A Call From The Garrigue.


Fox News: Judge Jeanine Takes On The Clintons’ And Obama.


The Resurgence Of The Mandarins?


It is being suggested rhat the Chinese have been planning to take control of the whole world for the past four-hundred years. Having been fooled into believing in the reality of the British, French and American Empires, are we going to be fooled yet again into accepting the concept of a Chinese Empire? When it is already clear that the same Jews, whom controlled the other three, have been beavering away, destroying the old ‘useful idiot’ Empires, by exporting all of the necessary industries into China, where they have many Ghost Cities, awaiting the posh Jews to relocate, when the going gets tough and many Zionish ‘strangers’ already sitting in the Chinese Politburo?

The same Bolshevik Communist Families, are already heavily investing ‘our’ money, into the controlled fragmentation of those other Empires, which will ensure the realisation of their greatest desire, that of the control of the only world-wide Military Machine, with which they will be able to subdue any sign of resistance to their envisaged, International ‘bloody reign of terror,’ in any of the ‘tiny’ states, by which their control may be threatened.

The destruction of the Middle East, was an attempt to destroy the autonomy of any State which could pose a threat to the Zionish control, of the entire region, from Jerusalem, where they have already announced their intention of constructing the capital city of their New World Order. They are having a slight set-back at the moment, with Syria and their resistance to the seizure of their oilfields by the Zionish controlled Kurds. Any collusion between Syria and Iraq would inflict a serious set-back to the Zionish plans.

I fully understand, that should I have written five years ago, what I am now writing, I would have taken for a mad-man, but not anymore. We are now under total control. There are laws or rules, which will be protected by Maritime Law, which will soon impose restrictions on the recuperation of rainfall, which is already in place across the United States, to make sure that the privately owned International Water Company, will be duly paid for every drop you use.

Despite all of the talk of Free Solar Energy, the direct use of such energy’, to provide electricity for your home, is also about to be made illegal, you are obliged to be on the grid, all which will soon be in private hands. Those living in a rural situation, without access to the ‘Grid’ will be told that they are not ‘sustainable’ and their land will be confiscated.

This is already happening across America and Australia. Farmers are being told that they cannot cultivate in certain sections of their farms, to save ‘frogs’ or ‘butterflies’ or whatever, claiming the farmers to represent a threat to the Natural World, they are however obliged to pay the Tax on this now unusable land and failure to do so will result in the seizure of the land.

All of these draconian measures are being accepted, in your name, by controlled politicians. The voter is obliged to accept the decision of these politicians, as if they are our masters. The Media is already under the control of those whom have control of the politicians, so there is little point in looking to them for truthful information.

Even the alternative media is suspect. For example during the recent Las Vegas shootings, there were dozens of film clips available on YouTube. Sadly they rarely contain commentary recorded by those whom filmed the clip. This makes it possible for anyone who so chooses to insert a commentary, which has no connection to what is actually being shown. Most of the clips are being inserted on to other reports, similar to my own, where they can be used to suit the desire of the reporter.

Reports on this event have already left the Headlines of TV News reports and daily newspapers, yet I have still to find a report on the event around Hooters’ Restaurant. During previous reports on this Vegas event, I spent quite a while looking for images of the stream of ambulances,  which characteristically turn up at this sort of attack. I could find absolutely no trace of them and yet a couple of hundred yards away, there were dozens of ambulances, outside Hooters, taking dead or injured people to hospital.

In one report, I actually came to the conclusion that the alleged attack at the Music Festival, gave the impression of having been a ‘False Flag’ attack which had been overtaken by a real attack, which was being ignored by the media, despite dozens of eye-witness reports. It would seem that I was not too short of the mark, depending on reports from Hooters.

It would seem that the delay in the Police report, of the ever-changing number of casualties at the Music Festival, was to allow them to find out the number of deaths at Hooters. All of which would suggest them to be covering up a warning to the Jew ownership of Las Vegas that they are marked men.

The close partnership between the Mafia and the Mossad, is rarely discussed. In past times Mossad was called Murder Inc. while the CIA was The Mob. It is possible that there are those men of real character, in the United States, whom have simply had enough of the ‘hidden hand’ by which the States has been controlled ever since the War of Independence was ‘Lost’ to the Freemasons, whom entered into the agreed, position of debt slavery, to the Bank of England. Now that those same Bankers are shoving the United States down the toilet, they are about to do something about it, with Donald Trump at the helm.

