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Who Are The Real Supremacists?




Who Are The Real Supremacists?

I was saddened when Richard Spencer made the gaff of associating the Alt-Right with Hitler, whether through a lack of thought, or as he himself suggested, through a desire to “throw it in ‘their’ faces,” or some other excuse, which he explained in an interview with Red Ice Radio.

It should be remembered that there are many more folk around, who are quietly trying to introduce people to the idea, that there is nothing to fear from the Nationalist Movement, which has being going on far longer than has the National Policy Institute, which we are now all apparently obliged to accept as some sort of self selected leadership group.

To make things worse, there is already a band of anti-Commentateurs, operating on YouTube, dedicated to the silencing of criticism, of statements, made by the likes of Richard Spencer, who is now being presented as the ‘Dark Side’ of Nationalism, all across Europe.

Having been a ‘Nationalist’ for many years, and being in support of the ‘White Race,’ standing up against all obvious attempts to wipe it out, I now find myself having to defend my opposition to remarks, which have been interpreted, in the usual manner, by the Mainstream Media, as Pro Nazi and by association, anti-Semitic, which has already allowed the Southern Poverty Law Centre, to issue a statement, which will be published all across the Planet and which has already undermined my own efforts, to encourage fearful voters, in upcoming European elections, to vote ‘Right.’

Sadly, the folk whom have suffered the most as a result of post war propaganda, are the German people and to encourage them to accept the truth of World War Two, is as difficult as is the idea that the earth is flat, for the rest of us.

We live in a world in which ‘truth’ is non-existent. Throughout my life, I now understand, I have been fed

a litany of lies. I now hold views which are vaguely unpleasant for all and everybody and I could care less, as I am just as likely to be right as wrong and nobody could point out the difference, all of life is based on deception.

I was curious, to find out how Spencer’s remarks would be treated, by the ‘American’ community. I came across an interview which he had given to a ‘American’ News channel, which was conducted by a ‘American’ who suggested that Spencer was a White Supremacist, having just claimed that he was himself, an ‘American,’ and therefore, all ‘Americans,’ should be equally treated.

The host, then went on to complain that there were too few ‘others Americans’ in the United States Government, even though the percentages actually conformed with the percentages of the population.

He actually suggested, that all ‘Americans’ should be equally treated, while at the same time, refusing to accept that there were laws in the States and all across Europe, obliging employers to ignore Whites in favour of other groups. Which gave him, personally, the opportunity to voice his own Black Racism, disguised as concern for ‘Americans,’ much as Jews are now denying their Polish, German, Dutch or Russian, Whiteness, in a last-ditch attempt to associate themselves with Palestine and to separate them from their control of slavery, as they attempt to use Blacks, in their efforts to stir up trouble in the USA.

This is the hypocrisy with which we are faced, employers will very soon be obliged to employ a certain number of idiots, in order to meet their ‘idiot’ allocation numbers, a task which will very soon be complicated by differences between, Black, Female or Muslim idiots and which of them is stupid enough to qualify for the vacancy.

Spencer, quite rightly, insisted that, immigrants need Whites, far more than Whites need immigrants, which is why ninety-nine percent of Whites managed perfectly well without slaves, and all of those, Bankers and Hedge Fund managers, presented by the Host as ‘White’ supremacists, were in fact Jew ‘Chosen People,’ a misrepresentation, which Spencer, sadly, failed to point out.

He also failed to mention the fact that there had been far more Irish slaves in the United States, than Blacks, which is yet another Black lie to sanctify their own chosen position as Victims.


Like the Jews before them, Blacks would have the world believe, that they were the only ‘real’ victims in this sad and sorry excuse for life, in which we live, while in truth, Blacks actually, behave like savages all over the world, a savagery which is occluded in order to maintain a narrative of White Guilt.

As for Jews, they controlled Slavery and have managed to achieve, the never mentioned, status of being the greatest mass murderers in history, while at the same time retaining their status as World Champion victims.

White folk have a lot to learn. We are being duped on a daily basis. All immigrants who arrive on our shores are not coming to be of benefit to us, they are seeking a better life for themselves, while we are being fed the Mantra of immigrants being necessary for the economic benefits, which they provide, which are, apparently, not already available amongst the five-hundred-million Europeans, already on hand to be employed.

What is never mentioned, during discussions about immigration, is the result of such a process. Should one-million adult immigrants arrive into a European country and do, as has been done in past times, bring in relatives or a husband or wife from their country of origin, one-million can quickly turn into two-million and then four-million and so on, this leads to a position, which was used as a threat in previous decades, that of over-population, which encouraged everybody in Europe to reduce the number of children per family.

What has now become of this advice, which surely was not suggested in order to simply make more space for immigrants? All immigration should be based, not on the needs of Strawberries, but in some relationship to the numbers needed to maintain the population, otherwise the entire world will be ultimately reduced to the status of the Third World. I believe that, to be the ultimate aim.

