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Fabian Man Now Wants London!

Fabian Man Now Wants London!

While Manchester, is about to select a Mayor, with Fabian Society Member, Andy Burnham in the running for the post. Sadiq Khan, a Fabian Society member and Mayor of London, is demanding special status for the doomed, Capital City of England, London, into which he is demanding the right to his own special control of immigration. He insists, that despite the UK having accepted three-hundred-thousand refugees in 2015, whom having been put through the sieve, did not provide enough of those capable of filling the ‘special’ jobs which were available in London.

Should there be ‘special’ jobs, available in London, why should they not be filled by the fifty-million people already available, in the rest of the UK? What are these ‘special’ jobs which those like Khan, continually claim British people are incapable of performing? This is no more than crap, Khan is already the Mayor of a City, jam-packed to the rafters with immigrants, who are capable of little more than a life on the dole. Were they brought in to fill a ‘special’ role or simply to seize dwellings which were once available for British Londoners? To give an immigrant control of immigration is, as they say, like putting the rat in charge of the cheese.

London is no longer British, while Manchester is going the same way, and other Cities will follow. This is a Fabian Society covert attempt to divide and rule the United Kingdom. This is the trap of Democracy, it is no longer necessary to defeat and invade a country, Europe has been given away, through the means of ghettos of immigrants, within selected zones, which will be certain to vote for the folk who provide the Social Security. In fact, for many people in the UK, life will be completely dependent on government handouts.

Fabian Society member, War Criminal Tony Blair, was responsible for allowing millions of immigrants into the UK. He coldly, and quite deliberately, crouching behind a tissue of lies, brutally kicked off the destruction of Iraq, working with others, to drive the people of Iraq, out of their homeland. This is indisputable.

Since those dark days, despite the change of ‘colour’ in the UK Parliament, these clearances have continued, still using the quite ridiculous claim that they are necessary to save the ‘poor people’ from evil dictators. Only the brain-dead would find such an excuse to be believable.

The entire British Media, is this morning feeding us the shock news about the corruption in football, alongside the bullshit about Shimon Peres, the Nobel Prize winning Butcher of Palestine, a man whom they claim, spent his life in search of peace in the Middle East, even as he has stood by, rubbing his hands as he watched it being razed by NATO.

Why is the media failing to explain that Blair, opened the floodgates of immigration into the UK, to cope with the thousands of people whom had been driven from their homes in Iraq?

Cameron was well aware that immigration figures were being doctored to disguise the reality of the numbers of Muslim migrants, fleeing the Middle East, when he, along with Nicolas Sarkozy, kicked off exactly the same process in Libya, and soon after that, with François Hollande, in Syria, while all the time telling the British people they ‘needed immigrants.’ Even as one of the men, Shimon Peres, who took control of Palestine, out of the hands of the indigenous people, through the means of slaughter and mass immigration, dies in Israel.

Sarkozy, Hollande and Cameron, are all of Eastern European Ashkenazi Jew origin as was Shimon Peres, who was born in Belarus, the current Prime Minister, Netanyahu is Polish. Many members of the Israeli hierarchy, changed their names to sound a ‘little bit more’ Middle Eastern.

Khan, the mayor of London, come from Pakistan, which was once a part of India, which the British quite deliberate separated and forced the Muslims into Pakistan, where they set up a Muslim State, which is now blessed with a population, which is reaching astronomic levels, which is as a result of the notions, which incoming Muslims are seeking to repeat in Europe, that would be the policy of shag til you drop, much-loved by those on Social Security. A recent Muslim immigrant into France arrived with three wives and fifteen children. There are thirteen million unemployed people in France.

Fabian Man Corbyn, is telling us that numbers have no affect on the availability of ‘services’ in the UK. For example, should a doctor, find that there are several hundred more people seeking medical aid, in his surgery, his difficulty in coping with them, will have no connection whatsoever with the increase in numbers.

There were three-hundred-thousand immigrants into the UK in 2015. How can any sane person seriously suggest, that the same superstructure, which was already under pressure in 2014, cope with such an enormous number of extra patients, without harming the quality of care of everybody else?

