A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Digging Out the Moles. Part Two.

I hesitated for a long time, before I felt ready to commit myself this enquiry. Todays subject is that wonderful old gentleman, loved by us all,  Nelson Mandela.

I understand full well the esteem in which he is held, probably by the whole wide world. However, therein lies the problem.  Nobody is that perfect.  So without wishing to cast doubt on his character, I would simply like to make certain observations, that I consider pertinent, if we are to arrive at a valid biography of the man himself.

Many years ago, back in the last century.  There was a lot of newspaper coverage of the arrest, trial and imprisonment of a man who was behaving in much the same manner as your common all garden freedom fighter/ terrorist. This man was a young lawyer named Nelson Mandela.  To my shame, I looked at the photos of this man, stocky, slightly bull-headed, ex boxer, with vaguely slitty eyes. and felt an immediate distrust.  He made a perfect partner, if judged by looks alone, for his young wife Winnie. Who in later life reinvented herself as a raving, murderous, lunatic.

Allow me to digress for a moment.  Quite recently I was listening to an interview on the wireless, with the man, who wrote the screenplay, for the latest Matt Damon film, about rugby players.  He told of the day he found himself in the company of  Morgan Freeman, to whom he said, ” I have an idea for a film part you might find interesting”.  Morgan mumbled something like, “Yes, yes, that’s what they all say”.  “It’s the rugby film”.  “Nelson Mandela”.  “That’s right”.   “I was born for the part. I”ll do it”.

Now as I was saying, Young, stocky, thick-necked , slitty eyed, ex boxer, type of character, Nelson, was released, after twenty seven tears in prison.  He was in the full bloom of health, taller, slimmer, more elegant than before, a perfect gentleman, that anyone would make their first choice, if you could choose, Grampy.

How could this transformation, take place in a grim, Boer, jail?  Why did he find it such hard going with his beloved Winnie, whom he quickly dumped.  Perhaps we should hear her side of the tale.  They say you can’t hide things in bed.

Now my theory is, the fellow who came out of Robin Island Jail, was modelled on Morgan Freeman.  The date of release  was delayed waiting for Freeman’s double to turn up. The real Mandela, like Steve Biko before him, died under torture.  The man we now know as Nelson Mandela, is in fact a 33 degree mason and a tool of the elite, who still have control of all of South Africa’s resources, and he has helped to make sure, Africans,  will never be free.

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