A call from the Garrigue


Come Out! Come Out! Whoever You Are!

While the pretend Kenyan, Barack Obama was basking in the glow of a hysterical, over the top greeting in Kenya, a real Kenyan born hero, Chris Froome, was being dowsed with piss and other forms of abuse, thanks to the power of the mainstream media to propagate a malicious comment, made by an ex cyclist, whom was himself guilty of cheating, having been proven guilty.

War criminal and serial liar, Obama, on the other hand, is still in office despite having, through Executive Action, forced through legislation which has allowed the murder of thousands.  One can only assume that to be considered to have cheated in the Tour de France to be far more serious than wholesale murder.

Meanwhile, back in the UK,  one of the alleged “Usual Suspects,” Jeremy Corbyn,  has suffered a similar fate to that of Froome, having found himself leading the pack, in the race to become leader of the Labour Party.

As if to facilitate his election, the Labour Party generously changed the “election” rules by allowing anyone who chose to pay a paltry sum, could become a Member and with it came the right to vote in this leadership election.

There have been cries of foul play from the likes of War Criminal Tony Blair, claiming that to vote for a candidate whom appears to be offering “Socialist” policies, to be a “ludicrous diversion” or something like  that, claiming that the only way to win an election is to continue the same centrist policies as those of the Tories.

There have been claims that Left-Wingers have been, in their thousands,  coughing up the three quid and claiming their right to vote and of course, the story goes , all of these vote will go to Corbyn.

Well who exactly is this character Corbyn and from where does he come?


Well most of those whom would be Labour Leader, are members of the Fabian Society, which has the logo of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  This is to disguise the fact that it is a Communist organisation. The philosophy of the Fabian Society is based on the same, misinterpreted, Communism of Marx and Engels.

The idea that Marxism, was ever intended to be in support of the working man and to hand the means of production into the hands of those whom produced, is basically rubbish. Communism was no more than a means of control, by forcing the working man into a form of slavery, which they, euphemistically, referred to as Socialism. Hard line Communism was installed by the bullet,  Socialism, on the other hand, was Communism by stealth.

Jeremy Corbyn,  whom has been playing the role of a Left-Winger, was a close friend of Ralph Miliband, a hard-line Communist and follower of the policies of Joseph Stalin, the most evil man in history, having slaughtered at last 65,000,000 Christians in  Russia, after the coup d’etat

Corbyn spent many happy hours in the company of the Miliband boys when they were youngsters, while he discussed politics,   apparently sharing the views of their father Ralph.

Corbyn now refuses to confirm or deny, whether he still holds his Communist views.  However, should he be elected he will  soon find himself in  good company with the Front Bench of the Tory Party, which is packed with Communitarian’s, which is yet another form of Communist, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

I assume that when the Jew Cameron, declared war on and destroyed Libya, without bothering to seek the permission of Parliament, Corbyn was amongst the sixteen Socialist whom voted against the attacks, when it was already too late to do anything about them, that said one can only wonder what his position will be,  when Cameron, having in the middle of the campaign to gain permission to install the murderous “No Fly Zone” against Syria, suddenly had a better idea,  IS, ISIL, ISIS or  Daech or more aptly, Our Boys in Syria, could in fact deliver an excuse to carpet bomb the entire Middle East, so let us put the attack on hold for a while.

Well the while has passed and there will soon be another vote or will Cameron once again, like the Lord Almighty, simply declare the UK into yet another illegal war while Parliament is in recession?

While discussing these Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, we may as well go the whole hog and discuss the position of Russia and Russia Today TV, where Corbyn , along with that other old scallywag, George Galloway, spends much of his time these days.

Galloway has himself changed his stripes in recent times, from being an animal afraid to go down the rabbit hole of the banking system, claiming, unasked, that he did not even know if Rockefeller was a Jew, has now become the “Leader” of those whom would like to gaol the bankers. I wonder what brought on this transformation?

