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The Wrecking Crew: Best Session Band Ever!

There Is A Life Beyond Corona.

Right now, the News outlets of the entire world are one and all, wholly engrossed with the Corona crap. How many of you have ever been bombarded in past years with a breakdown of the flu statistics in Spain for example, not many I would suggest, so why are we obliged to be informed of them in this year of “lockdown?”.

Politicians are responding to claims of Police bad behaviour in England, with a smirk and a claim that these normally friendly chaps, may occasionally, lose their temper”because they are only human after all”. However instead of this dose of rubbish, what they should be saying is, give a cop an inch and he will take it to the limit.

All of these “Robo Cops” are carefully selected and trained psychopaths, anybody who has come up against them will verify that simple claim. Cops have been trained, in readiness for the events coming to a town near you in the near future, preparations for which are already coming down the pike, as we are all safely locked up in our prisons, which were once our homes.


This could all turn out to be a trial run, but it is hard to believe that the halfwits whom claim to represent us, would have the bottle to close down all the Corporations and Multinationals, without clear authority from there own “Bosses” in the City, so we must prepare for the worst, which is on its way, if not today in the near future.


Everything seems to be a war these days. There is a silent war online, where all of the most vulnerable assets like the National Grid are hanging around waiting for a Hacker, to throw the world into darkness. Very soon we will all have BitCoin Wallets, just waiting to be picked and the contents wiped out. All in the name of “security” and for the benefit of us all, of course.


The war on the High Street has already been lost to Amazon, where the richest man in the world refuses to pay his workers whom are on sick leave. Nobody should buy from Amazon, support you local Grocer I say, we always used to do that before the War against the minnow kicked off with cheaper food from the Monopolies. Even the second hand music market has vanished, nobody has figured out how to sell a downloaded album from the online billionaires.


The tentacles of the international monopolies are not only running online shopping facilities they also control stuff like Wikipedia, which generously explains that RT is funded by the Russian government, but they never explain that the Jerusalem Post is in part funded by the Las Vegas mafia and the Greatest band of War Criminals the world has ever known.


I had a quick look at TruNews today in search of something other than the Corona bullshit. I needn’t have bothered Rick and his team were hunkering down in their home doing an online video conference, all stressed out and haggard because of their fear that God would not protect them from the curse of the pandemic. I made a sharp exit from that and tried to find PressTV. Nobody seems to be posting to their YouTube site, nothing was there apart from old stuff about Solimani.


Everywhere I looked the same crap popped up. All across the universe the chatter was the same, the police are going to be taking sterner measures if the people refuse to accept their house arrest and should they persist, in trying to escape, they will locked up in the real slammer, as certain has been a Monsieur Camus, here in France, he has been condemned to two months in prison for daring to suggest that the massive numbers of immigrants arriving in France is an “invasion”. He is also obliged to pay a one-thousand-five-hundred Euros fine into the pockets of two anti Racism groups. That is how tight the control of France is these days of Corona Fever.


The Port of Marseille in the South of France is inundated with thousands of Algerians and Moroccans trying to get back to the Maghreb. The astute politicians in the Maghreb are waiting for the French to pay for their trip home from holiday. The stranded families, many of whom have been in France for years and are simply using the stranded tourists as cover to go home, because even for them, life in the suburbs of Paris has become unsupportable. Monsieur Camus was gaoled for

expressing more or less the same emotion.



The clip displays the fact that the Police have “lethal weapons” and “non-lethal” weapons without explaining whether they need permission to make use of a lethal weapon or does the cop on the spot himself decide. The long list of serious injuries suffered y the Gilets jaunes suggest that the cops are out of control.


Despite horrifying injuries, the Gilets jaune continue the struggle, even old women are showing the French “snowflakes” how to resist the dictatorial rule of the Bankers in France and across Europe.




Hurricane Higgins At His Best

Rumour Has It That Donald Trump Has Taken Control Of The Federal Reserve!

If this Rumour should prove to be true Donald Trump will have made himself a National Hero. Let us hope that all politicians have the courage to do the same thing. Maybe this is what the “Lockdown” was all about.

Bill Monroe: Rocky Road Blues.


Crisis? What Crisis?



Despite mounting evidence that the Corona Crisis is nothing more than a sinister governmental power grab, our diligent media has failed to spot the ever growing discrepancies in the narrative which they have been pushing down the throats of the people.