The Labour Party Conference, which is an almost totally Fabian Society affair, has laid out the ground-plan of a future United Kingdom and it is indeed a bleak concept.

Gone is the idea that we are all different and unique and in comes the homogenisation of humanity, into a form which will be totally dependent on hidden Socialist controllers, with a strong belief in their ‘own’ superiority.

Corbyn and his men, are ignoring the fact that their manifesto and ideas, are in full support of the wars in the world, which are herding us all towards this eventuality. There is no such thing as a perfect system which will be satisfactory to everybody.

Some people have never been capable of improving their own situation, while others, with even less means at their disposal, are capable of creating a glorious environment in which to live. Socialism is designed to put an end to individual achievement, such as that, everything and everybody must conform to Socialist dogma and of course must be Communal.

The fact that this is the shared aim of the Liberal and Conservative Parties in the UK, illustrates, quite clearly that a vote for any of them will deliver the same thing. They are all controlled from Chatham House in the City of London.

What has become of the idea of Liberty and was Equality and Fraternity, a forewarning of the Communism to come?

There has been a world-wide economic scam, which has reduced the wealth of the working people to nothing. All across Europe and the United States, complicit politicians stole the wealth of the working man and introduced to us ‘austerity’ which is to continue this robbery, by claiming there to be a ‘deficit’ which is never clearly explained to the people and which is in reality no more than a shortfall in the amount of cash annually handed over to private bankers in return for valueless paper money.

The difference has been paid by handing over anything of value, across the planet into the hands of the private banks. They will soon own everything, including the oil in the Middle East, where millions have been killed, by Socialists, in order to achieve this aim.

When Socialism and Communism have finished the slaughter of humanity, which has been necessary to fulfill this ‘excuse’ of ‘creating peace and harmony on earth,’ there will be very few of us left alive to enjoy it.

In South Africa, a State which was built from nothing, by Dutch immigrants, more than three-hundred-years ago, which attracted Black men out of the jungle, who as usual, flocked towards the White man to improve his life.

They kept on coming, as the word spread that life was better working for White farmers, who through the use of generated wealth, could afford to pay these Blacks, to help construct town-ships. Before long there were too many Blacks arriving, all of them looking for work which did not exist and eating food, produced by the Dutch farmers.

The current mentality of the ‘nice’ European would have us believe that the Boers should have ignored this immigration and shared their foodstuffs amongst the Black immigrants, whom presumably, once lived somewhere else to where they could quite easily return.

Instead, the City of London, set about taking control of South Africa, where there was gold and diamonds which were attractive to greed?

Eventually, with the wholehearted support of a controlled media, South Africa, which had been forced to keep the Blacks out of their society, but did build townships to house them and continued to feed them, find themselves condemned as a pariah, apartheid state, much like Israel, simply because they objected to the invasion of South Africa by immigrants. This invasion as justified by the claim that Africa was a ‘Black’ continent and the Whites had no place there.

Since the Whites were kicked out of power, not by the Blacks themselves but by the Bolshevik Communists, with the Jew Joe Slovo, controlling the thirty-three degree Freemason, Nelson Mandela and numerous Jew Commissars who controlled a terrorist group, the African National Congress, which when having brought down the Boers, promptly placed top Jews into the controlling shadow Government and compliant tools like Mandela and Zuma as puppets. Much the same situation, is the preferred future of the Middle East and Europe.

South Africa is part of the International Socialist Movement, which is world Communism by another name, which begs the question what is Putin doing in a group, BRICS, which includes, Communist Bolshevik China and South Africa and the Chatham House/Fabian Society controlled India?

Blacks in South Africa have swapped a relatively decent life under ‘apartheid’ which is actually a self-imposed reality in Black and Islamic areas across Europe, for a life under a Black controlled government, which has delivered a disaster zone of rape, murder and criminality, not to mention the aim of murdering the remains of the White community, of which seventy-five-thousand have already been killed, an aim which has been greeted by a stony silence by the likes of the humanitarian Jeremy Corbyn and his Fabian men, whom have not offered these poor Whites a helping hand and the possibility of a place in the UK. Humanitarianism does not appear to apply to White folk whom are not at all welcome in Europe.

