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The Dead South: In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company.


Cameron Lies Directly Into Sky News Cameras Without A Flinch.

This morning, on the Murnaghan programme, on Sky News, we finally saw, straight in our faces, that the entire British Governmental Establishment, is controlled by a hidden hand. Since the days of Churchill, through to Blair and now Cameron, the same excuses, for aggressive warfare,  have been presented to the British people, hidden behind a catalogue of lies and deception, which have quite obviously been generated, by a more powerful force, hidden behind the scenes.

Listen to the cheers in the house in favour of this monster.


David Cameron, the man whom was presented at the Tory Party Conference, as the best choice of leader for the Conservative Party, having made a speech full of gibberish, which was hailed as a masterpiece by the ranks of the controlled British media, was today transformed into a clone of  War Criminal, Anthony Blair, when he made a lying statement that the Government of Bashar Al Assad had indeed used chemical weapons, of mass destruction, against his own people, despite UN observer Del Ponti’s assurance that she had seen concrete evidence that it had been the paid mercenaries whom had in fact used these weapons.

Murnaghan, a highly paid mouth-piece for the continuing aggression against the Muslim World, failed to ask the simple question, of Cameron, whether he was unaware of Carla Ponti’s claim or as Cameron in possession of other evidence and if so what was that evidence?

Cameron went on to say that Assad was, apparently responsible for the single-handed slaughter of 90,000 of his own people, Cameron, presumably being under the belief that he and the “Good Guys” had armed the cannibalistic, gourmets of the human heart Mercenaries, with magic bullets, which could detect uniquely, members of Assad’s Forces.

Cameron claimed that the ‘appalling’ Assad, had killed thousands of his own people, many with ‘appalling’ chemical weapons. Where is the evidence that Assad has killed thousands of his own people? It seems to me that this is just another case of,’If you tell the same pack of lies enough times, it will be taken for the truth,’ as it was during the build-up to the illegal attack on Iraq.

If the British people are prepared to go along with this pack of lies and deceit, which will end up with the murder of thousands of people in Syria, by the ‘Good Ol’ Boys’ from the UK, in order to set them free, that is ‘free’ to be slaughtered out of hand, in the manner of the Black Libyans, whom were condemned to a dreadful death by Cameron and his Cabal, at the hands of the blood-thirsty scum,  whom were and  are in the pay of Israel and its ‘friends,’ then they, along with their Democratically elected Government, will have the blood of yet more innocent people on their hands.

It has been a strange day indeed for those whom are following the devious misinformation, which is pouring out of the mouths of the puppets and liars, who bring us the News on Sky Television. Today we have been told that young Muslims are being Radicalised, online by a website called Inspire.

This is a site which it is claimed, was set-up by Al Qaeda. Which is most probably perfectly true, as the whole world knows that Al Qaeda is a CIA asset. No wait, today I received a Mail, which contained a reference to the real origins of Al Qaeda, which was of course Nazi Germany. Who would have guessed?

I have a fair amount of contact with many people whom have family living in the Maghreb, whom are sure that all of the Arab Royal Families are Jews. John Loftus, an American writer, along with a group which is centred in Bristol in the UK, is pushing the notion that a group of American Nazis’, along with the Saud family in Saudi Arabia, set out to undermine British control in the Middle East, after the Great War.

Loftus claims that the Muslim Brotherhood, which was the main militant Muslim group at the time, was infiltrated and finally controlled by Saudi Arabian agents. Which in Loftus’s terms, placed them all under the control of American Nazis. They then set-up Al Qaeda, presumably with the aid of Zbigniew Brzezinski, who believes that he himself, to have been responsible for Al Qaeda.

Which brings us back to Sky News reports,  that Morsi, the self-proclaimed Dictator in  Egypt, has announced that he is cutting off all contact with the Syrian Regime. He is now backing the Al Qaeda, Saudi/US/UK/Israel/France/ controlled thugs whom are being used in a proxy war, which is designed to destroy yet another Arab Country, at the behest of Israel.

Morsi,  who on top of all that, is calling for a “No Fly Zone.” over Syria. This piece of vermin whom was already in talks with the Jewish controlled International Crisis Group, in London, along with Al Baradei, while the Fake Arab Spring was kicking off in Egypt.  The ICG is the very group which was funding Al Baradei,to run as President of Egypt even before Mubarak had left power. Morsi is a traitor to his own people and he is now showing his true colours.

The Muslim Brotherhood was in fact set-up by Jewish and British Freemasons in the Masonic Lodges of Cairo, in the 1920’s in order to undermine a genuine Muslim Resistance group. They have been a pawn of Israel ever since.

