A call from the Garrigue


The British Government resolutely refuses to face up to the consequences of their War Crimes and murder in the Middle East and the Maghreb.

The recent attack in Tunisia, has provoked an unending stream of bile, against the very Hell Hounds, whom have been trained in Jordan by the UK, Israel, France and the USA, to do exactly what they have just done in Tunisia.

If I have heard the Mantra, ” This is the most serious attack against UK Citizens since 7/7,” once,  I have heard it a score or more times during the day. I have heard Sky News suggest that “terrorism” sounds just like “tourism” in order to carefully plant the association into the minds of the  hard of thinking.

I had prepared a short video clip of Hilary Benn being interviewed by Murnaghan, to upload to youtube, to accompany this post, however to my surprise, my Channel was blocked, for the second time by Daniel Bushell, the Man whom calls himself the “Truth Seeker”bon Russia Today.  He took offence at a comment I wrote to criticise the truthfulness of his programme,  it was as follows;

The Truth Seeker suggests that it was the Germans whom had a policy of genocide in Ukraine. I very much doubt that he actually believes this nonsense.

When he talks about the new regime in Kiev as being Neo-Nazis, he is once again talking rubbish. The new regime in Kiev is Jewish, both the President and the Prime Minister and several other Jewish Oligarchs are strategically placed around the Ukraine. What we are dealing with here are NEO JEWISH BOLSHEVIKS, the very same Jewish Bolsheviks whom carried out the Holodomor, which saw to the starvation of up to twenty million Ukrainians. They are simply continuing the grotesque policies of Lenin and Stalin. You will see the evidence of this in one of my previous uploads. Stalin’s Secret Slaughters.”

Not much to take offence at there, but what is more to the point, it is indicative of the pap with which we are fed from all sides these days.

Whether it be the Russians, the Jews, the British, the French or the Americans, they all lie through their teeth because they have something to hide.

The crimes which were carried out by the Russians in Germany and behind the Iron Curtain, after World War Two, were so brutal that it is hard to believe that they were carried out by Human Beings.

Benn’s remark about how a man with a grievance and a sick mentality can cause the death of many people, would most certainly apply to himself and the rest of War Criminal Tony Blair’s War Cabinet and indeed to the ghouls whom have taken their place in Government.


This Greek Tragedy Is A Farce.

Despite the fine promises of their intention to defy the aggression of the International Monetary Fund, The European Central Bank and The European Union, it is beginning to look as if the extended arguments between the Greeks and the bankers was nothing more than a piece of cinema, designed to give the impression, to the Greek people, that their newly elected “politicians of change” have done their level best to save Greece from total destruction, when in reality they have in fact shown themselves to be as weak and useless as those whom have preceded them.

There seems to have been a total lack of the courage, as is the habitual stance of politicians – when faced with the reality of the force behind the Bankers – to stand up and spell out, for all to hear, that the International Monetary Fund is nothing more than a racket, which is designed to strip Sovereign Wealth, from any Nation which is foolish enough to accept one of their poisoned loans. In this manner they have already destroyed the Continent of Africa and have stolen the major part of the resources therein.

The aim of the IMF is to engineer a loan, which will be impossible to repay.  Any money, which is on its way from the IMF to Greece, will be paid straight back into the coffers of the ECB, to repay interest on a previous loan.  This will ensure that more swinging cuts, from Social Services in Greece, will be necessary to find money which will be needed to repay the next bill of interest, which will be of an even greater sum.

It is too late to save Greece from disaster by accepting dictates from those whom created the problem in the first place.  Greece was tricked into joining the Euro-zone –  which  was clearly unsuitable for a country with a small economy – by fixers from Goldman Sachs, which has control of the ECB, and who are the ultimate beneficiaries of whatever profit may be earned from Greece’s problems.

The British traitor, David Cameron, is occupied with a similar charade, that of changing the rules of the EU in order to pretend to the British people that he has succeeded to such an extent, that to vote against membership would be a ridiculous error, in the promised referendum, thus preparing the ground for a rigged result, cheating the British, once again of their democratic rights.

The British, unlike the more militant Greeks, who have been out in the streets for years, fighting for their rights, have passively accepted the wholesale robbery, which the Goldman Sachs controlled Bank of England, has demanded, in order to destroy the British Social system.

The huge population of the UK, which is in excess of 60 million, with several million people unemployed or under-employed, apparently cannot find enough people, willing to work in the National Health Service, to take care of the needs of an increasingly sick population, thus ensuring that badly needed Health Care workers are being poached from poorer States, which are apparently prepared to spend more of their limited resources on the training of medical staff, than are the British. Which will of course ensure future immigration into the UK, a country which will itself soon be reduced to that of Third World status.

The “One per-cent” now, not only control more of the world’s wealth than does the other ninety-nine per-cent, they also completely control the so-called Democratic system, the much vaunted solution to the worlds woes, through wholesale bribery and the corruption of Politicians.

