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Adam Weishaupt And The Illuminati.


Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit.  He is said to have been the founder, of what has become the most infamous occult group in modern history, the Illuminati.

Because of the lack of hard evidence, it is difficult to discern, whether Weishaupt was working alone, or as an agent of the Jesuits or indeed the Freemasons.  Whatever the truth, he was most certainly in the thick of events leading up to the French Revolution.

Whether leader or puppet, his creed of elitism has long been adopted by those whom are referred to as the Elite, whom may themselves be under the overall control of the Jesuit Black Pope.

Weishaupt created the “Perfectibilists”  which later morphed into the Illuminati.  Because of the purges against the Jesuits at the time, Weishaupt, cunningly set up cells of hidden Jesuits, with no contact between them, avoiding the possibility of confessions, extracted on the rack, should any cell be captured.

Weishaupt’s Secret Cell system is the preferred model even now, in most groups of Freedom Fighters or Terrorist Groups and it was used during the French Revolution.

“ Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati plot requires :

1. Abolition of all ordered national governments

2. Abolition of inheritance.

3. Abolition of private property.

4. Abolition of patriotism.

5. Abolition of the individual home and family life as the cell from which all civilizations have stemmed.

6. Abolition of all religions established and existing so that the Luciferian ideology of totalitarianism may be imposed on mankind.”

These requirements, which were proposed by Weishaupt, will be familiar to those whom have studied Marxism, which was in fact the continuation of Weishaupt’s Illuminati programme for world domination.

The proof positive that nothing has changed in recent times, is in the pages of Agenda 21,  which is virtually a word for word reiteration of the above list.  Including the massive reduction of the population of the planet.

The Fabian Society and The Tavistock Institute, have both, for decades, been planning the necessary means to rid us of those whom one of the founding members of The Fabian Society, George Bernard Shaw,  referred to as the “Useless Eaters.

Bertrand Russell, one of those creepy little characters, much-loved by the British people, was behind the scenes, in the murky depths of those whom sought to control our behaviour, at the Tavistock Institute and the Frankfurt School, both of which were working toward a Totalitarian World Government, Russell proposed that:

“…in the final phase of the conspiracy the government will consist of the king-despot, the Synagogue of Satan, and a few millionaires, economists, and scientists who have proven their devotion to the Luciferian cause. All others are to be integrated into a vast conglomeration of mongrelised humanity, by artificial insemination practiced on an international scale – ultimately less than 30 percent of the female population and 5 percent of the male population will be used for breeding purposes. Reproduction will be strictly limited to the type and numbers required to fill the needs of the state.” pages 49-51 The Impact of Science on Society.

It should be noted that all of the groups associated with the Bavarian Illuminati are still with us and they are edging closer and closer to their dream of the Death and Destruction which will be followed by their New World Order.

Russell continued with,”Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class.

The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated.  

When the technique has been perfected,  every government which has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely, without the need of Armies or Policemen.

I believe that we are actually in the middle of this operation at the moment.  The forces, whomsoever they may be, have already managed to work their way through two World Wars, the destruction of the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire, the British Empire went down along with the others and the hordes, by whom the Peoples of Europe will be mongrelised,  are arriving, en masse, every day of the week.

Millions of Christians have been encouraged to murder each other in two devastating wars, while millions more were put to the sword in Russia.  White European Man is done for. Our numbers are diminishing on a daily basis. We should, right now, be preparing for the “Last Battle” but instead they have got us all staring at smart-phones and tablettes.

The Frankfurt School, which was a Jew construct, staffed by families of allegedly Sabbatean origin,(It was the Sabbatean Young Turks whom committed the Armenian Genocide.) were quick to spot the usefulness of entertainment as a means of controlling the young and the use of sex as a means of destroying the family, one of the foremost aims of Weishaupt.

In Communist Europe, all of the major Utilities,  the farmland, the oil and other minerals were all Nationalised, making them an easy target for the Elite,  whom had never been far away, to privatise into their own hands.

In the West Fabian Socialism, which was Communism in disguise, carried out the same purpose.   The most diligent follower of the Fabian philosophy was the United Kingdom, where the chosen government, after World War Two, that of  Clement Attlee, a Fabian, dutifully Nationalised all and everything.

Immense sums of money were invested in these newly Nationalised companies, Rail, Electricity, Gas, Water, Road Transport,   all of which were then “privatised” for a pittance.

Christianity has vanished, the main religion in the United Kingdom is now Islam, as it is in France and other European counties, simply because it is only Muslims whom retain any respect for their Religion, which has held their families together while Christian families have become a rarity.  Christian Family worship is now nonexistent across Europe.

Frankfurt has been a constant in our lives for generations and yet its importance is a total mystery to most people.

Rothschild and Co was founded in Frankfurt as was the Illuminati and it is rumoured that a member of the Frankfurt School, which has now become an international entity of control, Theodor Adorno, was the “real” composer of most of the Beatles early hits.

In fact the Beatles disbanded soon after his death in 1969, some claim that once his compositions had been exhausted, the Band was unable to continue with work of the same quality.

There are also many rumours that the Beatles themselves were no more than a “Boy Band” constructed by the Frankfurt School, and it was in Germany where the Beatles kicked off their career.

