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World War Two Pilots: Miller And Armstrong.


The Underdog White Race Is On The Run!


In the words of James Thurber, “You can fool too many people too much of the time.” Thurber nailed it and what is more, those deceived people will grimly fight, tooth and nail, for their right to be fooled. Any suggestion, which contradicts their received view of reality, is treated as being nothing more than the foolish belief of an uneducated moron, which is signified with a forefinger screwing into their temple, suggesting their interlocutor to be ‘screwy’ or brain-damaged.

An interesting facet of these strongly held beliefs, is that they do not require any evidential support whatsoever because “we all know them to be true” unlike an opposing idea, for which they demand endless amounts of evidence.

I recently posted a clip which demonstrated the collusion of the British Broadcasting Corporation, with the hidden hand, which is determined to destroy White Christian Culture. The British people are being presented, by this controlled BBC, as being completely in favour with their own destruction, through the medium of the ‘forced’ immigration, of people whom have every right to be in Europe, because like the Jews in Israel, whom claim to have ancestral links to the region, the Sub-Saharan Africans can now claim that even Friar Tuck was Black.

This, combined with an effort to under-mine local authorities, by introducing a replacement Religion, Islam, with a local leadership, which reflects the religion of the incomers, even as Christianity is dying and the now almost childless European women, are being outstripped by the birth of hundreds of thousands of immigrant infants, whom are being born to parents, whom are in no position to care for them without State support.

David Cameron, who is no friend of the Muslim in the Street, having been in favour of the illegal wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, which he later claimed he would not have supported had he been aware of the deception involved by Blair, Bush and company, despite which he, Cameron then destroyed Libya, using an even more ludicrous lie as his excuse, he is now conspiring with “Conservative Muslims’ to place ever more of them into positions of authority, even as the war which he kicked off in Syria, using the exact lame excuse as he had used in Libya, has displaced millions of people, whom Cameron and his cronies in Israel, would prefer to see resettled in Europe, in order to, provide more space for Israel. None of which is ever reported by British News outlets.

When one looks at the desecration across the Middle East, where in many places hardly a building has been spared, where millions of lives have been lost and millions of people have been forced to emigrate or are living in refugee camps, while the British, French and American media, still tell us, with a straight face, that all of this carnage was as a result of ‘humanitarian’ action to ‘save’ those people from ‘evil’ dictators, one can only marvel at the true depth of their lies.

These same disgusting people, are now claiming to be accepting these teeming hordes, of severely traumatised people, into the heartlands of those by whom they have been destroyed, to ‘save’ Western civilisation from a claimed demographic disaster, which they have themselves created, through the means of ‘the pill’, abortion and the implantation into the minds of the people of Europe, that they must reduce their populations, to ‘Save the Planet’ from over-population, while the incomers are promising to breed Europe out of existence. 

New restrictions on ‘Free Speech’ will very soon deny you the right to even have these things explained to you, without the acquiescence of Google or Facebook, both of which are using ‘spies’ to block any mention of the ‘real conspiracy’. The ‘problem’, which Katie Hopkins presents, in the following clip is no more than the ‘reaction’ to the problem, of  which she has yet to suggest a solution.

Of one thing White Europeans can be sure, their own Political system is in the hands of the most extreme group of pure evil sadists, which has ever skulked in the shadows, watching as the world is being slowly strangled to death, to suit their maniacal notion, that ‘they’ whose identity must never be exposed, are the true ‘Kings of the Whole Wide World’ while their controlled Politicians, whom have been put in place, through the use of the most devious of systems of control called Democracy, which has never delivered any such thing, pretend to be unaware of what is going on, as the real target of all this mayhem, becomes more clear as the days go by and yes, it is YOU, the White Christian people, whom have had the guns of the World trained on to you and your own total extinction now looms over you.

The solution to this problem is in your own hands, the first step in the resistance, must be to stand up and confront those whom would destroy you. To continue to remain silent in the face of this onslaught of naked hatred and racism is suicidal. There is no country on Earth which treats all incomers, of whatever Race or Colour, in the manner in which White Christian countries have been duped into believing, that they are ‘obliged’ to do, because of past crimes, which are based on an idea that only White people have behaved in an aggressive manner in past times.

