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Europe Is Heading Towards Year Zero.

Russia has already been butchered by the Jewish Bolsheviks. The rest of Europe was too busy exterminating its own young men, at the time, to even notice what was happening.  The tragedy of the Russian people, has never been faced up to by the people of the West.

Unlike the persistent tales of the alleged crimes of the German National Socialists, we hear very little about any of the truly brutal and grisly slaughters, which were carried out by the very group which has been whining about itself for decades, the Bolshevik Jews.

In China, where the coup d’etat was financed by the same bankers who paid for the Bolsheviks in Russia, the slaughter was to an even greater level, in Russia it was a mere sixty-five million Christians, in China it was anything up to and perhaps beyond one-hundred million souls.

During the Great War, while Europe was suffering its own genocide, a genocide which dare not speak its name,  Europeans can be excused for not being aware of what was going on in Russia. However, Europeans are now in a position where they can question the reality of events with which they were presented, as an excuse to enter the Second Great War.

It would be prudent to do so because current events would appear to be announcing the arrival of the Third Great War and this time around it is Western Europe’s turn to suffer.

In nineteen-thirty-six, men from Jarrow, in the North East of England marched,  to London, to protest against unemployment and the lack of other means for the ordinary people to feed themselves, during a collapse in the economy, which had been the result of banking fraud, which was engineered by exactly the same group of banking families as have brought us to the same position today.

Many of these men, would have taken part in the Great War, which had ended eighteen years previously. They had been promised  “A Land Fit For Heroes,” in return for having suffered in the trenches of Flanders and yet here they were, a few short years later, suffering the indignity of Hunger Marches.

Sadly, when they arrived in London, where the Streets are Paved with Gold, they would have found it then, to be much as now, poverty-stricken.

These marching men, did not realise that they had been used merely as camouflage, to distract attention away from the coup d’etat, which was seizing control of Russia, while they fought an unnecessary, brutal war, which was actually, yet another coup d’etat, against Germany, which was not only forced to pay reparations to the guilty warmongers, but had to accept the seizure of anything of any value in Germany, by the banking families and the installation of the Jewish controlled Weimar Republic.

Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists, had very good reason for wanting to remove the overwhelming quantity of Jewish influence in German affairs, which had achieved the wholesale destruction of the German way of life.  This influence has now managed to reduce all of Europe into the same cess-pit, as that  which was installed in Berlin and other German cities, with their “give ‘em what they want,” destructive, Weimar Jewish policies, during the inter-war years.

These policies, both in Russia and Germany, were the forerunner of mass murder.  Make no mistake about it, what Stalin, Lenin and the Jewish Bolsheviks, inflicted on to the Russian people and in particular against the Peoples of the Ukraine and Crimea, were some of the most brutal War Crimes in the History of the World. These are Jewish crimes which are never mentioned, let alone discussed in any open fashion.

I have said many times in my writings, that when Hitler and the Germans arrived in Ukraine, they were welcomed as an Army of Liberation. The German forces, unknown to Western people, were joined by hundreds of thousands of Russian people, who fought to the finish, in an attempt to break free of the choking Jewish Bolshevik regime, which had been financed by Western Bankers.  They were thwarted, by the intervention of the British and American governments, which while claiming to be anti-Communists, were giving their full support to the Jewish Bolsheviks.

Wake-up people, the West has never been anti-Communist and it is now Communist itself. When I say this, people laugh, they simply cannot accept, that just as in Russia in nineteen-seventeen, a Jewish Bolshevik Regime has been installed in Europe, by complicit, controlled politicians and what is happening in Europe now, is little different from what took place in Russia.

Hitler broke the mould, British and other “Industrialised” Nations could not compete with German technical skills, which is why it was destroyed. That is as plain as day.  Look around you, what has happened to our Industrial Base? Has it too not been destroyed?

We are on our knees and like it or lump it there is no way out of this without a fight. Just as in Russia in nineteen-seventeen a popular uprising, has been taken out of the hands of the people, by those Jewish Bolsheviks whom had been hiding in the shadows.   The revolution in Ukraine, which had been quietly supported by the West all along, was quickly passed into the control of these same Jewish Bolsheviks, which has taken the people of Ukraine, so recently released from the chains of the Russian Communist Regime, into the hands of the same people, who are now disguised as “Democrats” in Brussels, the hole in the hedge has actually led them straight back from where they started.

The Second World War, gave Stalin the opportunity to whip, millions of Russian Christians, headlong into German machine-gun fire, the Germans could not shoot them quickly enough, such were the size of the hordes sweeping towards them. In this manner,  Stalin brought about the deaths of some thirty million Christian Russians.  He would later take care of the Germans, whom lost twenty million Christian Souls in the massacres during and following the war.

It was Winston Churchill, who explained that the war was to destroy Germany, simply because it had become a threat to the Jewish/British Empire which could not duplicate German technical prowess. Now in a Jewish controlled State, it is only Germany which continues to proper.

“This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany.” – Winston Churchill (Autumn 1939 broadcast)



Perhaps our politicians might explain to those like me, who actually produce objects which are “Made in France,” why anybody else should bother to do the same thing. Even a minnow such as me, suffers from the plague of China and other Slave States.I have had my bits and pieces, photographed from all angles, photographs which are posted abroad, to where copies can be made of my creations in those States which have Free Trade agreements with Europe, that is those countries, where French Industries have been installed, in  order to avoid import tariffs, which insures that I cannot compete with the price charged by the slave-masters abroad.

So face up to it, why would anybody with a good idea, bother to set up a production line in Europe, which would involve paying the cost of the line, the salaries of the workers, paying National Insurance, Holiday Pay, sick leave and the cost of the bureaucracy necessary to run all of this, when he can simply send a Technical Drawing to China and order a million examples of his proposed product?  The Zero Hour contract, which is spreading like a plague across the industrialised world is the obvious result of Free Trade and Globalisation, which guarantees a free passage for slave labour and the descent into poverty for us all.

The owners of European Industry, have now taken an almost complete control of manufacturing, under the cover of their installations in China and India, where they are dominant, and they have the freedom to sell their products, unrestricted across the planet.

They have finally managed the Marxist Dream of World Domination and it has passed, unnoticed by the Person in Public. This can only be with the compliance of our “Democratically” elected politicians. The result of unchecked Capitalism, is that everything will eventually be owned by the same person. Unchecked Capitalism was always the aim of Communism.