In the UK there is a lot of ‘black’ propaganda against Polish people, whom are also White, while should the same complaints be made against Jews or Muslims, there would be riots in the streets. So sadly White people are not on Socialist radar to be saved.

As were the Germans, the Jews have declared White South Africans to be barbarians who should be wiped out. Very soon it will be the turn of the Aborigine to go the same way. The New World Order is already marking out its territory in Africa and their War Machine, from the United States of America, a Union which was itself formed through the use of force, is already making its presence known, even as that other Union, the European one, is setting up its own army, which will deal with any European opposition to the dictates of the bankers.

The Hidden Foundation of Our Rulers.




The Hidden Foundation of Our Rulers.


I would suggest, with some justification, that those of you whom regularly read my stuff, will be as well aware of what is going on in the world as I am.

You may have noticed that in recent times, I have hardened my tone on certain subjects, I do so, not to upset my faithful readers but to try to shock the casual visitor to my Blog, into a waking state of mind.

For example, for some time I found myself to be ‘self gagged’ on the subject of immigration. Along with most folk I accepted that a few foreigners, whatever their religion or colour, amongst us, was a good thing. However I gradually came to notice, that as time went on, I was becoming a ‘rare’ White Christian, amongst thousands of people of other Races.

When I tentatively began to ask of others whether they had noticed the same thing, their immediate response was to call me a Racist. I found it to be verboten, to so much as ask the question as to why France should allow itself to be swamped with people from the Maghreb, particularly when there was no work available for them when they arrived?

I found there to be a wall of obstruction around the entire subject, which denied any freedom of discussion.

The evidence of my own eyes told me that there was an agenda of some sort in operation. I soon discovered that most of those whom I had previously treated as friends or colleagues, were so far removed from my point of view, that it became impossible to have any sort of intelligent conversation with them, out of a fear that it might drift towards ‘Gay Marriage’ or some other beyond the bounds stupidity.

As with a lot of other things, I believe that occult propaganda has already, quite deliberately, destroyed marriage and the traditional family. There is ample evidence in support of this claim in the writings of those like Theodore Adorno and others from the Frankfurt School, at Columbia University, in the USA, to where it was reestablished, after the collapse of the Stasi in East Germany.

The Tavistock Institute in London has also carried out deep research into the best method of destroying the family, they decided on the use of the Welfare State, which was used as a replacement for the part played in family life by traditional fathers.

I am not too bright, I take a long time to absorb the reason for subtle changes which are quietly introduced into daily life. It took me a while to notice, that while I was prepared to question some of these changes, when they did finally come to my attention, others showed no interest whatsoever and simply accepted, without question what was placed in front of them.

One of my first problems was with abortion, this was a phenomenon which arrived, hot on the heels of the relaxation of divorce laws. On one occasion, in front of a load of women, I asked, why abortion was not simply referred to as murder or the killing a baby, which is what it is?

I have never, in my life, witnessed such an uproar coming from a pack of women in support of such a horror. All of the excuses were brought to the fore, ‘It’s not yet a baby’ to which I responded is a sprouting seed a plant? The argument continued in this vein, whatever was said against abortion there was a stock response in support of it.

It became clear to me that the excuse for this mass murder of babies, was part of the plan to reduce the population of an over-crowded planet. Job done, we have dutifully slaughtered god knows how many millions of babies in response to this dictate, only to find that those whom suggested this culling are now telling us that there is a demographic problem across the Western World, which can only be remedied by the importation of folk,  whom are obsessed with sex and have need of three or four wives, with which they are going to create anything up to twenty babies, and not a word about abortion from our leaders.

Now it does not take a smart person to understand that to even maintain the population level, a family needs to produce at least two babies and preferably three. So the assumption was made,by one and all, that there was a way of using the numbers of people who were already available, to carry out the tasks necessary to maintain society,  as the numbers were being reduced. It soon became clear that this was not so and there was something terribly wrong with the advice about reducing the population, and now the stupid questions began about who was going to pay our pensions and all that rubbish. Had nobody ever considered this before suggesting population reduction?