Cameron was quickly followed on Sky News by Blair’s Death Minister, John Reid, whom spoke of all of the deposed and waiting to be deposed Arab leaders as ‘monsters,’ that is of course apart from those ‘monsters’ whom the UK and others support, they can slaughter at will, without any bad publicity from the likes of Sky News. Reid offered no good reason as to why these ‘monsters,’ to whom the likes of Donald Rumsfeld and George Galloway gained easy access, were never just executed, which would have saved the massacre of millions and the desecration of the entire Middle East.

No mention was made of events in Turkey, Bahrain, Libya, Egypt, Mali or Yemen, where the British savages have created chaos on a massive scale, either directly or indirectly, through their manipulation of events.

There are reports in the UK Sunday Independent, that Iran has despatched 4,000 troops to help Assad save his people. We can only hope and pray that this is true and that there is at least one decent country left on this sad and sick planet, which will do the right thing.

When the scales drop from British eyes and the evidence of the brutality, which has been inflicted across the world,  during the last two Centuries and always by the same sordid group of scum, whom casually blame the victims for what has been wreaked upon them, it becomes clear that the people alone can fix this swamp of misery, designed by our psychopathic controllers.

These people have had control of my mind since the day I was born. I have been fed so much pap, through an educational system which was designed to mislead and confuse rather than to elucidate children, that most of my ‘thinking time,’ is occupied with changing my stance on the acceptance of ‘theories’  with which we were presented, as if they were facts.

The character who said, ‘Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man,’ or some such thing, was speaking the truth. I asked a friend of mine, a type whom is referred to as a ‘Baba,’ down here, which corresponds to a ‘Hippie,’ what his generation had actually achieved?  The only thing he could come up with was ‘Feminism.’ Nothing which I said, could convince him that ‘Feminism,’ was a CIA operation and that what is more, it was responsible for the destruction of society, with the help of women, of course.

He himself, has two children, whom he left with his partner, knowing that the State would replace him as ‘Daddy.’ He has been a sort of parasite ever since, knowing that should he take on a real job, he would be expected to make a contribution towards the upkeep of his children.

He could not grasp what I meant when I suggested that he was in fact no longer a properly functioning man. He had become  dependent on State handouts, he was in fact a prisoner, which did not bother him at all.

He had exactly the same attitude as another friend, who had already decided when he was thirty-five years old, that he would never work again, this was to be his contribution to destroying the State and its power.

These are the very people whom should be standing up and taking to the streets, they are however dead in the head. Their attitude is one of ‘All I want is my smoke, my dope, my booze and my sex life.’ There is little hope left.

Meanwhile, back on Sky News, Putin is late. Little Willy Hague, has been waiting at the back gate for him, because he cannot come in through the front gate because of a demo which is taking place outside.

The reporter from Sky, along with his brand new wig or hair transplant, tells us that in all of his years of waiting for people to arrive at Downing Street, he has ever seen anything like it. Well!Well!

Cameron is hoping to persuade Putin to relax his stance on Syria and allow him to arm his thugs with more potent weapons, with which to murder even more innocent people, in his attempt to carry out Israel’s desire to install a more obedient regime in Damascus.

Putin is in another dimension altogether, playing out the role of the man whom is opposed to the encroachment of NATO into those parts of the world where they have no right to be. To all intents and purposes he appears to be building up a Cold War. I call it a Cold War, not a new Cold War, because the last one was a farce, which was used to generate the excuse to ‘pretend’ to spend millions of Dollars on a non-existent arms race, generating huge profits for the arms manufacturers. His stance on Syria is therefore perplexing, it does not fit in with the general direction of events.

There are those whom believe that we are building towards a Third World War, I hope there is another more caring reason for Putin’s obstinacy, rather than simply the following of orders which will lead to the end of the world.

To be continued………….

The Shame Of California.


With thousands of people living in tents in need of food and clothes, there are thousands more illegal immigrants, streaming into California every day,  who are given priority for housing, health care and education for their children. This is shameful.

March For Life 2018:

Germany: Still On Its Knees Praying For A Hero.


Oscar Groening: The War Hero Left Standing Alone.

The enormous sacrifice made by the German people, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, to protect Germany from the scourge of Bolshevik Communism, was all in vain. Modern Deutschland, cannot even find the courage to take to the streets, in an attempt to save 93-year-old Oscar Groening, a man who was part of a Military, which was forced, by International Jewry, to fight the combined Armies of the most powerful countries on earth, single-handed.

Those for whom he fought to save, by whom he has been abandoned, now find themselves under that Bolshevik jack-boot and they lack the courage to do anything about it and are so numb in the head, that they are unaware of their dire situation. Have you forgotten why Oscar’s generation fought so bravely.



