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Russian Propaganda Goes Into Top Gear!

The Russians, whom are themselves the most accomplished mass murderers of innocent people in the history of the world, which involved Gulags of such ferocity that the German Camps would have been considered as hotels in comparison, have the wretchedness of mind, as to while completely ignoring their own infamous past, have allowed, with a straight face,  this piece of crap to be broadcast as a serious comment on World War Two.

The reporter, Paula Slier, a Jew, Russia Today’s Correspondent in Israel; no conflict of interest there, presents such an over-acted account of events which took place seventy years ago, to people, whom were unknown to her, as to suggest that she had just been informed of the loss of all of her close family.

There were no lists of those Jews whom died during the war, apart from German records or those of the Red Cross and there are no lists of people whom were allegedly gassed at Auschwitz or anywhere else, and there was no way of verifying any of the claims which she was making.

The letter from her first cousin once removed, spoke of thousands of people dying, which would have been true, as there was outbreak of Typhus, which took the lives of hundreds of thousand of people during the war. He made no mention of gassings, and if he wrote a large number of letters, all of which apparently reached there destination, his family must have still been at home in order to receive them, we of course have no way of knowing if he received any replies but whether he did or not, to have been in a position to write them in the first place would suggest he was being well looked after.

Just in passing, I get up at 4.30, prepare my own breakfast and go to work, sometimes during winter weather so cold I can hardly bear the pain in my feet but so do millions of others. I arrive back home at around 4.00 in the afternoon.

This insistence of using the Germans as a punch bag to cover-up the real atrocities of World War Two, which were in fact carried out by the Red Army on the ground and by the British and Americans in the air, completely negate the claims of truthful reporting which are constantly being made by RT.



We All Have The Right Of Free Speech As Long As We Don’t Express It..

A while back I decided to put the idea of the “freedom of speech and expression” to the test. Sadly, as with most popular misconceptions, it is a rare commodity.  In my own sphere, I soon discovered that this “freedom” involves the full acceptance of all current stupidities, while to do otherwise leaves you open to derision.

My problems started, when during a coffee-time discussion about the French involvement in the destruction of Libya, an affable young lad suggested that these sort of problems could be better solved through the medium of love.

In all innocence I asked him to explain what he meant. The silence which fell over the group was palpable but in my new incarnation of upholder of the “Rights of Man” I pressed on.

I asked him if he felt uncomfortable with my question and if yes, was I now under an attack of love and if so, how was he doing it. I could sense that most of the other folk at the table were in support of the sentiments of  this fable of love. They were part of a group of people who hold to the idea of love conquering all, while at the same time they can offer no convincing explanation as to why they are mostly divorced.

For some time after, most of the group, including the “love man” refused to speak to me, such is love. This all changed for a short period when a young girl had her bag and wallet stolen putting her into a bit of a hole. I made a spontaneous collection for her, to help her out, which, awkwardly, reinstated me into every bodies good books, but only for a short period.

My next transgression was on the day when there was a marriage in the Town Hall.  I noticed that the guests, who were gathering outside, included a large number, whom though they looked like women, were in fact dressed like men.

I asked a fellow, whom I have known for years, if this was a Gay Wedding?  He immediately called me a Fascist. I asked him what he meant.  His response absolutely floored me. He suggested that I should not have even noticed that there was any difference between the Gay couple who were getting married and any heterosexual couple.

That was more than enough for me, as far as I was concerned that sort of stupidity qualified him as a verifiable cretin. I asked him how that made me a Fascist? He started to mumble something about Hitler’s hatred of homosexuals, so I asked him what a hatred of homosexuals had to do with being a Fascist?

I have noticed for some time that the actual meaning of Fascism has long been swamped out of existence and has been misrepresented as being a form of oppression, favoured, of course, by cruel Dictators.

I made a remark along the lines of, most of the crimes which have been laid at the door of Hitler, have never been proven.  I asked him if he could point me towards a piece of evidence of Hitler’s attacks against homosexuals. Apparently, like love, it is all around us and like love it can ever be produced in support of claims which are continually made of it.