At this point instead of urging women to have a few more babies, which is a simple and quick solution, we were informed that the only means of solving the problem was to bring in these brown or black people from the Third World.

When I was young there was no such thing as a job that nobody would willingly choose to do, you accepted whatever was available. Nowadays these ‘undesirable’ jobs are to be found everywhere, because immigrants will do them for nothing, but they stay on when the job is done and there never seems to be any question about who will be paying for them.

In the process and apparently unremarked by the media, major cities across Europe have a majority of immigrants: that is the reality. White people are in flight, soon there will be nowhere for them to flee.

The lack of young White Europeans, thanks to abortion and ‘family planning’ is proving to be a disaster. We have been lead to the end of the road and even now there are unnecessary abortions taking place, without a word of warning from any Politician.

Women are choosing to freeze their eggs, so as to make it possible to have a baby even after they stop ovulating, ensuring that they will be having no more than one child, in order to continue a career.

What is even more serious than that, they will not even be sure that the egg implanted in their womb will not have been modified in some way. They are going against nature, which is never a wise thing to do.

We are all being manipulated into a corner, soon there will be more old people than in past times, because Europe has not been involved in a genocidal war since the end of World War Two, which explains why, despite the failing health of Europeans, through diseases like diabetes and cancers and other things, which were rare before the world was introduced to the monkey genes, in Polio vaccines, in the 195O’s, the result of which is a sick but living group of old folk. Overall, general health has plunged, we are far less fit and well than were our grand-parents.

The next step on the road to serfdom, is to take away our private transport, in the name of Sustainability, the meaning of which is whatever they want it to mean.

We have just witnessed in Europe and the UK, a number of referenda, The results of which have been found to be unacceptable to our rulers. In Britain there is a form of pandemonium at the moment, with the Scottish Nationalists unhappy about a vote to remain in the Union with Britain and now a with the vote to leave the EU.

While in the UK, all three Parties in Parliament and those minor Parties alongside them, want to remain in the EU, while the people of Britain for whom Politicians work, do not. So there is pressure for another referendum.

Alongside that one, Jeremy Corbyn, was elected by a huge number of members of the Socialist Party as Party Leader, a result which did not please a load of brainless twats on the Front Bench of the Labour Party, who forced a second referendum, which Corbyn duly won but which has not been good enough for those whom forced the issue.

On top of that, Corbyn, the brother of a top climatologist, has announced that he intends to ban ‘fracking’ for gas, not because it will poison the underground water, but to cut down CO2 emissions and to force people to use unreliable, renewable energy in a land which lacks sun shine and wind and against the professional view of his own brother, who will explain to him that cutting down CO2 emissions will do nothing to change the weather and that it is quite normal to have an increase in CO2, AFTER a warm period and never BEFORE a warm period, so Jeremy’s suggestion is crap and he knows it to be crap. Which is yet another reason to watch Corbyn carefully.

His henchman, the Shadow Finance Minister, is quoting John Lennon and talking about the Labour Party standing for real Socialism and it is no longer necessary to whisper the word. He is also promising equality for everybody, that would appear to interfere with the possibility of improving your situation, that I suppose in the neo-Socialist UK would be frowned on.

He also praised the generous donation of a Council House, which improved his own and his brothers lives, when they were youngsters, does that suggest the idea Social Housing for everybody? After all property is theft except of course for the Elite and their chums. He forgot to mention that equal shares for all, means no more than the minimum necessary to sustain your life.

With only renewable energy available, the ‘smart meter’ in your home, will be turning off appliances on a cloudy day, while making nighttime a matter of going early to bed, with no need to turn off the lights.

The whole world now knows that oil is not a carbon fuel, it is a product of the planet and is available everywhere, there never has been a risk of shortages, that was a lie, to justify higher prices. Now-a-days oil and Carbon are being used to deny us, having reduced the population, to enjoy certain privileges which would not have been possible for a larger population.

