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A Trumpet For Donald.

Sky News Hypocrites, At It Again.

          Sky News Hypocrites, At It Again.

In recent days, in the land of the paedophiles, the United Kingdom. Cliff Richard a one time super star, who was accused of inappropriate  sexual behaviour, with young boys and had his luxury home raided by Napper of the Yard, while it was all being filmed by the BBC, having been found not guilty, explained how he had suffered two years of hell, waiting for charges to be dropped.

Cliff, has since been calling for the tactic of releasing the name, of those alleged to have been involved in such behaviour, not to be released, until the alleged crime had been proven in Court. He gained a lot of media support, as he is, after all, a National Treasure.

Despite this support for Richard, Sky News did today, give full-scale publicity, to such a crass case of alleged sexual assault, as to make the eyes water in shame.

The female solicitor who was organising the claim, had quite obviously paid a script writer to turn a stupidity into a drama and finally admitted that she was a Clinton supporter and had worked in Clinton’s organisation.

She is also organising the campaign against Bill Cosby and has suggested that Cosby should put ten million dollars aside to cover her costs and payment to his alleged victims.

The solicitor, when asked if she intended to place charges against Trump said she was not. Which means Trump’s image has been given yet another full frontal broadside, without any evidence in support of the claims, to which his only defence is to claim his innocence. I wonder who will be paying the solicitor for this present to Clinton?

Worse still, there is massive evidence of poll rigging in the US. When all other means fail the riggers, they can call on the delegates and after that the Supreme Court all of them designed to deny the decision of the people.

To suggest that a loser, having won the majority vote, only to have his victory denied by a panel of delegates, is not only undemocratic but tyrannical and the loser should have every right to complain. Otherwise what is the point of an election.

So why is it headline news that Trump inferred that he may not accept the result, when it is already perfectly clear that there is rigging taking place right now?

I have posted several clips showing the steps that are being taken against Trump, including paid thugs being sent to his rallies to incite violence. The old woman on the plane whom claimed that Trump molested her was also connected to Clinton’s campaign. They are criminals and they are being given cover by the British Press. Is that the function of the Media?

When Trump suggests that Clinton is not fit to run for President, her position should not be judged against whatever is brought up against Trump. He is not responsible for her past behaviour.

Why is Sky News, having huddled all year over the leaked documents from IS, which were handed to Ramsay in Turkey or somewhere, listing the names and addresses of all of the British members of the IS gang, completely ignoring the incriminating evidence, against Clinton, which has been released in the Wikileaks Email dump? This is totally unacceptable behaviour from one of the controllers of information in the UK, as the British Government having already shut down Press TV and are now attempting to shut down RT.

The Brainless Can Walk On, Nothing To See Here.

The Brainless Can Walk On, Nothing To See Here.

A while back, a man called Eric Dubay, made a video clip, which he presented on YouTube. The subject being his belief, that the earth was flat.

He was immediately ridiculed, by virtually the entirety of those, whom believe themselves to be ‘thinking’ or ‘educated’ people. When I spoke of the ideas of Dubay, to my friend, he refused to so much as consider the proposition, telling me that the whole idea was absurd.

Let me explain my own position in this ‘unspeakable’ subject, before you all exclaim ‘oh no not more of that flat earth rubbish’ and turn off.

Without any particular effort, I have become a modern-day heretic, simply through having the temerity, or indeed, simply enough curiosity, to check out Dubay’s claims, while, as have most people, having spent my life accepting a proposition, in which I had total ‘faith,’ telling me that I live on a ball.

What is generally referred to as a good education, has convinced me and I suppose most others, to ‘safely’ accept certain things, as being, in some way proven, in which we can place our trust, in a world where we are actually being driven by lies.

The classroom, in a State controlled system of education, is in fact, quite clearly, a dangerous environment, in which to place your gullible child, should you have no desire to have certain, unproven ideas, planted, firmly into their brains as fact.

One need only look at the example of a Religious Education, however illogical the subject may be, it is a proof positive of the power of suggestion. Children of equal intelligence, in different Faith schools, can be encouraged to hold strong beliefs, in their particular religion, all of them based on fantasy at best and sheer lies at worst, without question. I am one of them.

In a physics classroom, when the lesson was radio transmissions, we were shown how a ‘microphone,’ into which, should you speak a few words, could, when plugged into a device called a ‘transmitter’ project what you had said, towards another device called a “receiver”, which when attached to yet another device, called an amplifier, to which was attached a device called a speaker, recreate, whatever words you had spoken, after they had passed through thin air, re-assembling, from whatever form those words had been transformed, during transmission, into a mechanical reconstruction, which perfectly imitated the original sound of your words.