Galloway is proposing a liaison between himself and co-host Max Keiser, whether it be on Press TV or Russia Today, these characters are everywhere these days, to sort out the corruption in City Hall after he is elected as Mayor of London.

Anyway, back to the ex USSR, a  State which has very quickly adopted the disguise of Capitalism.  In the process they displayed the true nature of Communism and Socialism for all to see, it is unfortunately extremely hard to spot what it is.

Back in the day,  a man, whom has recently had a toothpaste named after him, Armand Hammer, was the go-between, for the Federal Reserve and the Russian Politburo, when the likes of Khrushchev and Bulganin were welcome guests of honour in Downing Street, no doubt to cross all the T’s and dot all the i’s of the coming  Cold War and as to how the profits were to be distributed,

Hammer was supposedly the only man whom had the trust of the Bolshevik’s in Moscow, it was however never made clear as to why this should be. We can only guess that it was because he was in fact yet another Devil in Disguise.

Hammers purpose was to keep an eye on Wall Street’s and the City of London’s investments in Russia and to stock the warehouse full of goodies for the Party Members, while the people lived in Socialist style squalor, waiting for the years to pass until, as Lenin prophesied, the USSR could blend seamlessly into the Capitalist World,  after which the Bankers could take control of their property, while pretending to buy it.

So you see Jeremy Corbyn is actually a perfect fit for the current scenario, he has all the right connections and the right form of crafty support, like that of War Criminal Tony Blair in a Parliament which was carefully selected to fulfil an as yet unclear purpose.

Most clear thinking folk believe that the last UK election was a total farce, including the sudden rise to power of the SNP,  which has already told its own electorate,  that whatever the result of an in-out referendum on membership of the EU,  in which they will take part, they are staying in the Prison of Europe whether they like it or not and any new referendum on independence will confirm their sentence.

I hope this does not depress my band of readers too much, however these connections cannot all be accidental.  When you add to this mix the fact that Harold Wilson and many members of his government spent rather a lot of time in the company of the Bolsheviks in Russia, it can only reinforce the idea that there was no Cold War and to suggest that another one is coming is simply a lie to excuse something sinister

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British Top Drawer Paedophiles.

As the days go by it is becoming ever more apparent that the true filth of the land, has been used as the mouthpiece of the hidden hand, which took the UK by the balls, in the 17th Century.

What is more, the antics of these perverts were well-known and concealed by their compatriots and probable cohorts in the Houses of Parliament.

As with the expenses scandal which “Rocked the House” a while back, the true depth of depravity of this bunch of unprincipled, overpaid and under worked parasites, will never be known.

All of the British political Parties were and most probably are still involved in this grotesque and savage campaign of thrill seeking at the expense of the most vulnerable, lonely and unloved children, most of whom never knew the love and support of a family, living instead in creepy children’s homes, at the mercy of degenerate agents of the rich and powerful, serving as bait, to trap and blackmail those few honest men,  whom refused to conform to orders from above.

Many of these infants simply disappeared, leaving no trace of their short lives behind, apart from the incriminating photographs, taken by concealed members of the Intelligence Services, as a means of destroying those perverts who refused to co-operate.

All of the necessary evidence against these ghouls, has been known for years, allowing the guilty to die without prosecution.  There must have been collusion between the Police and MI5 and of course those Members who are little more than “plants” selected to guarantee that the right direction is followed by the rest of the Party membership.

The events of recent years have demonstrated that there is in fact no separation of power between the Judiciary and the Government in the UK. Overhanging this outrage, is the treatment of Hollie Greig and her family, who stood up to the forces which had the power to ignore their own criminality.  They are all involved in this shabby affair, the Police, Judiciary and those elected to serve the well-being of the People. Such is the state of Democracy in the UK.


Hark! Hark! ISIS Is Calling! I Must Go!

The British Establishment has ruthlessly exposed the British People to an unending round of illegal and murderous wars, none of which has proven to have been to the advantage of those whom were forced to engage in this criminality.

