A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

If You Don’t Use It, You’ll Lose It!

Don’t get too excited, I am not referring to the sexual aspect of the advice. The same catch-phrase applies to many other things.

One of the most important of these aspects, is our Democracy. At the moment, we are hearing all the hypocrites, crawling out from under their stones, calling for Democratic change in Egypt. Why now? Where have they been for the last thirty years? They have been paying Mubarak to look after the interests of Israel. How could they tolerate Saudi Arabia? Not because the Bush family practically slept in the same bed as the ruling elite? How could they accept the installation of Karzai, in Afghanistan, despite the election being shown to be a total fraud?

The answer is quite simple. Any group, with enough backing, to force its way into a position to be elected, will be under the control of the Shadow Government. The same, silent presence which exercises control over the entire Western World. They care little about the so-called politics of a leader, as long as he does as he is told. In Egypt, the people have already been presented with Al Baradei and the Muslim Brotherhood. Al Baradei would stand for the Presidency, so he needs no Party support. The Muslim Brotherhood would seek to govern. To my mind both are suspect. Al Baradei is Rothschild’s man, there is no need to say more than that. The Muslim Brotherhood, can, with a little jiggery pokery, be placed in the same company. Therefore both are suspect. A combination of these two would be the preferred choice of the West. Do not be fooled by the reputation of The Brotherhood, Any group or Political party is controlled. The Brotherhood was launched in the Egyptian Masonic Lodges, which were under the control of the Western Elite. Besides the US have announced their support for the Brotherhood.

Even as this myth of Democracy is being proposed, for Egypt, here in Europe ours is being taken from us. The people of the West deserve to lose it. They have not been using it. No effort has been made to understand how Democracy works. Across the Western World, it has now become,  a question of this or that. Whichever word you like, can replace, this or that. Left or Right, Conservative or Labour, Republican or Democrat. UMP or Socialist, They are all the same. Even if amongst the rank and file, there are good people, the leadership has been bought. The rest do as they are told. This is not Democracy. This is what we have been conditioned into believing, is Democracy. As a result of this conditioning, the vast majority of people do not even notice that there is no difference between politicians, or the Party to which they belong. That plays into the hands of the Elite, as the majority can see no way of using their vote to bring about change. Right now in the EU. All decisions, of any importance are taken by the Commission. The Parliament are given no vote, they can discuss and are allowed minor changes, that is all. The implementation of the decision of the Commission is obligatory, no further vote is allowed in National Parliaments. It must be obeyed. That is not Democracy, that is a form of  tyranny or Fascism.

We are now teetering on the edge of tyranny, we have been led into this situation by the people who have been voted into power. They have all contributed, they are all guilty, they are all liars, they are all hypocrites, one and all they are taking us into Hell. This is not hyperbole, this is the reality, this is where unbridled greed and the lust for power has taken us. We are now proposing this type of Government for the Middle East. The young people there, equate I Pods with liberty and Facebook with freedom. They believe that a vote gives them choice, when in reality it takes it away. It puts you under the control of the most stupid, who unfortunately, are too occupied with trivia to make proper use of their vote.

In the UK, the conservative party have announced, that they will be advising against a change in the voting system. Who are they to use their position to advise one way or the other? Where is the harm in giving it a try? What have they got to worry about? Probably a more Democratic system.

The psychological warfare has been so successful, that we can not easily speak out against the threat that we are facing. That is a measure of the problem. We have the Right of Free Speech, just so long as we speak only of that which  we are allowed to speak. Our politicians are questioned, only by those who will ask pre arranged questions, which is why the public will never understand the lies that they are being fed. I can assure you all, that the biggest influence on our lives. An influence that has caused the entire human race to be held in captivity, is the criminal system of Central Banking and yet it is never discussed on the mainstream media. If we are seeking a more equitable monetary system, it should at least be discussed. Yet in my life-time I have never heard as much as a mention of it, on the mainstream media, never mind a discussion. The reason being that if the general public, became aware of the giant fraud that it is, they would be shocked and would demand its abolition.

Now to further enslave us, they are preparing yet another monetary system, that will eliminate physical money altogether. Through the use of this system they will control every transaction that you make. You will have no control whatsoever over your finances, they will have the power to impose whatever charges they like. You will not have the ability or the possibility, to give the price of a cup of coffee to a beggar or to child their pocket-money. If you are out of credit, you will  be unable to beg a loan from a friend. So there you have it, a trinity of  good reasons to use it before you lose it. Be warned.


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