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Brexit Vote Will Prove That Democracy In Europe Is Dead And Gone.

The United Kingdom is out of Europe. There is no need for any discussion, unless that is, the European Union is preparing to interfere with Free Trade.

The following step could be a blockade against the British.  There is much historical evidence of this tactic, against those whom choose to do their own thing.

A million Iraqis were murdered, when Britain amongst others, imposed a blockade against Saddam Hussein.

Even the ‘renegade’ Corbyn stood rock solid with the remain side of the debate, while a few Israel ‘firsters,’ the likes of Boris Johnson and Liam Fox, pretended to support the leave campaign, assuring that both sides of the debate were in ‘safe’ Tory hands.

It is just a matter of time now, before the second referendum is announced, after all it has already been announced that nearly all of those delusional people who voted for Brexit, have already changed their minds.

Planting The Seeds Of World War Two.

The lies against Germany, started immediately after the Great War, when it was suggested that Germany had lost the war, when in fact an Armistice was declared and a Peace Treaty was being signed.

However, the BBC, in the above clip, suggests that the ‘defeated’ should be forced to pay reparations for the massive destruction, caused by the war. In reality, if there was a ‘winner,’ it was Germany, throughout the years of war, not one foreign combatant had set foot on German soil. The lies of the BBC never waver, they are always one-hundred-per-cent behind the City of London.

 International Bolshevik Jewry, insisted on a blockade of Germany, which lead to the deaths of nine-hundred-thousand Germans, ( not even mentioned by the BBC) in order to force Germany to sign the Treaty of Versailles and it should be noticed that the Bolsheviks, whom had recently commenced their blood-letting activities in Russia, were well prepared to take control of Germany and after that, the rest of Europe.

In short order, as had been the experience of the French, when the Bolsheviks had installed the Commune de Paris, the prototype for the ‘real thing’ in Russia, a few decades later, there were many deaths and a virtual war in Berlin, as shown in the clip. However no indication of the huge threat to Europe, suggested by this short-lived Bolshevik ‘revolution’ in Germany, is made by the BBC.

Take note of the term ‘brutally murdered’ in the clip – this is used to describe the German response to a murderous revolt – by those whom had so recently, accepted the summary execution of British soldiers, by British firing squads, of men whom were suffering from ‘shell shock’ whom refused to continue to fight a futile war, in which most of their companions had already perished. That is without need of any reference to Nuremberg, where the British and the Bolsheviks tortured and hanged the entire German Military and Political establishment.





La Popularité Ou Pas De François Hollande

//www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/x4dph8s<br /><a href=”http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4dph8s_la-video-que-francois-hollande-ne-veut-pas-que-vous-regardiez_news&#8221; target=”_blank”>La video que Fran&ccedil;ois Hollande ne veut pas que…</a> <i>par <a href=”http://www.dailymotion.com/bvoltaire&#8221; target=”_blank”>bvoltaire</a></i>”>

The Power Of Propaganda And The Lies Of Deception.

While still a small child, I had already been fed a pack of lies, which were designed to impress me, along with the rest of the receptive children in my class, that we, that is the people of those countries which were on side with the United States and the non-German Countries of Europe, were the ‘Good Guys.’

Events behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ were never fully explained. They were not only kept secret, the fact that we had collaborated, with the hated Communists,  to destroy Germany was never, ever discussed. We were taught, that for some reason, Adolf Hitler had lost his mind and in a fit of mental derangement had launched a misjudged attack against Russia.

This ‘fortuitous’ mad gamble by Hitler, we were told, led to an ‘unlikely’ alliance between The Russian Bolshevik Slaughter-House and the brave warriors of the forces for good, which just happened to be under the control of the very people whom had manipulated Germany into a position, where a war was an inevitability and without the aid of the swarms of Russians, Germany would have wiped the floor with the rest of the World.

There were so many genuine conspiracies during the build-up to World War Two, that to understand them all and to connect them into a solid argument, which demonstrated that the Germans were in fact the ‘Good Guys,’ provokes such opposition in the minds of those whom were not even born while these events were taking place, that it is virtually impossible to hold a reasonable debate about events which shaped the modern world.