These same criminals are leaving no way out of this prison, it is a whole life sentence, we are in the Gulags now.


Cameron’s weasel words, in his proposition, suggesting that he will change the set-up of EU policy to suit the UK is a lie, he will be allowed to claim that he has but having signed the Lisbon Treaty, there is no way of changing anything, let us not forget that the Treaty was once called a Constitution, which was then “re-written” and called a treaty, but nothing changed.

Not so very long ago, in those innocent days of Cops and Robbers, the Mafia was Italian and we all understood that they controlled the illegal trade in alcohol, during prohibition, gambling in illegal Casinos and on the horse racing circuit, prostitution and strip joints and most other forms of crookery.

These days, now that they have been outed as Jews, one could get the impression that the Mafia has vanished, well it has not vanished, it is still there in massive numbers. In recognition of the depths of depravity, to which we have sunk, all of the above crimes are now considered no more than business ventures and those whom control them are Business Men.

The man whom inherited, bought or stole the Las Vegas gambling empire of Meyer Lansky, is now funding the Likud Party in Israel, which is the head office of most of the worlds organised crime. He also recently called for an atomic bomb attack against Iran.

In US politics, it has been suggested that those whom pay the politicians control them, I wonder how much control the man whom has called for an atomic attack against Iran, has over the US Government, which he no doubt funds up to their eyeballs. The US has the most corrupt Government, which still retains the right to describe itself as free and democratic.

These same criminals are now in control of the purse strings of every country with a Central Bank. Those countries which are not yet in this club, soon will be or like Libya, Iraq and Syria, they will be destroyed.

Europe itself is now surplus to requirements? It has been decided that we are to be forced into Third World status.  We have no industry, with which to produce our way out of bankruptcy.  The time necessary to change the Political Colour of Europe is likely to be long and difficult. The reintroduction of Trade Tariffs and other necessary measures will be even more difficult. Europeans will soon be in a minority in their own homelands, which have been quite deliberately stuffed with incompatible immigrants, whom will now provide the Jewish Masters with their desired slave labour force.

The millionaire Finance Minister, the Jew, George Osborne has just announced the strategy  to steal whatever is left in the coffers of those whom were once described as “The Upper Middle Class.” He intends to gaol those whom he catches fiddling their taxes by depositing them abroad, in those mythical Tax Havens, which served the purposes of the father of the Jewish Prime Minister, David Cameron, in past times. Cameron has inherited this fortune and has currently made no offer to pay some of his ill-gotten gains into the Treasury.

One might ask Osborne why, when he talks of Taxing the “super rich” he does not include the seriously rich, whom are tax exempt?  Why should the “real” richest people on the planet, whom are very small in number, be allowed to place all of what is in effect, “our money” into Foundations, which pay no tax at all? Osborne is talking about tracking down a few billion pounds in hidden saving accounts, when the Rockefeller’s of this world are hoarding trillions and not paying a cent of tax on any of it.

Where in the middle of such carnage, is the spirit of the White Man? Not the white man whom has been whipped into submission, I speak of the mythical creature, he who is not to blame for all the crimes which have been laid at the door of the White Race.  That’s right! I’m looking for the heroes who will save us!




These Hills: Iris Dement

This is to celebrate one of the most under-rated stars of Folk Music.

The Lie Of The Cold War.

Thirty years ago this month, the world came as close as it has ever been to nuclear Armageddon. In the first week of November 1983, British and American forces in Western Europe were engaged in a gigantic exercise codenamed Able Archer, designed to test their procedures during the early stages of a world war.
It was, of course, just a drill. But thousands of miles to the east, the men commanding the Soviet Union’s communist empire jumped to a very different conclusion.
As Nato’s forces ran through their exercises, the Kremlin assumed that this was a deadly ruse. The West, they feared, was poised to strike. These were the darkest days of the Cold War.

This piece was posted in the Mail-on-line under the hyperbolic headline,

Most of us assume the threat of war with Russia has vanished for ever. But can we really be quite so sure?

Don’t you just love succinct headlines?  Anyway, this is the type of tripe which has been spoon-fed to us on a daily basis for the last sixty-five years.  Get this straight, there was no such thing as a Cold War.  It was decided that in the coming world set-up, Russia would play the bad guy. The object of the operation was to install a world-wide Communist Dictatorship. That has now been achieved.

There is now a Politburo in Europe, with its unelected hidden leadership. The Commission which is occasionally present in the Parliament, are as much puppets as are the “Elected” Prime Ministers of Member States. We receive laws which are written in secret and passed without any proper scrutiny, to be rubber stamped by a Chamber of Members whom are powerless.

The Jewish son of a Marxist supporter of Stalin, is currently the leader of the Socialist Party in the UK.  He has promised the British people an “in-out” referendum, on membership of this Communist Union, should any more power be demanded by the EU.

He neglected to mention, that when his predecessor, the alleged paedophile Gordon Brown, signed the Treaty of Lisbon, despite the promise of a referendum, before he performed such an act of treason, the United Kingdom, had no remaining power which was ever likely to be demanded by Europe. The UK ceased to exist at the moment of Brown’s signature.

The Communist/Jewish Miliband brothers, along with the rest of the Blair/Brown Labour Party were also complicit in the deliberate flooding of the United Kingdom with refugees from all corners of the earth, in a deliberate ploy to destroy Englishness. David Miliband a Blairite War Criminal, has now taken up a highly lucrative position with a “Charity.”

Meanwhile, we should all take another look at past events, in an attempt to better understand current events, one leads on to the other in an inexorable manner.

The object of the Russian Revolution was to create a base from which to build a One World Communist Government.  That was always the intention. Communism had nothing whatsoever to do with helping the working man. There never was an attempt to put the means of production into the hands of the workers.  The real object then, was as it is now, to STEAL everything from the workers, into the hands of the Elite, reproducing a Mediaeval system of serfdom.

After the Russian Revolution, which took place during the Great War, when the world was looking the other way, Europe was carved to pieces, in a quite deliberate move to create future “hot-spots.”  Germany was selected as the guilty party, the creators of the war and therefore must be made to pay a high price in recompense.