The fellow started to tell me that there was all the evidence of the Shoah, in support of what he was suggesting.  When I pointed out that most of the evidence of the Shoah was so insecure, that in the end it could not have been the truth as all of the claims which were made in the past, have had to be revised. There is no need to revise the truth.

At which point, he warned me that if I continued in this manner,  denying the Shoah, he would not be speaking to me again.  When I put it to him that if I was obliged to believe something, was it not up to him to show me proof of the actuality of the event, in which I was meant to believe, otherwise it was no more than a religion and was he suggesting that I was not allowed to choose my own beliefs?

That was the end of the conversation and to this day, not one word has passed between us.

So where are we now?  Love, Gay Marriage and the holocaust, that leaves us with that other hot potato, immigration.

Just a few days ago, yet another long time “friend” became agitated when I asked her opinion about the current level of immigration.

Her response was that there was no problem with immigration. When I asked her to explain to me the point at which it would become necessary to say that France was full,  just like all of the other “really nice people” who can see no problem with the huge influx of immigrants into France, she was afraid to commit herself to any limit on immigration, when common sense suggests that there must be some limit, France cannot accept six or seven billion people.

At which point it becomes clear that most people fail to see the difference between economic immigrants and refugees or asylum seekers, intent on escaping the threat of torture or death in their homeland.

I asked her what was supposed to happen to the million or more young Muslim lads, living in the Banlieue de Paris whom had never been able to find a job.  She had no answer.  I asked her if she was happy about Paris being already more than fifty per-cent immigrant. She responded saying that all of the bigger cities in France were the same, but that was no problem.

When I suggested that immigrants were more likely than the French to have large families, she became aggressive with me, calling me racist and all the other insults, because the notion of immigrants having large families was a lie which was being put about by the Front Nationale.

When I suggested that most statistics showed that immigrants were having at least twice as many babies as were the French she was disgusted with the suggestion.

I told her that Irish people are renowned for their large families and that I have never heard of anybody suggesting that it was Racist or Fascist or anything else to suggest that this was the case, so why was there a problem to suggest that others might be the same?

I put it to her that she appeared to be saying that nobody had the right to question mass immigration and that when groups like Ukip in the UK or the Front Nationale in France stood up and said that enough is enough, they were going to be smeared and denigrated and anyone who agreed with them would be ostracised.  At which point she said that if I continued along those lines she would not be speaking to me again.

The fact of the matter is that the United Kingdom and France should be prepared to accept whomsoever is trying to escape from Mali, Central Africa, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Sudan and wherever else,  as they are responsible for the destruction of those countries and the creation of millions of refugees. So why should Europe decide that every country in Europe should take their share why not send them all to the UK and France?

Ireland has never invaded any country nor have the Irish people been responsible for world war-fare so why is Ireland under threat from a problem created by the British,  French Americans and Israel?

It may have always been the same and it could be that in the past I have simply not noticed, but there are dozens of references made to the crimes of Hitler on a daily basis.  Just yesterday I was confronted with my latest “free speech” issue.  I was not even involved in the conversation which provoked it, I just happened to be standing near-by.

A fellow was babbling about the atrocities of Hitler and the Germans and I quietly asked him why it was that folk were forever attacking Hitler and yet they never said a word about Stalin, whom had slaughtered 65 million Christians.  The man stiffened and I could see that he was going to have no sympathy for my remark.

For once I managed to keep my mouth shut, mainly because the man was a good sort and it was clear that he had a limited understanding of what had happened during the war.

So shamefully, it becomes clear that when the Jew François Hollande, is suggesting that to criticise Jews should be illegal, nobody is going to give a damn, any more than they will when the Jew Cameron makes Conspiracy Investigation illegal.

So what sort of Free Speech are we left with?  What sort of Freedom and Human Rights are the immigrants in Ireland demanding?  Are there Human Rights  for Immigrants which are denied to the rest of us?  Why are our governments, behind our backs, bringing in large numbers of immigrants in the first place.

My last point, I asked the woman who was in favour of Immigration, what she thought about the genocide against Whites in South Africa?  Like many others,  she felt that they had brought on themselves through their past actions.