The unspoken truth surrounding World War Two, has to this day, never been allowed a reasonable airing by the mainstream media. In many European Countries, to even broach the subject could lead to a term of imprisonment, an actuality which is found to be acceptable by the general public, so deep-rooted, in the very souls of the ‘good people’ of those countries,  which assisted in the destruction of those Germans,  whom actually fought a magnificent war to protect them from the ‘real’ forces of evil.

Another closely guarded,  dark secret, is what was done to Germany and its allies after the war had ended. The cold-blooded massacres of the Germans and other Peoples in Eastern Europe, was an atrocity, so evil as to confound the ability of any historian, to present so  much as an approximation of the horrors which occurred.

The victors of this war, whom should have been hanged for the depravity of their actions, which are even now being repeated in the Middle East, were instead lauded by the Media, which they control, as heroes.

Until the day arrives, that the people of Europe and the coalition of evil, which carried out the unholy war against Germany, come to accept that they were nothing more than ‘hounds from hell’ whom were encouraged to destroy a people and by doing so, provided the excuse to enslave and slaughter many others, whom opposed the approach of Communism – while all the time believing themselves to be liberators – face up to the reality of their huge crime, they will continue to allow themselves to used as stooges, by their less than truthful Politicians.

Perhaps, having watched footage, like the above clip, and coming to understand that in order to justify this abomination, it has been necessary to continue the black propaganda about Hitler and Germany for the past seventy years, so deep-seated is the guilt of those whom carried out these atrocities and it explains why they so blatantly continue to celebrate their ‘victories,’ on VE Day, with the German Queen of England standing in support, even as the Bankers cynical slaughter of any opposition to their schemes, show no sign of abating. They are now building up the hate rhetoric against, not only the German people but the rest of the White European Peoples, while we, just as blindly as did our parents and Grand-Parents, allow them to do it. There are none so blind as those whom refuse to see.


“The Communist desire to ‘liberate enslaved nations’ will come as a surprise to the enslaved nations of Eastern Europe, and the goal of maintaining ‘integrity of their territories’ rings strangely in view of the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan, and other oppressed nations. Like other announced goals of World War II, the Atlantic Chapter and the Four Freedoms, Stalin’s program achieved only one goal, ‘the destruction of the Hitlerite regime,’ the only government in the world which had opposed the spread of Communist aggression with its military forces. The ‘abolition of racial exclusiveness,’ which has (also) been official U.S. Government policy since 1945, was, quite simply, the Jewish Marxist goal of planned genocide of the White Race, because the White Race remained the only possible opposition to the total domination of the world by international Jewish Marxism. No African or Asiatic nation has ever mounted a successful counter-revolution against a Communist regime, nor have they ever desired to.” (Eustace Mullins, foreword to War! War! War! Cincinnatus)

As soon as Hitler had been defeated by the Western Bolsheviks, whom were quietly taking control of the United Kingdom and the United States, Russia was once more, sent into obscurity, behind the Iron Curtain, playing out its role in the ‘Cold War,’ which was itself just another banking scam, which paid out billions of Pounds, Dollar’s and Rubles’, manufacturing Atomic Weapons – which most probably did not work anyway – into the pockets of the Banking Corporation’s weapon shops.

While the war may have ended for the duplicitous ‘Allies’ in 1945, the suffering was just beginning for the German people. Like the Irish, Ukrainians and the Armenians before them, the Germans were about to suffer a ‘Biblical style’ extermination program, and an Allied ‘blood-lust’ which defies any claim, that those whom fought alongside Stalin, to be of a civilised and decent society.

The bloody history of the French/British/ Jew Empires, has long been white-washed by efficient propaganda machine, which has managed to make affiliates proud of their achievements in Ireland and elsewhere, by miraculously transforming the victims into the aggressors and what was inflicted on Germany was no different.