Despite having been shown various gauges and meters and other devices to measure this and that, I can honestly state here and now, that I have no idea how this actually works, all I know is that should I have various bits and pieces available, transistors and resistors and condensers and a soldering iron, I could imitate one these things, which I have done, while young, however having done so, all I know of the phenomena, is simply, that should you attach certain objects, in a particular manner, you can reproduce the same effect. The reality of the inner workings, of the operation itself, is still a mystery, it is in fact magic.

We had a good physics lecturer, who was interested in his speciality and like most of those whom taught in colleges, he had previously benefitted from years in Industry, involved in the creation of electronic systems and yet, when asked to explain, exactly how a voice from another room, was able to pass, through walls and thin air, over our heads into the receiver, the only answer was that it had been discovered that such things work.

I never spent too much time worrying about the ins and outs of such devices, until the whole world was quite suddenly linked into a huge circuit of more sophisticated transmitters and receptors, waves, which were now ‘liberated’ into thin air, without the insulation of wiring, which had, in earlier times, had been necessary for radio, television and telephone reception, we were now part of a totally artificial grid, which to all intents and purposes serves no real need, other than the possibility of endless chatter or tweets.

It turns out that the idea of a Globe Earth, was originally the unsupported idea of various well-known characters from the distant past. Galileo and Copernicus and others, whom had no means whatsoever, of verifying their theories. No more than did Isaac Newton, whose theory of Gravity is to this day, taught as fact. As is Evolution and many other things.

Having no wish to be bamboozled into accepting the idea of a Flat Earth, to settle the argument, I looked for the evidence of the globe. I was quite surprised to find that the aforementioned speculations of Galileo and Copernicus, are to this day being presented as the truth of the matter.

This is of course a nonsense in view of the giant steps which have been made in space exploration and with thirty-six thousand satellites spinning around the planet and the International Space Station hovering over the earth and all that stuff, so let us check the evidence from space.

Sadly there is none. There is a lot of unconvincing evidence, which you could choose to use as an excuse to slump back into your stupor, but, and it is a big but, there are no ‘real’ images of the Globe Earth taken from space.

I am quite prepared to be deluged with links, with which I have been on dozens of occasions, to various photos, all of which are composites of one sort or another.

I checked out the moon landings, surely the men whom landed on the moon, would leap out of the moon lander, with their Nikon in their hands and take dozens of photos of the home planet.

Sadly, the only photo available, shows an image of the earth over the shoulder of men on the moon and it is exactly the same photo which we were told was taken by Apollo 17, on its way to the moon, the one they call the ‘Blue Marble,’ which it turns out, according to the artist, is a painting.

None of this matters, you can make your own minds up about the earth, whatever it may be, flat or globe makes no difference, it is what it is. But it simply illustrates, along with other revisionist ideas, how little we actually know for sure.

Nothing is as it seems, simply because there has been a form of ‘book burning’ which has destroyed the records of our past and how we once managed our lives, leaving us defenseless against a Central Government, which controls our education system, which has become a tool to inculcate an inability to question our reality.

Our thoughts are being misguided by a system of education, which is now, it would appear, incapable of educating European children. Skills in the UK have dropped to a level in which boys can no longer cope with the difficulty of high-tech skilled work. While at the same time Third World Countries like India, using another system of education, which has been sourced from London, can produce them by the thousand.

It does not take too much thought, to arrive at a point where one realises that we are being forced to accept the tenets of others, which are quite evidently in favor of those whom propose these idea and not for the benefit of the rest of mankind.

Life has become a series of ‘Whatever you do don’t mention the war.’ restrictions. For some, we are considered Racist should we talk of a Black man, we are now no longer allowed to spot the difference between Black and White.

I am watching a daily dose of Sky News, in which I can find a blast of total lies, which are being presented as truth, even though those lies demonstrate the total hypocrisy of Sky News itself. The British are virtually brain-dead.

In Wednesdays Prime Ministers Question Time, Theresa May was asked the question, ‘Can you be sure that British made Fighter Bombers armed with British made bombs and bullets, which are being used by Saudi Arabia, to bomb Yemen, are not killing and injuring civilians?’ The response was, ‘We are asking Saudi Arabia to look into the matter.’

