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Come To Sweden Take No Notice Of Trump.


     Come To Sweden Take No Notice Of Trump.please.

The latest smear being levelled at Donald Trump, after he had made remarks about Sweden and their problems with Immigrants, suggests, that when he said ‘last night,’ he was claimed to have been wrong, not because their had been no problems ‘last night’ but because those problems were unremarkable, simply because they are a common occurrence in modern-day Sweden. The inference being that therefore, there are no problems in Sweden with immigrants.

The True Depth Of Fake News.





         The True Depth Of Fake News


The idea of the blatant ‘fakery’ of the media, is no mere theory, it is a provable fact. As with the supporters of all theories, those whom choose to ‘believe’ in the idea of a free and fair press, need look no further than the world-wide media complicity, in the reporting of a stupidity, like the size of the crowd at the inauguration of Donald Trump and Trumps’s justifiable response to the ‘lies,’ which were transmitted all over the planet, lies, which should leave us all wondering about what else they are lying about.

The most minimal amount of research, into the presentation of the News, across the media, in all its forms, quickly demonstrates the power of the Editors. A ‘censorial’ position, which automatically denies the Journalists’ their own freedom of expression.

I was personally banned from the pages of a well-known newspaper, when an editor, having read what I had chosen to write, found my position to be extreme and distasteful and that I would henceforth be denied access to their pages.

The editors response came as no surprise whatsoever to me, simply because I had knowingly, taken a risk and entered the ‘forbidden zone.’ In a trustworthy media, there should be no ‘forbidden zone,’ an entity which infers that there are deliberate lies of omission taking place, on a daily basis, all over the media.

I am sick and tired of hearing about Trump’s past peccadilloes, which amount to very little, a fact that leaves the press floundering around, muttering claims of his past bankruptcies and the lack of information about his tax returns, which are all in order, whether the press choose to report the opposite or not.

Alongside these trivial claims against Trump, there is a mountain of evidence against the Clinton Crime Family, which is being completely ignored. The same press, which paraded a women in front of a massive presence of the Media, giving her plenty of time to claim, that her whole life had been completely destroyed by Trump, whom had allegedly touched one of her covered breasts with his finger, a claim which zoomed around the planet, without any supporting evidence, even as the woman herself was admitting that she not going to pursue the issue.

This, while the far more serious, treasonous, claims against Clinton, which included the ‘allowing’ of an American Ambassador in Benghazi, to die a brutal death, to cover up a Clinton scheme to send Libyan arms to terrorists in Syria,for personal profit,  are being totally ignored. Worse than that, they are being presented as not worth investigating.

Hanging over all of this garbage, is the question of ‘Just how long, has this deception has been going on?’ The most important events in modern European history, are occluded by a cloud of unknowing, surrounding the ‘real’ reasons for monumental events like the two World Wars.

These issues are never given the coverage which they deserve, not out of kindness but to cover up the complicity of politicians and others, in both Wars. The result of this lack of exposure of these events, denies the people of Europe a proper understanding of current events, which are all connected to those events which kicked off in Nineteen-Fourteen. We are all still being herded towards a brutal, monumental culling.

1914 was the opening of a dark chapter in the history of the White Christian Race, a period which should be quite rightly referred to as an epoch of infamy, comparable to any religious slaughter in history and yet the subject has yet to be broached by the lying, controlled and censored mainstream media. Any documentary offered by the media is inevitably in total agreement with the previous lies and disinformation. 

The reason for the mystery surrounding the necessity for the Great War, is perfectly clear, to many historians and yet their evidence is continually ignored and is presented as being of a trivial nature. The reason for the war has been described as being no more than an argument between the Royal Families of Europe, when in fact the actual reason, dare not speak its name, for fear of the public reaction.

This ‘trivial war,’ lead on to a Bolshevik Jew, coup d’etat in Russia and the unreported summary slaughter of sixty-five million Christian people. Quickly followed by the slaughter of massive numbers of Christians in Armenia.

It also destroyed the Ottoman Empire, which lead to the ceding of Palestine to the Jews, an unjustifiable act which lead to the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of the indigenous Peoples.

That was two victories for Jews, their third victory was finally won by imposing a blockade against the German people in 1919, which because of a media black-out, is yet another atrocity, which is virtually unknown, which killed a further nine-hundred-thousand Germans, forcing them to accept responsibility for a war, which had delivered to Jew interests, exactly what they sought.

