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The Old News Hen On Sky, Goes After Wild Geese, Again.

Victims of a bomb explosion are seen at Moscow's Domodedovo airport in this still image taken from mobile phone.

photo Reuters/mobile phone photo at time of attack

After the Russian Airport attack, before the survivors had a chance to wipe the blood from their faces, the Cretinous Old Biddy, they call Murdoch’s Moron, was getting straight to the heart of the Orwellian rubbish, which is propagated daily on Sky News.

While interviewing a journalist, at the scene, she asked him what had happened. She was told it was not yet clear. Was it Al Qaeda? she asked. Impossible to say. Could it have been Al Qaeda? Too early to make a judgement on that. It was more likely to be Rebels from one of the States who have been fighting for independence. Could they have been trained by Al Qaeda? It serves no purpose to try to make connections of that nature. Could they have been financed by Al Qaeda? There is little point trying to make a guess like that at this point. Could they have been affiliated to Al Qaeda?  Do you begin to get the picture. This is not journalism. This is pure propaganda. This is what has happened to the mainstream broadcasters. They are making no attempt to disguise their agenda, it was an object lesson in mind control.

Later on Sky, they reported the record cold weather. How difficult it had been for the old. Animals dropping dead, birds falling dead from the sky. Snow in Australia in mid-summer, record cold in Cancun during the Carbon Tax conference, record snow fall in my back garden etc. Then, after all that, they finished the report by saying, that despite all of this, the average temperature of the planet is rising. I firmly believe, that after two news presentations of that nature, there should be a right of reply, just in case there is a viewer left, who has not heard the truth about the outright lie of Global Warming.  To be still broadcasting this type of rubbish, so soon after the most severe winter, anybody living has ever experienced. When we had been told by Meteorologists that we would be having a mild winter, under the instructions of their governments, while the real weather-men were warning of a mini ice-age and we could well be in for even worse next year.

Watching David Cameron, supporting another of Murdoch’s Morons, who is claiming that he did not know what his hacks were up to when he was Editor of ‘The News of the World’, what a joke! I spent twenty years of my life in the news business and in my experience no ‘Hack’ would dare to post a story, containing hacked messages from the Cell-phones of Royalty and not warn the editor. Andy Coulson, knew what was going on, even if he was operating on a don’t ask, don’t tell basis. Cameron also knew what was going on, he took a risk, in the end he was accused of using the day Blair was due to give evidence to the Chilcot Enquiry, as a means of smothering the coverage of Coulson’s resignation.

That too was a load of rubbish. The real object was to cut into the reporting of Blairs lies. Which they did, after just a few minutes. At the very moment Blair was starting to fidget, he could not quite remember little things of great importance, in they came, Andy Coulson had announced his resignation. To be honest, I believe most people in the UK and across Europe, could not give a fig about Andy Coulson, most people would not have been aware of who he was. To say that his resignation was of greater news worthiness, than the interrogation of a mass murdering, war criminal, is a nonsense.

Sky spent all day pressing it home. They asked ridiculous questions all day long. Will Cameron ever recover from this disaster? Is there anybody else capable of doing the job? What does this say about Cameron’s judgement?  After just a few days is anybody still talking about it? Of course not. In the Pub, should you suggest that it was clear that Blair was lying about the build up to the invasion of Iraq,  who would interrupt to say: Forget that rubbish, let’s talk about Andy Coulson.

Rupert Murdoch is a member of the Bilderberg group. He has an agenda. All three of the above references to the Sky News output, are part of that agenda. He has access to as much money as he may need to further the ends of the Bilderberger group. He and other members of the same group, control the news available to the people of the UK, the US, Australia, Ireland Canada and other countries. The BBC fills in the gaps which are left, in areas where there is access only to short wave radio.

What the people are being fed is pap. What is being denied to them, is the truth about GMO foods, Climate Change, Vaccines, the Banking system and many other things. Murdoch keeps company with a group who regularly discuss culling the population. People who are on record, well-known people like Bill Gates, Oprah, Ted Turner, explaining why there is a need to reduce the population as quickly as possible. Murdoch has the power to keep this information from the people and he does.

see Tory Terror Shock Tactics and a Stoned Dead Head.

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