A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.


Who Will It Be, Tweedle Dumb Or Tweedle Dee?


Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.” “I don’t much care where –” “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.” 

I was sighing, waiting and hoping that at least one of the candidates for the leadership of the Conservative Party, would shake the foundations of British Democracy, by promising to close the British Central, Privately controlled, Bank of England and write off the National Debt which is owed to the aforesaid illegal extortion racket, retake control of the “private” City of London back into the hands of the British People, and expose the deplorable level of crime against the White British People, by expelling any immigrant guilty of racism against the indigenous White British. What a hope!

I was astonished the other day, to hear an immigrant into the Uk, explaining what a spiffing thing it would be, to pick an England Cricket team of “paper British”Pakistanis’ to go off to their homeland and play against a Pakistani team of “real Pakistanis'” not of immigrant, White British People of course. There is no longer any such thing as a pure British anything, while Britain is now jam-packed with self-seeking, immigrant groups, whom were deliberately imported to destroy Britain.

Any suggestion that an English Cricket team, which was obliged to play against teams from India, Pakistan or the West Indies, should be composed of the same historically English ethnicity, as their opponents would, without question, be pure Race. This is necessary to avoid creating problems of confusion about who is who but it would of course be laughed at. When National Soccer teams are forced to play in a neutral “strip” to avoid “colour” mistakes, when most of both teams, should they be of “European” origin are now mostly of Black African origin, a situation which only affects White Christian Countries. The Blacks in South Africa have promised to “wipe out the Whites, when the time is right” thus avoiding this problem all together.




Take note of how Malema talks of White Monopoly Capitalism, when he means Jews but does not have the courage to blame Jews, he is every bit as guilty as all politicians, he is pretending that Blacks are capable of running South Africa, when they have quite patently failed, while still blaming the Whites. Nelson Mandela worked for the Jews whom made him a millionaire in return for all his duplicity, – handing over the gold and diamond mines to the Jews – but no mention was made of the corruption of Black murderer Mandela, of course.

So what exactly will the “New” Prime Minister of the Dis-United Kingdom actually do, when “selected”? Well I can guarantee that he, it is safe to say he, as the affirmative action normally given to women, whose presence in Parliament has not made a jot of difference to anything of importance, since the day women were first elected to Parliament, thankfully they failed to repeat the tragic result of picking Theresa May the previously “selected capable woman”, leaving the field open to such a bunch of more masculine prats than you could wave a stick at.

Not one of the whole bunch of them has anything to offer apart from more of the Status Quo. All of these men are traitors or idiots, they are obsessed with the stupidity of Brexit, while deliberately ignoring the chaos which has been created by illegal British slaughters in the Middle East, all of which were fought to clear the land for Israel, where a cruel government is callously destroying the vestiges of the indigenous people of Palestine, in exactly the same manner as that in which the remaining British will be treated, when they have served their purpose and achieve their appointed status as a minority in their own land.

That result will be through the use of the same means as those which served the immigrant Jews, whom came storming into Palestine, with guns blazing after a couple of British Jew Lords, Balfour and Halifax, had given Palestine to the King of the City of London, Baron Rothschild.

Hands up those whom still believe that British Politicians are not fully aware that they are offering Britain as a refugee camp for the victims of British and Jew slaughters in the Middle East? Boris Johnson, the comic who made that wonderful remark about those over zealous Muslim women, whom chose to wear a burka, making the look like “letter boxes” walking Dalek style, down British streets, actually apologised to a “bearded ” man in funny clothes, who questioned Johnson about his attitude to “Muslims” what else? This is in the new, vibrant Un-Great Britain, where everything is loaded in favour of immigrants.

The Moriarty’s Tell It Straight About Gadaffi And Libya.



The Three Towers Of Death.



Europe, we are told, is changing its attitude towards the Chinese “Belt and Road” project, while at the same time discussions are continuing about the European Defence Project, which proposes the construction of a European Army, while at the same time, an accommodation of Brexit will no doubt suddenly appear on the table to allow Britain to “pretend” to have escaped from the grip of “whom’ exactly,? Who is actually discussing all of these matters, the drunk Juncker?

Am I, per chance, brighter than your average journalist – I don’t think so – or are we dealing with a monumental conspiracy, which the International media is attempting to cover-up? Why for example do the “Press” offer no explanation as to the “real” intention of the tactics of Donald Trump and his “tariffs”, which are being imposed on all and everybody, when to a simpleton like me, it is as clear as day that the United States and Europe were tricked into accepting ridiculous “Trade Deals”, like the “preferential” agreement with China which was used as the excuse to destroy American Industry by exporting production to the slave shops of the Communists?

Trump has made no secret of the fact that he is attempting to recover that lost industry, by making it more expensive to import the “American” products which are currently being manufactured in Asian “sweat shops” back into production in America where they belong, in order to Make America Great Again and what’s wrong with that?

Trump is just an ordinary guy with a brain and he must have been staggered to discover that his role as President of the most powerful country on earth was little more than a joke. Both Parties in Congress and the Senate are equally stupid, as are the British, French, German governments and the joke of a European Union Parliament, all of which are controlled by the same hidden hand and none of them have any say in what is actually going on in the World.

Is it any wonder that there are folk whom distrust the word of those like Pompeo, the present warmonger, who speaks for Trump, when with our own eyes we can see images of the World Trade Centre, which suggest it to be more or less empty and no trace of the dead was discovered in the dust which remained after the collapse and not even a typewriter or telephone was found in the rubble. Does that alone not offer a sort of hmmm! moment? On top of which despite there being dozens of films of the aftermath of 911, there are none of large numbers of people leaving the buildings, some time after the attacks, which affected only the higher floors. The collapse itself was “controlled” allowing the evacuation of everybody, before the buildings were “pulled”.


In London, where another tower was destroyed, this time it was burnt out and a “collect” was made for the at least six-hundred people, whom were “allegedly”  living in the tower and yet there was no evidence of large numbers of people escaping from the tower as it burnt on the outside.

It was claimed that hundreds of people spent the night on the grass outside the tower, while the people whom had made a collect of clothes and food for the “victims” were amazed to find that nobody from the tower, whom had “lost everything”, took advantage of their efforts, leading to them suggesting that they must all be dead and a cover-up was taking place and yet somehow or other, a list of the seventy-two deaths was duly produced, within a couple of days, a list which suggested that the tower must have been jam-packed with people with unpronounceable names all of whom were remarkably quickly identified without problem, despite there being no sign of the other five hundred residents, necessary to verify exactly whom had survived. Hmmm! Apparently all of the missing are Clandestines.

It has also been suggested that the Grenfell Tower tragedy was nothing more than a stunt designed to force the inhabitants of the tower to be housed elsewhere, making the area available for “gentrification” a stunt which went badly wrong, a claim which would explain why the building could have been deliberately kept more or less empty, who knows?


The British people have come to expect “strangeness” in the information offered by their media and government spokespeople, they recently went through the “Skripal Affair” which droned on and on, all of it based on those “allegations” just as it has been “alleged” or inferred, that Germany started World War Two and that Winston Churchill was a true hero, despite his magnificent efforts to murder as many Germans as possible in an obscene, aggressive war declared against Germany by the Jews, Britain and France, which is to this day still being lied about to obscure the total barbarity of those by whom the West is covertly controlled. All of the villains joined forces to destroy Germany, just as they did to devastate the Middle East to save it. Just as they all chose to ignore the Bolshevik slaughters in Russia.

Sadly for us all the slaughters are ongoing and our “leaders” are still apparently asleep at the wheel and are failing to notice that Europe is on its knees and fading fast, while the rhetoric against Donald Trump is reaching a crescendo.

The Disgusting Under-Belly Of Our World.





All the current bullshit and propaganda is on the side of those whom want to destroy Europe and all other countries under the control of White European Christians, through the medium of mass immigration, which is doing exactly what it has been consistently maintained to be the main crime levelled at those White Christian people, that of Colonisation, which allegedly is now OK when Muslims are doing exactly what they insist to be the Crime of the Jews, whom have Colonised Palestine, against us Christians. Am I stupid or what?

