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Trump – Cleaning Out The Dunny.







      Trump – Cleaning Out The Dunny.

The ‘confused liberal, on his daily radio show, did this morning, accuse Donald Trump, of bragging about molesting women. This while he admitted to being unable to grasp the notion that to introduce children, born with a ‘dick’ to freely express a desire to be a ‘female’ should ‘he’ choose to so do, thus allowing him the freedom to take a ‘piss’ in the girls ‘Dunny,’ from where he could look over the wall at the girl in the next cubicle.

Suggesting that the ‘Confused Liberal’ is not only unable to detect the difference between a chat between mates and an attack, or indeed the ‘fact’ that to teach a child in school to believe he can be of the opposite sex, when the child themselves would have no idea as to how to distinguish the difference. How does he choose to believe that I would have, at a young age ‘felt’ the difference? I simply feel like ‘I am’ and I assume others feel the same.

In reality he is attempting to introduce another slur against Trump. Why he asks, is Trump, in first weeks as President, so obsessed with toilets? He is in fact going after Trump like a Pit-Bull Terrier. He is obsessed with his mission to slag him off. Callers are refusing to go along with his presentation, which is annoying him, he refuses to accept that the law includes adult toilets, while he is intent on claiming it to be acceptable in schools. When I was at school, if we had the chance to use the girls toilet, we would all have quickly claimed to be transgender.

In France, we already have mixed toilets. In general they are all uni-sex. Even in places where there are male and female toilets, should the male side be engaged, I will, without fear use the ladies. No problem.

On the other hand, in some public toilets, there is a cubicle, which can be used by either sex to pooh, while it serves for women to piss. For men there are ‘pissoirs’ which one can piss into, even as several women can be standing no more than a few centimetres away, waiting for the occupant to evacuate the crap-house.

Nobody gives a toss about this arrangement. It works perfectly well, just so long as one is not desperate for a pooh while half a dozen women are waiting to piss.

This subject is being used as a means of furthering the attempts to confuse children. There are no more than a handful of mixed sex children but there are likely to be many more as a result of the contamination of our foodstuffs with hormones. In our rivers, because of the chemicals which drain into sewage works, from family homes and hospitals, which are drained, after filtering into our rivers, where there are now a diminishing number of male fish as a result of this

contamination of medicaments which resist filtering.

There is a whole generation of young homosexual boys, whom were born during the past twenty years or so, a phenomenon, which despite having contact in past times with Gay Communities, was ever as evident as it is now.

Only yesterday I was listening to a scientific discussion, about the use of genetic material, which could be ‘vaccinated’ into the human body. This gives an ability to a cold-blooded scientific type, which would or could, transform the character of a human being,

That transformation could well interfere with the sexuality of a child. We are living in dangerous times, dealing with people whom are most probably, already in the process of testing their discoveries on human guinea pigs.


God Bless America And God Save The Weak And Helpless From Them.




God Bless America And God Save The Weak And Helpless From Them.

In the United States, there has been one small change to the established order of things, that of the election of Donald Trump. The response to this change has been an unprecedented level of hatred, from the entire House of Representatives, The Senate, and the combined forces of the media.

Alongside those merchants of hate, we now have a glimpse into the Dark Side of the American government, the real enemies of Trump and his attempts to re-invigorate the economy of the States. Even as the cries of foul are being leveled at Russia, which is accused of interfering in the recent election, accusations which are now being used in France and Germany to discredit a rising opposition to the establishment, the American Intelligence Services, are shamelessly, hacking into the contacts of their own Chief, President Trump.and releasing information to the complicit media, which is being used to undermine American Democracy.

In the streets, the ‘dumbed down’ American youth, is supporting this treason, having been misled about the proposed policies of Trump. They are claiming Trump to be intent on ‘deporting’ illegal immigrants, while howling for Hillary Clinton – a War Criminal and mass murderer, who is partly responsible for the slaughter of seven or eight million Muslims, all across the Muslim World, while working alongside the savage killer of Muslims, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barack Obama – to replace Trump.

