A call from the Garrigue


Who Forgot To Pull Up The Drawbridge Last Night?

 The British people, are quite deliberately, being forced into a corner, by their freely elected Government,  from where they watch helplessly, as those people whom are members of a religion which has long been nurtured to fill the role of the “Historical Enemy,” are being imported, in quantity, into the UK,  in order to create that form of tension, which was recently used in Ireland, between Catholic and Protestant, and which is even now being re-generated all across the Lands of the Crusades, which will inevitably be used to incite Civil strife.

We are heading back in time to the days of non-stop genocide and perpetual war and to the era of the Crusades and Huguenots and  Camisard and the slaughter of Protestants, while the same incestuous group of families, now as then,  maintain a tight grip on the unfolding events.  This tactic was used to provoke WW2 and it will be used again for WW3 and  to speak out against it provokes cries of Racism and intolerance.

The first act of the paid terrorists, who brought down Gadaffi in Libya, was to start executing Black Libyans, claiming that they had fought alongside Gadaffi. In Iraq and Syria and now again in Libya, Al Qaeda, now called ISIL, are continuing this form of slaughter, only now the targets are Christians. This is a deliberate attempt to provoke a response.

In the rest of the Middle East, we have  Wahhabi, Shiites and Sunnis all going for each others throats.  In Burma we have Buddhists attacking Muslims and across Europe there is already an upsurge in attacks against Christians, Jews and Muslims.

 Africa is as usual suffering from the likes of Boko Haram  and various shades of Al Qaeda, while in South Africa, so recently released from White control, are now killing other Blacks, who seek shelter in the cuddly Nation where  President Zumo is calling for his machine gun to kill the Boers. So the PNAC Neo-Cons have certainly brought the soup to the boil.

History has not yet come to and end and there has never been a time in recorded history when it has proven safe to allow a Trojan Horse to be rolled into the fortification.  So would it not be a good idea to find out exactly who or whom is forcing this “Trojan Horse” down the throats of every “White Man’s” country across the globe?  It is only the  Whites who are being forced to accept this stupidity, which will most certainly end in tears.

The British Once Again Declare Themselves Blameless.

Slightly gay little Willy Hague, the man who single-handedly organised the destruction of Libya and Syria, today crawled from under his rock to explain that the refugee problem, involving the drowning deaths of hundreds of those fleeing from the Nations that were destroyed by the UK and France, was all the fault of those evil men with dodgy boats, eager to make profits at the expense of those fleeing the results  of Hague’s War Crimes.

The fact that even as he was blathering away, Saudi Arabia was creating yet another refugee problem, using British weapons against innocent civilians in Yemen, as British trained ISIL Mercenaries continued the attacks in Syria and Iraq, while his friend Netanyahu is pushing to open another front in Iran, while the disturbance in Ukraine, which cost the USA five billion dollars to provoke, rumbles on and the aforementioned ISIL is now adding to the misery in Afghanistan, there was only one voice, throughout the News output on Sky News, who was apparently aware that all of this British inspired slaughter might just possibly have something to do with the refugee problem  and that was Nigel Farage, the man they call a racist.


Any voter in the UK, who just happens to have been born with a brain, who votes for any candidate in the upcoming election, who refused to vote against the illegal attack on Libya, which was such a monstrous event and  which has plunged the entire population of what was the most successful Nation in Africa into Hell, well they deserve whatever may befall them in the coming crisis. I believe there to have been a mere sixteen men of conscience in the entire House of Commons, whom voted against the War Crime.

Slightly Gay Willie, did the same thing to Syria, another fully functioning State which has now been reduced to rubble, creating 4 million refugees, a couple of hundred of whom have been allowed to enter the UK, while Turkey has a couple of million.

Israel of course does not accept refugees. Besides they are totally engrossed with yet another ninety-three year old German, accused of complicity in the deaths of three hundred thousand Jews at Auschwitz.  While a younger Jew in the UK, Greville Janner a Socialist paedophile and serial bugger of children, is considered too frail to be charged and gaoled. Janner was the UK’s top Nazi hunter after WW2 and is a top Zionist in the Labour Party, so he is allowed to bugger whomsoever he chooses in total security, as was Leon Brittan.