The same question when it concerned Russia in Syria, claimed that, without going to the trouble of asking the Russians to look into the matter, Russia and Assad were condemned out of hand as War Criminals, for fighting the terrorists in Eastern Aleppo.

Meanwhile in Iraq, where the coming ‘surprise’ attack on Mosul, was announced some time ago, the terrorist appear to have left the town, so we have Brigadier Stuart Ramsay, and Colonel Sam Kiley reporting that the taking of Mosul is going along at a surprising pace. I am convinced that Ramsay and Kiley are reporting a phony war against Mosul, the IS/Al Qaeda boys have already left. We have yet to see any sign of ‘real’ opposition to the advance.

Even as, back in the USA, Hillary Clinton, is already announcing that the terrorists will all leave Mosul and head for Raqqa, which is in Syria and is still the Headquarters of IS, so when the missing IS have been ‘defeated’ in Mosul the special forces of good, Mossad, CIA, SAS and MI6 with various stooges, will follow them to Raqqa, in Syria, to destroy them and those parts of Syria still standing.

When asked if she would be prepared to condone the shooting down of Russian aircraft, Hillary Clinton avoided the question. These folk are laying the world to waste, with the full support of the privately owned media, which will not allow questions from me, but they are accepted as the final word on any subject.

On the other hand, when Donald Trump refused to answer, a question about whether he would accept the result of the coming election, whatever it may be, he said he would be announcing that in due course.

Sky News and the rest of the Media, pounced on this, ‘dodging of the question,’ by Trump, and it was presented as being of greater importance than Clinton’s dodging of the issue of the possibility that her action could kick off World War 3.

So in the middle of all this strange brew, why is the belief in a Flat Earth, any different from a belief in a Globe Earth, when it would appear, that all and everything to do with reality, is being used by various groups to confuse us. Whom amongst us, has the courage to claim, that they are the guardians of truth?

The crazy notion of the Earth being flat, is now being condemned as no more than an Illuminati distraction, that may well se so, but on the other hand it has also managed to bring into focus a long list of other lies, with which we have been deceived.

Whatever else is happening in this world, I am now convinced that Hillary Clinton is a dying stooge, and she is allowing herself or one of her doubles, to be elected, making way for a Vice President to replace her. A remark by a commentator, suggested that the Botox treatment of Clinton had managed to make an old hag look like a young woman, do you see from where I am coming?I am a conspiracy theorist to the bone. The Mafia Rules OK!

The World-Wide Fix Is Going In.


              The World-Wide Fix Is Going In.


Should the British choose the “Hard Brexit” route out of the European Union, it has been well documented that the EU would be harder hit than would the UK, if trade restriction were introduced.

For example, trade restrictions on the motor trade, of which the EU has an enormous difference in value and profit, in its favour, as very few British cars are exported to Europe, so any obstacle placed upon the manufacturers of Mercedes, BMW’s or VW’s, would be of significant detriment to their companies, so would that not encourage one or the other of them, to manufacture their vehicles in the United Kingdom?

Britain has a huge imbalance of trade with the European Union, so to call for a “Hard Brexit” could be of greater interest to the UK than would be a “Soft Brexit.” Perhaps a ‘Remainer’ could let us know how much it would cost to retain access to this open door of the Single Market, in terms not only of open borders, but in sheer cost. It could well be in the UK’s interest to insist on tariffs.

I find it hard to understand, how the United Kingdom, which has a Trade deficit and is obliged to pay more in ‘charges’ into the Black Hole of Europe, than it receives in benefits, plus the fact that it is, against all odds, going to continue to trade with the EU, whether the Politburo likes it or not, can argue for any real advantage to being in the EU, at all.

Scotland has yet to let its people know, how much it will cost to remain in the EU without the assistance of subsidies from the British, even before calculations about the overall difference between advantages and deficits can be calculated. Ever since the 1970’s the economies of the United Kingdom have been on a downward spiral and during this time all of the ‘Family Jewels’ have been ‘Privatised’ including the Gold Reserves, so when the next crash comes, and they are inevitable in a system of Fractional Reserve Banking, which needs to be spoon-fed debt on a daily basis, which will finally achieve a position where the debt is of greater importance than the value of everything on the planet, there will be nothing left to sell.

To arrive at this point, is evidence of wholesale criminality and yet, Idiots in Parliament, will allow those whom have carried out this grand larceny, whom should be in gaol, to introduce yet another monetary system of control, which will further rob the people, by whom they were elected.