Communism, in its sheep’s clothing was making massive strides across Europe and indeed in the US, even as Lenin and Stalin were carrying out their purges  against Christians in Russia.  The propaganda at the time, spoke of Pogroms against Jews. This was a lie, the targets were Christians.

When Germany and Hitler were cornered by the British and American Jews, into a suicidal war, the Russian Jews were ready and waiting with a massive army on the borders of Europe, with the intention of carrying out an overwhelming attack, which was intended to place the local Communist Parties into power.

Stalin showed his hand too soon, alerting Hitler to the threat.  Hitler, in his innocence, sent Rudolf Hess to the UK, to warn the British of the Communists intentions, not knowing that the British and US were in league with the Jewish Bolsheviks and were indeed a part of this dream of a world-wide Jewish/Communist Empire.

At the end of the war, the same allies, whom are now condemning Russia for allowing a referendum in Crimea, which justified the return of the region to Russia, of which it had long been a region, had simply handed Eastern Europe and half of Germany, into the hands of Stalin’s Russia.

This would suggest a position of complicity with Stalin, which would include knowledge of his attack on Poland two weeks after Hitler had arrived there, to protect ethnic Germans whom were being attacked by paid thugs, in order to generate an excuse to go to war.

Russia was saved from Hitler with the help of the US and UK, whom had been fully aware of all of the carnage which had been carried out by Stalin and Lenin against amongst others, the people of Ukraine, where an estimated ten million people were starved to death.

Having paid for the Russian Revolution and having fought alongside Stalin, the Allies at the end of the war, handed over Eastern Europe into his hands, where the undesirables could be quietly slaughtered behind the Iron Curtain. The Allies then decided that when they set-up NATO, Russia would not be included in the group because it was now an enemy.  The Communism which they had paid so much to defend and so many lives were lost in the process was now declared to be undesirable and once again a threat to us all.  There is something not quite right in this tale.

This deliberate act by the Allies, was necessary to justify the myth of a Cold War, which was the most lucrative period for the weapon shops, which did not involve any kind of war with Russia but gave an excuse for the savage attacks against “Communist” States like Korea and Vietnam, in the name of saving the world from the Communism, which they had saved from defeat by Germany.

There is something even more weird in the events which followed. Russia was kept in a state of total poverty for seventy or more years, we are led to believe that there was little left over for the people because of the cost of the Cold War and the Space Race. Then along comes Gorbachev and just like that, at the exact moment prophesied by Vladimir Lenin, the Soviet Union starts to blend with the rest of Europe.

Those industries which had apparently failed to deliver a reasonable standard of living for the Russian people, were suddenly white-hot properties, snapped up by the Oligarchs, with Rothschild money, and in a flash Russia became an International success story. I wonder who had been skimming off the profits in the meantime?

History shows us that what has been happening in Russia in recent times is a mirror image of events in Germany, during the years leading up to World War Two.  Whichever side of the tale you may choose to support, the similarities cannot be denied.

The British deny the reality of the attacks which were made by the Poles and Czechoslovak’s against ethnic Germans whom were cut off from their homeland, as a result of the dismembering of Germany after the Great War, just as they now claim that Putin is preparing to invade Ukraine, where attacks are taking place against ethnic Russians.  Hitler resisted the urgings of Anthony Eden the Jewish Foreign Minister of the UK, to go to the rescue of the Germans, until the attacks were so severe he could do nothing else.

So will a new Cold War be the result of all of this nonsense, or are we witnessing the opening salvo in a Third World War? There are so many open wounds, which have been salted by recent events in Ukraine, that it is difficult to make much sense out of the mess.

The Russian people are fully aware that it was the Jews who carried out the genocide against Christians. They are now enjoying a standard of living, which they should have been enjoying for decades.

In true Communist fashion, displaying the reality of Marxism, during the years before the melding with Europe, it was only the ruling classes who had access to the better things of life, which were shipped in from across the world and stocked in warehouses which only the Jewish super-class were allowed entry.

The people of Ukraine are also aware that the Jews were responsible for the horror of their own genocide and that the Germans were shocked at what they found when they entered Ukraine.  So the Ukrainians, on the one hand have no allegiance to the Communists, while at the same time they have no real understanding of who has control of Europe.

The first step by the Jew who has taken control after the coup d’etat, was to invite the Jews at the IMF to make a huge loan to Ukraine, which it will prove impossible to repay. While believing themselves to be on the road to riches the poor dupes have signed away their patrimony, into the claws of the very Communist Jews whom they believed themselves to be escaping.

The actions of the people of the Ukraine, when they wake up to what has been foisted on to them, could well be used as an excuse by NATO to take some sort of offensive action, which could lead to disaster.


The Debate Continues: Will Women Ever Understand Men?

Having been completely misled, by the generous show of equality, which led to the acceptance of a Black Face in the White House, which instead of producing a newer, more humane face of politics, actually demonstrated the utter brutality of politicians whatever their colour or race, we are now being led down the road to “The Feminine Touch” in politics.

We are of course obliged to ignore the female examples, which we have already elected to office as aberrations, which are in no way indicative of the true face of the female gender. That would be a nod in the direction of the fable described as “The One Bad Apple Cop Excuse.”

As is the case with Obama, whose critics are dismissed as nothing more than racist, critics of the female sex are, of course, misogynist.

The UK, which at the moment, appears to be fully charged with infanticide crazed mothers, where Margaret Thatcher displayed a depth of cunning and cruelty, which surpassed that of the first Elizabeth, who with the help of her  Jewish adviser, John Dee, helped to lay the foundations of the Brytish Empire, (I believe the spelling to be correct,) where the current Elizabeth, with the help of her Jewish adviser, Lord Rothschild, helped to cement the British People into the New European Empire, by signing all of the necessary treaties, is embroiled in a furore, over the theft of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money, by a female member of David Cameron’s Cabinet, in order to pay for a luxurious home for her parents and who was asked for a simple apology, as  penance for the crime.

Yiddish Jews in Israel, do not appear to have found a more caring feminine face, amongst their politicians.  Golda Meir, not only looks like a man disguised as a witch, she is also a fully fledged War Criminal as is the current, best known female member of the Knesset, Tzipi Livni, both of whom support or have supported infanticide and genocide and the wholesale theft of the organs of young men, incarcerated in the Holes of Israel, where the slightest of bumps on their head would signify “Brain-Death” and generate the excuse to harvest their bits-and-bobs.

