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Marie Stopes, Eugenicist And Black And White Genocide.


Marie Stopes and Margaret Sanger, set about reducing the birth-rate of Black and White women with gusto. Both of these social murderers have been hailed for their efforts in the culling of both races,  through the use of the condom, the  “Pill” – which has also interfered with the genetic make-up of boys – and abortion, which has become a ‘must’ for the new breed of woman.



Now that the promise offered to girls,  of a wonderful life, with a fulfilling career, has faded into the reality of a life of mind numbing, tedious, routine work, with no hope of a golden future, many women,  who scorned marriage and a family, in search of a career,  are finding themselves trapped in a situation where they are obliged to work, simply to keep a roof over their heads, with an ever diminishing possibility of a fulfilling life as the mother of children.

The ‘feminist’ calls for equal pay for equal work, which only applied to a particular range of work possibilities, has achieved nothing more than the reduction of the salary of the traditional male worker, who is now sharing his salary with his working wife, who is obliged to work, to earn enough to pay for what the male salary alone could support in former times.


These social changes are all part of Communism and the aim of making us all reliant on State handouts, under total control and vulnerable to a culling at a certain age, with no supporting partner in our lives, to come to our aid and fatherless children who will be prepared to accept their serfdom as part of a natural process.

The result of the loss of a father figure in the homes of both Black and White young boys has been a disaster, leading to regressive tribal gangs and an epidemic of rape and murder.

In France, the farce of the benefits of immigration is daily being exposed for what it is, by the growth in the young of a nostalgic connection with their origins, in lands in which they have never lived, having been born in France. They support the Maghrébin football team of their land of origin even when it opposes l’equip de France, a position which exposes the “melting pot” as a dismal failure.

In Germany there was a recent demonstration, by the “Turkish” community, demanding more rights. This is an outrage, they are German are they not?  These folk paraded in the streets of Germany, brandishing thousands of Turkish flags, should they have such deep-seated emotional connections with Turkey, why not return to their homeland?

Across Europe and the United States, where during the years following World War Two, at a point when there was already a serious shortage of man-power, instead of encouraging Europeans to increase the birth-rate, so-called Socialist politicians, taking their orders from the Communist Fabian Society, saturated their Peoples with propaganda, suggesting that European countries were becoming overcrowded and introduced ‘easy divorce,’  abortion and payments for single mothers, destroying the cohesion of traditional families, at a stroke.

They then cynically, started to swamp Europe with immigrants, claiming them to be necessary, in order to support the subscriptions to pension funds,  at the necessary level to support the growing number of old, which itself was created by the lack of young and not by any increase in life-span.

There were more old men simply because previous generations of men had been massacred in  two World Wars, leaving millions of War Widows behind. In the United Kingdom, for example, there were some 240,000 War Widows, which does not include the huge numbers of single women, who would have been looking for a husband, between the wars.

This fact alone demonstrates the cynical disregard, of the Socialists – whom were put into power following the Second World War – for the well-being of those whom had actually fought that illegal war.

They introduced the system of Social Security, for no better reason than to be in a position to pay huge numbers of Black immigrants from the West Indies and Asians from India and Pakistan, countries which were conveniently given their ‘pretend’ decolonisation at the right moment, giving millions the right to migrate to the UK, and of course payments for divorced and separated women with children.

In France, the response of the ‘renegade’ General De Gaulle, was to offer French women a bonus payment d’allocation familial,  for giving birth to a third child.  A decision which greatly assisted in the maintenance of the White French.

Germany however,  did not do very well under an aggressive Jew controlled government, which has been intent on destroying ethnic Germans,  whom had dared to stand up to the bankers, for the past hundred years.



The British people, despite massive amounts of evidence, exposing the British Parliament for what it is and has been since the 18th Century, no more than a War Machine for the Trading Companies, still manage to retain a belief in the honesty of politicians. This despite the fact that no Empire on the scale of the British Empire, is constructed without massive War Crimes and death.

Like the conditioned German people the British are mentally incapable of accepting the now well-known fact that the Second World War was no different and no more legal than was the destruction of Iraq and Libya and the cynical arming of terrorists in Syria, to destroy a government, with which the vast majority of Syrians were in support, just as were the majority in Libya, in support of Gadaffi. Britain is the real terrorist state in Europe and the World.

