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Huge New US Oil Reserves Have Been Kept Secret.

The Globalists have been hiding the existence of huge oil reserves in The Rocky Mountain area of the US. The intention has been to rob the Middle East oil-producing Nations, by forcing them to agree to buy Treasury Bonds, using the dollars, with which they had been paid for their oil. By so doing, they have helped to finance the US debt. Now that the dollar is being ditched as a reserve currency, the Treasury Bonds will be worthless. This is being suggested as the reason for plunging the Middle East and the Maghreb into turmoil.

It has been claimed, that just as in the 1970s, when the North Sea oil was about to come on-line, that it would be necessary to create a crisis in the Middle East,  in order to boost the price of oil, to a level that would make the North Sea wells worth while, we are now witnessing a repeat of the same process, with one big difference, this time the intention is to destroy the Islamic States.

The Arab world has been a prisoner of Mercantile Law for generations. Mercantile Law was an invention of British and French traders. It made it legal to steal the resources of less developed States, while at the same time forbidding the establishment of local industries, which could make use of these resources. This forced these states, to spend the money which they had been paid for their resources, to buy the products of the people, by whom they were being robbed.

The Maghreb and the Middle East has long been held in this position. Any attempt to industrialize was likely to provoke a vicious response as with Mossadeque in Iran and Nasser in Egypt. Even The Shah of Iran was going against his orders, by making moves towards the construction of oil refineries. Nasser took control of The Suez Canal, causing  the allied invasion of Egypt.

The Multi-National Oil Companies, are using this unrest in the oil-producing countries, to drive the price of oil to something in the order of 200 dollars a barrel. This will in turn increase the price at the pump to twice the current price. At that point they will bring the secret oil stock on-line, at the new extortionate price. This will probably be the last nail in the coffin of the  economies of the US and several European countries.

Iran has long been a thorn in the side of the Globalists. They not only have a large reserve of oil, they also have their own system of banking. This banking system has kept Iran out of debt, which is not allowed according to the Central Bankers, they need debt to enslave us all. This is why any sign of more than two people talking on the corner of a street somewhere in Iran, is presented as a huge crowd calling for a change of government. The Iranian government is very popular with the vast majority of the people, they would win any election, should one be called.

Mad Dog Gadaffi, who has apparently unleashed foreign mercenaries against his own people, has been condemned by the British Government Minister, William Hague, who issued a warning that his act could be considered to be against International Human Rights, and he would be pursued through Human Rights Courts for his act. As distinct from Israeli War Criminals, who have been given an assurance by the same man, that British Law would be changed in order to protect them from arrest, should they choose to go to the UK.

There are some strange things turning up on-line. A recording of some sort has turned up claiming to be a get together of The Muslim Brotherhood, shouting about going to Israel to kill Jews. It is extremely doubtful that any such meeting took place, however it is indicative of the misinformation that is out there, aiming to mislead. The Muslim Brotherhood is the preferred choice of Israel to run Egypt, they have long been under the control of the British.

We are all sailing in dangerous waters at this time. The Globalists operate on an Order Out of Chaos agenda. They have, we are told, unleashed this chaos. They have been handed full control of the world’s food production. They are even claiming the rain that falls from the heavens as their property. Israel is destroying the water supply of the Palestinians. They have already cut off food supplies to Gaza. What will they be annexing during the current turmoil? I would suggest that the United Nations has now become redundant. They lie about Global Warming. They were paid to warn of a phantom Flu Pandemic, to sell vaccines for drug companies.  They accept fraudulent elections in Afghanistan, while trying to force Gbagbo from power, in order to give the Globalists control of the Cocoa crops.

In the middle of all these claims and counter claims there are thousands of people, who are putting their lives on the line, to drive these dictators, who have served the Globalists so well, from power. They should listen to nothing that is coming from the Western Governments, they are all liars. They are as equally controlled as the dictators that have been driven from power in the Arab World. They are, at this moment, preparing to turn the guns on the people of the West, who in fact have all the same problems which exist  across the globe. We are all brothers in this struggle. We must all fight the same enemy, whom we dare not name. 

See Scandal of Secretly Capped US Oil Wells

2 responses


    You have got to be one of the dumbest creatures I have ever seen.
    By chance are you a creation of a muslim father and a marxist whore like
    the USA president called obama?

    If high oil prices are created you generally follow the money you doper
    moron. And who benefits from High Oil prices in the 21st century?

    That would be muslim nutcases and marxist nations like Venezuela and Russia
    Do you know anything about the oil industry?? I come from an oil state
    in the USA it cost big money to find oil!! Moron frenchies!

    The oil sands cost billions and will also have an environmental impact!
    Yes the mental east is polutted but thats because the islamic leadership
    needs the money for whores palaces and yachts and their ten slut
    wives and concubines. The rich oilies, your buddies who are fascists,
    have made trillions. This while the infidel USA navy protects the sea
    lanes. They use much of the money for terrorism.

    PS Did you forget about your french terrorism in North

    I hope you soon go to hell with LENIN and MUHAMMAD they have
    entered into a “hot marriage in hell’ !!


    March 6, 2012 at 01:10

    • Well Bobby Jones 111 I hope the other two were a bit less foul mouthed and more intelligent than you. The price of oil is controlled by the Future Markets. Every penny that the US pays for the oil from Saudi Arabia is in turn spent on weapons from the Military Industrial Complex in the US, which is of course owned by Jewish Families whom are of course the Marxists to whom you refer. Try reading my more recent post on the same subject. The reality is that the Arab Oilies have shown a lot more courage than you Yankees. At least they are putting up a fight. You and the rest of of the sheeple in the US don’t even know what’s going on. You are being robbed blind and thrown into poverty while your President is swearing allegiance to that other bunch over in the Middle East because I believe his mother was a Jew. I have written many posts against the French in North Africa and more recently in the Ivory Coast. We have a lot more in common than you think.


      March 6, 2012 at 07:09

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