It is also possible that the Chinese are not as quiescent as they appear to be, having suffered at the hands of the drug dealers themselves, in past times. Not to mention the purges, after the Bolshevik Jews installed their Communism, which destroyed the intellectual portion of the Chinese population.

Should any of this be so, now would be a good time to show just a little bit of resistance. Europe is in an even more parlous state than is the United States, where despite the Bolshevik takeover and closure of millions of acres of the States, there is ample room to grow.

In the UK for example, there is a serious shortage of space to construct the necessary number of homes to house the annual intake of two or three-hundred-thousand immigrants. This situation was made glaringly clear on todays radio News, when it was suggested that should the necessary number of homes be achieved, to house just one years intake, that would be the first time ever and that would have to be repeated forever more, at which point, would the UK be called full?

This is a measure of the catastrophic result of perpetual warfare. Where are the millions of homeless people in the Middle East supposed to live? In Africa, the Money Sick, have completely raped the place in search of profit. They cynically destroyed Libya, knowing full well that they would soon be paying the voyage, for hundreds of thousands of Blacks, to head for Europe, without Gadaffi blocking the way.

Africa has no need of Smart-phones and other gadgets, what the people need is a decent life, not growth, the world has delivered as much growth as it can, we now need consolidation, not more wasteful production. The last people whom should be allowed to maintain control of our world are the money sick. All they need are consumers.

Days Of Hope: Great War Drama.

What Was Going On At Hooters While All We Heard About Was Mandalay Bay?


It’s beginning to look as if the Country Music Festival attack in Las Vegas on the 1st October, was a mere distraction from whatever was going on at Hooter’s Restaurant, from where dozens of ambulances were ferrying people to hospital, without a pick-up truck in sight. There was evidence of a HazMat van at the scene suggesting there to be a possible danger from a chemical attack. Still no mention of anything on the News.





The Soon To Be Announced Balkanisation Of The United States & Europe.



The courageous Americans are claiming to have defeated ISIS in Raqqa, a city of which, the Americans actually funded the destruction. Where, one might ask, are the prisoners of war, or are we to believe that ISIS has been wiped out to the last man standing, as in Mosul and other places? Not at all, the Americans made sure that they were on hand in Raqqa to protect and  ensure that their paid mercenaries were given a safe exit, from the well executed task, of total destruction. They did the same thing in Mosul.


I am a great believer in the tale of the head of the snake, being more important than the tail and that the day has arrived, when to continue to ignore the ‘head’ while wiping out the re-growable tail, to be a waste of time and energy.

Bearing in mind that there was complicity, of all members of the European Union and NATO, in the destruction of the Middle East and the gradual domination of Africa, which includes the Bolshevik’s grabbing of South Africa, a feat which was fully supported by the rest of the World, it becomes clear that there is not one single ‘Free Western State,’ prepared to stand up against this International criminality.

South Africa, set the standard, for what is in store for the rest of the White World, where Black immigrants, having been funded by the Bolshevik Jews, demanded the right, through the means of this ‘forced’ majority of Blacks, into a previously White country, to demand control of that country, using the very tool, which the Bolsheviks desire to destroy, the Democratic system.

In Australia, the Muslim immigrants are jumping the gun a little, by demanding their own State, in a Secular country, in which they have used the principle of multiculturalism to suit their own purpose, which is apparently to install a Muslim only State.

In a Democracy, the only folk whom vote against their own best interests are White Christian people.  Blacks vote for Blacks and Muslims will vote for Muslims, so is it not about time, that Jews came out of the closet, so that Christians understand for whom they are actually voting?  That way White Christians’ can be sure, that they are not voting for Jews,  whom may look White, to an innocent White’s eye, but who do not consider themselves to be White, when voting,  Jews are quite capable of recognising a Jew, even though, to Christians’ he may look White.

That would sort out the disproportionate number of Jews, in the governments of White Christian countries, hiding behind assumed Christian sounding family names and address the shortage of Christians in the Israeli Knesset. Britain and the United States are under total Jew control and have been for generations, World War Two was declared and totally dominated by Jew interests. The British Establishment ‘banished’ any Christian politician who dared to oppose the declaration of war against Germany and to this day threaten those whom speak out about the collusion between Christian Governments’ and the aims of the International Jew. The honourable English King, abdicated, rather than stab Hitler and Germany in the back.