They are in fact calling for more war. Never let it be again claimed that these ‘Wars’ are not the responsibility of the American People and that it is all because of the Government. Even the brutal women of America took to the streets calling for Clinton, while the ‘cream’ of the entertainment world, the ‘idols’ of the young, screeched for more Hillary and her warmongering. Well God Bless America and God help those on whom the bombs will rain down should Trump be defeated.


Cynical Prat Of The Day.



              Cynical Prat Of The Day.

Tony Blair, the liar, whom took the United Kingdom into the illegal war in Iraq, through the use of ‘fake Intelligence’ and other deceitful means, is now claiming that those same deceived British people, voted for Brexit, without knowing for what they were voting. This shameless piece of vermin is either out of his mind or he has no understanding of what he is saying or he simply takes the British people for idiots.

The Bigger The Lie The Taller The House Of Cards.




The Bigger The Lie The Taller The House Of Cards.

There is a breath of air sweeping through the parlour, the house of cards, built on the polished table, is starting to wobble. The entire family is gathering around in an attempt to support the delicate structure. Should the weakest card happen to be in the lowest level, the game is over. The gentle brush of an errant finger, against a supporting card will be enough to signal the end.

The Jews are finding themselves on the run, all across Europe, as Muslims respond to their arrogant behaviour in Palestine. These Jews would have us believe that they have no idea as to why this should be happening. After all they do not support Israel.

They have in recent weeks, forced a well-known long serving British Socialist Politician, to be summarily dismissed from the Socialist Party for alleged anti-Semitism, even as Netanyahu, the Polish Jew, announces that he intends to steal yet more land from the Palestinian people. It was the British Socialist “Friends of Israel” who instantly went for the politician’s throat.

We have recently been deluged with claims of Russian interference in our free and democratic elections, the most recent claim coming from the Jew Rothschild proposed and financed, out of nowhere, ‘favourite,’ in the upcoming French Presidential election, Emmanuel Macron, who did, along with several ‘friends’ of Rothschild, deliberately release false dossier of claims about an opponent, François Fillon, suggesting him to have made illegal payments to his wife.

Rothschild has a significant influence over the Worlds “Free Press” which through Reuters News Agency, has long set the daily, world-wide News agenda, which is itself under a virtually 100% Jew stranglehold. Why has there been no outcry about this ‘certainty’ of interference, while the Jew press has continued to point the finger at Russia?

On two occasions in recent times, both Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Olmert, while Prime Minister of Israel, announced to the world, that ‘they’ control the United States, they are even now, subtly suggesting there to be an even more significant Israeli control in place, thanks to the election of Donald Trump. The uproar surrounding his election is no more than a distraction and an attempt to suggest that Trump is a ‘wild card’ when in fact he is wholly controlled by his Jew Son-in-Law, Jared Kushner.

Kushner, is a fully trained, Talmudic, Mossad Agent, with total Security clearance, whom has a seat alongside Trump in the Oval Office, from where he can allegedly, oversee the final destruction of the USA, through the ‘planned’ generation of hate, against White people, mainly by the two Jews, Tim Wise and Noel Ignatiev, making false claims of White Supremacists clambering to subdue Black people and the deliberate introduction, by Barack Obama,  of hundreds of thousands of Black Muslims, direct from Africa, surreptitiously into the middle of this mess, while the Jew controlled, International Media, decries Trump’s aim of controlling immigration.

The People, are on to their game. The International Media is now talking to itself. The real news is available all over the New Media, where in the midst of much rubbish, one can find many elements of truth. Unlike in the mainstream where you are obliged to accept whatever rubbish they choose print.

Contempt for Jews, has in many cases nothing whatever to do with Palestine, which has been an open sore for most of our lives but rather for the catalogue of lies with which we have been presented as justification for the behaviour of Jews in other despicable ways.

Several generation have lived and died without discovering the true behaviour of the Bolshevik Jews in Russia. They never understood the connection between, Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt and Eisenhower all of whom have in one way or another attempted to deny their Jew ancestry.

