A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

So Sarkozy is Banging the Table and Making Threats. I Hope You Are Suitably Impressed.

So Sarko, our dear old goon, has taken off his shoe and started to bang the table. Angela, trembles, will she do as he says? How are they going to sort things out without Gordon? Will Berlusconi steal the limelight, again?

What fun it all is.  Sarko, going to get out of the Euro zone? What a joke.  This is the man who signed the Lisbon Treaty. He has quite obviously never read it.  Somebody should tell him what’s in it.  Listen, Sarko, the bankers are creating this crisis themselves. Goldman Sachs and George Soros and JP Morgan are all Rothschild agents. If he did not want Greece brought down, they would not be taking it down.

They are plundering the western world. Now Sarko, listen closely, the idea is, that we pay the money, get it now? Of course you do. They are destroying the Euro on purpose.  You think,  we don’t understand, don’t you? You truly are so arrogant, you really do believe, that if you, Sarko, insist that it should be done, we stupid sheeple are going to think; ‘That Mr Sarkozy is much cleverer than we are, if he insists on paying, it must be the right thing to do’

Who the hell do you think you are?  Are you such a cretin that you really do not understand, that the only economic crisis, is in the money markets?  Let me just explain what that means.  These are people who produce no wealth, They are a boil on the backside of us all. All they can do is pile up money. All they understand is money.

The stock exchange, is a tool to find people who are prepared to invest money in industry. In return for this investment, they will be paid a dividend, should the enterprise make a profit.  Once the shares have been sold ,  whatever happens to the value of those shares, makes no difference to the enterprise itself.  They simply become part of a game of poker, for the money men.

 These people, using computer programmes, can destroy the value of these shares, whenever they choose, without spending one penny of their own cash to do so.  Using this sort of corrupt practise,  they devalue good companies, so they can buy them for virtually nothing.

That is how these people have been taking control of the world. Why , have you done nothing to stop this? Why have you allowed the destruction of small farms in France?  Why are you allowing food production in France to fall into the hands, of the same families, who now control,  the large drug companies,  the entire military industrial complex, water, natural gas, food distribution and even the motorways.

If the French people understood what it’s government has allowed to be done to them, they would be horrified . They would lynch you.  You are a traitor and an agent of the money lenders, along with d’Estaing, and every other president of France since General de Gaulle. You are simply the last in a long line of traitors, who cut their teeth with the NAZI Vichy government in France.  By the way, the French press, ran a tale about you being a Mossad man,  what’s that all about Sarko?

So please Mr Sarkozy, you can’t even convince my dog that you, control anything. The whole world knows, that people like you, are controlled and dispensable.  By the way what did you make of the demise of the Polish government?  We have not failed to notice the number of puppet politicians in Europe quaking in their shoes. Which bunch of you will be offered the one way  ticket east next?

You know that the best thing to do is shut down the Central Bank, so why not do it?   Do that and you would be a French hero, for the rest of time.  Go on do it. Go on, go on, go on,go on, do it now.You will not even allow the idea to be proposed, will you?


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