Perhaps Wild Willy forgot to let his mate Netanyahu know that the cat is out of the bag, we all know the true figure of casualties in Auschwitz, the British have just released a list of all the communications between the German Camps and Berlin and all of the camp Commandants were under strict orders to maintain the measures against typhus infections to keep the numbers of deaths to a minimum.  The Germans worked hard to keep Jews alive and well and look at the thanks they got for it.


Like Hitler, Kennedy Lived On In Paradise?

There are some historical events, the truth of which we are never going to know, one of those mysteries is the grand-daddy of all conspiracies, the ritual slaughter of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, in Dallas 22-11-1963.

John Kennedy was the son of Joseph Kennedy, the man who was US Ambassador to the UK, in the years leading up to WW2, despite being a well-known criminal.  He was associated with a Mafia Boss, Aristotle Onassis, a powerful man in his own right, who promised Joe Kennedy, that one day he would allow one of  Joe’s boys to become President of the US.      See the Gemstone Files  http://wp.me/PTtbd-1w0

The assassination of Kennedy was supposedly carried out by Lee Harvey Oswald, a strange character, who although being an alleged  operative of  the CIA and FBI,  was singled out as the main suspect, within minutes of Kennedy’s killing, despite the fact that at the time Dallas was crawling with operatives of one sort or another, so why they should have picked on Oswald was never explained  in any detail. Pretty much the same scenario as Boston.

That is not all.  Having killed Kennedy, Oswald then decided to go to the cinema.   On his way he was stopped by a policeman, JD Tippit, who was  not just any old policeman but a policeman who  occasionally ate breakfast with the man who would later shoot Oswald, Jack Ruby.  On top of that he was jokingly called JFK, by his chums in the Dallas Police Department because of his strong resemblance to the President.

officer tippit

He was a good-looking man and there is a striking likeness to Kennedy

John Kennedy

And we even have a composite.


A Composite

Current theory suggests that Tippit was ordered to search out Oswald in the vicinity of the Cinema, so that he,  himself,  could be shot down in cold blood by two men; who were seen by several witnesses on the busy street in Dallas, to fabricate an excuse to arrest Oswald, in the absence of any convincing evidence that he had actually killed Kennedy.

So the official story would have us believe that Oswald, not only killed Kennedy, he also killed Kennedy’s double, all on the same day. Not bad.

So tell me who do you believe to be in this photograph?




Well one of them is Kennedy, at least one of them is supposed to be Kennedy.

Now just suppose for a moment that you had never heard of the Kennedy assassination, what would you make of this piece of film,  should you not have been exposed to all of the bullshit surrounding the event?

Sorry about the quality, it did not upload well. Never mind, what I see is Jacqui placing her hand behind JFK’s head and a stream of pink mist, shooting  forward, suggesting that whatever the shot was, had come from the exact position of her hand.  What’s more the stream of mist appears to be shooting up and not down, as it would have, had the missile come from outside of the Presidential car.

Jacqui then leapt onto the trunk of the car and held her hand out to a Secret Service operative who had run after the car, apparently for no better reason than to retrieve something from Jacqui.

As far as I know, from the moment that the car raced off  and vanished through the under-pass, we have no way of knowing if we ever saw the real Kennedy again.

I now believe that Officer Tippit was murdered in order to substitute his body for that of Kennedy.  Which would suggest that there was something else going on in Dealy Plaza that day. So all of the years which have been spent looking for the “real” killers of Kennedy were a total waste of time.

The real event was kicked off by a bystander, who sprayed Kennedy with something which made him choke a little, giving Jacqui the excuse to hold him close,(this was reported by a bystander,) to supposedly see what was wrong, when in fact she either used an aerosol of some description, or indeed fired the fatal shot from a handgun, which there is evidence was hidden in the upholstery of the seat behind her.

Whatever the truth may be, I have come to believe that JFK was himself involved in the deal. At the time he was a sick man and he allowed himself to be “taken out” in order to clear the way for the “Taking of the USA.” Onassis, Joe Kennedy’s pal, then pretended to marry Jacqui, providing her with an excuse to spend her time in the sunshine of a Greek Island, along with JFK, for the time he had left to live.

I believe a lot of people will find my hypothesis to be no more incredible than is the tale of the “Lone Gunman”






Time For The English Spring. Demand Democracy Now!