These elected representatives of the people – what a laugh – are right now engaged in secret talks, which will allow the Multi-National Corporations to dictate to elected politicians, allowing the virtual degradation of the planet through Fracking and other forms of destructive mining of resources.

This is the reality hidden behind the TTIP treaty which will very soon become law.  Obama has recently nullified the need of the US Congress by demanding and receiving the right to “fast track” the TPP Treaty, behind the backs of the Peoples. It is now officially, yet another wholesale attack on the US Constitution, which the people are not allowed to read until it has been passed into law.

Cameron, in the UK Parliament, has taken the right to carry out illegal wars, knowing full well that he has the unspoken support of all of those Friends of Israel, by whom he is surrounded in the House.

Greece has demonstrated quite clearly, the total failure of the European Union, to create a reasonable standard of living for its millions of members.

The much vaunted “Internal Market” has been sold off to the multi-national Corporations, which have clandestinely set up shop in China and India, where they have created massive factories, which churn out enough throw-a-way rubbish to satisfy the needs of a non-discriminatory generation, all of it manufactured by slaves, whom have been driven off their ancestral lands and into these “Mills” as were the people of Europe in past times.

Greece has been stripped bare and as a “Debtor” Nation cannot be saved by plunging itself into an ever deeper debt. It does not need a “maverick” leather clad, motor-biking, Finance Minister, to explain this simple reality to the people of Greece.

When Greece allows itself to be signed on to the TTIP Treaty, through the machinations of the un-elected Politburo in Brussels – a Politburo which is in reality,  composed of the agents of massive corporations, who are slavering, with the image of a massive world-wide “Free Market” within their grasp – the Fathers of Democracy, will awaken to find themselves back in Plato’s Cave, where all of the inmates had created their personal vision of events on the outside, none of which prepared them for the grisly reality of life under the despotic control of the Bolsheviks.

When The Trans Pacific Partnership, (TPP)  The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, (TTIP) and whatever treaty may be signed with the coming  Eurasian Union, which will include China and the black thing in the woodpile, Russia, there will be nothing left in the world which is not controlled.

These folk will soon claim control of the wind that blows and the rain that falls from the heavens, as their private property.   With the vast majority of the Peoples of the World, enclosed in massive cities, there will be no access to  even a small plot of land on which to grow food anddrinking water for the masses can be shut off with the flick of a switch.

The ultimate aim of all this nonsense, is to transform Planet Earth into a Socialist nightmare,  where money will cease to exist and an allowance of Credit will granted to those whom diligently carry out their allotted daily tasks. There will be no asking for “more” the New Socialism will offer the strict minimum for one and all. At the end of each month any remaining credit will be wiped from your account, making savings impossible.

All housing will be under the control of the City Council and private property will be illegal, along with private transport. All of this can be verified by a quick glance within the pages of the neo-Communist Manifesto, Agenda 21.

There is a lot of talk about “default” these days, with Greece as the principal example of a Nation under which the skids have already been bolted.  Greece is however no more than a side-show.

The whole Western World is on its way to Skid Row, which is as a result of the complicity of carefully placed, Bolshevik politicians, whom instead of gaoling the criminal bankers, declared them as being “too big to fail” and then made the pretence of repaying a debt, which is in fact non-repayable. The whole of the Western World is,  in reality, in default, waiting to be destroyed, à la Greece.

Through the machinations of a controlled, pseudo Democracy, we have all been pushed into a global debt crisis.  The preferred solution of this illegal state of affairs,  appears to be a “Give them everything they desire” stance, on the part of these carefully placed Bolshevik politicians.  We have given them enough rope, with which they are now preparing to hang us.

The elected Governments in the European Union, have been transformed, by Socialist and Conservative Politicians alike, into mere regional councils, with no power other than how often the streets may be swept and the rubbish collected.

The Peoples of Europe and indeed all of the Western World, will now have to stand up and fight, or be condemned to a life of Serfdom, under the control of the greatest mass murderers in history. The choice is yours.



All The Liars Make Use Of Charleston Killings.

The latest mass shooting in Charleston, is a good illustration of the lack of knowledge of the Mob controlled mass media and the underlying desire of the bought and paid for US Federal Government, to strip the American people of their arms, in order to render them powerless in the face of the coming destruction of their way of life.

Obama, the mouthpiece of the Bolshevik under cover government, tells us that rampage killings in the US, far outnumber, those in any similar, developed country, a claim which is duly reported, word for word, by the cynical hacks, working for the likes of Sky News and the BBC.

Highly paid government officials and News Editors of the Mass Media, must surely be capable of checking out these claims before presenting them to a gullible public. Had they done so, they would have found that the US is in fact way down the list of such atrocities. The others are of course never mentioned, in order to present the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, as being the problem.


These figures are based on the belief that there were actually casualties at Sandy Hook for example and bearing in mind that the US government has long desired to show that the US is full of so-called “White Supremacists,” whatever they may be, while never mentioning the simple facts which show that more Blacks are killing one another, more efficiently and in greater numbers than are being killed by Cops or White folk combined.