There is a language called ‘Legalese’ which is used to unknowingly, entrap us in Court. Alongside ‘Legalese’ there is ‘Politicalese’ which is being used to entrap us all into a state of poverty. The United Nations, which is itself, no more than a ‘front,’ for Communism and Bolshevik control, is suggesting, the creation of a world where everyone should have access to minimum health-care and adequate nourishment.

Sounds like an excellent idea, until you come to understand that ‘everyone,’ includes you. This is why Europe can suddenly, no longer afford to provide a decent Health Service, which is on the point of being ‘Privatised,’ which is ‘Politicalese,’ for handing it over to the hidden controllers of the United Nations, which is already in control of our water and the bulk of food production and power of all sorts, electricity, gas and nuclear.

Ask yourself, what sort of political system, which declares itself to be working in favour of its electorate, would allow the monopoly of all of those necessities, to fall into the hands, of secret organisations, which in past times have plunged the world into two world wars and have been responsible for the slaughter of tens of millions of White Europeans? Perhaps it just might be those whom refer to themselves as ‘Friends of Zion.’ Watch your back!




Marine Le Pen Spells It Out.



The Untold Tale Of Genocide Against Christian Germany



The Untold Tale Of Genocide Against Christian Germany.

Throughout the twentieth century, there was a continuous, unspoken war, against Christians.

This war has, with the complicity of Western politicians, continued into the twenty-first century and is still under the control of the same hidden hand.

Any Christian reading this, should open their eyes and ears and question the version of history, which has been firmly cemented into their innocent, receptive minds.

We were trained, from an early age, to sit in classrooms, absorbing whatever teacher told us,  as being the verifiable truth. Children were never encouraged to question the ‘facts’ which were being fed to them. Sadly neither had their teachers. The whole idea of compulsory schooling, was directed towards this aim. The result has been the complete control of the thought processes of several generations of children.

The same children and the children of their children, are still being fed, theories as fact. They are never warned that theories are no more than conjecture and while in reality, though they are good for discussion, they are not a good foundation for education.

A good example of the education by theory, is Evilution. Sorry that should read, Evolution. The Theory of Evolution has no basis whatsoever in fact and the sinister result of this form of education has lead to a situation, of which I became a victim.

I receive dozens of ‘head ups’ every day, towards articles in newspapers or clips on Youtube. One day I received a link towards a clip, explaining Evolution in five minutes or something like that.

I watched the clip and as is usual it was based on an unproven supposition and then went on to explain, in a manner suggesting that the supposition was true, all the things which could, would or should have followed, if that supposition had been proven.

I left a comment, asking why all of these tenets of Evolution, were being presented as ‘fact,’ when in ‘fact,’ they were only theories?

I received dozens of attacks, many with the usual bad language, which is ‘theoretically’ the usual behaviour of those whom would prefer to drown out any form of questioning of Evolution, and many others, explaining that I had failed to grasp the difference between a mere ‘theory’ and a ‘Scientific Theory’ which I was assured was the ‘truth’ or indeed the closest, that it was possible to approach the ‘truth’ which ‘magically,’ made it ‘true.’

I responded with the question, ‘If it is true, why is it still called a theory?’ They insisted that a ‘Scientific Theory’ was a fact, even when I copied and pasted a page, from a dictionary, with the explanation of the word ‘Theory’ with the opposite to a theory being  explained as a ‘Fact.’

What this form of education has lead us into, is a position, in which whatever has been taught in school must be accepted as being true and it takes a brave man to say, hold on, in that case ‘truth’ itself can only be described as ‘theory’ does it not? This style of miseducation  would include certain sections of history, which simply refuse to conform to universally accepted text book teachings.

The Great War has been shrouded in mystery. I have read accounts which suggest there to have been no real reason for its outbreak and it was in fact little more than a family squabble, between the closely related Royal Families of Europe. This is an absurd postulation as there were many reasons for the war, not least the coup d’etat in Russia, which was initiated in 1917, while the Russian Army was enmeshed in the War. Coincidence?

The Ottoman Empire was destroyed, the excuse being that they had fought alongside the Germans. This enabled the British and the French to carve up the oil-rich Middle East between themselves, including the ceding of Palestine to Rothschild, by the simple means of a letter written by his own employees.

The Great War finally ended with an Armistice, which is defined in my dictionary as a, ceasefire, peace, suspension of hostilities or a truce, so how did Germany end up being called the loser?

The ‘armistice’ indicates that there had been no loser, so the decision made by those under the control of Jews, whom had blackmailed President Wilson into dispatching American troops to aid the Europeans.   President Wilson was blackmailed by the same Jews whom had also financed the coup d’etat in Russia, and had previously demanded Palestine for Rothschild, whom had himself demanded Palestine, in return for involving American troops, against Germany, after it became apparent that Germany, had to all intents and purposes won the Great War, which would have wrecked the Jews plans.


