A Call From The Garrigue.


Enoch Powell Warns Of Coming Civil War.


All Is Not Well On The Transgender Front.


Black Football players are becoming like little snitches, running to the referee whining, Sir, Sir, he called me a name sir and wondering why the more masculine ref, sends them off the pitch for time-wasting. It’s quite amusing listening to these yanks talking about British football, when over there in the US of A,  Black racism against White Players is so embedded, that in the NFL Blacks wont even pass the ball to Whites, but the White players don’t cry about it, they just put up with it like men.


This cry baby attitude is now being taken up by the boo hoo  babies in the transgender division. This is illustrated by a girl telling her Mummy? that sir called her a girl, when he knows that she thinks she’s a boy. Instead of her mother giving her a clip around the ear and telling her to shut her gob, because she is a girl, Mummy got the teacher sacked.

As if that was not enough we now have boys, not only presenting as girls but one lively little chappie who wanted to go the whole hog and present as another nationality as well.

I watched a discussion in which a ‘doubter’ invited Trans students to debate him to see if they could change his mind and win him over. A chubby trans, with short-cropped hair did her-his best but take a look,  any of you doubters and see if you are ready to be convinced.

Of course there are always casualties along the way, I’m not too sure what this fellow was trying to achieve with the tattoos and whether he had them when he ‘was’ a man or when he reverted.


There is even a new word in our list of pronouns and genders and all the other rubbish ‘Detransitioned’ “I am a detransitioned, yes thats what I am a detransitioned.” whatever that means when you have never transitioned into anything except in your head. What does all this jargon actually mean?

I should imagine the detransed whatever in the clip, appears to have enough of the jargon tripping off her tongue to set up a detransgender facility to help these idiots to convince themselves that they really have been cured, when they see how ridiculous they are. In Canada things are really going wild, how are kids supposed to get a grip on this lot.



After all that I feel slightly queasy and confused myself.


Smart Comedian DESTROYS Feminism With FACTS

Donald Trump: The Man With The Golden Touch.

Not Much Sign Of That Much Revered Democracy These Days.



Britain needs to make up its mind, as to whether it wants Democracy or not. A Referendum of the people decided that the majority wanted to leave the European Union. There is nothing difficult about leaving the EU, it makes no difference how many times, deceitful politicians tell the people, that it is a complicated business, when it is in fact the most simple of all things.

Members of Parliament, in Constituencies which voted to leave the EU are blocking progress in the debates, demanding the right to agree or refuse, the terms which the Brexit team manage to screw out of the EU Commission, leaving the door open, for the Commission to be as tough as possible, knowing that the ‘majority’ in the House of Commons, which want to Remain, will use that as an excuse to delay the will of the people, to the point where they can force another Referendum, which will be rigged. Be sure of it, it will be rigged.

Members of the European Parliament, are in exactly the same situation as are the Members of Parliament back in their home country. They are a shining example of the situation of all of the Democracies across Europe, they receive their orders from the Commission, which is itself a mere Front for the real power, behind the curtain.

There are show elections, which are good enough for the Herd, while in reality, all of the instructions are written in London and Washington, by teams, controlled by various groups like the Fabian Society, the Council on Foreign Relations and Chatham House.

When a referendum result goes the right way, with however small a majority, nobody gives a toss about those whom said no. These debates only crop up when things do not go to order for our puppets and  those whom pull their strings.

I am waiting to hear the question asked of a Remainer, in the UK Referendum debate, what margin of victory would be necessary, for the acceptance of a ‘Yes’ vote, and should it fall below the mark, would it be necessary for a third referendum and so on?

A referendum, held on a simple majority vote is a one-off poll, otherwise things can go on forever. When the British were duped into voting for the ‘Common Market’ why did ‘Parliament’ not call for a second referendum before signing the UK into the Constitution of Europe, which they now call the Treaty of Lisbon, which is jam-packed with traps for the future, which will the be forced on to the British people, who will not be allowed any choice?

Nobody in the British Government has actually read the Treaty of Lisbon, which like its sister Treaties Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, have never been explained to the Peoples of Europe, a task which should have been mandatory for British and other European Politicians. That is their job.

To have signed these massive tomes, without reading them is deplorable. Nobody knows what can suddenly be sprung on to us in the future. This is the proof positive that our politicians are not ‘our’ politicians, they simply rubber stamp orders from Brussels.