Some time back, in a previous post, I suggested that the role of the “controlled” IS, was to be driven out of Iraq and into Syria, thus manufacturing an excuse to bomb Syria, in the manner of Libya, paving the way for the reduction of Syria to the desired state of bedlam as is Libya, along with Afghanistan and Iraq.

The British ” top brains” can not be getting it “wrong” on such an extensive number of occasions, while  a fool such as me, a veritable uneducated half-wit, is so often proven to be a more capable prophet, of the future results of British aggression.

That being said, why do the British find it so difficult to read between the lines, when they see a War Criminal such as Cameron,  whom while being prepared on the one hand, to sell arms to Saudi Arabia,  which has already aggressively, interfered in Bahrain and which is currently destroying Yemen, while at the same time they are blatantly arming IS, with arms supplied by Cameron, while the British SAS is busily training IS with the assistance of Israel in Jordan.

What is so difficult to understand about that? Before even bothering to wonder why, with all of the information now available, not one single question will be asked during the debate about the possible bombing of Syria,  concerning the construction and funding of IS,  the “new excuse” to destroy Syria, along with as many of its citizens as possible.

Cameron has already started the rhetoric, it is as plain as day that his intentions are to bomb Syria in a manner which will assist the “Moderate” elements in Syria, whether they are actually indistinguishable or not from IS, in order to get rid of Assad and to throw Syria into chaos.  This is of course, in order to assist in the construction of Greater Israel.

Having found no trace of radical preachers, radicalising young Muslims, Cameron is now pointing the finger at the Inter-Web.  These kids are receiving an irresistible Twitter Tweet, invitation to head off to Syria,  where they can take heads off other Muslims who are of course not the right kind of Muslim or indeed the heads of Christians, which will not annoy those Christians back home one little bit.

All of these blatant lies and devious tactics are designed to give the impression that the only way to sort out this non-event in the UK,   is to go in and exterminate more Syrians.  Yes that will do the trick. If that does not stir up Muslim reaction in the UK nothing will.

Cameron cannot be unaware that his offensive claim about Muslims in the UK, is creating an atmosphere which can only lead to an inevitable clash of communities in Britain, where the masses are already worried about the mass immigration into the UK and Europe, of the refugees, escaping British War Crimes in the Middle East.

As far as the idea of radicalisation is concerned, the loudest message available on-line, clearly shows that ISIS had its origins in smoke filled cellars, where teams of CIA, Mossad, MI6 and others,  dreamt up the excuse of ISIS as a means of creating the possibllty of carrying out punitive attacks, wherever they so choose, using their own creation as the excuse.

The beheadings of journalists by ISIS, were filmed in a Hollywood type professional studio and not in the desert, this is to ensure, that when, as with Sandy Hook, the truth is exposed, they will not have the real blood of the alleged victims on their hands. Check out any Muslim Blog and you will soon find that the “real” Muslims are fully aware of the tactics of Cameron and his controllers.

The clip of the making of the false beheadings has been censored by youtube, as usual, however it may still be available at:



Cameron should be aware that the demonstrations against his newly selected government in the UK, which were sparked off spontaneously, mostly unreported by the mainstream media, as soon as he announced his intention to steal twelve billion pounds out of the pockets of the British people, in order to finance more wars for Israel, are far greater than the likes of  the con-men from Sky or the BBC managed to rig in Syria against Assad or in Libya against Gadaffi.

So do you begin to get the idea?  This spectacle was kicked off on 911. The Muslims were blamed, without the slightest piece of evidence against them.

The “patsies” with the indestructible passports, were brought in from Saudi Arabia.  They had no part to play in the attacks, they were brought into the US on purpose so that the finger could be immediately pointed at them.  They were on board the only flight which left the US on that fateful day, taking them back to Saudi Arabia.

All of the real evidence on the ground, pointed towards Israel.  This evidence included a truck load of explosives in the control of a bunch of Jews, who were arrested, this truck load was intended to be used to bring down a New York bridge, creating even more havoc.  They were all released without charge and went home to Israel to brag about their exploits.