The Irish were forced from the land in which they had lived since time immemorial, when those whom control the Christian British, from their “private” City of London, stole ninety-five percent of the Irish farmland, which reduced the Irish to begging for a few crumbs from the tables of those money sick creatures, whom later used the Irish men, as slaves to dig their canals and lay the English Rail-Roads.

The whole world now believe it to be only those whom lived a long way from Europe whom suffered at the hands of the money-sick criminals from certain European countries, all of which throughout the period of ” Colonisation” were under the same control, nothing could be further from the truth. There was not much to enjoy in Europe for the bulk of the people, whom lived in a state of squalor and disease, which culminated in a life which involved even little children working in cotton mills and coal mines to earn enough money to feed themselves, while waiting for the “Press Gangs” to knock on the door, forcing the young men to join the Army to further the aims of those whom were stripping the wealth of Africa, India and China, none of which was used to improve the life of European Man.

We Europeans were ever anything better than the slaves of the rich and greedy, whom bought and owned the politicians of those countries, England and France, which were the main colonisers, while both of those countries had allowed the installation of Central Banks, which controlled every move made by those controlled politicians, whom dutifully provided the “military protection” which allowed the asset stripping of the world by those whom disingenuously referred to themselves as British or French, to conceal the reality that both the British and French “Empires” were no such thing, they were Central Bankers “Empires”.

During the past one-hundred-years, White European Man has been living under the constant threat of death, fighting in any of the numerous illegal and savage wars which have been declared, to further te aims of the Central Bankers and to wipe out as many of those hated White people as possible, all of it with the connivance of “selected politicians” whom simply do as they are told. The British are about to receive another unelected “leader” an Eton educated Jew called Boris, whom they are expecting to deliver what they want, when in fact they will get whatever “The City” wants them to have.

To even imagine that the City of London would allow the simple Democratic vote of the People, whom are timidly daring to mention the criminality of the Central Banking system, to bring them crashing down, is a joke, the “establishment” will fight tooth and nail to retain the status quo. Take a look at what is happening in France, where the “Gilets jaunes” are attempting to take out the bankers puppet Emmanuel Macron, the Militarised French Police, given the chance would wheel out the Gatling guns to put a stop to the demonstrations.

There is little point in expecting those politicians, whom are about to make criticism of the carnage which is taking place in the Middle East illegal, as if there is some justification for the butchery which has taken place all across the region, by passing a law which forbids criticism of Israel, a State with buckets of blood on its hands.

The Americans have bizarrely stood up and claimed that the recent attacks against a couple of tankers in the Straits of Hormuz, could only have been carried out by Iran, because they were the only State in the region capable of doing it, when in fact the United States had warships in the region and Israel is perfectly capable of doing it just as they daily carry out illegal attacks against Syria, without criticism of course.

I started this post off by explaining how there had never been any such things as either a British or French Empire and that they had merely provided the fire-power, for the folk whom claimed, that should they control the issuance of the money supply, of a State, that they did not give a damn whomsoever pretended to be in control. In a quite remarkable manner, the controlled British Government allowed a couple of Jew Lords to make a gift of Palestine to Baron Rothschild, having arranged two World Wars to make the gift possible, that gift is now sat like a fat cow, right in the Middle of the region which has been completely devastated by a group of wholly “controlled” Central Bank run, American and European Governments, which still apparently adhere to Baron Rothschild’s claim and obediently tow the line.

These controlled governments have allowed their people to be used and abused for centuries and are even now carrying out the plan of the Fabian Society, which involves the, destruction of Europe itself, having already destroyed the infrastructure of the entire Middle East in readiness for the construction of the long promised land of Greater Israel, from where the Zionist, Bolsheviks, Communists will rule over the entire world, that is if we lie down and allow them to walk all over us.

Why should I be content to allow my land to be invaded by Blacks from Africa, while without one word of criticism, the immigrant Africans, whom streamed into White South Africa, which was unpopulated when the Whites arrived with hoes and spades to grow some fruit and vegetables, which the immigrant Blacks now claim was land stolen from them, which is an outright lie, while at the same time promising, now that with the help of a bunch of Jews they now own South Africa and are promising to kill the remaining Whites, “when the time is right”, without a word from complicit members of the Fabian Society, including most of the British Labour Party, whom in keeping with the aims of the Fabianists, would like to keep an open door for Black immigrants, whom will not tolerate any Whites in Africa and the Jews whom helped steal South Africa from the Whites will not tolerate any Blacks in Israel. How Stupid Are White People?



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Le Mur Jaune.



Europa: The Last Battle Part 1





The Net Of Total Censorship Is Falling All Around The Web.




A while back I posted a selection of photographs of a few well-known men and asked people to name them. Nobody named all of them, believing that there to be images of two men involved, when in fact there were three. I mention this to illustrate the confusion generated by any suggestion that certain people are Jews, a claim which is often denied to divert attention away from the reality that most positions of power are in fact over-loaded with Jews.

A guy called Greg Dyke, did a while back, loudly claim that the BBC was too White. Dyke was in fact sacked by the BBC for having exposed the “Dodgy Dossier” of Blair and his “Spin Doctor” Alistair Campbell, as being a pack of lies. The dossier was used to justify the illegal attack against Iraq. Dyke made his claim about “Whiteness” in the ranks of the BBC staff, without fear of criticism, however how would such a claim have been received had he suggested that the BBC was too Jew? He would most probably have been sent to the “Tower” had he dared to mention that all of the heirs to the English throne are Jews, no matter, there is nothing wrong with being a Jew.

Greg Dyke was a perfectly honest, though in some ways misguided, news reporter of long standing, who was sacked, by theBBC,  for telling the truth about an illegal British War, of which the Governors of the BBC, a “trusted” source of News,  would have preferred him to keep his mouth shut. There is a man with the name Cohen in charge of the “News” at the BBC,  at this time, another Cohen reports on politics at Sky News,

I had a slight spat with LBC, a private radio channel, when having heard a load of tosh about anti-Semitism, which is in no way an attack on Jews, whom are not in any way Semitic people, I sent an email, of an aggressive attack, made by a Jew, calling for the eradication of the entire White Race, and asked the presenter of the program what he thought about such a venomous attack against Whites coming from a Jew? His response was immediate and fierce, he called me an anti-Semitic idiot and warned me to never again make contact with him.

I relate this nonsense because I have had endless problems with YouTube, which I believe to be part of the Google stable of world control, which has taken to taking down my innocuous little video clips, which are mainly extracts from the News, which is presented by satellite into the homes of all and everybody. On several occasions I have contested and won a reprieve and YiuTube have reinstated the video clip in question. However, in quick succession, they have attacked three of my clips, which concerned the behaviour of Jews, so the question to which I seek a clear response is, “am I being censored to hide the fact that the Jews have been responsible for all of the most brutal events of the 20th Century or are we all simply forbidden to mention any of the wrongdoing of the Jews?”.

We have just witnessed the “celebration” to commemorate D-Day, which was the beginning of the end of a war which was declared by Jews, to further the interests of Jews at whatever cost in White lives and yet there has been a total silence maintained by our Politicians and the Media about these facts, why should that be so, unless there is total collusion between all parties, to cover-up the crimes of Jews? Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin and Eisenhower were all Jews and yet this weird coincidence is vigorously disputed.

In the United Kingdom, where the democratic vote to leave the European Union, was disputed, simply because it was not the preferred result. A group of High Court Judges, with no past event to use as guidance, simply declared that the House of Commons should have the final say in the matter, according to some load of rubbish, written back in the mists of time, which the Judges decided should or could apply in the case of Brexit, a decision which has lead to three years of turmoil in Parliament. Three of the five Judges involved were Jews.

Jeremy Corbyn, the current leader of the Labour Party, spent hours in the company of Ralph Miliband a “Stalinist Jew” who fought against the German Christians during World War Two and who fathered two sons, Ed and Dave, both of whom, despite being members of a tiny Jew minority, became Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom, All of them were members of the Fabian Society.