Next on that list was total control of Germany, a fact which has never been discussed by the media. The lust for control of Germany had been won at the cost of the deaths of the cream of European Christian youth, The covert Bolsheviks in Germany, were then thwarted in their attempted coup d’etat, when the German people fought them off, stalling the attempt of the Bolshevik Jews, to install Bolshevism Communism in Germany and after that across Europe.

Germany then started to suffer at the hands of the International Bankers, who through the same trickery which continues to this day, destroyed the German economy, creating hyper-inflation, under cover of which, Jews bought Germany for peanuts, using the strength of the Dollar to so do.

At which point Hitler and the National Socialists, threw a spanner in the works, organising a Germany First regime, by taking control of the money supply out of the hands of the Bankers, yet another subject which is never broached by the media, and started to make Germany Great Again.

The immediate response from the Jews was to declare war on Germany, in 1933, the first act of which was to install the same form of blockade against Germany, which had been so successful after the Great War. That fact has also been forgotten by the media.

Hitler overcame all obstacles and despite many attempts to force him to war, facts which have also been forgotten by the media, Hitler refused to take the bait. Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister, was in agreement with Hitler and he stood up in support of a peace treaty signed with Hitler. He was accused of appeasing Hitler, because nothing was going to be allowed to interfere with the British desire for war.

At which point we arrive at the biggest secret of all, the coup d’etat in the United Kingdom, when Jew interests carefully placed the ‘drunken bum’ Winston Churchill, into the unelected position of Prime Minister, after Chamberlain had been kicked out.

From that day on the whole world was dragged into a war which was under the total control of Jews. Why has history never explained this simple fact to the people? Why has the media never investigated events surrounding the road to war, choosing instead to continue the lies against the German people?

Having been responsible for World War Two, in which an estimated sixty-million people lost their lives, without counting those millions whom were slaughtered in Germany and behind the Iron Curtain, after the end of the war, why do we continue to mourn the deaths of an ever diminishing number of Jews, most of whom died of disease, as if it was written in stone, that the very scoundrels, whom had declared the war should have come out of it unscathed? Jews never, ever, take responsibility for any of their horrendous crimes, whether they be in Palestine, Armenia, Russia or Eastern Europe, while all of these crimes are normally totally ignored by the ‘Fake’ Jew controlled media. What a surprise.

The Jews seized control of Russia, where they proved totally incapable of running the economy. They relied on covert monetary help and wheat, from the United States and Britain throughout the Soviet years, to survive. In Israel, they have shown the same lack of ability and to this day they rely on ‘blackmail’ payments from Germany and billions of dollars annually from the US and Britain, yet another unreported reality.

Jews could well have supported themselves out of the continued riches gained through the theft of money from the pockets of the poorest people in the world, through the imposition of their Compound Interest on loans, however greed does not allow that sort of weakness, greed on the scale of the Jews can never be satisfied.

When World War Two finally came to an end, Britain’s favourite politician, Winston Churchill, the man whose misunderstood act of sending the Aztecs into the cauldron of Gallipoli, where they were slaughtered by the Ottoman military, in order to aid the complete destruction of the Ottoman Empire, by dividing their forces, which handed control of the Middle East into the grip of the French and British, allowing the gifting of Palestine to Rothschild, was then instrumental in the construction of the European Union, yet another suppressed tale.

Churchill was also responsible for the murder through starvation of millions in Bengal, where he commandeered foodstuffs to feed the British Military, during the fighting against the Japanese, leaving the people to die, even as the food rotted away, as the British, finally had no need of it.

Jews live in fear of a widespread awakening to reality and the media is desperately trying to conceal this reality from us all. They have been doing this throughout our lives. When Donald Trump pointed a finger at a journalist from CNN and accused him of ‘very fake News’ he was telling the truth, whether you choose to believe him or not. Jews of course, own CNN.

Even today it was announced that the European Union is continuing talks with Canada about the CETA Treaty, which is exactly the same formula as were TPP and TTIP treaties which have failed. As usual the Jews who control the Corporations, which seek complete power over National and International Governments never give up.

The hidden controllers of the European Union, will, when the puppets in the ‘public’ Commission, finally allow the passing of CETA, seek ways and means of ensuring that the UK is forced to accept a part in this cold-blooded attempt to enslave us all. The Peoples of Europe have already taken to the streets in protest and yet they are getting no serious information from the media. Most people, while being well aware that Donald Trump uttered the word ‘Pussy’ have no idea about CETA.