Should you be reading this post, you can rest assured that I am already under surveillance because even the World Wide Web, has now fallen under the control of the International Jew. They decide what we are allowed to access, not only on the web but on television and radio and in newspapers across the whole wide world. To make sure of total control of the internet, there are moves afoot to ban Free Software, to take down those sites like mine, which are now referred to as ‘Extreme Right Wing’.

The ‘useful idiots’ in most Parliaments, have already drawn up a series of restrictions, which will most certainly apply to me, in the not too distant future, to prevent me from visiting ‘Terrorist’ sites which I know to have been deliberately set-up in order entice the unwary into a trap and to allow draconian measures to save us all from those darned ISIS killers.

As were the Ethnic Germans, whom found themselves stranded in areas which had once been a part of Germany, after the Great War and again after World War Two, whom were handed over to the Bolshevik Commissars to be slaughtered out of hand, without a word from the most revered Englishman in history, that drunken pervert, the controlled Zionish, Winston Churchill, the man who was used as the mouthpiece for the orders of the International Jews, whom had carefully, selected him for the job.

He had also taken part in an earlier Zionish attempt to destroy the Dutch Boers’ in South Africa, where the International Jews invented the idea of the murderous Concentration Camps, in which thousands of women and children were starved to death.

The same Bolsheviks’ have now introduced South Africa to a new era of Concentration Camps for the Boers, in which they are once more being starved, while those cuddly ‘Blacks’ are promising them that the day is not far off when they will be wiped out, all without a word of criticism from the Democratic West and without a mention in the International Zionish Media.

A few short years ago, Yugoslavia was trapped into conflict, by the International Monetary Fund, under the control of the perverted rapist Dominique Strauss-Khan. It was a conflict which was used as a NATO excuse to destroy and ‘Balkanise’ the once wealthy Yugoslavian State, which had chosen to retain the wrong sort of Socialism, the unacceptable kind which benefitted the people.


International Jewry then eviscerated the area and imposed, in the heart of Eastern Europe, Kosovo, a Muslim State and they are now in the process of Islamising Sweden and Norway, which will produce an enormous ‘enemy within’ when combined with the United States huge military machine in Kosovo.

This will all prove necessary, when the fast approaching, European Civil War kicks off, a civil war which may include the ‘re-taking’ of Russia, that is if Russia is actually free of the Bolshevik Communists’ as they claim. Otherwise Europeans could well,  soon find themselves back under the Bolshevik Communist Jack Boot, this time around without so much as a ‘pretend’ friend to help them out. 

The United States is facing the same thing. Mexicans will soon be dominant in Texas and California, while in the North the Muslims have been, ever so quietly, setting up Muslim Land. All of these things make a mockery out of this Multiculturalism business,  with which White Christians have been forced fed for years. Having been induced into accepting this nonsense, those Jews, like Angela Merkel and David Cameron, are now suggesting that it does not work, so that the large numbers of immigrants, whom are already here, can now be granted large tracts of Europe for themselves. You think I am joking? Let us hope that I am wrong.

The main losers in this caper, will be the Black Lives Matter idiots, whom will very soon discover themselves to be welcome nowhere. The Mexicans detest them, the Whites will be glad to see the back of them. The Asians, having suffered at the aggressive hands of the Blacks during the Rodney King riots, were prepared to ‘shoot to kill’ if the Blacks tried to ransack Korean or Chinese premises.  So God knows who will be prepared to subsidise this bunch of genetically programmed criminals, perhaps they will be able to find succour amongst the Jews, keeping their heads down in New York, who knows?



Forgive Them McCarthy, Now They’ll Be Laughing No More



The justice of Karma, demands of the people of Europe and the United States, that should they wonder why it is here, with the aim of bringing a taste of pain into the lives those whom have apparently been quite unaware of what they were condoning and that having watched, as a form of entertainment, the total destruction of a large part of the world, the slaughter of millions of people, the crippling of millions more and the creation of untold thousands of orphans and are now puzzled by why they should find themselves confronted by the Karma Assessor, who will decide the weight, of a no doubt heavy price, which they will have to pay, in return for their unforgivable thoughtlessness and silence, as it is they whom financed these crimes against humanity, to be the ominous answer.

When that Karmic vengeance takes hold, against the guilty, it will be too late to use ignorance, you have long been educated to understand that ignorance, is no excuse, yet another piece of advice which you chose to ignore.