The benchmark of fear for Europe, is based on the “alarming” statistics coming from a region in Northern Italy, a region which is packed to the rafters, with a population of venerable old timers, with an average age way above the national average and where there has “always been” a higher death rate, during the time of flu, than in any other region in Italy.

Any journalist, worthy of the name, should have at least checked out the previous statistics of “flu” deaths in the region, before posting what is little more than a deliberate attempt to disinform the public, in order to push an agenda, organised by the World Health Organisation, which is in full support of the publication of this false information.

This pack of lies along with all the other “fake statistics” emanating from other United Nations “liars,” the likes the International Panel on Climate Change, yet another bunch of scammers, already caught out, “red-handed” publishing figures based on “doctored” information, not simple mistakes but genuine, deliberate false information, to fool the Public.

The IPCC lies were actually exposed on television, and the”real” journalist who dared to point them out, was escorted from the conference hall, by “Security” and the lies carried on as if nothing had happened.

This is all demonstrative of what Donald Trump referred to as “Fake News” which is all coming from a vast, international and privately controlled, organisation of propaganda, which includes the education of “our children”, demonstrated by the cynical use of school-children, to push the lies of Climate Change and the rush to introduce a political scheme, which they have designed, all of it to increase “Private” control over the World, with .”Them” in control.

As they once were in Russia, where their Rule included the cruel slaughter of tens of millions of “We The People” in cold blood. “They” carried out exactly the same cull in China, having been obliged to call off the unfinished “Terror” in Germany, having massacred a mere twenty million Germans after the end of World War Two, while the British, under Saint Winston Churchill, remained silent about this frenzy of blood letting against a country, which ad done nothing more than break the rules of those by whom we are all now being “Locked Down” as our “elected leaders” prepare us for the “needle” of the Gates Foundation.

The statistics for the incidence of flu deaths in Italy present an enormous total every year, because of the normal deaths of very old people, a longevity of which Italy is blessed. The blessing of this long life expectancy, is now cynically being pushed, relentlessly, day after day, as sign of “tragedy” by the controlled media, the lies of which are being given the full support of all of our Democratically elected politicians across the world, not one of them has questioned the validity of the figures, coming out of the mouths of the known liars of the United Nations.

In Denmark, a complicit bunch of politicians are already preparing to make an as yet non-existent, untested vaccine, obligatory for all the Danish People, with strict rules forbidding those whom can not produce evidence of their “shot”, entry into public spaces including shops, swimming pools etc. this despite ever mounting evidence, that these vaccines, which are loaded with dangerous substances, which have already inflicted an epidemic of Autism onto our children. have never reduced the annual numbers of “flu” or give children any resistance to measles, mumps or whooping cough, should they be exposed to a sufferer, despite being vaccinated.

Nothing will ever change as long as trusting people continue to vote these animals into office. None of them vaccinate their own children. The next step will be for the European Union, which along with the WHO, IPCC, OPCW, Agenda 21/2030, is wholly controlled by the United Nations. to mandate vaccination for all member states and you can be sure your politicians will dutifully carry out the order.

It will not have been un-noticed by those with a brain to think, that a “flu” virus “mutates” within the body of the sufferer, so even a vaccinated person has no resistance to this “new” strain, arriving from any flu victim, which would suggest that any attempt to dream up a vaccine for the current “flu” not to mention the deliberately contrived Corona Virus, for next year, is quite impossible,

The recent Sky News charade in Italy was scandalous and it was a quite deliberate, unforgivable attempt to provoke panic in the UK, however the British people refused to bow down to the propaganda and came out in their thousands to pass the week-end on the beaches and in the country-side, forcing the puppets in parliament to introduce even more stringent measures to force the People to conform.

The figures which were never mentioned by Stuart Ramsey and the rest of the Sky News Team in Italy, show that Italy has a huge number of flu deaths every year, anything up to 70,000 people die annually, where are all of this years flu deaths recorded? Are they being included in the so-called Corona figures? Of course they are because this whole business was a set-up, carried out by a so-called News organisation, by a man who has reported crap for decades.

Roy Harper & Jimmy Page: Nineteen Forty Eightish

Four Corners: The Killing Fields Of Afghanistan

What Are Our “Leaders” Doing For Us? It Would Appear To Be Sweet F All.