When I suggested to her that the Boers had in fact been in South Africa before the Blacks, which had been a large empty space when they arrived three hundred or so years ago and that the Black were immigrants, looking for work.

She scoffed saying that it was ridiculous to suggest that Whites had been there before the Blacks.  I refuted that claim, saying that Africa was a huge continent and most of the people were hunter gatherers of one form or another. leaving the vast prairies free for farming,  for which the Boers used it.

I asked her if she felt that it was OK to call Africa a Black Mans Continent and if so what was Europe?   Plus how she felt about the brutal attacks against BLACK asylum seekers in South Africa by the Rainbow People.

Did she agree with Israel expelling the Black Jew  “infiltrators” into Israel and the lack of immigration into States which were not of European origin?

Nobody can answer these sort of questions because to do so would display the crass stupidity of their stance.  So I think that in reality there is no such animal as true Freedom of Speech and when you have numb-heads telling me that it is racist to be able to distinguish Black from White and Male from Female it becomes clear that when even relatively intelligent people fail to understand how it should apply to the beliefs of others, things will get no better.




The Tories Are Getting Into The Agenda 21 Super-City States At Full Speed Ahead.

George Osborne, today announced his intention, to once more go against the wishes of the British people, whom have already voted against the idea of a Super-City with an elected Mayor in charge, by offering numerous “glittering prizes” for those whom accept the idea.

No investment will be made anywhere in the North-West without the acceptance of the idea of an elected Mayor. This should give the voters of the region pause for thought. A Mayor can be controlled and relied on, during any discussion of their City’s affairs, to do as they are told, which will include passing half of the City’s affairs into the grip of the Department of Sustainable Development a Non Governmental Organisation.

The idea of the Super-City is a world-wide phenomenon, which is a sure sign of a Central Control and not the idea of George Osborne, he is merely the bearer of the word of the un-elected United Nations and the secretly written dictates in the new Communist Manifesto Agenda 21, which wishes to force us all out of the countryside and into these Super Cities.

Most of the local Councils in the selected Cities will have already been undermined and infiltrated by the European Unions stealth group Common Purpose,  yet another NGO, Non-Governmental Organisation,  unknown by the general public,   which is intent on destroying Local Democracy.

The result of the recent election in the UK, saw to the virtual destruction of both the Socialist Party, the Liberal Democrats and restricted the third largest party by number of votes,  Ukip,  to a mere one seat, which has had the effect of turning the Conservatives into the only Party, with enough support in England and Wales, to win a future General Election, the SNP having taken control of most of the Socialists Seats in Scotland.

This situation will not be acceptable to the British and will lead inevitably to discontent, so in order to circumvent this inconvenience, all control of the regions will be passed to the Mayoral areas, with the Mayors reporting to Central Office which will be in Brussels, rendering the UK Parliament to the dustbin of history.  London will be just one more mayoral Region and the United Kingdom will to all intents and purposes cease to exist.

Everything which I present can be found written in the Treaty of Lisbon or Agenda 21.  All of the main British Politicians have been on board with these traitorous acts. The British people have been lied to since the day they signed on to a liaison with the Common Market, which was a title designed to lull the British into the illusion that they were joining a group on independent States and not a Federal State of Europe, under the control of Bolshevik Communists.

I’m not at all sure that the charming lady in this video is completely right, but she has certainly hit on a major possibility, because I find it hard to believe that this was a fair and honest result, it was all just a little too convenient for the Tories, who are intent on finishing off the job of robbing the poor to pay the rich.

Black Crime Statistics.


The US statistics are backed up by UK and other countries numbers of Black crime, whether it be against White people or against other Blacks.

South Africa, the land of apartheid and other White inspired problems, now under Communist control, has transformed itself into a particularly brutal, racist state, where the figure  of rapes is off the charts and the most dangerous job is that of a White farmer.  The era of White rule is now looked on as a lost Golden Age.

The Blacks in South Africa are not of a unique origin, they streamed into South Africa from all over Africa and when they achieved majority, they, like all parasites, destroyed their host.  They are now complaining about others doing the same thing to them.  I believe that to be called hypocrisy.