The Blacks in Africa, whom were not lucky enough to have been sold, by their ‘own people’, into slavery, are now conducting extreme forms of Racism, against Mixed Race “Coloured People’ in the ‘Rainbow State’ of South Africa, where all opportunities are strictly reserved for the immigrant pure Blacks, whom with the assistance of those whom would destroy the White Christian Peoples, have already stolen the ‘White’ country of South Africa, from those by whom it was built, in the manner in which Israel is being stolen from the indigenous ‘Rainbow’ people of all faiths, into the hands of a particularly brutal group of ‘mono-faith immigrants, with the assistance of Christian governments in France, Britain and America, while the United Nations, which is itself under unelected control, allows every atrocity, in both South Africa and Israel, to pass, without batting an eyelid.

In the United States and Britain, two States which were quite deliberately flooded with Blacks from Africa, where those Blacks are now responsible for a completely disproportionate amount of Rape, Murder and Robbery and yet this situation has never been openly discussed, even as these violent Black people, take to the streets, in protest against their White victims, whom are being downtrodden to suit the demands of these Black criminals, and whom are even being denied their right to protest, without coming under attack from paid assailants.


The BBC Throws European History Down The Memory Hole.


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The Democratisation Of Servitude. Just Grin And Bear It But Watch Your Back!



Listening to the Western Alliance, the world champions of death and destruction, whom slaughtered a third of the population of North Korea, during the years following the total desecration of Germany, and the razing of that country to rubble, calling the North Korean Regime, ‘the most evil regime on Earth’, would be quite amusing, were it not so sinister.

Those whom continually ‘point the bone’ at all of their selected victims, before crushing them, have failed to notice that no matter how many of these ‘bad regimes’ they have already destroyed and no matter how many millions of innocent people have died at their hands, that they are, to this day, still hunting feverishly around looking for more victims to save by killing them.

The Western Alliance, has demonised the leaders of North Korea, without a mention of the atrocities which were carried out by their ‘puppet regime’ in South Korea, which was a Military Dictatorship, with a truly vicious attitude to its ‘own people’ without a word of criticism from the ‘freedom fighters’ from the United Nations, by whom the South Korean Dictatorship is fully armed and supported. A search for information about the behaviour of the South Korean regime yielded this;






Even fervent Nationalists like Nigel Farage, claim that we fought two World Wars to save our freedom and democracy, as if that is the aim of trying to subdue North Korea, to liberate the people under Kim’s jackboot and all that nonsense, when as with the two World Wars, it is no more than a means of making the resources in North Korea available for those whom actually demanded both of those World Wars.

Where were these honourable men, when the demons, whom were crouching behind the distraction of the Great War, waiting for an opportunity to ravage Russia, where their ally, the Greatest Mass Murderer in history, Joseph Stalin, was already part of the Politburo, eagerly waiting, while being armed by the Allies, for the destruction of Germany, the most successful country in Europe, where there was no evidence whatsoever, that the regime was mistreating anybody.

On the other hand, the installation of the Bolshevik Regime in Russia, was the violent installation of Communism, while the Fabian Society was busily installing the Bolshevik European Union by stealth, This was called ‘slow motion Communism.’

The next target was Asia, where the Bolsheviks quickly installed Mao Zedong in China, which with the help of that ‘friend’ of the West, Joseph Stalin, ‘pretended’ to put a stop to the West’s destruction of Bolshevism in North Korea and the propagation of the crass idea of the ‘Domino Effect’, which was used to prepare the rest of the Extreme Orient, for the coming New World Order.

Europe itself was subdued in the years following the Second World War, when the European Domino Effect, quietly installed the Bolsheviks across Eastern Europe and the subjugated Germany, which had bravely stood up to this encroachment of Communism across Europe and the World. The British and their ‘Allies’ actually fought for their own imprisonment.

The British Gaolbreak, Brexit, is currently being undermined by the Bolshevik Forces, which have long controlled Britain from behind the curtain, and the voters are being taught the lesson, that Democracy means voting in the ‘right’ way, or else.

Even in the newly liberated, now Democratic Iraq, where the people used their ‘lethally’ gained right to vote in the wrong manner, a silly choice, which has created cries of foul, because the ‘wrong man’ won the election. A recount was demanded, which caused an immediate catastrophic fire, which destroyed all of the votes, so the people are being forced to vote again. What a surprise?