It was in Bavaria that the schemes of the Illuminati were discovered and as would Hitler in future years, the government tried to eliminate Weishaupt and his followers.

Weishaupt was by now a Jesuit and he helped to protect many of those Jesuits,  sought by the Bavarian government after Rome had ordered the dissolution of the Jesuit Order.  However,  having had incriminating documents fall into the hands of the authorities, Weishaupt was obliged to make a hasty retreat from Bavaria.

He found shelter under the care of Duke Ernest II of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, Weishaupt lived in Gotha and continued to write including A Complete History of the Persecutions of the Illuminati in Bavaria (1785), A Picture of Illuminism (1786), An Apology for the Illuminati (1786), and An Improved System of Illuminism (1787).

Can it be no more than coincidence that the founder of the Illuminati, should end his days living with the predecessors of Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom, who is advised by Rothschild from Frankfurt.  It should also be born in mind that Queen Elizabeth was herself educated by the Fabians.  What a small world we live in.

Friends of the Illuminati






The Rise And Rise Of National Socialism.




The Rise And Rise Of National Socialism.



During the last round of elections in France, two political Parties, both under the leadership of Jews, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande, conspired together, to withdraw their candidates from certain areas, where a split vote, would favour the “Front.” In this manner they denied the “majority” their rightful victory, at the expense of the possible victory of their own candidate. This crime was justified as being necessary to avoid the election of any Government which threatened the status quo.

This form of the denial of Democratic Rights, is being exercised across Europe, in an effort to stop the “Demon Right,” which stands against the Jew proposed mass immigration, which is being used, with the complicity of “elected” politicians to destroy Europe.

National Pride is now a Racist term according to the Frankfurt School’s rules of Political Correctness, which should be duly exposed for what it is, Social Marxism.

In Austria an election has just delivered the Peoples choice, which saw to the selection of Norbert Hofer, as President, or almost as President. He is described as a Nationalist, an Extreme Right Winger and a threat to the future of the Jew controlled European Union. All that now stands between this man, who has already won more than fifty per-cent of the Peoples vote, is the “Postal Votes.”

I await with bated breath to see if the Postal Votes, deliver the same spread of votes as did the Ballot Box or whether there will be a disproportionate number denying Hofer his election. The World over, Postal Votes are being used as the method of last resort, to rig elections.

The Media, which in the main is controlled by Jews, has being giving blanket coverage to the possible election of a man – who is well-known for his opposition to mass immigration – through the medium of Democracy as a disaster, which would suggest that Democracy is limited to the deliverance of only those results which support the aims of the Shadow Government. As soon as mention of the National Socialists crops up, we need to be aware that we are on the right track.

There is nothing to fear in the “Left Wing” policies of National Socialism, which means what it says – namely the interest of the Nation State is paramount – which is now referred to as “Extreme Right Wing” or something or other and we all know what “extreme” means do we not? Hitler, of course!

I awoke this morning to the tones of the Devils Advocate, Stuart Ramsey, reporting from Venezuela, a “rogue” State under National Socialist control, where the offending Democratically elected government, has solidly refused to allow the Venezuelan Peoples vast oil reserves to fall into the greedy hands of Rockefeller.

Chavez, the charismatic leader, who foiled an acceptable “Right Wing” Mossad/CIA coup attempt, did, as do all of those who stand up to the Zionists, died of cancer, in the middle of his struggles against the Great Beast of the North.

The Zionists are now making use of their favourite weapon, “starvation” to force the people of Venezuela to accept the “election” of Washington’s preferred “puppet” Government, whether they like it or not.

To ensure the success of their dominance, Oil Barons have quite deliberately reduced the price of oil, depriving all of those poorer States – which rely on oil, for their life-giving income – thus allowing them to slide into abject poverty, to suit Corporate greed. They will allow as many as necessary to die, to suit Corporate aims.

Ramsey, has as usual, managed to sneak into areas, from where he can report his slanted bullshit, without a word of criticism against those whom are standing idly by watching this “managed” disaster unfold.

Ramsey was today reporting from a hospital in Caracas, where

medical supplies and food for the patients was fast running out, without a sign of a helping hand from the warmongers, who can find all the necessary means of support for their paid savages, slaughtering at will, in the Middle East, with supplies which are dropped from the air.

Ramsey’s soothing tones, whispered out, softly warning the dumbed-down viewers in the UK, that all the necessary action, against the Government in Venezuela, will be taken, to save those poor people from the “desired” results of the “Oil Price Blackmail.”

Brazil has already been saved from disaster and a CIA informer, placed into power. The remaining States in South America, will soon find themselves corralled into a Union over which they will have no control, the European Union being the preferred model.

In the meantime, despite the world being full to overflowing with humanitarians, the likes of David Cameron and François Hollande, whom between them have gutted, Libya, Syria and various African States, to “save” the suffering people, appear not to have noticed the suffering in Venezuela. That is until it suits them to notice.

In the United Kingdom, the same absent-minded Cameron is warning his people, that should they choose to leave the stranglehold of the European Union, anything that could go wrong is likely to go wrong, when what he should be saying is that he will prevent any of those calamities befalling the British should they choose to remain in the Union. He cannot of course, promise any such thing any more than he can be sure of the opposite.

