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The Millennials And Other Clichés.

The youngsters in Europe whom refer to themselves as the ‘Millennials,’ are in one way totally different from previous generations. Not that long ago, every village had a Primary School, the local town, a Secondary Modern School and in adjacent towns there were Technical and Grammar Schools, all available for the masses of children, in need of a good education. The smarter children were bussed off to the Grammar and Technical Schools on busses jam-packed with teenagers, all of them White. Those days are gone.

These days, all across Europe schools are dominated by immigrant children, many of whom do not even speak a European language as their first language. The days of White European teenagers, hanging around chatting in the centre of the village or town, are now rare. This was graphically demonstrated across Europe on New Years Eve, when all of the groups of rapists and robbers were immigrants, violent immigrants. In all of my teenage years, I witnessed and became involved in several violent ‘rumbles’ yet I never, ever, came across any gang, which quite deliberately attacked, robbed and raped girls, in the street. Even the tough boys in my day would not have stood for that. I know full well that they would refer to such thugs as savage vermin. Those vermin would have been spread all over the pavement.

If this situation had built up by accident, it would be possible to find excuses for its actuality on the ground, however it was not at all an accidental situation, it was quite deliberately imposed by vicious, nasty, traitorous politicians who are working against the benefit of their own people and in favour of an agenda which has been quietly installed all across Europe, to quite deliberately destroy the White Race.

I am not a deluded Conspiracy Theorist, I am more a messenger with grave news of the Darkness which is coming. What we have recently experienced is no more than the firing pin of a mine, hidden in the ground, very soon someone will step on that firing pin and it will be too late to claim that there was never any risk from mass immigration, you can be sure of that.

The people of every country in Europe have allowed themselves to be over-run, including the United Kingdom which saw some 300 thousand immigrants arrive in the UK in 2015, even as Prime Minister Cameron was claiming to have stopped the flow and Jeremy Corbyn was calling for him to open the flood-gates and allow all the casualties of British aggression to enter the UK. In other words bring in loads more of those whom hate us?.

To discuss immigration problems is taboo. There are no problems, get over it. Even as folk are being searched by vigilante style immigrants, as they try to enter immigrant areas here in France, the government claims there to be no such thing as a ‘No Go Area.’ The Police tell a different tale, they are fully aware of this growing problem as are the Police in other countries. Off the record.

I decided I had better check out the way these Millennials are perceived by those whom claim to be some sort of Social Psychologists. The claims they made about the “youth of today” was such a fairy tale that it made me laugh. I have a Millennial and I could not in all honesty claim him to have any one of the attributes claimed by the writer of the post, which I fell on by hazard. It was, not to put too fine a point on it, arrant crap. Millennials are victims and to claim them to be dynamic and aware with their own philosophy of life, a philosophy which it was suggested, was well disseminated amongst the group as a whole, as if they had all popped out of the same pod was ridiculous.

There are, just as there were in 70’s, several schisms in youth culture. Mods did not have a particular philosophy of life, they had Lambrettas or Vespas, which they customised themselves and rode off to the seaside to have a silly little fight with the Rockers, who had Harley’s and long hair and beards and they were fierce. They wore black leather, as fierce people do. Alongside we had the “Far Out Hippies,” they liked smoking dope and everything was “Too much man.” they wore very carefully ripped and ragged clothes and they did indeed claim to believe in the “Power of Love” and Zen and the works of Tolkien. Alongside that bunch of freaks were the straights, there is very little to say about the straights, the name tells you all you need to know.

To suggest that there is now some dominant group, which has been categorised as the Millennials, is a sign of some sort of interference in modern society. There are not thousands of these youngsters who are going to change the face of modern business and how it operates, they work at their job in exactly the same way as past generations worked at their job. To suggest that they prefer to stay away from their workplace if they feel that their presence is not essential, is stupid. I was told by this site that Millennials do not favour face to face meetings, they are a waste of their time, when it can all be done with a Tablette.