Another female face which offers no-quarter to the walking-wounded is in control of the heinous International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, she is of course the first Female head of the IMF but not of course the first Jew, all of the Chiefs of the IMF have been Jewish.

Across the Atlantic another women, Janet Yellen, has been elected as the first Head of the Federal Reserve, like Lagarde, she is the first woman to lead the organisation and of course it goes without saying, she is not first Jew who has held this post, as with the IMF, they have all been Jews.

Not one of these powerful women, has displayed the slightest intention of putting a stop to any or all of the alleged male slaughters, for which they would appear to be printing the money. It should therefore be prudent to ask the question, are women even marginally more humanitarian than are men?

I could labour the point with a reference to Madeleine Albright, who found the deaths of five-hundred-thousands Iraqi children to be a price worth paying to get the hands of BP and Exxon, onto the Iraqi oil, for which they are paying two dollars a barrel, all of which is being piped to Israel, from where it is shipped to China at an unknown price.

After Albright, the good Lord gave us Hilary Clinton. There are no words adequate to describe this vermin and her family, however she is very popular in the US and stands a good chance of being elected as the first woman President. I think I can fairly say, that more or less proves my thesis.

I will here, prudently, state my belief, that the most under-diagnosed, mental illness, with which the planet is afflicted, is the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, from which millions of men suffer, during the period of relief after the divorce.  It is not until the shelling stops that the full realisation of its intensity becomes clear.  Ouch! That hurt!

Robert Louis Stevenson, my favourite author when I was younger, said of marriage, That after marriage, you have no further choice, not even suicide. I have no idea what he meant by that.

Stevenson, Is however believed to have walked into that “door,” which can spring from no-where, in the middle of the living room, leaving a long weal on the face, which resembles a claw mark. Many thousands of men have experienced the same thing.  They of course never admit to it.


Anatomy Of A Conspiracy Theory.

Why has the northern arc been totally ignored?

The Arc of a Diver

Right from the word go, in a situation where there was apparently no available evidence, I plumped for the northern arc of two possibilities with which we were presented.  That is the route which would have taken the  “hi-jacked” plane through the Gates of Hades into the Dark Masonic Kingdom of Baron Rothschild, along with the ceramic micro-chip, which is intended to deliver the ultimate power of world control, into the grip of the International Criminal Fraternity.

Imagine my surprise, when the mouthpiece of Murdoch announced on Sky News, that while she was prepared to consider several of the Conspiracy Theories, with which she had been Tweeted, she dismissed only the suggestion of Kazakhstan, out of hand. This, at the very moment which Murdoch was himself Tweeting about the affair. Hmmmmmm!

To have simply asked for permission to inspect a hangar on the island of Diego Garcia, from where it is claimed, a smart-phone message was received, with a GPS position,  would not have presented too much of a problem, yet despite the cluster of claims, from those whom live in the Maldives, to have seen a large Jumbo Jet, flying low overhead, on a route which would have taken it to Diego Garcia, this simple option has not been taken. Why not?

Rolls Royce engineers have claimed that micro-chips, which are installed in all Rolls Royce Engines, provide a location at all times. Rolls Royce Engines are never out of contact.  Despite hundreds of hours, which have been devoted to this mystery, Sky News has not managed to send a team to Bristol, which is not a million miles from the Somerset Levels, where the entire staff of Sky News was camped out for weeks on end, telling us it was raining, in order to verify or debunk this claim. Why not?

As is normal, when the public is presented with an enigmatic situation, instead of exploring the claims which lead to “misconceptions” and cries of conspiracy, there is never any attempt made to assuage the discomfort of the public. Why not.

There was recently an alleged mass shooting at a school in the United States, called Sandy Hook.  This attack has provoked the most concerted claims of “False Flag” and a massive number of claims, that many of the “participants” in the News reports from the scene, were crisis actors, whom were filmed taking part in other events, with photographic evidence in support and yet not one of the major News Broadcasters has gone to the trouble of tracking down these folk, to bolster the claims of the establishment that they really were  parents of children murdered at Sandy Hook. Why not?

What is the point of over flying a vast ocean and dragging ping detectors under water, in an area where there is no evidence, apart that is, other than alleged satellite contacts, which miraculously appeared long after the event itself?

There is of course the remaining Conspiracy Theory, which will be made public, the moment the “Planted” Black Box, is discovered from exactly  where it was dropped, by HMS Echo on behalf of Her Majesty and her Banking chum.

Zen In The Art Of Stanley Kubrick.

In a far off place, a long time ago, I spent many hours of my life in search of truth.  Finally I came to understand that there is no such thing, all there is, is is………………….?

Language has given us a false belief in a perception of a reality, which is no more solid or “real” than is the “belief” in Fairies.

Belief is a word or concept which should be alien to an Atheist and yet in many ways they are in an even deeper state of acceptance of the absurd, despite denying Religion or God, when they describe themselves as being   “Evolutionists.”

Many highly educated “Intellectuals” are prepared to accept the scribblings of a spoilt Tourist, whom having spent a holiday abroad, claimed the ideas of another as his own and presented them as fact to a Society, which has not only accepted the concept of Evolution, without any evidence in support of the claims but has forced our school-children to believe in this speculation, in place of a belief in God.

We now find ourselves confronted with University Lecturers, whom describe the belief in a God of Creation as an aberration, while proposing an alternative which is little different and which requires the same belief system as does the rejected belief in a God in Heaven.

When I discovered Zen Buddhism, which I perceived to be a form of denial of accepted reality, I had a great deal of difficulty in trying to figure out, what was actually happening, when I observed this “normal” imagined reality as it unfolded in front of me.

I was struck by the idea that we were all experiencing our past life as we actually lay dying, that it was all taking place in the blink of an eye and that  everything that I was experiencing had already happened so I must surely be observing a past, which was of no substance, as it was merely a memory.

Zen of course warns us that experience will lead only to more experience and will not of itself deliver “Enlightenment.”

Enlightenment, when it occurs, arrives unannounced and out of the blue, we are never prepared for the limited reality, which we may be fortunate enough to glimpse, while in the heightened state of this moment and which will open our minds to influences, which like other facets of life, will slowly fade away in the turmoil of our daily life, which we are in some way obliged to follow.

