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Government Treason And The Systematic Lies And Deception Of The Controlled Free Press.

I am reposting this article, which I wrote back in the days when William Hague, was generating the excuse to start, what he called, a Civil War in Syria, which was in fact an all out attack by Bolshevik Forces, against a non compliant State, funded by the British tax-payer and their American counterparts. 

William Hague did today commit,  what can only be described as treason, in the House of Commons. His version of events in Syria was so far removed from the reality of events on the ground, that he could not possibly have been mistaken, he was deliberately lying through his teeth.

His lies are being used to generate an excuse, which would involve the British people in yet another illegal intervention, in yet another country,  which has posed no threat to the UK, a country which is at the moment under attack by a Mercenary Army, which is being funded by the British Coalition Government, with the collusion of the Socialist Party, which is not only on board with this atrocity but is in fact urging for more haste, in the destruction of the Syrian regime.

Is there no such thing as the rule of law in the UK?  Can politicians simply lie to the people about war, with impunity?  Does the Judiciary have no oversight of the acts of elected Members of Parliament? Who is ordering this frenzy of blood-letting? It is certainly not the “Goons” whom rant “In the House,” so from where do the orders come?

Why is the British Government so determined to create another war zone in the Middle East? There has been no sign of terrorist activity in Syria, all of the paid thugs are coming from those places which are already under Zionist control, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc. 

Will the UK be opening its doors to the hundreds of thousands of refugees, which they have created by their thuggish creation of the Syrian problem, or will they simply dump the problem onto the backs of the surrounding States?

One can only assume that The Bank of England is printing the money, necessary to finance all of these arrogant attacks, which the UK is initiating against those States which refuse to obey the dictates of the hidden hand, which is pulling the strings of  flunkies like Hague, while the rest of the Commons is kept in check by the Jewish mob,  Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and Milliband.

Is the next step for the British people to be lied into an attack against Iran? There is no sign of an upturn in the UK economy and there is no sign of any concerted effort to “kick-start,” a recovery, is this because the elected liars in Parliament understand that there is no point, that something else, some major event which will render a recovery unnecessary is fast approaching?

Where does the British Free Press stand in all this deceit? Well as usual they are in full support of  Government lies. Just as during the lies which led to the destruction of Iraq and more recently Libya, when the “Free Press” presented the people with not one word of truth and reality in either case.  

The likes of Sky News and the BBC are now parroting the rubbish, which Hague and other supporters of the Zionist campaign against the Muslim World are propagating.

This same “Free Press” was complicit with the stated aims of International Jewry, which thrust the world into the Second World War, using the exact same lies and deceit against Hitler and Germany, as are now being employed against Syria.

Hague has been consistently suggesting that the horrors which are being inflicted onto the innocent people of Syria, by the same gang of thugs,  which the British employed in Libya, are in fact being carried out by Assad’s regime. He has even claimed that Syrian troops which were ambushed and killed by CIA controlled Al Qaeda, were in fact killed by Assad to prevent them from deserting. The same claim was made against Gadaffi.

These things never change, the BBC and other branches of the media, fully understood that the “Katyn Forest Massacre” was not carried out by Hitler. These twenty thousand Polish Reservists were in fact tortured and killed by the Jewish controlled ghouls from Russia, whom gouged out the eyes and sliced off body parts and crushed the testicles of each and every Reservist.  The truth of this “War Crime” has only recently been admitted.

With the passage of time, it becomes ever more clear that all of the major “Second World War Crimes,” were in fact carried out by the Coalition of Evil, which had been mounted against Germany, while crouching behind the lies and deception of the “free” Jew controlled, Press.

When the German’s arrived in Ukraine, they were appalled at what they found.   The Jewish Bolsheviks had been conducting a Genocide against the Christians, whom were referred to as “Bourgeoisie” whom had to be wiped out, in order to free their land for the use of “The People.”

Evidence of this “Holocaust,” was,  like the Katyn massacre, kept from the people of Europe, in order to continue the lies which were being used against Germany. Needless to say, International Jewry controls an unacceptable chunk of the “Press” which publishes this censored News.

Since the so-called 911 event in New York, we have been deluged with misinformation which suggested that a group of Muslim suicide bombers carried out the attack.   The controlled media was used to continue this unsupported information, ignoring along the way, the fact that at least half of the alleged perpetrators were still alive several years later.