I should imagine there to be many amongst you, whom will scoff at the idea of Karma, as being nothing more than Buddhist bullshit, however, history does not support such claims. When the whole world fell into disgrace, the Karmic Flood redressed the balance. During more recent times, many once great empires have simply disappeared.

There is strong evidence that Greece, Rome, Egypt and many other Empires, were constructed on the vestiges of the Greatest Empire of them all, the only signs of which, are the massive monuments, which were claimed by later Empires as their own.

The final construct of this Great Empire, was the Firmament, which was slowly closing, even as the waters from the outer darkness, poured down on the plains and mountains below, wiping out those whom had desired to be God. Wise men now suggest that we are once more being controlled by those whom believe themselves to be of more importance than are the rest of us, and that another day of retribution is fast approaching.

Life is after all, just a game of Tennis, the players must accept the rules otherwise there would be total confusion on the courts. Real life is no different, nature decided how things work. I have cats and there is not a homosexual amongst them. Nor a transgender, as far as I can figure out. To avoid an incestuous mix, the Top Cat drives all of those cats whom are at risk, out of the band.

Life for people should be the same, the fact that it is no longer the same, suggests there to be a problem with our ‘Human’ Genes, a problem, which does not appear to affect any of the other species. Which itself suggests that the most ‘intelligent’ of the land creatures, have been breaking the hereditary rules.

We have been here before in the not too distant past. This occurs at times when there is a limited choice of partner perhaps, which has often lead to a state of sterility within certain groups, which encouraged the adoption of fertility dances and other special Rites in an attempt to resolve the problem.

The modern Witch Doctors have managed to deliberately make modern man virtually sterile and conception for many women,  a long and arduous business, while at the same time, fertile women murder their babies. All of these problems generate profits for the Witch Doctors, whom never heal but only treat, their patients.

In the middle of all this bloodshed and destruction of morality,  there stands a small stolen State, not too far away from Sodom and Gomorrah. The people of this land of Israel, believe themselves to be safe from attack, despite poking around in a hornets nest with a stick, encouraging the decent of the modern hedonist into a cess-pit of filth, such as that destroyed by fire and brimstone in times past.

This small State of Israel has been responsible, one way or another, for all of the carnage in the region for the past one hundred years, and they have been totally without pity for those whom have been driven out of their homeland, by the arrival of the ‘special ones.’ So I wonder what Karma has stored up against such people?

We should now consider ourselves to be in need of redemption. The first step down this road, should be to promise never to vote again for any politician who voted in favour of any of the illegal wars, which have been fought in the name of the Peoples of Europe and America, by The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, against those innocent Muslim States which have all been destroyed, in recent times.

Should any voter, claiming to be on the side of the Just and the Good, fail live up to this claim, by actually voting for one of these scum-bags, they should consider themselves to be a part of the problem. A simple ‘Not In My Name’ sticker, plastered all over your local township, should give impetus to the anti-war movement, that is should such a thing actually exist and is not simply another myth, to make people feel better.

Political Parties should be completely discounted, they have all been gui!lty  of War Crimes in recent times. It is quite possible to govern without need of people whom have been selected by their Party, because they agree with the Party line. A disparate group is perfectly capable of running a Government, whatever you may have been educated to believe. Political Parties are the trap of Democracy.

Where has all our gold gone you might ask? The answer being that Leading Politicians across the world, including in Germany, France, The United Kingdom and The United States, have all slyly sold their country’s gold reserves and they refuse to tell us to whom, while other elected, though slightly less leading politicians, in various ‘Parliaments’ simply ignore this fact. I think we can all guess as to the hidden identity of the receiver, can we not?

I should imagine that such richness would most probably place that man, who could afford to buy the gold, amongst the eighty others whom have accumulated ninety-percent of the wealth of the world, into their own deep pockets, while the other six-billion-nine-hundred and ninety-nine-million nine-hundred and ninety-nine-hundred-thousand nine-hundred and twenty of us have to muddle along with whatever is left over, and they are now telling us that we have to share our portion with all those ‘poor’ people, while they keep their share, in secret bank accounts. Does that seem fair to you?