This is the model for the take-over of Europe through the medium of immigration. In reality, Europe is already lost to Whites, London is already fifty per cent immigrant, very soon, like the Boers, you will be under attack.

Hellstorm: The Truth Of World War Two And The Genocide of Germany

Britain and France forced this war on to Germany, and this is what was done to the German people in your name.

“This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany.” – Winston Churchill (Autumn 1939 broadcast)

“It is not the Germany of the first decade that followed  great war – broken, dejected and bowed down with a sense of apprehension and impotence. It is now full of hope and confidence, and of a renewed sense of determination to lead its own life without interference from any influence outside its own frontiers. One man has accomplished this miracle. He is a born leader of men. A magnetic and dynamic personality with a single-minded purpose, a resolute will and a dauntless heart.” – David Lloyd George (Ex-Prime Minister, UK), in the Daily Express (Sep. 17, 1936)

When the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury today spoke of the evil in World War Two, perhaps the darkest time in history, his words certainly did not describe the conduct of the Germans, they spoke to the real scourge of this earth, the Western Alliance and those whom write the orders.

We are all still under the control of these slabs of evil who created the horror in the above film and their greatest achievement was to convince the deluded dupes who fought the war, that they were heroes, the “exceptional generation.”

They were laughing up their sleeves at all of you.  You have survived the last seventy years but you will not live long enough to repay the “War Debt” the Jews start these wars and we end up paying for them.

“Hitler and the German people didn’t want this war. We didn’t answer Hitlers various petitions for peace. Now we have to admit that he was right. Instead of a cooperation with Germany, which he had offered us, now stands the gigantic, imperialistic might of the Soviets. I feel ashamed to see how the same intentions of which we accused Hitler,   are now pursued under a different name.” – Sir Hartley Shawcross, British chief-accuser in Nuremberg.”

Should you be tempted to believe, that the behaviour of the Allies in the above film, was no more than a unique aberration, think again.

Just a few short years later they were at it again in Korea, where they carried mass murder, under the banner of the United Nations, an organisation which would put an end to war.

A decade later, they were laying waste to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and by Christ did they have a field day?

Take a look at this clip and decide for yourselves if you can see a difference between this behaviour and what was done to the Germans.  Never fear, you could be next.


The End Of Days For The Labour Party.

The Labour Party, having served its purpose, is now being blended with its friends the Conservatives, where in reality, it has always been.  In the “New” Europe, there is no need of a group which pretends to have the interests of the working  man at heart,  that sort of nonsense is now under the umbrella of the Bolshevik Politburo in Brussels.

Any compliant group of clerks in the UK, will be more than capable of installing a list of decrees from head office, into local law.

Scotland has now become a “one-party State.”   In the UK the Lib-Dems, have been destroyed. Ukip has been presented as being no more than racists and will probably lose support.

The Greens are already controlled, with a future job do, which will involve the imposition of the New Communist Manifesto, Agenda 21.   So all the British need is a couple of groups of compliant dummies, pretending to have some sort of power, which they have in fact never had, they have always been controlled from behind the scenes and every thing will carry on as usual.

The British have just struggled through the longest, most boring, election campaign in history. At the end of which, they were told that all of the Pollsters had got it wrong and only the exit polls were right, which means, I presume, that everybody told lies to the pollsters, except the unknown group, which religiously told the truth, having just voted, preparing the British for the “preferred” result, which just happened to be the result which matched the exit polls.

David Cameron, whom had a look of “We’ll never get away with this one,” plastered all over is face, can now claim to have a mandate to continue the bleeding of the British people, whom despite having been warned that he and his Eton Fag,  George Osborne, are going to take a further twelve billion pounds out of their pockets, have apparently re-elected him anyway.

Cameron has already prepared a place for a few more of his school chums, like the Johnson boys, there appears to be a huge shortage of Christians amongst the British at the moment.

Despite the clamour for a referendum on membership of the EU, all three of the main Parties, have maintained a religious observance  of the claims of the massive benefits which depend on membership, implying that to leave the Union would be catastrophic.