The very idea that we White People, are being destroyed by design, seems to be a very difficult concept for the White Race to accept. After all the governments which sent hundreds of thousands of their own White youth to their deaths in the trenches of the Great War and whom just a couple decades later were arming to the teeth, the filth, in Russia whom had slaughtered sixty-five -million Russian White Christian People, to commence the bestowing of the same blessing onto the rest of Europe, knowing full well that the written intention, of those whom controlled Russia,  was to murder the entirety of the German People, such nice people wouldn’t allow that to happen to us, would they? Well you bet your life they would. and they are even now plotting just how it will be done.

Back in 2016, there was an attack in Nice, a town much loved by the British Jewry, back in the day. The attack was carried out by a large twenty ton lorry, which had mounted the pavement during a fireworks festival, celebrating Bastille Day, killing eighty of the spectators and injuring dozens more, before driving off of the pavement and parking at the side of the road.


The above image is of the scene of the event the morning after. Curiously there are still several dead people lying around, one might cynically suggest them to be waiting for the photographers. Those with a keen eye for detail, may have wondered, as to just how a twenty ton lorry, squeezed through the plainly visible lamp-posts, without touching one of them, which would suggest a fair degree of manoeuvring and then, having not apparently alerting the thousands of people watching the fireworks, the lorry driver,  then managed to mow down and kill eighty people and seriously injure hundreds more, without leaving a trace of blood and guts on the pavement. 

He did then dismount, the pavement onto a busy main road, once again without touching a lamp-post and with a lorry, which displayed not a trace of blood and  which on the first photographs, still had its front end intact. The current state was as a result of the police attack as it was standing there with the driver inside. Here is an image of the lorry:



It’s enough to make a cat laugh is it not? Here is another shot of the scene just after the attack:

I think we can all agree that there is not much sign of blood as a result of such carnage and not a sign of a buckled lamp-post to be seen. Another oddity, I have spent many months in and around Nice and believe me if these photos were genuinely taken on the 15th of July, it must have been the quietest July on record, where are the hordes of happy holiday makers? 

The reason why I have gone back to this old tale, is because at last people are beginning to realise that there is something going on. You see on this day, far away in Paris, “Our Leaders” were selling us down the drain and this event in Nice, knocked all reporting of that event off of the front pages.

The Peoples of Europe have no idea what has been done in their name, because ever since that day there has never been any reporting whatsoever about the deals that were made on that day, that is until Donald Trump regurgitated it all in his own inimical manner, by disengaging the United States from the trickery of his Globalist predecessor Obama

So let us take a look at what we were all signed up to on that fateful day, the contents of Agenda 2030. Right off the beam it is an alarming document. I can here present a video clip which should be downloaded by as many people as possible. While looking back through just a matter of the last four years on my blog, to take a look at what I had previously written about the “Nice Event” I was amazed at the carnage carried out against my blog by YouTube, which has censored out dozens of the video clips which I had posted. This one will no doubt go the same way.

The first thing to get straight in your mind, is the reality that the United Nations has nothing whatever to do with us, any more than does any other millionaires club. It was a construct of the Bankers, as is explained in the clip. They are a band of thugs, whom with the assistance of various world-wide groups of scurrilous elected front men, are attempting to set themselves up as an International Royal Family, with us, at least that is the ones whom are “granted” the right to live, as nothing more than serfs.

Anybody who bothers to watch the News on television, cannot have failed to notice that every time the wind blows, or the rain falls down, the Newscaster will suggest such dreadful weather, the worst for at least a couple of hundred years, can only be explained by the Global Warming causing Climate Change, and all that tosh I’m sure you know the routine.

On all British and French Channels you get the same guff here is a British Media:

Now did get a little idea of the way the media presents all the buzz words about the weather, without any idea of what they are talking about. There should no longer be any question about the weather, the International Panel On Climate Change, has been several times caught in lies. They have had very little scientific support for their claims and yet the Media still talks of the 97% of scientists whom support them without any clear mention as to 97% of what number, a number which turned out to be a very low number indeed.

So all in all, the question which needs a rapid response from those whom we have elected to take care of business, in our governments, is as to why, they remain silent, as a bunch gangsters are discussing amongst themselves, exactly how they are going to take control of all and everybody, and they have already given to themselves, the authority to kill as many of us as suits their agenda, without a word from any one of you bastards, what’s your game?

Yet Another Black Man Bad Mouthing White People.




