A call from the Garrigue


The Undeniable Proof Of The Efficacy Of Our Conditioning.

The most famous artist of the 20th Century, is most probably Pablo Picasso.  He produced work of such quality, we are told, that it is changing hands for millions of Dollars.

When he died, he left behind, as an inheritance for his extended family, an estimated two-hundred and fifty-thousand canvases.

Sadly, far from being a phenomenal artist, Picasso, a Jew, was the progenitor supreme of the modern school of art, which is called “Concept” art.   It was in fact, no more than a question of never mind the quality, feel the width.

Intelligent people, who understand art, in all of its guises, were, along with the rest of us, deceived into believing the work of Picasso, to be of importance, they had in fact been educated to dismiss the reality of what they actually perceived with their own eyes.

Picasso was nothing more than a fraud, whom with the support of the Money Lenders, who have control of Education and the Media, was transformed into an iconic hero of Modern Art, which he had simply copied from the works of others, whom sadly did not receive similar publicity.

Watch the following video clip and decide for yourself. Had you not been told that this was Picasso, would you have found anything  particularly special about this work? I can confirm, from my own work, that having repeated the same design, over and over again, I can reproduce it with ease, as could any artist.


What we are actually dealing with is anti-art.  We are being trained to believe whatever we are told to believe.  Leonardo da Vinci would sneer at the work of Picasso as would chocolate box artists such as Constable. Unfortunately, these days, folk are too frightened to express an opinion on many subjects.

The result of this mass indoctrination of the general public, has produced a situation where any reasonably talented artist, can imitate the style of Picasso, with a similar style,  which even highly paid professionals, cannot, without the aid of x-ray machines and other such devices, separate from an original.

This has lead to a gullible public, standing in front of a presentation of, for example,   the artists bed room, with various bits and pieces scattered on the floor, with the bed cloths in, “artistic” disarray, believing themselves to be gazing at art.  Even worse than that, th exposition of an empty room, in which a light, goes on and off.

This sort of nonsense has been used to prepare us to accept anything, and we do.  This morning I heard news of a shooting in the United States at an Abortion Clinic, which was run by Planned Parenthood. A group which has been “lobbying” forever,  to get the right to abort a baby ever closer to the date of its birth.

To be blunt, I have always been of the opinion that abortion is a form murder, but I accept the right of those whom choose to carry out this procedure on themselves. However where is the problem in explaining to them, should they be ignorant of what they are actually doing, that they are killing their baby. Should the baby have already been born and they put it in a cardboard and took to the Clinic, for them to kill, what would be the difference.

There are many reports of aborted babies, while still alive after the abortion has been performed, being left on draining boards to die.  This sort of information does not get much publicity, just in case it discourages expectant mothers, for whom the baby is not too convenient, from going through with their abortion.

The attacker at the Planned Parenthood Clinic, while carrying out the raid, killed three people, he will now be tried for murder. He was a member of the Right To Life group, which is opposed to what they perceive to be murder.  So to be cynical, can anybody tell me, which one of them is the real Picasso, Planned Parenthood or Right to Life?

Planned Parenthood, for those whom are not aware, was a Jew construct, aimed initially at White people. They encouraged the sterilising of mentally retarded American women.  The Marie Stopes Clinics in the UK, while not allowed at the time to abort babies, did sterilise the mentally handicapped and these days they of course recommend  abortion, Internationally.

Marie Stopes, crouching behind the camouflage of Women’s Rights, was a Jew Eugenicist, from the same mould as the Jew Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood. You see it was not Hitler and those dratted Germans who introduced Eugenics to the world it was a pair of Jews.

As if that was not enough to make my day, it was announced, on Sky News, that the principality of Wales was about to introduce an “Opt Out” system which would  allow Medical Men, to harvest the organs of any person who had not “opted out,” a necessity which most will not get around to, before an early road accident or another cause of head injury.

This is actually yet another of those horny old subjects which is being applauded by an unsuspecting public. Sky News chose to present a poor rugby player who was in desperate  need of a new heart. Suggesting that this change in the law would increase his chances of getting that heart.

This brings us head on into another cloudy area.  The whole basis of organ donation is founded on the theory of “Brain Death.”  This theory of Brain Death was dreamt up by a workshop of the propaganda machine, to use as an excuse to declare an injured person, as dead in the head, despite having a body which continued to function.

The function of the body is essential, as inner organs deteriorate rapidly if the blood supply is cut off. To get around this, doctors can declare any victim, to be brain-dead to suit the harvesting of their organs.

During the Summer, a friend of mine told me of her experience with a “brain-dead” member of her family. Her sister-in-law, having just given birth to a baby, had a Stroke.  Within hours the doctors were declaring her to be “Brain Dead.”  My friend assured me that she and several others thought her to be still alive.

