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The Deadly Menace Hanging Over Ireland.


The Irish People, whom have been forced by the ‘Irish’ Jew contingent in international affairs, including Peter Sutherland, the United Nations homogenisation of the White Race, First Minister, to accept a flood of Black Africans into their midst, need to wake up to the reality of what it means to allow Blacks, whom have been funded by Jew money, to invade the Nation State of Ireland.

This tactic was used to destroy the Boer State of South Africa, which was in truth, invaded by Blacks from all across Africa, in search of an easy life. The population of Blacks in South Africa, when the Dutch farmers came ashore was zero. The local people were the Bushmen of the Kalahari, with whom the Boers had no problem, but whom are now being hunted down by those Black invaders, without any comment from the International Jew Media. Incoming Blacks are being beaten and in some cases murdered, by the South African Blacks, whom claim the incomers are taking their jobs.

The Black population is now an enormous number of forty million, while the four million White People are denied any rights whatsoever in the country which they built. The latest news coming out of South Africa suggests that the Black militants are armed and ready to kick off the final solution to the White problem, by wiping them off the face of the earth.



Be very sure you Irishmen, Nelson Mandela was a Bolshevik Communist and the African National Congress was fully funded by Jews. They destroyed South Africa, using exactly the same tactic which they employed in Palestine and they have now turned their attention Europe, where hundreds of thousands of belligerent Blacks are being brought in by the ferry-load, through Libya. They are being used to provoke unrest in Europe, with the stated aim of destroying the White Christian Peoples. The Jew Sutherland now considers himself to be of another colour. As do all of the Jews, thus exempting themselves from this homogenisation program, allowing them to retain their ‘almost White’ tribe intact.

Any Irishman worth his salt is well aware that the Jews have played a significant part in Irish history and it has not been for the good of the Irish. Their is mounting evidence that it was their intention to drive the Irish out of Ireland altogether, leaving the Emerald Isle free for the Jews to set up home.

They also played a major part in the division of Ireland and managed to place their men at the heart of the Irish Establishment for decades, after the Rebellion and they still, to this day control both of the main Parties in Ulster and Eire. Not to mention Rothschild’s stranglehold on the banking system, which allows him full control over Irish affairs.

The same Jews whom are attempting to drive the Muslims out of the Middle East into Europe, making it possible to install ‘Greater Israel’ in the cleared Middle East, are at the same time finishing off the European Union, which has already been stripped of its Industry, leaving it on its economic knees and ripe for the final destruction, which kicked off in 1914 with the Great War.

France has just stood by watching, without a whimper the installation of Rothschild’s man Macron, as the new President, who has already had a chat with the Algerian government, making arrangements for ‘a bridge to France’  for hundreds of thousands of Algerians to freely enter France. A number almost equal to the population of Dublin, is allowed to enter France every year, without regard as to how they will be dealt with.

The only way this can be turned around is by a massive rejection of this agenda by the people of Europe. All of the paedophile politicians will allow, whatever may be necessary to destroy us all, without a qualm, believing that the Jews word of honour, will guarantee their future safety, when the final chapter is written. They will of course be the first heads on the chopping block, nobody has need of back-stabbing bastards like them and nor do we.

The Irish were talked into accepting the Jew system of mass murder, by allowing the use of the abortion of Irish babies, to reduce the population, this has been achieved and all of those dead White babies are being replaced by Black ones to destroy you, some blame the women’s’ lack of the mothering instinct, others tell the truth, that they sadly couldn’t give a shit about that sort of idiocy, who wants the Irish Race to survive anyway?

Of one thing the Irish can be sure, if the Jews are in any way involved in what is taking place in Ireland, there will be blood at the end of the road, there always has been and there always will be. The alert Irishman might just spot a few similarities in the Jew treatment of the Ukrainians during the Ukrainian ‘Famine’ to the events in Ireland when the British Army stole the Irish crops and took them to England, and the executions of the Patriots in Kilmainham Gaol in 1916. These are all Jew crimes. There are more than one thousand mass graves across Ireland, bearing witness to the brutality with which the Irish people were starved to death by the Communist City of London. Wake Up!

Coming Soon: The European Civil War.

Europeans are being warned by their respective governments, that they ‘must’ allow immigration into Europe, in order to increase the labour force, whose social contributions will be used to pay the pensions of an ever-increasing number of old people.

This idea is total garbage on two counts, firstly we are not living longer, there are however, more old people simply because since the end of World War Two, there has been no great culling of the White Christian European population, a large group of which has now reached retirement age and secondly, the vast majority of immigrants do not contribute to any pension fund, they are in fact a drain on the economies of Europe and are costing far more than the shortfall in the pension fund,  to finance.