Russia Today seems to take pleasure in presenting Blacks with a chip on their shoulder. Right now that chip on the British version of Black is the intention of sending Black criminals back to Jamaica, which is their “home-land” even though in that “home-land” they are immigrants, whom were rounded up by Zulus in Africa and sold to either Berber or Jew slave traders, before being given agreeable work and lodgings elsewhere, in the civilised world, saving them from the savages in Africa. Even in the days of slavery in the US,the Blacks proved to be useless and the plantation owners threw them out on their ear and brought in the men of Ireland who knew how to do a days work. Marcus Garvey felt the same way about lazy Blacks.


As in South Africa, another land which was settled by White People, whom had nothing to do with slavery, and they never invaded or stole land from any Black man and yet through the means of the mass immigration of Blacks from all over Africa, they have had their land stolen, with the assistance of those Jew slave -traders, whom have now stolen the Gold and Diamond mines, with the assistance of the same Zulus, whom sold their ancestors to those same Jews, with the assistance of Saint Nelson Mandela.

All across the White world, at this time, those miserable, moaning Blacks are now at the forefront of the efforts to destroy the White lands in which they have now been installed, to do exactly to their new hosts-‘ I believe that to be term used to describe the cosy, preferred position of a parasite – as is being done in South Africa. I wonder whether this moaner is aware of the fact that in South Africa, immigrants are discouraged by their murder, Or whether he knows that Blacks are torturing and killing Whites on a massive scale, they have even boiled a White child alive and eaten it in front of the parents.Any White who carried out such an act would be lynched outright while in SA they are heroes.

White South Africa was softened up by the Jews, with an overwhelming barrage of propaganda, about “apartheid” when in reality, the Blacks in South Africa could have quite easily returned to their homelands which were in easy reach, they chose instead to do what all parasites do, stay with a host until they kill it and that is exactly what has happened in South Africa, Haiti and Jamaica, and soon to Europe.

Another creepy little character on RT, George Galloway, is going out of his way to assist these Blacks, whom would appear to be quite incapable, of advancing their own cause, choosing instead to go down the well-worn “survivor” route, alongside those Jews, whom have played such a large part in their advance into the modern world and whom are even now paying the “ferryman”to assist them in their current search for a “host” in Europe, stupid enough to take them in, just as they provided the “ferry” to the USA back in the day, while Galloway is pushing for “reparation” from us, the dirt poor folk, whom have lived through far harder times than have any of those so-called slaves, doingtheir “dirty jobs”, which we White People called working for a living in disgusting and dangerous situations. I have no respect or concern for the situations that these Blacks are living in, for every one of “them” there are thousands of other people, of all colours and Races, whom are no better off, who are just getting on with life. Some of them are referred to as “Trailer Park White Trash” get it Mr Negro?

You may have noticed from this screed, that the same acts of “our rulers” are evident down through the ages and the results of all of it remains firmly in the same hands

London Bridge Attack: Update


You may have missed this update of the London Bridge attack, which makes a total mockery of the original.

Are Sky News totally unaware, that along with the rest of the media, that they would appear to have presented a load of fakery?

I do not think so, they are all hoping that you will not notice that there was no such character as Luka, Lucas, or any other variation of this chef’s name available for interviews, in Fishmongers Hall, so they had to rewrite the entire tale.

More Jiggery-Pokery On London Bridge?

Who took these photographs? Why did the alleged “plain-clothed” Transport Policeman, scuttle into the exact spot from where he could wave the knife, which he had apparently taken from the “terrorist” at whoever was filming the event?


Is it any wonder that people find it all just a little bit suspicious, when a whole battalion of Cops  and ambulances appear out of nowhere, to arrive at the exact spot where where a group of “by-standers” have disabled the “suspect” who while lying helpless on the pavement, is shot dead.

A pointless killing which will of course make any Court appearance unncessary, as was the case with the last attack in the same area, when the cops drove up, out of nowhere to the exact spot, where three “terrorists” had just stabbed a man to death, a man who incidently suddenly came back to life when a cop yelled out; “look out I forgot to put the hand-brake on” as the cop car rolled towards his lifeless body on the road in front of it. I kid you not, it was all on film.

Where are the dead and injured? Why did the “public” pick on this guy? One of them was a plain-clothed policeman, “just by chance” so whom were the others, “just by chance?”. The cops had no idea who they were dealing with, they simply shot the man out of hand. It all smells just a little bit fishy to me.

The body of the terrorist was quite obviously moved into a more suitable position to make the taking of later photographs an easier option for the same “distant” film crew.


