A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Tory Terror Shock Tactics and a Stoned Dead-head.


 UK Home Secretary, Teresa May, on Sky News, in response to the False Flag, False Alarm ink jet bomb farce, has announced that British Muslims are heading for Somalia, to train as terrorists, in order to bring mass murder to the streets of London.

If such a thing as a Hate Crime exists, this is it. If this woman, no doubt wearing her trade mark fancy footwear, is allowed to  propagate this twaddle on national television, she should be severely reprimanded and the system that does not allow a right of reply to the innocent people who are being branded by these lies, needs changing.

Just to remind this stupid woman, the real terrorists are all working for MI6, SAS, MI5, CIA, FBI and Mossad.  They were involved in planting bombs in the UK and blaming the IRA. They murdered people in Dublin. They were caught planting bombs in Iraq in an attempt to stir up civil unrest. In fact they murder world-wide.

Mossad is the most likely suspect in the 7-7 attack in London just as they are implicated in 911. What you are attempting to stir up in the UK, Mrs May, is obscene and it shows you are not just an ugly face, your conscience is no better.

Just to round off a squalid newscast, we  were presented with that brain-dead fossil of another era, Keith Richard, telling us how he contacted war criminal Blair, urging him to go to war in Iraq, growling something about going out there himself to kill a few. Nice one Keith, pity you didn’t get the same reception as Blair at your book signing.

See The Old News Hen On Sky  

Nairobi Attack: Is It Another False Flag?


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