Who dreams up all this crap? Once upon a time Cosmopolitan claimed to its female readership that they should have an affair to brighten up their marriage. Good advice that, seeing as it came direct from the Frankfurt School. The other day The Daily Mirror claimed that a girl should shag around with at least ten men, before settling down. Someone, somewhere had done some sort of poll and figured out that there was some connection between having shagged ten men and some unclear benefit.

I thought about this idea for a while, trying to figure out what the benefit could be. Just supposing you were a young woman, looking for a mate, should you accept the Mirror’s advice, what do you do when you arrive in bed with the Tenth Man? Do you in some way automatically believe that he is the best of the bunch? What if you find that he is inferior to both number three and number seven? They offered no guidance as to how you go back and do a test between number three and number seven, so you’re stuck. Bad advice.

The world is now full of ageing women, who took advantage of their “liberty” when they left their husband? As encouraged so to do, by female magazines they took to the road of maximum sex. A man a week, which soon became a man a month and then a man perhaps once a year if you were lucky and after that a life alone. Men eventually lose the overpowering control of their dick and women fail to take that into account, so when this ‘power surge’ arrives, they are suddenly in need of a faithful man, who will accept their problem, men however are not so stupid, we know the slags and we don’t want one, who would?

All of this nonsense was organised and propagated in our schools and Universities. Sex has become the cheapest commodity on the market and the most readily available. The Tarts at the side of the road around where I live, do a roaring trade and it costs less than a glass of Pastis. So I am told, I might add.

The unspoken side of the Millennial tale is the huge number of young gay men whom are in its ranks. They are legion these days. In past times they were unremarked by the rest of the population, now-a-days they cannot be missed. They tell me that this has something to do with hormones which are quite deliberately added to food-stuffs, hormones which are also responsible in some way for the plague of obesity. There is a silent war going on and we are the target.

Payback Time Is Knocking On The Door.

There can be nobody in Europe or the Western World in general, who has not been made aware of the reality of the illegal and murderous attacks, which have been carried out by the “coalition” of those good people, who are looking after your best interests, keeping you safe from those “bad” folk who are always coming to get you, because they are jealous of your freedoms.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, much of it available on social media and on dozens of educational web pages, which explain in clear detail, the lies, with which you have been fed, by your bought and paid for politicians, to persuade you of the legality of their murderous campaigns, you have displayed a total lack of comprehension, as to what your idle acceptance of these lies has meant for those poor souls, who are suffering daily, from the unimaginable attacks and the barbarous treatment inflicted by your masked mercenaries, acts which include decapitation and crucifixion, images of which are considered too graphic for your taste. Poor you!

Down through the years you have willingly sacrificed your young men, in illegal war after illegal war, ignoring the reality of the criminality which your complicity has made possible.

The Great War was fought not to keep you safe, it was fought to further the agenda of hidden, creepy little characters, who would eat their own mother should they be hungry. You stood by watching your young lads sailing off to the trenches in Europe, where in one battle alone, at Passchendaele, there were half a million casualties. That was the start of the Genocide of the People of Europe.

Even as that ridiculous war was drawing to a close, your good friends, the Bolsheviks, were continuing this Genocide in Russia, where 65 million Christians were slaughtered, with the full knowledge of your elected leaders.

Twenty years later they had already generated an excuse to go after the Christians in Germany, where they mercilessly slaughtered at least 20 million German Christians and raped millions of women and young girls, some of them to death, having been ordered to do so, by your Bolshevik allies from Russia.

You have been constantly fed rubbish about the German people, rubbish which you are obliged to believe in order to avoid facing up to your own culpability and cruelty.

Should you choose to take a peek at the enormous amount of damage, which was a part of that “Good War,” you will quickly find that very little of it was carried out by the Germans.

They carried out a minimal amount of bombing in Europe. France suffered more at the hands of the “coalition” than by the Germans. More damage was done by British bombs in the North of France and more French people killed than had been killed by the Germans, throughout the long years of the occupation.

Germany, on the other hand, was given the Syrian treatment, every city and large town in Germany was laid to waste and untold millions murdered in the process.