This connivance of the “Free Press” with the murderous policies of unelected  sections of  governments, has led to the slaughter of millions of Muslims, whom were guilty of no crime.  These attacks have been continuous ever since 911 and show no sign of relenting.

To bring this bellicose statement of Hague’s more clearly into focus, would it not be fair to suggest that having been misled into the illegal attacks,  against Iraq and Afghanistan, where no Weapons of Mass Destruction, nor indeed the well documented vast underground establishments and terrorist training camps were  discovered, that the Press would be slightly more circumspect in their presentation of the necessary garbage, which is used to justify murder on a grand scale.

The lack of response to a reasonable question from George Galloway in Parliament, concerning the support of the UK for Al Qaeda in Syria, while fighting them in Mali,  was an indication that the Government is involved in underhanded machinations, in the Middle East, which causes systematic blindness to the daily atrocities of the Jews in Palestine and their apparent lack of understanding,  that to steal occupied land is a crime against humanity. Why am I and others like me, aware of this discrepancy, in the stance of the British hypocrites and yet the Press appear to have not noticed?

Why is the Mainstream Media, not making it clear, that at the moment the British Military is a band of paid killers, working for the benefit of a group of International Bankers and Industrialists, whom are seeking to take control of the worlds resources and the money system, to suit their own private ends. There is nothing taking place which will be of any lasting benefit to the average citizen, his role is to do the killing and to then cover the cost.

The Politicians, whom are freely elected in a Democratic vote, are quite clearly not working for those whom they claim to represent. There is at the moment in the UK, proof positive that there is in fact not a jot of difference between the three main parties.  On petty things of no importance, they introduce a suggestion of difference, the current difference is on the subject of something referred to as “The Bedroom Tax.”  The various wars and wholesale slaughter, in which the British are involved are never questioned and as with Galloway, should it be mentioned, is ignored.

Muhammad Ali Mouths Off.


The Congressman tried to express reality,there are far more down and out White people than Blacks in America, who are being forced to surrender what little they have, in order to give more to Blacks, whom like Muhammad Ali sneer at them and tell us that only ‘Black Lives Matter.’

We were not shown Ali’s response to Sly Stones question as to in which neighbourhood he lived, with all the wealth which he gained from knocking the shit out of other Black Men. Ali hit the nail on the head when he suggested that all other Races, have done better in the USA than Blacks, I think that says it all, which is why Africa is in a worse State than is any other Continent. Perhaps all the ‘would-be’ Black entrepreneurs should go back to Africa to help out.

Those like Ali, choose to ignore the state of the Africans on their home soil, whom are in no way as rich as are the ‘freed’ slaves, whom are these days outnumbered, in the USA and Europe,  by new Black immigrants, all of whom are dying to come to Europe and the USA.



The Fightback Against Feminism.

Tool: The Pot.

The Greed Of The Parasite Can never Be Quenched

The Blacks in America, would be well advised to recognise the fact that the White people, whom they are prepared to rape and murder, more or less at will, have done more for the benefit of Black people, than has any other Race, without receiving one word of thanks for their trouble.

American Blacks, are by far the richest and most cosseted Blacks on Earth, richer than are any of their brothers in Africa or anywhere else. In South Africa, the Blacks whom have done nothing for themselves but whom have now managed to steal what the White Boers built, have immediately transformed the ‘gem’ they stole into the most vicious crime ridden State in Africa.

The South African Blacks are even now, plotting the slaughter of all of the Whites still alive, after seventy-five thousand have already been mangled and killed by Blacks, whom hypocritically tell us that ‘Black Lives Matter,’ demonstrating their total obsession with themselves, a position similar to that of the Jews by whom their attacks on Whites are being funded.

In the absence of cries of outrage, from the American Blacks, against the actions of their brothers in South Africa, is it not about time that the rubbish called Affirmative Action, was suspended, until the Blacks are prepared to consider the needs of others in the same manner, they expect and demand others think about them? It should not be forgotten that the Social payments for all immigrants, into the United States, is being paid by mainly White people, without a word of thanks in return. We, as a people, owe nothing to Blacks, they however owe us a lot, and speaking for myself, I am sick and tired of being told by third-rate actors, like the Black, Jamie Fox, that it was ‘cool’ to play a role in a third-rate film, where he gets to kill all the White people, why not try telling us how cool it would be to kill all the Jews? Such a call would not be greeted with quite the same applause, as that which demonstrated the Black audiences appreciation of his calls to murder Whites.

