A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

What Kind Of Socialist Is Peter Mandelson?


The question that is begging an answer, must be, “How much is Peter Mandelson and the rest of the Zionists in the Labour Party, being paid to help destroy the UK?  

Mandy, photographed here with the “Puppet Master” Rothschild, spends a lot of his spare time in the company of the “Richest Family in the World.” I have never been able to discover, how he managed to find himself, on holiday with G’nat Rothschild, George Osborne and a Russian oligarch.

The very idea of a family holiday involving this group  of leeches certainly merited looking into.  European Commissioner, in the company of a Russian who was attempting to gain an advantage in aluminium production in Europe, along with a representative of the family, who in all probability controls the Russian, with the man who is even now robbing the British people to pay the interest on  loans, made by banks controlled by the Rothschild family, to the British government.

The only reason that knowledge of this strange get together, even slipped into public view, was because the now Chancellor of the Exchequer, opened his mouth and made a quip about Mandy.

Rothschild responded to this lack of etiquette, by threatening to destroy Osborne’s political career. The question that has never been answered, what does he hold over the man, who has the responsibility, of extracting obscene sums of money, from some of the    poorest families in the UK, to deposit into the coffers of the richest family in the world?

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