In the UK, a man called Choudary was allowed to ‘radicalise’ the Muslim community, for twenty years, a community which was somewhat enlarged by refugees from British terror tactics in the Middle East.

He was presented as an arrogant loud mouth across the British Media, lending credence to his pretence of support for the Muslim community, when in fact his real job was to stir up inter-racial hatred.  This became clear when he professed his support for the Mossad/CIA construct Daech.

I really giggled to myself, when I heard that he had been secretly tried in Court and found guilty of being too clever for his own good, and despite his training as a solicitor, he had misjudged one of his comments, which was considered to be ‘hate speech,’ and support for a terrorist group,  leading to his arrest and ‘imprisonment.’

He risks a term of ten years for this one silly slip-up. Can you seriously believe that one?  However, prison would be paradise on earth for Choudary, where he could continue to radicalise other Muslim prisoners. So what are they going to do?  Well,  they intend on setting up an area, specially for Choudary,  where he will never be seen or heard by other prisoners. As a Mossad Agent he will of course spend his time in Israel, only making the odd visit to prison for occasional interviews.



Another strange Muslim figure, who has been known to share a platform with Daech, the proxy army of the New World Order, Sadiq Khan, the Muslim Mayor of London, has now, in an almost blasphemous manner, stood up and denied the current leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, who is himself a closet Communist, in favour of the war-like vestiges of the Blair government favourite, Owen Smith.  Sadiq Kahn is also suggesting that it was all Corbyn’s fault that the people of the United Kingdom only voted for Brexit because Corbyn did not try hard enough and not because they wanted to leave the European Union, which could lead to Khan losing his place with the League of International Lord Mayors of the World, or something like that.









Have We Anything Of Which To Be Proud?




Have We Anything Of Which To Be Proud?

During the war, to save the world from Communism, in the Extreme Orient, the Coalition of the really nice folk, dropped more bombs on innocent people than had been dropped during World War Two.

“By the end of the war, 7 million tons of bombs had been dropped on Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia – more than twice the amount of bombs dropped on Europe and Asia in World War II. In addition, poisonous sprays were dropped by planes to destroy trees and any kind of growth – an area the size of the state of Massachusetts was covered with such poison. Vietnamese mothers reported birth defects in their children. Yale biologists, using the same poison (2,4,5,T) on mice, reported defective mice born and said they had no reason to believe the effect on humans was different.”

The nice guys were of course not satisfied with that, so they continued to slaughter the peasants, here we have a letter from a GI to his parents, explaining the sort of exercise in which his platoon took part:

“Dear Mom and Dad:

Today we went on a mission and I am not very proud of myself, my friends, or my country. We burned every hut in sight!

It was a small rural network of villages and the people were incredibly poor. My unit burned and plundered their meagre possessions. Let me try to explain the situation to you.

The huts here are thatched palm leaves. Each one has a dried mud bunker inside. These bunkers are to protect the families. Kind of like air raid shelters.

My unit commanders, however, chose to think that these bunkers are offensive. So every hut we find that has a bunker we are ordered to burn to the ground.

When the ten helicopters landed this morning, in the midst of these huts, and six men jumped out of each “chopper”, we were firing the moment we hit the ground. We fired into all the huts we could….

It is then that we burned these huts…. Everyone is crying, begging and praying that we don’t separate them and take their husbands and fathers, sons and grandfathers. The women wail and moan.

Then they watch in terror as we burn their homes, personal possessions and food. Yes, we burn all rice and shoot all livestock.”

Are your faces already glowing with pride, are you already slapping yourselves on the back, having just dished out the same medicine on Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen?

In Asia, nobody can give any reasonable explanation as to why the war was necessary in the first place, as when it came to an end the Communists took power, as had the Western financed Communists in Russia and China. So what purpose did the war serve? Well who do you imagine was being paid a lot of money for every bomb which was dropped and every shell and bullet, fired out of the muzzle of a cannon or machine gun? Well that would be the folk whom control the governments and the weapon shops, namely the Banking families.

Here we are sixty years on and nothing much has changed apart from the selected targets. We now have Israel carrying out the occasional billion dollar bash against Gaza, where there are only defenceless women and children. Where many kids have been burnt to death by White Phosphorous, without a word of condemnation from the Friends of Israel, unlike the lies about Syria, where thousands were killed by British and French weapons, without a word from the Free Press, long before Russia turned up on the scene.