There have been  so many important events, down through the years, which have been totally suppressed by the controlled press, that few people understand, that even institutions like the London School of Economics, is part of the overall scheme to promote Communism. It was funded by the Bankers,  through the Fabian Society, which was fully funded by the City of London and surrogate minions of British Bankers in the USA. They were also responsible for the construction and funding of The European Union.

Just recently, for the first time I heard mention of the fact that Churchill had been involved in the European Union, suggesting that to mean it to be a good idea. No mention was made of Churchill’s Jew background and the fact that he was a tool of Bernard Baruch an American billionaire. The man who covered up Churchill’s little sexual preferences, which were far more serious than those claims laid against Donald Trump. He also covered Churchill’s gambling debts and paid his alcohol bill. None of that is scandalous or worthy of mention, because everybody loves Churchill and his disgusting behaviour should not be allowed to stain his otherwise spotless reputation.

There are so many subjects, not only those politically oriented, which we are discouraged from questioning, that it has become to all intents and purposes like living in a hard line, rogue state with a form of thought control firmly in place.

We are allowing history books to be written containing references to certain things, which are plainly untrue, while the Press and other media, along with all politicians, without exception, are in full support. These false tales of historical events, will then join those other unproven fables, which have been so firmly planted into all of our minds, that to even question them invites a level of abuse which is completely incomprehensible.

It has become difficult to even mention certain subjects, not only from fear of an argument but from the possibility of Prison, such is the fear of exposure amongst the liars. We must now stand by watching Jew atrocities taking place while being gagged, as to speak out could be called anti-Semitism, when in reality it is the Semites whom are under attack, such is the distortion of reality with which we are being conditioned and which is being fed to our children.

Even as I write, there has been yet another piece of Fake News broadcasted on British Radio, announcing the death of the Blind Sheik, claiming him to have planned the 1993 attack on the World Trade Centre. When in reality he was groomed by the FBI, who provided him and his group with all the necessary to carry out the attack.

The Sheik guessed that he was being set up, so he recorded everything which passed between him and the FBI, all of which was explained in Court. He had quite deliberately parked the truck bomb in a less vulnerable position in the car park, thus avoiding a more serious eventuality. I could go on and on and on but what’s the point?

France Has Fallen.

Gender Equality? Yes Please And Right Now.


I love the idea of gender equality, just so long as it involves ‘real’ equality. I recently listened to the tale of a poor forlorn woman, who once played football in a ‘female’ team and whom after her playing days were over, took a ‘coaching’ course, and having  gained her diploma, she immediately sought employment in the ‘male’ game.

She was not the only applicant for the position for which she applied, however when ‘she’ was ‘overlooked’ for the position, she complained it to be because she was a women. The fact that the other applicants whom had also ‘failed’ were mere men, was lost on her.

She went on to complain that the men in the game, were earning huge salaries, which she thought should also be paid in the women’s game. Ignoring the fact that there were thousands of teams of men, earning next to nothing in the non-league divisions, any one of which would defeat the top women’s team, including the National team, so why should she earn more than do ‘those’ men? More seriously, by who should these female ‘stars’ be remunerated?

Women refuse to accept the reality, that should real equality ever come into being, women would be the losers, in virtually all fields. They have improved their social position, not through superior ability, but through pressure and ‘liberalism’ which degrades all human activities to a ridiculously low-level, to facilitate the reduction in necessary skill levels, thus making way for women and those deserving folk with other life difficulties.

Women only demand this wonderful equality, when it works to their own advantage, imagine the English Football team, of half men and half women, competing against a German Team, composed of the best available players, it would be a massacre and not for the Germans.

At Wimbledon, there would be no more women in the Final, without that is, the use of illegal body building substances. The last time a top female tennis star pitted her brilliance against men, Martina Navratilova, she was trounced by an average male club player.

The Olympic Games could be virtually denuded of women competitors, as there would a need to qualify against men, they could possibly overcome the competition of men in gymnastics or high diving, where grace is an advantage, however the new ‘Gay’ generation of men could prove to be an obstacle, too difficult to overcome,  even in that arena.

There is also a small, unspoken problem in the middle of all this fuss, which I touched on in the tale of the ‘male’ applicants seeking the coaching job in Football and the disappointment of the men whom failed.