The problem with the teachings of Zen, is that it does not prepare one for the depth of deception of our education and the difficulty involved in separating the illusions of lies from the illusions of truth which Zen teaches us to be an illusion itself.  Where then do we find “Reality?”

In tandem with my struggle with Zen, I was also deeply involved in the teachings of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff and his Fourth Way, which he claimed to be the way of “teaching” the ordinary man in the street, for whom the possibility of life in a Tibetan Monastery was not an option.

I had friends from a background which involved the Theosophists and the Krishnamurti Foundation. Krishnamurti  I believe was  selected as the New Messiah by the Theosophists and Annie Besant. A group which at one time included Rudolf Steiner in its ranks.

So you may gather that I was somewhat serious in my search but apart from a forlorn hope, that somewhere along the way, I have achieved an unfathomable transformation in my view of our current reality, which has led me to reject, not only the teachings of most, if not all of those whom present themselves as “Bringers of Light” but has also made me aware that they, are all part of the illusion.

When I at last came to understand the secret key, hidden inside the Zen Koan, which speaks to the Sound of One Hand Clapping, it presented me with an insight into the machinations of those whom have been taught the secrets of indoctrination, through which they have come to control every aspect of our lives.

The death of Stanley Kubrick and the suggestion that he had been murdered because of his refusal to edit a few minutes out of his last film “Eyes Wide Shut,” intrigued me, to the point of watching the film several times, trying to spot from where these cuts had been made after his death.

The film itself was of no consequence. Tom Cruise, the star of the film, spent most of his time walking.   He did little else. He walked into a room, looked around at whatever happened to be going on. Walked in the street and became aware that he was being followed. Walked from a taxi cab to the entrance of a mansion. Walked into the mansion, where he was given a mask and then walked some more.

The event which was taking place in the mansion was presumably the nub of the film. The filming resembled an old-time Hammer Film from the sixties, “The Devil Rides Out” or “To the Devil a Daughter,” films which involved the invocation of evil and strange creatures with horns and the sacrifice of young women, that sort of thing.

The theme of these films was the exposition of the power of evil, which emanated from mysterious characters, who apparently had the ability to call up evil from the depths of hell, while a bunch of sycophants in dark costumes chanted magic words of encouragement. I think you get the picture.

So what was it that could possibly have offended the elite?  What could the presence of Tom Cruise, an uninvited guest, have mattered?

Kubrick, the Director of 2001 A Space Odyssey, which he filmed, presumably as he allegedly filmed the “real” first manned voyage to the moon, an event to which  we were all witness, which thanks to the German scientists, who were brought to the US in Operation Paper-clip, after the end of World War Two, was achieved in less than twenty-five years after the end of the war.

This group of Germans, included Werner Von Braun, whom had been responsible for the V1 and V2 missiles which had been used, during the war by the Germans, in the so-called Battle of Britain.

It has recently been claimed that these men, during their time with Hitler, had been involved in the construction of a form of vehicle, which could fly through the use of a system of anti-gravity, a vehicle which resembled a Flying Saucer.

Hardly a day goes by without new claims of the involvement of Hitler and his regime in the Black Arts of Witchcraft, the Thule Society and other forms of Sorcery and Black Magic.  These claims have now expanded to include contact with extraterrestrials, from whom they received advanced scientific  knowledge, which made possible the voyage to the moon.

Should it be true that the manned moon landing was a hoax, we must surely reassess the claims which have been made about Hitler and his scientists, who must surely have been complicit in the fraud.

Kubrick, in his film “The Shining,” is supposedly, through the use of subliminal symbols, attempting to transmit a message of truth, concerning the first moon landing.

The best known of these symbolic moments is the point of symmetry at the middle of the film, should the film be played backwards and forwards at the same time.


However the references to the moon voyage are illustrated by the sweat-shirt of the child in the film, whom it is suggested to be an alter ego of Kubrick himself, which is adorned with an image of an Apollo space-ship while the pattern on the floor covering of the hotel corridor, resembles the shape of the NASA launchpad from which the voyage to the moon commenced.

The child,  has an experience in a room, with a number which is a reference to the distance between the Earth and the Moon. Whatever actually happened to the child in the room is never discussed, inferring that this is because of the pledge of silence,  which Kubrick was obliged to take, after he had filmed the false account of the moon landing and had in the process sold his soul to Hollywood.

It would appear, that Kubrick, like the character in “Wag the Dog” who filmed a propaganda campaign for the US Government, could not resist the egotistical desire for credit, which it could be claimed, cost him his life.

All of this is sheer speculation. However it does present us with an opportunity to examine the question, not only of the truth or otherwise of the moon landing but also the difference  between perceived reality and “actual” reality, whatever that may be.

There are many incidents in history, whether that history be real or imagined, which huge numbers of people are prepared, in support of, to surrender their very life, while others simply dismiss the claims as poppy-cock.

So the real question should be, why have we been educated to believe anything?  From where did the concept of “belief” originate?

Which takes us back to Zen and the ideas which were formulated by the Zen Masters.

I find the search for a hidden code in the works of Kubrick to be little more than a parlour game. He was direct in his views.  I was equally side-tracked by a search for a code hidden in the writings of Zen teachers.

In the end the meaning of Zen was perfectly clear and we all had access to it, however the stumbling block to realisation, was the search for something which was not there.

That is the “reality” which has served the so-called “Elite” for decades. We have been seeking truth where there are only lies. There are many sign-posts to the falsification of the moon landings, which appear to nullify the claims which have been made about the advanced knowledge of German scientists.

The British have just been exposed to yet another falsification, which was only possible through the complicity of the controlled mainstream media and a general acceptance, by the bulk of the political establishment, that the current presentation of world events should be maintained, despite the obvious lies and deception which this entails.

During a debate concerning the right of the British people to hold a referendum, to decide whether to remain in the European Community or not, the Jewish leader of the Liberal Democrats, accused Nigel Farage, the “Loose Cannon,” leader of the UK Independence Party, of professing an admiration for Vladimir Putin, the current President of Russia.