Added to this there is the huge increase in rapes and murder and other criminal offences, which are costing millions of Euros, to keep immigrants, both legal and illegal, killers and rapists and others, in prison for decades and for dealing with street violence, which has become a daily occurrence across Europe.

Politicians are crowing with contentment at the reality of a fast approaching, minority White Christian population in major cities all across Europe, a reality which is being pushed down our throats by Jews.

This would be the self-same Jews whom without a trace of irony, tell us that they will not allow immigration in to Israel for fear of losing their Jew majority status, which is exactly what they are inflicting on us, through their agents in Africa, whom are dishing out the cost of the voyage to Europe, of thousands of fighting age young Africans, whom when they are called upon, will serve as a fighting force, when the Jews kick off the coming European Civil War, to annihilate White Christian people.

I have never heard tell of a European politician being elected on a platform, based on their aim of destroying Europe, through an invasion of other races and yet one could be forgiven for believing that this is exactly what is happening, in front of the eyes of the European Peoples and to protest such a program, leads one to be denigrated as a racist. The fact that only White European Christian countries are being targeted in this fashion is simply being ignored, not only by our politicians but with the acquiescence of the Christian Church and the Jew controlled media. This is a perfect example of a genuine conspiracy.

Without too much difficulty, one can find dozens of clips similar to the above, all over the Web. This makes it clear that we are under attack from the group of thieves, whom through the use of our money, have been allowed to get their hands on the News outlets, film studios and other forms of media, which have been used to undermine the morality of Western Christian people.

Complicit politicians and those whom have been bought or blackmailed into submission, are eagerly taking part in this destruction of their own people. These scum of the earth, have during the past Century, sent millions of the brightest and best young men of European descent, into the jaws of hell, in two world wars, all in the name of Jew Bolshevism. While at the same time, disregarding the ‘shambles’ in Russia, where sixty-five million White Christians were hideously slaughtered.

European controlled mercenary armies, under the control of sinister politicians, have swaggered around the world for five hundred years or more, raping and pillaging all and everything, within their reach. The same mentality exists to this day. One need only glance at the current wholesale destruction of the Middle East, all in the name of ‘Democracy,’ when in reality, it is the same old story of genocidal murder and the theft of land and resources, including oil and water reserves for the rapidly rising Jew World Empire, which intends, with the aid of our charity, to install themselves right in the Middle the of the oil-fields in the region, all in the name of Lucifer.

It has now become clear, to a significant number of people, that we have never been allowed a free and fair selection of those by whom we are being ruled. They present us with a controlled system, which operates under the leadership of self-seeking hypocrites, whom have no care or concern for the well-being of their own electorate.

In France, a recent election was such a fraud, that it is beyond belief that the rigged result could have been accepted, without wholesale rioting, by an electorate, which is fully aware, that they have been duped.

While in the United Kingdom, where a referendum went the ‘wrong’ way, there are unending attempts to change the peoples choice. This is based on a false claim that those whom voted to leave the European Union, had no idea for what they were voting, while on the other hand, those whom voted to remain in the EU, knew exactly for what they voted.

There are those whom tell us in no uncertain terms that without membership of the European Union, no European country can cope in the world outside. This notion flies full in the face of reality, which demonstrates, quite clearly that Europe is on the ropes and has been clinging desperately to the use of printed money to retain any semblance of being a successful entity.

After forty or more years of participation in the European idea, one could be forgiven for expecting everything to be running in a manner which provided a reasonable standard of living and the possibility of buying a home for your family.

Sadly modern-day Europe, grovels in poverty, despite the EU, which has, in reality, given us mass unemployment, the wholesale destruction of European Industry and a moribund labour force which has not benefitted from an increase in salary for several years, while the cost of an average house has rocketed out of the reach of most young couples hoping to start a family. I have heard tales of the time period for a house ‘mortgage’ being extended to eighty-five years. That is modern-day Europe. How anyone whom can describe that mess, as a club worth continuing to pay billions of Euros as a membership fee, is out of their mind. All we need is cooperation between Nation States and nothing more.

Pet Shops Boys: Always On My Mind.

How To Deal With The Democratic Unionist Party.

The Paradox Of Blame And Guilt And Retribution.

Today, I watched a review of the new ‘holocaust’ tale, ‘Destination Unknown’, on the Russia Today program, ‘Going Underground’, which made my toes curl in embarrassment.

The fact that this shameless tale, which was more than a decade in the making, will be doing the rounds of theatres’ in London, so soon after the real holocaust in Grenfell Tower, is reason enough for suggesting, that there are some things just a shade more important for the British people at this time, other than yet another film, still agonising over an event in the last century, while right in front of our eyes there is a genocide, ongoing in Palestine, which is totally ignored by the British Establishment, even as we are all being smeared for apparently, as did God himself,  allowed the other holocaust to take place, there is something very wrong with this situation.