Very few people get to the top. Some of them are men, but those men who do make it, represent only a tiny percentage of men, that is perceived to be unimportant to women, simply because some men make it to the top, women automatically suggest that to mean that the ‘best players amongst women,’  are being ignored because they are not getting to the top in greater numbers. There are not enough men getting to the top, whoever does get there,  are representative of a tiny percentage of their gender.

This means very little in terms of gender success or failure, whether the ‘ignored’ be all men or all women, however, should the affairs at the other end of the employment ladder be compared, there are thousands of jobs to be found, which have long been considered to be ‘mens work,’ jobs in which men are obliged to work for a pittance, where the lack of the presence of women has never been a problem, they have simply been allowed to get away with it because of their gender.

Women want it all ways, gradually grasping more of the ‘better’ male jobs in their own direction, while choosing to simply ignore the ‘check-out’ girls and the ‘road diggers,’ in the other direction.

For women to be calling for the same exorbitant salaries, which are currently being paid to very few men in the game of football, instead of suggesting a fairer system, which would spread the funds available for salaries, more equitably amongst the rest of the players in what is referred as a ‘Team.’ I too find it to be sick that a disproportionate slice of the cake is handed over to certain key players, however, whatever they are paid, is due to the success of the game and not out of any ‘duty’ to pay them.

Both sexes are capable of organising sporting events, which are, in themselves, the perfect illustration of the differences between men and women. Off the top of my head, I can think of no female sport with the pulling power of Rugby or Soccer in the UK and American Football and Basketball in the United States. For women to demand equal pay in certain sports like Tennis, it is simply a case of women hanging on to mens coat-tails, in a split gender competition. 

The normal response from women is to take up Football, Cricket, Rugby, Billiards and Snooker, Boxing, Rowing and all the other once male dominated sports, giving them the excuse to demand the same Prize Money.  

Where are the truly female sports, which generate the same amount of public attention, from which female competitors could pay themselves out of the profits which they have generated.

Why are lower league male football players not complaining about how much the top teams pay their players? Could it be because the men involved understand the principle of, you get what you deserve in games of skill and that if you lack the ability to compete with the better players, you do not deserve the same salary.

When that day arrives, that Communitarianism demands equal pay for equal work, competitive sport will be finished and we can all go back the days of village teams playing against one another for the fun of it.

A Day In The Life Of The Modern Murdering Classes


From the day he announced his intention to seek the role of President of the United States, Donald Trump has been sneered at and smeared by the controlled International Media. A grouping which includes, in its ranks the so-called impartial organs like the British Broadcasting Corporation and Sky News in the United Kingdom along with, CBS, CNN, MSNBC in the United States.

Throughout his campaign, the ‘Clown’ Trump touched a chord in the minds of the long-suffering and ignored American, silent majority, who turned out in the tens of thousands, at all of his rallies, in support of his policies.

Trumps greatest achievement, was to demonstrate, quite clearly, to any believer in Democracy, that both of the so-called ‘democratic,’ political parties in the States, were united in their opposition to the democratic election of Donald Trump and they have been in lock step, with the media, in their attempts to destroy his Presidency.

Having been so ‘un-democratically’ opposed to the election of this inexperienced, ‘clown’ one would have thought the best approach for the media, would have been to leave him to his own devices, which would have inevitably lead to his self exposure as being incapable doing the job, for which he was elected.

Strangely that is not what has taken place, the reaction to Trumps election has been one of naked fear because of the possibility that he might manage to interfere with the established agenda of the ‘Deep State,” which was counting on the election of the Clinton Crime Family, which would have given the Bush bastard Slick Willy Clinton the chance to re-enter the White House.

The ‘Deep State’ has been prepared to finance a large group of Black savages onto the streets of the US, expressing the totally hypocritical claim that ‘they’ are the victims of racist crime, when official statistics graphically demonstrate, that Blacks are responsible for a totally disproportionate amount of crime and killings and most certainly for one hundred percent of the truly savage attacks, which have been carried out against Whites. There are no similar recorded crimes committed by Whites on Blacks.

The Central Intelligence Agency controlled Feminist movement, which along with the benign sounding Planned Parenthood, whose founder announced;

We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. – Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, 1939

The majority of Planned Parenthood Clinics were in Black neighbourhoods. Sanger, was herself in constant touch with the Ku Klux Klan, a group which it is constantly claimed, were against Blacks. She was also funded by the same folk whom are now funding Black Lives Matter, when it would appear that Black lives do not matter that much, to the likes of Sanger. It all gets a little bit muddled, does it not?

