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The Absurdity Of Laws Against Free Speech Designed To Conceal Deceit.

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Whenever a perceived threat, to the total control of humanity, by the infamous ‘hidden hand’, makes an appearance, the first step is to undermine the efforts, of the perpetrator of that threat, by whatever means comes to hand. Hitler, when all else failed, was said to be a ‘covert’ member of the gang, working for the gang. Brainwashed by the British.

Donald Trump, who is using some of the verboten tactics of Hitler, is already being connected to certain figures, whose religion can most certainly be mentioned without fear, apart that is from in connection to membership, of that gang, a gang which could well be a threat to us all, while their identity must remain unspoken.

We the People, are now in a position, where to so much as mention a disparity in certain numbers, supplied by these people, which add up to the wrong answer, is soon to be forbidden. Should that advantage be allowed to apply to one and only one section of humanity, is a very strange notion indeed, and to be expected, not to so much as ask why that should be allowed, borders on insanity. They, the ‘special ones’ on the other hand, can make any claim, however false or fantastic against whomsoever they may choose, without fear of sanction. This is called freedom of speech? A freedom which will soon no longer apply to those like me or you, whom question certain things which do not add up, but a freedom which will be retained by those with a capacity to lie through their teeth about all and everything.

While efforts are continually being made, to connect those like Trump, with certain members of a gang-land group called the “Mafia” or “Cosa Nostra” the people whom have had virtual monopoly control of these groups, when once upon a time, hiding behind Italian sounding names and these days behind American sounding names, which have and are still being used to separate them from any connection to the “government”, while in other places names which were once changed to give the impression of being “Russian”, were chosen to hide the identity of those whom organised a coup d’etat in that country and whom are now lurking behind names which sound slightly Middle-Eastern, to give an impression of the same thing, when in fact both of these acts were what can only be described as being Non-Governmental-Organisation private wars, which the tax-payers of the world were forced to finance, using the newly installed private Income-Tax, which is a polite way of robbing the public for the benefit of the International Deep State.

South Africa is a classic example of the Deep State, which, in its grossly hypocritical mode of getting what it wants, endeavored to destroy yet another fully functioning, ‘White’ State, while pretending to be doing so for the benefit of an enormous immigrant population of Blacks, from all over Africa, Blacks whom against all odds were the richest Blacks on the African Continent, thanks to the generosity and industry of the White Government, now find that having killed the goose that laid the golden egg, that they have been reduced to a life of rape, robbery and cannibalism, in less than a generation.

The ruling class of this Bolshevik Communist, African National Congress Government, still hiding in the shadows, belongs to the very same White Race, which they have driven from power in South Africa, in a coup d’etat,  a fact which they are desperate to deny and conceal, while they now target the remaining Whites of South Africa, as they have previously done in Russia,  which will further reduce the ability of the Farmlands of South Africa to recover from the murderous assault of Black Racist rapists and killers, all of whom are being paid to carry out their dirty work, which will finally cripple South Africa, forcing these Black racists to take to the highway towards Europe, which is exactly what they are required to do.

On arrival, by ferry-boat, into Europe, these people whom have quite deliberately chosen to destroy their own country, will then be holding out their hands to beg the maximum from their new host in Europe, while those whom have already arrived are even now creating chaos in those European lands which are taking them in.

They are of course not welcome in the land which funded the destruction of South Africa, the people whom live there, whom have already stolen that land for themselves, are of a more hypocritical nature than is the average White Man, who is easy meat.

The same team of ‘experts’ which stole the Gold and Diamond mines in South Africa, which they were attempting to do, even as the Balfour Declaration was being composed, a possibility which was aided by Winston Churchill, who had spent time in South Africa fighting the Boers and who did then expose the Anzacs, whom were forced to fight against the Boers, to a brutal hail of gunfire at Gallipoli, in order to hold up the Ottoman Empire’s Army in its attempt to hold out against the coalition, which was determined to steal Palestine from them and that would be even as the coup d’etat, under the same control was ready to kick off in Russia, to steal that vast land from its rightful inhabitants.

So to even suggest that the Boers in South Africa, were the culprits of some alleged crime or another, against Black immigrants, whom were invited into South Africa by the British, as slave labour, which the British Deep State, is even now, promising to do all across Europe, is stretching the boundaries of belief to the very limit. The coup d’etat which followed on from the Russia takeover, was of course Germany, a few short years later. All of which would suggest an overall plan of some sort, so to blame some of the individual victims of this vast, diabolical, blood-thirsty plan, is absurd. 


