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While Agenda 21/2030 Is Still On The Way, The British Still Seek Brexit




In view of the weeks of nonsense, which claims that Carbon Dioxide is causing “Climate Change”, have provoked, claims which have been rammed into the brains of school-children, warning them that they will all die in twelve years, without a shred of science in support, apart from the claims of those whom are funded by the United Nations, which steadfastly refuses to present any convincing “proof” of the claims which it makes, why have we not had a flood of “real” scientists explaining the other side of the story on the media?



Meanwhile Piers brother Jeremy, displays his cynical refusal to take notice of his advice, claiming that the “kids know best” or some such garbage, demonstrating the total support, from all quarters, of the unsupported advice of Al Gore and his chums, whom have already made a fortune out of CarbonTrading.



This conditioning will have children living in fear of “extinction” for the next eleven years, before the claims are shown to be false and all of the fear worry to have been un-necessary. The real scientists are warning of the opposite as I have been for years, by suggesting that instead of reducing C02 we should all be paid to produce it, by lowering the cost of fuel and encouraging people to drive more, to increase the levels of CO2 which are at a dangerously low level.


Those like Naomi Klein, are pushing forward the aims of Agenda 21, which involves the packing of us all into what she calls “smaller spaces” or some such nonsense, to reduce the necessity of “travel” which means forcing us all to live in the High Rise Towers, dozens of which are already under construction all around where I live, in readiness for the other aspect of this “Green New Deal” the opening of National borders to allow the “free movement” of everyone, which will of course involve a flood of people towards those lands which pay welfare to immigrants and an emptying of those lands in Africa and the Middle East, which have been deliberately maintained in a state of chaos for decades waiting for this moment. There is no need to mention for whom Klein preaches.





In the United Kingdom the British are being prepared for the stab in the back and the possible election of Jeremy Corbyn into power, along with his aim of “Open Borders” and the installation of the Green New Deal in the United Kingdom, where the contents of Agenda 21/2030 have never been revealed to the British a revelation of which will come as a nasty shock to the British man in the street.



I have long been of the opinion that those who complained about Chem-Trails were missing the point, clouds are the most efficient form of “green-house” gas and the purpose of the vapour trails was an attempt to raise the temperature with perhaps some nasty chemicals showering down on us all included in the mix.

In one of todays clips I suggest that the British involvement in the Middle East has nothing whatever to do with “humanitarianism” and everything to do with fulfilling the aims of Israel, which has been British policy since 1917 when Balfour Declaration set in motion all of the mayhem and murder which has been going on ever since.

Lord Rothschild, the quiet hidden hand, which opened the letter, which thanked him for his assistance in some nonsense about bringing the United States into the Great War along with the Balfour Declaration, granting him ownership of Palestine, has watched the genocide of the Palestinian Peoples and the installation of the hypocrites whom claimed to be refugees from the same thing at the hands of “Evil” a claim which apparently does not apply to Jews. I am glad he did not find the process of the installation of his kingdom to be too upsetting.

It goes without saying that those in the above images, unless they were the right kind of Jews, would be severely dealt with in Israel these days, where illegal immigration is, shall we say, frowned upon.

The Islamique Takeover Of Great Britain Perhaps?


Is this the thanks the British People get in return for doing the bidding of the City of London for a couple of hundred years, to be swamped out of their homeland to make space in the Middle East for the Jews dream of Greater Israel?

It is important that you see the following data and you will quickly understand why the UK is in danger.

Mayor of London – Muslim

Mayor of Birmingham – Muslim

Mayor of Leicester – Muslim

Mayor of Leeds – Muslim .

Mayor of Blackburn – Muslim.

Mayor of Sheffield – Muslim.

Mayor of Oxford-Muslim

Mayor of Luton – Muslim

Mayor of Oldham-Muslim

Mayor of Rochdale – Muslim

All this with only 4 million Muslims out of 60 million people living in England.

Today, there are more than 3000 mosques in England.

There are more than 130 Courts of Islamic Sharia .

There are more than 50 Muslim Sharia councils

Would there be more than just Muslims in the main cities, one might ask?