The ‘New Communist’ threat, which is sweeping the World, is that of Islamic Extremism, which has created a situation in Syria, which has those ‘Freedom Bringers’ from the United States, pretending once more, to be fighting their own people, this time, they are the Mercenary Serco Army, called Daech, in a corner of Syria, which is lusted after by the puppets in Israel, for their Masters of the Universe, in the City of London, where the American Forces are currently doing nothing at all in terms of driving out Daech, which is blocking the deliverance of the Syrian people, from this Western funded scourge.

The entirety of the European Union, is ignoring the ongoing deliberate destruction of the Middle East, while stridently calling for all members States, to accept millions of refugees, fleeing from this deliberate act of the clearance of the region. Not to simply give them shelter, until they can return home but to relocate them, permanently in Europe.

In France, which is already drowning in immigrants, where there are thousands camped out in the streets of Paris and thousands more, Sub-Saharan Blacks, from ‘Syria?’ lodged in small country villages across the country, I was amazed to find, last week-end, as I did my shopping in town, to find at every set of traffic lights, a bunch of people, holding placards, which claimed them to be Syrian refugees, begging for money. They all looked pretty much like the folk whom until recently sloshed a wet rag across your windscreen and demanded a Euro for their trouble, while their posh caravans were parked on wasteland outside of town.

The next step down the road to the complete domination of every country on Earth, is already building to a crescendo, with the United States pointing their grisly bone of democracy and an empty promise of a future easy life, at Venezuela and Nicaragua, those lands of rich resources in South America. Daniel Ortega, a colourful character from the past, the leader of the Sandinista, has already disappeared.

South Africa, which was purged of those whom built it, by the Bolshevik’s,  is now in its death throes, as the infrastructure is falling apart and all promises of a future Black Paradise, after the culling of White Power, which was promised by the thirty-three degree Mason, Bolshevik Communist, Nelson Mandela, sinks into a dystopian nightmare of rape, robbery and murder.

Europe and the United States are now heading down this lost highway, while the British are either involved in a struggle to escape this coming disaster, or they are simply being manipulated into believing that they have won a non-struggle, while falling into yet another trap, we must wait and see to where all this nonsense is taking us.

Ancient Wonders: Petra, The Lost City.

They’re Coming To Take Me Away Ha! Ha!

Donald Trump called the mainstream media the Fake News, so why, instead of investigating the MSN are there already steps afoot to claim that it is the Alternative Media, which is propagating the Fake News, which must be silenced?

On top of which, those whom have had no experience of how the News Media actually works, will be totally unaware of the Power of the Editor, which is evident even on Talk Radio, where the callers are totally controlled by the presenter, who calmly talks his way through a difficult question, without any real response and then thanks the caller for his ‘interesting’ question and immediately cuts him off. That is the ‘official’ version of Free Speech, which like Free Trade, only works in one direction, which is never in the direction favorable to the Man in the Street.

The BBC, which is funded by the British people, has a man called Cohen as editor of its News output, which allows him the final say in the content of what is presented to the British public. Sky News, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch a Jew, faithfully tows the line, defending the illegal destruction of Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan, or indeed the demonisation of Donald Trump, using deliberately ‘edited’ clips of Trump’s speeches, to deceive the public.

Every aspect of our lives is now being edited in a similar fashion. While I am about to be denied the right to expose certain lies and disinformation, emanating from the depths of our controlled political system, unless I can get past Google editors, whom already prowl around YouTube, looking for anything of which they disapprove.

We now have school-teachers losing their jobs for failing to address a pupil, by what has now become, ‘their choice’ of pronoun, which denies the reality of their genetic make-up. For an intelligent school-teacher, to be obliged to conform to the wishes of a child, who has been convinced in recent times, to ‘believe’ at a very young age, that they are of the opposite sex, without any clear knowledge, as to how they have decided such a thing, is nothing more than the group ‘brain-washing of children at school.

This ridiculous situation has lead to females, whom believe themselves to be ‘really’ male, being prescribed Testosterone, by the family doctor, while effeminate men are being treated with Estrogen, when the exact opposite would be a more intelligent response.

The United Nations Charter, quite clearly states that we have the God-given right of ‘free speech’ despite which, ‘hate speech’ is now being given more official support, by those controlled politicians, as a means of last resort, to silence an opinion which involves a religious bias of some sort, by those whom would prefer us all to believe only what they tell us to believe and failure to so do, could cost you time in gaol.

