A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The CIA Warns Tunisia

The ever elusive Al Qaeda, has been fleetingly spotted, in some unknown corner of Southern Tunisia. Like “The Flying Dutchman” Al Qaeda has become a harbinger of trouble on the way.

Whoever finally takes control of the vacancy that still exists in the government, should be warned of two serious problems;  The CIA set the stage by trying to claim the recent revolution as one of their own. They referred to it as the “Jasmin” revolution, in the style of the recent, Orange and Green US funded revolutions, This a clear statement of intent. The US insists that the only form of democracy that may exist, is the form which suits their own agenda.

In Iran, the US has spent millions of dollars, in an attempt to undermine the democratically elected government. Despite the fact that Iran is a fully functioning country, that shows no sign of aggressively suppressing Human Rights. Unlike the US, which has gained the reputation of being the most oppressive State in the Western World. The US now has hundreds of thousands of virtual refugees,  living in tents, having had their homes stolen, by bankers, with the acceptance of the government. The travelling public are forced to accept having their genitals groped, in order to board an airliner, while more than a million others are on a “no fly” list.

So be warned, people of Tunisia, any announcement, concerning Al Qaeda, a group which incidentally does not exist, can be the signal that an invasion is imminent. The fact that the French were prepared to offer refuge to the last regime, as they were fleeing Tunisia with one and a half tons of gold, gives a clear sign of what can be expected from Sarkozy.

You must tread very carefully, you are about to discover what happens should you take an action which does not correspond with the desires of the Parallel Government.

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