A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Well Done Gordon.You Served Your Masters Well.

I well remember those golden days, when in Clare Shorts words , “Things will change when Gordon takes over”  Of course we all thought you meant things would get better.  Your judgement  was all over the place , Clare.  Had you forgotten that they started off as a double act, remember “The Deal” Clare? They knew what they were doing all along, and so did you.

The Socialist government should have been taken apart after the Dunblane scandal.  People of integrity, like you, should have been appalled at the extent of the cover-up.  Where are the remains ,of what is laughingly called ‘Old Labour’ hiding out?  The men in cloth caps looking after the well-being of the working man.

The Bankers are being allowed to rob the people on a global scale.  Words can’t describe the depravity of these people, they will inflict any horror on the people and not even notice the suffering they create. And there’s Gordon carrying out his orders ,like an eager Lance Corporal. He says that he thinks we need a world-wide constitution to keep the bankers in order.  That is not what we need Gordon, what we need,  is to disband the banking system, take back the money that politicians like your good self have illegally paid to these criminals, calling it interest, on money that doesn’t exist, when you could equally well print your own money and distribute it with no interest.

You people, our so-called leaders, even now, when huge numbers of people are starting to understand what is going on, are prepared to stand back and allow the IMF to rape and pillage the weaker countries in the CE, all of it being done with, the taxes paid to them by every country that accepts the present system of Central Banking. You fully understand all of this Gordon, and like the rest of the psychopaths in your cabinet you get some sort of thrill from all this.

What wonderful television, your little get together with Nick and Dave were. The much-loved Eastender type of mindless babble.  Hardly a word of any importance.  All questions carefully vetted by Common Purpose, only the bland getting through.  Perhaps you were not aware of it, or I’m certain you would have mentioned it, Angela Merkel thinks that Brussels should handle the British economy, what do you think about that Gordon? The Belgian fellow, what’s his name, thinks that young Milliband, or whoever Dave may choose, as Foreign Secretary, will not be needed. In fact Gordon, as you well know the UK went out of existence the day you signed the Lisbon Treaty. You are a traitor Gordon.

You used British taxpayers money to pay a nonexistent debt for a group of bankers, without showing any evidence of a real rather than an imaginary debt.  Gordon for what it’s worth let me explain, Credit Default Swaps, derivatives, Toxic Assets, these things don’t exist in the real economy, they are no more than playing cards with match sticks. At the of the evening, whoever wins laughs and throws the matches in the rubbish bin. If there was any help needed in  the system, I am quite sure the Rothschild and Rockefeller’s could dip into the vast fortune that they control. They appear to have enough to start a massive bailout of countries, when it’s in their interest to do so.

Well Gordon, even when your dream of being able to pay billions of pounds in carbon taxes to your masters, was slightly dented, when the lies that you well knew were being told, were made public, you did not flinch.  That showed us all what stout stuff you were made of.  Did you not feel any shame when it became clear you were financing liars to forward your schemes.  Just a little thing, in case you do, I don’t need any body to explain to me, what,’ hide the decline’ means.  The CRU are a bunch of liars, but of course they will have to be reinstated, because  you will have to continue with exactly the same lies, otherwise it all comes apart.

So let me take this opportunity to wish you well in the cushy little well paid job, that you have probably already been promised, after you lose the coming election, you deserve it you have been a good and faithful servant to your elite masters.

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  1. cuthulan

    enochered ,yet again I totally agree. This is why I see a big SNP vote in Scotland as a good thing ,not just for Scotland ,but for the whole UK and EU.
    If Scotland becomes independant ,then all those Treaties and EU memberships are null and void ,as they apply to the UK or United Kingdoms of Scotland and England. The UK would no longer exist. It would be replaced by the Republic of Scotland and the Kingdom of England and the Province of Northern Ireland and Principality of Wales. (But the Irish and Welsh may have thier own independant views on that as well.)
    Each “new” Ancient Nation would then have to re-think not just its political parties ,BUT its very political sytem. Each “new” Anciet Nation would also have to re-apply to the EU . BUT I would expect a referendum at least before that happens.


    May 4, 2010 at 14:25

    • Hiya Mate! I know that what you say makes good sense. I hope as well as you do, that the SNP wins, at least that does something.
      I’ve looked through your stuff and I know that you understand full well, that any party leader has already been bought.
      Salmond is no different. He accepted the Dunblane inquiry decision, he could have insisted on releasing the results, he controls the law in Scotland doesn’t he?
      Guaranteed he’s a Mason. He let Al Mugrahee? you know who I mean, free, not out of charity, he did it for London, to avoid an appeal.
      He knows who carried out the Lockerbie job. If he would do that for those scum in london, what else would he do.
      We Celts, have to take these blows on the chin. My dad told me when I was just a kid, I didn’t even understand what it meant, that De Valera, the so called ‘Long Fellow- was the Brits man. I’ve been telling them that for years and nobody listened. Now some yank brings out a book, and presto it must be true.
      Same thing with the IRA traitors one and all. We’re just the little people mate. The English never let go. You need to hope and pray you can get your freedom
      before the house of cards comes down. All this rubbish with the PIGS, they are doing it to us, it’s the Rothschild agents Soros, Goldman Sachs et al.
      who are carrying it out. You heard Gordon Brown, world wide constitution for banking, it’s already been written, by the bankers, for tnhe bankers.
      The head of the ECB telling the CFR that the G20 should run the world. These people are mad. Dr. Strangelove is in control.


      May 5, 2010 at 18:56

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