A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Al Baradei and The Muslim Brotherhood.

Al Baradei and the Muslim Brotherhood, were holding secret talks, in London, three months ago. The object of these talks, was to prepare policies, which would enable them to present a cogent manifesto to the people of Egypt, in the event of a coming election. At that time, there was no hint of the problems, which have recently gripped Egypt.

So how could Al Baradei, who is an agent of the Rothschild shadow bureaucracy and The Muslim Brotherhood, whose recent history, chillingly, follows the same route as the group of people who plotted in 1944, at the Red House Hotel, the construction of the European Union, with funding from the City of London and many of those American Jews whom ran Churchill. So why should two men, who on the face of it are worlds apart, find themselves together, discussing the taking of Egypt.

To understand this strange liaison, we must cast an eye back to the role of Amin Al-Husseini, one of the founding fathers of the Arab League and later elected to the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood. Al Husseini set up Hitler’s Muslim Brigade. He referred to his troops as the “Cream of Islam” He was wanted for war crimes in Yugoslavia.

At the end of the war, Al Husseini and the Muslim Brotherhood installed thousands of their men into the Egyptian and Syrian government and Army,

Al-Husseini was the main link with Francois Genoud, the Swiss banker of the Third Reich, later became Director of The Arab Peoples Bank in Algeria. So it would appear, that all sides are being funded by the same people. The European Union, Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, Mussolini, The Arab League, Israel, and The Muslim Brotherhood.

Hitler and the British war machines, were both financed by the same international banking families, so it is claimed by Anthony Sutton. I have come to doubt some of Sutton’s assertions, which tends to imply that any investment made in a strong German economy in the 1930’s was in some way to fund a war.

The debt owed by the UK, to the USA, for war credits, has recently been paid off.  The debt was not with the US Government, it was with the Federal Reserve, which is a private bank, which is controlled by the same families who now control the European Central Bank.

What we are witnessing in the Middle East, is a continuation of this practice of creating endless conflict, so to discover that the Muslim community has become embroiled in this relentless slaughter of humanity, through the machinations of the men who present themselves as the guardians of Islamic values, is no more shameful than to find that your elected leaders have lied to you in order to declare an illegal war, killing more than one million innocent people.

It is slightly disconcerting to find all of these people eating at the same table. Their aim is to create, out of nothing, aggressive sentiments towards another group. For many years it was Capitalist against Communist, Red Man against White Man, Black against White. There has always been this type of manipulation, to suit the needs of the rich, the rich would appear to have more needs than the rest of us, we must be content with slops.

The 911 attack, which was carried out by sections of the US government, with the aid of Mossad, had the assistance of a group of Muslims, who were prepared to lend their identity to the attack, many of  whom are still alive but have not come forward to denounce the real perpetrators. This is despite the slaughter of millions of Muslims, in the name of a ‘false flag attack’ and the fact that they have allowed the demonisation of the Muslim community world-wide.

All of this manipulation, is designed to create an endless war, which in turn will create endless profits, for the weapon shops and endless misery for the rest of us. It also provides an opportunity for the lunatics who have taken control of Israel, to steal more and more Arab land, in order to further their aim of a Greater Israel.

The people of Israel, who are hiding behind the same old excuses, that it is the government who are responsible, not the people, should always bear in mind, that World War Two and all of the atrocities associated with it, which include the alleged ‘Holocaust’, which was itself obviously  funded,  by the same Banking Families, who are now paying for and generating this misery that has existed in the Middle East since the State of Israel was established.

There is a wealth of evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood was a construct of the British and the Jew controlled Masonic Lodges in Paris and London, with the aim of undermining a genuine Muslim insurgency in Egypt in the 1920’s.

Where have all you ‘nice’ Jewish people been hiding out all these years? Why have we yet to see a concerted effort from you ‘special ones’ against the ongoing genocide in Palestine? Why are all the demonstrators, opposing the disgusting behaviour of the Israeli Holocaust survivors, all taking place in Europe?

So whatever the truth may be, behind all this political maneuvering, is of no matter. It demonstrates the stupidity of politicians and the game of power which they love so much. Politics attracts the psychologically sick. They are all psychopaths. They have been lying to the people forever. Not one word, from the mouth of a politician, can be trusted. Even the ones that we have been educated to believe were good men, were not.

The world can only be changed by the people. Politicians in the Muslim world, have allowed the introduction of private Central Banks, into their countries. This is a crime. This one simple act, has sold the people into debt slavery and is against the Koran, which forbids usury. Despite the resulting benefits, should the banking system be changed, not one of the people who may be elected in the recently liberated Arab countries, will close the Central Bank, that is the mark of their honesty or lack of it.


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