Because of a Donor Card amongst her papers, she told me the doctors were like animals and within minutes bits and pieces of her sister-in-law were being sent all over France. She was disgusted and in tears as she repeated her tale. Be warned, medical men do not give a toss whether you are alive and could recover or not, There is money to be made!  The Medical profession, in one way or another, is responsible for more deaths per annum than  cancer.

It would appear that medical murder, like murder by men in uniform,  is the acceptable face of establishment savagery. How on earth have we been conditioned into such a state of acceptance, that with no complaint, we are prepared to accept,  the concept of calling a man who kills killers, a murderer, while expressing solidarity with those whom he killed, who are engaged in the  selling of baby parts for profit?  It is so disgusting, that it calls into question whether we possess any quality worthy of being called Humanitarian.

The real killers are always State funded and have already carried out millions of executions, with a fancy name to hide the reality of their crimes against humanity.  We are now being told that we are not producing enough babies, so we have to import them.



Looking For Clues.

I’m sure we have all been thrilled by images of Daech, in their fetching costumes, in the sand, where one of them performs a roly-poly and jumps up and points his Kalashnikov in a menacing manner, then they all turn their backs to the camera and saunter off to nowhere across the empty desert.

There were a few more stock clips of them performing certain struts for the adoring viewers, carrying their banner in the sunset, that sort of thing.

well let us take a closer look at Daech shall we? A while back, while they were busy collecting their weapons from a fleeing Iraqi Army, I suggested that they would very soon be chased into Syria, creating an excuse for the “Coalition” to into Syria to get them.

David Cameron, was at that time demanding the right to set up a “No Fly Zone” to prevent Bashar al Assad from flying across his own country. The British Parliament refused to condone his request. Since when he has been hopping around calling for action against Assad, to no avail.

Daech did cross over into Syria and started to lay the country to waste. They slaughtered hundreds of Syrian soldiers, in the manner of the Bolsheviks in Russia, by riddling them with bullets as they lay in trenches which they had been forced to dig. They also destroyed ancient monuments in the name of Islam, but had no problem selling them off for cash.

Cameron, by this time, in order to satisfy his need for blood, disguised a few British Pilots as Americans and allowed them to fly US Fighter Bombers, so that he could at least destroy a little bit of Syria.

The Coalition spent twelve months or more pretending to bomb Daech in Syria to no avail. They just could not find any sign of them.  Except of course for a couple of British lads, who Cameron claimed to have tracked down to some village in the desert, and murdered them with a drone attack.  Soon after that the USA, tracked down the main man Jihad John in a similar manner, and eliminated him.

The Russians had better luck than did the Coalition, they bombed out more terrorist amenities in a few days than had the French and Americans in twelve months. It was at this point that the panic set in for the Coalition, which has now destroyed just about the entire region, but not yet quite enough of it.

 I must now digress. Cast you mind back to 911. I am sure you can all remember the nineteen stooges, whom were given Visas to enter the USA, despite the protests of the American Ambassador in Saudi Arabia.

On 911, hardly had the buildings collapsed than did the FBI find Passports, on the pavement, which they divined as belonging to the hijackers.  It then turned out that the whole bunch of them were known to the CIA and FBI and all of the alphabet security services and the case was solved in double-quick time. Oh! I almost forgot, there were something in the order of thirty different drills taking place all across the Area.

That is why the Patsies were allowed into the States in the first place, otherwise it would have been a nightmare trying to track them down. At the end of the day on 911, the whole bunch of them were flown back to Saudi Arabia on the only aircraft which was allowed to fly that day.

In London on 7-7, four young lads had been groomed by MI5 or MI6, they had been taken on trips to London and shown around the Houses of Parliament and introduced to knobs of all shapes and sizes. They were then offered a role in an exercise in London, in which they could play the star roles, those of four suicide bombers.

Things did not go quite to plan because the appointed train, bringing the lads into London did not run, so they were not where they should have been. No matter the bombs still went off and within a short space of time Blair the cop, was telling us all, when he could not possibly have known, exactly who had carried out the attack, which happened at a time when the whole area was teeming with cops and ambulances and whatever taking part in the drill.

The sick part of this tale is the fact that the lads knew too much, so they had to die. They were tracked down, probably with their telephone coordinates and shot like dogs in Dockland. This incident was reported by the BBC and a few newspapers.

In Paris, on Friday November 13th, there was the usual drill taking place, lots of ambulances and police to hand just by chance.  There was a Football match taking place in the Stade de France between France and Germany. The President of France  was watching the match. When along come a couple of suicide bombers, youngsters one of them just fifteen years old. They apparently detonated their belts outside the stare, without so much as cuddling a cop, so nobody was killed but them. Passorts tumbled, like pennies from heaven, from the pockets of the bombers,  almost on to the shoes of the cops whom were on hand to recover them.