The Second World War was a Jew conspiracy from the word go. Hitler and Germany never stood a chance. The German leadership knew what was coming at the hands of International Jews. They were fully aware of the Bolshevik butchery in Russia.

The Germans called for International Witnesses, to record the barbarity of the Bolsheviks, which had starved millions of Ukrainians to death, under orders from Stalin with the assistance of Nikita Khrushchev, which they found on entering Ukraine.

In full view of British Forces, which were themselves torturing and murdering German Prisoners, Eisenhower and the French, cynically starved two million German prisoners to death, while the British stood idly by and at times took part in the rape of German women. The Jews have a lot to hide and show no sign of contrition for their exploits. However we must all remember the Holocaust.



Needless to say, the United Kingdom, as is the United States, fully controlled by the Bankers whom have control of the money supply.

They have had complete control of money and information and on some occasions you can spot exactly what is going on. Back in the days of the Dot Com boom, my boy was explaining to me what a wonderful opportunity it was to start a business. I took a look at what was going on. All of the financial programs were reporting huge investments in these ‘start-ups.’ When I asked my boy, what exactly the investors were buying, as in, on what was the value of the shares based, he replied, on an idea. That was enough for me, I told him to forget it and in the end I was right.

I now hold exactly the same sentiments about the European Union. Which having been in existence for half a century, one might expect the members to have gained some of the promised advantages of membership.

On the contrary, one look at modern Europe, which has record unemployment, huge National debts, the title of being Post Industrial, denuded of industry and swamped with immigrants as a result of NATO illegal wars, all of which were to enforce the control of the International Banking system, a side effect of which, was the provoking of the mass migration from the various lands,  which have been brutally laid to waste. Who in their right mind would want to remain a member of this quite deliberately contrived cock-up?

I noticed today that everybody’s favourite half-truther, the Jew Max Keiser, speaking on Russia Today, chastised the British people for being so incomprehensibly stupid as to vote to leave the magnificent European Union. Keiser has been a pundit on just about every outlet imaginable, RT, BBC, Al Jazeera, Press TV, Huffington Post etc. He was and is pushing the idea of Bit Coin and other forms of electronic money systems. For my part I cannot understand why Max and Stacey are so incomprehensibly stupid as to believe that any such monetary system could ever be adopted.

Max has recently announced that he intends to stand for election as a Democrat in the next round of elections in the USA. So all in all I find myself doubting the intelligence and integrity of Max and Stacey, whom are linked to the Bush family and the British Jew Aristocracy. Another one bites the dust, as they say.

The problem I now have with Europe has more to do with immigration and the lack of available work for those immigrants, in view of the fact that a huge percentage of them, right across Europe, are content with the handouts from the various obliging governments and are not in the least bit interested in work or in paying their way.

I heard a Black suggesting that we all owed them something, everybody, apart from Blacks themselves, having been involved in slavery, even the Chinese should pay up. He also disputed, the idea of Black involvement in crime being disproportionate, claiming instead that there were just as many crimes committed by Whites, ignoring the fact that there were four of five times as many Whites as Blacks. Which suggested that Black Crime was completely out of control.

In view of that statistic, it was a very stupid idea of Obama’s to import hundreds of thousands of Blacks out of Africa into the USA, where there are now more Blacks who were never involved in slavery than there are so-called slavery survivors.

The suggestion that Blacks are no more aggressive than are Whites simply does not add up. One need look no farther than South Africa, where the proportion of Whites to Blacks is similar to the proportion of Blacks to Whites in the USA.

In South Africa the Blacks have slaughtered 70,000 Whites, in a seriously brutal manner, since they gained control of South Africa and the death of Mandela. They are murdering themselves at an even greater rate and there is a rape every few seconds of every day. White crime is virtually non-existent.

Blacks in South Africa, are all immigrants. When the Boers arrived, three hundred years ago, they found an empty land. The indigenous people were the Bushmen. The Blacks streamed in looking for an easy life, from a background which had no written language and which had not even invented so much as rocking horse. The White people very soon found themselves in danger of being swamped by these incomers, whom they were obliged to house and feed.