While writing my stuff, to avoid being totally out-of-order and having made the claim, that virtually all racist violence, is Black racism and that rape in the USA is virtually a Black monopoly, I try to confirm this notion, which I have done on many occasions, always with the same result, after checking my assertions online, which is not a one hundred percent accurate source for correct statistics, but good enough, in view of the fact that there are no examples of Whites raping, torturing and killing Black couples available but there dozens of examples of Blacks raping and torturing and murdering White couples, both young and old they even sodomised their male victims before killing them.

There is a similar lack of evidence of White people taking to the streets in protest, at the diabolical crimes of Black savages. On the other hand, in order to justify this Black Jungle behaviour, the lame excuse which is offered, normally blames White people, whom are obliged to accept the blame because we are all now accused of being Supremacists, a term which make Black people go crazy and which comes straight out of the playbook of a gaggle of Jews, whose foul-mouthed hatred of White people is quite openly available online,  without a word of complaint, or criticism against the Blacks or the Jews, both of whom never give their whining about White Racism or anti-Semitism a rest.

When I listen to the garbage, coming from the mouths of Women, Blacks and Jews, about me and others like me, I am astonished that the media has never once mentioned any disquiet about the constant Racist attacks, which are being made against White people, not only in the States but in White European countries in general. The fact that White Christian people have been the target of the most ferocious Genocidal attacks in history during the past hundred years, is never mentioned. We Whites keep our mouths shut and continue to pay up.

The idea that I should be prepared to be more considerate to Blacks, Jews or Women, because I am allegedly a Racist, a claim has been very carefully manipulated to mean ‘White,’ is abhorrent. The most belligerent whiners about Racism or Religious bigotry, are themselves the least of the victims of such crimes, the real victims are still paying out their hard-earned cash to these whiners.

To have a Jew tell me that ‘White’ is not really a Race, that we Whites are simply a mishmash of other real Races, unlike them, the Jews, whom benefit from being perceived as White, having been born somewhere in Eastern Europe but they are not White, they are Jew, which is a religion and not a Race but never mind that, the women and the Blacks will not notice. Not because they are too stupid of course, they are all geniuses, whom are given ‘good’ jobs in preference to White idiot men.

The result of all this disinformation, is a situation where we find the Blacks and the White women, in league with the Jew controlled Planned Parenthood, which is intent on wiping out both the Blacks and the Whites, while at the same time the sexist invention of the Corporations, the Feminists’, are engaging in the business of destroying the confidence of men.

The attacks on men have blown up in their faces, as men have come to realise that it was not those poor women trapped at home, watching afternoon TV, whom were in need of liberation, it was the men who spent a lifetime working like slaves, for thankless women, whom offered not a word of kindness or thanks for the mens efforts, choosing instead to complain that men were not doing enough of the house-work.

The result has been, that sex, the very commodity, which was once used as a means of ensuring a mans loyalty to his wife, is now a mass-produced, freely available, over-rated commodity, which is no longer a good enough reason for a man to allow himself,  to be trapped into a marriage, which in most cases will end with him losing his home and most probably contact with his children.

The claim, once made by the Feminists, that ‘men needed women, more than women needed men,’ has been turned on its head. Sadly for women,  the way things have turned out, men have finally realised that the women brought very little into a relationship, other than a honey trap called sex, which attracted over sexed young boys into an early marriage.

Now that women have careers, and are delaying the start of a family, many until they arrive at an early onset menopause, they are finding it difficult to find any decent man whom is prepared to put his life on the line for a shagged out old bitch. Never mind the idea of buying a house which would be a debt, hanging around his neck, for the rest of his life, while at the same time, possibly working to pay for a child or two.

Judging by the behaviour of women, during the Women’s March, in Washington, which was a protest against Donald Trump and which was, at the same time in support of abortion, was an event which included a pack of loud-mouthed women, who screeched their hatred of men, from a stage packed with professional idiots, and in particular against the democratically elected President of the United States.

This was a shameful response, which was obediently cheered by thousands of women, whom had been fed a load of tosh by the media, in support of which they were wearing ‘pussy’ hats, while pretending to have been shocked by a crass remark made by Donald Trump, suggesting that women are so aggressively greedy, they if they believe a man to be rich, that man can even grab them by their ‘pussy.’