One little chap, who was injured by something or other, in an area where hundreds have been killed in recent times, has been selected as a victim of indiscriminate Russian bombs, without supporting evidence. The Western “Free” Press is telling us that this is something which has caused an uproar, which I personally have not noticed, it has not changed any game for me.

You see the West was already guilty of unforgivable behaviour during the wars in Asia, where their behaviour differs very little from that of Daech or Al Qaeda in the Middle East, that is, if there is any real difference between the CIA and their own Al Qaeda and Daech.

“The CIA in Vietnam, in a program called “Operation Phoenix,” secretly, without trial, executed at least 20,000 civilians in South Vietnam who were suspected of being members of the Communist underground. A pro-administration analyst wrote in the journal Foreign Affairs in January 1975: “Although the Phoenix program did undoubtedly kill or incarcerate many innocent civilians, it did also eliminate many members of the Communist infrastructure.”

So when David Cameron explains to the Friends of Israel, generously represented in the British Parliament, that he takes great care to ensure that innocent civilians in Yemen, are miraculously left untouched by “British” armaments, while thousands are dying as a result of those less humane manufacturers of weapons, despite the images of death and the destruction of hospitals, schools and other infrastructure, the British, unlike those savage Russians are free of guilt and they can go safely back to sleep.

So where are we? The British and their allies, have attacked and destroyed, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Yemen, in recent times, and claim to have justification for all of the deaths and destruction of which they are responsible, and have “bestowed” this generosity on to deserving people to save them of course. The British are past masters at killing those whom they wish to save. They of course, having saved Yugoslavia, they proceeded to plunder and carve it to pieces.

So full in the midst of this carnage, why does the British Press choose to attach such importance to the image of a youngster, who is fact only one in a million, while having ‘chosen’ to ignore the British and friends massive slaughters in other wars which they have deliberately provoked, wars which killed hundreds of thousands of youngsters?

Anyone who believes that the British have ever declared a war for the sole purpose of saving people, which was not ultimately for the benefit of the Bankers, have their heads stuck firmly up their own arse.

One Man And His Chainsaw.

There Are No Giant Forests On The Earth.

Take the trouble to watch this video, when it gets into its stride it will amaze you with its theory.Despite the title, it is not about a flat earth.


Who Cares About Us?



                 Who Cares About Us?

We are constantly being told that Europe is in dire need of immigrants, that with an ageing population, there will soon be less than the necessary number of youngsters, to pay for the increasing cost of health care and pensions for the old.

In order to cope with this situation, in an ‘aging’ world, on the face of it, increased immigration would appear to be a nonsense. The obvious result would be an exponential increase in the number of old people, who will have need of an even greater number of immigrants to deal with this fast approaching, future ‘Ageism’ problem.

If we take Germany as an example, where the birth rate has tumbled – quite deliberately – why, instead of bringing in the rapists and murderers, do German companies not set up business in those countries which have need of jobs?

Otherwise, every increase in production will require a further influx of immigrants. It is quite clear, that is what is now taking place and it is unsustainable.

Europe now finds itself in the strange position, illustrated by the French attempts to encourage the four hundred-and-fifty-thousand French youngsters, now living in the UK, to return to France, while in Poland, from where an unknown number have left their country to find work, many in the UK, the Polish government is under European Union pressure to accept a huge number of immigrants, while the British are starting a campaign of hate against Polish people to drive them out.

This is a perfect example of the arrival of White Genocide in Europe and the reporting of racist attacks against Poles, in a dismissive manner, is a shockingly racist insult,  while in the same program referring to a Muslim woman as a ‘National Treasure,’ because she baked a cake in a burqa on some ridiculous television program, is a disturbing example of Media propaganda, which is quite deliberately favouring other ethnicities in the UK. The Sky News report was presented by a Black man while the weather was presented by an Asian, not a Frenchman or a Pole in sight.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in the USA, the media is once again on the attack against the police.  What’s  more they have the full support of Russia Today,  in their attempts to present the lie of the ‘Black Lives Matter,’ George Soros funded campaign, as being justified, while maintaining rock solid silence about the true Federal Bureau of Investigation figures, which illustrate that whichever way you choose to slant the reality, a higher percentage of White criminals are shot dead by the Police than are Blacks.