While Cameron and his Jew deputy Osborne, tell any lie that comes into their heads about how dark the future will be, because there is now no other means of survival apart from within the Bolshevik Communist controlled European Union, there has been mention of an extraordinary number of immigrants into the UK in the past twelve months, despite a promise from Cameron that there would no more than a few thousand. Cameron got it wrong. So what else is he getting wrong?



For example, what was the point of encouraging the British and other White people across the world, to have fewer babies, in order to save the planet, only to now explain that Europe needs immigrants to make up for the shortage of workers, who are needed to pay the pensions of those who retire?

There was mention of the population of the UK rising sharply in the next couple of decades, from 60 million to 70 million. In the middle of this massive increase in the population, there will inevitably be a point of another moment where the children of these extra people will need their

pension, so is the UK expected to receive ever more of the surplus births from the Third World, or is there need of putting a stop to immigration and finding a means of “making do with what you’ve got?”

The Irish Jew Peter Sutherland, the United Nations immigration man, whom along with his Jew chum Shatter, managed to swamp, poverty-stricken Ireland with hundreds of thousands of immigrants, none of whom have added any benefit whatsoever to the Irish economy, despite lavish claims which deceitful politicians choose to make, in support of the importation of ever more of them.

This policy is quite obviously designed to create a Third World wilderness in Europe devoid of White people, whom are feared by the Jews. There can be no other eventuality, no country can afford to allow millions of immigrants to pour yearly into their society, without coming up against a brick wall of discontent,  when the Social Security payments dry up as they most surely will when a future recession occurs.

Even as politicians claim that the immigrants are providing skills which European schools are unable to produce, there is a surge in the production of robots, to do those nasty little jobs that folk refuse to do. So what will be left for migrant workers?

In France, where immigration has been a total disaster, there is at this moment 30 per cent unemployment. There are more than one million unemployed young men of immigrant origin, in and around Paris. They will soon be getting married and having children. Those children will be born into a society in which it is perfectly possible that their Great Grand-Parents, their Grand-Parents and their Parents, have never had a full-time job. This situation is ignored by Politicians who are working towards the complete destruction of European culture. Any government which claims it to be impossible to stop illegal immigration are liars, they don’t want to stop it.


The Life And Times Of The Everly Brothers.

YouTube recommended this for me. They seem to know better than I do what I’m going to like.

Some Rather Cute Polar Bears.

Bolshevism Comes To Europe.




Bolshevism Comes To Europe.


The ghouls, whom have openly slaughtered something in the order of thirty million innocents,  since the end of the International Jewry inspired war against Germany, a war in which they managed to involve the whole Christian world, are even now preparing their forces for a final push into Syria, to destroy yet another leader, whom has been demonised by the controlled media, to convince we,  the stooges in the West, that millions of Syrians can be quite legally murdered and their whole world destroyed, to oust this “demon” Assad. Bravo!

European folk, do not waste too much of their time, trying to figure out the machinations of their leaders, that is “politics,” a vast grey area which they prefer to leave in the hands of “politicians.”

Throughout recent history this attitude has lead to the destruction many foreign lands. Iraq, Libya and Syria, all had Armies, yet they have all been destroyed. When the day comes, Europe will fare no better. The folk, whom are even now standing by watching hundreds of thousands of young thugs pouring into Europe, the same folk whom choose to ignore reports of vast quantities of armaments, arriving in shipping containers into Europe, where they can quite easily be passed into the hands of Mercenaries,  could soon find themselves to be as helpless as were the people of Syria, in the face of the Western financed savages, whom have been unleashed against them. There will be no Russia to help save Europe.

Europeans have been encouraged to hold out a helping hand to refugees, which is an admirable attitude to adopt, however,  alarm bells should be ringing out loud and clear, when it becomes evident that these refugees, are as a result of an illegal, underhanded, brutal attack, which was enabled by the arming of so-called “Freedom Fighters” by our own European governments, in order to further the aims of those folk, lurking in the gutters of Europe.

Refugees should be given assistance, but when it becomes a form of a “self-generated need,” it should be treated with suspicion.

Added to which, any European government, which allows the entry of hundreds of thousands of fighting age young thugs, mingled with those escaping an un-necessary war, can only be described as being complicit in some form of conspiracy, which is linked to the European financed,  illegal war in Syria, from where the “refugees” are arriving, in relatively small numbers, begging the question, why was it necessary to allow an invasion of Europe by Black African and other non-Syrian parasites, whom scream for Money! Money! Money! immediately on arrival in their preferred destination country?

Europe, from top to bottom, East to West, through the medium of the orders of the totally controlled European Union and its inexplicable destruction of its own industry and agriculture, combined with the policy of immigration, which has been unchecked for decades, despite the relentless loss of decent jobs, which have been exported, with European Union monetary assistance, to cheap labour States in Asia, hundreds of thousands of refugees are still streaming into States with unemployment levels in the stratosphere.

This is quite clearly a recipe for disaster.