The Fabian Society was funded by a group of rich Jews including Rockefeller and Rothschild, David Rockefeller was educated in the Fabian Society’s London School of Economics and Queen Elizabeth received a “private” education from the same source. All of which means that Corbyn is fully aware of the “oddity” of the collusion between the Beast that was Stalin and all the other leading lights in World War Two.

The Fabian Society’s links to the Labour Party, which joined a coalition to fight the illegal war against Germany and  no sooner than had the dust settled after the defeat of Germany, take the initial steps to construct the European Union, with the assistance of Churchill, while the incoming Attlee Labour government in the United Kingdom,  opened the floodgates to immigrants and setup the Welfare system, which would make the funds available to finance the incoming parasites, whom have finally destroyed all traces of White Culture in Britain. All of which suggests that Corbyn is simply playing a game, which includes whatever the truth may prove to be, about the final result of Brexit.

Anyway back to where I started, all three of the men in the photographs, which I posted, Larry King, Alan Greenspan and Rupert Murdoch, bear such a strong resemblance to each other, that it was difficult to tell them apart? Greenspan and King are Jews and proud of it, while Murdoch remains silent, despite many claims that his mother was a Jew and his image would appear to confirm the claim.





The New Kid on the Block the “internet” would appear to have fallen into the same hands, and while the Media, including the publicly funded BBC, appears to be controlled by Jews, whom have maintained a total silence about world events during the past Century and indeed called for the sacking of Greg Dyke, for having exposed the lies being used to further the aims of Jews in the Middle East, Facebook, Google and YouTube are all in the hands of Jews and all three are using the excuse of ‘their’ right to decide what is fit to publish, on ‘their’ platform, as an excuse to censor everything and anything including what I have just scribbled down. How fair is that?

I received this notice from YouTube: 

As you may know, our Community Guidelines describe which content we allow – and don’t allow – on YouTube. Your video Tales From The Dark-Side was flagged to us for review. Upon review, we’ve determined that it violates our guidelines and we’ve removed it from YouTube.

We know that this might be disappointing, but it’s important to us that YouTube is a safe place for all. If content breaks our rules, we remove it. If you think we’ve made a mistake, you can appeal and we’ll take another look. Keep reading for more details.

The others were Plotting The End Of The White Race and a Dennis Wise clip, Babylon Before Hitler

The taking down of Babylon Before Hitler is a strange one, because part of the “censored” news of the past century has been the intentional lack of publicity given to the Germany of the Weimar Republic, which was a Jew controlled Communist State, with all of the trappings of modern day Europe in place. The Homosexuality, paedophilia, prostitution, drug addiction and all the other destructive, licentious activities, with which we are now blessed as a “Right” while our children are currently being taught about butt sex, in infant school. In Weimar Germany the intention of all of this crap was to destroy any form of morality and the pushing to the fore of Hedonism, in all its gory glory.

The Importance Of Evidence Gained Without Torture.





Life has taught me that the premier rule for both Judge and Jury, in any trial involving both a husband and wife, should be that the word of any woman, explaining the behaviour of her man, should be treated with the contempt with which it deserves. Should the husband involved be dead, as in a recent case involving a women who clubbed her husband to death with claw hammer, with all of the supporting evidence in “favour” of the woman, coming from her children, whom had no doubt spent their entire childhood being brain-washed by their mother, about how evil their father was, their evidence should be treated as totally biased.

The tale of the “Glorious” event called D-Day, should be treated with the same utter contempt, should the “accepted version” of the event, come from the mouths of those by whom it had been engineered, just as was the Second World War itself, a war, which by an extraordinary coincidence,  had not only been foretold of its coming and a procedure worked out of the very means of ensuring that this war would inevitably come to pass, using policies which were indeed duly concocted and put into writing, at a “Peace Conference” in Versailles, after the “Armistice” had been signed and then dutifully put into practice, by cutting Germany into “Hotspots” which could eventually be used as a form of blackmail, to justify the total destruction of Germany and the entirety of its people, following on from the hidden aims of the Great War,

The terms of this “Peace Treaty”, cost the lives of nine-hundred-thousand Germans, murdered as a result of Sanctions against the import of food and medicines, which were imposed by World Jewry, in order force the Germans to accept the terms of the treaty and that as a result they would indeed be forced to fight again, less than twenty years later, which would result in the abomination of what was inflicted on to the German People, in that Second World War.

Following which, just as was the account of the “husband killing wife” trial, all the “evidence” was based on the claims of those whom had sought the war, to suit their own ends, claims which were justified by confessions, written, in English and then signed by German speaking prisoners, signatures which were gained through the means of the horrific torture, of all of those whom had actually signed their own Death Warrant and were then summarily lynched, ensuring that there would be no “other side” to the grim tale of World War Two.

The covert friends of the Western Alliance, from Russia, where sixty-five-million White Christians were already suffering the same fate, of rape, torture and murder, which was about to be brought to Germany, with the full comprehension of those “Allies”, all of whom were fully aware of the barbarity of their “Agents” in Russia, most of whom came from New York and other European Cities, there were very few Russians involved in the Russian coup d’etat.

The head honchoes of the European end of World War Two, were ensconced in London, a group which included General de Gaulle and Winston Churchill, the man who had ordered the Anzacs to attack the Turkish Army, in Gallipoli, an army which was fighting from behind a well prepared defensive position, an idea which cost thousands of unnecessary Anzac lives, but on which the downfall of the Ottoman Empire depended, allowing the City of London to make a gift of the defeated Ottoman controlled Middle East to London and Lord Rothschild.

It has been generally agreed that the D-Day landings were totally unnecessary as the debarquement had already begun against Italy, from the Mediterranean, making the “liberation” of France an unnecessary waste of lives but which had been deliberately carried out against the most protected area of the French coast, causing the needless cost of the lives of thousands of men, which created a “necessary” delay of the army of General George Patton, who was determined to arrive in Berlin before the Russians but who was prevented, quite deliberately, from so doing, by deliberate restrictions placed on the amount of fuel which he was allowed for his forces, making sure that Stalin would take control of half of Germany and most of Eastern Europe, what a weird coincidence that Saint Winston Churchill, should figure in both of these unnecessary and inglorious events, D-Day and Gallipoli.

The people of the North of France were cynically bombed and murdered by the “Allies” to supposedly drive out the German Forces, killing at least sixty-five-thousand French people, and wounding thousands more, destroying many towns and cities in the process. This slaughter has been written out of history, while a short distance away, in a town called Oradour-Sur-Glane, there is to be found the “well preserved” evidence of an alleged German atrocity.

The invading “Allied Forces” then carried out the mass rape of thousands of French women as they headed for Paris, to “Liberate” the Parisians from the “bad” Germans, where the rape epidemic quickly became one of rape and murder, which lead to the execution of more than one hundred brave Yankee liberators, most of them Black. There are no records of German Military men, being anything other than well-behaved with French women, many of whom adored their “Fritz” boyfriends.

Then, having cynically forced Europe to fight a second war against Germany, a war which the German leadership tried desperately hard to avoid, having just recovered from the disastrous situation which had been imposed against them following the Great War, the same hidden hand put their desired blueprint for their total take-over of Europe on the table, that being the Privately owned, Banker controlled, European Union, which we were told was being installed in order to put an end to war in Europe? Well tell that one to the Asians or Arabians, never mind the cynically destroyed and “privatised” Yugoslavia.

So here we are, long after the defeat of the European Christian World, by the traitorous forces of other Christians, fighting against their own best interests, under the control of Luciferianism and the International Communist Atheists, being destroyed through the medium of a carefully organised system of mass immigration, which will finally do what war has failed to achieve and having been brain-washed into a belief that we have some sort moral duty, to keep our mouths shut, even as our way of life is being destroyed in front of out eyes, while we pick up the tab for the crimes of these Luciferian criminals, as a result of continually voting into office, politicians whom long ago sold their souls to the Devil himself and whom stood idly by watching the disgusting destruction and annihilation of five million of their closest neighbours in Ireland.