Then started the war of annihilation  against the Muslim World.  Country after country were criminally attacked, millions have died, destruction has been on a scale similar to the crimes carried out against Germany, during the contrived war against the National Socialists, a war which strangely included the same Jew presence conducting the mayhem.

The result has been the total destruction of trust between Muslims, Christians and Jews, which was only to be expected.  Those hate filled Muslim people – and who can blame them –  now find themselves living in the belly of the beast.

These folk would be super-human were they to not hold a grudge against those whom destroyed their homelands and yet the response has been minimal, to the point where it became necessary to do what was done in Ireland, set-up a false group of terrorist where a real one did not exist.

Cameron’s rhetoric about “The struggle of our generation against home-grown terrorism,” is an affront to the intelligence of his own people, is there anybody left who has not seen through his crap?

According to Sky News, in this afternoons prattle, he is going to point out the falsity of any belief in anything other than the official lies surrounding 911 or 7-7.  So tell us where to find the weapons of mass destruction, why don’t you David?

The inevitability of yet another “False Flag” attack in the UK is growing by the day, whatever may occur and however it may seem,  rest assured that the boys whom gave us two illegal World Wars, which slaughtered millions of Christians, will not baulk at killing a few more Christians and many more Muslims along with us.

what is gender re-assignment?  What a load of bollocks

step one drive the men of integrity out of possitions of influene.

Make sure that the agents embedded in the msm are kept in the frame.

Sky presented clip after clip of propaganda from Syria.  His job was p)lain to see generate an excuse to destroy Assad

He recently presented the Drug Barons of Mexico, what a laugh.

Cameron is committed to the destruction of Syria, having already murdered and displaced milliuons of people.

The Love Of Laying The World To Waste.

David Cameron, having just robbed the British people of many billions of pounds, in order to reduce the “deficit,” has, without a trace of shame, calmly announced that this money is in fact going to be used to finance military action against a “group of terrorists” which has been trained and financed by the British taxpayer amongst others, as a thinly veiled excuse to destroy Syria.

His chum Obama, a man whom can apparently single out a specific motor car, in which the alleged leader of this “group of terrorists” is a passenger, finds it impossible to spot a convoy of dozens of vehicles, raising huge clouds of dust, as they cross a desert, on their way to attack a town in Syria and later claims that it will be necessary to use “other means” to defeat their very own Mercenary Murderers.

While this murderous, evil campaign of hate against Bashar al Assad continues, Cameron is hoping to spend billions of pounds of the taxpayers money on renewing the British stock of Trident Nuclear Missiles,  while Obama is claiming to have prevented the proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East, by attempting to starve the Iranian people into submission, thus preventing them from doing something which they had no intention of doing anyway, while the parasites in Israel howl out against Obama’s treaty with Iran, preferring to see them obliterated as were Libya, Iraq and Yemen, leaving Israel as the only Nuclear Power in the region.

While stirring up this load of crap in the Middle East, the “Democratic West” can still find time to continue the demonisation of the now “collapsed” Soviet Union, which is in its turn, berating the new leadership of Ukraine, which includes a number of mercenaries, whom are referred to as “Neo-Nazis,” despite the evidence that they are nothing more than a handy method of continuing the relentless attack against the Germans, without ever mentioning the fact that the Ukraine is, as is Germany and most probably Russia, firmly in the hands of war loving Jews.

As a regular listener to Russia Today, I have never even heard the word Jew mentioned in any of the Newscasts, or indeed in  any of the their top rated programmes such as The Keiser Report, or Crosstalk, while there is hardly a sentence uttered which does not include the word Nazi.

To me this is odd, as the recent past history of Russia, included mass murder, rape and torture, on a scale never before seen in history, which was all carried out under the auspices of a Jew leadership, which included, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Beria and Yagoda, all of them Jews, or that other strange entity, a half Jew.