As justification for this enormous crime, unsupported tales of German atrocities were generated and all of the selected guilty were lynched out of hand, ensuring that the truth never came to light. The fine folk of Europe are still congratulating themselves for this barbarity, while still condemning the German victims, as monsters.

During the past fifteen years, this “coalition” has been picking off very carefully selected countries, mainly those states which are blessed with natural resources, in which they tell all of you incomprehensibly stupid people, that they are liberating the people, of these lands from evil dictators.

Now, in the face of this unspeakable mass murder, the Peoples of this coalition, are so dumb and self centered, they are incapable of seeing what is taking place in front of their eyes and there would appear to no shortage of the hired killers, whom they refer to as “Our Boys” to inflict this abomination on to the folk of the Middle East, who are guilty of nothing whatsoever, and yet you “Coalition” members are now casually blaming them for what is going on.

There is no such thing as International Muslim Terrorism, how many times do you have to be told?  7-7 and 911 were inside jobs.

None of this matters anymore, you have served your purpose, the Death Sentence has already been delivered onto the White Christian Race and you are so stupid you cannot even see that you have already been slowly wiped out.

You are blind to the fact that you have become minorities in your own lands, while those by whom you are occupied will now treat you with exactly the same level of contempt with which you were trained to treat the German people. The Jews have claimed that they intend to train the Black people to hate White people and they will then turn them loose to kill you.

You have even been convinced that despite statistics which show quite clearly that immigrants into Europe are responsible for 90% of racist attacks and rapes, YOU are being blamed.

The Peoples of Europe and the rest of the Western World, have been living in a grand illusion, which was carefully fed into the minds of children at school, where lies have been taught as truth and evil as good. Cameron has just announced that he intends to teach little children in British schools, the tale of the holocaust, as an obligatory part of the school curriculum, even as the reality of what took place in the German Camps is daily revealing a misrepresentation of the facts.

Despite this uncertainty, Cameron is about to waste ten million British Pounds on a memorial to this event, without any reference whatsoever to the desires of the British people. This, in order to bolster the tale of the holocaust, without which it would be rather difficult to maintain the notion of German guilt and War Crimes, in the Second World War.

This, while Cameron is still providing the bombs and bullets for Saudi Arabia to destroy Yemen, for no particular reason, arms which are also being used to supply Daech in Syria and Iraq, even as the British pretend to be fighting them.

I believe that everything which I have just scribbled, is true. Should I have misrepresented anything I would be more than pleased should you choose to correct me. Yet not one word of what I have written will you ever find discussed amongst politicians or indeed by the mainstream media.

I would suggest that in whichever European country you live, you will have been mislead about the actual number of immigrants whom have been brought in and indeed about the “real” number of White people who remain.

One only need glance at those by whom you are surrounded in the streets to see quite clearly, that there are more old white people than young. Your elected controllers deceive you into believing that this is as a result of there being more old people because people are living longer.

There are no more older people than there have ever been, there are fewer youngsters of British origin, as a result of abortions and the Feminist inspired destruction of the family, which interferes with the average age of the population, that should be as clear as day.

The United States has never been in any danger of invasion and yet it has been in a constant state of war since the 19th Century. The United Kingdom has been in no danger since 1066, when it was invaded by the French, whom incidentally brought the Jew money lenders to the United Kingdom with them.

Despite this, the British have been throwing their weight about, mostly against weaker States, which they robbed and raped and murdered at will. The British have wet dreams about those glorious days of Empire.

Every British soldier, coming home from the merciless attacks against Muslim countries are murderers. They are most certainly not heroes they are no different from Daech, a group which most probably includes many British fighters, whom are spoken of as a brutal Death Cult by the British. They are of course funded by the same British whom fund the Regular Army.

Nothing will change in Europe by voting in a two-party system of democracy. In France the excuse for rigging the result of the most recent election, which was between two Parties, both of them controlled by Jews, which are claimed to be of the Left, Socialist and the Right, Republican, decided to call for those whom would vote for either of them, in a seat which they could not win, to cast their vote for the other, to stop the Front Nationale from gaining those seats.