Finally, despite having put the German people through the mangle for most of the past century, is it not time for the Jews to present the evidence which has been used as the excuse to torment the Germans but which has never been presented in support of their claims? Why have we all been denied access to images of Gas Chambers or shown evidence of the mass graves of Jews? Why is it a crime to so much as suggest such a thing while the Germans are still paying the price of defeat in a war, which was declared against them by International Jewry?

The ongoing destruction of the Middle East is all based on worthless allegations of “Brutal Dictators” murdering their own people and other such nonsense, which is similar, in many ways, to the excuse used to destroy Germany and yet, on the one occasion when this claim was perfectly justifiable, as the Bolshevik dictatorship in Russia, slaughtered sixty-five-million of “their own people” the “good guys” whom destroyed Germany, fought alongside and armed these animals from Russia, and allowed them to carry out unspeakable acts of barbarity against the German people, whom they claimed to have been liberating from a dictatorship.

The woman who clubbed her husband to death was given the opportunity to launch an appeal and was found to have been suffering from delusions, so why not give the German People the right to an appeal, just in case the Jews got it all wrong, after all anything, however unlikely, is possible.

Roland Magdane: Le Roi Des Fous.

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The Hysterical, Hypocritical Reception For Donald Trump In England.




All the British bigots and liars whom took to the streets to protest the visit of DonaldTrump to the United Kingdom, carrying placards, accusing him of being a racist, an accusation based on a piece of “Fake News” from Sky News, which was delivered on dozens of occasions, even after their deliberate lie had been exposed. Trump did not “ban Muslims” he simply put a hold on their entry until they were properly vetted.

They call him a misogynist based on a joking remark about what women are prepared to do for a “rich guy”, a joke, which accurately described the “true reality” of the greed of women, he did not claim to have “grabbed their Pussy” himself, ask any woman what they think of “men” and compare their response with Trump’s mild banter.

Donald Trump is the one and only recent United States President who has not declared a war against anyone as of now, the three previous Presidents murdered an estimated fifteen million Muslims during their terms in office. All of the current conflicts were ongoing when Trump was elected, including the continuing destruction of Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Syria, all of which were launched at the behest of the Bolsheviks, to further the aims of the stolen land of Israel, which those British hypocrites simply stole from the Muslims and gave to the Jews.

Trump is in England to “celebrate” the cold blooded slaughter of twenty million Germans, in a war declared against Germany, by Jews in 1933. A war which they claimed was a Jew war, funded by Jew money, and all of the propaganda was propagated by the Fake News Jew Press, just as it continues to be to this day.

Trump stood in front of the “Royal Family” and various “sub-Royals” and disingenuously managed to make it sound as if the animals whom launched the callous destruction of the innocent people of Germany, with the intent of killing them all, had themselves been the victims.


After this bean-feast, all of these hypocrites will head off to Southampton, to “celebrate” D-Day, which is yet another “blood sacrifice” of the gallant White Christian People, under the orders of the Jews. The unmentioned reality of this event is the fact that Northern France had to be “softened up”, before the invaders arrived, this aim saw to massive air raids against Northern France, causing the total destruction of several towns and cities, killing sixty-five thousand innocent French people and injuring millions more. The “Allies” killed more French people than had the Germans.

Those banner waving prats in the UK, many of them combining their hatred of Trump, with their desire to “Remain” in the Bolshevik funded European Union, would do well to reflect on the alacrity, with which an innocent Germany was annihilated, comparing the fate of the Germans to that of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and all of those other “destroyed for democracy” once fully functioning peaceful States and wake up to the reality, that in truth, there is a sad connection between all of these events and they should, in fact, be “mourning” what they inflicted onto Germany, not celebrating the mass murder of millions of White Christian People, with the assistance of the Bolshevik mass murderers of sixty-five-million White Christians in Russia, all of it funded by the Private City of London.

Wake Up Britain, you are dutifully responding to the desires of the same merchants of “Fake News”, whom deceived you into two World Wars and had you killing millions of innocent people all over the Earth, including those Irish people whom you cynically murdered by stealing their food, claiming that the Irish died in a “famine”.

You British have a long history of mass murder, so this year why not think of your victims, instead of celebrating your murders of others? Let us say a prayer for the German people, whom on two occasions were forced to accept the blame for wars declared by others. What was inflicted on Ireland and Germany alone, is bad enough before we even mention the many other crimes of the Jew-British Empire.

Why not dedicate this years D-Day “celebrations” to the German People and those twenty million poor souls, whom were raped, tortured and murdered by the invading “Allies”.



The Sad Tale Of The Starvation Wars.




Some ten million people are said to have died in Ukraine and hundreds of thousand more were railroaded to Siberia where many died in the cold. When the Germans arrived in Ukraine during Operation Barbarossa they were disgusted by what they found and immediately brought in observers from Switzerland to record the Bolshevik atrocities. The people were so desperate that they gruesomely, set up stalls selling human body parts to eat, such was the state of affairs created by the Bolsheviks whom had of course been funded by the Central Bankers.

Black, Jew and Muslim Hypocrites?



By denying the British people their “right” to decide to leave the European Union, in the “leave means leave” manner, which was implicit in the very reason for holding the referendum in the first place, not the offering of a choice which was not originally offered as a call for a “better deal” which would encourage them to change their mind in a second referendum, has demonstrated in no uncertain terms that the British people have been in the grip of a system of governance under a three party Dictatorship for at least the past one hundred years.

This dictatorship has been given the full support of the “Free Press” which duly extolled the fighting of two World Wars, which were little more than the cynical execution of hundred of thousands of the cream of European White Christian youth, a blatant sacrifice which served as a smoke-screen allowing the Jew controlled Bolsheviks to take control of Russia and to slaughter a further sixty-five-million White Christians and later a huge delegation of Jews at the Conference of Versailles forced Germany, at the cost of the deaths, through a Jew inspired blockade of Germany, of nine-hundred-thousands innocent Germans, forcing Germany to accept defeat, in a war which ended with an Armistice and later Germany was forced, to pay the cost of all of the participants of the Great War as another bunch of Jews quickly grabbed control of a defeated Germany.



After Britain and France had declared yet another war against a fully restored Germany, in 1939, the three democratic political parties in Britain, did just as they are currently doing, formed a coalition against the well-being and interests of the British people, condemning thousands more of the Christian youth to their deaths in yet another illegal war, which was of such a contemptible deception of the British people, that the lies surrounding this massacre of Germany must never be discussed, we must simply take the word of those whom had everything to gain from this slaughter-house and everything to hide.





The British People, along with the rest of White Christian Europe, were then fed a dose of tripe about events in South Africa, a State which was constructed by White Christian farmers in an empty wilderness, using the lame excuse, which of course never applies in Palestine, that as Africa was a “Black” continent, that the Black immigrants into White South Africa, should be given the right, through “democracy” to steal that land, for the hidden aims of the Jews which of course centered around diamonds and gold and whom were as usual fermenting opposition to White Christian rulers, while funding the Communist controlled African National Congress, just as had the same hidden hand in the City of London, ordered the Fabian Communist Labour Party, after World War Two, to commence the destruction of the United Kingdom, by inviting the Windrush Black generation into White Europe, with the intention of creating a result similar to the current situation in Black South Africa, where the word “Diversity” has no meaning and the “Free Press” maintains a dutiful silence as the remaining White Christian farmers, are now living in fear of torture, rape and murder, at the hands of those cuddly Blacks, and are seeking help to get out of Africa only to find that there is no place for White Christian refugees in a “diverse” Europe, never mind the funding of a ferry boat to safety, similar to those offered by the Jew George Soros for parasitic wandering Blacks.