The law, miraculously knew that the suicide bombers had not been alone. There is no explanation as to how they could possibly have known this, however they very quickly raided several homes in Belgium, and they then decided that they had found the mastermind holed up in a house in Saint-Denis, a quartier of Paris.

They arrived by the hundred and poured five thousand rounds and a few dozen stun grenades into the apartment and claimed to have found the body of the mastermind under the rubble.

There is however one of the men still on the run, who knows too much.  He must die. As for the rest of the tragedy, there are several descriptions of other participants in the event. White muscular men,driving BMW’s, seen loosing off automatic rifles into a bar,  however the Police show no interest whatsoever in trying to track THEM down, knowing instinctively that they have got all the “real” guilty men.

This attack has already enabled François Hollande to redouble the bombing campaign in a sovereign country, Syria, which is illegal under International Law. Cameron has started his moaning for blood, all over again. There is to be another vote in Parliament which he expects to win, because he does not want to let his friends down, never mind the legality. We are British after all.

I hope you are all still with me. So the truth of this is,  Daech and their roly-poly and  all of that nonsense,  takes place in the USA, It is all filmed and their graceful movements honed to perfection. Because you see there is no such thing as Daech.  It is a myth, which is being used as a promoter of fear. There are no romantic looking men in black in Syria, they are all unshaven grisly killers, there is nothing romantic about them.

Ever since the invasion of Iraq people have had their heads chopped off, remember Ken Bigley, he had his head cut off by Al Qaeda, remember them?  Since then we have been drenched in affiliates of this and that and God knows what else. Then up pops the name IS, with their green-screen beheading videos which showed nothing, but which were presented as shocking by the mainstream media, despite there being nothing shocking about them.

In Syria there are only paid mercenaries, this is what is freaking out the Coalition. Russia has already stated that there are only terrorists in Syria, there is no such animal as moderates, they are all the same. Do you get it? If Putin drives these mercenaries out of Syria, the game is up for the Zionists at least for the moment.  The men in black have left the building.

Cameron and Hollande are now running around wetting their pants, Hollande is desperate to catch the stooge who got away after Friday the 13th to shut him up, while he and Cameron are both desperate to maintain the fiction of Daech to suit other purposes.

An attempt was made a while back,  to discourage Putin, when a Russian Airliner was shot down over Sinai, probably by a NATO aircraft which was taking part in a drill, yes another one, no more than twenty miles from where the plane was brought down. This failed to arouse Putin’s ire, so Erdogan was ordered to bring down a Russian Fighter Bomber over Syria, to further provoke Putin into something silly, he has not yet responded to the attack, which was in fact a declaration of war.

Attempts are now being made to transform Daech into an International Brigade, which can be called on, whenever necessary, to carry out an atrocity like the recent event in Paris.  As for their Caliphate, I think they will have to put that one on hold for a while.

The Knights Of Malta Call A Conference Of Their Stooges.


Our Global Leaders have all popped off to Malta to receive their orders from Head Office, prepping them for the important meeting which is coming up in Paris.  This meeting is a treasonous attempt to destroy, whatever freedoms, we imagine we still possess.

The Malta bash was actually described as a meeting of British Commonwealth leaders, but in fact it includes François Hollande and Ban Ki Moon, both of whom will play an important part in persuading the delegates at the Paris Conference to succumb to the nonsense which was generated by the United Nations, totally for the benefit of the Bankers and Corporations.

The plans which will be on the table, at this farce in Paris,  will include the hammering of the last nail into the coffin of European Industry,  by introducing  unattainable CO2 limits, which will make it clear as to why George Osborne,  refused to subsidise British Steel manufacture, to help it pass through, a problematic period, as a result of Osborne’s decision to allow the dumping of Chinese steel in the UK,  as it would lead to CO2 emissions in excess of the limits which Osborne will impose on British Industry,  as part of his deliberate destruction of The United Kingdom.

This conference will pave the way to allowing multi-national Corporations, to not oily trade an invisible commodity on the Carbon Credit Exchanges, it will also allow them to sell OUR water to the highest bidder. There is a lot at stake and all of it being decided behind your back.



Look At That Luv! The Cuck-Socialists Are Attacking That Nice Weatherman.

Do any of those whom claim to represent the British people, in Parliament, give a damn about what those people want?  Do Labour Party Members believe that they are there to suit themselves, or indeed Israel, without any regard for the evidence that thousands of their supporters, across the Kingdom, have voted in favour of change?

There are many War Criminals still sat in the benches of the Labour Party,  whom so proudly supported Blair and his Bankers Wars, whom sit alongside their Tory Party co-conspirators at Bilderberg meetings, receiving their orders from the Top Zionists, while some, like Blairite Andy Burnham,  continue to accept invitations to bean feasts in Israel.