This is the measure of the lack of concern for the welfare of the people, shown by politicians. The people most probably, do not understand, that there are far better

Monetary systems available, which could be swiftly introduced, so why are we sticking with a model which is designed to fail, every few years? Why is the Media not asking this question of politicians.

Even as I write, I can hear the voice of Kay Burley in the background. She is putting the ohh! at the end of every few words, because that makes an older woman sound younger. She it was, whom a few months ago, was willingly presenting a misleading clip of Donald Trump, voicing his opinion about Muslims entering the USA without any vetting.

She is now presenting a program leading up to the Great Debate tonight, between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. She has already introduced a long line of women, whom will not be voting for the evil Donald, preferring to vote for Killery and Slick Willy.

She, along with the rest of the media is presenting the coming debate as if it is all a foregone conclusion, suggesting a dozen times or more that Hillary is miles out in front of Donald, which does not actually correspond with dozens of less controlled Polls, which have been, consistently showing a 70%-30% in favour of Trump.

They were pushing exactly the same prophecy over the recent Brexit referendum, which they got wildly wrong, because even that referendum, despite massive trickery involving postal votes, failed to deliver the desired result.

They are even now intent on fooling the American people into believing, that it is a close run thing, when in reality, Clinton is nowhere, while there is overwhelming support for Trump, who can smell a rat, the TV cameras will not even allow the American people to see the huge support which he has been attracting to his rallies. The fixing of next months vote, has already started. The dead are already casting their votes.

Like Trump Said In The Locker-Room, It’s All About Money.


Hillary Clinton, who has on every possible occasion, made use of negative references to Donald Trumps Misogyny or his  Locker-Room language, which is being presented as ‘shocking,’ or indeed his tax affairs, which she alleges, were out-of-order, is now, according to Sky News, preferable to Trump, even with her rapist husband by her side, with his ‘slick willy,’ who during his last sojourn, in the White House,  found it impossible to resist the temptation to abuse and molest the female staff.

The above song could have been written with the Clinton’s in mind.

Trump Spells Out The Myth Of The Professional Politician.


Anyone, blessed with a touch of perspicacity, will have long ago, fully understood that there is no such job as that of  the ‘professional politician.’

The names of your ‘leaders’ are pulled out of a hat, full of the names of idiots and as has just occurred in the UK, where the Billy Bunter of the House of Commons, Boris Johnson, through the use of the Peter Principle, has been elevated into a position of importance, in which he is, up the creek without a paddle,   lacking any previous experience, and expected to deal with other idiots, across the world, whom have been given their jobs, through the use of the same principle. It is a case of whoever amongst them has half a brain, will be King.

ThePeter Principle suggests that,  “Every ambitious person will rise to their own level of incompetence and having done so, they will be unable to cope.”

It is for that reason that, however many times you continue to vote for those,  whom have achieved nothing, they will in future, produce nothing of value. We are being run by incompetents?

What Trump is proposing, a limit of two terms, for elected representatves,  will frighten these idiot politicians;  many of whom have never held down a real job, in their life,  to death.

Take note Jeremy Corbyn the Leader of the Labour Party,  has just selected a bunch of Cabinet Members, from the dregs of the Socialist Party, which has just witnessed the mass resignation of all of the so-called “Senior Members,” which will not matter a jot, as whomsoever holds these designated positions, is of no importance, as they are all simply doing as instructed, by a hidden Politburo, whether the UK is in or out of the European Union.


Trump is exposing the worthless reality of the so-called Democratic system, which in its current form is no more than a sad joke.


A possible solution to the problem posed by the Peter Principle is for companies to provide adequate skill training for employees receiving a promotion, and to ensure the training is appropriate for the position to which they have been promoted. However, Dr. Peter pessimistically predicted that even good employee training is ultimately unable to overcome the general tendency of organisations to promote employees to positions of incompetence, which he refers to as positions of “final placement.” (investopedia)

Why Not Shoot The Messenger?

            Why Not Shoot The Messenger?

I was once stupid enough to believe the British Media to be ‘in denial,’ in the sense that they ‘believed’ themselves to be on the side of ‘truth,’ and that the ‘denial’ was a case of, ‘not knowing any better.’ I was in fact, giving them the benefit of the doubt.

That being said, having heard a Sky News Correspondent from the USA, assuring the people of Europe, that Donald Trump had been destroyed in the second debate with Hillary Clinton, and that he was scraping the bottom of the barrel, in search of support, I was quite honestly bemused by this claim. I was now being told that I could no longer trust the evidence of my own eyes and ears. Trump left Clinton speechless. She was frightened to open her mouth after Trump hit back when she had finished her attack about his telling of the simple truth about women, that they are natural parasites. Even women cannot argue against a natural trait.