It would surely be more a more honest position to either leave the relatively innocent Hitler alone, or to discuss the massively more sinister exploits of the Bolshevik Jews, whom in the words of Winston Churchill, took the Russian people by the hair of their heads, after the coup d’etat in 1917. Sixty-five million Christians were slaughtered by these folk.

As if all of this perversion of the truth was not bad , we are being deluged with a load of excrement about the…I hesitate to use the word due to current perceptions, “Queen” who was apparently caught on camera, as a child, doing a Roman salute, which we are now obliged to call a “Nazi” salute, to suit the needs of those whom would conceal from the people, the reality of the origins of World War Two and its illegal and abhorrent genocide against Christians all across Europe.

The War, which was declared by and controlled by World Jewry, (their claim, not mine,) was in reality the darkest page in British History, which in true “New-speak” is recorded as their “Finest Hours.”

The true King of England abdicated, having refused to take part in the illegal conspiracy to destroy Germany and the German people.  He,  as did Adolf Hitler, having seen what had been carried out in Russia, unreported in Parliament, knew what to expect would happen to the German people, should such a war be declared  he and Hitler both, were correct.

Despite the decades of denigration, since the end of hostilities, no concrete evidence, has ever been produced in support of the wild claims made about the National Socialists.

Spokesmen on British News programmes, continually demand the question, during any discussion of British and US behaviour in the Middle East, “Have we learned nothing from the catastrophic results of our attacks against, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq etc,?” The right response should be, that we have in fact, honed the art of illegal, bloody murder to perfection.

Cameron, who is of course of Jew origin, describes himself as “A Friend of Israel,” which of course absolves Israel of all crime, so he can safely ignore what has been carried out against the people of Palestine, as being, in the manner of the “Battle of Britain” an example of a fine defensive resistance, against overwhelming attacks with Fireworks.

The British Herd, along with others, whom have had their perception radically altered through a system of education which is a perfected catalogue of brain-washing techniques, having stood by watching their industrial base being shipped off to distant slave labour States, all of the cost of transport being paid by them, the deluded British are now being told that they must set an example, to those overseas contaminators of the planet – whom are of course exempted from pollution limits – that ‘Green Energy’ is the saviour of the World, by accepting a huge reduction in the availability of electricity, through the medium of Solar Energy,  which will make it nigh on impossible to re-new the industrial base,  unless, of course, they are prepared to work for the same salary as are those overseas slaves, with their bare hands and rudimentary tools.

So be warned, the apparently pointless, bloody wars which are ongoing, are, as were World Wars One and Two, concealing a hidden agenda. The first Great War of the 20th Century, concealed the conspiracy to carry out a coup d’etat in Russia and the murder of the Royal Family and later sixty-five million Christians, after that the Ottoman Empire was destroyed and the control of the Middle East put into the hands of the British, which later allowed them to hand Palestine over to the Jews.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire was also dismantled, allowing the Jew Bankers to take control of Germany and the installation of the depraved Weimar Government, which was forced out of office through the election of the National Socialists in 1933.

World War Two was an example of the use of illegal wars to gain personal control of all and everybody.  Those whom were forced into combat, by a group of criminals, can be truly proud of their courage and commended for their trust, however misplaced, in the good intentions of their leaders, however with the availability of so much truth freely accessible to the average man, to maintain that faith, even as their country is being overwhelmed by the victims of the lies and deceit of successive Governments, is inexcusable.

British Jewry, along with their International Jew cohorts,  are intent on destroying the Middle East, just as they destroyed Germany but miraculously took no action against the Bolsheviks in Russia and Eastern Europe and indeed fought alongside them in Spanish Civil War, during which the grisly murders of Monks, Priests and Nuns, by Bolshevik Jew Commissars have been carefully concealed.