In Europe, I have long been searching for an example of a White gang, strolling around a large European City, looking for aged Black people to knock unconscious, in the street.  There may be an example, which I am sure, that should there be such a case, it would have been headline news, but I could not dig it out.

I have found many examples of the opposite, which would suggest to me, that despite being a small percentage of the population, Blacks are responsible for one-hundred-per-cent of ‘knockout’ attacks, which should in some cases be called ‘knockout’ murders. ‘Knockout’ makes it all sound like a sport, does it not? However, in fact it is pure savagery, much like that other Black sport, the under-reported epidemic of the rape and murder of White women.

But it is true that a disproportionate amount of murders and other violent crimes are committed by black Americans.

Because detailed FBI data on crime can lag by several years, the most-cited statistics on this point refer to 2009 data. According to that data, out of all violent crimes in which someone was charged, black Americans were charged with 62 percent of robberies, 57 percent of murders and 45 percent of assaults in the country’s 75 biggest counties — despite the fact that black Americans made up just 15 percent of the population in those places.”(Washington Post)

Such is the true depth of Black criminality and the strength of White patience, to have accepted such a chronicle of crime for decades, while being constantly told that Blacks are being targeted by White bigots.






There are claims, that while White people on the Dole, are scroungers or dole-mongers, we are never given the statistics which ‘informally’ suggest that Blacks on the dole, with large families, are only demanding Social payments because of ‘Racism,’ amongst employers, suggesting it to be all Whitey’s fault. It is not at all because they receive more in benefits than they would earn working, unlike those White scroungers, is it?

The only figures available would suggest, that as in France, the fact that immigrants group together and are a smaller proportion of the overall population, there will inevitably be areas with a higher than average National figures, number of unemployed, that is the same story everywhere you find a concentration of immigrants. Which blows out of the water claims that they come to our shores to work.

We are in fact, being fed rubbish by the mainstream media. In reality Black people are prepared to exist in the middle of squalor and will do nothing about it. In South Africa despite their new-found freedoms, there is more squalor than ever. In Zimbabwe, where Mugabe’s promise of a glorious future, once he had taken the country’s agriculture ‘back’ into the hands of the people, nothing has improved, in fact many would willingly accept the return of the White Government. Which is strange because is Zimbabwe not entitled to same assistance as was donated to the Saint Nelson Mandela? Why the cruel treatment of the now ‘free’ people of Zimbabwe? Why the collective punishment of the Zimbabwean people by the West?

The Whites have now been driven out of Zimbabwe and the remaining White farmers are even now being slaughtered by Blacks in South Africa, which is of course under the control of Bolsheviks, unlike Zimbabwe, where Mugabe refused to accept the dictates of the Bolshevik Bankers, which is the reason why the Communist Mandela was beatified while Mugabe is considered to be a monster.

“We” are apparently, supporting one side and not the other for no better reason than that the Mandela team was prepared to sell off the riches of South Africa to the Bolsheviks, while Mugabe was not. Not that I admire Mugabe, however he is preferable to many Western politicians whom are mass murderers one and all.

The Return Of The Black Death? Perhaps.

Despite having accepted an urgent need to keep population growth under control, by whatever means necessary, Europe and other countries with populations of European origin, having made strenuous efforts to achieve this aim, are even now being flooded with those from afar, whom are apparently intent on taking control of ‘population reduced’ Europe, through the means of out-breeding Europeans.

Throughout the recent mass immigration into Europe, I have not heard one word about the past calls for population reduction, I am confronted with an apparent, overwhelming need to allow immigrants into Europe, which despite an already enormous population cannot cope without more immigrants.

Are European politicians, unaware of the reality of life in Europe, where despite an enormous number of unemployed young people, they are calling for ever more young immigrants, claiming that Europeans are unwilling to carry out certain jobs, which only immigrants are prepared to accept, when in fact it is mostly the children of previous waves of immigrants, whom are swelling the ranks of the European unemployed?

I think it is fair comment to suggest that Europe is incapable of accepting and feeding the millions of Muslims, whom are being quite deliberately forced to leave their own countries, by a cold-blooded group of hell-hounds, with dreams of world control swilling around in their sick minds. Most European countries are already overcrowded and unable to feed themselves, they rely on imported food, which is never a good place in which to find yourself.

An unknown number of Muslims, whether refugees or economic migrants, entered France during recent times. There were fifty-three-thousand from Mali alone. France at the moment is a runaway train, heading for the buffers. It is in no fit state to accept any more immigrants, so why does Hollande and his government continue the destruction of Muslim lands?