The propaganda on British Television News, is so controlled that there is no such thing as ‘ the other side of the story,’  I have just listened to a ‘journalist’ expressing her opinion about the sons of Donald Trump, whom apparently went on Safari in Africa, where they shockingly killed animals and took photographs of themselves with the dead animals.

She posed, the rhetorical question, what sort of disgusting people would in engage in such disgraceful behaviour?  The response should have been, the British Royal Family. The Queen and the Duke, spent their honeymoon on Safari, where the blood-thirsty Duke was intent on killing anything which moved, even endangered species.

The young ‘Princes’ are no different, Princess Diana herself complained that her sons were never happier than when they were involved in shooting, even rare birds like the Isis. The British love their Royal Family and the City of London, both of which they continue to allow to exist in their midst, like cancers.






The Decemberists: Sons And Daughters.


Sorry about that, I quite obviously chose the wrong link, so it gives me the opportunity to present the correct one now and to offer you another clip from the beautiful Crane Wife album, by one of favourite groups at the moment.

Tunisian Accused Of Nice Attack, Hollande Murders 100’s Of Syrians In Retaliation.


While still referring to an attack in Nice, France, which was allegedly carried out by a Tunisian, as a savage act,  François Hollande, immediately attacked, not Tunisia, but instead took advantage of the excuse, to destroy even more of the super-structure of Syria, killing more than one-hundred-and-fifty women and children in the process, which is of course, no more than collateral damage.









The Real Right Is On The Move!

This morning I was confronted by a character in the street, letting everybody know that at all cost they should explain to all and sundry, that Marine Le Pen should be without reservation, exposed for the evil dictator, which she would one day prove to be, should she ever be elected as the President of France.

I am sure you will understand why I was obliged to question this fellow, asking him to explain to me in simple terms, what it was exactly, in Le Pen’s manifesto, of which he was so fearful and which he perceived to be ‘dangerous’ in nature.

I have never been presented with such a glorious opportunity, to point out the stupidity of the claims made by anyone, in criticism of the Front Nationale, which incidentally, I do not support, I am rock solid with the idea of Independents. However Le Pen has the right to present her case and should it coincide with the wishes of the majority she will be duly elected.

When I asked the fellow to explain his misgivings about the ‘Front’ he shouted right into my face, ” Can you not see it? She is worse than Hitler.” I asked him what he meant – shamefully I lacked the courage to state my admiration for Hitler in the streets of France – “Why she will claim the right to search the homes of all and everybody of course, for no good reason and she will have the Army on the streets of France, she will be a total Dictator.

I asked him why she would be obliged to do such a thing as François Hollande has just taken exactly those steps in response to the recent attack in Nice. So are we not already living in just such a Police State?

I went on to point out that in terms of ‘Evil’ Le Pen has murdered nobody and has always spoken out against the illegal French actions in the Middle East, while the two recent Presidents of France have murdered millions of innocent people and since the upsurge in forced migration from the destroyed Middle East, and the coming flood from Africa, Marine Le Pen’s warnings are now being taken more seriously by many more people, particularly by the Middle Classes, whom have been wiped out by the recent economic disasters, which were as a result of elected Politicians, supporting rich bankers and Corporations, by robbing the Middle Classes and the workers of France, by exporting their industries to Asiatic slave labour States.

The ‘evil’ Marine Le Pen stands against the wars in the Middle East, she is in favour of creating jobs for the French and the imposition of tariffs against the “free trade” importation of products made by French companies, which are installed in China and other places. What’s not to like about all that?

She is no more racist than is anyone who dares to say a word about the immigration into Europe, of people whom are not arriving because of a love of European culture, in fact quite the opposite, most of these people would prefer to remain in their own homelands, however European governments, under the control of evil men, have destroyed the possibility of life in Africa and the Middle East to suit their own ends.

Certain people have been doing such things forever. We have been trapped,in a ‘War-Zone’ for centuries, to suit the avarice of these people and they have not yet finished the job.