When you realise that most folk believe the current difficulties, to be as a result of “Terrorism” when it is in fact as a result of illegal and unbelievably savage attacks on States which posed no problem whatsoever to Western life, it becomes as plain as day that most folk are living in another dimension of reality, where they have been trained to believe the unbelievable.

In modern life, in order to make it function in a manner which enhances our daily experience, we need certain regulations, which encourage people to behave in a manner acceptable to the maximum number of people. Sadly morality is now in the hands of pornographers, thieves and murderers, who operate a system of control, which like the monetary system called Capitalism, involves all power and control ending up in the hands of the most avaricious and brutal of men.

Major religions, which have now degenerated into little more than nests of paedophiles, are being used as controlled tools, which are being  manipulated into a repeat of the bloody wars of the Middle Ages,

When the Bolshevik Jews carried out a coup d’etat in Russia, there was a blanket of silence, quietly lowered over the ensuing savagery, which tortured and murdered an estimated 65 million Christian people to death.

Throughout this dark period of history, Western politicians were in constant contact with the Jew savages, like Lenin and Trotsky, whom had, in the words of Winston Churchill, taken the people of Russia by the hair on their heads. Bolshevik Jew Communism, was in the act of spreading its tentacles all across the European Continent.  The so-called Fascists, Hitler, Mussolini and Franco, were the only European Governments to stand against them. Even the author of 1984, George Orwell, fought alongside the Bolshevik Jew forces – which were funded by Stalin – and the Jew Commissars, who carried out the massive destruction of Christian Churches and the brutal slaughter of thousand of Catholic Nuns and Priests, none of which was reported by Western Media.

The reason for this silence, was to conceal the fact that British, French and American politicians, were already in discussions with the very same brutal Jew Bolshevik Communists and the current brutal Dictator in Jew controlled Russia, Joseph Stalin, the holder of the unified title of being, the most sadistic murderer of man in the history of the world, concerning the destruction of the other Fascist States, who operated outside the preferred Jew system of banking.

In the very heart of these events, was the Fabian Society, members of which often visited Russia to pay homage to the murderous beast, Stalin. These visits included those members of the Fabian Society which would kick off the destruction of the United Kingdom, by inviting hundreds of thousands of Blacks and Asians into the UK, immediately after hostilities ended in Europe.

Thanks to the “Coalition” which is the principal tool of warfare preferred by the City of London, Germany was obliterated. It is difficult to find adjectives which do justice to what the British and American and Jew Bolshevik Russia did to the German people. It was an abomination which the self-centered British and Americans refer to as the victory of the “Greatest Generation,” disguising the reality of their unforgivable crime.

The Yanks were tricked into a European war by a gaggle of Jews, while the man who wanted peace in Europe, Neville Chamberlain, was smeared with the term “appeasement” as a result of his discussions with Hitler, whom was himself totally opposed to war, but he was tricked, by the Jew Anthony Eden, into an operation in the Sudetenland, to protect ethnic Germans, who were being slaughtered by Bolshevik Commissars, as a direct provocation, knowing full well that they were providing the necessary excuse for yet another, Bolshevik Jew attempt to spread their Communism across Europe. Take careful note, like Gadaffi and Assad, Hitler was accused of a contrived event. Saddam Hussein was accused of not only having weapons of mass destruction but of preparing to use them.

These Bolshevik “Mobsters” are now at it again. They are once more priming Europe for disaster. There is no hope for the Jews in Palestine, while they are being prepared for the chop, their leaders are already preparing to leave them without a life-boat. They are off to climes where there is as yet no sign of the mass immigration of Muslims,  way down in South America, an area which is also relatively safe from the effects of Fukushima. We are being left to clear up their mess.

It is difficult to find any degree of sympathy, for a group of Jews in Israel, which has behaved so badly with the indigenous people of Palestine. So badly, is hardly adequate to describe a form of brutality, which is far and away beyond anything which can be claimed against Adolf Hitler and his forces. They will very soon come to realise that what has been done, down through the ages, to others, by Jews, is about to be inflicted on them.

Europe is on the brink of destruction, now is the time to take to the streets, calling for your elected politicians, to stop arming terrorists. Which would include States like Saudi Arabia and Israel, both of which are aiding and abetting terrorism, with armaments manufactured in the UK, USA and France and assisting in the cynical seizure of other people resources, across the Middle East and Africa. To achieve this it will necessarily, involve the seizure of the massive funds available to those whom finance war and destruction, for personal gain, funds which are euphemistically called “Income Tax” and are paid by cynically controlled politicians, to Central Bankers as “Interest on Loans.”

The Jew Chancellor George Osborne, recently paid off a debt which had involved the British people paying “un-named” Bankers, 12 billion pounds in interest on a Great War loan of 2 billion pounds. That should be referred to as a conspiracy to defraud the British people. 


“Labour Friends of Israel plays an incredibly important role in the debate about a peaceful settlement in the Middle East. “They do fantastic work strengthening bilateral relations between Britain and Israel, building links with our sister party in Israel and supporting Israelis and Palestinians working towards a negotiated two state solution.” (these are the weasel words of the Jew Ed Miliband, a Fabian Socialist, with a sister Party in Israel. Whatever next.)

The Duplicitous Sadiq Khan.