I noticed that the presenter of Going Underground, managed to smear the Front National and Geert Wilders, with the alleged crimes of those dratted Nazis’, that would be, no doubt, to cover up the part played by the Russians in the murder of sixty-five-million Christians in Russia, not to forget the ten million or so whom were starved to death in the Ukrainian Holodomor. A horror which was ongoing even as the Germans arrived and liberated the Ukrainians, thousands of whom then fought alongside the Germans, in the hope of defeating the Bolshevik Jew slaughterers, only to find themselves, at the end of the war, handed over, by the British, into the hands of the kosher butcher Joe Stalin, who was, incidentally, adored by Jeremy Corbyn’s best friend Ralph Miliband, who like his two sons Ed and Dave,  was a Stalinist, as were many members of the Labour Party of the day.

In a strange twist of fate, there were Jew holocaust survivors fighting alongside the Bolsheviks against Hitler, while Christian Ukrainian Holodomor survivors fought with Hitler against the the Russians and later the cowardly British, whom did very little during the war other than take the credit for ‘winning’ it, handed the Holodomor survivors into the hands of Stalin to be butchered, while the Jew survivors headed straight for Palestine to drive the Palestinians into concentration  camps where they remain to this day, while the tales of organ harvesting of prisoners and other grim tales abound.

Hands up those whom have ever seen a Hollywood film, exposing the Jew Bolshevik slaughters in Ukraine, never mind the holocaust against the Palestinians, not too many hands in the air no doubt, I should imagine there were many examples of Jews torturing and raping Germans to death and nailing them to barn doors but then it’s best to ignore such things, we don’t want to upset the survivors, never mind funding endless films featuring their bloody massacres of the Christian Peoples.

Grenfell Tower, Possibly Hundreds Dead?

The Grenfell Tower Tragedy in London, has managed to silence the mob who normally start to cry out ‘inside Job’ or ‘hoax’ after such events. This time around it would appear to be the man in the street who is pointing his finger in the direction of those whom stand to make money from such an event.

During an early interview, it was suggested that dozens of such high-rise towers, across the United Kingdom, all of them housing poor people, in what were once run-down areas, which have now become prime areas for ‘gentrification’ suggesting that the wholesale demolition of all such plastic coated death-traps, will be, making huge areas available for development, not for the poor of course.

The idea that an exploding kitchen fridge in one of the flats had caused the plastic panelling on the outside to ignite, is a bit far-fetched, it is more likely have been a misguided attempt to frighten the tower dwellers, which got out of hand, in manner in which no one could have expected.

I was surprised to hear a man who apparently escaped from the building, suggesting that even though the inner stair-case, which was fire-proof and which had indeed survived the blaze, was too frightening for the trapped people to use because it was dark inside.

It would from film of the interior of the building that there were large areas almost untouched by the blaze, which though appearing like a vision of hell from the outside, inside the main problem would have been from the heat and the smoke.

This would suggest that the claims of five or six hundred deaths being the true total, is a bit of an exaggeration as it has yet to be shown whether the building was in fact fully occupied at the time of the tragedy.

Communist Jeremy Corbyn, is of course using this sad episode as ammunition in his attempt the replace Theresa May in Number Ten Downing Street, ignoring the fact that Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, is the man who should have responded to calls from the residents in the tower, about their fears, but failed to so do.

Sadly there is now a fund to aid those whom were affected by the inferno, which is sure to create the usual unseemly behaviour amongst the survivors. I could not imagine how I would feel, should I be offered another flat in a tower block, whether it was coated in plastic or not, so maybe the survivors of Grenfell Tower, would e better off pooling their share of any fund, to buy some land in a cheaper area, to build a decent estate for themselves.

Having listened to the agitated woman in the above clip, one could be forgiven for believing that the Tower had actually been evacuated before the fire, while all of the ‘survivors’ were simply waiting to walk out at a given moment. That would be a far better eventuality than the possibility that all of the ‘missing’ five or six hundred people are actually dead.


Anyone fool enough to believe there to be a difference between the New Labour of Blair and that of avowed Communist Jeremy Corbyn – both of them members of the Fabian Society – are in for a serious shock. Communism was never intended to favour the worker, it was and is a means of allowing the richest psychopaths, to buy all and everything, with our money, not to install an egalitarian system of rule but a total dictatorship by the unelected rich, much in the manner of the current system in the European Union, which is why it is a case of all hands on deck to stop “Brexit”

The guest in the following interview, is a lecturer at the Fabian Societies, London School of Economics, a seat of learning which is under the total control of the same group of ‘idealists’ whom gave us Communism, Socialism and the European Union. The one time leader of which, introduced us to the term ‘Useless Eaters’ whom must be dealt with, in a severe manner, i.e. by death.


Cultural Marxism



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