Without expanding to other parts of the UK…

78% of Muslim women do not work, they are supported by the state – free housing …

63% of Muslim men do not work, they are supported by the state – free housing …

Muslim families have an average of 6 to 8 children, supported by the state, and receive free housing…

Now all British schools are obliged to teach a lesson in Islamic law! Jeremy Corbyn is intending to invite an unlimited number of immigrants into the United Kingdom and David Cameron is pushing to place even more Muslims into positions of power in the UK.

Turkey has threatened Europe with millions of refugees whom were displaced by the City of London controlled destruction of the Middle East. You had it coming to you, nasty old Hitler tried to warn you, but those whom control “The City” won the war, thanks to you and Stalin. Don’t worry about it, Boris will sort it all out. 

Love Your Carbon Dioxide!

Brendan O’Neill Interviews Rod Liddle

The Illusion Of Freedom.

The above order was issued in March 1933 which lead on to the Germans asking their people to retaliate by refusing to buy goods from Jews in Germany, which was why “Juden” was marked on the shop windows of Jew owned premises.





Going Underground: Gadaffi’s Spokesman Speaks Out.

Donald Trump’s Call To Arms At The United Nations

Never mind how boring Trump’s opponents claim this speech to have been, this is the most important speech you will ever hear in your life. Trump lays out the lines of battle against those skulking in the “Deep State” whom are plotting our destruction. Now is the time to stand up to be counted.


Coming Soon: The European Civil War.

Europeans are being warned by their respective governments, that they ‘must’ allow immigration into Europe, in order to increase the labour force, whose social contributions will be used to pay the pensions of an ever-increasing number of old people.

This idea is total garbage on two counts, firstly we are not living longer, there are however, more old people simply because since the end of World War Two, there has been no great culling of the White Christian European population, a large group of which has now reached retirement age and secondly, the vast majority of immigrants do not contribute to any pension fund, they are in fact a drain on the economies of Europe and are costing far more than the shortfall in the pension fund,  to finance.

Added to this there is the huge increase in rapes and murder and other criminal offences, which are costing millions of Euros, to keep immigrants, both legal and illegal, killers and rapists and others, in prison for decades and for dealing with street violence, which has become a daily occurrence across Europe.

Politicians are crowing with contentment at the reality of a fast approaching, minority White Christian population in major cities all across Europe, a reality which is being pushed down our throats by Jews.

This would be the self-same Jews whom without a trace of irony, tell us that they will not allow immigration in to Israel for fear of losing their Jew majority status, which is exactly what they are inflicting on us, through their agents in Africa, whom are dishing out the cost of the voyage to Europe, of thousands of fighting age young Africans, whom when they are called upon, will serve as a fighting force, when the Jews kick off the coming European Civil War, to annihilate White Christian people.

I have never heard tell of a European politician being elected on a platform, based on their aim of destroying Europe, through an invasion of other races and yet one could be forgiven for believing that this is exactly what is happening, in front of the eyes of the European Peoples and to protest such a program, leads one to be denigrated as a racist. The fact that only White European Christian countries are being targeted in this fashion is simply being ignored, not only by our politicians but with the acquiescence of the Christian Church and the Jew controlled media. This is a perfect example of a genuine conspiracy.

Without too much difficulty, one can find dozens of clips similar to the above, all over the Web. This makes it clear that we are under attack from the group of thieves, whom through the use of our money, have been allowed to get their hands on the News outlets, film studios and other forms of media, which have been used to undermine the morality of Western Christian people.

Complicit politicians and those whom have been bought or blackmailed into submission, are eagerly taking part in this destruction of their own people. These scum of the earth, have during the past Century, sent millions of the brightest and best young men of European descent, into the jaws of hell, in two world wars, all in the name of Jew Bolshevism. While at the same time, disregarding the ‘shambles’ in Russia, where sixty-five million White Christians were hideously slaughtered.

European controlled mercenary armies, under the control of sinister politicians, have swaggered around the world for five hundred years or more, raping and pillaging all and everything, within their reach. The same mentality exists to this day. One need only glance at the current wholesale destruction of the Middle East, all in the name of ‘Democracy,’ when in reality, it is the same old story of genocidal murder and the theft of land and resources, including oil and water reserves for the rapidly rising Jew World Empire, which intends, with the aid of our charity, to install themselves right in the Middle the of the oil-fields in the region, all in the name of Lucifer.