Update:  As it has become fashionable to dismiss any atrocity in the US as yet another “False Flag”I have been watching closely to judge the reaction of the mainstream and the alternative medias’ to the events in Charleston.

The results have been roughly 75/25% towards the mainstream, which has reacted in the most predictable fashion and like Obama they have blamed the 2nd Amendment.

Tracy Herbert, she of The Keiser Report fame, on Sputnik, was scathing about White racism and completely ignored the daily attacks on Whites by Blacks, as is illustrated in the above clip.  She failed to notice when the host of the show, George Galloway, quoted the alleged killer Dylann Roof’s,  mitigating  suggestion that he was shooting Blacks, in retaliation for the 33,000 annual rapes of White women by Blacks.

In fact any casual viewer would be left with the idea that Blacks are only guilty of any sort of criminality in the sense of, “Well we know that Blacks are not perfect but………….. manner, suggesting that they should all be liberated from prison as if they were all guiltless.

The reality of Black violence is in evidence wherever statistics are being kept.  Blacks are 50 times more likely to commit a violent attack against Whites that are Whites against Blacks.  In fact, despite the mauling that Whites receive from the Media at the slightest excuse, White on Black crime is virtually non-existent.

Any rising level of Racism, is against Whites, yet the Blacks are forever howling their innocence.  They continually babble about slavery and suggest that Southern Men in the US are one and all ex slavers, when in reality in past times, most Whites were little better than slaves themselves, that of course does not suit the current narrative.  We were all recipients of “White Privilege,” weren’t we?

Why is the Media so afraid to warn the general public, that there is an element of savagery in the the Black character. The nature of the crime of which they are guilty gives ample evidence of this.

Should a White woman have tortured and killed a twelve year old boy with a blow-lamp, we would have had Sky News yapping about it for a week, yet they made no mention of it when the savage killer was Black.

The same would apply, had the killers whom raped an 84 year old white woman to death in front of her 91 year old husband, whom was then given a beating from which he died, been a gang of White thugs.

In South Africa, not content with stealing a civilisation built up by Whites, the Black immigrants, whom were drawn to SA for a better life than they could construct for themselves, are carrying out a genocide against Whites, without a word of criticism from the hypocrites whom howled for the release from prison of the murdering thug, Nelson Mandela.


Just Another Fracking Alert.

Bear in mind, that when TTIP and TPP are signed, we will be obliged to allow fracking and we will end up paying for the mess it leaves behind.

On top of that, I believe it to be another step towards making the countryside unlivable, by poisoning the water aquifers.  They want us all crammed in the Cities, under an elected Mayor, which will divide us all and rule us all, as laid out in Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 promises equal shares for all the people of the world, which sadly does not mean bringing the poor up to our standard of life but taking us down to theirs.

The Repeating Lessons Of History

I love this song!

Be sure, nothing is as it seems. It is always necessary to discover who benefited from any war,  bearing in mind that all wars are deliberate, whether they be of an international nature or a Civil War.  It would therefore be worthwhile casting an eye on the English Civil War and what resulted from its carnage.

I will admit, before I start, that I have the Clash’s recording of the song, so I know pretty much all there is to know on the subject.

My tale starts when the money-lenders were driven out of England because of their profligate use of high rates of compound interest – Usury – which creates an unrepairable debt.

Having been expelled from England, these creatures of the night set up shop in Holland, where they introduced the Central Banking system, which has finally brought the world to its knees, either by accident or design.

The unfortunate result of such a system, which cannot work without the acquiescence of the political rulers or Monarch – or indeed both of them – of  any country which allows this system to be imposed on its Citizens, will mean that eventually everything will be owned by the same group of people, we are now witnessing the realisation of this certainty.

Privatisation is merely a means of obscuring the fact that there is not enough money available, to make debt repayments, which is why Greece is currently under pressure to sell all of its assets to the bankers.

Oliver Cromwell, one of the “Butchers of Ireland,”  – whether unknowingly or to order – by taking a loan from the Dutch Money Lenders, to finance the Civil War, a loan  which of course proved impossible repay, was  forced to allow the Dutch Bankers back into England.

He did then,  execute the King of England, ensuring that the dissenters would be rendered leaderless.  Cromwell, left the scene at a young age and within two years of his demise Charles Two was restored to the throne of England. The following years have been immortalised in Samuel Pepys’ Diary, which include reports of the Great Fire of London, which is itself a mysterious event.

Whatever the cause, the Great Fire, cleared out all the unwanted rubbish and provided the excuse to build the Masonic Masterpiece which now occupies the same Square Mile.

Along with all of this tragedy and mayhem, the coup d’Etat which took place in England was to all intents and purposes unseen by the English. The Dutch simply strode in with a few thousand troops and took control, no questions asked.  Thus William 111 of Orange, the man who set up the Bank of England, which was to be used to fund his wars, became  King of England and his wife Mary became Queen.

These are the lessons of history which, sadly, are never learned. The English did not need or deserve to have such a bunch of self-seeking psychopaths in control of their affairs.  They do not need them now.  So why do they have such difficulty in getting rid of them? Why does Twitter not work for the English?

