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Sir, Sir, Can I Lick Your Boots Sir?

Boris JohnsonSS

So ‘Love Rat’ Boris Johnson, does not agree with the way Trade Unions run their voting systems. He thinks that a result should not be decided if less than fifty per cent of the electorate bother to turn out.  Well I suggest he keeps his Toffs views to himself and hoofs off back Bunkerton Castle with the rest of Lord Snooty’s Pals.

Parliament has never insisted on a minimum turnout for elections. It has always been a first past the post affair, whatever the turnout. He might check the turnout for his own election.  Only this week William Haig insisted, that the Conservative Party would be directed to vote no, in any referendum on voting change.

They are not going to offer the British public the opportunity to vote, on what they described as the greatest political deception of all time, the Lisbon Treaty.  Apparently once the thing has been signed, that is the end of it, history is over, once in never out. What a statement coming from a British Government. Of course it is not over. Of course he could hold a referendum, if he wanted too that is.

He has taken care of all the so-called Tory Euro Sceptics. In fact there never were any. They are a party of traitors, like the traitors they replace.

And so, Boris, in the middle of all this, You, made no comment, when a tiny number of Lib Dem voters decided the make-up of the government, despite the fact that the electorate had made it clear that they did not want a coalition, which is why the Lib Dem vote dropped, despite the guff from the polls.

The fact of the matter is Boris, people in general are brassed off with posh pratts like you, mouthing off about things, when the chain is falling off your bike. But at least you got rid of the Congestion Charge.  Yeh! Right you did.  Good on yeh Boris! Leave the Unions alone. We the people need them more than ever, while your chums in Downing Street are busy robbing the people to pay a non-existent debt.

Note: I thought this post might be worth re-reading in the run-up to the Election in London.

3 responses

  1. Septic tories, yes indeed


    February 16, 2013 at 17:59

  2. Tory Sceptics is the word, easy mispelling, sometimes I get traitors mixed up veg and end up with King Eddies


    February 16, 2013 at 00:05

    • How on earth did you come across this old stuff? This was my opinion of Boris all that time ago and sadly he hasn’t done anything to change my opinion. As for the Tory Latrinos, qt least you know what you’re up against. I noticed that the other Milliband has been given a nice little number on a Quango. They let you have it full in the face these days.


      February 16, 2013 at 19:13

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