Is he in fact so stupid that he believes that his illegal and unnecessary wars against Islam, are good for France? Or perhaps he is actually in the process of quite deliberately destroying the Middle East and Africa and at the same time, ridding Europe of its White population – an aim which is voiced by many European politicians – through the medium of a deliberately provoked Civil War across the White World.

It is hard to believe that so many strange events have taken place by accident, during recent years. No one with half a brain is going to provoke a massive refugee problem, which will involve accepting millions of belligerent Africans, into Europe, claiming them to be Syrian refugees, most of whom would prefer to stay in tents close to Syria, because they would prefer to go home when Hollande calls off his war.

In the UK, a tiny island, which has stood by watching its farmers driven out of business, last year alone accepted three-hundred-thousand immigrants, all of whom have to be housed and fed. That is the population of a large city. One need only check out the number of homes, schools, hospitals and supermarkets, necessary to see to the needs of such a huge number of people, to realise that this is completely unsustainable and yet successive UK Governments have encouraged this excessive immigration, are we to believe them to be oblivious to the simple fact of full to overflowing.

So what has become of the urgent need to reduce the population? Why has no effort been made to encourage British White folk to have more babies, if there are now too few being born? Common sense suggests that at some point the country is full and yet politicians are apparently unaware of this simple fact.

While the UK is being packed with immigrants from India, Pakistan, the Middle East, West Indies and Africa, the only immigrants mentioned by British politicians are Polish people and occasionally French people, when in fact they, normally take care of their own needs and are never seen parading around the streets of the UK calling for the installation of a law which will introduce barbarous acts such as the decapitations in Saudi Arabia.

All across Europe, in keeping with Agenda 21, the country-side is being made unlivable.

Schools are being closed down and kids bussed off to large towns, Post Offices are now a rarity. Where I live there is only one Post Office, which is often out of cash, serving half a dozen local villages. Town Halls are vanishing, through the underhanded behaviour of Mayors, whom belong to the French version of Common Purpose, who are taking to themselves the power to sign on to Agenda 21, without a word to those by whom they were elected, most of whom are totally unaware of what has happened.

Local Democracy in France has now been grouped into “Grande” areas, which are themselves controlled by the Office of Sustainable Developement, which is superior to the elected politicians in the Prefectures.

These things are not happening for the benefit of the people, there is something dark and sinister waiting for us in the wings. The biggest fear must be the outbreak of a disastrous plague of some sort, similar to the Spanish Flu which arrived in Europe, with infected American soldiers during the Great War, killing an estimated fifty-million people. The consequences of such an outbreak in the modern world would be disastrous, should it pass into the over-crowded cities.

With Europe already in the grip of an epidemic of rape and violence, mainly due to the immigrants/refugees, the intrepid liar from Sky News, Stuart Ramsay, carried out yet another of his fantasy reports, this time, having been ‘allowed’ access to a group of ‘gun runners’ in Romania, whom assured our Ace Reporter that they have been selling AK 47’s and Kalashnikov’s, by the thousand to anyone who has the money, whether they be terrorists or not. Thus pumping up the pressure in Europe, where containers full of arms have already been discovered in Greece, with addresses towards immigrants and marked furniture.

Ramsay has gone just a step too far this time and he has been accused by the Romanian government of staging the interview with the crooks and of paying them for their services. He has of course denied the accusations. Anyone who follows my tales will be well aware that I have been voicing suspicions about Ramsay’s dubious exploits for years.

Sky News has continually presented his wild claims without supporting evidence, as fact. In a recent report he claimed that a man in the street handed him a USB key with the names addresses and telephone numbers of every member of Daech, operating in Syria, which was duly reported on Sky News, only to rapidly disappear, into the ozone.

During recent years, we have been deluged with false claims of a coming Pandemic, whether it be a form of influenza, Zika or an upsurge in antibiotic resistant Tuberculosis. One of these day the real killer disease will be unleashed and a mandatory vaccination will be necessary for us all. That has been promised ever since the days of George Bernard Shaw, a man whom believed his form of intelligence to be the only form worth retaining, he referred to the rest of us as ‘useless eaters.” The “needle” was proffered as the best means of wiping out the German people should the carpet bombing leave behind a few living examples.


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