Emmanuel Macron, the once employee of Baron Rothschild, does not restrict immigration into France to Black Africans, he has promised to build a bridge to Algeria, to facilitate the immigration of Algerians from a land which expelled a million White French Christians, on being given independence by France. That my friends is the measure of hypocrisy which is meted out to White Christians, by governments which are packed with those whom are subservient to foreign rulers, all of whom appear to he on board with the notion that White people are obliged to open their doors to all the riff-raff whom choose to desert their own homelands and whose first step on arriving in Europe is the Welfare Office.



The Earth is actually peppered with countries like Haiti, which have been stolen by Blacks from Africa, as have the East and West Indies, all of whom believe that I, being White, owe them a living, a belief which is supported by the likes of George Galloway and many Democrats in the United States, whom still insist that life was hard for slaves without mention of the hardships of millions of poor Whites whom have been dying without mention, because the Blacks had a monopoly of low paid jobs, work for which they were housed clothed and fed, with hours of free time without the worry of from where their next meal was coming.

Many of them still live this lifestyle without need of doing anything in return, while millions of Blacks whom were rejected by the Slavers are gagging to join the “Lucky Blacks” whom were selected by mainly Middle Eastern origin slavers and taken into White Christian Countries, where they were dutifully “liberated” leaving those like me and the Boer farmers in South Africa with the responsibility of feeding and housing them and allowing them preference in the queue for work unless the job happens to involve a Black boss.

Back in the 18th and 19th centuries life was a nightmare for all of the working class, whom had had their arable land stolen by the rich, obliging once self-supporting proud peasants to work for a pittance in the Foundries and Cloth Mills of the rich, including even the little children. Nobody was having a life superior to the Blacks and for many it was much harder and the families were even more deprived than were the Blacks. We never hear much about this side of the tale thanks to the use of Media Propaganda, which is doing exactly what was proposed decades ago by Jew interests, the deliberate intention of creating a hatred of White People into the minds of the Blacks, to create civil warfare amongst the Races

In a flawed and racist society, we Jewish Americans are prospering, reaching the top echelons of privilege and power. With racism and injustice entrenched year after year, generation after generation, we must now ask ourselves: What role do we play in that injustice now that most of us live as white people in America? We must cease to consider ourselves to be part of the social construct of whiteness, despite all the white privilege that America affords us, privilege that eluded many of our parents and grandparents. Starting in this new year of 1776, we must teach our children that we are, in fact, not White but Jewish (article from the Washington Post)


One can only ask the question, if Bla ck Lives Matter so much why do the Jews round up the Black “Infiltrators” into Israel and bus them back to Africa?


Gilets Jaunes Acte 28

The Round-Up Is Being Given The Final Tweaks.



Whatever your view, about the real intentions of Donald Trump and his much discussed game of “four dimensional chess” may be, it has become clear that The United States, The United Kingdom and the French Republic are one and all “Rogue States” and it is becoming evermore doubtful, whether Donald Trump, on his own, can do very much to correct this chilling reality.

Claims that “We the People” are living under a sustained attack from all sides, in an attempt to cull the population of the earth, to a number which suits the aims of a group of rich individuals, through the means of poisoned vaccinations, chemicals which are sprayed onto the crops which we eat and deliberately generated genocidal wars, aimed at those states which hold out against the aims of these self-selected Kings of the Universe, are no longer looked on as mere “conspiracy theories”, as the reality of modern society has outstripped even the most dystopian warnings of those “theorists”.

When we see our children running around the streets, screaming for the banning of those dreadful motor-cars which are contaminating the air that we breath with carbon dioxide, given endless hours of television coverage, while those worried people, whom protest against mandatory vaccination for all children, with products which are linked to Autism and other mental problems and the installation of 5G internet antenna, which it is feared are being used to ensure further contamination of children with rubbish similar to the CO2 scare, given minimal access to explain their fears, there can be little doubt that to rely on the mainstream media for good advice, is no longer an option.

While these media folk dismiss my kind of ideas as pure fantasy, with no real evidence in support of my claims, the entire “privately controlled” world media has launched a campaign, to make us all fully aware of the Climate Change, Global Warming, “theory”, which warns us all, that unless we agree to leave the country-side and accept a life of restrictions, which will oblige us to live in “human habitation zones” without access to private transport or indeed any form of private property and without eating meat because of those malignant “Cow Farts”, the world will not survive.

All of which is not in any way a “conspiracy theory” it is all laid out in two documents, which were composed by unknown authors, which have been totally ignored by the mainstream media but which have been accepted, in our name, by complicit, controlled politicians, without a word to “We The People. The proposals in those two documents, have been quietly signed and accepted by most Local Authorities across Europe, pretending them to be nothing more that proposals to save the Butterflies and provide cycle-ways for bikes, when in fact they also include the death-knell for our personal freedoms. These documents Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, were obediently signed, unread, by your “elected leaders” without a word of warning or any explanation of the hidden contents of either document.

The United Nations, which published both Agendas, is itself a construct of various banking families, whom have been responsible for funding and benefitting from, the most savage and destructive wars in history and whom have openly called for a massive reduction in the Worlds population, by whatever means come to hand, is now issuing dictates, which we are expected to believe to be in our best interest.

Very soon our elected political leaders will lead us all to our deaths, with as little care as they have shown for the Peoples of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, Korea, Germany, Syria, China or Russia in the recent past and even as they line up Iran for the same treatment.

There is no point in looking to these murdering bastards for a solution to these barbarities, they have all been in lock-step for the past one-hundred-years, the time has come to stand up for ourselves or lie down and die and most importantly to have these elected “traitors” put in prison for their barbaric crimes against humanity, before we go the same way.

These idiots are now proposing the “fazing” out of cows to reduce CO2, even as animals all across the world are in danger of extinction along with insects and birds which have already been decimated by insecticides and weedkiller.

Western political murderers frequently discuss how to overcome those whom wish to “do us harm”, meaning, o f course those dreadful “terrorists” most of whom are funded by Western taxpayers and whom we are told “hate us for our solidarity” this is all bullshit, the real enemy of the people is the “enemy within”, not the “new target” the Alt-Right whom the establishment fear, mainly because they oppose the current behaviour of the Western puppet regimes and say so in eloquent, plausible terms.

For whatever else he may have been accused Adolf Hitler, who is for some vague reason, though being a Socialist in now synonymous with “The Right”, opposed the Central Banking system and millions of people now fully understand that our “leaders” have been paying our money into the pockets of an International Criminal Racket, which is due to be dismembered under pressure from a “woke” electorate, which has caused panic in The City.

There can be few people left in Europe whom believe that Angela Merkel was not well aware of what she was doing when she allowed more than a million immigrants to stream into Europe, that Macron and May, both of whom worked in Rothschild banks are not fully aware of how the Central Banks are robbing us and of course they will be well aware of whom will gain from the imposition of a Carbon Tax.

Significantly, in the United Kingdom there is the prospect of yet another Jew Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, a man from the same class at Eton as were David Cameron and his Chancellor George Osborne, and as was Michael Howard the Tory leader before Cameron and while Clegg and Miliband were leading the opposition Parties, all of them were Jews. Angela Merkel is a Jew as have been all of the Chancellors in Germany since the end of World War Two. The Bank of England is controlled by aJew as is theEuropean Central Bank and of course the Federal Reserve. The Prime Minister of Canada is a Jew and of course the White mother of Barack Obama was a Jew and all of that is only the tip of the iceberg.

To suggest that most of those whom constructed the United Nations were Jews should at least sound a warning, suggesting that too much power is falling into the same hands and it suggests at best “nepotism” but at worst a conspiracy to retain an international control, all of which needs looking into in view of the fact that there are few Catholics in top jobs in the Knesset.

A British Man For All Seasons?


Long, long ago, when I was young and innocent, I often wondered how elected Members of Parliament, could be so clever that they could be given responsibility for such diverse positions as that of Chancellor of the Exchequer, Foreign Secretary or of being in charge of the Defense of the Realm etc, so imagine my surprise to find that the above character, despite being incapable of remembering the racial origins of his own wife, has occupied several key positions in the government of Theresa May. There is hope for us all.