Sadly we were duped and lied to on a massive scale, it was only White folk who made the effort to reduce their numbers and apparently it was all for nothing, apart that is, to get rid of Whites and to make room for those whom could not keep their one eyed snake in their trousers and who will more easily controlled by the Communists in power.

Beware, The Fabians Do Not Work For You.

Beware: The Fabians Do Not Work For You.

David Owen, one of yesterdays men, who was involved in the destruction of Yugoslavia, was this morning wheeled out to add weight to the idea that Turkey should invade Syria, to help install a No Fly Zone over Aleppo, thus allowing further aid to reach the ‘Daech Straw Man’ which is mainly a bunch of ‘Special Forces’ from the USA, Britain Israel and France. Aid, which is currently being cut off by Assad and Russian advances and without which the Special Forces will be vulnerable.

Love Rat Dermot Murnaghan, dutifully did not demand any difficult questions along the lines of, ‘ Why is the ‘coalition, making use of allegations of barrel bombs and chemical weapons, which are now being used to smear Assad, when the original excuse, to arm terrorists,  was to simply change the Syrian regime?’


That is the problem with the current narrative which the controlled media pushes down our throats and why they never give anybody like me, the opportunity to ask hard questions.

David Owen was himself a member of the Fabian Society, back in the day when his and others membership was common knowledge. These days, in the light of the availability of information, which was carefully hidden from the Common Man in past times, when he was dismissed as being no more than a useless eater, has revealed the true purpose of the Fabians, which is not at all in favour of the working classes.

As a result Jeremy Corbyn’s connections with the Fabian Society is being concealed. Corbyn is a Communist and like the Miliband family, was fighting to install a form of Communism in the UK.

I am not quite sure what Corbyn, who is in favour of an open door policy for immigrants, considers to be the ideal number which should be invited into the UK before he announces it to be full, or whether he intends to allow in the millions of Muslims, the preferred eventuality of George Soros and Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and the Fabian Society, in order to completely change the face of the UK, as did Angela Merkel in Germany.

Does Corbyn in fact hate White people or does he believe that White people are prepared to freely hand over their countries into the hands of the Third World and if so, why does he not say so?

These days, many people have come to understand the true depth of the atrocities – of which those like Corbyn and the Milibands, would have been well aware – which were carried out by the Bolsheviks in Russia and China, whose philosophy was shared by the Fabian Society, which was in fact founded by those whom gave Bolshevik Communism to the world.

Even as British Forces are indiscriminately slaughtering innocent people, in many places and have been so doing for generations, there is a brew-ha-ha on British Media, because a Socialist politician dared to call another politician ‘a stain on humanity,’ which is not far off the truth, as a description of any British Politician.

Today at the Labour Party Conference, when the Fabianists declared their intention of completely changing the world and society, there were cheers of delight from the delegates, speaking for myself, I felt a chill run down my spine, because along with the idea of forcing more women to take on technical and engineering professions, which will further reduce the need of capable young men, what was being announced was pure Communism, which will include total control of every aspect of British life, including the human right to have a baby. That is in the philosophy of the Fabians.

Despite all of the energy which is being expended, in order to make us look the other way, all of this is controlled by The City of London and has been since the 19th Century.

The Fabian Society, working with The Milner Group, which is itself the control centre for the Rothschild Empire, has since it inception, created more than a century of continuous war.

War not only in Europe but across the face of the planet, in Africa, Asia and the Extreme Orient. Nobody has escaped the wrath of these psychopaths, whom are suffering from an insatiable greed, to own everything and to control everybody.

Make no mistake about it, every leader of the Labour Party has been working towards an International form of Socialism, which will be under the ‘private’ control of The Milner Group in Chatham House, in the heart of the City of London.

It was not only Labour Party Leaders who were members of The Fabian Society, just about every blood-thirsty dictator during the past one-hundred-years have also been members.

The leaders of the divided India and Pakistan, Gandhi and Jenna, were both members as were most of the savage Black leaders in Africa. All of them working for the City of London.

The Fabian Society’s desire includes Palestine and parts of various neighbouring countries, with obedient servants placed in control, after the current leaders of these states have been summarily murdered.

