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The Alleged Rise Of Anti-Semitism Versus The Ongoing Demonisation Of The Germans.

While watching a video this morning, the subject of which was the alleged rise of anti-Semitism, I was struck by an exhibition of the apparent blindness of those whom made this video, as to their own continued stance, which can be described in no other way than as an exhibition of their total contempt for the intelligence of others.

The one symbol, of which they complained, which to me is indicative of the underlying message in this whole charade, was the use of the Star of David = the Swastika, placards, which are displayed non-stop, throughout the clip,  as a sign of anti-Semitism, which is, in actual fact, simply a way of cementing their own anti-German sentiments, which they have quite openly voiced, without criticism, for generations, into the already brainwashed minds of those whom do not pay attention.

Jews, some of whom are called Neo-Cons, others Zionists or Bolsheviks, have, in modern times, slaughtered untold millions of Christians, without criticism. It is remarkable how in this clip they complain about those whom suggest that Jews own the media, in all its forms, which they use to further their own interests and which rarely report their own crimes.

They applaud the gaoling of those whom dare to dispute their version of reality, even as they blatantly continue their current genocide in Palestine and across the Middle East.

They quite cynically, through their media, accused the Muslims of carrying out the attack on the Twin Towers in New York and despite the fact that all of the available evidence pointed in their direction, including the Mossad agents who appeared on television bragging of having been ordered to film the event, still complain if they are accused.

We now live in a world, where the German people have been rendered brain-dead through fear and self loathing as a result of seventy years of propaganda, accusing them of carrying out a crime, which even should it be true, in no way compares to the atrocities which befell the Germans themselves at the end of World War Two, or indeed those other unsung victims of the Jews, the sixty-five million Christians whom were tortured and murdered in Russia after the Jew controlled coup d’etat.

Why did the producers of the above clip, instead of merely mentioning the shady combines which they are accused of controlling, present some sort of clear and indisputable evidence that they do not in fact control the Central Banks, that they do not sit astride the United Nations, that there are no hidden Jews, apart from the visible ones, such as Borosso, behind the façade of the European Union, that they do not own Hollywood and every substantial independent Television Channel across the Western world.

Should they take such a step, the alternative media could stop wasting its time investigating them to no purpose and get on the track of the real culprits.  Would that not be a good idea?  I for one would love to know who controls Rothschild.

Otherwise Jews will, as does the Muslim Community and the White Christians,  simply have to put up with the same sort of criticism as that which the media, which they allegedly control, dish out, on a daily basis, at the rest of us. We all have our own sensitivities you know?



Mary Gauthier: I Drink.

The hurt pours out of the wonderful Mary Gauthier.

When Will We Ever Get The Straight Truth From Sky?

Today on Murnaghan, a man whom is, himself being propagandised by Sky as being he greatest thing since the invention of false news, today interviewed two spokesmen for the British Establishment who claimed that the illegal attack against Libya was in order to prevent a genocide. This is an outright lie disseminated by Murnaghan. There was no genocide in prospect in Libya, there was however an unprovoked attack in Benghazi, by a group of unknown terrorists in yellow helmets, which was blamed, without evidence on Gadaffi. The genocide was carried out by the British and is ongoing, hence the refugees who streaming out of Libya.

The British murderers went on to use exactly the same excuse to destroy Syria, as I have recently pointed out in a previous post.

One of these spokesmen, Boyce, suggested that ISIS are running out of money so they now need the oil-fields of Libya to boost their funds. From where has he discovered this information, has ISIS been tracked down to a bank account? Has the couturier whom designed their New Romantic uniform been discovered? Have they found the Hollywood studio which produces their false beheadings? Have they indeed managed to find any trace of ISIS anywhere and if not why not?

The next speaker a Military man General Roberts, I believe, suggested another incursion into Libya, to solve the problems created by the last visit.

Could be that the whole charade is in  fact in danger of falling apart?  Is the only purpose left for ISIS their alleged intention of sending their bombers into the West?

From where did Cameron’s boys discover the exact number of those whom left the UK to join ISIS and yet did not manage to track any one of them to their final destination?

How can it be that all of these alleged “radicalised” Muslims manage to find their way to ISIS in Syria, while not one member of the group has ever been arrested?