“Germany is the enemy of Judaism and it must be pursued with deadly hatred.

The goal of Judaism of today is a merciless campaign against all German Peoples and the complete destruction of the Nation.

We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of raw materials stopped and a retaliation towards every German, woman and child.” Jewish Professor A Kulischer. (October 1937°

Are the German people incapable of seeing that the same threat is still being carried out through the medium of mass immigration?

Have you Germans forgotten why Oscar’s generation fought so bravely? Have you chosen to ignore the cruelty of the unmentionable crime which was carried out in the Rhine Meadows Death Camps?Are you not concerned that there could be a repetition of other past atrocities? Do you fail to spot the indications?


“When we reached Metgethen, we were confronted with a gruesome sight: We found several hundred dead German soldiers, many of whom had been disfigured beyond recognition. There were murdered civilians in just about every home, likewise disfigured in a most bestial manner. For example, some women had their breasts cut off, and in backyard gardens we found scarcely clad women who had been hanged upside down. In one house we came across a 63-year-old woman still alive. Crying, she told us that she had been raped by 12 to 15 Russians. She lay on the floor covered in blood. This old woman’s daughter had escaped into the forest nearby, but her one-year-old child was abducted by the Russians. In the streets of Metgethen, and also at the railroad station, we found approximately  fifteen baby carriages, some overturned, all empty. We concluded that this meant the Russians had also abducted these babies.” – Horst A., at the time a driver for the Intelligence Reserve Detachment I, Knigsberg.


Any attempt to ameliorate the current situation in Germany, is instantly turned on its head by those whom were responsible for the above atrocities, by resurrecting the name of Hitler, against any Party which chooses to stand against the status quo, suggesting that the above War Crimes were in some way Hitler’s fault, when in fact similar atrocities had been carried out in Spain, by the same Bolsheviks, during the attempted coup d’etat, not to mention the similar crimes in the Sudetenland, atrocities which have been well hidden, by the Bolshevik controlled media.

“We are not denying and are not afraid to confess that this war is our war and that it is waged for the liberation of Jewry… Stronger than all fronts together is our front, that of Jewry. We are not only giving this war our financial support on which the entire war production is based, we are not only providing our full propaganda power which is the moral energy that keeps this war going. The guarantee of victory is predominantly based on weakening the enemy forces, on destroying them in their own country, within the resistance. And we are the Trojan horses in the enemy’s fortress. Thousands of Jews living in Europe constitute the principal factor in the destruction of our enemy. There, our front is a fact and the most valuable aid for victory.” – Chaim Weizmann, President of the World Jewish Congress, Head of the Jewish Agency and later President of Israel, in a Speech on December 3rd, 1942, in New York.

“It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It was wanted and provoked solely by international statesmen either of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interests. Nor had I ever wished that after the appalling first World War, there would ever be a second against either England or America.” – Adolf Hitler (April 1945)

“Played golf with Joe Kennedy (U.S. Ambassador to Britain). He says that Chamberlain stated that America and world Jewry forced England into World War II.” – James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy (later Secretary of Defense), Diary, December 27, 1945 entry.

James Forrestal was later thrown out of a hospital window to his death, to shut him up, before he let the cat out of the bag.

The conference at  Yalta, after the war’s end, is demonstrative of the aims of the Bolsheviks, a grouping which includes the British, French and American political hierarchy, all of whom were Bolshevik controlled, when they decided amongst themselves, to deliberately condemn the countries of Eastern Europe into the claws of the mass murdering Bolshevik Joseph Stalin.






The Strange Death Of Bechir Rabani.



Bechir Rabani, a Swedish journalist, one of the guests on Red Ice, died in mysterious circumstances, while he was investigating Robert Aschberg, a Jewish journalist living in Sweden. Aschberg was a director of Expo Foundation, a hard-line anti-racist group, funded by George Soros, with the aim of closing down any opposition to immigration. Aschberg is also implicated in the Hillary Clinton saga, having passed illegal funds for her campaign.


This debate on Red Ice, lays out the grim near future, for every member state of the European Union, which has been quite deliberately forced to accept massive numbers of immigrants, from any country apart from another White European country. Despite the much-lauded “free movement” between member states, the very people who are being ‘barred’ from living in the United Kingdom are White Polish people. Nobody dares to mention Blacks, Pakistani or Arabs. It is OK to pick on Whites, we are fair game these days for every variety of incomer.

My only objection to the views of the two men is that I do not believe that Jew inspired Multiculturalism has failed, it has been a great success, nobody with a brain could have ever expected a different outcome.



The Bad News: Clean Bill Of Health For Trump

Black Knife Crime On The Increase In The United Kingdom.

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