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The Origins of the EU.

I came across this old photo, in a French magazine, showing Helmut Kohl, holding the hand of François Mitterrand, the caption read; ‘ The French German Reconciliation ‘

The union of Europe, presented by the ‘Master Mason, François Mitterrand and the crypto Israeli Helmut Kohl, alias Honoch Kohn. Khazar Jew.

I was intrigued by this, so I spent a few minutes looking in to it. Mitterrand, along with a large number of prominent members of the French government, since the war, was a well-known collaborator with the Vichy Government.

He did later, like numerous French people, claim to have been with the French Resistance, sadly  most of the French people claimed to have been with theResistance after the war had ended.

The French Resistance, like all similar groups was infiltrated from the start. Leading to the denouncing, of a true French hero, Jean Moulin, whom was allegedly tortured to death by  SS.  Until as late as the 1970s, scores were still being settled in central France, over the role of the collaborators and people whom they denounced. So Mitterrand had what can only be described as a murky past.

Helmut Kohl was born Henoch Kohn, into a Khazar Jewish Family. He later adopted the more Germanic, Helmut Kohl. He belonged to an elite Masonic  Lodge,  B’nai B’rith, which  accepted only Jews. It was considered the world Headquarters of Jewish Masonry.

He rose to the elevated level of the Order of Joseph, as did Menakim Begin, for services to the state of Israel, which reputedly included throwing Palestinians down village wells, and in orderto stop their screams, he threw hand grenades after them.

Kohl was a member of another group of elite European Jews,’ The Coudehove- Kalergie group, which was one of the forces behind the idea of the European Union.

This placed him in the company of the Rothschild family in Paris and London, and he took part in family events along with them.  His mentor or more accurately his runner was an industriaist named Fritz Ries.

 Ries married into a relatively prosperous family and took over the running of a rubber factory, making waterproof garments and boots.  It was not far from Auschwitz.  He ran his business with slave labour, including Jewish women and children.  He had contact with a group of SS officers who had managed to retain control of the gold and other valuables confiscated from the Jewish population of Poland.

These SS men included Hanns Josef Strauss and Hanns Martin Schleyer, who was Hitlers personal bodyguard. He was implicated in the slaughter of 41 old people, women and children in Czechoslovakia in May 1945.(It is quite common to find the names of SS Officers associated with Jews, in  order to implicate the National Socialists with the formation of the European Union, in most cases using valuables stolen from Jews.)

Ries who had received a portion of the loot, pillaged in Poland paid out a large part of it defending his reputation, recorded in a book explaining his role in atrocities in Poland, he lost and paid dearly in legal costs.  The rest of his fortune was used to finance Helmut Kohl’s election as Chancellor of Germany.

All of this information, turned up with the minimum of effort, and I discovered a lot more, that I cannot be bothered to relate.  It does however give an idea of just how many people in both France and Germany, who were involved with the “Nazi’s” were still involved in politics after the war. Who allegedly, with the aid of loot, from Hitlers invasion of Poland, whether it be Hitler’s loot or simply that of a bunch of renegades, became involved with the construction of the European Union.  Including carousing with the same bankers who were implicated in the financing of Hitler. Namely the Bush family and the Rothschild family. (It is also common practice to discredit leaders such as Hitler and Mussolini by claiming that they were Rothschild bastards or funded by them. Until that is, the obvious is stated, that Rothschild paid for the holocaust.)

When it is claimed that certain bankers funded Hitler, it is presented as meaning financed his dreams of dominating the World and all that nonsense, when in fact it was most probably simply investment in the most productive country in Europe at the time.

When the events during the war are considered, not too many people come out of it with credit.  Add to that the documents recently released in the UK, revealing that both Hitler and Mussolini were working for the British, and that Hitler was apparently a Rothschild bastard, I think we are entitled to ask “What the hell is going on?”

Part of what is going on is a wealth of misinformation online, which has now become so confused, it is becoming increasingly difficult to pick ones way through it all.


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