What is totally unfair, is the huge amount of Dollars, Euros and Pounds, which are handed over to subsidise the State of Israel, which is a privately owned State, in the hands of the richest man in the world. Why is he not under pressure to subsidise his own ‘subjects?’ Why is he allowed to tell me, a relatively poor man, that I have to pay his illegal encroachers into Israel. He wanted the place, why is it not his responsibility to pay the rent? Would the people of Europe agree to this charity to Israel,  if given the chance to vote on it? If they would not, why are elected politicians doing so without our agreement?

Back in the nineteen fifties, Joe McCarthy was prowling around, looking for the infiltrators into the American Dream. What he found was aired once more today on RT,during a segment about the claims of Russian interference in US presidential Elections and other things.

McCarthy had got it right,  Hollywood was promoting propaganda but it was all against the Germans and the Japanese, the one word missing from McCarthy’s claims was Jew.

The same Jews whom had colluded to declare the Second World War against the Jews two main enemies Germany and Japan. As McCarthy explained Jew/Communists had taken control of all of the main media outlets of the day and they produced dozens of total propaganda films in Hollywood, including after the War the, use of Jew Directors like Billy Wilder and Alfred Hitchcock, to implant the lies about the holocaust, into the minds of the unwary, using false images of shrunken heads and lampshades made of human skin to shock the public into a state of fury against the Germans and later the Japanese.

Everything that McCarthy warned us about is now in place, all around us. We are all, about to be brought down to Third World level. This has always been the aim of the Bolshevik Communists and in furtherance of this aim, they have been allowed, even encouraged, to take control of every aspect of our lives. All of it hidden behind the false mantra that Private Business is more effective at running things than Nationalised Industries, so we must it all at cheap prices.

There is not a single ‘Free’ Government in any of the so-called Democratic Free States, they are one and all controlled by a traitorous bureaucracy and complicit, carefully placed politicians, all of whom are cheerfully handing over every penny paid in income tax to the Bankers, with which these shady, criminal bankers, have bought everything, lock stock and barrel.

Donald Trump And The Pussy Chatte.

The Harvey Weinstein business, has prompted all commentators of his sleazy attitude to women, to introduce their comment with a reference to Donald Trump and the much repeated, Fake News,  concerning his grabbing of women’s ‘Pussies.’

Donald Trump never claimed that he had personally grabbed a woman’s pussy.  What he said was, if women think you are rich you can get away with anything. Which sadly, is perfectly true, which is why we are hearing very little from those ‘starlets’ who got exactly what they wanted from the ‘casting couch.’  While others feel that having got what they wanted by selling their body and keeping their mouth shut, that they are now rich and famous enough, and safe enough,  to whine about it.

Any ‘Rock-Star’ would confirm exactly what Trump claimed. If women do not admire their own parasitic nature, they should start by doing something about themselves, before making use of both incidents as an excuse to cane men, whom also have a certain part of their ‘nature,’ to contend with,which encourages them to use every tool in the box to get sex. Within a few hundred metres of where I live, there are four prostitutes, preying on men’s weakness, at the side of the road, every day of the week.




The likes of Weinstein probably found it difficult to sort out the willing from the others. Women looking for money, generally get what they deserve. I deplore those predators like Weinstein, however there are two sides to every tale, so let us not use this sordid business as yet another excuse  to bad-mouth men.

There was a thing on French Radio a while back when a guy was tricked by a smooth talking bitch into saying some things, he would live to regret, while his girlfriend was listening. Most of the comments thought the whole notion of broadcasting such crap to be deplorable, the same should be said about what the ‘friend’ Bobby Bush,  did to Donald Trump.



Europe; The Post Industrial Wasteland.

On no account ever allow yourself to be deceived into believing that we are all the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. Despite thousands of years of experience, we are still held tightly in the grip of the selfish, brutal and greedy.

The teachings of wise old men mean nothing to these psychopaths, whom would, as they say, strangle their Granny for the price of a pint of beer.

These thugs rule us through fear and violence. Anyone who was witness to the brutal use of force by the Guardia Civil in Spain, during the recent Referendum in Catalonia, will have fully understood that the ‘modern’ cop, was chosen explicitly because of his latent psychopathy, which is in no way different from the behaviour of the thuggish British ‘Bobbies’ whom beat the striking coal miners to a pulp, during the Battle of Orgreave, under orders from Margaret Thatcher.

In the United States, during one of the ‘Occupy’ campaigns, the Cops were filmed spraying mace, directly into the face of the protesting youngsters, whom were behaving in a totally correct and peaceful manner. In a civilised society that should be considered as an act of aggression and the cop sanctioned for his behaviour, otherwise we will no longer be protected by the police but in fear of them.

