked on in horror.

Sky News and the BBC have been praising these murdering scum and justifying their arming and training, claiming that Syrian Forces were committing atrocities, knowing full well that all of the atrocities, which were being carried out in Syria were being perpetrated by these paid and trained  killers who were working for the UK.

The blood of any British hostage, is on the hands of the British Government and the death of those hostages is being used as an excuse, not to rid the world of this vermin but to create an excuse to continue the attack and murder of Assad,  which this “threat to world safety” ISIL, was unable to achieve on its own.

To create another Libya is the aim of these, damnable Zionist scum,  who have been thwarted by the courageous resistance of the Syrian people,  who are well aware of the aims of Israel and of those who work for its gain and know full well what will become of them, should those Jewish Bolsheviks, from the dingy, darkest depths of the foetid sewers of Eastern Europe, ever manage to defeat their champion Assad.

The genuine “Brutal Dictators” in the Middle East are all working for Israel.  There is ample evidence that the  Royal Families in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Dubai are all of Jewish origin, which is of course why the “humanitarians” are ignoring the plight of the people in those “kingdoms” who are struggling for liberty.

The “Arab Spring” which served as the excuse to destroy Libya and Syria, was totally ignored in this neck of the woods, where in the middle of the carnage, Formula One has held two of their “Grand Prix” insults to the struggles of the people of Bahrain.

Even now the British are carrying out pretend raids in Iraq, targeting nothing of interest because the reality on the ground is not as it is being presented on Sky News and the BBC.  There is not a sign of these ISIL men, it is quite clear that the Coalition of the Guilty, is hanging around waiting for the uproar after a couple more of the pretend decapitation of hostages.

Note in this clip how many times Cameron uses adjectives like  brutal etc and how all of the other contributions are leading us towards Syria, while nothing is being said of Iraq, indicating that despite the fact that action could even now be taken on the ground in Iraq, it is not.  ISIL have in actuality carried out only limited attacks in Iraq, which have been blown up out of all proportion, even the number of refugees on the “mountain” were a gross exaggeration.

Notice that Sam Kiley, the man who brought us a breakdown of ISIL’s earnings in the last Fiscal year, now apparently has access to the minutest of commands from the leadership of ISIL to the men in the field, warning them not to use their Social Media networks or telephone communications.  He has also been informed that families of hostages are breaking the rules and getting in touch directly with ISIL. Hmm.

Any man with courage enough to stand against the  Jewish/British scourge,  will soon find himself up against the wall.  Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi, Allende, Mussolini and John Kennedy have all been murdered and now it is the turn of Bashar al Assad.


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