In modern-day South Africa, my oh my how different things are for Whites in a Black country, compared to what the Blacks in Europe and America demand as their rights. There are no jobs for Whites, whom have been driven out of their homes to make room for the Blacks and are forced to live in squalor at the edge of town. No Social payments and pension for them, indeed not even food stamps, they are simply left to starve and they are indeed starving to death.

Perhaps some of the Blacks in the United States and Britain might like to swap places with those Whites whom actually built South Africa out of a wilderness, a feat which Blacks have themselves never achieved any where.

One thing is becoming ever more clear, multiculturalism is all one way traffic. There is no sign of it in Africa or in Muslim Countries. In Israel it is forbidden by Law. India is still forcing their overflow of people all over the planet, while Blacks and Muslims steer well clear of it. China remains steadfastly Chinese and Japan the same. It is only the hated White Race which dishes out more to immigrants than it gives to its own indigenous people. It is about time we woke up, before we all get the South African treatment.



Status Quo- Rollin’ Home.

Fake French News.

Come To Sweden Take No Notice Of Trump.


     Come To Sweden Take No Notice Of Trump.please.

The latest smear being levelled at Donald Trump, after he had made remarks about Sweden and their problems with Immigrants, suggests, that when he said ‘last night,’ he was claimed to have been wrong, not because their had been no problems ‘last night’ but because those problems were unremarkable, simply because they are a common occurrence in modern-day Sweden. The inference being that therefore, there are no problems in Sweden with immigrants.

The True Depth Of Fake News.





         The True Depth Of Fake News


The idea of the blatant ‘fakery’ of the media, is no mere theory, it is a provable fact. As with the supporters of all theories, those whom choose to ‘believe’ in the idea of a free and fair press, need look no further than the world-wide media complicity, in the reporting of a stupidity, like the size of the crowd at the inauguration of Donald Trump and Trumps’s justifiable response to the ‘lies,’ which were transmitted all over the planet, lies, which should leave us all wondering about what else they are lying about.

The most minimal amount of research, into the presentation of the News, across the media, in all its forms, quickly demonstrates the power of the Editors. A ‘censorial’ position, which automatically denies the Journalists’ their own freedom of expression.

I was personally banned from the pages of a well-known newspaper, when an editor, having read what I had chosen to write, found my position to be extreme and distasteful and that I would henceforth be denied access to their pages.

The editors response came as no surprise whatsoever to me, simply because I had knowingly, taken a risk and entered the ‘forbidden zone.’ In a trustworthy media, there should be no ‘forbidden zone,’ an entity which infers that there are deliberate lies of omission taking place, on a daily basis, all over the media.

I am sick and tired of hearing about Trump’s past peccadilloes, which amount to very little, a fact that leaves the press floundering around, muttering claims of his past bankruptcies and the lack of information about his tax returns, which are all in order, whether the press choose to report the opposite or not.

Alongside these trivial claims against Trump, there is a mountain of evidence against the Clinton Crime Family, which is being completely ignored. The same press, which paraded a women in front of a massive presence of the Media, giving her plenty of time to claim, that her whole life had been completely destroyed by Trump, whom had allegedly touched one of her covered breasts with his finger, a claim which zoomed around the planet, without any supporting evidence, even as the woman herself was admitting that she not going to pursue the issue.

This, while the far more serious, treasonous, claims against Clinton, which included the ‘allowing’ of an American Ambassador in Benghazi, to die a brutal death, to cover up a Clinton scheme to send Libyan arms to terrorists in Syria,for personal profit,  are being totally ignored. Worse than that, they are being presented as not worth investigating.

Hanging over all of this garbage, is the question of ‘Just how long, has this deception has been going on?’ The most important events in modern European history, are occluded by a cloud of unknowing, surrounding the ‘real’ reasons for monumental events like the two World Wars.

These issues are never given the coverage which they deserve, not out of kindness but to cover up the complicity of politicians and others, in both Wars. The result of this lack of exposure of these events, denies the people of Europe a proper understanding of current events, which are all connected to those events which kicked off in Nineteen-Fourteen. We are all still being herded towards a brutal, monumental culling.