When Donald Trump refused to sign the Trans Pacific Partnership and the 2030 Paris agreement, he was scoffed at and called an idiot who would do nothing to save the planet and all that rubbish, when in fact, Trump said that to sign the Treaty would destroy American industry and the same thing goes for Europe. That is why nobody questioned Trumps decision, by asking him to explain why it would destroy American industry, simply because they did not want you to hear his reasons. There have been no such discussions about these Treaties, politicians do not involve themselves in any of that, they simply take orders.

One of Trumps reasons was because he felt that to allow Chinese and other Asian Countries to continue business as usual, while the rest of us would be expected to reduce their use of oil and coal and run their industries on renewable energy, would reduce their output to the level of manufacturing nothing but hand-made products. That is not the sort of message the ‘destroyers’ of the West want us to hear.

There has just been an election in the United States, where Russia has been blamed for Hillary Clintons defeat in last years Presidential election. This election, in Alabama, was a complete fraud, there were eight thousand dead voters, supporting  the Democrats and an alleged ninety-five percent turnout of Democratic voters, which has never been heard of anywhere on earth.

The Democrat won with a one percent majority, there has been no call for a rerun and a recount is impossible as the ‘democratic’ election rules allows the destruction of the voting records once the result has been announced. That is Democracy in action. Is this the way they would like things to work in the Middle East?

Let that be a warning to the Brits, there has been no recorded example of a second Referendum, which returned the same result as did the first. In many cases the people are not even given the opportunity to vote a second time, the puppets simply ignore the result of the first referendum, change a few words and as with the European Constitution, which was refused by everyone whom had a chance to vote, change the name, call it a treaty, which can be signed without the acceptance of the people and Bob’s your uncle!

Ever since the election of Trump, both of the American Political Parties, have been obsessed with digging up dirt on Trump, to kick him out of office, while over there in Britain they are all trying hard to find a way of getting around a referendum result, even as the European Union is threatening to punish Poland and Hungary, should they refuse to accept thousands of Blacks and Muslims into their countries, while Jews in Israel build walls to enclose the people they call ‘animals’ locked up in Gaza, even as the same Jews find time to attack Trump for building a wall on the Mexican border.

The United Nations, which was constructed by Zionists, in the interests of Zionists, has suggested that Iran may be breaking the rules over the number of missiles they are manufacturing, having found them to be in order with the International Atomic Energy Agency restrictions on atomic bombs. Strange as it may sound, they have never questioned the number of Atomic Bombs and missiles in the arsenal of the Zionist State of Israel, which has never even been inspected.

The very fact that all the hypocrites and liars in NATO, and the rest of the world, shout and bawl at North Korea and Iran about Nuclear weapons, while they steadfastly remain silent about Israel, which sits right in the middle of all the countries which have been destroyed, for even a false claim that they possessed such weapons, displays the total control of these scum whom were supposedly elected Democratically.

What sort of mindless fools would be prepared to describe themselves as ‘Friends’ of those whom slaughter at will, the innocent Palestinians, using the most trivial of excuses, while pointing the finger at Jeremy Corbyn, who dared to share a discussion with Hamas? In this weeks Prime Ministers Question Time, Corbyn attacked Theresa May with an almost identical question, which he had demanded of the previous female Prime Minister back in 1990, not much changes in Politics.




The Las Vegas Closed Circuit Cameras Have Been Repaired At Last.


Incredibly nonchalent robbery at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas,  filmed as if by a Hollywood Studio by security cameras, all of which  failed on the night of the October 1st attacks

Why Do Monopoly Laws Not Apply To Jew Business Holdings.







There were very few Jews seen running around the News Studios condemning this sort extremist Hate Speech, which is an everyday occurrence, from Jews and their Black dupes.



In view of the above evidence, of the Jew section of the population’s inability or unwillingness, to take even the slightest criticism, without running to take advantage of the Jew controlled Sky News and Talk Radio, along with other Jew controlled mass media outlets, to shut down anything which could possibly be construed as being anti-Jew,  imagine my surprise when this morning I was informed that Disney, has been attempting to buy Twentieth Century Fox, further increasing Jew control of the media.

In view of the Jew claim, that they are a distinct Tribe, which is not a part of the White Race, is it not fair to suggest, that should a disproportionate number of certain types of company, fall into the hands of this small, insignificant tribe, that it represents a monopolistic threat to competition, and in the case of Disney’s purchase of Twentieth Century Fox, an unacceptable position in their ever-increasing power of the Media as a whole and over the minds of our children in particular?