Jews have organised and funded the abortion of massive numbers of Black babies and have managed to completely destroy the once rock solid Black family structure, so why not pick of the right target for your complaints? Whitey did you proud.

Margaret Sanger was of course a Jew, as have been other proposers of abortion on demand like the Marie Stopes Institute in the United Kingdom. Should Black people imagine that they will be fairly treated by the Jews, for having helped in the taking down of the White people, they are in for a shock, the same Jews whom funded the theft of South Africa, were only interested in the gold, uranium and diamonds, they will pump you Blacks so full of their vaccines, when it suits them to so do, that it will be pouring out of your ears.

Blacks desperately need to do something about their reputation for violent rape and murder, at the moment, wherever a Black neighbourhood is to be found, it will be the most violent district around. Chicago and Baltimore are vying for the title of the Black murder capital of the United States, while rich American Blacks seek safety in White areas.

The same Black scum, whom once rounded up the slaves for the Jew slavers, are still, to this day, on the payroll of the Jews and they care little for the results of the tribal warfare amongst Black gangs, they, like Mandela, have been turned into millionaires by the Jews and will simply continue to blame the Whites, to help in the genocide of the Whites, which has been stridently called for by the Jews.

The Great Victory Of Modern Woman And Her Tragic Loss Of Dignity.




I suppose women can be proud of having managed to create a world without the security of a loving family, for their child, in their eagerness to fulfil their dream of being a successful career person, in the process of which, they have given to those whom have the avowed intention of destroying the White Christian Race, an enormous boost and the possibility of achieving their aim without having to fire a shot, as it were.

White women-folk have done more to assist in the demise of the White Race, than have all of the wars during the past hundred years, which have seen to the slaughter of hundreds of millions of the cream of White manhood, in many cases with a white feather, in an envelope, from a woman, urging them to be a man, and go to their death, while she will herself will have been keeping the home fires burning, while her man was screaming in fear in the nightmare of the trenches or while being sodomised with a hot poker in the Gulags.

The legalisation, of a form of murder called abortion, was excuse enough for women to set in motion, the express train of slaughter, which has already seen to the death of the millions of babies, of whom we now apparently have need, in order to pay the pensions of those same women, whom are now reaching retirement age, pensions which we are being told, will be paid for by immigrants, many of whom are themselves claiming Social Security payments, which will demand more immigrants, to pay for those folk, I suppose.

These same caring women are now demanding access to the ‘Pathway to Death,’ in an old folks home for their elderly parents, where other women will undertake the task of ‘seeing them off,’ as a worthwhile career. What a strange world we live in.

War is a deplorable activity, which in most cases is completely avoidable, as is the war against babies, which is little different from the ongoing military actions, against several Muslim States, in which hundreds of children are being daily blown to pieces, which strangely resemble the state of a baby after an abortion. Strange how one is vigorously encouraged by the same ‘mothers’ whom condemn the indiscriminate killing of babies by bombs, because that is the position ‘caring women’ should adopt, when in many cases they have been fooled by the propaganda and brainwashing about choosing an abortion themselves.

Two weeks after the abortion, I went into labor. I staggered into the bathroom. And there, with my husband beside me, I delivered a part of my baby the doctor had missed. It was the head of my baby.. . I’ll wake up in the middle of the night, thinking I hear a baby crying. And I still have nightmares in which I am forced to watch my baby being ripped apart in front of me. I simply miss my baby. I constantly wake up wanting to nurse my child, wanting to hold my child. And that’s something the doctor never told me I would experience.”

What sort of creature could dump this little darling in a dumpster, in a Walmart plastic bag, I couldn’t do that to one of my kittens, while a number of female friends offer to drown them for me and tell to sterilise my cats.





Marriage has become a joke. In the modern world, only Gay Folk appear to be worried about weddings, which are in fact a meaningless concept, for those whom deny their gender and whom are, of course, quite incapable of carrying out the true intention of a marriage, which was to give security to children and not to simply give cover to those whom prefer an alternative style of sexual satisfaction.

Ronald Reagan expressed the reality of abortion when he remarked, ” I notice that all of those in favour of abortion, are still alive.” The same thing can be said of those whom believe there to be too many people on Earth.

Mother Theresa put it even more succinctly when she said ‘if a mother can kill her baby, what is to stop me from killing her or her from killing me?