Democracy is a system, which is controlled by the people, so why are the interests of the people subverted to suit the desires of Corporations and why do the servants of the people take part in secret talks, designed to undermine the best interests of the people?

One could be excused for believing that the English people enjoy being treated like half-wits who would not know what to do with freedom, should they be force-fed on it from childhood.

At this time, while a surfeit of confusing events are taking place all across the globe, the only safe thing to do would be to re-enact the Peasants Revolt, on this anniversary of the Magna Carta, a document which has already been rendered obsolete by politicians, against the interests of the peasants.

They are now celebrating the signing of this document, which they have helped to destroy, while talking of it as if it still applies.  Wake up, it’s dead and gone! We are all now obliged to accept being charged with “victimless crimes” which under Common Law and Magna Carta do not exist.

This is an early example of Corporate Rule, Maritime Law, The Law of the Sea, Statuary Law, call it what you like, it is all based on trickery and “legalise” which dupes the people and was written by “Big Business” and used mainly to rob weaker, resource rich, Nations.

This very week has seen the G7 meeting which was held in secret and a Bilderberg conference, also held in secret, many UK politicians, including George Osborne and Ed Balls were in attendance, despite it being against the British Parliamentary rules, which forbids Members of Parliament to engage in secret discussions which may affect the British people, never mind.  Alongside all of that talks on TPP and TTIP are still taking place, in secret.

Is this what is called Democracy of the People, by the People, for the People? Not at all, this is a cabal working towards the destruction of the European people

Why is the evidence of the destruction of the USA and Europe, which is taking place right in front of the voter, apparently invisible to them?  What is so difficult to understand that this destruction was carried out under the cover of easily accessible credit, which gave the impression that things were fine, up to the moment when our freely elected leaders let us know that instead of charging and gaoling the Bankers for their huge fraud, they were going to let them get away with it and make us pay, whatever the cost.  And these criminal puppet politicians were voted back into power.

You do not need to be the best Finance Minister in history, like the man who had got rid of the Boom/Bust cycle, Gordon Brown, to have seen what was coming.  I was listening to people on the News, who were explaining as to how they could transfer a debt one credit card to another, which was offering twelve months free credit, and do the same thing twelve months later when they had reached the limit on the second card.

This was such a stupidity as to be beyond belief, yet there was no real warnings being given and no restrictions placed on the amount of credit that the Banks were allowed to issue, Banks which were already in the process of quite deliberately building up private Debt. Bankers are not stupid people, they were fully aware of what they were doing and the Labour government allowed them to do it.

The Labour government was then itself allowed to lose the next election, which resulted in the coalition being installed, which was obliged to impose austerity measures, because of the profligacy of the Socialists and Bob’s your Uncle. It was not the Coalitions fault and of course the Socialists graciously kept their mouth shut and allowed the robbery to continue. Now that the deed is done, they are asking each other why they did not stand up and say that it was not their fault, it was the world-wide crash that caused it.

All political parties in the UK were on board for the bail out of the Bankers. They are treacherous and cowardly and of course Friends of Israel, not friends of their own electorate.

The British have failed to notice the way things are turning out after the recent referendum in Scotland, where the entire populace is now apparently willing to stay in the European Union, the preferred choice of their new one party government, whatever the result of any referendum in England, which will, of course be used as pressure on the English to vote in the right way in order to avoid the break-up of the Union.

This is on top of the lack of warning from the new Supremo in Scotland that she will very soon be involved in the TTIP talks, which will strip Scotland of any semblance of Democracy,  all of that nonsense will be in the hands of the Corporations and the Banks, casting any Scottish independence and freedom to the winds. Why is Sturgeon so silent on these issues, does it imply complicity?

So do you begin to get the picture?  All of this nonsense has been in the planning for centuries.  First they steal our land forcing us to work for them in order to live and when necessary be prepared to die for them in war. They allow us to live in homes from which they will earn more in interest than the cost of the home itself.  Should you fall on hard times, the Bankers have the right to be top of the list to grab whatever remains of your wealth. When you work they will take every penny of Tax payable on your miserable wages. The amount of money that these people steal from the working man is outrageous and all of it with the compliance of your elected politicians.

Income Tax was never intended to be levied against the wages of the working man.   It was designed to claw back some of the unearned income of those parasites, whom profited from using money to make money, in other words those whom produced nothing of value but gained  benefit from gambling with other people’s money.

These parasites have now been allowed to gamble on the Commodity Markets, with the very food that we produce to keep ourselves alive. There is no end to their greed and callousness. All of it under the auspices of elected Politicians who understand exactly what is going on.

Every treaty which is signed by these traitors is another blow to our well-being. Free Trade Treaties have allowed European industry to be decimated and opened our shores to be swamped with slave made products from the Orient.  This is not Free Trade, this is profiteering on a grand scale by certain huge trading companies, which sells the same products, with a different paint colour all across the globe.