This is a nonsense. Remember that membership of the Soviet Union bestowed its members with nothing but misery. Eastern European Members, like us,  were also given no choice, they were quite simply given to the Bolsheviks, at the conference of Yalta, by a group of Bolsheviks, which included Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin.

Cameron, knowing full well that neither he, nor the other Prime Ministers of members States, have any control over the dictates of the European Commission, will go through a “pretence” of bargaining with the Commission, winning some inconsequential benefits for the UK, which will be presented as “earth-shattering” and as an amazing feat of diplomatic wrangling on his part, which will then be used as the “Game Changer,” when the result of he in-out referendum is rigged.

In Scotland, where they have recently voted for yet another leader with a fishy name, the people have already been informed, that should they participate in any future referendum, which by “accident” may result in an “out” vote, there will be an immediate call for independence, to prevent the Scottish people from making any choice other than the desired choice of their Dictator.

Back in the UKSR, Son of Kinnock, came out of the shadows, to tell us that as a “Democrat” he was in favour of passing the control of the UK into the hands of the unelected,  undemocratic and undesirable Union in Europe.

A Union which is the dream of the Communist Bolsheviks fulfilled.  They are a cabal,  whom through its control of the mainstream media,  have for years been feeding us rubbish about the remnants of the National Socialists being the real founders of the EU, which was paid for using all of the wealth which was seized by Hitler, which should it be true, would be a far more acceptable leadership than  the Communist  demons, whom currently have us by the throat.

During the recent election, George Galloway, a man whom is well-known for his support of the people of Gaza, lost his seat in Parliament, to a young woman, whom had claimed to have been forced into a marriage, when she was a child of fifteen.

During an interview with this person on Sky News, she turned out to be of Oriental origin and she was doing her campaigning surrounded by a posse of Muslims.  The men gave the impression of being solidly dedicated to Islam.

Does this dedication include the installation of Sharia Law into the UK?  If so is this an acceptable introduction of religion into UK politics?  Or is it merely the first step in the direction of The Muslim Independence Party in the UK?

Is it not time for the Christian People to respond to this gross misuse of the current system, which allows minorities to whinge and whine about their lack of representation, which will eventually lead to voting for your own race, whether it be good for the majority or not, while any preference for a White Christian will be condemned as racist.

The Christian Governor of Quebec in Canada, recently suggested to Muslims, who had sought a life in Canada, simply because it was a better life than they could expect in a Muslim country, to accept the way of life of the people whom had established this better way life in the first place and that should they prefer a Muslim lifestyle, they were free to find it in any one of the fifty or so Muslim States on the Planet.

I believe he also offered to pay for the trip. This offer was in response to Muslim pressure to stop offering pork chops in school canteens.

Either way, without a strong and alert government, unlike any one of the three bunches of Globalists, whom are currently on offer to the British, this includes The Scot Nats, the UK will soon be turned into a fractious and bitter racist state, which is exactly what is desired by Brussels. What else is the reason for suggesting that however many Muslim refugees cross the Mediterranean, a place must be found for them in Europe.

Ask yourselves the simple question, What is the difference between the Socialists and the Conservatives?  They both voted for War. They both want to steal, ever-increasing amounts of your taxes to pay the bankers. Both are advocates of Privatisation. Both are involved in secret talks about TTIP. As long ago as 1939 they both colluded in the aggressive war against Germany. They both want to stay in the EU, whatever the people want.  This is despite the fact that half of Europe has gone bankrupt thanks to the EU.

Britain was the hardest hit by the 2008 crash, despite not even being a member of the Euro-Zone. So who in their right minds would want to stay with this bunch of traitors who are at this minute voting in favour of Genetically Modified foodstuffs for Europe, which is part of the TTIP Treaty.

I think, in view of all of the above, that the UK has had a one party system of government for the past one hundred years, disguised as a choice merely to present the colour of Democracy.

Part of the Treaty of Lisbon, outlaws any Political Party which stands in opposition to the Union of Europe and will be banned. The only acceptable Party title will be obliged include words which suggest a support for the idea of a Union, such European Social Democratic Party, for example.