1914 was the opening of a dark chapter in the history of the White Christian Race, a period which should be quite rightly referred to as an epoch of infamy, comparable to any religious slaughter in history and yet the subject has yet to be broached by the lying, controlled and censored mainstream media. Any documentary offered by the media is inevitably in total agreement with the previous lies and disinformation. 

The reason for the mystery surrounding the necessity for the Great War, is perfectly clear, to many historians and yet their evidence is continually ignored and is presented as being of a trivial nature. The reason for the war has been described as being no more than an argument between the Royal Families of Europe, when in fact the actual reason, dare not speak its name, for fear of the public reaction.

This ‘trivial war,’ lead on to a Bolshevik Jew, coup d’etat in Russia and the unreported summary slaughter of sixty-five million Christian people. Quickly followed by the slaughter of massive numbers of Christians in Armenia.

It also destroyed the Ottoman Empire, which lead to the ceding of Palestine to the Jews, an unjustifiable act which lead to the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of the indigenous Peoples.

That was two victories for Jews, their third victory was finally won by imposing a blockade against the German people in 1919, which because of a media black-out, is yet another atrocity, which is virtually unknown, which killed a further nine-hundred-thousand Germans, forcing them to accept responsibility for a war, which had delivered to Jew interests, exactly what they sought.

Next on that list was total control of Germany, a fact which has never been discussed by the media. The lust for control of Germany had been won at the cost of the deaths of the cream of European Christian youth, The covert Bolsheviks in Germany, were then thwarted in their attempted coup d’etat, when the German people fought them off, stalling the attempt of the Bolshevik Jews, to install Bolshevism Communism in Germany and after that across Europe.

Germany then started to suffer at the hands of the International Bankers, who through the same trickery which continues to this day, destroyed the German economy, creating hyper-inflation, under cover of which, Jews bought Germany for peanuts, using the strength of the Dollar to so do.

At which point Hitler and the National Socialists, threw a spanner in the works, organising a Germany First regime, by taking control of the money supply out of the hands of the Bankers, yet another subject which is never broached by the media, and started to make Germany Great Again.

The immediate response from the Jews was to declare war on Germany, in 1933, the first act of which was to install the same form of blockade against Germany, which had been so successful after the Great War. That fact has also been forgotten by the media.

Hitler overcame all obstacles and despite many attempts to force him to war, facts which have also been forgotten by the media, Hitler refused to take the bait. Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister, was in agreement with Hitler and he stood up in support of a peace treaty signed with Hitler. He was accused of appeasing Hitler, because nothing was going to be allowed to interfere with the British desire for war.

At which point we arrive at the biggest secret of all, the coup d’etat in the United Kingdom, when Jew interests carefully placed the ‘drunken bum’ Winston Churchill, into the unelected position of Prime Minister, after Chamberlain had been kicked out.

From that day on the whole world was dragged into a war which was under the total control of Jews. Why has history never explained this simple fact to the people? Why has the media never investigated events surrounding the road to war, choosing instead to continue the lies against the German people?

Having been responsible for World War Two, in which an estimated sixty-million people lost their lives, without counting those millions whom were slaughtered in Germany and behind the Iron Curtain, after the end of the war, why do we continue to mourn the deaths of an ever diminishing number of Jews, most of whom died of disease, as if it was written in stone, that the very scoundrels, whom had declared the war should have come out of it unscathed? Jews never, ever, take responsibility for any of their horrendous crimes, whether they be in Palestine, Armenia, Russia or Eastern Europe, while all of these crimes are normally totally ignored by the ‘Fake’ Jew controlled media. What a surprise.

The Jews seized control of Russia, where they proved totally incapable of running the economy. They relied on covert monetary help and wheat, from the United States and Britain throughout the Soviet years, to survive. In Israel, they have shown the same lack of ability and to this day they rely on ‘blackmail’ payments from Germany and billions of dollars annually from the US and Britain, yet another unreported reality.