The British and their Allies, constantly use a statement, made by Adolf Hitler, which actually said , “the British, make use of the ploy, that if you tell a lie, big enough and often enough, it will become the truth.” This has been turned on its head to suggest that Hitler, was “ordering” his people” to use this ploy.

Here we are, seventy or more years on and I have just listened to a Jew reporter on Sky News, called Cohen, repeat, on three occasions, that Donald Trump said that he would ban all Muslims from entering the USA……without adding the reason why he would make such a statement.

Sadiq Khan, is presumably making his statement about Trump, either maliciously or in ignorance of the truth or indeed in full knowledge of the truth  as did the Jew David Cameron, the man whom warned us that there were Daech men hidden amongst the “refugees” whom were pouring into Europe. So why would Trump simply let them pour, unchecked, into The United States? To do such a thing would be in anybodies terms, apart that is for European Politicians,  the most ridiculous thing to do. Quite obviously, women with young children, entering the USA would not face too many difficulties.

This is, as claimed by Hitler, the preferred system of propaganda of the British. The alacrity with which Khan bent over for the Jews, signals his acceptance of the Clearance of Muslims out of their homelands in the Middle East, to suit Israel and the well-known plans they have had for generations to take control of the entire region. Muslims need to be on their guard with Khan, he is just as vulnerable to corruption as any other Goy.

The early morning team on Sky has just been replaced by a different couple, the first announcement which they made was to repeat the same “Big Lie,” about Trump, from the mouth of the same Jew Cohen, making it difficult to receive, without knowing it to be a deliberate deception of the British people.

She finished her report by telling us that Khan had reiterated his criticism of the statement which has, once again been edited to suit the occasion, while Cameron did the same thing, but can we believe that? This behaviour is unpardonable, these people are not fit to represent the British.

Hitler knew what he was talking about, the Irish would say the same thing, the British people, unable see through this form of deception, have sacrificed their young men in wars generated by the use of the same lies. The Germans were destroyed by those hiding behind these lies. Cohen knows full well she is being untruthful. This is an example of the “Free Press” which controls the truth.

Death Of The Cockney Sparra. Will The Liver Birds Be Next?

Even as his old firm, the BBC, is announcing the extinction of the East End Cockney, Greg Dyke is gushingly praising the election of an immigrant, as Mayor of London,  as a sign of the willingness  of the British to fully accept the integration of immigrants into British society, in defiance of the warnings of Enoch Powell. He neglected to mention that Khan was elected by immigrants, who form a majority in London. This was in fact the vindication of Enoch Powell’s warning.

Khan’s election was an example of the power of a “Racist” vote. As did I,  you may have noticed that all other candidates in the Mayoral election, apart from the Jew and the Muslim were ignored. Should George Galloway, for example have been elected, do you imagine that he would have bent over for the Jews as did Khan, who demonstrated by this act, that he has chosen to ignore the part played by Israel in the Middle Eastern slaughters and “clearances.”

Schools, across the East End, now serve mainly immigrants, the Whites have moved out in droves, claiming the collapse of their culture as the reason for their flight.

A discussion in which Dyke took part, on Sky News, while ignoring completely the fact that the East End was actually becoming a White Free Zone,  where none of the immigrant groups showed any willingness whatsoever to integrate, they unbelievably picked out the Isle of Wight as an unacceptable White sanctuary, where efforts should be made to force them to accept their share of immigrants. This is deplorable. So wake up Whitey, they’re coming to get you. There is no hiding place. London Mayor Khan’s first assignment was to bend over for Israel. WTFIGO?

Just listening to this nonsense, coming out of the mouths of allegedly intelligent people, made my teeth grate. They hysterically pointed out that Bristol had done the same thing, by electing a Black Mayor.

The Black Community in Bristol now has a Mayor, who will no doubt work in the interest of his own people, while the White Community will, as usual, provide all of the money to improve the comforts of dole mongers, whom have in fact contributed nothing of any real value to the City.

In California, millions of Mexicans are streaming across the border-line, allegedly bringing innumerable benefits along with them, who knows why they do not use these benefits for the good of Mexico?

Anyway, as in most places where immigrants arrive in uncontrolled numbers, they are destroying the host country, which is par for the course for parasites. The result of this is the flight of Whites, California will quickly become just another Mexican wasteland, should White money disappear.

The economy of the USA is already dead on its feet. It has a debt which is illegal, which is held against the people of the USA, whom have gained nothing in return, a debt which can never be repaid, which was generated through the cost of vicious wars, which served the purpose of the Mob.

The people of the USA have been pumped full of “tasty” crap food, to the point where one can only marvel at the capacity of the human body to bloat to such obscene proportions, which still allows folk, whom are quite clearly psychotically greedy, to continue to stuff their faces. These folk are beyond salvation.

The Mexicans, by whom they will be replaced, could not possibly be described as the cream of the Mexican crop, they will be the un-educated, no-hopers,  who will be used to work for a pittance. When Whitey goes, the good jobs will go with him.

White civilisation attracts millions of those seeking a better life, there are  no better options on the table, so Whites should be well cared for, however they are in the cross-hairs of the Jews, who quite rightly fear them and have been seeking a means of wiping them out for over one hundred years.