So however stupid and dumbed down the British may have become, they can rest assured that to have Cameron, in the full face of previous results, to be still howling for the destruction of the regime in Syria, which will solve nothing for the Syrian people, however many he is prepared to murder, in pursuit of his ghoulish aims, will do no more than create millions of refugees, whom will come flooding into Europe, where compliant Governments will urge their acceptance and non-integration, which will eventually reduce Europe to a Third World level, which is what is being called for and which visualises a world without White European people.

The planet is full of examples of the overthrow of indigenous people by the arrival of hordes of refugees from Europe, forced to flee from despotic governments or through starvation and the search of a better life.  Europe is now being introduced to the very same strategy of destruction as was America,  North and South, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and even farther in the past, Egypt.

South Africa is staring us in the face. What is being done to the Boers, whom like the settlers whom sailed into the USA, found an empty land. They did not wipe out any of the indigenous Peoples, they employed them,  when they came looking for a better life.

Those immigrants are now claiming a historic right to the civilisation, which was built by the Boers, while the Friends of Israel stand by watching the wholesale murder of those same White Christian Boers and are making no attempt to resolve the problem.  The ANC was and is financed by Bolshevik Jews.  Mandela was a high-ranking Bolshevik.

When the hour arrives, the British and other Europeans will find themselves no better protected than did the Russian Christians, the Germans, the Irish and even now the Peoples of the Middle East and South Africa, be warned.

Be sure, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the young Queen making a German salute. There was nothing going on in Germany at the time which was in any way threatening to anybody. The British and their allies, had simply declared themselves the victors of the Great War, which had in fact been fought to a standstill and an Armistice had been declared, that is “no winner.”

The British then set about dividing and ruling Europe, through the use of a blockade against Germany, they starved 900,000 Germans, men, women and children to death.

Hitler, unlike the Greek Government, in recent days, had the courage to stand up to these ghouls, by refusing to repay a false debt, constructed his own debt free banking system, restoring Germany’s economy, created full employment and a wonderful system of education, none of which could be supported by our hidden rulers, so Germany was destroyed.  Hitler was a hero.





Just as I feared they would, the so-called negotiations in Brussels, have delivered a result beyond the dreams of  even the most vicious of the criminal “creditor banks,” whom through the medium of bribery, quite deliberately steered Greece into its current situation.

We have been told throughout these discussions, by the controlled media, that the vast majority of the Greek people wanted to remain in the Euro-zone at all cost. However, during the time I was listening to Sky News, for example, I have not heard one opposing point of view. Considering the number of demonstrators, out in the street, this is quite obviously a deliberate misrepresentation of reality.

The Direct Democracy, which asked a question, which was quite a simple question, as to whether the Greek people wanted to accept the increased austerity measures which were proposed by the Troika, or not, the vast majority said “NO.” They are now being presented with what is in effect, an even more costly non-solution to the ills of Greece.

This is a total betrayal of the hopes and beliefs of those Greeks whom believed that they had voted for a government with enough courage to stand up to the criminals in Brussels.

This whole exercise has proven to be nothing more than a sham. The Greeks have gained nothing and their Revolutionary stance, has exposed the treachery of the elected “Revolutionary” traitors and their broken promises. Every last remaining vestige of Greek National Wealth, will now be passed into the hands of the sharks at no cost to them.

The ball is now back in the court of the people, they must once again resist the treachery of politicians and impose their will in the only way possible, by going back to the barricades.

Michel Sardou Speaks His Mind To François Hollande.