White European People are the ultimate target for destruction. Take a look at your history, there has been a continuous Genocide against us, ever since nineteen-fourteen, when the war of hidden agendas, The Great War, was sparked off by a pitifully inadequate excuse, when an unknown Arch Duke was assassinated.

When a group of murdering controlled politicians, the like of Sarkozy and Hollande in France and Cameron and Blair in the UK, team up to smear The Front Nationale or in the United Kingdom, Ukip, you can be sure that they do so, in order to create unease in the thinking processes of the masses, whom express a dislike of these groups but fail to present a cogent explanation as to why they think as they do.

The man in the street this morning, was expressing the views of the mass ranks of those whom will vote for the man who turned Libya into a wasteland, with the help of David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, in next years Presidential election in France. As do the British, the French continually vote for the same group of people, expecting them to do the ‘right thing’ this time around, this is defined by many as a form of madness.

In the past couple of weeks, the elite controllers in the City of London have come out of the shadows. Chatham House, the headquarters of the group which organised the first World War, who wrote the Balfour Declaration, giving Palestine to Rothschild, has now decided to use its original name, quite openly in public, ‘The Royal Institute on Foreign Affairs,’ this includes the sudden appearance of The European Council on Foreign Relations, which like the Council on Foreign Relations in the USA, is all part of the Chatham House control structure. One can only speculate as to why they have suddenly decided to announce their presence to the world. This could well be an omen of things to come.

It should be clear from the above clip that the RIIA is ubiquitous and has played a seriously underhanded role in world events, including the organisation of the Second World War. Their first attempt at a World Government was the League of Nations which failed because they did not have enough carefully placed stooges, to vote in favour of the project. That was after their first World War, after World War Two they set up the United Nations, with the assistance of criminal politicians, in place, across the planet.

From the end of the Great War, any State which has stood up against these criminals, has been ruthlessly destroyed. It is now illegal to so much as suggest that these ‘Elite’ are indeed criminals. That would Politically Incorrect.

Le Pen and the Front Nationale, have recently been joined, on the world stage, by groups of people across Europe, who are in no way against those of another nationality, they are simply in favour of maintaining their own culture, I consider myself to be one of those people, however I am now considered to be ‘racist,’ a word  which like Le Pen’s manifesto is considered to be ‘evil.’  Should one ask for an explanation as to why an objection to mass immigration is ‘racist’ there is no response from those whom spit out the slur, simply because it is no more than yet another word which has been bastardised and used to continue an agenda, which condemns White people and only White people as being intolerant of other, unspecified Races.

There are many groups across Europe, standing up in defiance of the controlled politicians, whom are under instructions to wipe out White European people once and for all.

To mention this Genocide is not a simple opinion, this is a well documented fact. The proposers of this genocide are elected politicians, such as Nicolas Sarkozy and University professors in the USA like Noel Ignatiev, both of whom just happen to be Jews and both of whom are allowed to make these threats without fear of any law against Hate Speech, the proposition of a genocide or any other crime, simply because they happen to be Jews. It goes without saying that should any Politician propose the same threat against Jews, they would be horse-whipped.

This is the measure of freedom in Europe and to suggest that a National Party would impose an even more strict control over the people is a nonsense. The Russian people were enchained by Jew Bolshevik Communists for seventy years and we are being led down the same track.

The modern Nationalists are far from being against other Peoples, however they would prefer those other people to remain in their own cultures and countries where they belong.

They consider the notion that Europe should simply stand idly by, watching situations in France and the UK, where many of the major towns and cities are no longer French or English. London is now a foreign city, from where many White British people are emigrating only to find that there is nowhere left to go. Europe has now been flooded, not with refugees, but with a replacement population.

As for the Europeans, well they would appear to have lost the will to survive and they are being taken out by greedy envious people, who have no culture of their own and would very much like to steal ours. So the choice is cold and clear, you either wake up or perish. You will be shown no mercy.

Communism Through The Back Door.


In case you have never seen it, this clip includes the Satanic closing ceremony of the London Olympic Games.


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