Clegg suggested that the deaths of several hundred people daily in Syria, were in some way the fault of Vladimir Putin, for whom Farage admitted to having an admiration. Farage, having retorted that Clegg was a War Criminal, who supported the illegal attack against Libya, which has left the country in the hands of hundreds of different armed groups and in chaos, should have reinforced his admiration for Putin, who had in fact thwarted the aims of those like Clegg and Cameron whom would lay the world to waste to suit their hidden agenda.

This follows hot on the heels of Barack Obama’s claim, that Putin had forced the people of Crimea to hold a referendum under the barrel of a Kalashnikov, for which ninety-six per cent of the people of Crimea had themselves called, in order to free themselves from the illegal, terrorist controlled Western preferred government in Ukraine.

So it becomes clear that even as we struggle to understand the enigmas of events during the Second World War, our politicians, all of whom have been put in place by a hidden hand, are already priming us for another round of slaughter.

In this game of Chess, Putin has now been manipulated into the very position, in to which Adolf Hitler was forced by the Jewish Establishment in the City of London, in order to provoke the Second World War.

While the Jewish controlled Western Media, Politicians and Bankers, are slavering for a war, which will provide them with a smoke-screen, behind which to force the rest of us to sink even deeper into a stupor of ignorance, the British are obsessed with “dust.”

Thankfully there are dozens of experts in the UK, whom have been mobilised to explain to the brain-dead British, that should they be asthmatic, it would be better if they did not run a marathon while the “dust” problem persists.

I have just washed my car, because this problem of “dust” is a constant annoyance where I live, yet nobody even mentions it. It is after all “dust.” Do the British really have need of several days of warnings and images of a Big Wheel, through a mist?  Sahara Sand falls all over the South of France, on a regular basis.  Get over it!

Where was I?  Ah yes, Stanley Kubrick. In “Paths of Glory,” Kubrick presented the other side of conflict. The ambition. The total lack of concern for the well-being of the fighting man. The treachery of those same fighting men between each other. The film ended with the execution of innocent men, in order to satisfy the ego of an officer, who had decided that not enough men had died in a foolhardy attack against a German stronghold.

Kubrick had one of the victims executed in the manner of James Connolly in Kilmainham Gaol, after the Easter Rebellion in Dublin, who died while tied to a chair, as he could not stand upright as a result of his injuries. British justice at its best.

Suffice it to say, that whether he had filmed the fake voyage to the moon or not, Kubrick suggested in The Shining, that it had indeed been a Hollywood Blockbuster.

In his last film, Eyes Wide Shut, Kubrick was intent on exposing the futility of the rich elite. Money, it has been claimed, is the root of all evil, this is not exactly the case.  Greed is the root of evil and this greed has held the rich in chains for centuries. The rich have no choice, they are born into money and this money steals their life. They have no future.

When Bill Harford walked, uninvited, into the mansion, he was handed a mask and a cape. The viewer could sense an air of danger. Spooky people on a balcony watched Bill from the moment he arrived.  The ritual with the naked women unfolded. Bills old school friend was playing the music. We were in the middle of some form of sorcery.  Was this akin to events which take place in Bohemian Grove?  Would Lucifer make an appearance? Would the floor split asunder exposing Hell-fire?

Well no, none of that would happen. What we were witnessing was reality. Bored rich people getting their rocks off.  What Kubrick was exposing was the sheer stupidity of all of this nonsense. Nothing ever happens. These people are playing games. War, for these spoilt heartless brats, is no more than a money-making game. They have no magical powers, they dress up and ponce around all day and nothing has ever or will ever happen.

The only real power that these rich elite possess, is the power to pay other people to kill for them. Other than that they live in fear of exposure, that is the reason for the masks. The mask did not appear to work for Bill, everybody present seemed to be aware of his identity.  While he of course, was the only person present, who had no real understanding of what was taking place.

Sexual excess has always played a part in “Magical Ceremonies.” Aleister Crowley, subjected his women to every conceivable sexual act. He became the benchmark for debauchery, some say he is George Bush’s Grandfather. Bush, like Crowley was inclined to take part in all sorts of deviant behaviour, most of it in the White House.

As for murdering Kubrick, because of some exposure in Eyes Wide Shut, I would be far more inclined to believe that his part in whatever happened during the alleged trip to the moon, is far more likely to have provoked a response from the elite, in  view of the fact that we are being prepared for Disclosure.  Of course he could well have filmed the slaughter of a child, an offering which is made to the creature which passes for the god of these rich folk.

However, having just re-read what I have been writing, I appear to have lost the thread of what I was trying to say several times. I wish I had never started this post, as I am extremely busy at the moment and I have been trying to write as I work at my real job.

What I think I had the intention of discussing, was the firmly held beliefs, which have shaped our lives, which have in fact been false beliefs. Having lived through a century in which hundreds of millions of people were slaughtered, we can only hope that we were on the right side of these events.

We now appear to have come full circle, we are on the point of the Third World War and one thing is sure, Vladimir Putin is not Adolf Hitler. So why should the Jew Clegg be talking up the bilge against him? Is Clegg unaware that Putin did not send his army into Iraq, Afghanistan,Libya,Bosnia or anywhere else. In fact the West is forced to pretend that he has an army on the border of Ukraine waiting to attack.

The West are the real criminals and they would appear to have been the real criminals for several centuries. The mystery is how they have succeeded in convincing the majority of people, that those whom they have slaughtered have been the real guilty.

Strange new religious beliefs have appeared, beliefs which demand an acceptance of Global Warming, Evolution, alongside Quantum Physics, which appear to suggest this evolution to be impossible and of course the New Age Religion itself, Gaia.

While all of these events are taking place, we are encouraged to believe our enemies to be Hitlers. Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi or Assad in fact anybody who is on the hit list is a Hitler.

To suggest that Hitler was a good man, is a sin, in certain company. To question the holocaust is unforgivable. Well we are struggling along under a heavy weight of total lies. Recent events in Ukraine have made this perfectly clear. We are being lied to on a daily basis.

When a liar is exposed for what he is, he can no longer be trusted to speak for us. William Hague, for example, has placed himself securely into this spot. Blair is alongside him. The only problem appears to be, all politicians are liars, it is  part of the job, they call it rhetoric.





The Continuing Tales Of Media Lies.