All of the sulking, bad losers, in Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet, whom like those whom refused to accept his Democratic election,  should do the right thing and join their thumb-sucking non-entities – whom have assumed the role of Cuckservative, to defeat their own Democratically elected leader – on the Back Benches. Having demonstrated their rejection of Democracy, they should, one and all, be recalled and de-selected by their Local Party.

Corbyn should stand by his values. He has the advantage of knowing that the British people stand by his side. He should not allow himself to be blackmailed by the likes of the “Son of Benn,” whose “beloved” father was a lifelong member of deadly subversive groups, like The Tavistock Institute and Frankfurt School, and whom no doubt planted the seeds of subversion into the vacant head of his child, or that other fraud Burnham, whom not for the first lost an election for the Leadership of the Labour Party, which preferred Corbyn.

Burnham and Benn talk of cutting off the head of the snake, where they think they are going to find that, in the battle-fields of Syria? You must be joking, the only folk fighting in Syria are paid murderers, the real guilty are hiding in plain sight in Parliament and l’Assemblée Nationale  in Paris and the Pentagon in Washington, as they well know.

Those Labour Party voters, whom still cherish old-fashioned notions that “Labour” works for them, should have had their eyes opened wide by the antics of those in their Party who are more aligned with the opposition benches than with the more  radical approach, of Corbyn and McDonnell.  Their cynical lack of support for their leader in the recent response to George Osborne’s continued extortion racket against the poorest in British society, was shameful. Corbyn should bite the bullet and sack the lot of them.

Oh, and by the way Jeremy, have a chat with your brother, or are you suggesting him to be a liar?


In Case You Haven’t Yet Seen This Be My Guest

I watched a couple of minutes and like General George Patton, I nearly lost my lunch.

Cameron Has No Case And No Need To Bomb Syria


Syria a once prosperous and thriving State has been reduced to this with British help.

Jeremy Corbyn has managed to surround himself with hawks, straight out of the bloody past of New Labour. His Shadow Cabinet is unnervingly gung-ho for an aerial bombing of Syria, despite their recent experience of the shabby disregard for the approval of Parliament, by Cameron, before engaging the UK in the War Crime, which resulted from the apparently  simple task of carrying out a No Fly Zone, over Libya, which Cameron interpreted as, destroy, destroy, destroy.

There should be absolutely no support whatsoever for Cameron’s frenetic desire to now destroy Syria. Sadly however, despite pretending to have learned nothing from the wilful destruction of Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq, the British Parliament are displaying, for those with eyes to see, that they did indeed, inflict on to those countries, exactly what they set out to do.

Syria is on the hit list of the Bankers and the Global Corporations, which means that the Syrian people are facing disaster.

However much Cameron stridently blames Assad for the slaughter in Syria, he helped to initiate and fund it. It should be pointed out that most of those now calling for ever more murder are on the list of The Friends of Israel. A State which is oddly untouched by Daech, despite holding the supposed position of the number one enemy of Islam

Next in  line will be Lebanon and after that Iran. The British have shown themselves, in past times to be without pity and nothing is about to change. There is little to say of the British People who stand idly by while their elected leaders continue this endless carnage.

Disclose.tv – Islamic New World Order?


Her Majesty’s Parliament Chomps At The Bit For More British Butchery! That’s What We Want!

A Happy Bunny after Shck and Awe


I believe it to be fair to say, that there is no history, of the bad treatment of Muslims, by the German people. In fact Muslims have long been accused of a collaboration with the Germans, against the common enemy, during World War Two, so it is somewhat disconcerting,  to hear an immigrant sneeringly, warning a German – who is no doubt helping to pay his Social Security handout – in a totally racist manner, that he intends to destroy the very system which is feeding him.


The very fact, that there is not an Islamic State on the face of the Earth,  despite the enormous number of practicing Muslims, in these States,  which could provide the same quality of life for the carping dodo in the above clip,  who with the whole world to choose from, decided to set-up home in Germany for the very reason that it was in Germany where he would be given the most for doing the least.

To claim that he and his fellow Muslims, intend to destroy Germany through the medium of taking four wives and fathering up to twenty children, is indicative as to why he is in Germany and not Algeria or Tunisia or Egypt or Turkey, or in any other Muslim State, because it is precisely because of this stupidity that his world is unable to be as generous as is Europe.

Who does he think will be paying for him and his twenty children when he succeeds in his aim? His role in Germany, is as a tool of the Jews whom control Germany and when he has served his purpose, he, like many others, will be filled with regrets.