There is not a shred of evidence that anyone did in fact change their voting intentions, but then pollsters, who up to that point, had always got it right, just as had happened in the UK, got it wrong. In the UK stolen postal votes were used to rig the election.

Somebody once said that to make Democracy work, your electorate have need of a functioning brain, I have come to the conclusion that they are right. We are doomed to remain in the Democratic hands of the monumentally stupid masses, whom demand of each other, “Which of the two of them are you going to vote for this time.?”

In France the majority voted for the Front, in the UK they voted for Ukip, which incidentally, just like the other UK Parties, brag of the number of their members who are Friends of Israel, both of these alternatives gained nothing, because of the “system,” while under the very same system in Scotland, the controlled Scottish National Party swept the board. Strange that, it could lead to a conspiracy theory being developed.

So generally speaking, what goes around comes around as they say, now it is the turn of the Europeans to be wiped out. There is no country left on Earth to which you can flee. China, India, Africa can all claim to be a homeland of sorts, while White man no longer has a homeland, he has given his homeland away without a care he will very soon find himself adopting the role of a “boat person,” with no one inclined to give him shelter.

Despite years of unheeded warnings, this could well be the last generation of the finest people the world has ever seen. We have achieved more than all of the other races put together, which is why they all want to be like us. Sadly, many Jew voices are calling for your elimination, having decided that you are not fit to live. We can say nothing about this threat, because to do so would be anti-Semitic.

Racist/Fascist Cries Are A Means Of Gagging Free Speech.

Racist/Fascist Cries Are A Means Of Gagging Free Speech

We are being fed rubbish, which suggests that to want to protect your people is Racist. Throughout history people have defended themselves against invasion. Sometimes they have lost sometimes they win, however whatever the outcome nobody allows an invasion to roll all over them without protest. Whether the invaders are Black or Blue they should be repulsed.

In Europe, the political control, has been allowed, through skullduggery, to fall into the hands of the Destroyers. Elected scum have educated the masses to feel guilty about rejecting hundreds of thousands of immigrants, into every country in Europe, whom they are expected to house, feed, educate and heal, even as their own people are being starved into submission through the use of Grand Larceny, which the Elected refer to as Austerity Measures.

We have witnessed thousands of arrogant thugs streaming, unchecked, across National borders, demanding money, refusing the food they are offered as not being good enough for them, raping and robbing at will, while Police look the other way. While despite the evidence of our own eyes, the lying media assures us that they are all refugees from Syria. Refugees which it should be noted, were deliberately produced by an illegal funding of Mercenary thugs, initiated by the British Prime Minister David Cameron, to take down Syria, for their own hidden agenda, just as he had previously destroyed Libya.

The British have in fact laid the entire Middle East to waste. These things do not happen by accident. Not one of the excuses, with which we were presented, as justification for these War Crimes was in any way adequate for the destruction which ensued. Should there have been any consideration for the people of the region, the carnage which was inflicted in Afghanistan, right off the beam, after the attack of 911, should have been enough warning not to carry on with the agenda. The very fact that they did carry on and are still going for it, demonstrates for all with eyes to see that there is something else afoot.

That laughable notion that these scum were taken by surprise when the refugees, having had the cost of their passage paid for and had been provided with all of the necessary instructions as to how to demand their Rights in The European Union, were shipped across the Mediterranean by agents working for the warmongers. Turkey supplied the rubber boats and life jackets for one and all. The whole business was a set-up.

We are now living in the middle of an unfolding nightmare. These folk were not brought into Europe for your benefit. When reality strikes home, people may well wish they had been just a little bit more racist.

The Black On The Bus.






Clips of blatant Black savagery against Muslims, Whites and even other Blacks and these Blacks are the loudest voice against Racism.