Ever since the invention of Muslim Terrorism, by one of the ‘secret’ groups, perhaps the Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission, we have all been herded into a corral, through the use of the fear factor, provided by this false claim that there was some enormous Muslim bogeyman out to get us. When in truth, all of the terrorism, is paid for by the same psychopaths whom gave us two brutal World Wars.

There has been collusion between several, so-called, Muslim regimes, whom have been used to give cover to the paid mercenaries, working under the control of the same group of psychopaths by whom we are all being manipulated, Christians, Jews and Muslims alike.

The idea that certain Muslim States are working outside of the control of the ‘Big Boys’ is a joke, they are the arms dealers, passing the weapons to men in masks, who have been used as the excuse to raze the lands of the ‘useless eaters’ in the Middle East, while disguised as Muslims.

The belief that ISIS/Daech could spring out of nowhere and become a world-wide threat, is a nonsense, they have been fully funded by ‘your’ leaders, with your money. The British, French and Americans have been pretending to fight these ‘terrorists’ whom we have never seen, they are always just over the hill, all the dead from NATO bombings have been civilians. In many cases, the Americans in particular, have been caught out, allowing ISIS members to slip out of towns like Mosul and Raqqa so that they can regroup in the next town to be flattened.

When David Cameron, was allowed to install a ‘No Fly Zone’ over Libya, he rubbed his hands in glee, while losing no time in bombing the heart  out of the best run State in Africa, leaving the Libyan people desolate. When he was given Parliamentary permission to bomb ISIS in Syria, Cameron committed the same psychopathic act of destroying nothing but Syrian infrastructure, leaving ISIS untouched.

Along with the mightiest army on Earth from America, Cameron had ‘failed’ to notice the hundreds of tanker lorries, which came all the way from America, which were selling stolen oil from Syria and Iraq to Israel, on the open road towards Turkey, a nice little ‘earner’ of which Russia finally took care.

At this point in history, there is very little difference between those people whom held power at the beginning of the 20th Century and those by whom we are now being controlled. When the time comes, you will be sacrificed, in the same manner as were the young men whom were sent ‘over the top’ into the jaws of hell, in the Great War.

These psychopathic scumbags, have killed an estimated ten million Muslims since the 9th of September 2001, without batting an eyelid and they are more eager than ever to continue the slaughter.

I heard a disturbing announcement on this mornings news, letting us know that there is an administrative document, which announces the intention of relocating Africans to the United States and Europe. There is a mere billion of them. So no problem for us there.

This has actually been underway for some time. A Century ago all of the lusted for resources were in the Middle East, the oil and gas, suddenly Africa is the target, where the Gold, Diamonds, Gas and oil are to be found in abundance. My Black friends tell that their home lands in Africa have already been swamped by Chinese and that the American Military Machine is everywhere.

So the days of calling ‘realists,’ racist and xenophobic have long gone. We, as White people, are on the brink of extinction and we can either get ourselves together or simply lie down and allow the Africans and Middle Eastern Muslims to swarm all over us, forcing us to carry the can for the filth by whom we are being governed. Europe is being turned into a wasteland.

What have we given?

My friend, blood shaking my heart

The awful daring of a moment’s surrender

Which an age of prudence can never retract

By this, and this only, we have existed.”

T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land

Planxty: The West Coast Of Clare

Is The World Too Zionish? After All Zionish People Believe It To Be Too White.

Throughout the barbaric destruction of the Middle East, which has turned the region into a massive bomb crater, the United Nations was there, on the ground, in all its glory. They watched as Bush and Blair lied us all into the destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq, all of it based on disinformation and deceit, without comment. They then generously provided the ‘No Fly Zone’ excuse for Cameron and Sarkozy to maul Libya, while they calmly ignored the illicit transport of arms, from Libya to the Mercenaries in Syria to lay that country to waste.

Even before the United Nations did themselves massacre millions of innocent people in Korea, they sanctified the slaughter of the Palestinian people and the theft of the their property and land. This was of course, a case of hidden Zionish people, behind the curtain of the UN, turning a blind eye to the barbaric behaviour of other Zionish folk, working for an English Lord.