Alongside this immigration stupidity;  yesterday, in the British Parliament, there was an interesting side-show.  Throughout the day on Sky News there had been no News reported, they spent the entire day discussing the Financial statement which would be made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer,  after Prime Ministers Questions in the afternoon.

Not a word about the possibility of a World War Three, after the downing of a Russian plane by Turkey, not a word about the continuing problem of mass immigration, the Paris attacks already forgotten, all of that swept aside, ,for George.

Anyway, when George had finished squealing his balderdash, the Shadow Chancellor rose to his feet, to deliver a response, during which he chose to refer to George Osborne’s recent visit to China.  To emphasise his point he produced a copy of Mao’s Little Book and offered George a selected quotation.



This was all very amusing and of course, Osborne ignored the implication in this suggestion, choosing instead to suggest that McDonnell was a closet Communist. This was all in keeping with the recent newspaper reviewer on Sky News, who became so annoyed, when a fellow reviewer, was prattling on about covering the UK with windmills, to defeat Global Warming.  She interrupted to say that there had been no Global Warming for the last twenty years. She immediately apologised for her remark, saying I know I promised to be good, but I just couldn’t help it.

You have to keep your ears open for these little snippets, which illustrate the total censorship which takes place in the British Media. This takes me back to our friend in the streets of Germany.

What the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell had exposed was the hidden agenda, to destroy, not only the United Kingdom  but all of Europe. Do you think that is hyperbole?  Well I’m sorry to disappoint you, but George Osborne is a total liar and he is not alone. He preaches Free Trade, which is received by the voter as Fair Trade, however there is nothing fair about it.

You see China was treated to a coup d’etat, similar to the coup which had taken place in Russia in 1917. Mao, had been selected as the Free Chinese Government’s leader in waiting, by International Jewry, while he was a student in the United States.  Having stabbed the Nationalist Chiang, in the back, the Bolshevik Communists took power.  At which point the ritual slaughter commenced and as in Russia some 70 million Chinese were sacrificed.

Mao snapped with his Jew runners in 1944.

Mao snapped with his Jew runners in 1944.

So back to Osborne who recently returned from China, where he has been busily signing a few more Free Trade Agreements, which have already lead to Chinese steel being dumped in the United Kingdom, while Osborne refused to do anything about it, presumably because he has agreed to it and he is allowing the closure of the remains of the British Steel Industry, to suit the Chinese and those whom control China.

As has most of Europe, successive British Governments, having cynically allowed the monopolistic Corporations to transfer their production to China, where the slave are to be found, Osborne has signed “Free Trade” agreements, to facilitate the importation of slave made products, without hindrance,  back into the United Kingdom. He is even now, under orders of course, preparing to sign the ultimate wet dream of the Bankers and Corporations,  the TTIP Treaty, which will reduce Europe to Third World Status.

I would be extremely interested to know whether this is the point which McDonnell was trying to make in Parliament, while listening to Osborne’s ridiculous claims about the amazing recovery of British Industry.

Part of Osborn’s speech entailed curtailing certain changes which he had hoped to make to payments made to the poorest of the poor, in his attempt to reduce the cost of Social Security.  Pressure from all sides, forced him to change his mind.

After World War Two, governments across Europe, set up systems of Social Care, which included,Family Allowance, unemployment payments, free health care, Social housing etc.

In the United Kingdom, using the need of workers for the new National Health Service as an excuse, Clement Attlee, the newly elected Fabian Society trained Prime Minister, in keeping with the aims of the Fabian Society, opened the floodgates of the UK and shipped in, from the West Indies hundreds of thousands of Blacks, whom of course took advantage of all of the newly installed institutions, one could be excused for believing that to have been the intention.

Many did work in hospitals and other Social departments, however there is evidence that many of the incomers never found work, probably because they chose to remain together for moral support, however finding work without being prepared to move can be difficult.

The result of this has been that some of the initial immigrants never found work and their children never worked and they now have grand-children who have never worked, yet Cameron is still offering the same excuse to invite more and more immigrants into the UK.

Now back to our immigrant in the street. While Osborne whimpers about deficits and continues austerity measures in the UK, most of Europe is in the same position. Across the European Union, there is hardly a State which is not in trouble?  Some are deeper in the dooh-dooh than are others, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland for example.

So who ordered the long prepared clearances of all of the lands, which had been so cynically destroyed by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, at the very moment that Europe was at its lowest ebb and incapable of coping with any such an invasion? Take a look at the Zephyrs arriving from Turkey, all of the passengers had been provided with the money to pay for the voyage and they had all been supplied with life jackets; This was a government-funded operation. It did not kick off by accident.

There are certain startling statistics, which show that far from being a benefit to the economy of their preferred state, which may be true for certain of them, however as in the UK, the immigrant reality in Denmark for example, show that 75% of all of those  whom have arrived there during the past ten years have never worked.  In France, the same thing. Arabs want to work. They are not shirkers, shirking is not manly, they, like the Irish, are prepared to work for peanuts, however in France there is no work available, not even for peanuts.