Killing is killing, however the deed is carried out. It is part of nature, to allow the sick to quietly die, however to engage in the mass murder of your own people, is somehow more extreme, even than cold-blooded warfare against a different Race.

For European White Women, to have adopted the practice of infanticide, with such alacrity, that it is discussed as being simply a woman’s ‘health matter’ of no more significance than a boil on her bum, would indicate a lack some quality in the mentality of women, whom are in reality, no more than parasites, whom appear to be content, to accept money, as a form of charity, which renders the need of a mere man, whom was once called a Father, obsolete.

Women have not only chosen to get rid of unwanted babies, they have also been encouraged by the same people whom pushed the idea of abortion, the Feminists, to bad-mouth men, to the point where men want no further part in the avaricious life of women and are choosing in massive numbers to ‘go their own way.’ which will of course increase the speed of the oncoming demise of the White Race. Which is the wet-dream of the Zionist/Jew community, whom tell us that we are not really a Race, we are no more than a mishmash of crap and do not deserve to be allowed to continue to survive.




Jews once made exactly the same threat against the German people, now it is being levelled at all of us. But whatever you do, make sure you do not make a similar remark about Jews, they are free to condemn us to the dustbin of history, while they plan to control the world and have placed themselves above criticism.

The above clip chronicles the savage attempts by the Jews to completely destroy the German people, then as now, the Jews are good at allegations but short on evidence. Nothing much changes.

When Will The Last Domino Fall To Bolshevism Or Has It Already Fallen?




Even the most faithful of believers in the dubious truth of political leaders, have doubts about the explanations of the 911 attack in New York. The tale is so improbable that only semi-conscious people are willing to continue to believe it to be true.

Imagine how difficult it would be, in this age of the world-wide-web, to convince the average Joe, of the verity of the truly fantastical tale of the Holocaust. We must accept,  that all traces of the scenes of the crime were completely destroyed, leaving us without so much as a photograph of a gas chamber.

They did however allow us to see photographs of those suffering from the final stages of starvation and Typhus, telling us they were all Jews, which was all lies. Nobody would order the destruction of such a huge crime scene, without gathering the necessary evidence to convict the guilty, unless, that is, there was no crime scene to hide.

A Japanese General told Hitler, that his greatest mistake had been to trust the British, a few other names of dead men, could now be added to that list of naive idiots, as the British have had a lot of their fingers in a lot of pies since the days of Hitler. Take Iraq and Libya, where the good friends of the British, Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gadaffi, suddenly became their enemies, and were murdered, having first been softened up for the kill, by exposure to the full weight of the City of London’s lies, to suit their always hidden agenda.

Whenever it is necessary to present an example of historical brutality, the name Hitler is the default example on everyone’s lips. There has been an unrelenting torrent, of total bullcrap, propagated about him for decades, all of it a tissue of lies, designed to take our eye off the ‘real’ ball.

What we should be concerned about, is the method used to destroy Hitler and Germany. That ‘method’ included the use of the most brutal, cold-blooded alliance of savages the world has ever seen.

Even as Hitler was rounding up the Jews, whom had been described, by International Jewry leaders, as the ‘Fifth Column’ hidden within the walls of the Third Reich, ready and willing to fight a covert terrorist war against the Germans, that very same International Jewry, had been rounding up and slaughtering, millions of White Christians in Russia, in the Siberian Gulag Extermination camps.

The same International Jewry, which actually declared the Second World War, in the month of March 1933, soon after the election of the National Socialists in Germany, was already in collusion with the Jew controlled Soviet Union, planning the coming war with Germany and making arrangements for the supply of arms and food for the Soviet war machine.

The Bolsheviks Hit-Man Joseph Stalin, a Georgian Jew, was already busily starving the Ukrainians to death and stealing their grain, to feed his army in the coming war with Germany.

In the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, was booted out of office, to be replaced by a cabal of Jews, headed by Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden, while in America, the Jew Franklin Delano Roosevelt, surrounded by a whole gaggle of Jews, desperately sought the 911 type incident, which would allow the United States to go to help the British in the destruction of Germany. The rigged attack on Pearl Harbour, by the Germans Allies in Japan, provided that excuse.