These clips are from the United Kingdom, The United States and South Africa and the howls of racism are coming from the hypocrites who are responsible for virtually all of the racist crimes  in the US and UK and now it would appear, from the above clip,  even in a so-called Black country, where Zuma, the joke of a president, sings songs about “give me my machine gun so I  can slaughter the Whites”  and the people cheer his sentiments. And we should care about these vicious prats?

Name A Politician Who Is Asking Any Difficult Questions.

There are an awful lot of strange things going on right under the noses of our elected politicians and yet they appear to be quite oblivious to them. How can this be, you might ask. There are I believe, twenty-four Jew politicians, including the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, in the House of Commons are none of them aware that White people are being threatened with their very existence by Jews like them,?

The Opposition Labour Party is in the main, working to a program which was drawn up by Jews, back in the early days of Socialism, by members of the Fabian Society. Every Leader of the Labour Party has been a member. As far back as 1950, it has been policy for the Labour Party to swamp the United Kingdom with immigrants, in order to destroy the White British people by encouraging them to breed with Black people.

The Labour Party under Tony Blair, quite deliberately flooded the UK with immigrants, which was all part of the same plan. The Conservative Party, which is run by Jews, must surely be aware of the agenda of the Fabian Society, which was founded by Jews, the very same Jews whom control the Conservative Party and who are still surreptitiously, funding the Socialists.

The same people whom were the initiators of the British Communist Party, which they called “Socialist,” which sounds very friendly to folk but which is a trap to force the population into the grip of hand-outs, which will involve accepting the total control of a dictatorial state machine, similar to the Bolshevik Jew Communist system which was forced down the throats of the Russian people after the coup d’etat in 1917.

The European Union, which has served no purpose other than to rob the people of Europe and to asset strip them of anything of value into the hands of the Jews who created the current political system, for their own ends.

In the United Kingdom and across Europe the Jews are proposing an entirely new system of control, under which there will be no National Government worthy of the name. There is a Treaty, the Trans Pacific Partnership, what an innocuous sounding title, almost as user-friendly as Common Market, however it is just as vicious as was the eventual destination of this Common Market.

The TPP treaty was recently forced through in New Zealand, despite gargantuan efforts by the people of New Zealand to stop its progress, because it will signal the end of any hope of a decent standard of living for the people of New Zealand in future years.

The people of The United States, Japan, Australia, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, Chile, Singapore, Canada, Mexico and Brunei Darussalam, have also been forced to accept a decision which was taken in secret by traitorous governments which refused to allow the people to know what was being imposed on to them.

The next step will be to set up the TTIP Treaty, The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The talks about this one are ongoing, however, elected members of the Houses of Parliament give the impression as being totally unaware of it and we have not even been told who is doing the discussions and with whom. This grouping will carefully place the USA as the liaison between TTIP and TPP.



David Cameron, who claims to have been responsible for the actual idea of TTIP has strongly opposed any suggestion of reducing the power which he is so keen to place into the hands of unelected Corporations, which will be the massive winners in this game.

In find it hard to believe that Saint Jeremy Corbyn is unaware of this coming disaster. Where are all of the “Usual Suspects?” In fact I regularly listen to Sky News and I have yet to hear any call for real information from their teams of investigative journalists, struggling to inform the British people, but then I forgot Sky News is controlled by Jews. Just like News output on the BBC. So all we get are vague tales of possible problems with coming out of the European Union, which is being presented as looking after our best interests, which would mean we would be even more at risk from TTIP if we left the EU. Well not if it was not signed but then David Cameron is gung-ho for all of it, the EU and TTIP, while Corbyn, the wolf in sheep’s clothing has yet to show his cards.

I have told this tale many times, yet it seems to have been dismissed as yet another conspiracy theory. Well I am sorry to put a damper on your hopes but it is a minute to midnight and still no response from the multitudes who will be affected by the coming events.

I warned a long time ago, that the European Union was a device to destroy Europe. Yet despite the fact that Europe is on its knees, that your complicit Governments have actually assisted in the removal of most of European Industry to those countries, which they have calmly excluded from carbon emission restrictions, in order to reduce emissions in Europe, a stupidity which was eagerly accepted by the majority of people, after all we must save the planet.