It has now become clear, to a significant number of people, that we have never been allowed a free and fair selection of those by whom we are being ruled. They present us with a controlled system, which operates under the leadership of self-seeking hypocrites, whom have no care or concern for the well-being of their own electorate.

In France, a recent election was such a fraud, that it is beyond belief that the rigged result could have been accepted, without wholesale rioting, by an electorate, which is fully aware, that they have been duped.

While in the United Kingdom, where a referendum went the ‘wrong’ way, there are unending attempts to change the peoples choice. This is based on a false claim that those whom voted to leave the European Union, had no idea for what they were voting, while on the other hand, those whom voted to remain in the EU, knew exactly for what they voted.

There are those whom tell us in no uncertain terms that without membership of the European Union, no European country can cope in the world outside. This notion flies full in the face of reality, which demonstrates, quite clearly that Europe is on the ropes and has been clinging desperately to the use of printed money to retain any semblance of being a successful entity.

After forty or more years of participation in the European idea, one could be forgiven for expecting everything to be running in a manner which provided a reasonable standard of living and the possibility of buying a home for your family.

Sadly modern-day Europe, grovels in poverty, despite the EU, which has, in reality, given us mass unemployment, the wholesale destruction of European Industry and a moribund labour force which has not benefitted from an increase in salary for several years, while the cost of an average house has rocketed out of the reach of most young couples hoping to start a family. I have heard tales of the time period for a house ‘mortgage’ being extended to eighty-five years. That is modern-day Europe. How anyone whom can describe that mess, as a club worth continuing to pay billions of Euros as a membership fee, is out of their mind. All we need is cooperation between Nation States and nothing more.

Son Volt: Tear Stained Eye.

Jackson Browne/ Old Grey Whistle Test.

Where Are The French No Go Zones In The UK?

I understand that immigrants from other European Countries, are responsible for all that ails the UK. They are being used as cheap labour, thus reducing the value of a job to a British citizen. We are however reminded that British Citizens can and do work in other member States.

In recent times there has been much talk of Polish plumbers and Chinese Winkle pickers and stuff like that. There are,  at this time four-hundred-and-fifty-thousand French folk in London, many of whom are working in informatics, as the French are extremely competent at designing video games.

These people, I am constantly being assured are the “real problem” for the British people. That being the case, I have been trawling the web, to find French, Polish or Chinese, No Go Areas. The nearest thing I could find was one small example of a Northern Town which had a small group of eastern Europeans living in close proximity to each other, but they were of no danger to the indigenous British. They can walk down the street and one would not even notice that they were not of British origin.

However should one go to Brixton in London or City Road in Bristol, one would be left in no doubt that one was entering a Black neighbourhood.  Just as should one visit several towns in the North West of the United Kingdom, one would very quickly notice that one was in a Muslim area.



In London, Golders Green was and maybe still is  the home of the Jew community, which has recently been coming under anti-Semitic attack but the attack is not coming from the French, Chinese, Black or Polish communities, it is far more likely to be coming from immigrants from the Middle East, where there is an ongoing genocide in Palestine.

At the moment there is a football competition in France, it involves many European Countries, in 2018 there will be another football campaign called The World Cup. Now imagine the surprise, should a team from Senegal run onto the pitch and that team was composed of mainly White players, quickly followed by the opposing team from France, composed of Black players, is this what we want?

I am speaking as someone who believes that a team calling itself Manchester something or other,  should represent the City of Manchester and not be composed of players from all across the Earth. These days even village teams are mainly composed of ex football league players and not youngsters from the area. But I digress.

Just to make things clear, I am not suggesting there to be anything wrong with White players playing for Senegal, I am suggesting that there is such a thing as ethnicity and to have “naturalised” ones self,  will not change your ethnicity and you would be simply denying a Senegalese his rightful place in the Senegal team. Sadly there are efforts being made to obliterate ethnicity, for all Europeans apart from European Jews.

There is a term which is frequently bandied about called “The Melting Pot.” That would be the United States of America. It would also be a misleading load of crap. The Black community in the United States is alive and well, so much for the melting pot. The same thing applies to the Bowery where there is to be found a massive Jew community, San Francisco has China Town and a Korean community, not much sign of them fading to brown.

The Melting pot worked solely for European White folk, simply because they were from the same ethnicity, with the same religion, they liked similar music and dance and as do all of the other ethnicities they prefer to keep each others company.

