A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Selling England By The Pound.

If the UK is up for sale, whether it be the woodlands, hills or dales, I think we can all be sure, that certain well-known bankers or their agents, will be very interested.

Once upon a time, the whole world understood, that without checks and balances, plus a diligent Monopolies Commission,  that with a capitalist system in control, everything would eventually end up in the same hands.

Right at this moment, well-known by politicians, that lurking behind an intentional monetary crisis, the big boys, like Rothschild,  are buying up smaller banks by the dozen.

Through the International Monetary Fund – which many people believe to be in some way Governmental – but which is in fact part of the Rothschild stable, much of the Third World resources have already been stolen.

The UK Government, when discussing the ‘Deficit,’ talk of debts with other countries.  Which other countries?  The ‘City of London’ to stretch a point, could be described as another country.  Why not explain simply and clearly, to the UK people, to whom the debt is owed.

That way when large areas of the land are sold off, it need not be like the ‘Fire Sale’ of the gold reserves, a well kept guilty secret, to hide the name Rothschild. Or perhaps it should be explained why the Government is content to be passing so much of the UK into the same pair of hands.

Since writing this post it has come to light that many “Public” spaces have been sold to Gulf States, which now operate with CCTV spying and private security officers with the ability to prevent filming, in an open space in London. Can you believe that?


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