A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Digging Out the Moles….Part Three.

This elegant young lady, from the forest, admitted to being totally confused by Mike Chambers

Having decided to turn my ‘All seeing eye’ on to the Alternative Media.  Finding  ‘King Mole’, proved to be a difficult task.  To illustrate the point, let me give you an example of the malicious propoganda, propagated by these devious people. Mike Chambers, on Oracle Broadcasting, for one. During every broadcast, occasionally several times, he ritualistically informs us that, ‘A pile of sawdust will burn much faster, than a pile of woodchips’. He then repeats the mantra, ‘Engine brain dot Com’ several times.  After repeated exposure to this nonsense and worrying about what was being done to my brain, I decided to check it out.

The first problem was deeply philosophical.  What is a pile? Apart from a pain in the ass. Is it volume? Is it weight. Is it density?  Hmmm!  I thought I had solved this problem, with my favourite instrument of  measure, an empty yogurt pot 125g, for those of you who might wish to repeat the experiment. I was instantly confronted with the second problem.  Even with the aid of my all time favourite tool, a claw hammer, I had a lot of difficulty getting enough woodchips to, ‘shake a cat at’ into the pot. In the end, I used the fall back measure, a handful of each, on a flat surface, protected from wind currents.  After that I donned my protective glasses, breathing mask, ear protectors ( This is optional, as there is not excessive noise) and thick leather gloves.  Then using the same yogurt pot, I doused the two piles  with petrol, stood well back and threw a match.  The result was instantaneous.  Whoosh! No woodchips. So, either Chambers, doesn’t know what he’s talking about, or there is a deeper purpose to his claims.  Without the petrol, his claims were even more evidently wrong. It proved almost impossible to ignite the sawdust.   My sawdust is very fine, corresponding exactly with his claim, that, ‘Finer burns faster’.  At this point you have to wonder, ‘ What is going on here?’ I was determined to get to the bottom of this conundrum.

I spent hours, listening repeatedly, to his, now discredited claims. Then I found what I had suspected.  A phrase that nagged away in my head, ‘Wholly incompatible with your vehicles warranty’. What could that mean? As a publicity spot, it sounded like bunkum.

I just could not get it out of my head.  In the end, I dug out my trusty old Revox, reel to reel and set about dissecting the phrase.   I went through the normal procedures, you know how it  goes, backwards, at various speeds, tape upside down, back to front, two tapes at the same time, one backwards the other forwards, one faster than the other, the usual, to no avail.

 Then I remembered something I had heard a member of Pink Floyd, talking about one time. I decided to give it a try.  I took the length of tape, with the recorded phrase, very carefully, I sliced it in two, length wise. Then taking one side of the two slices of tape, I cut it into inch long sections. I  then cut out, 1 mm pieces, from each inch of tape.  Each piece, 1 inch long, was now minus 1mm, I turned alternate  pieces upside down and then spliced the whole thing back together again.

 And there you have it, this is how simple it is, to weed out the subliminal messages, that are controlling us all.  I now simply made a loop of the tape and played it back. It was loud and clear. It illustrates the depth of control, that the Tavistock Institute, still hold over us, and the ‘Moles’  they groomed, in the Sixties an Seventies.

In the words of a true ‘Working Class Hero,” the unmistakable voice of John Lennon, screeched out, “I was the Walrus! Not Paul! It was me! I Am the Walrus! How does he sleep at night? Ku-Ku-Ka-Chew!”   So Chambers, you have been outed. How do you sleep at night?  Tell your chum, the whining, Lee, “It’s not that I hate Alex Jones”, Rogers. He’s next!

2 responses

  1. newfie

    What was the subliminal message


    February 10, 2014 at 01:19

    • Well in fact I never intended there to be a subliminal message, I tried to say quite clearly that it was difficult, on the one hand, to make any sense out of what was said on the Alternative Media, while on the other hand you could manipulate anything, to produce the sort of response you were seeking. This was referring to Oracle an online radio network which no longer exists.

      The problem still exists, mainly because things have become so confused, as a result of all the bitterness which has developed between presenters, all of whom claim to be telling the “truth” that it has descended into a shambolic mess.

      Your question about a subliminal message is quite interesting. I am sure that you have come across the Sandy Hook story. You may have noticed that just recently a campaign has started on the Alternative Media, dismissing claims that it was a False Flag event. They are now claiming that Adam Lanza did actually kill his mother and then murder twenty school kids and six adults.

      This tale surfaced on a programme to which I listen on a regular basis. The reasoning behind this new notion, was that the big drug companies had been pushing the notion that nobody had died as a means of distracting attention from the widely held belief, that psychotropic drugs which have apparently been prescribed for many of the gunmen in past mass killing events, could be in some way responsible for Sandy Hook.

      The presenter of this programme described for us, in detail, the type of brain-washing techniques which are used to influence the way we think. They then went on to present the evidence which they had uncovered showing for example, that the claims which had been made about the character Robbie Parker, being a crisis actor were rubbish. The whole idea that the child on Barack Obama’s lap was the allegedly dead child, whom in the excitement of seeing the President forgot that she was dead, was baloney.

      This presenter then warned us not to accept unsupported rubbish on youtube, which is packed tripe from people like me for example.
      I went to the trouble of going over what I had written about Sandy Hook and I had another look at some of the films on youtube and I found that nothing, with which I had been presented by this presenter added up to much in the way of evidence that my own interpretation of Sandy Hook had been too far off the truth. On the other hand it raised serious doubts in my mind as to the position of this person with regard to the main subject of her radio programme.

      I don’t suppose any of that is any help, as a response to your question, which was about an article which I wrote some time ago, which I was obliged to re-read in order to respond to your question, however it has inspired me to write my own response to this new form of disinformation which is springing up all over the place, particularly about Sandy Hook, which I still find to be the most blatantly false of all of the False Flag events. Thanks for your comment.


      February 10, 2014 at 09:54

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