Since the 19th Century, there has been an ongoing attempt to destroy White Europeans here are a couple of examples of Jews and  their openly made attacks against Whites

It is vile and disgusting that Jews can threaten me and my family in this manner with impunity.

It is vile and disgusting that Jews can threaten me and my family in this manner with impunity. Is this man Black?

More Jew hate speech. there's a lot of it abou.t

More Jew hate speech. there’s a lot of it about.(thanks to Renegade Tribune for pics) Is this woman Blue? 


At the moment there is a case going through the Courts in Canada, because a White Man, Roy Arthur Topham, chose to republish “Germany Must Perish” written by a JEW Theodor Kaufman, before World War Two, in which he offered the FINAL SOLUTION for Germans, that should they survive the coming war, the survivors should be sterilised. There has never been a criticism from any Jew organisation against the murderous, racist, hate proposed by this vermin.




Arthur Topham simply changed the Word Germany for Israel and German for Jew, other than that it was a faithful copy of Kaufman’s work. That should give White People an idea of with what they are faced. Topham risks a long gaol sentence for his courage.

Israel Must Perish

McDonnell did  today on Sky News,  explain that his behaviour in the Commons on Wednesday, was to make it clear to the British People, that Osborne was in the process of not only doing Free Trade deals with China he was also in the process of selling off control British Airports and allowing the Chinese to build and control British Electricity production in proposed Nuclear Power Stations, even as Cameron is blathering about threats to British security.

Even as I write this post, Cameron is laying out his case to justify bombing attacks against Syria. This man is so frightened of something that he is quite prepared to expose himself as a maniac.  Has he forgotten they he along with Wild Willy Hague organised and paid the so-called Free Syrian Army, which has now morphed into Daech? He insists on arguing for a Government in Syria, without any reference to the Syrians with which WE can work.  He is claiming success in Iraq. He is a mentally retarded homicidal maniac. He must have some serious criminality in his past which he is hoping to conceal.


The above clip made by the Jew Wesley Clark, exposes Cameron as a total liar. He cannot claim to have been unaware of the intentions to destroy Syria, along with the Libya which he has already destroyed and Iraq which he was all in favour of destroying. There is hardly anybody on the planet who has not watched this clip.

It was today announced that over 300,000 immigrants have arrived in the UK in the past twelve months, how does Cameron think that bombing Syria and Daech, will assist in saving the United Kingdom from possible terrorist attacks. Could it be because there is no such thing as British Muslims coming home from Syria?  Could it be that he is fully aware that Daech can be switched off at any moment?  Could it be that he fully understands that the British were involved in the fabrication of the Daech threat?  Is he now using them as an excuse to continue the total destruction and dismemberment of the Middle East?

He makes use of the attacks in Paris, which are so full of holes as to be unbelievable, which produced such a frantic attack on Syria, by François Hollande, it begs the question was he taken by surprise by an “in-house” attack, which obliged an attack against Syria, which clearly played no part in the attack in Paris, to take the heat off the “real” culprits?

The vote, which could follow the debate which is taking place in Parliament, could signal the end of the Labour Party in the UK, should they choose to vote in favour of yet another War Crime in the Middle East, knowing full well that the  vast majority of the British are opposed to such actions, as they demonstrated, when New Labour manipulated the wording of a United Nations document, to take the UK into a disgraceful, illegal, murderous attack against Iraq.

Just as Sarkozy and Cameron, used permission to set up a no fly zone, as an excuse to completely destroy a fine country, with the best record of the social care of its people in Africa.

Have you fine British people never noticed that every time a weaker country needs destroying, you folk are always on hand to carry out the slaughter. Are you unable to elect less criminally minded politicians?  Should that be the case, what do suppose they will impose on to the people of Syria. Get out in the streets for God’s sake.  Wake up! Recall any MP who votes for War.

George Osborne, Issues His Notice Of Enforcement.


Bullingdon Bully Boy, Gideon Osborne, the loud-mouth whom was once warned by Nat Rothschild, having disclosed details of certain events which had taken place, during his whipping after sauna, with Nat Rothschild and Peter Mandelson, that should he repeat this faux pas, Nat warned Osborne that he would destroy his political career.

Osborne obviously learned his lesson, because he has since been promoted to the position of Top Bailiff for the Rothschild Family.

Today Wednesday 25th November, Osborne will present his enforcement order, delivering his “Stand and Deliver” command,  in an encrypted language, which is understood by bankers and their henchmen, though sadly it is all still an occult mystery  to the average, elected Member of Parliament.