Since the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, The Fabian Society and the Milner group have been intent on the taking down of the Muslim World. The recent desperate attempts to destroy the Middle East to create order out of the chaos, with those whom have decided that they are the chosen people, installed in the New Jerusalem, while millions of Muslims will have been driven out of their traditional homelands into the rest of the world, in order to satisfy the insatiable.

This desire is behind schedule, which is why things are getting desperate.

This will be the final conquest of us all,  into obedient, chipped, servants, under the complete control of sadistic maniacs. We are all at risk, including the Muslims and the Blacks.  We should all be standing together in this last great battle, United We Stand, Divided We Fall. There is no time left to fight each other.

One thing is certain, the many Muslims whom are being forced out of their homelands into Europe, would not be too happy should millions of White Europeans pour into their countries and tried to force those Muslims whom had chosen to remain, to accept Western rules of life.  

So Muslims should observe the same etiquette in Europe, where the people are also controlled by psychopaths. They instead choose to take for themselves, the right to rape any European woman or child, who dares to dress in a manner of which they do not approve.

White Trash Women, Betray The White Race.


White Trash Women, Betray The White Race.

While we all pussyfoot around, wondering whether Jews, Jesuits, Moneylenders or a bunch of jackass’ whom call themselves The Knights of Malta, are pulling the strings of our elected puppets, ‘they’ are continuing the genocide of me, my family and all of the White Race. The murder of Whites and the ‘bad mouthing’ of White men, by women,  continues unrelentingly.

As usual, those whom own the media, which now includes the Inter web, have been pushing tales of our guilt, for THEIR crimes, in a manner which is designed to create a huge surge of self loathing for our own Race and the naked hatred of others, for White people in general.

Even as our politicians, many of whom have declared themselves to be something other than White, in order to suggest that they, as Jews, are innocent of any crime against humanity, that, they claim is the ‘White Mans’ Burden,’ well it is not mine, I refuse to be blamed for crimes which were committed by these un-white characters, against my people, even as, before our eyes, these self-proclaimed ‘victims,’ continue to murder anyone who stands in their way, and to do so they are using us, as usual, to do their dirty work for them.

Women have proven themselves to be a willing tool in the destruction of their own kind, while brown men from the Middle East, let it be known that they intend to take as many of them as they wish and force them to have numerous babies, with which they will swamp the White World into submission.

I hope that prospect pleases these modern-day sluts whom have nothing but scorn for their own female children’s future as genitally mutilated sex slaves, for men from the darkest days of humanity, their girls dressed like black Daleks as they parade around town or hide in the kitchen while their ‘husband’ talks business with other men, in the lounge.

My people have already been forced through this program, by the British and those whom skulk in the dark recesses of The City of London. My own family was sold off cheaply by the British into slavery, long before they found a bottomless pit of strong men in Africa.

The British people themselves have now become the target, alongside those long-suffering neighbours, whom have never truly recovered from what the British did to their Race, which was one of the oldest civilisations on Earth.

The United Kingdom is a lost cause, they, like the German people have been educated to hate themselves, for the past crimes of the City of London, where the true vultures are to be found.

One only need spend five minutes in the company of a German to realise that they will never snap out of the dream into which they have been plunged by the Jew system of de-Nazification, which has been fed to them all through their school life, like a religious education.

I was truly shocked when having made a remark to a couple of my German friends about Hitler, they just looked at me in amazement and said in an almost hysterical tone, ‘ But he was a madman.’ When I dared to suggest that he was in fact, the last man, with the courage to stand up to the pitiless war machine of the Jew controlled world, and that far from being mad, he was a true hero, they were incredulous.

In the United Kingdom women have carried out the same service, by turning all men into Hitlers. Millions of children have been turned against their fathers and men in general, as women adopt the same monotonous gospel as the Jews and the Blacks, all of these poor creatures are victims, who do not actually give a shit about how good or bad, things are for their targets.

As is the way with these things, Blacks, Jews and women can say whatsoever they choose against the universal enemy, White European men, whom are considered as misogynist or racist or indeed anti-semitic, should they respond with so much as a word of the truth.