Even as Europe is being destroyed in front of our eyes, complicit politicians in the United Kingdom, where immigration is seen as a major problem, insist on presenting this to mean immigrants from the European Union, even as White Flight is in full swing, not from French or Dutch immigrants but from Muslims, Hindus and Blacks from Somalia.

Jeremy Corbyn, irritatingly avoids facing up to the fact that his own Party is in favour of destroying White Christian Britain, through the medium of immigration, by repeatedly claiming that two million British People work in other European Countries,  so why should Britain not allow other Europeans to come to the UK, even as London which has not been swamped with Germans and is not controlled and dominated by Europeans but by Blacks and Muslims and millions of immigrants from outside of the European Communist Union, as is the rest of Europe.

Boris Johnson claims that the European Union is no more than an attempt to do what Hitler and Napoleon failed to do, without apparently noticing that it was the Bolshevik Jews, whom with the aid of Churchill a Jew, Roosevelt a Jew and Stalin yet another Jew, created the Eastern Bloc, the USSR, by handing Eastern Europe and half of Germany into the hands of the animalistic Bolsheviks in Russia.

While in Western Europe, the Bilderberg group prepared the rest of us for the chop. This is all part of a Marxist Agenda, not a German plan,  which is apparently completely unknown by our clever leaders, a plan to destroy White Christianity through a forced breeding with Black and Brown immigrants.

The Fabian Society was at the heart of this plan, New Labour continued to put it into place, they were all Fabian Society Members, as is the sly character leading the Labour Party at the moment.

Europe is being swamped by immigrants. To suggest that this is being done for the benefit  of indigenous Europeans is a joke. The only people who are hailing this to be the right thing to do are Jews. Europe is in the grip of Jew Politicians and Jew controlled Banks and big business, none of whom have questioned the apartheid policies of the racist State of Israel, where the Jews will not accept one single refugee.

Boris Johnson has once again exposed the controlled medias willingness to pick out his mention of Hitler, while at the same time ignoring that Stalin was a Jew, working to a Jew Marxist agenda, when he starved Ukrainians to death and deported the Tartars.

When they do report that sort of truth, they do, as usual turn the truth on its head,  using it as a pointed attack on Putin, a Christian. As when the winning song in Eurovision mentioned a familiar story of Jew clearances in Crimea and Ukraine of those, against whom they held a grudge. All of these “Clearances” bear a strong resemblance to each other.

The Ukraine is now back in the hands of the Jews, Poroshenko, the President is a Jew, he was chosen through the machinations of a Jew, Victoria Nuland, a deputy Secretary of State, from the USA, with cash from the Jew George Soros,  his Prime Minister was a Jew and various regional Mayors are Jews, yet these Jews, through their controlled media, forget to mention all this, thereby exonerating themselves from blame for the wholesale atrocities for which they are responsible.

Israel was constructed by the same people whom gave us the Soviet Union, just as it is the same people, who have a well known, though never mentioned, agenda to take control of the whole wide world.

We are constantly being told that this is a conspiracy theory, despite the fact that it is in writing, that the construction of Israel and the brutal clearances of Palestine, which has been achieved, was the first step in this agenda. Not in my opinion, but in the stated opinion of the likes of Polish, David(Gruen) Ben Gurion,  who changed his name  to one sounding more ‘regional” to Israel, -The realisation of the deleterious behaviour of a hidden hand, is nothing new:

“As far back as 1880 the Anglo-American occult leaders, directing the political leaders, knew about the coming World War and prepared for it. The German leaders knew nothing, and would not take warning, that is why they lost! The physical war was easily won by England, but it will be followed by a spiritual war between East and West (East – India, Russia, and German; West – Anglo-America), which will be much more dangerous for the West. For instance, India, which is half starving (according to Mrs. Besant!), will rebel and be helped by powerful spiritual forces out of her past. Germany must fulfil her mission, otherwise the European civilization will be ruined.” (Rudolph Steiner, lecture given at Stuttgart in 1918

Steiner was a leading light in the Spiritual Renaissance at the beginning of the 20th Century, but he quickly realised that it was being controlled, when he saw the desperate search being made for a “spiritual” World Leader, which produced the sweep-head Krishnamurti, whom turned down the offer, but whom made a good living out of his reputation.




Why The Wall Of Silence?


Nicolas Sarkozy made the above statement, while he was still President of France. It would be fair to suggest that he would not have made such a statement without having held discussions with his sidekick, Bernard Henri Levi, a Jew, whom was in some way his spiritual guide.

Thousands of people have accessed this clip on youtube, it has been shared all over the inter-web.  To suggest that other politicians are not aware of Sarkozy’s statement,  would be stretching credibility to the limit.

There must be a good reason for the total silence concerning such a condescending statement, from the mouth of a Jew, whom did himself marry a Jew, Carla Bruni, and is part of a group of racists, which forbids the marriage of a Jew in Israel with a Goy. Despite all of this, Sarkozy has the utter contempt, to demand this “breeding out” for White French Christians.

I first posted this clip when it was brand new, it was then taken down by youtube, but in the meantime Sarkozy’s call has been taken up by Jews all over the world, from Sweden to South Africa, in Germany and the USA. All of our politicians are most certainly aware of this Jew threat.