TTIP and TPP will only make things worse and because of the low value of the products coming into the USA and Europe, our industries will never be able to compete unless we are all prepared to accept huge pay cuts. That is the aim, which  is why Europe and the USA are being forced to accept enormous numbers of immigrants. We are being transformed into a Third World Community.

There are millions and millions of unemployed European people all across the European Community, where are all of the new jobs coming from?  It will take years to re-create all of our lost industrial base.  Why, instead of donating all of our money to criminal Bankers have the governments of Europe not invested it in industry? Well allow me to explain.

Just as the English were not aware of the last invasion and coup d’etat in their country, when their economy was handed over to the privately owned Bank of England, all of Europe has now been stealthily conquered from within.

The pattern is the same,  there is now a Bank of Europe, an unelected Politburo in Brussels. Anyone who dares to stand up in defiance will be destroyed, as were the Irish at the Battle of the Boyne along with an errant Catholic English King, or indeed as were Hitler, Gadaffi, Saddam Hussein, Mussolini and various others like the Boers in South Africa, where the British were gagging to gain control of their Gold and Diamonds.

Without a word of protest in Parliament and most probably out of fear of being “outed” as being something nasty, Gordon Brown sold off the British Gold Reserves and refused to name the purchaser.  That is the power which has us by the balls.

The only thing missing from this scenario is the Civil War.  Well what do you know?  There would appear to be a serious attempt to build up a three-way Civil War across the Planet.

This will involve totally innocent Muslims, whom despite a cart-load of disinformation about them, have not taken the bait and lowered themselves to the level of their persecutors by carrying out any atrocities, leaving those in search of excuses for violence to carry out the atrocities themselves and hang the blame on Muslims.

Alongside the Muslims we have the Blacks, who blame the Whites for all of their problems while in the USA the Blacks are raping White women at an extraordinary rate, while Black youths are carrying out a genocide against each other.  While of course blaming others for their problems, without noticing that things are no better for millions of “others.”  We are all in this swamp together and we should be trying to help each other out of it.




TTIP And TPP: What You Are Not Being Told


The New World Order’s Fifth Column.

I have always thought of myself as being capable of accepting the ways of others, just so long as those ways did not affect my own sensitivities.  I now however, increasingly find myself out of sync with the views of the majority of my peers.

When I was much younger, at a time when I was involved with sorting out my own philosophy of life and how it should be lead, there were a lot of “Hippies” hanging out, smoking dope, preaching peace and love, dressed in carefully selected togs from Charity Shops and generally presenting themselves as the future of mankind.

For my part I was working my way through various forms of esoteric texts, in an effort to reach some sort of equilibrium in my life, however I never managed to reach the level, apparently attained by these “Hippies.”

There was one big difference however, when I made my move to get out of the “Rat Race,” I did not choose the route of those whom claimed to be destroying the system by sitting on their arse, claiming the dole,  I got out of it and I have stayed out.

I can now consider myself to be a success of sorts, unlike the vast majority of what I had previously believed to be a group of people, intent on creating a better world, that is the “Hippies.”

After all, what was the Woodstock generation all about? In the words of the great Doctor Who, “Where from did they come and what?”  You might well ask, like most fashions, it had its season, served its purpose and then simply vanished, leaving behind a bunch of Junkies, damaged by  “Bad Acid,” condemned to a life of “Flash-backs” and alcoholism.  There ws some good music, but even the origins of that is coming under the spotlight these days.

The remnants, down here in France, are sometimes referred to as “Baba,” a name derived from a film about a group of adventurous dreamers, which was popular a while back.  The Baba have now become a group, whom see themselves as being”different,” mainly because they go to Thailand or Bali in winter, to buy stuff to sell on the markets in summer.

These are the folk whom are now ready to accept all of the brainwashing, with which we are currently being deluged, by what is now being referred to as the Empire.

It goes without saying,  that they will be in support of all of the  full frontal attacks on the White European. They adore Gay Pride Parades but abhor White Pride as being racist.

They will be in full support of the Gay whom ordered a cake decorated with Gay sentiments, in a bakery run by a practising Christian family, who would have been in a state of sin had they carried out his request, who was prepared to go to the law, to deny the Christian family their Human Rights. Well done you total prat.

As far as I am concerned, this is the act of an aggressive, mean minded, egotistical piece of crap,   Any decent person would have said  OK and gone to another Bakers, in the same manner as I might,  had I strayed into a Halal butchers and asked for a leg of pork. Once upon a time the religious persuasion of people was respected, though apparently not by the Gay mob and certainly not Christianity.

They are now pushing for the right to a Church wedding.  One might well ask do they normally go to church?  Do they understand the teachings of the Church? Do they think that they can force Christian people to change their attitude to sodomy?  Is it not enough that we all accept their right to do as they please, do we now have to celebrate their sexual behaviour?  And why do they not accept other people’s preferences?  That way we can all just get on with life.