In simple language, Osborne will tell the House and the people of the United Kingdom, that as a result of the continued depression, with which the United Kingdom is afflicted, he find himself unable to make the annual payment of about one hundred billion pounds to Mr Rothschild’s banks.

Having only eighty million Pounds available, to hand over, to make up the shortfall,  he is obliged to steal twenty-billion pounds more of the money, which is rightly the property of the people, in order to maintain the Rothschild family in their accustomed life of luxury.

You may have noticed the mention of Lord Mandelson, whom shared a whipping with Osborne, of which George apparently adores, whoo!

Enough of that, Mandy, as he is known in Gay circles, was a top man in the New Labour Government of War Criminal Tony Blair.   Which clearly exposes the revolving door, between all Political Parties in the United Kingdom and the Rothschild family.   It is, most certainly, a case of “All for one and one and all for Rothschild.”

Mr Rothschild, the owner of Israel, a land which was simply handed over to him, by the puppets in the United Kingdom government of the day, has recently launched a continuation of The Great War, which saw to the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, The Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Russian Empire, all of which then fell under the control various groups of Jews.

Mr Rothschild is now in the process of extending his assets in Palestine to include various portions of other States which he desires to be dismembered. This has already seen to the violent death of some seven million souls and the displacement of many millions more.

It would appear to me, being a mental retard, that a large proportion of the money, stolen from the British people, is being used, to help Rothschild fulfil his dream of Grand Israel,  in yet another War,  which was generated out of nowhere, propelled by lies and deceit, presented by the News Media, which Reuters,  owned by Mr Rothschild, presents the days Headlines,  at dawn for all of his Editors in either TV News or Newspapers.

So listen carefully to whippersnapper, George, when he today, makes plain,  the extent of his extortion of the British, literally taking food out of their mouths to throw into the gob of a glutton.



Why Was It So Important For Butcher Cameron To Destroy Syria.

David Cameron, in the guise of a “humanitarian,” having exaggerated a Syrian response to a multi-agency Western provocation, immediately announced that he intended to arm groups of terrorists, claiming them to be Syrian patriots, to destroy Syria, to save it. Such are the cynical actions of David Cameron, a man whom proudly announces himself to be a Jew.

Even when it became clear, that more of the Syrian people were being killed by this act, than were at risk under the Syrian government, instead of using just a little thought for their plight and withdrawing funds from the rebels, he funded an ever-growing army of them, along with the Famous Coalition of Filth, finally displacing millions of people and destroying their homes.

This is the piece of crap, whom along with his chum Sarkozy yet another Jew, reduced Libya to Third World status, and supplied the arms to the Jew controlled State of Saudi Arabia, to lay waste to Yemen.

Cameron is a sadistic War Criminal and he should dismissed from Government immediately,  before he can carry out any more atrocities.

He has made use of overwhelming propaganda, in the wholly controlled British Press to defame others, when it he and his chums whom are seeking to destroy his own people, by whatever means necessary.

Ask yourselves why, when the actions of Assad in Syria, had been of no greater importance than the crimes carried out by the British Occupiers in Ulster, on Bloody Sunday, was it of such overwhelming importance to destroy Assad, in view of the results of this act.

One can only conclude that what we are now experiencing, the mass immigration, the rise of Western financed Daech, the False Flag in Paris, lock-downs all across Europe, the installation of Martial Law, WAS the desired result.

We are all victims of Cameron’s butchery now! He is not working for you!


Pay Attention Class, I Will Be Asking Questions.

It is difficult and confusing, when you come to fully understand, that virtually everything you thought you knew, is nothing more than rubbish.  You struggle to find the resulting damage to your perceptions of “reality” which were formed as a result of being infected with a sort of virus, which has played havoc with your operating system.

For example, why do most people take it as said, that Bashar al Assad is a thug as was Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gadaffi and Adolf Hitler and others?  From where did the evidence in support of these claims originate?

At the moment, the general public believes that the current chaos was caused by International Muslim Terrorists.  They have accepted, without question, that in order to solve this perceived problem, it was necessary to annihilate millions of Muslims across the Middle East and North Africa. So there!

They lend support to those whom assume the role of the Sheriff and whom without the necessary evidence, point a  finger at their chosen victim, scream, kill, kill, kill, and then set about their ritual slaughter of millions.  Having done so, they cynically stand in front of the well-educated people, whom they serve, claiming to have “saved” those whom are now sadly dead. They generally receive an ovation for their good deeds.

This is no different from having a visit from the local thug, while sat around the dinner table eating Sunday dinner with your family, who calmly informs you that he has come to save you, but before he can do so, he must first kill the Mother and children, before dealing with the grumpy Father. This is so ridiculous as to beggar the belief, that educated people cannot see through it.