It is being openly proposed on mainstream television and is being presented by Jews, in the company of discontented Blacks, who are complaining about the lack of Blacks in top position in finance and big business, most of which is controlled by the friends of the Jew who is encouraging them to whine.

Socialism is fast destroying Europe, some say it is already beyond recovery. There seems to be no end to the stupidity of the nice folk, who welcome immigrants with open arms and flowers, who cannot give you the slightest indication of how many they think France can accept before it can be declared, full.

In the Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa, there are one and a half billion people. Millions of them are being encouraged to believe that there is a better life waiting for them in Europe. While in Turkey, Erdogan is threatening to evict two million Syrian refugees towards Greece.

Can anybody answer for me, the simple question as to why this woman, a Jew, has the right to suggest that White people must be obliterated, while should any German express exactly the same view about Jews, in Germany, they would be instantly gaoled? This attitude is abominable, where are the Police, why is she not being arrested for Hate Speech?


This would appear to correspond with the desire of all those Jews, who are demanding the browning out of White Christians, so who is organising this deliberate attack on Whites?

It cannot be simply put down to the rantings of a weird Jew in Sweden or a Jew Professor in the USA, there is most certainly a more elevated level of the Shadow Government involved in this scheme.

As I have already suggested, it is simply not possible that our politicians are not aware of what is going on, yet there is not a word of this ongoing, silent slaughter,  on our News outlets. This is not my imagination. This White genocide has already happened in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela was a Communist thug, working hand in hand with Joe Slovo,  a Stalinist Jew, for the benefit of the City of London Bankers and he did nothing to help Black South Africans, who were far better off under the Whites. They now have the pleasure of living in the murder capital of the world, where there is a rape every few seconds of the day and they have carried out Mandela’s call to kill the Whites, 65,000 of whom have already been brutally slaughtered, while the rest have been evicted from their homes to make room for Blacks.

This is the normal result of allowing too many immigrants into your homeland,  as Europeans are just beginning to realise, when it is already too late.  Our leaders have encouraged this eventuality, whether Socialist or Conservative.

Blair in the UK was the second Socialist Prime Minister, Clement Attlee, being the first, to carry out the Fabian Society dictate to flood the UK with immigrants.  Jeremy Corbyn, who is calling for more immigrants is a member of the same Fabian Society.

Socialism across Europe, is Fabian Socialism, and the same objectives are being put in place by Fabian Socialist Politicians, working towards the realisation of a program, which was written by those, whom sought the introduction of Social Marxism, which is code for Elite control, not only into Europe but throughout the World. This is not my demented opinion, this is the stated aim of Communism.

The strategy of this program is to introduce as many brown or black immigrants into European Cities, where they will rest together in Ethnic Groups, as in Brixton or White Chapel and other areas of London and in Provincial Towns and Cities, where they will eventually become a majority, where Mayors like Sadiq Khan will be elected by what is in fact a racist vote. This program will steadily take control of England out of the hands of White English People. Bristol, with its ghetto of Blacks, has gone the same way.

British politicians sneer at those British people,  whom would prefer to retain control of their own country, showering them with accusations of Fascism or Racism, anti- this-ism or that-ism, whatever slur best covers the objectionable claims. Britain is steadily disappearing under a deluge of immigrant faces, in advertising, television shows and News broadcasts. This is all in the program.

The man, for whom hundreds of thousands of young people voted, to be elected as leader of the Socialist Party, Jeremy Corbyn, is no more than a sham. He will do nothing to solve the coming downfall of the British. The hate is being generated in the streets of the UK by paid trouble-makers like Anjem Choudary, who is calling for a Muslim Revolution, calls which are ignored by the Jew controlled Media. Which is only to be expected as Social Marxism is a Jew objective. Jeremy Corbyn is a life long Communist, a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

As for the Jews, now that they have got the pot boiling they are heading off to Israel in droves, where they will very soon find themselves in dire straits. Jews are no better than others at keeping their politicians in order and if they think they will be safe in Israel,  they are in for a shock, as fast as they turn up the Israel Elite are leaving for safer places in the Southern Hemisphere.

Politicians of all Parties, should be hounded by their electorate, to answer questions such as, why have they failed to grill War Monger Cameron about his approach to Syria, which has been responsible for the current immigration catastrophe? Why have they not INSISTED that he stops arming the Mercenaries, whom he is funding, with taxpayers money, to fight a war for Israel. Why are they not being confronted with questions of their complicity in this War Crime? They were not consulted about the Second World War, that decision was taken out of the hands of British Politicians, into the hands of International Jewry and the approaching Third World War will be handled by the same people.

Any elected politician, prepared to support actions, which can only create more chaos across Europe,  should be recalled and sacked. Failure to contest their illegal actions, in the name of being “Friends of Israel,” make those whom voted them into office, as guilty as those whom they elected. This time around try and make sure that you actually stop the war.