They should have been embarrassed by this ‘truism,’ they instead tried to, pretend it not be true. Pull the other one ladies, any man will tell you, women are genetically parasitic, you cannot help yourselves.

The question needs to be asked as to which side of the argument are White women in support? Do they stand with the Feminists’ aim of destroying the family and aborting millions of White and Black babies, while at the same time calling for mass immigration into Europe and the United States? If so have they any acceptable reason for such a contradictory position? 

We Are Living In The Twilight Of The White Race.






We Are Living In The Twilight Of The White Race.

The White Race is in a state critical decline. The reason for this state of affairs, rests firmly on the shoulders of White, emancipated, women, a majority of whom have always found their children to be a stumbling block, which denied them a challenging career, which is apparently of greater importance than is their key role in the continuation of the White Race.

It is difficult to divine whether this be as a result of total stupidity or sheer selfishness. Whatever the reason, the equilibrium of the family has been destroyed, while both men and women are now on the treadmill, of the daily grind at work and a lonely life at home.

There is no going back, the family is dead and gone and now, in most cases, a single mother will be juggling her ‘career’ in an effort to find time for her child, which will inevitably be treated as being of less importance than are the needs of the ‘career.’ Should a child fall ill, that is a ‘nuisance,’ where once it was a worry.

Once children are taught to believe that to murder an unwanted baby is the best option, without a word about morality, can we be surprised that the babies, necessary to replace their parents, with the odd one or two to replace those whom have died childless, that untold millions of women have sought this solution to their ‘problem?’

European Peoples, thank their lucky stars, that they have lived in a period of peace, ever since the days of World War Two. There was little concern for the unprovoked slaughter of millions of Muslims, all across the Muslim World, there is hardly a State which has not been attacked, including Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, and yet there has not been one single women’s march to put a stop to this genocide of the innocent.

When women did march, it was in Washington, with two aims in their sights, Donald Trump, a man whom hopes to bring peace to the Middle East and to put a stop to the genocide of white children by their mothers. This brought the murdering bitches out in their hundreds of thousands, crying out ‘how dare a mere man try to deny us the right to kill our unwanted children?’ with pussy hats on their heads, while creepy characters like Madonna and a Black Power geriatric, encouraged their latent hatred of White Men.

Several groups, mainly Jews, have been calling for a White Genocide for decades, finally it was done for them all that was necessary was to introduce women to the delights of abortion and the job was eagerly accepted by White women-folk.

The Black woman of America have done the same thing. These same women are now torturing their children with pap about transgenders and other nonsense, without enough brain-power to understand that they are simply sowing confusion and insecurity into the minds of their offspring. 


The Empire Strikes Back.



                The Empire Strikes Back.

The following document released by wikileaks, presents the evidence that CETA, TPP and TTIP were mere distractions, while our “leaders,” quietly, behind the scenes, held discussions which were intended to pave the way for the total control of us all, through the installation of Corporate Rule, using the TISA, Trade in Services Agreement, treaty, which is aimed, not simply at a small number of specific States, as was suggested in previous Treaties, this ‘secret’ treaty, skulking behind the half-secret others, ‘invites’ all States to participate, which will pressurise, even unwilling States to join or face economic destruction.

. Copy for the Council and the European Parliament

Without prejudice

Limited distribution – for TiSA participants only


[This text includes all proposals related‭ ‬ ‭ ‬to the framework of the agreement,‭ ‬ but does not include

proposals on new and enhanced disciplines and institutional provisions (including dispute resolution).]

PE‭: Will address the issue of ‘like circumstances’ in its schedule.‬



Part I – General Provisions

Article I-1: Scope

1.‭ ‬This Agreement applies to measures by [the] Parties affecting trade in services.

2.‭ ‬For the purposes of this Agreement, trade in services is defined as the supply of a service:

(a)‭ ‬from the territory of one Party into the territory of any other Party;

(b)‭ ‬in the territory of one Party to the service consumer of any other Party;

(c)‭ ‬by a service supplier of one Party, through commercial presence in the territory of any other Party;

(d)‭ ‬by a service supplier of one Party, through presence of natural persons of a Party in the territory of any other Party.