This has been the experience all across Europe, where only the British and other retired folk keep each others company, often simply because of their limited ability to speak the local language. However they are never to be found on the streets howling for their human rights and expecting to be housed and fed, never mind attempting to force the folk of the land where they have chosen to live to change their religion and legal system to suit their own.

To suggest that those whom find that kind of attitude to be obnoxious and thankless, to be “racists” is ridiculous. To have folk telling me to my face, that they will eventually, through excessive breeding, take my country away from me and my people,  is not only more than obnoxious but down right disgusting, particularly when they expect me to pay for their excessive number of children.

Sadly,  these sentiments are often expressed by immigrants from outside of Europe and there is an obstinate refusal of Politicians to address this attitude.

The Police in the North West of the UK, steadfastly refused to take action against organised gangs of paedophiles, whom groomed and raped several hundred under-age White Christian girls, despite many calls for help to save these children from predatory Muslim gangs.

The excuse offered was to claim that the Police were afraid of being called racists. I would suggest that in truth it was to cover-up the reality of the extent of the problem with Muslims who have an attitude that leads them to believe that White Christian children are easy meat.

In France 75,000 White Christian women are being raped annually, in the European State with the highest concentration of Muslims in Europe. It is impossible to find the identities of those whom have been found guilty of these crimes.

There is no good reason for concealing the identity of the guilty, other than to conceal from the French people the extent of the problem in France, which would upset the program of those whom are quietly destroying France through the medium of immigration.

All across Europe it is the same story. In Norway a couple of years ago, 100% of all rapes, were carried out by immigrants. Norway and Sweden vie for the title of rape capital of Europe, in two lands which in the recent past there were virtually no rapes at all.

In the United Kingdom, a man called Nigel Farage, is being hauled over the coals for having displayed a large poster on the side of a van, which depicted a huge number of the very type of people, whom were quite recently involved in a massive sex attack in Cologne in Germany, many of whom could well be in this very photograph. These folk are not refugees they are economic migrants and most of them are young violent and criminals.

Farage is accused of Racism for telling the truth. This is now, along with the murder of a Politician by a clinically depressed man, both of which events have been reported every two minutes on the News, and the “Remain” attitude of the dead politician has been presented alongside the poster of Farage as if there is a connection between the two, in a quite obvious attempt to use this incident as the “Game Changer” in the referendum.

Since 2008 there has hardly been a day when the Stock Exchanges of the world have not been see-sawing up and down, however today it is because there has been an imperceptible shift in the referendum Polls “suggesting” that the UK will be remaining in the EU, that there was a  rise in the Stock Exchanges this morning.  Experience would suggest that they could just as easily fall through the floor on Friday morning.

Jeremy Corbyn, a man who is most surely in tune with the aims of the Fabian Society, has just managed to introduce those Horrible Germans into his chat in favour of Brexit, by comparing the Jews, who having declared a war against Germany,  wanted to get themselves well out-of-the-way before British bombs started to rain down,  with the Syrian refugees whom are,  as a result of more British supplied bombs raining down, are now fleeing Syria. During the tribute to Jo Cox, a speaker in the British Parliament actually used the occasion to claim it to be Russian bombs, from which the Syrians were fleeing.

Corbyn the Communist, who is now urging folk to remain in the Politburo of Europe, should be ashamed of himself. He is deceiving the folk whom have confidence in his position, which is in direct contradiction to his previously held views, even though nothing of which he previously found to be unacceptable in the European  Union has changed.

Corbyn describes himself as an Internationalist, which is a relic of the days he spent in the company of Ralph Miliband, and he had a column in the Communist Morning Star newspaper and connections with The International Socialists, a group which was Communist, with the aim of spreading Communism across the World.

Politicians of all Parties maintain the mantra that immigration is good and that Britain needs it. I find it to be absolutely unbelievable, that a country  with sixty-five-million inhabitants,  cannot produce enough adequately educated people to handle high-tech jobs and are obliged to rely on educational systems in basically Third World countries to provide them. What on earth have they done to British kids? 




Like Hitler, Kennedy Lived On In Paradise?

There are some historical events, the truth of which we are never going to know, one of those mysteries is the grand-daddy of all conspiracies, the ritual slaughter of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, in Dallas 22-11-1963.

