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Was the Holocaust an ‘Inside Job’?

People of intellect, have long understood the use of ‘False flag’ attacks, to generate the Hegelian Dialect. Problem, reaction, solution. The attack in Oklahoma City at the Murrow Centre.  In New York, twice, at the World Trade Centre.  In London on July 7th 2005,  were quite clearly carried out by government agencies.  If they were not, lets clear the air with an inquiry. Calling  the many witnesses, who are available,  to give evidence.  Now the big question is, can the ‘holocaust’ be placed alongside these events?  I think it can be very firmly, placed there.

Nobody can deny that the Jews came under attack during the 2nd World War.  Many were killed. Many others were used as slave labour.   All of this is well-known.  However I personally know several survivors.  I too saw the images of the skinny people, in prison garb, that were taken at the end of the war.  Evidently not everybody was ushered off the trains, into the shower, into the gas chamber, into the ovens, in short order.

Now I live in a sparsely populated area, not in a huge city with a population of millions, so if I know a few survivors, in my neck of the woods, they can not be too thin on the ground. So who collected the data on the number of Jewish victims? Even my Father found this a bit perplexing. Apparently, the Red Cross estimated 180,000 were killed and that figure corresponded with the number of Jews who remained at the end of the war.

The Jews themselves calculated  6,000,000 deaths.  Big difference. After a lot of bickering the figure of 4,000,000, who were said to have died at Auschwitz, was drastically reduced, after it was found, indisputably, that the incinerators there, were in fact built after the end of the war, to burn the corpses of victims of  a typhus outbreak.  So if 4,000,000 died, and there were no incinerators, where were the bodies? So the number of alleged Jewish deaths was reduced to  1,200,000.  Which is still marked on the commemorative  plaque.  So what happened to the other  3,000,000?  Because we are still being presented with the same 6,000,000 total,  why was the overall total not, reduced to 3,000,000?

Can we not fairly ask this simple question?  Also, if the people, who compiled the figures, could be 3,000,000 off the mark, on what did they base  the claim? On what evidence were other claims based. There can be very few people on the planet, who do not have sympathy for the Jewish people, and the horrors they suffered during the holocaust.  Personally, I have never been a great one for numbers.  I care little if  one, ten or one hundred, die, it is the same tragedy for the first as it is for the last.  So I feel the same sympathy towards any Jew, who was put to death in the war.  There is no need to exaggerate the tragedy to suit another agenda.

So what is the other agenda?  Now this is my own opinion,  I can supply very few references, links to websites or anything else, it is just a little thing that has been bothering me for some time.

During the last war, Hitler and his government, were allegedly controlled.  British documents, detailing this control, were recently released by the government. Hitler was what is now known as a British Intelligence asset.  Prescott Bush, allegedly, helped finance the NAZI party.  The British must have been aware of this. So quite obviously it was a joint operation.  Just the minimum amount of research will reveal the collaboration of all the big foundations, Ford, Rockefeller, Rothschild et al. They were  financing Hitler and the Communist government in Russia.  The heads of these foundations are to a man, Jews.  I find nothing more to say, case closed.    Jews paid Hitler to carry out the holocaust.  Despite his alleged hatred of Jews,  Hitler, had numerous Jews in his team. So how does all this fit together?

Since the dawn of time,  men  have been attempting to convince others,  that they are in some way superior.  I have tried in my lazy way, to investigate people, who have presented themselves, as more intelligent, knowledgeable or more worthy of respect than are common people, like me.

In any situation you are likely to come across someone who is strong-willed,  forceful, single-minded or any number of  excuses, for what is in effect, a control freak.  One by one you see through them, and what they wanted was, to be the big boss.  All their ideas of superiority, were bogus, it depended on the weakness of others.  Some, with the same mentality, became ‘leaders’ of one sort or another. Others have ended up in the gutter of history.