Supporters have attended Trump rallies in massive numbers, with thousands obliged to remain outside listening on loud-speakers, while Clinton cannot draw enough support to fill an automatic toilet.

Sky went on to report from Iraq and the coalition’s undertaking to ‘gentlemanly’ further intensify the total destruction of that country, now including the city of Mosul. After which they held an interview with two journalists, both of whom, accepted without question of the almost obligatory need of the British to be doing what they are doing in Iraq, as if they are the Kings of the World. The only question being asked was the nonsense about,’have they learned nothing from the disasters in Libya and Afghanistan?’

I would have thought that it must be, by now, clear, that the British and their partners in crime, are not getting it wrong. This total destruction of the Middle East has been in the planning for decades. Any journalist, worth the name, would have unearthed this program, without difficulty, simply by checking out the words of General Wesley Clarke, whom actually named all of those countries which were on the hit list, many years ago.

What trust can be placed in Journalists whom apparently simply ‘parrot’ government handouts, without doing any of their own research into the subject in hand?

The Arab Spring, which was funded by George Soros, which was used as the excuse to kick off the barbaric destruction of Libya and quickly after that Syria, was overseen by the Soros funded International Crisis Group. The presence of which was kept secret by the mainstream, which also covered up the rape of female journalists in Tahrir Square.

They are now giving us blanket coverage of the Battle for Mosul, which will of course, quickly degenerate into a ‘force the IS boys into Syria,’ routine, allowing the coalition to follow along behind them. The cold-blooded British will settle for nothing less than the murder of Bashar al Assad.

Are we really expected to believe that the Coalition is in the act of fighting the very people whom they have armed and trained to spread terror across the entire Middle Eastern region? Wake up.

The British Government, having already shut down Press TV, in search of the universal right of freedom of speech, have now made use of the Nationalised Royal Bank of Scotland to close the account of Russia Today, without offering any reason for this inexplicable act, which Russia Today simply cannot question. I have never heard of such an occurrence in my life.

Sky News gave airtime to a spokesperson, who did suggest that Russia Today presented biased and false News. This was in relation to a gas attack in Syria, which Russia Today had hinted to have been staged by the BBC.

This would be the gas attack, which Carla Ponti, a spokesperson from the United Nations, whom just happened to be on the spot when the event took place, said outright that the attack had been carried out by the terrorists. This statement was of course ignored by the BBC and Sky News, so one is left to ask the question, as to why it was suggested in the first place by the BBC and Sky News that it had been carried out by Assad.

In much the same way as they now continue to do,; over the attack on the food convoy, in Eastern Aleppo, which both the BBC and Sky News claimed to have been bombed by the Russian’s, when there is not a trace of any of the lorries having been hit by a bomb, but ample evidence that they had been torched.

After all that it was back to Trump and his wild claims – which Sky New dutifully informed us to be without any basis – that American elections were rigged. There is no such thing as a fair and democratic election in the USA. It matters not a toss for whom you may vote, the result is decided by a group of self selected delegates, whom have the final word.

In many recent elections there has been overwhelming evidence of rigging. Remember all those ‘hanging chads’ and all that rubbish, where even the delegates could not decide, so the victor, George W Bush was elected by a group of Judges who were put in place to do as they were told.

In many other election the loser had actually gained more votes than the eventual winner, only to be cheated out of victory by the delegates. This is USA democracy. These days it is even more corrupt after the introduction of computer voting, in which the winning candidates can be programmed into the software. Great isn’t it?

Later in the day, I listened to a program on RT, in which a University Professor, whom taught media studies, was asked the question, ‘Why was so much time being spent on Donald Trumps, locker-room chat and so little time on Hillary Clinton’s criminal activities and the disclosures in the Wikileaks Emails?’

The response was simple, ‘because to go into the intricacies of the deleted Emails and the others little peccadilloes like her attitude to the women whom had been raped by her husband, was too complicated to report in simple language so it was best to stick to Trump, who was getting publicity out of it anyway.’

Do you get the picture? Real News is too difficult for you folk, whether on Sky News or the BBC, where the same subjects have been completely ignored. Clinton is being presented as a wonderful choice as President. There is not a trace of balance in any of the reporting, you are being forcefully told to vote for Hillary.