John Kennedy was the son of Joseph Kennedy, the man who was US Ambassador to the UK, in the years leading up to WW2, despite being a well-known criminal.  He was associated with a Mafia Boss, Aristotle Onassis, a powerful man in his own right, who promised Joe Kennedy, that one day he would allow one of  Joe’s boys to become President of the US.      See the Gemstone Files  http://wp.me/PTtbd-1w0

The assassination of Kennedy was supposedly carried out by Lee Harvey Oswald, a strange character, who although being an alleged  operative of  the CIA and FBI,  was singled out as the main suspect, within minutes of Kennedy’s killing, despite the fact that at the time Dallas was crawling with operatives of one sort or another, so why they should have picked on Oswald was never explained  in any detail. Pretty much the same scenario as Boston.

That is not all.  Having killed Kennedy, Oswald then decided to go to the cinema.   On his way he was stopped by a policeman, JD Tippit, who was  not just any old policeman but a policeman who  occasionally ate breakfast with the man who would later shoot Oswald, Jack Ruby.  On top of that he was jokingly called JFK, by his chums in the Dallas Police Department because of his strong resemblance to the President.

officer tippit

He was a good-looking man and there is a striking likeness to Kennedy

John Kennedy

And we even have a composite.


A Composite

Current theory suggests that Tippit was ordered to search out Oswald in the vicinity of the Cinema, so that he,  himself,  could be shot down in cold blood by two men; who were seen by several witnesses on the busy street in Dallas, to fabricate an excuse to arrest Oswald, in the absence of any convincing evidence that he had actually killed Kennedy.

So the official story would have us believe that Oswald, not only killed Kennedy, he also killed Kennedy’s double, all on the same day. Not bad.

So tell me who do you believe to be in this photograph?




Well one of them is Kennedy, at least one of them is supposed to be Kennedy.

Now just suppose for a moment that you had never heard of the Kennedy assassination, what would you make of this piece of film,  should you not have been exposed to all of the bullshit surrounding the event?

Sorry about the quality, it did not upload well. Never mind, what I see is Jacqui placing her hand behind JFK’s head and a stream of pink mist, shooting  forward, suggesting that whatever the shot was, had come from the exact position of her hand.  What’s more the stream of mist appears to be shooting up and not down, as it would have, had the missile come from outside of the Presidential car.

(update) The video, however bad the quality may have been has been censored by youtube, however I came across this little gem last night, which lends a bit of credibility to the claims which I published in my Blog.


Jacqui then leapt onto the trunk of the car and held her hand out to a Secret Service operative who had run after the car, apparently for no better reason than to retrieve something from Jacqui.

As far as I know, from the moment that the car raced off  and vanished through the under-pass, we have no way of knowing if we ever saw the real Kennedy again.

I now believe that Officer Tippit was murdered in order to substitute his body for that of Kennedy.  Which would suggest that there was something else going on in Dealy Plaza that day. So all of the years which have been spent looking for the “real” killers of Kennedy were a total waste of time.

The real event was kicked off by a bystander, who sprayed Kennedy with something which made him choke a little, giving Jacqui the excuse to hold him close,(this was reported by a bystander,) to supposedly see what was wrong, when in fact she either used an aerosol of some description, or indeed fired the fatal shot from a handgun, which there is evidence was hidden in the upholstery of the seat behind her.

Whatever the truth may be, I have come to believe that JFK was himself involved in the deal. At the time he was a sick man and he allowed himself to be “taken out” in order to clear the way for the “Taking of the USA.” Onassis, Joe Kennedy’s pal, then pretended to marry Jacqui, providing her with an excuse to spend her time in the sunshine of a Greek Island, along with JFK, for the time he had left to live.

I believe a lot of people will find my hypothesis to be no more incredible than is the tale of the “Lone Gunman”






The Everly Brothers: Change of Heart, Plus A Few Earlier Tunes.


While driving in my car this morning this “Golden Oldie” was played on the radio. The “Jock” then announced that the song had been a hit in 1960. I was quite amazed because it sounded as if it could have been recorded last week. It set me to wondering what a song which had been recorded in 1901 sounded like, back in 1960, to make a silly comparison. This is what I found.






Not bad wot? There’s some good stuff in there.

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