“In a previous episode of his propaganda show, Murnaghan was annoyed when it was suggested that the Western Media was biased, he retorted by crying out “I hope you do not include Sky News in that claim, we go out of our way to present all sides of the News.” Well Murnaghan, I can assure you that if you believe that nonsense you are not capable of fronting a News Programme. Sky News, my dear Dermot, manufactures the News. I believe your Boss is at the moment in Israel, Tweeting his own form of disinformation.

At the moment, we are being bombarded with the murder trial in South Africa, where there is a Sky Team, while in Russia and Crimea and Ukraine, Sky News-persons, are posting copy which does not deserve the name of News. They are, as they have been, in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, totally biased in favour of their Jewish owners and lastly we have the News Hen, whom is reportedly considered to be the most detested face on television, covering the Case of the Missing Airliner in Malaya.

This is strangely, the subject of the Tweets of her Boss Rupert Murdoch. Why, you might ask, is Murdoch interested in the fate of an airliner? Could he know something that we are not being told?

We are belatedly being informed that there had been far more contact with the airliner, than we had previously been told. Which demands the question, why were we not told? Who has the power to suppress important information of this nature and why? Certainly not a band of Pirates, which it is now being suggested may have taken control of the plane.

Taking control of a Jet-Liner, is not a task to be undertaken lightly. There is need of much planning and preparation, not only for the taking of the plane but more importantly, to where it is to be taken and the necessity of a landing site, which would guarantee a safe conclusion to the exploit.

These needs would suggest the participation of a National Government, with a team of Flight Controllers who could be trusted to keep their mouths shut. So from where could these needs be met, within the range of the Airliner? Well the most obvious destination must surely be the brand new State of Rothschild, Kazakhstan. I am sure that whatever precious cargo was on the plane, could be safely unloaded, whether that cargo be Human or Mineral and the plane sent on its way, to be found in some out-of-the-way location, hopefully with a dazed and bemused group of passengers, alive and well, on board.”

Since writing the above clip, which referred to the manipulation of the News by Sky News and other “News” outlets, there have been certain “leaks” which would appear to justify my doubts as to the voracity of the currently accepted version of events.

The most telling “leak” of all, must surely be the reports that it is no longer possible for a jet-liner to be “lost” while in flight. When all other systems fail, the real “fail-safe” system is built into the Rolls Royce motors, the performance of which is logged by Rolls Royce engineers, whom would be aware of the exact location of the aircraft at all times.

Should this event have been, as is now being suggested, a form of suicide by one of the pilots, whom deliberately turned off the Transponders and headed off in the direction of the South Pole, spending five hours or more in flight, all of which would have been logged, why are we not hearing about desperate attempts to contact the plane to ask the simple question, “What in f**ks name do you think you are doing?” Why does everything invite the inevitable response, that there is something else going on?

The saturation coverage of this event, rivalled 911, in its intensity. Apart from Russia Today, by whom the News was delivered in a perfectly normal manner, without any extraordinary emphasis on the missing aircraft.

The Alternative Media is divided on the issue, between “No Planers” and those whom suggest the participation of the Taliban in Pakistan, in preparation of some sort of response to the killing of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan by the US, the anniversary of which will soon be upon us.

I have serious doubts about this idea, as it suggests that these are the folk with enough experience of hi-jacking to carry out such an attack. This is quite obviously a red herring, if for no other reason than the fact that the Taliban are fully aware that no such event as the assassination of Bin Laden occurred in Pakistan or anywhere else, simply because Bin Laden, if he ever existed, was already dead and gone. Plus having been a part of the 911 scam, they would also be aware that it was also a fraud.

So we must ensure that should any such event occur, as a form of retribution for the killing of Bin Laden, that the finger remains pointed in the right direction, towards those whom are in fact responsible for the bulk of so-called terrorist attacks, whom always gain advantage from them, the controlling elite.

There is one reality in the middle of all of this nonsense, we will not be getting any sort of guidance from the mainstream media.  It goes without saying that however incredible the event, there will be unquestioning acceptance of the establishment version and the propagation of nothing else.

Putin is a perfect example of this strategy, having actually done very little that could be described as questionable, he has been condemned, across the board, by many establishment figures.  While not one journalist has posed the question, in any serious manner, “So the people of Crimea have decided to re-join Russia, which it is their perfect right to so do, having been arbitrarily handed over to Ukraine in 1954, without any say in the matter, where is the problem in that?”

The simple answer to this question would surely be, no problem, we are simply trying to generate a feeling of unease, suggesting that this could well be the first step in Putin’s desire to conquer the world, in order to conceal the real purpose which is the Elite’s desire to rule the world, a desire which will very soon be realised, thanks to the assistance of the “Free Press.”

While Putin is taking this flack, the same Media is putting the fear of flying back on the top of the agenda, by ignoring all of the anomalies in the official tale and presenting a garbled fantasy of what is in effect a load of crapola, which makes no sense whatsoever, suggesting that a flight crew, could deliberately shut off safety devices and apparently, without interference from more than two hundred passengers and crew, fly for a further five hours, until the plane falls into the sea, at the very spot where it was suggested that it might, without even knowing whether it had continued to fly, when this was suggested.

While all this drivel was being presented, what have we all been missing in the meantime?


How The BBC Was Caught Out Aiding The War Criminals

I have long sought the evidence, in support of my claims in past posts, that the like of Stuart Ramsey and others, on the Sky News Team of Liars, had quite deliberately misled the Sky audience, by arranging events such as the Whipping of an Afghan woman by the Taliban, in manner that was so obviously fake that it beggared belief. He manufactured a similar event with a group of youngster in white pyjamas, whom were meant to be cold-eyed killers, fighting with the Taliban.

Ramsey was also responsible for the opening salvo in the campaign against Bashar al Assad in Syria, where being on the ground and knowing what was taking place, he blatantly refused to report the elections which were held in Syria, in which sixty-five per cent of the people turned out and voted in support of Assad.

I hope that the above clip will go some way to justify the truth in my claims and will remind the viewer to take anything coming from Sky News and the BBC with the proverbial pinch of salt..


The Ghost Of Adolf Hitler Looms Large In Ukraine

Every side in this ridiculous conflict, in Eastern Europe, is obliged to skate around the real achievement of the courageous German troops; whom had they not been attacked by the same under-handed scum, whom are now placing themselves against Russia and who handed Eastern Europe into the hands of Stalin, would have liberated all of those countries from the ferocity of the Red Terror  and from the choke-hold of the Central Banking Families, whom are on the point of finishing off the pathetic remnants of the once proud White European Man.