So what is the actual purpose of the United Nations, it has so far, completely failed in its alleged role of putting an end to war, so why do we need it? It is in fact, no more than a sink-hole for our money as is the European Union, which is also currently experiencing a difficulty in explaining exactly what it is achieving,  which could not be achieved by simple cooperation between European States, without need of a powerless Parliament costing billions of Euros.

The main connection between the United Nations and the European Union is the fact that there are rich Zionish types crouching in the shadows behind them. We are not allowed to explore too closely this aspect of ‘our control’, just as when the likes of the ‘Friends of Israel’ ridden British Houses of Parliament, still supports, with millions of Pounds of aid, annually sent to Israel, while ignoring the War Crimes which are being financed with this ‘aid,’ without so much as a question to any Prime Minster.

Theresa May, the current Prime Minister of the UK, who has described herself as a Jew and who like her counterpart in France, Emmanuel Macron, spent her early years in the employ of the Man Who Rules the World, Baron Rothschild, who actually owns Palestine, which he received as a gift through the machinations of two Zionish British Lords, Balfour and Halifax, in return for tricking the United States into the Great War.




In a strange repetition of history, the British, whom imposed a debt, which could never be repaid, onto America, when America ‘decided’ to leave the British Union, which ultimately lead to the construction of the Federal Reserve, which to this day is controlled by the City of London, now that the English have decided to leave a European Union, the City of London controlled European Central Bank, is attempting to enforce ‘a divorce debt’ onto the backs of the British, which can never be repaid.

A two-billion-pound Great War debt with Baron Rothschild, cost the British people over twelve-billion-pounds in interest alone, before it was finally repaid in 2015. Britain now has a debt with the Rothschilds’ of two-trillion-pounds. To repay a debt of two-billion-pounds took one-hundred-years and twelve-billion in interest, how long do the British People imagine it will take to repay two-trillion-pounds and at what cost in interest? Two trillion is two thousand times greater than two billion, I think, so the actual cost of repaying the debt is quite clearly impossible. The total stupidity of Usury/Compound Interest stands exposed naked before us, for what it is.

As for the Americans, they still have faith in the Founding Fathers and all that rubbish, when it was these same Founding Father whom tricked them into the unrepayable debt situation in the first place. A situation which was questioned by President Jackson, who closed down the illegal, corrupt Bank of America, which was reinstalled some time later as The Federal Reserve and with the complicity of every President ever since, with a ‘House’ where members spend most of their time stuffing packets of bribe money into their back pockets, it has been retained by a gang of controlled politicians with nothing to gain from doing ‘The Right Thing.’

Like the British and their proposed ‘Brexit’ from the European Union, the Americans never quite managed to break away from the British Union by which they have always been controlled. Mad King George was himself a mere tool of the Dutch Bankers, whose aim was to force the American people into debt prison.

The other ‘patriot’ who stood up to the ruthless scourge of the Zionish Bankers was Adolf Hitler, who initiated his own currency and hauled the German people out of their ‘un-payable debt situation, with the criminals, whom with the support of their bribed and blackmailed lackeys, had forced Germany into accepting the iniquitous Treaty of Versailles, through the usual means of starvation tactics.

Hitler carried out the ‘forbidden act’ of closing the Zionish Banks and created his own money, based on a Deutsch Mark worth an hour of labour. Which worked like magic, but don’t tell anyone or they’ll all want to do it.

Hitler had explained in Mein Kampf, that Germany was too Zionish. The Zionish had made use of the deliberate hyper-inflation during the Weimar Republic, after the end of the Great War, to buy most of the super-structure of Berlin and other German cities, using the power of the Wall Street Dollar, the value of which had been cunningly increased, with the direct intention of making Germany virtually worthless and therefore, cheaper than the cost of a Depression time whore.

What would Hitler make of the situation across the world, where all of the Media, Press, Radio, Film and Television, with the ‘New’ media on the Internet, already under their control? I wonder if he might feel slightly over-powered by such an oppressive presence of all of those Zionish folk, even before we take a closer look at the Political situation across the planet, where all of the main players in Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Canada are all under Zionish control?

The question needs to be asked of our leaders, is the World too Zionish? The only answer must be that it is, which is a situation which is totally racist and which needs to be called to book.



In the United States after an event like the Las Vegas attack, there are immediate calls to ban guns, and always by people with a family name ending with Stein or Berg. These are the very folk whom are calling for the legal arming of Jews in London, where they already have a group of armed Vigilante Police, parading around in vehicles which are indistinguishable from the real thing.

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