So I have personally, in some way, gone full circle. The folk whom I once thought of as a breath of fresh air,  whom sought a new, more simple lifestyle,  have degenerated into a bunch of boring old farts, without the capacity to discriminate between the rights of one person over the rights of another, let alone understand that nobody has any rights, which allow the denial of others to think and believe as they choose.

The Solicitor whom justified the prosecution of the baker, used the excuse that should a Gay baker refuse to decorate a cake with a heterosexual message,  he too could be prosecuted in the same manner, as if the prosecution was a normal and decent thing to do.

It is ideas like Gay Pride and Gay Marriage and other sexual attitudes which were dreamt up by the Tavistock Institute and the Frankfurt School, which have already destroyed the family. Very soon it will be exclusively Gays who will bother to get married at all.

The Hippy Generation and Free Love,  was in fact just another production of the CIA along with Feminism.  In the Think Tanks of London and Frankfurt it had been found that those whom were involved in many sexual relationships, were less likely to remain in any permanent involvement.

That attitude,  along with Social Security handouts saw to the end of the family and the marginalising of the Male. Most children are now brought up by the State,  while their single mother goes out to work. For modern children, home life is a lonely affair, which often involves a huge number of Uncles.

Those whom should be aware of the direction we are being forced to take, are the very ones whom have no problem with that direction and to try to discuss it, invites laughter and derision, despite the fact that many of the feared eventualities have already arrived,  un-noticed.

European Governments, using Climate Change as the excuse, destroyed European Industry, in order to reduce CO2 emissions, paying companies, with our money, to reinstall in China or India, where there was no restriction on CO2 emissions and European Trade Unions stood by watching this farce take place.

Europe is now a net importer of just about everything. There are very few production lines left in the EU.  When TTIP is signed it will be the death knell of Europe.  We are already being swamped with immigrants, having been urged to reduce our population, in order to achieve, it would seem, the status of Third World State.

What we are being offered is a life where we will be unable to afford a “bubble priced” house. The average man, unable to afford to buy or rent a home in London,  will soon be evicted and forced to a provincial City, where he will be offered a lodging with enough space for a single man.  Single mothers may get a second bedroom.

The future demands that there be no such thing as Private Property.  Property is theft and all that bullshit. Agenda 21 has all of this plainly written for all to read.  We are headed for a world where we will be allowed the strict minimum. We will be a new Soviet Union and very few people appear to be bothered.

Your  elected leaders will continue to allow massive immigration, which will reduce Europe to a Continent of cheap labour, with the rich living in splendour while the rest of us will be obliged to live in Super Cities, which will be little more than a life of squalor.  We are on our way back to serfdom.

The British have just rejected the possibility of change, by voting for a group of thugs, by  whom  they have already been robbed and by whom they will very soon be re-robbed.

The aim of all this is to spread wealth equally across the planet. Your wealth that is, not the trillions of dollars held by the top people, they will retain their wealth because they are more deserving of it than are the rest of us.  This will lead to universal poverty, that is inevitable and that is why the Police have been transformed into futuristic thugs, to deal with any revolt of the serfs.

Now is the time to stop worrying about Wills and Harry and George and Charlotte and all that bull and to start  worrying about yourself and your children. You are up against the crew which gave us the coup d’Etat in Russia and having done so set about the slaughter of sixty-five million Christians.  They were not content with a straightforward slaughter, they were more interested in torture and then slaughter.

You will most likely be unaware of what happened behind the Iron Curtain, after Stalin was given control of Eastern Europe, it was not pretty and do not think it will not happen to the rest of Europe when the time comes.

Cameron in the UK, is offering the British an in/out referendum on Europe, without reference to the Treaty of Lisbon, the signing of which has stripped the UK of any power to make anything more than cosmetic changes to the British situation in the European Union.

He is at the same time continuing secret talks about TTIP, with multi-national companies, which have been transformed, as has the Conservative Party, into a Corporation, meaning that in Law, a Corporation can be considered as a person.

This is a criminal method of making sure that members of the Elite, cannot be singled out as being responsible for whatever crime which resulted from the activities of a Corporation, which can be charged with an offence, but cannot be sent to gaol. This is crazy, a human being is a person and a human being always gives the orders.

Europe has just been raped by the Bankers with the complicity of every elected Government in the European Union. Not one senior politician has stood up and spoken out against the massive fraud and theft, which has led to “austerity measures” which is code for the naked theft of the monies of the people, which have been paid directly to the Banking Families.

Greece is in the process of being forced to accept yet another loan, which will be handed straight back to from where it came, to pay “Interest” on an existing debt.  This is ludicrous, a debt cannot be repaid with a loan, that will simply create yet another debt, which will prove impossible to repay.  There is never enough money in existence to repay a debt which carries compound interest.

The UK was forced to sell The Royal Mail, which was making good profits,  which will soon have delivered in excess of the price which was paid by a multi-national company, so what was gained by the sale and how will the UK replace the loss of the profits generated by the Royal Mail?