We are now being fed absolute garbage about Libya, claiming that even though the British left things in good order, they have since fallen apart, making way for Israel’s friends to fill the vacuum.

All of the current “wars” in the Middle East and the Maghreb are illegal WESTERN wars designed to achieve WESTERN aims. They have nothing to do with helping distressed people, they have in fact achieved the exact opposite of what they claim to have intended, when anybody with half a brain would not need to have that explained to them before they launched their Mercenaries against Syria.

Having just put up with that load of crap, I was presented with a Greenpeace spokesman, giving us all of the usual ‘theory’ as an evidential message about Global Warming, which despite the cold which we have been experiencing of late down here in the South of France, where even during what this character called the hottest year ever recorded, we all needed our jumpers in the month of July.

My understanding of this rubbish is limited by my apparent lack of brainpower and the inability of others who are far more intelligent, to explain to me how it can be that a scientist of the weather recently warned that sea levels have risen by four inches in some places, while in other places they have already risen by nine inches.

Having come to understand that water finds its own level and as all of the seas and oceans are combined, there is only one sea, how can it be higher in one place than in another?  Could that be to explain why places which should have submerged did not do so?

Every day we are fed lies and disinformation.


Today’s Football Results: Cash, 10 Football, 0.

A while back, I heard the then manager of the Scottish Football team Celtic, Gordon Strachan, when asked his feelings on Celtic having  just won the Scottish Premiership for the ninth time in the last eleven seasons, reply that he was elated with this result and he could announce that he had been promised more funds to strengthen his team.

I was amazed at this response, which was in fact an argument against the whole idea of fair competition as the aim of sport, in all of its facets. Back in the day, they at least had Rangers to contend with, but for some time there has been no real competition whatsoever in the Scottish Premier Division.

Once upon a time football was a sport which involved groups of men and boys from local villages with enthusiastic support for players whom were known to the spectators.

This system went through a gradual change as teams from larger towns poached the better players from the villages, giving the players a salary, which back in the day was ‘capped’ at twenty pounds a week, I believe.

This system worked very well for years, because as with Cricket, the players were from the same area, more or less, a system which maintained ‘real’ local support for the teams, with local ‘Derby’ matches between the likes of Bristol Rover against Bristol City or Man Utd against Man City, adding to the excitement. Not to forget the brutal local Derby’s between village sides like Shortwood United against Forest Green Rovers, or even Lydney Town.

This family sized spectacle has now been transformed into a psychopathic grudge ridden rich man’s effort to outspend his business rivals, which has completely unbalanced the whole exercise.

The Premiership in the UK has now become a matter of five possible winners, some say no more than three, while all of the rest fight it out amongst themselves, not to be relegated.

Surely the time has come to take a trick out of the horse-racing play-book by introducing a system of handicapping, in  order to give a fair chance to all competitors.

While there are already complaints about the number of top players who end up on the ‘bench’ of some team or other because there is no place for them in the first team, due to the surfeit of players whom have been ‘bought out’ of the game by rich owners, anxious to win at all cost.

There is a simple remedy to both problems, introduce a points reduction, according to the monetary value of the team.  This could also involve the ‘giving’ of additional points to the minnows at the bottom of the various divisions.

This simple act would immediately generate a sense of urgency and stress into the minds of the few major teams, whose soul aim at the moment is to finish in the ‘Top Four’ to guarantee a place in the Champions League.

I close my case.

What Are We To Make Of This British Reluctance To Work?

Not content with the drowning of Chinese cockle pickers in Morecambe Bay, the Rumanian lettuce planters, kept as prisoners in UK barns waiting for the rain to stop and the Polish strawberry pickers, forced to work for little more than pocket-money, we now find yet another class of slave labour in the UK doing yet another job beneath the dignity of the British people.

Apparently huge numbers of British households now possess a Dish Washer, which of course they are too lazy to clean for themselves.  This seems to have led to the use of hundreds of Finnish Dish-Washer cleaners, who are coming to the UK, to carry out this loathsome, back-breaking work.  I kid you not and I know it’s true because I heard it on Sky.

Phil Collins and Dusty Springfield

I couldn’t make my mind up so you can make your own choice.

British Collusion With Terrorists.