This Week Could Well See A Political Awakening In Europe.


My Old Man loved this song he said it reminded him of Buddy Holly and the Crickets.


The name of Hitler is still being dredged up on all and any occasion, when the iron grip of Bolshevism, which took control of Europe after World War Two, and later the entire Western World, is threatened in any way which could possibly expose to the apparently brain-dead Goy, what is still being done to them by the Bolsheviks, whom they believe to have vanished when the Soviet Russian Empire collapsed..

However this collapse had to be handled with kid gloves, to make sure that the crimes of the Bolshevik Jews in Russia – in particular the barbaric savagery of the Jews Lenin, Yagoda and Trotsky – and the results of the war which the Jews declared against Germany, along with the Jew Final Solution for the German people, was not laid at the door of International Jewry, when the fall guys in Russia lost control.

Whenever there is an upsurge in calls to “do something about the Jews” after a Jew atrocity in Palestine which provokes the “Woke” to make calls for the exposure of the continuing unreported barbarity of Jews, up springs Hitler and the Nazis, just to remind us all of ‘what was done to the Jews, while no mention is ever made about the horrendous crimes of the Jews committed against the Christians, crimes which have been banished into the mists of time and must never be mentioned, in case it makes the Jews cry.

These crimes against Christians committed by the Jews, dwarf into insignificance whatever the Jews claim to have themselves suffered at the hands of Christians. The crimes of the Jews are of such barbarity, that the Jews, through the use of their controlled media and indeed the education of children, were obliged to maintain the Christian world in a state of arrested development and in chains to avoid the possibility of another Hitler type rising to his feet like a spiritual Messiah to save the world from catastrophe at the hands of these mad-men.

Should Hitler, who had suggested that the Jews wanted control of Palestine, not to live in, but to create a safe place where they could install their International Criminal Syndicate hideout, where they would be out of the reach of “The Law”, had lived long enough to witness the holding of what has become an annual exposition and glorification of the outright depraved and hedonistic nature of the “New Sodomorah” a reality, which has been quietly installed across the Western World, he would have wondered why he wasted his energy trying to save us all from this depraved state of deviancy, which he knew would be the eventuality for Christians under Bolshevik control.

Hitler, having just returned from his heroic efforts in the Great War was fully aware of the never mentioned atrocities of those Bolsheviks, whose names we dare not mention but only their nom-de-plumes, to avoid outing the reasons for their participation in the Russian coup d’etat and by whom it was funded. He was fully aware of events in Armenia after the Great War by the “new” rulers of what was once called the Ottoman Empire, whom finally managed to starve the Armenians to extinction.

When Hitler realised that Stalin, the puppet ruler of Bolshevik Russia, had sent the Cheka to Spain to impose Bolshevik Communism in an area which would assist in the take-down of Europe, an aim which had always been implicit in the program of the Zionists, he immediately sent assistance to the Spanish Nationalists, whom were being presented by the Zionist media as the “Bad Guys”, he may well have already been aware that Roosevelt was in talks with Stalin, preparing well in advance, for the Second World War, in which Russia would be used to divert the Germans, which would have left Germany’s flank exposed to an attack from a France, where a couple of Zionists had already been implanted, because of the reluctance of the elected leadership in France, to take part in the war against Germany.

This was in keeping with what was done in Britain , where Chamberlain was replaced by the Zionist Churchill, all of which put on hold, the rapid addition of Europe to Bolshevik Communist control, which finally became a reality when the Treaty of Lisbon was signed by all member states of the Zionist Communist European Union, mostly against the wishes of the various voters involved but that is another story.

The fact of the matter is that the Second World War was a “real conspiracy” which had nothing to do with bad behaviour on the part of Hitler, the War had been declared by International Jewry in 1933, a fact which has been written out of history, by the complicit puppets whom have now taken control of all and everybody, in  the guise of being “politicians”.

Even as these ditherers flap around over Brexit,  the second round is about to kick off in the ranks of the people whom have become, in current terms, “Woke” to what is really going on and they are not too pleased about it. Across Europe the “politicians” are already on the run and they “Ain’t seen nuthin yet”. Irexit and Frexit are coming soon.





Our Politicians Are Out To Get Us.



I have no recollection of any period during my life, in which International Politicians have been so incapable of coping with world events by which, they would appear to have been paralysed into a stupor.

Whether this is because we now have access to so much information, that lies which would not have been noticed in past times are daily exposing the connivance of politicians, along with the oligarchy which is pulling the strings, or whether things are becoming so desperate that their total inability to take decisions can no longer be concealed.

For example should the Americans get their way and manage to destroy the Maduro Government in Venezuela, allowing their man Guaido to “privatise” the huge Venezuelan oil reserves, who is more likely to gain from such an event, the Oil Barons or the people of Venezuela?

There is a small glimmer of hope on the horizon, in the United Kingdom, where the blatant corruption of the British political system has been exposed, for the emptiness of the promises made to the British people, while claiming that they are in power,  to take care of the needs of those British people, whom are now being fed a daily dose of look how divers we are, while being shown clips of the odd White Britisher, whether young or old whom are now apparently in constant conversation with Black or Brown people, as if the British are already a mere third of the population of their own country. Sky News is presenting a kids program in which every variety of kid is duly presented as if that is the current state of affairs for all kids across Britain, no one else to play with apart from foreigners.

This diversity, which as Nigel Farage has attempted to point out, has not lead to a homogenised society but one of each separate group of immigrants, living in ethnic communities and whom are encouraged to vote for their own kind at every opportunity, apart that is from White British people, whom have suggested that enough is enough and that Britain is now packed to the rafters with foreigners, most of whom, despite the propaganda, have been of no benefit whatsoever to the British economy or society. Black stabbing gangs spring to mind.

The British Family, was quite deliberately and cynically destroyed, using the same tool which served as a means of flooding Europe with Blacks, whom have clearly demonstrated their total inability to achieve any sort of modern society in their own homelands, by the introduction of the Welfare system. This has lead to a situation where women no longer have need of a husband and Blacks can beat the Djembe all day long, while being housed and fed by the Welfare State. Huge numbers of children, both Black and White, have grown up not even knowing their father, many of their mothers are not too sure of his identity themselves.

We have all grown up in a vast conspiracy, which was designed to promote the total control of the powerless masses, into the hands of a certain group of people. The identity of these self-selected rulers remains unmentionable, not because they are “men of mystery” but because in the words of Orwell, “telling the truth is a revolutionary act” in a modern, free, society. It can also be very dangerous. In the following clip the “boy” tells it straight about Churchill, whose real behaviour has long been occluded, while he can be cheerfully justified by repeating the lies about Hitler, who was a victim of Churchill and and his Bolshevik chums Roosevelt, and Stalin.



We are, at this moment being herded into a world-wide status of “equality” which will force Europe to accept a Third World existence, which is the hidden aim of the ongoing rush to destroy Europe through the medium of mass immigration. These things do not happen by accident, nor indeed because Angela Merkel went La-La one sunny morning, these massed ranks of immigrants had long been organised waiting for the whistle to blow, as the invasions of Europe and the United States kicked off.


This is an international disaster, which is already so advanced that to stop it will take more than claims of “we now love everyone because we must pay a penance for the past crimes of our rulers”. Those whom are coming, have been bred to hate White People, whom during the past times when all those people over there,  were suffering at the hands of the Colonialists, things were no better, if not worse than it was for those uncaring people over there, whom never waste a moment of their time worrying about how bad things actually were for the unfortunate poor White  people, over here in Europe, concentrating uniquely on themselves, while we now have to hand over our lands to them as if it is all our fault.

Well enough is enough, I am innocent and I do not owe anyone a cent and there are millions whom feel just as I do, so stop feeling guilty about things for which you were not responsible.

Personally I would send all of those whom have come to Europe for the Welfare, back to from where they came. I would also create a law which cut off the Welfare for a family, which has not even attempted to control the behaviour of their children, which has lead to blood running in the streets of Europe. Women have shown a total incapacity to control their children in the modern day feature of fatherless families, the threat of going back to Africa would quickly wake them up to reality.