“The Communist desire to ‘liberate enslaved nations’ will come as a surprise to the enslaved nations of Eastern Europe, and the goal of maintaining ‘integrity of their territories’ rings strangely in view of the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan, and other oppressed nations. Like other announced goals of World War II, the Atlantic Chapter and the Four Freedoms, Stalin’s program achieved only one goal, ‘the destruction of the Hitlerite regime,’ the only government in the world which had opposed the spread of Communist aggression with its military forces. The ‘abolition of racial exclusiveness,’ which has (also) been official U.S. Government policy since 1945, was, quite simply, the Jewish Marxist goal of planned genocide of the White Race, because the White Race remained the only possible opposition to the total domination of the world by international Jewish Marxism. No African or Asiatic nation has ever mounted a successful counter-revolution against a Communist regime, nor have they ever desired to.(Eustace Mullins)

The Sharks Are Circling Around The BBC.

Where British TV Started.

Alexander Palace: The First Home of BBC Television.


The Presenters on the Sky News Breakfast Show, have spent a considerable amount of time, this morning, discussing the BBC.  Sky, which is owned by the Jew Rupert Murdoch, has been running a campaign of hate, against the BBC, for decades, lusting jealously after the Beeb’s, viewers, the vast majority of whom are quite content to pay the licence fee, in return for the output provided.

The subject this morning was the salary received by various stars, whom are regularly used by the BBC on long running shows like Just a Minute or whatever, which are never disclosed.

This debate was controlled by Eamonn Holmes, a star of several privately run channels, apart from Sky. Holmes is much sought after because he has a reputation, similar to that of Graham Norton, for example, for his quick quips.

I was surprised, when Holmes suggested that we should be provided with details of the salaries, which the BBC is paying to these stars, because they are paying it with “our money,”

Perhaps it’s my early morning stupidity or maybe a measure of Holmes’s willingness to push Murdoch’s propaganda, but could somebody explain to me, the difference between any money which I may donate to Murdoch, for a Sky contract,  to pay Holmes’s elevated salary, and the cost of the BBC licence?  Is it not all “Public” money. To his credit Holmes did insist that he would willingly pay the fee, to watch just a handful of BBC programmes.

When Sky, which presents total bull-shit, which they call News, as distinct from the horse-shit provided by the BBC News, in return for a far more expensive licence fee, payable to receive Sky output, which is in the main garbage, a fee which would probably increase, should the BBC disappear, depriving the public of the better side of the BBC, which without adverts, every few minutes,  on top of the fee, provides world-class documentaries, which alone, justify the fee.

The only change necessary would be to provide the BBC licence holder, with a password, similar to Sky, which would reduce the number of folk whom watch without paying, and those whom chose not pay the fee, could watch, Free-to-Air channels without fear of arrest.

The rubbish about the “Licence Fee,” in return for which the viewer receives, Radio, Local Television, the sport which has not yet been swallowed up by the likes of Sky, sport which was once free to watch on the BBC, and can cost an arm and a leg on Sky, would come into sharp focus, should it be revealed,  how much more would Sky charge, should it be made illegal to accept money for advertising, from folk whom have paid to view. Apart from anything else, advertising is “brain-washing.”

In France, International Sport which involves a National Team event, is, by law, on Free to Air Television, unlike in the UK, where in past times sport used to unite the whole country, poorer folk are now obliged to visit the local Pub where Sky Sport is on offer.

Nobody is obliged to watch the BBC. I have not watched it for years and I am still OK. The BBC, whatever your opinion of it may be, it is the cost of a couple of coffee’s per week, that is less than three quid a week. Take a look at what you get from Sky for the “simple” contract. You might be surprised because they charge by the month, the cheapest “bundle” which in no way compares with the BBC’s three pound a week deal, is five pounds a week.

Do not allow your corrupt, warmongering, politicians, who cost a fortune and deliver nothing, to privatise the BBC into the hands of ghouls. Sky is already drooling at the prospect of the monopolising of the British Media into the hands of Jews, whom are capable of using their monopoly to influence our perceptions of those such as Donald Trump, while remaining mum about the crimes of Clinton and the Communist roots of the Jew Sanders in the USA election, where Murdoch controls Fox News and 20th Century Fox in Hollywood.

It is Empires like those of the Jews which should come under scrutiny as should the recent announcement from the BBC, that they had various vacancies, for which only Lesbians, Homosexuals, handicapped and those of immigrant origin need apply, and  where the News outlet is, I understand controlled by a man called Cohen, while a holder of a similar family name, was for Sky News,  heckling Ken Livingstone, when he was recently accused of anti-Semitism, is there in fact room for a slight suggestion of a surfeit of Jews influencing our affairs?

These same Jews are openly calling for the destruction of White People, completely without media criticism, or exposure, unlike the pantomime which was sparked off against Livingstone and Shah.  Could it possibly be that the British Free Press, which is controlled by Jews,  is suppressing this sort of  “bad for Jews” information? If so why are they being allowed to get away with it?

Just as I was beginning to calm down, up jumps the Goldman Sachs man, Carney, a Canadian,  who runs the Bank of England, to tell the British, that he feels it would be better if they chose to stay in the European Union and he’ll cwy and cwy and cwy if you don’t do as you’re told..

Yes Mr Bond, If You Read It, I Will Be Forced To Kill You.


And our politicians want us to remain within this nonsense and we must pay a lot of  cash to do so.


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