Lettre à Mr Hollande,
> > > > > > Je m’en fous… je suis laïque !
> > > > > > Moi, l’Islam, je m’en tape le coquillard… Je me contrefiche des hadiths,des sourates et autres coraneries.
> > > > > > Ça ne m’intéresse pas de savoir s’il y a des musulmans pas vraiment islamistes, mais un peu islamiques, des islamistes modérés fréquentables, des immodérés franchement antisémites, des islamiques plus ou moins pratiquants, etc, etc.
> > > > > > Ce qui est en jeu aujourd’hui est simple, beaucoup plus simple : La France est colonisée par des gens  d’origines diverses, on assiste à une destruction de notre civilisation, par une et d’ autres cultures qui sont allogènes, contraires à nos mœurs, nos visions du monde et de l’homme,  nos valeurs, nos habitudes, notre histoire…
> > > > > > Quel peuple accepterait ça sans broncher ?
> > > > > > Donc le message est simple: ces cultures allogènes, on n’en veut pas !
> > > > > > On ne veut pas de leur religion, on ne veut pas de leurs valeurs, on ne veut pas de leurs mœurs, on ne veut pas de leur vision du monde.
> > > > > > On ne veut pas que la France devienne un pays du tiers-monde.
> > > > > > On ne veut pas que ces valeurs importées s’installent en France et change notre vie et notre avenir.
> > > > > > On n’en veut pas des mafias chinoises qui découpent les récalcitrants au hachoir…
> > > > > > On n’en veut pas des Africains polygames qui excisent leurs filles, pompent la sécu et les aides sociales, profitent du système sans rien apporter.
> > > > > > On n’en veut pas des maquereaux roumains, albanais ou africains qui mettent sur le trottoir des gamines et leur cassent les jambes à coup de barre de fer si elles bougent un cil…
> > > > > > On n’en veut pas des vrais-faux mendiants ou je ne sais pas quoi, qui font chier tout le monde, profitent allègrement du système et pleurnichent dans les jupes des associations à la con…
> > > > > > On n’en veut pas des types qui sous prétexte qu’ils sont d’origine maghrébine cassent, pillent, violent, brûlent, trafiquent la poudre, les bagnoles, les armes… quand ils ne s’engagent pas dans des groupes terroristes et partent s’entraîner au Pakistan ou ailleurs…
> > > > > > Qu’ils quittent la France s’ils ne l’aiment pas : on ne les retient pas.
> > > > > > On en a marre de voir des Blancs, toujours des Blancs, assassinés pour une cigarette refusée, une aile froissée, une querelle de voisinage…
> > > > > > On en a marre de voir des drapeaux palestiniens ou autre dans les manifs à Paris, et d’entendre des manifestants hurler des slogans anti – sémites et soutenir les pires racailles terroristes du Proche-Orient, la dernière fois que nous avons entendu ‘mort aux Juifs’ c’était sous l’occupation Allemandes en 1941…
> > > > > > On n’en veut pas des mosquées, des imams payés par l’Algérie, le Maroc, L’Arabie Saoudite, qui passent leur temps à organiser le communautarisme, financent des groupes terroristes, planifient la destruction de notre civilisation, tiennent des discours ouvertement racistes, antisémites, anti-blancs, anti-occidentaux, et jouent aux « gentils » biens intégrés.
> > > > > > On n’en veut pas de pseudo « sans papiers » qui viennent chier dans nos églises et ne savent qu’exiger des droits qu’ils n’ont pas, font semblant de faire une grève de la faim et obtiennent tout et n’importe quoi…
> > > > > > On n’en veut pas des filles voilées à tous les coins de rue, à l’école, à la piscine, dans le métro.
> > > > > > On n’en veut pas des cantines scolaires qui bannissent le porc pour ne pas déranger les pauvres élèves musulmans.
> > > > > > On n’en veut pas des gamins qui exigent qu’on réécrive les cours d’histoire au collège parce que ça ne leur plaît pas qu’on parle de la Shoah !!…
> > > > > > On en a marre des mensonges permanents sur l’Histoire, l’Église, l’esclavage, la colonisation… qui ne servent qu’à demander toujours plus : plus de droits, plus de pognon, plus d’aides.
> > > > > > On en a marre de payer des impôts pour ce que devient ce pays, la France…
> > > > > > On en a marre de faire repentance à tout bout de champ pour tout et son contraire.
> > > > > > On n’en veut pas des quartiers qui se délabrent et se tiers – mondise au rythme de l’arrivée des étrangers.
> > > > > > On n’en veut pas du racisme anti-blanc, des vexations, du racket, des marchés louches à même le trottoir, des lois pas appliquées, de l’interdiction de critiquer l’Islam, des associations « anti-racistes »
> > > > > > On a quand même le droit, non ?
> > > > > > Alors, l’islam est peut-être une religion super, cool, « world », new age et branchée, mais voilà la vérité :
> > > > > > ON N’EN VEUT PAS !
> > > > > > On ne veut pas de l’islam et de la culture Arabo-Musulmane !
> > > > > > On ne veut pas de la Tiers-Mondialisation en France !
> > > > > > En matière de culture, de civilisation, de valeurs, de religion, on a déjà ce qu’il faut en magasin, tu vois, et on n’a pas envie de changer. Clair ?