They then ganged up and simply forced Germany, through the use of embargoes, which starved 900,000 Germans to death, to accept the Treaty of Versailles, which laid responsibility, for a war, which was not of Germany’s making, onto the shoulders of the German people and they then proceeded to carve Germany in slices, in order to generate ‘flash-points’ for future exploits, which would once more be blamed on Germany. Does that list of achievements, for the Jews suggest that the war had been to no purpose?

Winston Churchill, a Jew, whom preferred to call himself a Zionist, sacrificed thousands of Australians in a suicidal attack on Gallipoli, attempting to destroy the Turkish Army, to prepare the ground for Kamal Ataturk, a Jew, whom would be seizing power in Turkey, when the Ottoman Empire collapsed.

Ataturk would be assisted by the Young Turks, whom were also Jews. So you see it was Jews everywhere, all across Russia, Germany and the Middle East before, during and after the Great War, sadly, the casualties were mainly White Christians and that was even before the Jew slaughters kicked off in Russia.

Talking of Russia – where the Bolshevik government, according to Vladimir Putin, was composed of eighty-five per-cent Jews and where, unknown to the general European public, millions of people, including millions of Ukrainians, whom were starved to death, as the Bolsheviks seized their foodstuffs and hundreds of thousands more ethnic folk, from Crimea were deported to Siberia, while the Cheka, the most brutal, savage, sadistic vermin ever to tread the earth, did, under the control of Jew Commissars, carry out the slaughter of an estimated sixty-five million Christians  and who should be waiting on the Borders of Poland, waiting to help the Allies, in the PLANNED second phase of the European slaughters but those very same ubiquitous Jews, under the control of the monster Joe Stalin.

Between the Jews in London and Russia, with finance from Jews in New York, a very public genocide was carried out against the ‘finest people in Europe,’ the Germans.

The British, French and Americans, played a major part in this real and very public massacre and rape of Germany, all of it based on lies and having committed this enormous crime, they then protected themselves by constructing the tale of crimes against Jews, which are actually dwarfed in comparison to what was inflicted on Germany, a crime which included the deliberate starvation of old men and children, the last line of defence against the advance of the blood-thirsty Allied hordes, in the Jew Eisenhower’s, Death Camps along the Rhine and others in France, along with untold numbers of German soldiers, whom were handed over to Stalin, to be tortured and murdered in the Siberian Gulags.

And then? What do you know? Having decided to make a gift of half of Germany and most of Eastern Europe to Stalin, in return for his aid in defeating Germany, (does that ring a bell?) they decided to ‘drop the Iron Curtain’ thus hiding their complicity in the bloody events which took place behind it, from the view of the oh so gullible, people of ‘Free Europe.’

To reinforce this notion of ‘Freedom,’ Europe was introduced to the outright lie of the ‘Cold War,’ even as Eastern Europe was languishing, where they had been stranded by the Allies, having been used as the excuse to destroy Germany, under the control of the murderous Bolsheviks.


This entire scenario was the build-up to where we now find ourselves, on our way towards a Third World War and this time ‘WE’ are the selected target and the Muslim World is the excuse, that way Christians and Muslims can, once more do the dirty work, for the same pack, of those whom call themselves Jews, having allowed them to trick us into the previous World Wars. Talk about  history repeating itself.

The stupidity of many people is beyond belief. Even as Israel is installing a law which would deny Jews in Israel the right to marry a Goy, and physically deport ‘infiltrators,’ and are building more and more walls to deny the Palestinian people access to water, thus driving them from land,  which is quickly seized for the building of Jew settlements, Europeans are being described as Racist, should they seek a means of restricting uncontrolled immigration, of folk driven from their homes in the lands surrounding Israel, of which Israel has made no secret of its desire to use, to construct a Greater Israel.

In view of events in two world wars, which included the indiscriminate division of Germany, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the coup d’etat in Russia, is it not patently clear, that the Bolshevik clearances of the Middle East, to facilitate the aims of these same Bolsheviks in Israel, is not, what is now taking place,  in front of our eyes and is it not signal enough of things to come?What more do you need to wake you up?

Very soon, European ‘freely’ elected governments, many of them under the control of Jews, the likes of David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande and Angela Merkel, will have rendered, vast stretches of the Middle East unliveable, to the benefit of whom was this carried out? Certainly not for those whom we claimed to be saving.

Should you choose to read and follow the Eustace Mullins link to the tale of the Cold War, you will find the inspired idea, which is currently relevant, of ‘frightening the people into accepting the notion of the Cold War, which has since morphed into the Hot War on Terrorism.l

Sadly, those whom believe this ‘tderrorist’ nonsense, will no doubt accept the theory of the Big Bang, which has been used in an attempt to convince us that an enormous event can arrive out of nothing. Do not believe a word of it.

Israel Is Burning. Thousands Evacuated.