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The UK Is Concealing Oil Reserves In The North Sea.


The revelation about the enormous hidden oil reserves in Montana and Dakota, has spurred insiders to report the existence of other strategic reserves which have been kept secret.  One of the most interesting of these secret stocks, must surely be the North Sea reserves.

It has been suggested that there are  sufficient reserves to serve the UK for the next two hundred years. This will come as a surprise to the not inconsiderable number Scottish patriots, whom have been demanding independence from the Union with England.

The presumption must be, that the reserves are in Scottish Territorial waters,  which is why the London government, which has always maintained that Scotland could never stand on its own, has been silent on the issue. With the aid of such a bonus, Scotland could not only stand alone, it would probably find itself in a position to make a loan to London to help with the National Debt.

The other interesting aspect to this tale is the question of whom owns the rights to these fields and whom gave the secrecy order?  Have the oil companies been given control of the resources of Scotland? Does the Scottish Parliament accept this situation or have they too been misled?

It has become increasingly clear that the Globalists have been involved in the recent disruption in the Maghreb and the Middle East.  The UN is on the point of allowing an invasion of Libya, this is to allow a seizure of the oil fields.

There is no doubt of this. Libya has the largest reserves in the region. Some say they have a greater reserve than Saudi Arabia. The bloodshed in Libya was deliberately provoked, to provide a pretext for this incursion, in contrast to Bahrain, where despite the slaughter of at least three hundred protesters, no action was considered necessary.

This is just another example of the hypocrisy of the West. NATO is the force most likely to be sent into Libya, the drumbeat for war is already thumping.

The disclosure that the Globalists have been plotting to trap the oil-producing states into a position where the money which they have been paid for their oil wealth, will be valueless, after the fast approaching devaluation of the Dollar, is becoming more than a mere possibility.

This will be in line with the manner in which the rest of the world has been robbed by the fraudulent debt crisis. The Federal Reserve has been deliberately selling Treasury Bonds, knowing them to be toxic, to unsuspecting clients. This must be Judged in the International Courts, they should never be allowed to get away with this malicious act.

The US, despite being bankrupt, shows no sign of slowing down its world-wide slaughter. The anniversary of  the heinous attack on Dresden, towards the end of WWll, said to be the greatest single mass slaughter in history, passed with barely a mention in the slick, biased, deceitful Western media. The bloodshed goes on and on.


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