There was not a government in Europe, which did not fully support the Arab Spring.   Nor did they deplore the murder of Gadaffi in Libya,  a Nation which operated under a system of Direct Democracy.

The overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt was hailed by one and all; of particular interest to the British was the excuse it generated to attack other troublesome Arab States.

They also hailed as magnificent,  the US financed and controlled uprising in Kiev, which saw to the overthrow of a Democratically elected government.  So they will no doubt be proud to hand over the reins of power to the British People after the British Spring,  sweeps them all out of power, in the upcoming election.

It will be perceived as a form of generosity, should Putin and Lavrov hand out biscuits and beer to demonstrators in Parliament Square and they will make no complaint when foreign snipers kill a few cops, that’s how it is in peaceful demonstrations.

So let’s see of what the British people are made.  The Irish fought for freedom for three hundred years.  The Scottish will get their freedom in the end.  The Russians have done it. Hungary and Czechoslovakia fought in the 50’s and 60’s and finally succeeded, in fact most oppressed people have thrown off the yoke of slavery and the chains of the Jewish/British Empire, apart that is from the most enslaved people of all, the English, they, of course, continue to believe themselves to be free.

This is of course all just for a laugh.  Should the English people take to the streets in the manner of the thugs in Maidan Square in Kiev, a demonstration which was praised by Obama and others for its peaceful nature, despite the images of burning cops and thugs belting others with hammers, they would very soon discover exactly how much freedom their elected Warders would allow them to express.

Sadly the majority of people do not want to face up to reality, they prefer to believe that whatever might happen to others, will never happen to them.

My Dad insisted that nobody would give you your freedom, it has to be fought for and if you haven’t got the guts to fight for it, go back to sleep and wait for the knock on the door after midnight.

Cameron, Anything You Can Do He Could Do Better.

What kind of Democracy guarantees the main Political Parties, the possibility, that with less than one third of the votes cast in an election, that they will win a couple of hundred seats apiece in Parliament and the third party, the Lib-Dems perhaps thirty seats with eight per-cent of the votes cast,  while Ukip with eighteen per-cent will only win two or three?

Why, when there are no sitting members of Parliament  are the biggest parties with no seats,  getting far more coverage and publicity than the smaller parties with no seats. Why is it legal to give more support for one candidate than another? Where is the Democracy in that?  Is there no equality in Democratic elections?

Well who cares? The average voter does not give a damn, all he wants is a penny off a pint.

Cameron and his gang, cannot even get a grip on the fact that the current depression was world-wide and was caused by a gigantic banking fraud, for which no one has been investigated never mind gaoled. Or do they know all about it and do nothing?

The means of transforming a depressed economy and getting rid of the debt is well-known but ignored.  Not simply ignored but concealed from the public.  What is more it is known, ignored, concealed and never mentioned, simply because it involves those dratted Germans.

Hitler, through the use of various simple means, during a period of the same length of time, as has been had by Cameron, the “man with a plan,”   transformed Germany from a far deeper depression than has ever been experienced in the UK, into the  richest country on earth.  What is more, unlike the US and UK he pulled it off without having to resort to war, to do it.

Cameron has doubled the National debt, created very few productive jobs, has robbed savers and pensioners of their tiny amount of interest on their smidgen in the bank, caused countless unnecessary deaths because of heating costs for the old and vulnerable and supports all Israeli calls to war.

The first step, for Hitler, was to stop paying the stringent and illegal reparations for the Great War, money which was immediately handed over to the bankers.  The British being forever in the pocket of these same bankers, spent twelve billion pounds in interest, over a hundred year period, repaying a two billion pound debt from the Great War, to suit unknown bankers.

Hitler then took control of the Central Bank and proceeded to print his own currency. At this point World Bolshevism targeted Germany by imposing crippling sanctions, much as they have recently done to Russia.

“Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army.” Ilya Ehrenberg, Stalin’s Chief Propagandist and the man who invented the tale of the holocaust.

Bolshevik Russia, under Joseph Stalin, was the spear-head of the coming war of extermination against Germany, the rest of the World merely fiddled at the edges of the conflict, sending arms to Russia and carrying out bombing raids against German positions, they did not send in the troops to help the Russians, thus allowing the monster Stalin,  time for the maximum amount of slaughter possible of  his own Christian people.