However much these Blacks complain about being the descendent of slaves, they should be reminded on a daily basis that they were the lucky Blacks whose ancestors escaped from Africa on the slave ships, many of whom are now millionaires, whom show no inclination to return to the grim life of the poor sods whom were never caught by the Zulu gangs, which sold them to the Jew Slavers, whom are never ordered to pay reparations to these Blessed Blacks whom are daily exposed on television screens all over the White World, while in Africa a White man, in the wrong place, is likely be served up as lunch.

Gilets Jaunes: Acte 26.

The Coming Armageddon!

What has happened to the Interweb is a clear exposition of how we have all fallen under the control of those whom have actually placed a Fatwa against White People. The very fact that a monopoly of the “Web” has been achieved is a clear indication that our elected “rulers” do not want us, to be in a position, from where we could with ease, uncover their true loyalties, and believe me, those loyalties do not lie with us.

A glance at the list of those online entities which are leading the charge to close down our access to information, is a full list of those criminals, whom have already destroyed every aspect of our lives for the past Century,  they would be the Bankers of course, whom have funded them one and all of the inline giants – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Whatsap, Google, Instagram and others, of whom I have never heard – they are all now assuming the right, to decide what we are allowed to research online, we should of course refuse to cow-tow to their rules of the game.  this simple act of dumping them could well make them stamp their foot and refuse to play with us anymore, but which they would be powerless to do anything about. and as a  response to their censoring, high and mighty attitude they should be ditched, one and all, while we still retain that simple choice.

All of these monsters rely on our obedient attitude towards their tenuous, though monopolistic control of most of our daily needs, food and water and “News” but  look how easily Donald Trump exposed their daily dose of “Fake News”, which has brought any of them down.

The same propaganda was used in two World Wars, to deceive us into a belief that we were fighting on the “right” side, against evil enemies, however we are all now aware, at this time, that we were recently, cynically lied into war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Vietnam and a long list of other illegal campaigns but looming over them all, are the atrocities committed by the Jews against Russia, a heinous and murderous event, which is still shrouded in mystery and which at the time was deliberately planned, to coincide with the Great War, by which all “news” of it was concealed, and the following war, which was declared against Germany, a couple of decades later, which made use of the new “science” of propaganda to justify it and the monopoly of the “printed press” was used to conceal the truth of it. This hidden truth of the origins of World WarTwi, along with the truth of 911 are both refusing to “go away” and are a source of panic in controlled Parliaments across Europe and the United States.

The fight against Germany has now been waged for months by every Jewish community, on every conference, in all labor unions and by every single Jew in the world. There are reasons for the assumption that our share in this fight is of general importance. We shall start a spiritual and material war of the whole world against Germany. Germany is striving to become once again a great nation, and to recover her lost territories as well as her colonies. But our Jewish interests call for the complete destruction of Germany…” (Valadimir Jabotinsky, in Mascha Rjetsch, January, 1934)

Take note, this disgusting declaration was made in 1934, long before any form of excuse could be generated against Germany, to justify the horror which was to follow, all of it organised by the same lovable creatures, whom even as the above admission was being made to the “faithful”, millions of Russians were still being murdered in cold blood by the Cheka, which was controlled by Jews.

The same wholesale propaganda, which served so well to justify the following destruction of Germany, is currently being undermined by the Internet, which has slowly but surely exposed the lies and crimes of the Jews, during the past century, by taking control of information out of the hands of those, for whom war is like a transfusion of blood.

Unlike all of those other controlled organs of the “Free Press”, the World-Wide-Web is a public amenity and nobody should be allowed to assume control or make rules about what is presentable and what is not, Free speech is Free Speech and should anybody commit any form of crime online, they are open to prosecution. There should be no special rules which are merely a means of shutting down disagreeable truths about Jews, whose crimes should be treated as being as abhorrent as are the crimes of everybody else. Any politician who votes in favour of censoring the Web should themselves be deplatformed and for taking actions which are actually designed to hide the War Crimes of their “friends” is beyond High Treason.


The online “free speech” which has finally fallen into the hands of the “People” is now coming under daily attack, while the same lies in the Jew controlled International media, which deceived us into two world wars and dozens of other illegal situations, is allowed to carry on with its lies and deceit, all of it condoned by “democratic” politicians, a situation which is surely a clear verification of the fact that we are one and all controlled by a “not so secret” group, which can have us locked up for telling the truth, with the full support of political traitors.

It has been estimated that of the world Jewish population of approximately fifteen millions, no fewer than five millions are in the United States. Twenty-five percent of the inhabitants of New York are Jews. During the Great War we bought off this huge American Jewish public by the promise of a Jewish National Home in Palestine, held by Ludendorff to be the master stroke of Allied propaganda as it enabled us not only to appeal to Jews in America but to Jews in Germany as well…All over the world, and especially in the U.S.A. Jews will be active against Germany, and the Jew is a natural and energetic propagandist, though perhaps not a very far-seeing one. There are, however, cross- currents in the tide of World Jewry, the identification of Russian Jews with Communism, for example, and Palestine, another of our war propaganda hens which may come to roost! (Propaganda in the Next War, by Sidney Rogerson)


“Although the Jews have appeared in the histories of other nations throughout the centuries, they were never able or willing to establish a nation of their own. They remain forever desolate in this regard. The only way the Jews got possession of Palestine was by using other people to steal it from the Turks and Arabs for them.

“The so-called ‘Israeli’ state is nothing but a parasitic state, since it is occupied by parasites. The Jews get billions of dollars from Germany as ‘reparations’ and ‘restitution payments’ for its alleged ‘war crimes’ against Jews. They get billions more every year from the United States.

It (Israel) has to steal or buy technology from Western nations as the Jews have not the creativity to develop their own. The Jewish state of Israeli would collapse in a minute without the continued support, protection and assistance from Jacob/Israel (The White Nations of Christendom). It is not, never has been, and never will be a self-sustaining nation.” (Charles A. Weisman, Who is Esau-Edom?, pp. 27-28)

Both of the above quotations are “fair comment” and most of the people whom are likely to read them, are perfectly capable of deciding their own response to the claims or opinions which they contain, however, these and many similar comments have been virtually written out of history, leaving a stunted version of World events in the hands of those whom feel the need to maintain a perpetual state of propaganda, not against their crimes in Russia, where the wholesale slaughter, which took place was unimaginable to the man in the street, but against Hitler and Germany, from where they appear to believe they have the most to fear.

Why one might ask, was it so easy to “normalise” and conceal the horrors which took place behind the “Iron Curtain” to the point where they are never even mentioned in polite company and yet the magnificent achievements of the National Socialists are blasted as being out of the depths of pure evil with claims of Hitlers lust for power and his hatred of Jews, cripples, queers and Gypsies and all other “outsiders?”, or could it possibly be that the Marxist Jew Communism, which was installed in Russia failed miserably, while the German model of National Socialism proved to be far superior for the People, in the same way as did Muammar Gadaffi’s Socialism in Libya?

Both of these men, Hitler and Gadaffi have been “black propagandised”, using the system of lies invented by the Jew Bernard Bernays of the deceitful family of mind controllers headed by Sigmund Freud, which ensures that we believe whatever we are expected to believe, which is why the real perpetrators of two world wars and several massive genocides have been given a clean bill of health,   while even now, all over the Internet – where a tight control ensures there is never mention forbidden knowledge like the above, those whom had previously declared war on Germany, can freely call for a New Genocide, that of the entire White Race, while our “White” politicians do nothing to protect us from these people,  whom are even now generating the same form of hatred, which served so well against the Germans and the Japanese, against the entire White Race.


The League Of Gentlemen.

Why Does The Media Never Mention The Crimes Of Jews? There Are Such Things!