Oik Osborne, bragged to the British People, that the money gained from the sale of the Royal Mail, would be used to reduce the “deficit.” What arrant nonsense, just as there is not enough money in existence to repay compound interest, selling off the family wealth can only be done once, so what does Oik propose to do after the “2015” economic crash, when there is nothing left to sell?

When the secret talks about the signing of the TTIP Treaty, with the Corporation People,  which will sign away any remaining controls over the fashion in which we choose to live our lives,  have been concluded, big business will be allowed to dictate to us all.

Everything will be under the thumb of Profit and Loss, any profit will go to the 1% while any loss of profits will be calculated by Corporations and the Bill will be passed to the Serfs.

This control will extend across the board. Should the UK refuse to allow Fracking, the British Government will “allow” itself to be penalised and the British people will be expected to pay any loss of profits incurred by the Fracking Corporations.

The same rules will apply to junk food like that containing Monsanto poison and any other Corporation rubbish which will be allowed to be dumped in Europe.

It does not take too much brainpower to deduce from this, that it will make the EU obsolete and  membership meaningless,  as the same rules will apply across the planet.  Therefore Cameron is laughing up his sleeve at the British people, knowing full well that the UK is doomed and the British will very soon be no more than a vague memory like the Neanderthals.






Cameron And The Referendum.

At last we have the real reason why David Cameron and his controllers have decided that a fixed result referendum, will be an easier result to control than would be that of a vote in Parliament.  Either way the British will be robbed over their choice of a place in or out of the EU.

The man who has just reduced the British people to the level of a Third World Banana Republic, through the medium of a Mob controlled financial racket, called Austerity, is now presenting himself as a “man of the people.”

To cover all eventualities, Cameron has warned his “rebels” that should they support an exit from the EU, that they will be sacked.

Cameron, who supported the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon, without reference to the people, is now relying on those same dupes to hammer the last nail into their own coffin.

The people of Europe are on their way to Hell. They are standing by, watching a malevolent group of controlled vermin, handle the destruction of the once magnificent Continent of Europe, which will be transformed into a wholly owned property of Bolshevik thugs, with the people powerless and leaderless, controlled by the Mob.

This is not hyperbole, take a look at what took place in Germany and behind the Iron Curtain after hostilities ended.


The Bolsheviks Have Us By The Balls And Osborne.

David Cameron has pledged to attack corruption, head on, in the secret talks which he will be holding with a bunch of the most corrupt people on the planet at the G7 meeting in Bavaria.

During this meeting, which will be controlled by “The Men From The Mafia,”  Cameron will make no effort whatsoever to unmask the real enemies of the people, he will instead go for the throat of FIFA.

Having already pointed his Voodoo bone in the direction of the FIFA over-the-hill mob and promising to “save the game we love,” we can be sure FIFA will never again award a World Cup, to any State, such as Russia, without clearance from the Corporative Committee which controls the world.

Sebb Blatter has been bombarded with vicious allegations by politicians and Press alike and as with the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the Chemical attacks in Syria and the brutal murders of Gadaffi in Libya, no reasonable proof has ever been presented to justify the claims, all of the above along with the accusation that Osama Bin Laden carried out the 911 attack remain no more than contrived allegations,  claims which were excuse enough to justify the murder of millions, ” in order to save them,”

Sky News, the propaganda machine, which bamboozled the British people into a state of acceptance of the illegal War Crime against the Libyan people, by appalling reporting of events on the ground, were also on hand to mislead us once again about events in Syria.  Sam Kiley, an “objective” journalist, today posed the question, during an interview, “What is being done to take down Assad’s brutal regime in Syria?” Is that him speaking or Israel, from where he spreads his bile.

His foul-mouthed Sky cohort on the afternoon News, Kay Burley, completely lied about what a spokesman from Merlin,  the company which runs the fair-ground at Alton Towers;  where an accident on a Big Dipper caused some serious injuries,  had actually said, by completely ignoring his objection, when she claimed that he had admitted that the security had been lax, when he had said no such thing and he complained that she was putting words into his mouth. For the rest of the day Sky repeated this lie.

Another Sky hack, complained that he had been stopped from forcing his microphone down the throat of a FIFA official,  when reporting the “main news of the day” from Trinidad and Tobago, believing himself to be some sort of official who can demand a response from someone who has nothing to say to him.

A non-attentive Common Purpose monitor on the evening edition of the Adam Boulton show, allowed a guest to explain to the world,  i.e. whatever percentage of the world still seeks its News from Sky, that Israel was a “Terrorist State.”

Boulton completely ignored the suggestion, which should have grabbed his attention, should he not have been aware of the truth in the claim, whereas his silence confirmed his complicity in the dis-information about the Racist, Apartheid, War Criminal, State of Israel, where more than 500,000 Palestinians have been murdered since 1948, by the Polish Terrorists who carried out the original invasion and seizure of Palestine.