> > > > > > T’as compris bonhomme Hollande, où il te faut un dessin ?
> > > > > > ON EN A ASSEZ !!!

He has a lot to say, make of it what you will. I left the translation to you, that way you will have both versions.

Michel Sardou is a French Superstar. He is well respected.

Look Away Dixieland.

There are two groups of people, with a long and strange connection to one another, who are continually holding their hands out and demanding financial  reparations in payment of alleged historical crimes,  which they claim were carried out against them. They would be Jews and Blacks.

These nonsensical claims have now led on to the current attacks against the White people in the Southern States of the US. The principal target of the current attack is the  proud Banner of the Southern States, which was flown during the War of Succession, against the aggression of the Federal Government of the US, which was of course already under the control of Bankers.

The excuse for this stupidity, is the “alleged” shooting of nine Black people in a Church, by a young White boy, whom apparently carried out yet another of those bloodless attacks, for which the entire White population of the South, along with their proud history is being presented as the culprits.

Now who exactly are these Blacks who are continually crying out against “White privilege” and “White Racism?” Well bizarrely they were rounded up and sold to Jew Slave Traders, by their own people in the West of Africa and brought to the USA on Jew slave boats, with Jew Captain and crew and sold, mainly to Jew families in the US.

They were then used, as are the current financial refugees from Mexico, as cheap labour. When the Jew owners threw them off the plantations and left them to their own devices, the Blacks then expected the “dirt poor” Whites to take on the responsibility of their welfare. Does that not sound familiar? Seventy five per-cent of all immigrants into Denmark in the past ten years have never worked.

The German people found themselves in exactly the same position with the Jews, after it was claimed, without supporting evidence that the entire population of Germany  was responsible for the alleged murder of Jews in Death Camps.

Still in lock-step with one another, the crimes of Blacks, like the crimes of Jews are never reported, let alone criticised, by the mainstream media, giving the distinct impression that they are both above the laws which apply to the rest of us.

Jews can kill Palestinians à la volonté, while Blacks can commit hideous crimes against Whites, using slavery and White privilege as a reasonable excuse. Muslims, of course, may be freely attacked by one and all, without fear of sanction.

The first lie in this inexcusable attack against the South and its Flag, is the fact that those whom claim to have been fighting against slavery, were doing no such thing, they were fighting a war for the Bankers, in exactly the same manner as was the war against Germany and Hitler, which would be fought, not too many decades in the future, which would also be shrouded in lies and mystery and deceit, to suit the same Banking families.

While all of the immigrants into the US – including the Irish, who were the first of the slave gangs used in the New World, a fact which has been lost in the mists of time – despite many hardships managed to pull themselves up and create a life for themselves, the Blacks in the US and the Jews in Palestine, still rely, in a parasitic manner, on hand-outs, mainly from the Whites, whom they hate but whom have throughout the centuries paid for the others, despite being obliged to accept culpability for all the wrongs in the world.  The Goy are the real slaves in this Twilight Zone world and always have been.



The Game Changer That Will Not Go Away.

Please note that the producers of this film managed to include the one and only generally accepted though never proven “False Flag” in modern times.  Guess which one it was.

The Mob’s Money Machine.

I remember posting this clip some time back, but it’s worth another look.


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