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What Exactly Does Nigel Farage Stand For?

Nigel Farage is in full support of various members of the three current Political Parties in the House of Commons forming a third Party, to break the stranglehold of the three main Parties in British Politics. Such a move would quite obviously lead to a continuation of exactly the same Iron Grip, in which the British have been held forever. It will take more than a few members shuffling around in the House of Commons, to improve the current parlous state of “British Democracy”.

I was thoroughly shocked to hear Farage laying out his position on anti-semitism, on his radio show on LBC. He gave no quarter to Jeremy Corbyn, whom he perceived to be unfit to lead a British Political Party, simply because he was in support of the subjugated people of Palestine, whom have been massacred by the Israeli’s for the past seventy years, as a result of the illegal British act of stealing their land, which was then given to Lord Rothschild as a present for manipulating the Americans into the Great War.

The British have been arming ‘The Free Syrian Army’ for years, a group of paid terrorists, pretending to be the Government in Waiting, preferred by the Syrian people. They were in fact nothing more than one of the various groups, which were fighting for this same State of Israel, during which they carried out atrocities which were beyond belief. Their wounded were treated by Israeli Doctors and then sent back into Syria.

These are the Israelis whom are complaining about a few of their own dead, while they have never, never, never mentioned a word about the ten million or so Muslims whom have been blow apart all around Israel by British, American and French paid military murderers.

Corbyn was praised for standing up to Apartheid in South Africa, which was OK even though all of Mandela’s terrorist activities were funded by the Bolshevik Communists, under the leadership of a Jew, Joe Slovo. He was wrong about that and he has since failed to denounce the current Apartheid against the Whites in South Africa, which is also being covered up by the Jew controlled Media. His open door policy for immigrants, does not appear to apply to the White Christian People of South Africa, whom have been warned of a coming ‘holocaust’.

It should always be remembered that Corbyn, was himself a closet Stalinist Communist, along with his great chum Ralph Miliband.

Farage, having listened to nothing but talk about Israel for half of his program, suddenly decided that he was not talking about Israel, when faced with an unanswerable set of responses from a caller, who was in fact the only opposing voice on the entire program.

I find myself at a loss, trying to understand Nigel’s position in the current round of affairs, which do not only include Brexit but also several major changes, which could well be brought about under the cover of Brexit. The rabid Israeli supporter Liam Fox is already suggesting joining the Corporations Union called TPP. Farage has not mentioned this possibility, which could be far more serious than remaining in the European Union, should the Tories pull it off. They do, after all,  work for the City of London, from where all the Corporations are controlled, including the Parliamentary Corporations, a reality which should never be forgotten.

 Nigel Farage never once mentioned the fact that the European Union was a construct of the City of London and the American Bankers. He knows full well that The Fabian Society helped Churchill and others, set-up the EU, so why not say so? 



Back in the day, when SenatorJoe McCarthy, was outing the element in the American Government, which was manipulating world events, he forgot to mention that his ‘Communists’ were in fact, what is now called ‘The Deep State’ a group which had originally formed the League of Nations and later the United Nations and in more recent times the North American Union, the Soviet Union and the European Union, all of which must surely be understood by Nigel Farage.

This tragic situation is an illustration of how the world has been taken down by an International group of Bankers, a group which through the use of cynical, greedy, self interested Kings and Presidents, has been allowed to rob us all and to use this enormous wealth called ‘Income Tax’, to buy and control all of the most important players in World Politics. Farage would appear to be in favour of banning all discussion of the behaviour of these criminals, which begs the question, “For Who or Whom does he speak?”



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Coming Soon To A City Near You: Wholesale Slaughter? Yes Please!



Have you ever wondered why, when it was shown that a group of agents from the FBI had actually made the bomb that was used in the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, that this provable fact was ignored by the Court, while the men whom were set-up by the FBI went to prison for life? Would it come as a surprise to you, to find that the same FBI has been implicated in virtually every similar attack in the United States, which have been ritually described as having been ‘prevented’ by the FBI?

So in view of the above brief outline of the FBI’s deliberate attempts to present themselves as having “saved” the American public from who knows what, using fabricated evidence, it should come as no surprise to now find that this same FBI is implicated in all of the current attempts to build up a case against Donald Trump, making use of “dodgy evidence” which was provided by a group of foreign agents in the pay of the Democratic Party. Everybody in “The House” is aware of this fact and yet no action has been taken, while the case against Trump continues.