The Red Army then chased the Germans back to Germany, raping and torturing to their heart’s content, all the way to Berlin.

At which point, instead of calming the Russians blood-lust, the allies simply turned a blind eye as the order was given to commence the brutal attacks against all of the Christian countries in Eastern Europe which, had fought alongside the Germans, not to forget that twenty million Germans lost their lives in the conflict.

“The starvation of men, women and children has been the most approved English method of warfare since the Jews became dominant there – Ireland, China, India, the Boers, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy and now France, Holland, Belgium, Norway and Spain. England and the Jews, with our help, in the name of civilization and Christianity, have illegally made food contraband against friendly peaceable nations and call it economic warfare – viz: Jewish warfare – the Four Horsemen.” (War! War! War!, Cincinnatus, p. 242).

In the 1950’s the Bolshevik Jews blockaded Berlin in an attempt to continue the starvation of German Christians, as they had done in Christian Ireland, this time however the world stood up and declared enough to be enough.

In 1956 the then Prime Minister of the UK, Sir Anthony Eden, the man whom while Foreign Secretary had urged Hitler into the Sudetenland to protect ethnic Germans under Bolshevik attack and then promptly declared war on Germany, went a step too far by invading Egypt to recover control of the Suez Canal for Britain. The Suez Canal has long been on the Jews wish list for Israel, giving them control of much commercial shipping.

This adventure finally put an end to the political career of one of the masterminds of World War Two, a feat for which he has never been recognised.  In fact all of his many communications with Hitler are still highly secret, to save exposing the real culprits of the biggest tragedy in recorded history, the Jewish/British Empire.

So whatever was preventing the Jew from the foetid depths of British Aristocracy, David Cameron, from sorting out Britain, presented no problem for a war hero with two Iron Crosses to his name for valour at the front, Adolf Hitler.  So wake up Cameron, Clegg and Miliband, the cat is out of the bag, enough people know the score these days and are clamouring for change, you know it makes sense. Can you do it? Can you fu……!


The British Neo-Cons Come Out Of The Closet.

Long ago and far away, Muhammad Ali made it quite clear to Parkinson, who was pushing the “lets brown up the people” nonsense, that he is quite happy to be Black and proud of it.

On a previous Parkinson show, he displayed his deep-seated racism and hatred of White people, in an astonishing fifteen minute outburst.

Having listened to his diatribe, it is difficult to understand why so many Black people are quitting Africa for Europe these days. This interview took place back in the 70’s, which is an indication of how long we have been forced to listen to and accept this sort of racist shit, about past events, in which we were never involved and watch Michael Parkinson appear unwilling to speak up in defence of the countless millions of White people whom have never harmed a Black man in their lives.

We could of course list the current rate of Black on White crime but that is not “real” that is simply showing us how it feels I suppose and is considered acceptable because we deserve it and they are not shy about raping and murdering young and old White females. Mostly unreported, of course.

Nicolas Sarkozy on the other hand, not only agrees with Parkinson, he is prepared to use force if necessary. For himself, he chooses only white women like the Rock Stars floosie Carla Bruni, making sure he keeps his own Jewish roots pure.

So where does this leave modern-day British and American White folk?  Well one could be forgiven for believing that they are heading for extinction.  Judging by the fact that TV shows and advertising clips present us with innumerable examples of mixed Black and White families, way out of proportion with their actual numbers on the ground, one could almost be convinced that there are already a fifty per-cent  Blacks in the UK and USA.

So the beat has been going on for some forty or more years, but only in the countries of the White Man, there is not much effort being made to obliterate the Chinese or the Hindus.

So why have the two main Political Parties in the UK and USA been allowing brown and black people to flood into the US and UK?  More to the point now that England is overflowing with unemployed immigrants, why is David Cameron promising to look after them from the cradle to the grave? Is that not a recipe to encourage even more to fight their way into “easy touch” Britain?

Is Cameron finally outing his Bolshevik Jew agenda? Is this election campaign, in which he is describing the Conservative Party as the Party of the Working man,  just another facet of the Bolshevik desire to spread their culture of murder and slavery across the planet with the participation of the two main UK Political Parties?