Instead of a place in the pantheon of European Heroes, for their efforts, against overwhelming odds, an effort in which even those whom were hardly old enough to hold a gun, fought alongside their grandfathers, in a last-ditch stand at the Battle of the Bulge, to save us all from the horrors of Jewish Bolshevik Communism, these magnificent warriors are to be vilified forever, to hide the true depth of Allied War Criminality.

When these brave souls were finally overpowered, they were then starved to death in Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadow Death Camps, while their women-folk were being raped to death and crucified on barn doors and they  had this glorious exploit arbitrarily dismissed and they were then accused of crimes, for which there is no evidence whatsoever, all of which was sanctioned by the Real War Criminals, who are to this day, lying in order to hide their own guilt.  That is the measure of the compassion of the Free West. The German People are not even allowed to honour their war dead, on Remembrance Day.

As far as Russia and Putin are concerned we can but cross our fingers and hope for the best. The people of Western Ukraine, would appear to have fallen into the grasp of, what I believe to be,  the new tool of the Neo-Cons, a form of Al Qaeda, which can create the same mayhem in Ukraine, as has already been inflicted in Libya, Iraq and Syria.

The first step of the Jewish Bankers, was to seize the Ukrainian Gold Reserves, which has been flown away to the Black Hole in Fort Knox, where it may serve to replace the German Gold Reserves which have already vanished, this same trick has already been enacted in Libya and Iraq.

Putin’s past is not that of a humanitarian, he is no Hitler. His role and honesty, will be determined by the identity of the real initiator of the Eurasian Union. Should it be him there is hope, otherwise all is lost and these shenanigans are no more than a bit of cinema to lend credence to Putin’s role of the “Outlaw.”

The Alternative Media, is jam-packed with tales of Putin, upsetting Rothschild, by taking control of the Central Bank and issuing his own currency, which is the real reason behind all of this talk of sanctions and Visa denials against Russian Oligarchs, most of whom appear to be the same old Agents of Rothschild, which would make them Jews, which undermines  claims that Putin has Nationalised Russian Resources, out of the hands of the Jews.

Whatever the truth of current events, I believe that the interests of Ukraine would be best served by staying free and well away from those on either side of the debate, whether it be Putin or the Jewish Bolshevik controlled European Union.

What is needed right now, is the appearance of a man of the calibre of Hitler, who could generate the same form of  patriotism, which almost pulled us out of Hell-fire, but which was finally overwhelmed by a Russian horde, which was too numerous to withstand.

We can no longer rely on the Germans, whom were the main targets in two World Wars and whom have been so beaten down by the Jews, that they are almost on the point of extinction, as are the so-called Allies, Britain, France and the USA, all of whom have already lost their own home-lands, through the medium of immigration and abortion, plus a belief that the planet would be better off without White Europeans, which is exactly what they have been trained to believe. Self hatred Rules OK?

The Democratic Lies In The City Of London Show Of Farce.

The Houses of Parliament, cheered to the rafters, the lies and deception, of the leaders of both of the main Political Parties, when in the House of Commons, the Referendum in Crimea was being questioned.

It will be noted that the Prime Minister suggested that the Referendum was carried under the control of Russians carrying Kalashnikov Rifles. Well all of his favourite News Channels were on hand to film the event, of which I defy him to find any evidence in support of this claim.

The illegalities of the Crimean Referendum, were in keeping with those which was in force in Northern Ireland, during the vote to rejoin Eire, which made use of the restrictions on the Catholic vote, which allowed the installed majority of Protestants to win by default, without the participation of Eire, of course.

The same method served in the Falklands, where no opportunity was given to the Argentinian side, to take part in or to object to this referendum, which in order to legalise, the British demanded, the right to hold it of themselves, chose the wording on the ballot paper and counted the votes.

Similarly, they did as they wished in Kosovo, giving away the Sovereign Territory of a Sovereign State, without taking those steps, which they are now claiming negates the validity of the Crimean decision.

The British are responsible for cutting the Indian Sub-Continent to ribbons. Pakistan into  two parts, East and West, Kashmir into Muslim and Hindu and Ceylon, where the folk are even now not sure of their true identity and the British are still in there paying for rebellions, in pursuit of their long-term aims.

The strange boundaries which the British drew up in the Middle-East was not by hazard, the British only deal in duplicity, any move they make is loaded with self-interest and designed to suit a future need.

I could go on with this all day, I have not even yet reached Africa. Suffice it to say that the British have destroyed the Planet. They are responsible for two World Wars, both of which were fought to suit a hidden agenda.

 The Great War was used as a smoke screen, behind which the Bolshevik Jewish coup d’etat in Russia took place, while the Second World War was intended to facilitate the advance of this Jewish Bolshevik Communism across the entire Continent of Europe.

Adolf Hitler and his magnificent German Wehrmacht, fought this attempt to a standstill and it took the illegal arming, by Britain and the USA, both of which were controlled by Jews, to save Stalin, another Jew, from an ignominious defeat.

Which brings me back to the current discussion.  There has been a sort of political joke circulating in  recent days, Michael Gove, the Minister of Education, made a remark that there were more Old Etonians in the Prime Ministers Cabinet, than one could shake a stick at. What’s more they are all millionaires.

Well Gove, obviously with his Political future in mind, chose his words carefully, he could have been more explicit.

In the Commons, Prime Ministers Question Time, was kicked off by the Jewish Speaker of the House. The Jewish Prime Minister responded. He stood up from his bench,where he was hemmed in by his Jewish Chancellor of the Exchequer, whom was alongside the Jewish Industry Minister on one side and the Jewish Leader of the Lib-Dems, on the other.

The Jewish Leader of the Opposition condemned the Russians act and demanded extra measures to be taken against Putin.

We then had yet another Jew, Gerald Kaufmann, whom is an alleged sexual pervert of one sort or another, ask a question about the continued killings of Palestinians and the theft of their land, a question which was given no more than platitudes in  reply, from the Jewish Prime Minister, who was recently in Israel, brown nosing Netanyahu, instead of threatening a similar action against Israel as he is proposing for Russia.

Sadly, he passed a law forbidding the arrest of Jewish War Criminals, during their holidays in the UK.


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