However many times they are fed the same tale, they swallow it wholesale. The current cry from the British and French warmongers, is to bomb Syria, why, well because a group of Belgians, we are told, carried out an attack in Paris, so what has that got to do with Syria, where the Syrian’s are being attacked by the same “group” which it is well-known is being funded by the UK and France. Laurent Fabius, the French Foreign Minister,  recently praised the murders carried by these groups in Syria.

The chatter, which is circulating at the moment, suggests that certain members of Daech, are blackmailing the French and  British governments, where all of the “puppets are to be found. Daech is code for Israel, from where a Colonel of the Israeli Defence Force, was recently captured fighting with a brigade of Jews alongside Daech in Iraq. What on earth can this all mean?


Herein lies the problem.  What is the reality of events in the Middle East and the Maghreb? It is at this point I can explain my reason for writing this diatribe.  During the past few days, I have become embroiled in aggressive arguments on three disparate subjects. The lynching of a young girl at Nuremberg, the question as to whether the Earth actually spins on its axis and of course, Evolution. All of these things are presented as fact when they are merely the thoughts of those with vested interests.

During my days at school I was obliged to accept the official version of all of these things, without question, apart from fate of the young German girl who was lynched by Pierrepoint, the British Hangman, having been accused and found guilty of every conceivable piece of stupidity imaginable, without any supporting evidence, because when she was seventeen years old, she spent time at Auschwitz, before being sent off to other camps.  Like everybody else who had been at Auschwitz, she was murdered in cold-blood, to make sure that there was nobody left alive to dispute the claims made about what happened at Auschwitz during the war.

When this child was confronted with Pierrepoint, she looked him in the eye and said “So you’re doing the Jews work for them”



A while back, when Daech was not yet Daech, when it still wavered between ISIL, IS, ISIS, their presence in Iraq was announced, and the British and their Allies, took action of some sort or other, which we were told was to get rid of this gang of killers.

There was then a big-time effort to convince us all that this group were a bunch of savages and we were fed tales of crucifixion, beheadings and simple outright slaughter of prisoners and whatever crime you can think of to convince us all that we were dealing with creatures from hell.

I did at the time, not because I am at all smart, but simply because it was so obvious, suggest that the game was to drive Daech over the border into Syria, to generate an excuse to get the OK to install their beloved “No Fly Zone” over Syria, in order to bomb the shit out of it,  to save whomsoever was left alive, they are now in the process of getting their way.

It soon became clear that the Allies or the Coalition, call them whatever you will, were aiding and abetting Daech to take control of all of the land, which Israel is intent on grabbing and I said so.  It was around the time that Russia intervened, putting a spanner in the works of Israel, that Europe received its first wave of refugees, whom were paid to invade Europe and given guide books explaining which country paid the most Social Security.

Many commentators are suggesting, that it was at this moment that, Merkel, Cameron and Hollande, received their warning, to get on with business or they would pay the price.  They all have skeletons in their cupboards, Merkel is not a German, she is a Polish Jew. Cameron has dubious sexual acts with animals hanging over his head and Hollande is capable of anything you can think of and he is a Jew to boot.  Most French people are totally unaware of the encroachment of Jews into positions of authority in their Government.

 Where are the British and French people while this crime is being committed in their name, well apparently still in total support of those whom provoked all of the current bloodshed, in response to an attack in New York called 911,  which was allegedly carried out by nineteen citizens of Saudi Arabia.  Yes, that’s right,  Saudi Arabia. This time around it’s a few youngsters from Belgium, through whom they are attempting to develop a link to Syria and the possibility of carrying out yet another blood-bath.

I sometimes think that Cameron’s speech writers trawl through the works of Enid Blyton in search of inspiration, they now have Cameron calling Assad a Brutal Dictator, interchangeable with Butcher, while his friends in Daech are “An evil Death Cult.” Right on Dave give it to em!

No matter, they will frighten you all into accepting whatever they want you to accept. You have no choice. I had the experience the other day of asking a colleague why he thought that Israel was not coming under attack from Daech, while the rest of Europe and the Middle East was under threat. His reply was simple, “I’m a Jew,” he said and that was the end of the conversation. Nothing can be discussed which might just implicate the homeland of the Mass Murderers.


While we talking of conditioning, I have a personal plea “Who will rid me of this troublesome prick?” Prince Charles, in his best sepulchral, Popish voice, has today been doing the rounds of the television studios, telling us all that all of our current problems, including terrorism and the attacks against Syria,  are because of Climate Change.

Has it sunk in we are being conditioned,  does anybody give a damn? Has this “Prince” ever spoken to Piers Corbyn?  Does Jeremy Corbyn, who is in lock step with the Prince, ever speak to his brother?  Trust nobody in Parliament or any member of the “Royal Family.”







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