The Miliband brothers are from a Stalinist Communist  family and were educated by undercover NGO’s the Tavistock Institute and the Fabian Society, so there would appear to be a full house of Bolshevik Communists waiting to run the country, with very little difference in their agendas.

Cameron’s much vaunted plan amounts to nothing more than a promise to continue paying the blood money to bankers, while presenting austerity as a burden which must be borne, not to pay off the debt, which will never be repaid, but to simply pull enough money out of the economy to pay the interest on the debt.

The UK will very soon arrive at the 2 trillion pound mark in debt. Should you have the ability to divide 2 trillion by 60 million, you can figure out just how much every man woman and child in the UK owes the bankers.  The banker’s do not want the debt paid off, they have more to gain by simply having the interest on the debt dutifully paid into their coffers.

I would have preferred this rave young girl to have dumped a bucket of shit over Draghi, that would have been more appropriate.



Hilary Clinton Celebrates Murder.

Last time around, the US voter chose a Black man, whose barbarity took the US to new depths of depravity. Larry Sinclair claimed to be Obama’s Lover. Joan Rivers supported Larry’s claims.


This time around the US is being offered the wife of Bill Clinton, she is not only the wife of a ghoul, she is a raving lunatic in her own right.

I was quite fond of Gadaffi,  whatever his faults may have been, was most certainly responsible for the deaths of far fewer folk, than either of the Clinton’s and the man whom was voted into office because of his colour.

Hilary Clinton, like Obama is alleged to be a bi-sexual, so I suppose a bi-sexual woman is a fair exchange for a bi-sexual man in the White House.

Bi-sexuality would appear to be par for the course for whomsoever holds the job as the “Most Powerful Man In The World,” these days, as Dubya was also just a shade fond of the “Real Thing” himself.

Almost forgot about old man Bush. Like father like son I suppose.

It’s Been A Bad Bad Day.

Jardin 006


Today I said goodbye to my chum Iggy. He has never left my side during ten years.  Today he died in my arms without making a sound. It’s been difficult getting used to him not being there.




Flowers from Lucie,  A kind geste from a good friend.

Priming The Muskets For The Coming Civil War?

I have bumped into so many people this week, who are sure that the Captain of the Germanwings aircraft, which crashed in the French Alps, did tell the co-pilot to take control of the plane, while he took a leak, that I have come to believe it myself.

Yet, as far as I can figure out nobody apart from “investigators” have heard the actual tape itself, the rest of us must rely on what they tell us, as we are not allowed to hear for ourselves. Being contrary, that means to me, after they have doctored the recording to suit their leaked pre-view.

Meanwhile, over there in the Colonies, the most blatant case of innocent patsies,  getting no justice, was going through the motions in a Boston Court-house, where the living brother of the two selected dupes, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who had, with his brother Tamerlan, despite the evidence of  the 7-7 drill  in the UK and a dozen or more “pretend” atrocities, generated by the FBI, plus the evidence of drills wherever there was an “inside job” in the offing, accepted a part in the Boston Drill planned for the morning of the Boston Marathon. The drill was announced on local radio and by police on the scene with bull-horns.

The evidence, which the CIA had collected or manufactured, did not allow for the beard which Tamerlan was sporting at the Marathon and on his death bed, nor for the evidence provided by spectators at the event which contradicted the official story, as had been done on 7-7.

None of this mattered as the surviving brothers Solicitor declared him guilty as charged, on all 30 counts,  thus avoiding the need of proof or of evidence against him nor indeed  in his favour.  Such is the justice of the leaders of the “Free World.” Part of the list of freedoms of which the terrorists are jealous, I suppose.

The military machine, which locked down Boston during the search for the boy, after he had managed to slip through their fingers, quickly murdered his already arrested brother and accused  Dzhokhar of his death and then set out to murder him, all patsies must die they must never be allowed to speak out in Court, We can only hope that Dzhokhar has been promised a way out of the US after the trial, in return for his cooperation.

In civilised company, it is considered to be a complete stupidity, to express the slightest of doubts about the truth of the Boston bombing, as everyone saw the reports on TV, which is good enough, if Reuters believes the proposed rubbish, who are we to question it?

The same rule of thumb applies to the “politics of fear” should you be told that Fascism is bad, who on earth needs to know the meaning of the word?