Fortunately for the squeamish British public, the “British Boys In Blue” managed to hit the bloodless areas of the dead man,with their bullets,  which will make it unnecessary to throw sawdust all around. The cameraman also managed to catch a glimpse of the Fire Extinguisher? which one of the “by-standers” apparently had in their possession, as they walked down the street and with which they fought the terrorist? They then appear to have forgotten to pick it up?




The above clip is credited to Ruptly, however it is signed by a certain @hlo blog, which has proven hard for an uneducated surfer to track down.

The story did not end there, as somebody would appear to have forgotten their lines somewhere along the way.



We Will Force This War Upon Hitler, If He Wants It Or Not. — Winston Churchill

 The grim words in the title of this article, were spoken by Winston Churchill, before the outbreak of World War Two. He made many other comments in a similar vein.

I became aware that events leading up to the war were not as I had been taught at school, in fact I had been fed a tissue of lies. Lies which were propagated to conceal a reality which was not in the best interests of the Ruling Classes.

It can be a strange, emotional exercise, to find ones self studying the writings of Adolf Hitler. We have been conditioned against him in such a manner as to almost want to spit, after his name has left your lips.

His imagery has been placed, quite deliberately, into the hands of the extreme right-wing elements, to further demonize the man and his philosophy.

One is almost obliged to apologise in advance before even mentioning his name, such is the weight of the allegations which are levelled against him.

Having listened to a discussion on the radio, suggesting that the build up to war had been forced along by a combination of British and Polish pressure, aimed at provoking a response from Hitler and not by any idea of Empire Building on the part of Germany, I became intrigued and started to research the subject.

One soon becomes immersed in a forbidden zone of censorship and a blatant attack on the rights of freedom of thought and speech. Mainly because to investigate Hitler, leads on, inevitably, to the holocaust.

At this point I will make my position quite clear. At Christmas Time in 2008, I was shocked and deeply depressed by the Cast Lead massacre, which was carried out against the Palestinian Concentration Camp in Gaza, by the savages whom refer to themselves as the Chosen People.

I find it hard to believe that anything worse could have been inflicted on any Jew, by Hitler or anybody else.  The image of a small child’s arm bursting into flame as a temporary bandage was removed as a result of being hit by White Phosphorus still haunts me.

That said, it will be clear that I do not have a high opinion of the people of Israel, I believe there is an expression “The Pot Calling The Kettle Black”  which they should bear in mind.

I managed, with difficulty, to get hold of translations of some of Hitler’s speeches.  On western television, we are presented with the original German, as a result we understand nothing. As children we were told that we were listening to the ranting of a madman.

Not so. In fact having just witnessed the lies which were told of Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi and now Assad in Syria, the lies and deception with which we were conditioned, concerning Hitler, are extremely pertinent. All of these lies emanate from the same source, The City of London.

I have found no evidence of a desire to build an Empire or indeed to control Europe in any of Hitler’s speeches, he spoke mainly of his desire to create a strong Germany.

 “Now we are being credited with many a truly astounding war aim, especially by the English. After all, England is quite experienced in issuing proclamations of objectives in warfare as it has waged the greatest number of wars the world over.”

Hitler spoke these words in Berlin in 1940, there is not much to disagree with.

The recent release of British documents, add weight to the claim that Hitler was cornered by the British and Polish Governments into a retaliation against Poland, which in fact had launched an attack on Germany, after the slaughter of ethnic Germans in Poland, had failed to incite Hitler into an attack.

We have been put through more than sixty years of lies in order to conceal the real truth of Hitler’s destruction, the main plank in this strategy was the question of the holocaust.

There is no way out for a country which is accused of such an enormous crime. The people of Germany have been forced to shoulder this burden and the universal hatred with which it was accompanied  and yet there is not one solid piece of evidence to support these claims.

We are told by Jewish organisations, that to merely check the figures is a crime, for which we could be gaoled. We can not even ask the question, “What do you have to fear from an investigation?”

The sad reality is, that Hitler, like Gadaffi, Assad, Saddam and of course Iran were outside the debt ridden Central Banking System, which is apparently in the hands of a certain group of families. Winston Churchill expressed it thus:

“Germany’s unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an independent exchange system from which the world-finance couldn’t profit anymore. …We butchered the wrong pig.” — Winston Churchill  (The Second World War – Bern, 1960)

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