Have we all forgotten this statement of Wesley Clark, where he laid out, in graphic terms the intentions of NATO?  It was taken as some sort of comedy sketch by the audience, sadly there is nothing funny whatsoever about the results of this declared policy.

Ban Ki Moon, the controlled front-man at the United Nations, today, instead of condemning the cold-blooded policies of NATO and Israel, suggested that the EU should beef up its humanitarian efforts, by accepting ever more of the fleeing refugees from the reality of these deliberately contrived wars.

He should of course be ordering the cutting off of all armaments and funds from Daech and other groups, which are being used by NATO, to fight this war of attrition against Assad in Syria, which would quite quickly allow the repatriation of many refugees, to their homes in Syria, instead of covertly paying the travelling expenses of these wretched people into Europe.

Moon is suggesting that the problem is Europe and its lack of sympathy for these teeming hordes of folk fleeing from Western aggression in Africa and the Middle East, instead of facing reality and naming the guilty.

Moon also suggested that the unrest in the Middle East is now becoming a threat to Europe, well isn’t that exactly what they want?  They have already primed us to beware of home-coming terrorists who have been trained as Urban Terrorists.

 Personally, I have never been convinced that there has been any large group of European Muslims, whom have taken up arms in support of Daech.  They are not stupid, they can see what is going on. They know in their hearts that Daech is on the side of Israel, where they have been treated, in Israeli hospitals for their injuries and then sent back to the front-line to murder Muslims.

I watched the likes of Stuart Ramsey on Sky News, quite deliberately building up the excuse to unleash hell in Syria.  He completely ignored the result of elections in Syria, which quite clearly demonstrated that Assad was the preferred choice of the Syrian people. They were not interested in the selected puppets of Israel and NATO, a group which did not even reside in Syria but were simply waiting for the Syrians to turn against Assad, which they never did, so outside forces were used to make them change their minds.

This is the same routine which was employed in Libya, where was no mass rejection of Muammar Gadaffi.  Throughout the war against Gadaffi, not one voice was heard on either Sky or the BBC, from the Gadaffi side of the issue, it was a totally loaded form  of reportage which completely ignored the fact that the United Nations own figures showed quite clearly, that Libya was the most blessed country in Africa, in terms of housing, education, health care, employment and all life prospects. Take a look at what British Humanitarianism achieved, having murdered Gadaffi and his family and then simply walking away.

We are now being presented with appalling numbers of deaths amongst the folk driven out of their homes by the British and their chums, while the British/Jew press is even now covering up the true death toll of their illegal, murderous campaigns in the Middle East, which is now said to have risen to at least SEVEN MILLION poor souls whom have been sacrificed in a Middle Eastern Holocaust.

So to hear Ban Ki Moon blathering on about being horrified by the deaths of a few more innocents, fleeing from these illegal wars and that the solution is for Europe to make it easier for more of these folk, whom are unwanted by Israel in the Middle East, to set up home with us instead of with them.

While the Middle East is being torched, using the differences between Sunni and Shiite, with Christians being killed by both sides, as the excuse or indeed the reason for this conflict, Europe is being told that there will be no problem created by allowing all of these groups to set up home in our midst, while at the same time NATO is making it perfectly clear that they are making use of this animosity to drive these people from their homelands into ours.

In future years this murderous campaign will be added to the long list of British victories over the heathens, in far off places and the bringing of civilisation to un-civilised people, a civilisation which in some strange manner always includes the massacre of indigenous people and the theft of their resources.

This is what is referred to, by the British People, as their wonderful past, a past which has and continues, to lay the world to waste.

The same Sky News, which is owned by a Jew, which generated an excuse, which would convince the British of the sympathetic desire of their government to help Syria, having just witnessed the fashion in which Libya was affected by this kind of assistance, not to mention Iraq or Afghanistan, then generated a reason as to why the British voter could never change their government, by informing them, in the run-up to the recent election, that only Miliband or Cameron could win. I kid you not. That is British Democracy or is that a shared Dictatorship?