Its pretty much like population reduction, an idea which was seized upon with alacrity,  by the dumbed down white women of Europe, who have no real aptitude for caring for children. The result has been, you’ve guessed it a shortage of children, well what do you know? So what is the solution? Well immigrants of course what do you think? No plan whatsoever about how to manage with a reduced population, so ask yourselves what was the point?

Now, having played our part in population reduction, our leaders have invited all the riff raff from across the planet to come to Europe for a free and easy life, while in reality, there is no work for them, there has never been enough available homes in Europe for those whom are already here. There are people living in the sewers in glorious Europe and now we have the slave labour on hand.

So where does this leave us? Well it leaves us where it was always intended we would be, on our way to Third World status. The cheap labour is here, TTIP is coming with its Corporate control and we are all being frightened to death with a deliberately constructed enemy, Daech, which your governments are at this moment pretending to fight.

The only missing piece in their grand scheme, is the setting up of the Third Union, the one with Russia and China and the rest of those States missing from TTIP and TPP. As I have told you on a dozen occasions, Communism never broke down in Russia, it was all an illusion. The plan for the Eurasian Union was always included in the programme. When it suits, Putin will be obliged to stab Assad in the back, unless of course they choose to carve up the Middle East in a manner which will allow Syria and Turkey to combine with other States close by in the Eurasian Union.

Henry Kissinger, the Jew ghoul, was in talks with Putin just a few days ago. The top Jew for the Trilateral Commission, who was described by a Russian on Putin’s staff, just a few days ago, as the greatest living diplomat in the world.  If that does not tell you all you need to know about Putin, good luck to you. Finally many years ago the United Nations announced their intention to make sure that everybody on Earth, would have access to the minimum of health care. That was interpreted to mean that we mould maintain what we had while those in the Third World would get at least the minimum of care. Sadly what it meant was we would all get minimum care and they have already started to destroy our health services or perhaps you have not noticed.


Can You Really Go To Gaol For Being A Bad House-wife?…Why Not?

einstein he say

An Italian woman is facing a prison sentence for neglecting her duties in the home. Once again instead of supporting the poor husband, who is after all the victim of a slovenly wife, as usual, the man is attacked by idiotic Feminists.

This nonsense gets on my nerves. are women now permitted to sit on their arse watching television all day, without criticism?

A man goes out to work to support the family, if he does nothing all day, he gets the sack.

Biased reporting of the case fails to mention that her husband carries out his side of the bargain and by suggesting that he,  like the “cliché” version of a husband, wants to sit around watching her do everything,  when in fact the opposite is true, she does sweet FA.  Are we expected to believe that the husband reported he her on a whim?

Let’s be fair, despite all the bullshit, running the average home is a doddle, when compared with a job in an Iron Foundry, which many men are obliged to do, in order to keep these Idle Annies’ in lipstick and nail varnish.


Fountain of Sorrow: Jackson Browne.


I told my father I wanted to play the banjo, and so he saved the money and got ready to give me a banjo for my next birthday, and between that time and my birthday, I lost interest in the banjo and was playing guitar.

Jackson Browne


Unmasking The Danger Men In The British Parliament.


Corbyn should either deny membership os accept his own collusion.

Under-cover Corbyn.



The son of Stalinist apologist ralph miliband, a long time friend of fabian society member Jeremy corbyn, ex foreign secretary of blair’s cabinet of war criminals, now a grossly overpaid member of a jew controlled charity, David miliband, is now being sent to the, middle east to, help the refugees, who were created by british funding of terrorists in Syria.

The british people truly are living in a dream. they would appear to believe that the filth who have been laying the middle east to waste will not do the same to them, well think again. they have already been deceived into the belief that mass immigration into the united kingdom would not be a problem and to speak out against it is “racist” and nice people are stupid but not racist.