I am horrified at what White men are prepared to accept, without a robust response, as if we are all guilty of such diabolical crimes, that whatsoever atrocity is carried out by others, we are still guilty because we have probably done worse things in the past.

I was disgusted to read of the brutal raping to death of an 84-year-old White woman, in front of her 91-year-old, War Veteran, White husband, by a gang of Blacks, whom when they had finished gang raping the woman, they savagely battered the old man who died a few days later.

The above clip, shows quite clearly the savage mentality of these people, whom while claiming to be concerned for the killings of Black criminals by the Police, are themselves killing those same Black people in droves, without a care, so Black Lives Matter, do they?

Take it from me I could post dozens of clips, illustrating the same disgusting and brutal behaviour of Blacks against Whites, including against White children, yet I defy you to present similar clips, illustrating, anything like the same behaviour of Whites against Blacks and White people in Court, displaying the same disregard for the emotions of mothers whose babies are dead.

We are dealing with savages and yet we dare not speak out for fear of being smeared as being racist, against animals like these. This is what the Cops are up against and in a recent case where five Cops were shot dead by Blacks, the response was one of, this is the “fight back.” Well no, that was mass murder.

What I am saying, in defence of White people, is not Politically Correct, so I am told, these things can only be said against White Men, that is politically fine and that is shit!

The above clip shows exactly what we are up against. Do not ever forget that we are the ones who are paying these loud mouths to sit on their arse and whine. Even in South Africa where saint Nelson Mandela, openly stood in front of a camera, singing, ‘Kill the Whites,’ even as those Whites, despite having had seventy-five-thousand of their numbers, young and old, adults and children, savagely slaughtered by the majority Black population, are to this day, paying all the taxes and other charges, which pays Blacks to sit on their bums, as they do all over the Western World. They have done nothing to improve their own situation, wherever they are to be found. Dealing drugs is their chosen profession.

I am still waiting for a clip on YouTube of a White gang, out in the streets, looking for aged Black pensioners, to ‘knockout’ with one punch to the jaw. Blacks consider this to be fun.

Soros: Another Man Who Thinks He’s God.


Soros: Another Man Who Thinks He’s God.

Any attempt to explain to the average voter, that throughout their lives they have been manipulated to believe, exactly what they are supposed to believe, is met with a knowing smirk, suggesting that you are an idiot and that they cannot be bothered to listen to your tripe.

Most people still grimly cling on to forlorn hopes that certain News outlets can be trusted, despite the fact that they are all owned by people, whom in past times, discussed amongst each other, the question of, ‘How much of the Media do we need to control, in order to control reality?’

Whatever figure was decided back in the day, it has been exceeded by a huge distance in recent times. In Europe, the Free Press, is wholly owned and not by those with any interest in freedom.

Freedom of information is no more than a joke, for example, this morning, while reading the Headlines in European Newspapers, I found them, all to be reporting events across the world, with one voice and that voice has a sinister tone.

For example, all over the Western World, a group referring to themselves as ‘Black Lives Matter,’ is being presented as having some justification for this cry. In actual fact, Blacks are killing themselves by the thousand, yet this fact is never given the same prominence in media reports, which prefer to attack the Police, who in comparison to the number of Black on Black murders, are responsible for relatively few Black deaths. That is the reality.

The group Black Lives Matter, is being funded by a man called George Soros. Soros is a Billionaire and a Jew, it is unclear as to how he attained his status or if he is indeed a billionaire at all and not merely an agent, employed to stir up trouble from which his employers gain.

He pumped money into the ‘Arab Spring’ which was used as an excuse to destroy Libya and now Syria. He is a donor and on the Board of The International Crisis Group, and International Rescue, which is under the leadership of the Communist Jew, David Miliband.

Soros, has been funding, what are referred to as ‘Colour Revolutions,’ across Eastern Europe, including in Ukraine, where he unseated an elected regime on two occasions.

None of these things are ever reported in the so-called Free Press, which includes radio and televisions News Reports, the lack of which is building up pressure, which could lead to war with Russia.