In the United Kingdom where there was an attack on the London Underground rail network and a double-decker bus in Tavistock Square, an attack which called 7-7, it was suggested at the time, but never thoroughly investigated, that the home-made bombs, which the alleged attackers were said to have used during the attacks, could not possibly have inflicted the massive damage to the trains, which were blown off the tracks, apparently by home-made bombs which were supposedly placed ‘inside’ the trains, bombs which were made by a bunch of kids in their bathroom at home.

In the London attacks, there were BBC and other reports, that the Perpetrators of the bombings, had been tracked tracked down and shot dead by Police in the Docklands area of London, an act which was witnessed and reported by bystanders but later written out of the News and therefore it was decided that it would be a “ludicrous diversion” to hold an inquiry into the event, as the guilty parties were dead. A man called Blair said as much, while another man also called Blair, told us exactly from where the bombers had come and who they were, long before he could possibly have known any such thing.



These attacks and others in London and elsewhere in the United Kingdom are called “Terrorist Attacks” which have been laid at the door of the Muslim Community. Now, having judiciously  quietened down the “troubles” with the Irish Republican Army, during which,  British Forces made and planted many of the murderous bombs, which were blamed on the Republicans, including two bombs in Dublin which killed and maimed dozens of Irish people. The British, should they so desire, could now do as they did in Ireland and in Birmingham and other places in the UK, plant a few more bombs, as they were caught doing in Basra in Iraq, just to keep their hand in.

The Muslims in the United Kingdom and the United States are immigrants, which places them in exactly the same position as were the Blacks in South Africa, whom swamped the “White” country of South Africa, with immigrants from many different African countries

These Blacks were then funded by Bolshevik Communists, under the control of a Jew called Joe Slovo, to carry out terrorist attacks in South Africa, against the White Christians. The puppet leader of these Blacks, a certain Nelson Mandela, was himself a brutal killer, responsible for the deaths of five-hundred White People, while his wife Winnie, adored watching the eyes of her victims pop, from the heat of a burning rubber tyre necklace, around their neck. These Black immigrants are now claiming the right to confiscate the farms of the indigenous White Farmers, because the Whites own too much of their own land.

This is exactly the same attitude of the immigrant Jews in Palestine, from where they have driven hundreds of thousands of the indigenous People out of their very homes and into refugee camps, where they have remained for seventy-years. The Jews are currently shooting, killing and maiming hundreds of these Freedom Fighters, whom are now called Terrorists, even as Nelson Mandela has been Beatified, by the same British media, which is now crucifying Jeremy Corbyn, for allegedly laying a wreath at the tomb of some of the murdered Palestinian Freedom Fighters, an act which has caused an enormously strident response from the controlled British Media. This is called balanced reporting.

The interesting part of this tale, will soon become evident, across Europe and the United States, where large cities, including London and Birmingham in the UK, now have an immigrant majority, which will no doubt soon be declaring, that White Christian Peoples of Europe and the UK, hold an almost total control of all of the farming land and that a correct percentage of it should be confiscated and handed over to the incomers?




After that the sky is the limit, in South Africa, where a mere six-million Whites were expected to maintain forty-million Blacks, those Whites are now given none of the minority benefits to which all minorities in White Christian countries demand as a matter of their Human Rights. No White is permitted to live in a home, built by Whites,  should a Black be in need. No White is permitted to do a job, unless there is no Black capable of doing that job.

 The Blacks, whom are still under the control of Jews, into the hands of whom, Saint Nelson Mandela, sold the gold and diamond mines and other resources, having promised the Blacks that he would “Nationalise” them, have an apparent “Final Solution” to the White problem, that of genocide, which does not appear to alarm the other member States of BRICS. So all in all, the attitude of the Jews to Jeremy Corbyn laying a wreath on the tomb of a Palestinian Terrorist, is plumbing the depths of hypocrisy and a “Free” Media would have no problem in pointing out the chutzpah involved in these calls. The Jews want it all ways, to decry in Palestine exactly what they encouraged in South Africa and which certain Jews are intent on bringing to the United States and Europe, where the symptoms are already plain to see. We are not all the same and to accept  that we  are is suicide. Why do you think we have wars?



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