And now for today’s maths problem:

I would like you to explain as to how Hannah arrived at the result which was achieved.  There are 650 sweets in a bag, Red, Blue Yellow, Purple, Green and one slightly broken sweet which was Blue and White. Hannah picked and ate the broken Blue and White sweet.   What are the chances of Hannah finding at least five more Blue and White sweets in the bag? The answer involves the number 0.30%

There are a thousand and one variations  available to test the logic of this equation,  for example, the BBC prides itself on fairness and its honest and fair presentation of current events.

So what are the chances of being allowed to ask George Osborne, the Finance Minister – on the BBC flagship political show, Question Time –  which allows the man in the street, the possibility of grilling his rulers –  a question regarding his total support for the corrupt and criminal, fractional reserve banking system in the UK. A system which allows banks to print money, a facility which should be controlled by the Government and never be allowed into the hands of criminals such as the Banking Cartel?

I can guarantee that no such question would ever be broadcast by the BBC.  Why even George Galloway complained to the Beeb that they had allowed a question to be asked of him, which he had not agreed to answer, during the careful selection of subjects before the show was filmed, which exposes the total lack of spontaneity on-screen.

Cameron is in the process of renegotiating the UK’s links to the EU, despite being told that there is no possibility of changes which would affect the right to free movement within the Community.  Cameron is seeking a change  which would stem the flow of immigrants from other EU member States, but which would do nothing to stop the teeming hordes from Africa, which include those folk whom have been bombed into the Stone Age as a result of British and French War Crimes in the region for which neither country has been put on trial.

Cameron, today referred to the British as being caring because they were pulling some of the victims of their naked aggression out of the Mediterranean.

Very few people understand the importance of the Treaty of Lisbon,  which was signed by Gordon Brown, with the full support of all other Parties in Parliament.

Hidden in the several hundred pages of the document, were plans to cede control of the Parliaments of all EU member States into the hands of the un-elected Politburo in Brussels.  A Politburo which is not only un-elected but which is also Communist.  This is all part of the long-term plan of the Bolshevik Communists, to install a world-wide regime,  which will be controlled from Jerusalem, the Capital City of Greater Israel.

The caring British are even as I write, arming and training ISIS, a group which is being used to destroy Syria, which will then along with Iraq, be dismembered and the best parts handed over to the Bolshevik Jews to build their dream of this Greater Israel.

However you can all relax and rest assured there is no way out of this mess for the British people.  There are strange goings on these days and it is difficult to keep up to speed with events, however one thing is sure, that should Cameron appear to fail in his efforts to disengage from certain regulations in the EU and finally calls a referendum, the result of any such referendum will be rigged to suit the new agenda.

Cameron and his one time Fag from Eton, have already started to dismantle the UK into Super City Regions, each with an elected Mayor, an idea which is not on hold awaiting the result of any referendum,  because this is a dictate of the EU Politburo,  which would suggest that the referendum result will be rigged, otherwise the total dismemberment of the UK into easily controlable zones, where most of the inhabitants would be crammed into these Super Cities,  would serve no purpose.  The aim is to create disparate groups of folk locked into their own powerless ghetto.

The reality of the EU and membership of it,  is soon to be taken out of the hands of the hidden filth behind unelected Politburo in Brussels. Every member state which was offered the chance of a referendum over the Treaty of Lisbon refused the offer and yet in France, Holland, Denmark and Ireland,  the choice of the people was ignored and the Treaty signed by traitors.

One must remember that the Treaty was originally referred to as The Constitution, which was refused by the voter, they then, in the words of Valery Giscard d’Estaing,  changed a few sentences and called the document, which is of 100’s pages,  a Treaty, the acceptance of which by the people did not warrant a vote. All of this was decided behind the curtain as they say, giving no choice to the elected retards, whom have just given themselves a 10% pay hike, with permission of course

As is the case in the current bean feast in Bavaria, which is being overseen by “The most powerful woman in Europe”  Angela Merkel – whom is afflicted with an uncontrollable urge to constantly stroke the coke sniffing, bi-sexual, Black President of the US – not one of them, including the Black President, has the power to change anything.

Merkel, pretends that she and Germany have control of the EU, because they have the strongest economy.  That may be so, however it must never be forgotten that Germany is still an occupied Country, as it has been since the end of WW2. The Jews from Eastern Europe and the US did not only carry out a genocide in Palestine at the end of the war, they also swarmed into Germany in their thousands, to retake what they had lost when the National Socialists had disinfected Germany and took back what had been stolen during the Weimar Republic, which was of course a Bolshevik Communist operation.

To round-up this sad litany of betrayal and treason, one should bear in mind,  that all of the main players, in the upper echelons of the Labour, Tory and Lib-Dem’s are members of the Bilderberg group, where they will all sit down together, George Osborne and Ed Balls plotting together  the best strategy to continue the theft of the meagre funds of the British working class, while waiting for the big boys from the CFR and the Royal Institute for International Affairs to arrive, with their “For Your Eyes Only” dossiers. Hands up all of those who voted for any of them.  Shame on you.

The only way out of this situation is to get rid of them all. There is nobody in the UK Parliament who is not controlled.  Every member has been carefully vetted, making sure that they will all tow the line.  So it is no good looking to them to make changes.








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