The Peoples of Europe now find themselves in the strange position where to mention the number of immigrants pouring into Europe is racist or Fascist, yet to mention the fact that it is as a result of a deliberate attempt to destroy any State which is opposed to the desires of Israel, as laid out by Wesley Clark, to be no more than a Conspiracy Theory, which Cameron in the UK and Hollande in France, are attempting to make illegal or anti-Jew, while they, continually refer to Muslims as being diabolical savages, with the after-thought of  ‘not all Muslims’  added, after the damage has been done. So why is there no crime of anti-Muslim?

Russia, which has been presented as some sort of counter-weight to the oppressive behaviour of NATO does nothing.  They have sent no forces to assist Assad, whom they claim to support, in his efforts to defeat ISIS.

They continue to accept the notion that only NATO, whether with or without the support of any other Nation apart from that of the US, France or the UK, can attack, at will, any perceived enemy, while Russia, apparently cannot. What is stopping Russia from taking on Daech? Could it be because they know full well that Daech means USA?

Or perhaps could it be more to do with the fact that the Prime Minister of Russia, a job which is inter-changeable with that of President, is a Jew. Would it surprise anyone to find that like the British in India and other places, that having taken a country ‘by the hair of their heads’ the Bolshevik Jews never let go.

Is it possible that Putin carefully replaced the Jew Medvedev, as President of Russia,  to disguise the fact that Russia was covertly in favour of Western behaviour in the Middle East, without attracting cries of being pro-Israel?

Putin has made no mention of the fact that Ukraine is now under the control of Jews, both the President and Prime Minister are Jews,  He continually refers to the extreme right-wing, so-called Neo-Nazis but never to the Bolshevik Jews, whom massacred the Ukrainians.

He never mentions the reality of Russia, where fifteen oligarchs control most of the resources, twelve of whom are Jews, they were of course funded by the Rothschild family, which has controlled Russia ever since the Bolshevik coup d’etat.

All of this, on top of the fact that the BRICS are a doubtful grouping, which includes the totally Jew controlled South Africa, for some strange reason, a country where there is already a White Genocide taking place, unmentioned by the Jew controlled media and India which has never shaken off the shackles of the City of London and where Rothschild, yes him again, is being allowed to snap up the millions of acres of land, which are coming on to the market, because of the suicide of thousands of farmers, whom have been cheated out of their livelihoods through the failure of Monsanto seeds.

So all in all it would be prudent not to take your eye off of Russia.  In the name of Bolshevism they have already slaughtered countless millions of Christians in Armenia, Russia, Germany and in all of those States behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ which were casually passed into the hands of Joseph Stalin, a well-known mass murderer, by Churchill and Roosevelt, both of whom, despite denials, were indeed of Jew families., as are David Cameron and François Hollande.  Obama is apparently of a Jew mother but of having converted to Islam.

So Europe needs to be aware that the current influx of Muslims into every country in Europe, could be no more than cover for ‘False Flag’ attacks, which could be used to spark off Civil Wars in Europe, in exactly the same manner in which they have been generated in other places. Wake Up!

In Egypt, there are calls to release Al Jazeera journalists, whom have been accused and gaoled for anti-Egyptian activities, well I would like to call for the gaoling of those journalists, whom are working to the detriment of those whom they claim to serve. Sky News and the BBC are chock full of Intelligence Agents.

Strangely, another toy of the British, the Irish Republican Army, is being resurrected, having been shut down to clear the way for the Muslims. This is cause for concern, as it could be used to muddy the waters, WTSHTF, recreating the old enmity between the two sides of Christianity, which could also be used as an excuse to attack Muslim communities.  Nothing should be ignored.






Who Paid The Ferryman?

Should you have been wondering about the source of the enormous amount of cash necessary to buy a ticket on the Final Ferry out of the Middle East, you might find this little German video of interest.

Wake Up Europe. You Are Under Siege.

Daech, ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State, are working for YOU, the Peoples of Europe.  They could be stopped in days, if their funds were cut off. European governments have instead chosen to allow the massacres in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine and Libya to continue to suit Zionist aims.

There is now trouble in Lebanon and we are expected to believe that the folks in Lebanon are so stupid, that with the evidence of what is likely to be done to their own country, should they give the Zionists the slightest excuse to destroy them, as happened to their neighbours in Syria, that at the worst possible moment they are seeking to bring down their government. Wake up you ass-holes before you find yourselves running for your lives as are the rest of the Middle Eastern people.  The Zionist demons show no mercy.


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