Well the invasion has been a total success. The United Kingdom is a thing of the past, anglo saxon people are now a minority in their own country and they attack the very people who attempt to do something about it.

we now have those fabian society, wolves in sheep’s clothing, parading around as humanitarians, insisting that the United kingdom take in ever more immigrants, without once pointing out that the war against syria, was no more than a ploy, to create the possibility of a clearance of Syria, in order to make way for greater Israel and to of course, steal the recently discovered syrian oil and gas reserves.

Jeremy corbyn is every bit as much of an establishment man as is david cameron and the rest of the eton bully boys in the house of commons, Corbyn has access to all of the available information coming out of syria, information which suggests that the russian and syrian forces will very soon obliterate the british terrorists in syria, driving them back into turkey, which is the home base of daech and the “fence” for the stolen oil from syria, so why is he not speaking up? Is he part of the problem? It looks that way to me. does he actually approve of what was done to syria, to save it?  Who in their right mind could swallow this shit?  we are now being presented with the obscene idea of british “humanitarianism,” when having paid for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of syrian’s they are now claiming to be intent on helping them. 


Yesterday in parliament, as the world is drifting into yet another british inspired war, Jeremy corbyn raised no question concerning the lies which cameron is feeding the british, not only about the illegal destruction of syria but about british membership of the European union. HE is of course in favour of the european union, which is a construct of the fabian society, so why would he not be in favour of the declared intention of the apparent founder of the European Union, richard coudenhove-kalergi, a zionist agent, who was also involved in the construction of the Fabian Society.

this will all sadly pass straight over the heads of the misinformed British public who firmly believe that the zionists in the house of commons are working for them. they fully accept that all of the economic calamities arrived out of the blue and had nothing to do with their zionist governments complicity in a giant fraud, so they just carried on munching while they were being robbed.

Corbyn in parliament, concentrated, yesterday,  on a health matter, cancer, instead of grilling cameron about what he is attempting to force the british people to accept. Whatever he is up to, you british people, need to be reminded, will not be good for you.

Being In or out of europe will be of no importance whatsoever, should cameron sign the TTIP agreement. A treaty which will in effect open to floodgates of the UK and Europe to slave made products, floodgates, which cameron will be unable to close.  So why is corbyn, should he be working for you, not demanding of cameron, why he is carrying out all discussions about TTIP in secret?

Does the British Electorate accept the concept of secret agreements which are to the benefit of Corporations, most of which are in the same hands, which will give them total power over any remaining National Government in Europe,  power which will include their own Corporate controlled Courts, which will have the right to override national legal systems.

why is fabian man corbyn, the peoples champion, allowing the british people to be lead by the nose to total elimination and the UK itself to be reduced to Third World Status? He cannot be unaware of what is going on.

Sky News Delivers A Blatant Deception About Trump In Iowa.

Ben Carson, a Republican candidate, in the election in Iowa on Tuesday night,  has lodged a complaint against Ted Cruz another Republican man, whom claimed victory in that election, through the medium stealing Carson’s votes, by suggesting that they were a wasted vote as Carson was stepping down. The Cruz team also spread lies about another candidate Donald Trump, claiming him to be in favour of something of which he was not, which was also a lie.

These lies which, which have been roundly condemned as blatant election rigging, which assured Cruz of victory in the election, were presented by Sky News as nothing more than Donald Trump making excuses for losing.

Sky dismissed completely the fact that Carson was denied all of his votes, while concentrating solely on what Trump said after Carson’s complaint had been made public as nothing more than sour grapes.



Notice how in the clip, when even after they had heard all of the sentence, the “journalists” spluttered out some nonsense which had nothing whatever to do with large numbers of un screened refugees, which may include hidden terrorists, streaming into the US.

What’s more on that other organ of truth, Russia Today, I was astonished to notice that in a blurb about the election in Iowa, Russia Today, as did Sky News and the BBC, edited Trumps comment about screening Muslims before they are allowed to enter the US, to simply “Muslims should not be allowed the enter the US.”  Nobody can be trusted believe me.  Putin the man who is going to save us from the Bankers, is about to “privatise Aeroflot.” What a disgrace.


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