3.‭ ‬For the purposes of this Agreement:

(a) ‭ ‬”measures by [the] Parties” means measures taken by:

(i)‭ ‬central, regional or local governments and authorities; an


Copy for the Council and the European Parliament Without prejudice

Limited distribution – for TiSA participants only

(ii)‭ ‬non-governmental bodies in the exercise of powers delegated by central, regional

or local governments or authorities;

In fulfilling its obligations and commitments under the Agreement, each Party shall take

such‭ ‬ ‭ ‬reasonable‭ ‬ ‭ ‬measures‭ ‬ ‭ ‬as‭ ‬ ‭ ‬may‭ ‬ ‭ ‬be‭ ‬ ‭ ‬available‭ ‬ ‭ ‬to‭ ‬ ‭ ‬it‭ ‬ ‭ ‬to‭ ‬ ‭ ‬ensure‭ ‬ ‭ ‬their‭ ‬ ‭ ‬observance ‭ ‬by regional and local governments and authorities and non-governmental bodies within its territory;

(b)‭ ‬”services”‭ ‬includes‭ ‬any‭ ‬service‭ ‬in‭ ‬any‭ ‬sector‭ ‬except‭ ‬services‭ ‬supplied‭ ‬in‭ ‬the‭ ‬exercise‭ ‬of governmental authority;

(c)‭ ‬”a service supplied in the exercise of governmental authority” means any service which is supplied neither on a commercial basis, nor in competition with one or more service suppliers.

Article I-2: Definitions

For the purpose of this‭ ‬Agreement:

(a)‭ ‬”measure” ‭ ‬means‭ ‬ ‭ ‬any‭ ‬ ‭ ‬measure‭ ‬ ‭ ‬by‭ ‬ ‭ ‬a ‭ ‬Party, whether ‭ ‬in‭ ‬ ‭ ‬the‭ ‬ ‭ ‬form‭ ‬ of‭ ‬ a‭ ‬ law, regulation, ‭ ‬rule, procedure, decision, administrative action, or any other form;

(b)‭ ‬”supply of a service” includes the production, distribution, marketing, sale and delivery of a service;

(c)‭ ‬”measures by [the] Parties affecting trade in services” include measures in respect of

(i)‭ ‬the purchase, payment or use of a service;

(ii)‭ ‬the access to and use of, in connection with the supply of a service, services which are required by those Parties to be offered to the public generally;

(iii)‭ ‬the presence, including commercial presence, of persons of a Party for the supply of a service in the territory of another Party;

(d)‭ ‬”commercial presence” means any type of business or professional establishment, including through

(i)‭ ‬the constitution, acquisition or maintenance of a juridical person, or

(ii)‭ ‬the creation or maintenance of a branch or a representative office,

within the territory of a Party for the purpose of supplying a service;

2 Limited Copy for the Council and the European Parliament.”

The British ‘Brexiteers’ should be warned that there can be no doubt, that their Political Leaders, would have been well aware of this document and would have been involved in discussions, which would have centered around finding the best means of hoodwinking the electorate into accepting entry into this toxic grouping.

The installation of any treaty, which allows control of ‘Services’ which includes Utility Companies, Water, Gas, Electricity, Financial Transactions, Public Transport and Health Care, to fall into the claws of International Criminals, would be a disaster for us all, rapidly reducing the entire World to the status of relative poverty in the name of equality, meaning Communism, with a ruling rich elite, impervious to the threat of Democracy or any other means of removing them from power.

We are living through the last gasp for humanity, our very existence is under threat. During the lifetime of my Grandfather, hundreds of millions of innocent people have been brutally slaughtered, by the very same inter-bred group of avaricious thugs, which is now attempting to put the finishing touches to their dreams of total control of the World from Jerusalem. If you believe ‘It could not happen to you,’ let me remind you, it has already happened in Ireland, Russia, France, Germany, Armenia and China and when your time comes, you will receive the same treatment.

Our future is being discussed, not by honest representatives, but in the main, by people whom have been ‘selected’ by the very people who are demanding the imposition of the TISA treaty. There is no doubt that Theresa May will have already been invited to accept the tenets of the treaty, as an example of ‘British entrepreneurism,’  in the wake of ‘Brexit’ which, I believe to be a case of ‘Out of the frying pan into the fire.’

One thing is sure, whichever system is used by these criminals, whether with the duplicitous collusion of ‘elected’ politicians or through measures forced through, as a result of deliberately created ‘Civil Wars,’ it will destroy ‘We The People,’