The Jew control of daily information in the United States, was demonstrated by a morning news report on NBC, which is Jew owned, which included the views of three invited guests, Barbara Boxer, Charles Shumer and Dianne Feinstein, all of them Democrats, all of them Senators and all of them Jews, being interviewed by a Jew presenter and all of them are anti Trump.

A typical days News, for the American people,  consists of a list of Jews, similar to this, which should provide an idea of one day in the life for White Christian viewers of MSNBC, NBC or CNN and for the average American: William Cohen, Robert Rubin, Madeleine Albright, Sandy Berger, Sam Brownback, Murray Fineman, Steve Rothman, Henry Kissinger, Geraldo Rivera, Alan Derschowitz, Richard Ben-Veniste, Lanny Davis, Candy Crowley, Robert Wexler, Charles Zewe, Andrea Mitchell (Alan Greenspan’s Jewish Wife), Claire Shipman, Alec Baldwin, Betty Friedan, James Rubin, Rahm Emanuel, Jeff Greenfield, Andrea Koppel, Gary Tuchman, Bob Franken, Larry King and Wolf Blitzer.

All of these Jews appeared on the same day on various News channels, hopping from one Jew saturated program to another. Where is the Christian voice in the middle of this Jew Monopoly.

There is a Jew population in the USA of two percent, and a mere one-hundred Senators in the House, that in itself, sniffs of something nasty, these three Senators are not alone and when combined with the evidence from top American Universities, like Harvard or Yale, where this tiny tribe, has managed to place Jews in control of the Universities, whom have in a ‘tribal’ manner given twenty-five percent of places, in those Universities to Jews, many of them without the necessary qualifications, on the ‘affirmative action for minorities,’ basis, leaving a mere twelve percent of places, for the highly qualified sixty-five percent of White Americans. This is an abuse of monopolistic control of money, with which anything can be bought, including elections.

Disney, which was built on beautiful Fairy Tales like Cinderella and Snow White, has now become, just another slot machine for the money greedy. The once beautifully drawn films of Disney now contain subliminal images, aimed at the innocent children whom watch them over and over again at home, while parents remain unaware of the threat.

The claim that Jews have taken control Hollywood, is not too far from the truth. Disney was one the few Studios which were once independent. ‘

A list of Jews in Hollywood, would look something like this:News Corp. President Peter Chernin, Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey, Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger, Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton, Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer, CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves, MGM Chairman Harry Sloan and NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker and the Weinstein Brothers all of them Jews, 

We now have another strange personality in the middle of this group, whom was once employed by Goldman Sachs, which is fully owned and controlled by Jews, where she was working with Jon Corzine, another Jew, who robbed his clients, including the mighty Gerald Celente, of millions of Dollars when his commodities trading company MF Global collapsed.

This capable person Laurene Powell Jobs, was married to Apple man Steve Jobs, who sadly died of Pancreatic cancer, leaving her his fortune, which included a huge stake in Disney. She is a Democrat, anti-Trump and a supporter of open borders. She also runs an organisation which attempts to force the Government to allow foreign students to remain in the USA, when they come to the end of their time in college, when it would be better if they returned home to help build their own country, would it not?

Disney’s possible control of Twentieth Century Fox, plus theirTV divisions, companies like FX and National Geographic,Marvel and stakes in international networks like Star TV and Sky,  would hand further control of the media to Laurene Jobs and her friends.  She also has Apple in her grasp, which in view of the encroachment of technology into everyday life, is not a happy thought.

In view of the ongoing attempts, to change the rules concerning Net Neutrality, the juggernaut of Hollywood, which is determined to use the internet for continuous streaming of films and TV shows, is demanding priority over the general public, for whom band-width will be severely restricted, to make it available for groups, which already control cinemas and television, radio, music and cable and telephone networks, so is it not about time they set up their own private internet reserved for their own use, or is the government determined to allow them total access, in order to deny it to the rest of the people?

Strange Behaviour Of The Sun.

The Inspirational Donald Trump!



The Inspirational Donald Trump!



If the words of this remarkable man do not bring a tear to the eye of the American People, there is no hope for them. Do you imagine, there to be anyone else who will promise what Donald Trump is attempting to do for you?

Well get up on your feet and help him do it, he cannot do it on his own.

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