European history has been recorded in a manner which suggests that all land and “property” is the exclusive right of certain “Noble” Families, whom back in the day were the Lords of the Manor, the Squire, the Baron, the Duke, the Earl and all of that guff, while the peasants were their slaves and make no mistake about it, the “people” were slaves, whom could barely afford to feed and clothe themselves, with the miserable allowance donated by their rich landlord. The Commoners Land was quickly seized by the Gentry, denying the peasants the ability to feed themselves and forcing them to work in the mills of the Industrial Revolution.

Sadly, experience has shown,  that even the so-called “socialist” systems, which were introduced, to take care of the needs of the  peasants, were organisations which were in fact funded by the same “establishment” elite, under the guise of showing concern for public welfare, using language which suggested that the land should belong to everyone, promises which were nothing more than covert methods to allow the total control of all and everything, to fall once more, into the hands of “The Rulers” a clique which was always lurking in the shadows.

The idea that the means of production should be in the hands of the People, as in National ownership, quickly came to mean “Privatisation” into the hands of the rich, giving them total control over the life and death of the poor. The use of this “Socialism” was used as a means of stealing control of one State after another, the “real” “Domino Effect”, which lead to the massive slaughters in Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea and of course, much closer to our European homelands, in long-suffering,  Ireland and Germany.

This total control has seen to the total destruction of the monopolised European industry, which the huge Corporations, which compliant, controlled politicians have allowed to be constructed, hidden behind the ploy of them being “publicly” owned by “shareholders”, a means which obscured the real ownership of these huge conglomerates, which have now been relocated to China, while the industrial remnants, which remain in Europe, are about to be finished off, by restriction on the use of coal and gasoline, without which there will be no European Industry, apart from knitted gloves and socks. Europe is now a huge service economy.

Privatisation and other trickery has been used to facilitate the private ownership of vast tracts of farmland all across the Earth, even in those dirt poor, over-populated States like India, where the land was used to support the needs of millions of poor people, land which has now fallen into the hands of those whom actually own the factories, which manufactured the modified seeds, which were used to deliberately destroy the crops of these peasant farmers, which has resulted in hundreds of thousands of farmers committing suicide and their land being grabbed into the clutches of the International Land Barons.

This avaricious Socialism, which has allowed the theft of trillions of dollars, stolen as a form of tax on the “privatised” cash in your pocket, which has been used to buy the whole-wide-world, a situation which was inevitable, should the control of our monetary systems be allowed to fall into the hands of madmen.

We are just coming towards the end of the era of the “Baby Boomers”. The “Boomers” were the offspring of the exceptional generation, which had the proud claim of living in the midst of the wonderful Democracy, the leaders of which had  turned a “blind eye” towards the installation of Communism in Russia, without any apparent care, a cynical act which had facilitated the cruel blood lust carried out by the Socialist/Communists in the Russian shambles – without any sign of criticism  quickly followed by a similar blood-fest against the National Socialists in Germany and Japan, to put a stop to the sin of Nationalism. while  a short time later, there followed perhaps the greatest cull of them all,  when the Boomer Parents helped to install Communism in China, and then when  Korea adopted Communism, there was yet another attempt to put a stop to it and so on. This deceitful slaughter was carried out by our “Exceptional” people, acts for which we congratulate ourselves to this day, while the victims of our glory in Germany and Japan, are still, univerally vilified.

These culls, of various Peoples, first raised its head in Ireland, where the aim was to exterminate the Irish and take control of the fertile land of the Emerald Isle. The tragic deaths of five million Irish people was referred to as being the result of a Potato Famine, a lie which has been maintained by the “shadow government” skulking in the privatised City of London for the past one-hundred-and-fifty years. The “puppet government’, in the Houses of Parliament simply failed to spot the horror which was taking place a short distance over the Irish sea, while in deepest France, the tragedy was indeed spotted and caring folk installed soup kitchens in Ireland to feed the hungry victims of this British savagery.

There was in fact no Famine in Ireland, the British stole millions of tons of food, at gunpoint, food of all description, and shipped it all to England, however the People of Ireland, still under the control of the City of London are to this day, educated to believe that their ancestors died because there were no Potatoes to eat.

The Irish have never fully recovered from this genocide and, they remain the only European Country which has a population inferior to that of the eighteenth century. Even after this deliberate starvation, the City of London Landlords hatred of the people of Ireland did not end, they then decided it to be cheaper to ship six-hundred-thousand more Irish people to Canada and the United States, as slaves, rather than to feed them in Ireland.

The blame for all the above brutality is ritually laid at the door of the French, British, German, Russian, Japanese and various Peoples of other States which have become involved, for the part they played in these “culling” which have taken place all across the world. However, even though all of the aforementioned Peoples, whom can be blamed and criticised til the cows come home, for all of these crimes against humanity, no mention is ever made of the involvement in these acts of the Jews. The Jews are even making the claim that they are not even White, in order to pass the blame for their various atrocities, such as the mainly Jew and Arab controlled Slave Trade,  onto us Whites, ninety percent of whom have never set foot outside their homelands unless, like the Irish they were forced out.

Even as I make this observation, because of my own one-sided education, I have a sense of “guilt” about so much as suggesting that the Jews could possibly be involved in any such barbarity, they are after all a “special” people, are they not? Virtually from birth I have been fed tales of the poor Jews escaping from slavery in Egypt and wandering around looking for a homeland to steal, while plucky little David fought Goliath and all that nonsense, when reality tells a completely different tale, all of which has been missing from our education. They did, after all, declare the Second World War against Germany and then, as if by magic, they claimed that they were the most important victims of that war.

Baron Rothschild declared that should he have control of a Countries money supply, he cared not who was elected into the government, because he would have monetary control of the country. This is a statement of fact and the Rothschild family are Jews, whom control the money supply in the United States, France and the United Kingdom and many more countries, which play a less important role in world events.

This control would mean that he oversaw all the events during the 20th Century in Europe and the Middle East, so why, one might ask, are we so completely unaware of the importance of this family, which has sent so many of our children to their deaths in Bankers Wars?

Baron Rothschild owns Palestine, so one can fairly suggest that he is personally responsible for the savage acts of the Jews, whom swarmed into his land, with guns blazing in 1948. There is also the matter of Ireland, Russia and Armenia and other genocides, while he continues with the suggestion that only the one which affected the Jews is of any importance.

It therefore follows from this that the Russian coup d’etat was funded by Rothschild as was the War against Germany, which was admitted by Chaim Weizmann, and the starving of Ireland by the British, which was under and is still under his control to this day. Jews like the American contingent, organised the so-called anti-Communist campaign in Asia under the guidance of the Jew Henry Kissinger, even though they had installed Communism in China, such is the crass stupidity of the lies with which we have been force-fed by the Jew controlled Media.

Not one of the important things which have taken place during our lives, can be trusted to have been as we were lead to believe them to have been. Even now we are expected to believe that if we do not stop driving our cars the World will come to an end in a few years and yet there has been no explanation as to why only European countries are expected to take this step, while all the major polluters, in Asia are allowed to continue as they are currently doing? How would such an action on our part alone possibly save the Earth?


The Under Reported Tale Of The Murderous Black Klan And The French Connection.




The inter-connections between these various bands of thugs, which included Mafia Don Lucky Luciano, a leading member of the American Mafia, most of whom were Jews,  who assisted in the débarquement of the Allied Forces, in Sicily and Italy, during World War Two, using his knowledge of the local Italian mob, which duly carried out attacks against Mussolini, who had driven them into exile, during his attacks against their extortion rackets etc. and the Cabal, which had lined up to put a stop to Hitler’s attempts to do the same thing in Germany,  with mostly Jews in control,  a Cabal which included the greatest mass murderer in History, Joe Stalin and his Politburo, most of whom were Jews, and let us not forget that all of the War leadership Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin and Eisenhower, were all Jews, and all of them fighting the “good fight”, for “our” freedom.  The expression “Don’t make me laugh!” springs to mind.



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One of the “original” alternative voices to expose the subtle control under which we are all held captive, Anthony Hilder has left the building, thank you for all your efforts over the decades.

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