A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Requiem For The Liberal Democrats. RIP.

Electio 2010

Nick Clegg has destroyed the Liberal Democrats. His own future is not in UK politics. He lives in Brussels and has probably already found another job.

This is significant, because in happier times, the protest vote had somewhere to go. Now, there is no choice, it is rule by Bilderberg or nothing.

The UK, like the rest of the EU, is under Bilderberg control. It could be called Communist, Bolshevik, it is all the same. The elected government is financed by the Central Bankers, who in general, are the same people who have control of the Multi-National companies.  The elected pawns, who pretend to run our countries, are nothing more than “fixers” for the elite.

A perfect example of this was displayed on New Years Day. The Estonian government announced,that  despite massive opposition from the people, that it would be joining the Euro-zone.  Claiming that this made good economic sense. The question must surely be “For whom?”  In a newly democratic country, so soon after it gained its freedom from Russia, its Democracy has already sunk to this level.

Vince Cable, that crafty little Jewish ex-Socialist, now parading himself as a Liberal, or a Democrat, made certain that Bilderberg Murdoch, would gain control of BSkyB for himself. We await the result, however it will be a surprise if it goes against the man who dictates the output of Sky News, and provides the UK with the most biased of all news reporting.

The tiddlers in the Lib-Dem’s need to detach themselves with all haste, from the doings of Bilderberger Clegg and his cronies.  They will never recover from the trap which has been laid for them. We now have the farce of Vince Cable, setting out to convince the students, that his lies and deceit were for their own good and were merely rhetorical lies in order to gain votes

There is a rumour circulating, that Cameron, will keep Nick Clegg in the Deputy Prime Minister’s job, even if the Tories win an overall majority in the next election. So Clegg, is in fact a closet Tory. Well! Well!  That is of course assuming that he is re-elected and not de-selected.

There are some excellent members, in the ranks of the Liberal-Democrats whom they have allowed to be rooted out and ignored the fact that they have opened the door to the thugs from The European Commission.

These good people should sack the rest of the Euro-hounds in the party. Make sure that no Member, who was elected to serve the people of the UK, is illegally serving another master, as Clegg, Cameron, Miliband and Balls all are. These people, sit together, with the Bilderberger group, discussing how to destroy the UK, placing the people under the complete control of  the un-elected EU Commission.

What the countries of Europe now need is a party offering a way out of Europe. A Europe in which nobody wants to remain, all of us are being cornered, using whatever means come to hand to force us into a position, where any opposition, will be dealt with by a military style Police Force.

That being said, the Lib-Dem’s give the impression of a group, who have wholeheartedly embraced their own demise. They are totally in favour of the European Union, they have voiced no reservations.  This shows a total disregard for the wishes of the voters.

As for the Global Warming/Climate Change question, like both of the other leading parties, they have fully accepted the discredited formulations of the IPCC and CRU.  Despite the fact that the revelations in the leaked Emails and the evidence of the wholesale doctoring of data, ensuring it would conform to the wishes of that group which would benefit most from the imposition of Carbon Taxes, is available to us all.  Despite this there has been no call for a proper Police investigation into the scandal. After all this was fraud on a massive scale.

All of this should be no problem for the elected MPs, who maintain seats in the Commons, as they can now, rest assured, that should they not be returned, after the next election,  accept one of those highly paid jobs, to which I understand all Members of the House feel entitled, should they not be generous enough to offer their wisdom and vitality and service for the good of their country, for a tiny salary,  only to find themselves unjustly criticised for the paltry expenses which they were encouraged to claim.  Oh well, time for bed.

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