A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Role of the Ageing Hippie in the New World Order.

Hey man! Too much man!  Far out man! Oh wot! I ate some of those macrobiotic beans last night man. My mind was blown man! Yeh Man, completely blown!  I’m still tripping now man!

Yes, sadly  I really did overhear this conversation, at the very first Glastonbury Festival.  I was just a child, so I didn’t really grasp the depth of stupidity of the young hippie boy.

However, I think, I may have seen him on the news, this very morning.  The crap is still dribbling out of his nose.  He is now playing out his new role, as attack dog, for the money men,  who are pushing the idea of man-made global warming and the urgent need of carbon taxes to save the planet.  He is supposed to add some sort of, ‘woody’ quality to the subject.

I am assured by many commentators, who understand things a little better than I do.  That all of pop culture, The Summer of Love and all that wonderful psychedelic music, The Beatles, The Stones, Ken Dodd. Ah yes Ken Dodd, 8 by 10, now that’s what I call music.  All of it, the music, the fashions, the philosophy, was given to us by the Tavistock Institute.
Now I was there,in the sixties, though very young,  and I saw it all.  Hippiedom was a middle class pursuit.  Most of the so-called squats, were peopled by game players, who always had an exit plan.   Jobs in daddy’s company, or with an investment bank, whatever.  The rest were doomed to end their days on the dole scrimping to save enough money for a bit of dope.

Now these phony, annoying, nincompoops, always described as being a spokesperson for something like, ‘The Alliance of Dimwits and Dunderheads to Save the Planet’  And there they are, with straggly longish hair, slightly balding, just a touch of a comb over, not too much, so that it shows. Grey designer stubbly type beard. Corduroy jacket and the coup de grace , John Lennon specs.

Well! I had to get control of myself there before I could continue.  If the people of The Tavistock Institute are so smart, why do they not understand, what scorn and derision, that one word out of the mouths of these morons, produces, they should ban them from all future propaganda emissions.

This morning it was the old, we are burning too much coal, driving too many cars, we are producing too much CO2, we are killing the planet.  Whats more, all drilling for oil must be stopped. And volcanoes must never again be allowed to erupt.

All of it, displaying the same level of intelligence as the pap about beans. Which we will soon be banned from eating because of all the farting.

The so-called hippies never gave a jot about the idea of an alternative life-style. To them it was just a hedonistic period on the road to their Hampstead style intellectual utopia.  When necessary they walk into their Bond Street Bespoke Tailor and from a computer screen click on ‘Theme Intello’ and are, in true Wallace and Grommit fashion, with grinds and clicks immediately transformed, for the morning television appearance.

They were, are and forever will be, frauds. And you would be well  advised, should you bump into one of them, in the street, to push them under the nearest bus

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