British News, did this morning, make a point of telling the world, exactly how many people may have been killed in Syria, during Syrian Government air attacks against Daech.

They however made no reference as to how many people were blown to smithereens in Yemen, by the good friends of the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, using British made weapons, while at the same time excusing the ‘humanitarian’ attacks which the British and others are planning to carry out in Mosul, Iraq, where millions of people have already been ‘humanely’ slaughtered, by the British, during an illegal war, which most of the World believe to have been justified. Demonstrating, quite clearly that those whom wanted to control the narrative, have succeeded.

There is a ‘Straw Man,’ running around the Maghreb and the Middle East, called Daech. Like all Straw Man Daech do not exist, they are simply an excuse to bomb and destroy at will.

For example, in Libya, the people have refused to accept the imposition of a puppet government, which was used initially and illegally by the ‘coalition,’ to steal the Libyan Gold reserves and to share out the Oil reserves to European companies and of course to install a Central Bank, that is an imperative.

The Libyan resistance has continued the struggle and in order to conceal the fact that the Democratic West was refusing the Libyan people the right to choose their own Government, they claimed that Libya was now the head-quarters of Daech and that they must be bombed to the point at which they will simply vanish, which will sadly involve killing many Libyans.

What is actually happening is quite different, the Coalition is in fact bombing and destroying the Free Libyan Army, which is holed up in Syrte, Gadaffi’s home town, while a united Free Press, continues the Daech rubbish.

In Syria it is exactly the same story, Putin has quite clearly explained that there is no Daech in Syria, there are only terrorists.

The West however are telling us some guff about them fighting Daech, while still arming the Free Syrian Army, even though it continues to collude with Al Nusra and Al Qaeda, neither of which are actual groups but simply mercenaries and British American, French and Israeli special forces all working together.

Nobody has left Europe to fight alongside Daech, they may have been fooled into attempting to do so, as some Arabs chose to believe in the Arab Spring, until reality dawned, but there is no Daech to join.

On arriving in Syria they would not have been able to decide who was who. If they were expecting to meet the romantic looking ‘men in black’ they would have been seriously disappointed.

They would instead have been presenting themselves directly to ‘Coalition’ forces, which is why all of their names and addresses and blood type and telephone numbers and the maiden name of their mothers’ and all the rest of it, which Sky News presented to the World, was on hand for them to so do.

Even as hundreds of thousands of Black African Men are flooding illegally into Europe, the combined force of the Press is telling us they are refugees from Syria, most of whom would prefer to stay in their own homeland. Any protest against this mass surge of violent young men into our midst is being presented as being cold-hearted and is merely a protest against refugees, which is no more than Racism.

Sky News recently filmed exactly how these Blacks are being paid by the likes of Soros to travel to Europe, with booklets explaining how to claim Social Security payments, when they arrive in the country of their choice.

Sky News, quite blatantly, turned this farce,  into a ‘save the poor refugees’ film, in which it was quite clear they were simply picking up those whom had been delivered, in rubber zodiac, by the so-called people smugglers,  to the ‘rescue boats’ funded by Soros and International Rescue, waiting to receive them five miles off the Libyan coast and to take them to Italy.

All of this is funded by George Soros, he is paying the salary of David Miliband who is calling for the British to accept these Black thugs, who will create chaos, should they arrive in the UK, because yet another tale which is never reported, is the disproportionate amount of crime and violence which accompanies the arrival of Blacks in any society.

In the midst of this Black violence, the police are themselves in fear of their lives yet we are being told that the police are deliberately targeting Blacks.

In a confrontation with the police, any sane person, whether Black or White should behave in a manner which does not provoke the Cops, who incidentally, indiscriminately kill suspected White criminals, in far greater numbers than they do Blacks, even when population spread is taken into account, because there are more Black violent criminals than there are White violent criminals.

So why is the press not reporting this reality? Why are they encouraging the Black uprising which is funded by Soros, just as they did the Soros funded Arab Spring?

These are dumb questions because the ‘Hacks’ are paid to support those whom own and control the media, who are coming after YOU!