A while back, in Benghazi, the centre of opposition to the Gadaffi regime, a few men in yellow plastic safety helmets, ran through the streets, indiscriminately shooting people. This appalling act of aggression, without any apparent need of clear evidence as to the identity of these killers, was used as justification to lay Libya to waste, killing a huge number of Libyans’ in the process.

The Prime Ministers of Britain and France, both stood before the people of Libya, after the murder of Gadaffi, and congratulated themselves, for having taken swift action, in response to the brutality of the Libyan Government. In sharp contrast, not too far away, the Government of Israel, has been shooting Palestinian Arabs, like fish in a barrel, even as new proposals are being forced through, in Western ‘Democracies’ proposing to make it a crime, to so much as criticise these blatant crimes against Muslims by the Jew State of Israel, never mind calling for the instant destruction of Israel, to ‘free the people’ from their despotic Rulers. What sort of Democratic government, would even consider introducing such a law? Well they would be the very same Democrats whom are coming out in support of Article 13

I have occasionally uploaded, to YouTube, snippets of music, from records or CD’s which I have actually bought. YouTube has noted all of these infringements of copyright, letting me know that action could be taken by the owner of the copyright. However, some of my original scribblings, in the main I write all of my own content, are frequently, presented by other sites, to their own readers, with a link to my posts or they retweet my Twitters, none of which is of any importance in itself, apart that is from the fact that a link to my site may soon entail my permission, however the MSN is about to be given total freedom from all this rubbish, giving them an exclusive control of the News, and any of my reports, about current events, which was included in an MSM article, could soon be called copyright, without any form of investigation into which of us was the first to report the event, much like several of the clips I have uploaded, which included MSN News reports, for which YouTube have tried to give me a ‘strike’.

We will very soon be denied the freedom to so much as suggest,  that YouTube, Facebook, Google, all of the main Radio News outlets, TV News, the Newspaper Industry, publishing and Hollywood are all in the hands of Jews, a claim which though true, will soon be considered to be anti-Jew.  The only genuinely open platform for an alternative point of view is the Internet, which is now, in the process of falling into the hands of those same Jew interests. Is this the new ‘Jew Only Free Speech?’

The European Union, which was instrumental in the destruction of European Industry, along with the ‘privatisation’ of all Utilities, and which has openly called for the immigration of millions of Africans into Europe, in a declared attempt to destroy the White Christian integrity of Europe, through the forceful imposition of Islamic regulations into Christian classrooms and the funding of Mosques in every European town and city, and the ‘selection’ of Muslims into positions of authority, is even now, without any reference to the electorate of European Member States, attempting to force through legislation, which will give them one more level of control over us all, through the total control of the Internet.

From where did the European Union receive the notion, that it was their job to censor the Internet, in order to benefit so-called copyright holders. That is surely the business of the holder of the copyright as has always been the case. So why are our ‘Leaders’ not standing up against this move, which will close down any criticism of the Dictatorial Rule of the European Union, allowing a group of unelected people more or less total control over what information we are allowed to access?

The complicity of the Worlds controlled media over the repetition of the lies used against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria is evidence enough of the need of the Alternative point of view and for these decisions to be once more shrouded behind a wall of propaganda, is scandalous.

As so often happens, I had already written all of the above, and I later chose the clip at the top, to support the survivors of the USS Liberty, whom have been all over the Alternative News in recent days, still looking not only for justice, but for a simple mention of the outrageous attack, which was carried out against them by Israel, in the MSM, so imagine my surprise when on watching the clip, Dr Pierce actually reiterated most of my spiel. Doggone it! 

Mysteries Of Space And Vision.


         Todays Two Confusing Questions.


How does my satellite dish, which is in Europe, make a connection with a satellite transmitter, which I am assured is in geo-stationary orbit over the Equator, which is why the dish points towards the South, while the dish is pointing upwards at thirty degrees?

 The next question, how was this contraption packed into the Moon Lander? I am quite sure that the average schoolboy, who being an expert on Origami,  will be able to straighten me out.




 However even with compass and protractor I can find no way of drawing a line, connecting an upward pointing, at thirty degrees dish, with a southern based object in Space over the Equator. Am I alone with this confusing problem? 



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