When Cameron, with the support of all of the main Parties in Parliament; whatever the Tory Euro-sceptics may say,  tells the British that he is satisfied with the concessions which he has gained in Europe and then goes on to oversee a rigged referendum, he will receive a landslide support in Parliament, such is the gulf between the people and their controllers.

The British will then find to their surprise that there are a lot of other hidden clauses in the Treaty of Lisbon and they will understand more fully, the reasons behind the advance of Scottish Nationalism and the appearance of Immigrant Nationalism in areas of the UK which are already at immigrant saturation point. This opinion of mine is already on the list of phobias, of course.




Quicksilver Messenger Service: The Fool.

This is my all-time favourite track, nothing better ever came out of Acid Rock.

Have The Wee Frogs Jumped From The Frying Pan Into The Boiling Water?

After all the blubbering and excuses for the disproportionate distribution of seats, according to the percentage of votes gained and calls for a fairer system, the people of Scotland have shown, quite clearly that there is no such thing as an unattainable result, all that is necessary is enough intelligence to vote for it.

The British people have once again lost the plot by re-electing the War Criminal, mouth-pieces of the Ruling Classes, whom have quite deliberately lied to the British, about the state of the economy and the true depth of the depression which will soon envelop them.

I would suggest that the British People, cast an eye on the products available in their nearest Hyper-Market, to see if they can find a well-known brand of power-tool, for example, bearing the name of a Japanese Company, such as Ryobi, which is not made in China, and ask themselves, who in their right mind, is going to go to the trouble of setting up a factory in the UK, when their hearts desire can be manufactured for half the price in China and through the use of “Free Trade Agreements” be allowed unrestricted rights to import into the UK?

There is no difference between the two main Parties, both of them are working for the same ends, their antics are nothing more than a “Good Cop, Bad Cop,” pantomime.

Scotland has managed to get rid of all three of the main Parties, in one fell swoop and are now in the claws of a group of people whom have been built up out of nothing, in the land of the Scottish Rites Freemasonry.

Scotland is also the Dark Kingdom of Dunblane and the unforgivable treatment of Hollie Greig, not to mention the refusal of the Judiciary and Police, along with the elected politicians, to investigate the behaviour of the Elite of the Establishment and their Dark Desires, which some suggest were used as blackmail, to force the British into illegal wars and the creation of a false narrative about Muslims.

Let it not be forgotten that a Scot,  NATO Chief, Lord George Robertson, supplied the guns to the mass murderer of children at Dunblane, it is not clear as to who may have provided the weapons for the character who was seen following the killer around the school.


What has been seen off by the rise and rise of the Scottish Nationalists, is the possibility of getting a proper, simply worded, in-out referendum on membership of the monolithic, unelected, Communist, Politburo in Brussels and of course the sad loss of a very funny man, Nigel Farage,  whom has given the world a collection of video clips, of the charade in the EU Parliament, unmatched by any other contributor.

There is no way Nigel Farage, could be allowed to talk out like this in the UK Parliament, which is why there was a strange “hitch” in the delivery of the Ballot Boxes,  which delayed the count.

Like the English, the people of Scotland have failed to noticed that those whom have promised to release them from the chains of  London, have as yet, made no mention as to how they will go about protecting this new freedom from the chains of the Bolsheviks ensconced in The City of London.”

Well better luck next time, oh and by the way, you may not have noticed, but you have all just voted in the first election after a five year term of Government, this was an order from the Politburo.

All of these little idiosyncrasies were included in the Treaty of Lisbon, which the alleged Scottish paedophile Gordon Brown, the man whom sold off the British Gold to an undisclosed buyer at the very moment that the price of gold had hit the floor, sneaked off to Lisbon and signed the Treaty, despite having promised the British a referendum.

When Miliband promised that should any more of British Sovereignty be attacked, he would think again about a referendum, he knew full well that there was nothing left to attack, it had all been handed over and signed in the Treaty of Lisbon.

Here is a post I wrote after the last election.  I appear to have been just a little more hyperbolic in my approach back then, but I was not far off the mark.




Darts- Daddy Cool.

From the days when music was still fun, Darts a great retro group, who entertained us way back in the 70’s.

This Is How They Treated Us, Then We Bail Them Out.


And you all thought it happened by accident.


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