The traitor, President Woodrow Wilson, allowed the setting up of the same ‘false flag’ type scenario to generate an excuse to send American boys to the Great War in 1917, when he deliberately loaded the Lusitania with arms for the British, thus making it available as a legitimate target for German submarines, by which it was sunk, with great loss of life, which satisfied the public need of a reason to send hundreds of thousands of American boys to their deaths or mutilation in Europe.

This would indicate that World War Two was indeed a Jew war, designed to re-take control of Germany, which was taken out of their hands, by that upstart Hitler. However it exposed the alacrity with which the West had quietly joined forces with their Communist Bolshevik “enemies” to carry out the savage, Satanic destruction of White Christian Germany.

The arrangement had included the cynical decision to allow Stalin, the mass murdering Jew, to take control of half of Germany and most of Eastern Europe, where the slaughters continued, with the full knowledge of the “Free Western” powers, long after the war had ended.

It also justified, for no explicable reason, the blood-thirsty invasion of Palestine, by Jews, four million of whom had recently left the German Camps, which was before it was announced that six million Jews, out of a total European population of five million, had been gassed by the Germans. This is an example of Jew arithmetic.

The next step was to stab the Nationalist Forces of Chiang Ki Chek in the back and to place the Bolshevik Communist, American educated, controlled dictator, Mao Zedong into power, in the now, Bolshevik Communist China.

After which there was need to conceal the actuality that Communism had been propagated by Western Jew controlled governments all along. The first command of the controlling Jews in China, was the culling of the population, by ten percent and the installing of a ‘one child’ per family policy. one-hundred million Chinese were thus put to the sword.

Those governments, which had pretended to abhor the idea of a centrally controlled Communist system, then invented the ‘Domino Effect’ which was to give the impression that they were, once again fighting against a Communism which they ‘feared, when in fact, in a similar fashion to what is now going on in the Middle East, they were fighting their own Mercenary Army.

This was the ploy devised to advance the Western Powers own Communism, during which the Americans fought a war of attrition in Korea, in which the Korean people were the target, and which destroyed the cohesion of the country.

Just as they had done in Ulster, a flash point was created, by dividing the country in two, which still serves its purpose to this day. Which is why North Korea, quite rightly distrusts the Jew controlled Western Powers.

The United Nations, which is also under the control of Jews, exterminated a third of the population of Korea, while carrying out its first ‘Peaceful’ intervention, in Korea.

So where do we now find ourselves? Having pretended to destroy all connection with Russia, which had been so diligently used to create a Communist Union, which included Eastern Europe, when down came the pretend Iron Curtain, behind which, the Jews continued their mayhem, while the West pretended Russia to be the enemy, until the time came when the planned expansion of Communism, into Western Europe, became the aim of International Jewry.

This was achieved with ease, as the Soviet Union had always been in the clutches of the International Jew, so when a Jew called Gorbachev, a man with whom, the puppet Margaret Thatcher, could do business, organised the ‘seamless’ amalgamation of the Soviet Bloc with the European Bloc, which was and is, for the most part controlled by Jews, by taking down the Berlin Wall, allowing the Jew controlled East Germany to rejoin the Jew controlled West Germany, everybody cheered.

Putin in Russia, has been allowed to loosen the reins, allowing the Russian people a reasonable standard of living, as have the Chinese, where there are already more billionaires than there are in the United States. This is of courses due to the fact that Europe has been stripped bare of its industry and is to all intents and purposes destitute, it is paying its way with printed money.

The millions of immigrants whom are being allowed into Europe – by Bolshevik Agents in the European Commission, is part of an agenda, which is in the main being forced through by the disproportionate number of Jews whom actually, covertly control Europe – have no possibility of finding work in a Europe, where even McDonald’s are having problems. These immigrants are being brought for one simple purpose, that of destroying Europe.

There is not one single logical reason, for bombing to dust, an entire region in the Middle East and then telling those poor desperate survivors to come to Europe, while at the same time, actually scouring sub-Saharan Africa, for fighting age Blacks, whom they are paying to come to Europe, other than to create Racial conflict. Politicians are not stupid, they know what they are doing and why. The French, British and Dutch recently chose to continue down the same idiotic road to hell, by choosing to re-elect the same,  controlled,  guilty politicians.

Luke Kelly: The Town I Loved So Well


More British mischief in Ireland. This action was all quickly turned off when attention turned to false  Muslim terrorism, having got their hand in performing their ‘special’ brand of ‘false flag’ attacks in Ulster, blaming them all on the Irish Republican Army of Freedom Fighters

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