A good example of this is Aleister Crowley.  What was Crowley? Well like all of these magicians, his best work was always performed, when the camera was out of film,  as it were.  He reputedly did the Abra Melin.  I have tried that myself. It’s hard going, too hard for me, during the time, I was bringing up the children and working for a living. Having read an account of Crowley’s attempt, I was not convinced, that he had fared any better.  The same thing with his attempt at yoga.  He quite obviously understood nothing whatever, about the purpose of the asanas, the photos of him trying to force himself into various positions are a joke. We hear tales of him making all the books in a bookshop, vanish, according to the owner of the shop. No more evidence than that.

He also, famously, refused to help, in a rescue attempt, in the Himalayas, preferring to stay in his sleeping bag, out of the cold.  Apart from that, a lot of time was spent writing tracts dealing with apparitions from the other side.  Beings that were present, that he dared not look at, etc.  There is in fact not one shred of evidence that he ever gained any supra normal power of any sort.  Or ever truly made contact with beings from the dark side; or anywhere else.   He did have a strong personality, and was practiced in the art of deceit as they say. He managed to convince a lot of rich women to part with their money and in return, he provided a lot of perverted sex.  An exaggerated need of sex was in fact his prison, like a lot others before him, and since. Of course, he was also a junkie. Most of his visions were revealed through the medium of large quantities of  heroin. So you get the idea, he had no special powers whatsoever.

Now back to the holocaust, Hitler was under the control of the bankers. They say of themselves, in books like, Tragedy and Hope by Carrol Quigley, that they have started every major war  during the last hundred years. They financed the Russian revolution, right up to the end of the so-called Cold War. They financed Franco and Mussolini. Their object was to create the European Union.  So why would they attempt to wipe out the Jewish population of Europe?  The main reason, money, they got hold of an enormous amount of wealth, taken from rich Jews, all of which was deposited in  Rothschild private bank, in that strange little state, Switzerland.

The next reason, the solution to the Hegelian dialect.  The state of Israel and most important of all, the domination by the Khazar’s of the new state.  These were not real Jews but converts of convenience.   They could not therefore claim to be Hebrews, The Chosen Ones. To in some way deify themselves, they have attempted to associate themselves with the Biblical tale, which tells of the Gods ,who found the daughters of man attractive,  and proceeded to  get them pregnant. This was against the law, and some attempt was made to eliminate the resulting children. The money men would have us believe that they, are the descendants of these children. At the same time,  we have certain elements in the alternative media, setting about convincing us that these people, the banking families, who have been here from ancient times, have control of everything. They are in possession of technology ,that the rest of us will not be seeing for another fifty years.  They can cure themselves of any illness. They never get things wrong. Even when it appears, that they have cocked something up, it’s not so. It’s all part of the plan.  They are putting it about that they have found the Ark of the Covenant.  They have been in discussion with Extra Terrestrials for years. They are killing us with our food, our water,  poison from the skies.  Blah! Blah! Blah!  They would have us believe that they are still in contact with these Gods, who have never left the Earth.  And that only superior types like them will inherit the Earth.

Well , while they are surrounded by shaven headed thugs, they are safe.  However like Crowley’s, their special powers are all talk.  All they have is money and a lot of people they have bought with that money.  Other than that they’ve got nothing and with a concerted effort, we can get rid of them, once and for all. These criminals, who have held the world in a perpetual state of war and fear for hundreds of years.  These idiots ,who dressed in drag, perform ridiculous rituals at Bohemian Grove, which they allow to be filmed, trying to give the impression of being real Black Magicians, so we will do what they say or they will put a spell on us. You couldn’t as they say, make it up. The New World Order, can be our New World Order, an order that does not include murdering filth like them.  These people are megalomaniacs and quite obviously mentally ill, but they have surrounded themselves with minions who will do anything for money and power. They Must go.

Note:Since writing this post, I have spent a lot of time researching the subject of Hitler and the Jews. I now find that the things which would not rest easily in my mind, were right not to do so. I could sense that there was something wrong about the recorded tale. I now find that the fault was in the fact that it was mostly lies and disinformation designed to suit other purposes and to generate unmerited sympathy. This sympathy was offered to a group of people, whom have shown quite clearly that they, do not have an ounce of sympathy for others. If the general population fully understood how they have been deceived by these people they would be outraged.


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