I am a Fascist apparently, because a couple of day ago, a colleague was reciting to me a conversation he had held with  a chappie who averred that although he was not actually a racist or indeed a Fascist, in the upcoming election, he was inclined to vote for Marine Le Pen because immigration was out of control and too many Muslims were still intending to come.

My colleague explained how,  though “they all claim that they are not  racist but they vote for Le Pen.” I asked him to explain the problem with Le Pen. He fixed me with a frosty stare and stated that everybody knew the problem with Le Pen, she was a racist and a Fascist.

I asked him who would be getting his vote, he replied, probably the Socialist, or maybe Sarkozy if he enters the list of candidates. I asked him to explain why he felt that his choice of one or the other of those two men was a more humane choice than that of Le Pen, as President.

He did not understand the question so I set about pointing out the ridiculous nature of his stance, by asking him why, as a supporter of the Muslim immigrants into France, did he find it more acceptable to vote for a couple of War Criminals, who between them had helped in the slaughter of a couple million Muslims, while Le Pen has not been in favour of any of  the illegal wars and would like to take France out of the NATO murder machine.

I could see from the look on his face that I was rapidly turning into a piece of shit right there in front of him.  He asked me in a disdainful manner if I supported the Front, I said no, I support the UPR, he had no idea what that was but I sensed that he felt it was just another group against immigration.  He muttered something about Fascism, so I took my leave.

This is the level of  the beliefs which have been planted into the minds of  well meaning people, who are convinced that to deviate from the accepted norms, however  damaging the norms may be to the well-being of their own families is strange and is a phenomenon which thirty years ago would have been laughable.

The idea that there are acceptable points of view, which are every bit as valid as are those of the opposite opinion, has been lost in the mists. To suggest for example that the idea of  “same sex marriage” is a nonsense, has become an invitation for a smack on the nose.

My resolution for  2015 was to take some of these problems head-on, mainly because it rapidly became clear that while it was quite difficult to present a different account of WW2 to some folk, it had apparently been a simple matter to convince them that adopted children would be safe in the hands of “gays” while in the main, most children are abused in their own home.

A lot of these “gay” folk are now called paedophiles because one of their “gay” needs appears to involve young children, as did the Jeffrey the friend of the Royal Prince.

To suggest that people are digging their own graves by allowing unlimited and uncontrolled immigration into their Homeland, an act which will most surely lead to bloodshed in the future, is laughed at;despite what we have witnessed in Palestine, when the Jews decided to drive out the indigenous people by whom Palestine was inhabited. The same may be said of the Red Indian, the Australian Aborigine and of course take a look at South Africa, which was a land without people when the Afrikaans turned up



Be sure, the chairman is a Jew. The ANC has been fully controlled by Jews since its birth,  The same Bolshevik group now controls the US and the rest of the White European World.

He will not even accept that all of the Racial Crime in SA, is Black on White  crime just as it is in the UK and USA. This is yet another of those things which cannot be discussed in polite company. It is also what is being prepared for us.

When the woman suggested that it was an incitement to hatred, when the President of South Africa, was heard singing a song, at a huge event, about “killing the Boer” the Jew was not perturbed, how would he feel if the same people called for “killing of the Jews?”




Let’s Hear It For Quangos And Common Purpose.

Why has there been not a word about the insidious advance of Common Purpose,  the European Union’s undercover Non Governmental Organisation, referred to by the British as a Quango, a quasi governmental organisation, which has long been controlled by Francis Maud, a long time Tory MP, in the run up to the election.

The British people having  handed control of their green and pleasant land, into the claws of the NGO called the European Union, without so much as a whimper, and their homeland itself into the hands of immigrants, which will eventually lead to them becoming a minority in their own land,  they are even now allowing their local government to be swamped by yet another NGO,  Common Purpose, while most of them have no idea what or whom this is.

Well just to give you a hint, if all Parties are choosing to ignore this reality, they must all be on board with the hidden intention of Common Purpose, which is quite simply to undermine local Councils’ thus preparing the UK for the coming new form of local control, Communitarianism, Cameron’s Big Society, where the individual will be outlawed and only the group will have rights.

Check out Brian Gerrish and UK Column, I believe him to be the expert on the ubiquitousness of Common Purpose and their Mind Control methods.


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