Jews could well have supported themselves out of the continued riches gained through the theft of money from the pockets of the poorest people in the world, through the imposition of their Compound Interest on loans, however greed does not allow that sort of weakness, greed on the scale of the Jews can never be satisfied.

When World War Two finally came to an end, Britain’s favourite politician, Winston Churchill, the man whose misunderstood act of sending the Aztecs into the cauldron of Gallipoli, where they were slaughtered by the Ottoman military, in order to aid the complete destruction of the Ottoman Empire, by dividing their forces, which handed control of the Middle East into the grip of the French and British, allowing the gifting of Palestine to Rothschild, was then instrumental in the construction of the European Union, yet another suppressed tale.

Churchill was also responsible for the murder through starvation of millions in Bengal, where he commandeered foodstuffs to feed the British Military, during the fighting against the Japanese, leaving the people to die, even as the food rotted away, as the British, finally had no need of it.

Jews live in fear of a widespread awakening to reality and the media is desperately trying to conceal this reality from us all. They have been doing this throughout our lives. When Donald Trump pointed a finger at a journalist from CNN and accused him of ‘very fake News’ he was telling the truth, whether you choose to believe him or not. Jews of course, own CNN.

Even today it was announced that the European Union is continuing talks with Canada about the CETA Treaty, which is exactly the same formula as were TPP and TTIP treaties which have failed. As usual the Jews who control the Corporations, which seek complete power over National and International Governments never give up.

The hidden controllers of the European Union, will, when the puppets in the ‘public’ Commission, finally allow the passing of CETA, seek ways and means of ensuring that the UK is forced to accept a part in this cold-blooded attempt to enslave us all. The Peoples of Europe have already taken to the streets in protest and yet they are getting no serious information from the media. Most people, while being well aware that Donald Trump uttered the word ‘Pussy’ have no idea about CETA.

There have been  so many important events, down through the years, which have been totally suppressed by the controlled press, that few people understand, that even institutions like the London School of Economics, is part of the overall scheme to promote Communism. It was funded by the Bankers,  through the Fabian Society, which was fully funded by the City of London and surrogate minions of British Bankers in the USA. They were also responsible for the construction and funding of The European Union.

Just recently, for the first time I heard mention of the fact that Churchill had been involved in the European Union, suggesting that to mean it to be a good idea. No mention was made of Churchill’s Jew background and the fact that he was a tool of Bernard Baruch an American billionaire. The man who covered up Churchill’s little sexual preferences, which were far more serious than those claims laid against Donald Trump. He also covered Churchill’s gambling debts and paid his alcohol bill. None of that is scandalous or worthy of mention, because everybody loves Churchill and his disgusting behaviour should not be allowed to stain his otherwise spotless reputation.

There are so many subjects, not only those politically oriented, which we are discouraged from questioning, that it has become to all intents and purposes like living in a hard line, rogue state with a form of thought control firmly in place.

We are allowing history books to be written containing references to certain things, which are plainly untrue, while the Press and other media, along with all politicians, without exception, are in full support. These false tales of historical events, will then join those other unproven fables, which have been so firmly planted into all of our minds, that to even question them invites a level of abuse which is completely incomprehensible.

It has become difficult to even mention certain subjects, not only from fear of an argument but from the possibility of Prison, such is the fear of exposure amongst the liars. We must now stand by watching Jew atrocities taking place while being gagged, as to speak out could be called anti-Semitism, when in reality it is the Semites whom are under attack, such is the distortion of reality with which we are being conditioned and which is being fed to our children.

Even as I write, there has been yet another piece of Fake News broadcasted on British Radio, announcing the death of the Blind Sheik, claiming him to have planned the 1993 attack on the World Trade Centre. When in reality he was groomed by the FBI, who provided him and his group with all the necessary to carry out the attack.

The Sheik guessed that he was being set up, so he recorded everything which passed between him and the FBI, all of which was explained in Court. He had quite deliberately parked the truck bomb in a less vulnerable position in the car park, thus avoiding a more serious eventuality. I could go on and on and on but what’s the point?