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The Truth About Hitler? He Was A Patsy.

Sadly, all Patsies are not nice people. So  to suggest that Hitler,  like Lee Harvey Oswald, was a simple tool of the Elite, in no way justifies his alleged behaviour in other matters.  If however, we are ever going to learn anything from history, in order to progress as a Race, surely there can be no point in falsifying events, in order to present a version, in keeping with the wishes of people, who were concerned in the events, which led up to Hitler’s War, which they would prefer to keep hidden.Nobody has the right to mislead, in order to serve their own interests.

Those students, who were not smoking at the back of the class, during history lessons, will be aware that Germany was ordered to pay reparations, for the cost of the Great War. This was agreed at the Palace of Versailles in France. The Lord Rothschild of the time, had overseen the installation of the League of Nations, the principal aim of which, was to make sure that he would be repaid  the money he had invested on both sides, during the war. There is little evidence to support the claim that the war itself was any more Germany’s fault than it was the fault of the other combatants.

We can perhaps at another time,  investigate a little more deeply, the vendetta which the Rothschild’s were carrying out against the Czar and his family in Russia, because of events during the War of 1812, against the USA, which was an attempt to forcibly install a Rothschild Central Bank.

The war was lost because the Czar had aligned himself with the Americans. Some historians suggest that the Great War was a deliberate act, to take attention away from Russia and the Rothschild financed revolution, which included the slaughter of the Czar and his family.

The League of Nations had also involved itself in the game of Divide and Rule. Or to put it more clearly, divide in order to provide a problem, which would serve another purpose at a later date.

After the annexing of various tracts of disputed territories, which were handed over to Polish control, a large number of Germans were left isolated in  what was now a foreign land.

Meanwhile in Germany, repaying the debt to the International Bankers was proving impossible. Germany was falling apart. We have all heard the old metaphor of the wheelbarrows full of bank notes, which were being pushed around all over the country, to buy that loaf of bread. This treatment of the Germans was instrumental in the election of Hitler and the NaziParty, or more correctly, the National Socialist Party.

Strangely, the same Rothschild who was being repaid the debt, from the Great War, was investing heavily in the election of the National Socialists, as he would later invest in the superstructure that was necessary in order to fight the Second World War.

We now come to the events which are difficult to completely explain, in fact this is the part of the tale which we were never meant to know. So after you have read what follows, you must eat your computer.

Hitler soon realised that the burden of repaying the debt to the bankers, coupled with the task of rebuilding the German economy was an impossibility. He set about finding another solution.

He started bartering quite successfully with neighbouring countries, this was interesting to both sides in the deal, as it did not involve debt. He followed this strategy with a solution that was first used by Abraham Lincoln, who refused to pay Rothschild a crippling amount of interest on a loan, which he needed to fight the Civil War in America, he decided to issued his own currency, which was issued without interest.

This turned out to be the magic solution to the debt problem. So Hitler did the same thing. As it had for Lincoln, it worked perfectly. Soon Hitler was being voted Man of the Year, for his accomplishments in restoring Germany to a position of growth. The people were rich, they were, for the first time in twenty years able to pursue a civilised, cultural lifestyle.

Sadly, this renaissance was bad news for the bankers. They fully understood that Hitler’s monetary system was the solution to the eternal debt, which was the strategy of the Central Bankers. So the schemes were launched to destroy the National Socialists.

The Polish government was ordered to increase the pressure on the ethnic Germans within the Polish border. A regime of rape and murder was unleashed against them. Thousands were murdered.  The City of London Bankers, along with British politicians, urged Hitler to take retaliatory action against Poland.

Hitler refused, he did not want war, he preferred to discuss the problem with the Polish to find a solution. They refused to engage in talks. The attacks on the ethnic Germans continued more aggressively. Still Hitler did not react. The City of London and Anthony Eden a British MP, who would later order the attack on Egypt, to retake the Suez Canal, pushed Hitler to attack. He still refused.

At this point, Poland declared war on Germany and they launched a surprise attack against German troops. Despite what we have been led to believe, Poland was not some sort of sitting duck. They were in fact better armed than the Germans. They killed many thousands German troops and destroyed many aircraft. Hitler at last responded and fought back.

Whatever schemes Hitler had been included in by the bankers, were now null and void. He was on his own. He did not fully understand this, he was under the impression that he was the spearhead of the installation of the Holy Roman Empire across Europe. Personally, I have my doubts about this claim.

The British and French immediately declared war against Germany in support of Poland. This is the point where Hitler, still believing the British to be supportive of his efforts to save the ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland and having seen the massed forces of the Bolsheviks, lined up, ready to invade Europe, sent Rudolf Hess to Britain to find out what was going on. Hess spent the rest of his life in captivity.

After the attack on Poland, Hitler according to the Holy Roman Empire scenario, then allegedly continued this plan as he saw it. His path across Europe was quite an easy one, facilitated by the Dutch Royal Family, who were SS members. France was in effect under Military control. Spain and Italy were on board.

He had allowed the British an easy exit at Dunkirk, he could have wiped out the troops on the beach, but he made only token attacks. He was still cooperating with the British security service, he believed that Britain was part of the plan to control Europe which is why he made no attempt to invade the UK.

From here on Hitler’s fate was sealed. He was to be blamed for every extreme act that was committed during the next five years, whether true or fabricated. He was to be blamed for such extreme acts, that it would be difficult to mention his name, without being called a Nazi, which was tantamount to being a cannibalistic vampire.

There were two major things happening. After the end of the Great War, Rothschild and the Khazar elite, were demanding a homeland for the Eastern European Jews in Palestine. It is on record that mention was being made of six million Jewish casualties during the war. The League of Nations did not have the necessary power to push the programme through.

After the end of World War 2, the task of creating a six million figure of Jewish casualties was again taken up. The figure was arrived at by allocating four million of these deaths to a factory at Auschwitz, which manufactured rubber products, which had made with the use of slave labour, both Jewish and others.

It was owned by a Jewish conglomerate, it was not a concentration camp. There were no gas chambers or incinerators on the grounds of the factory. No mass graves were found in the surrounding countryside.

Therefore the number of deaths had to be reduced, in the end the number was fixed at one point two million. Even that seemed excessive, that would involve something in the order of two hundred and fifty thousand people a year, dying at work.  Despite the figure being reduced by three million, the overall number of six million deaths during the war was maintained.

The war which had been forced on to Hitler was to prove even more catastrophic for Germany, than the Great War. The allies were ruthless. Bomber Harris, the British architect of the bombing raids over Germany, set about obliterating  towns and cities across the country.

The Coup de Grace being the fire bombing of Dresden, a town famous for its porcelain. An attack that is said to be the most deadly attack in the history of warfare. It is estimated that five hundred thousand innocent people were wiped out. This in a war engineered from the City of London.

So when the war finally came to an end,  everybody had something to hide. The victors, as usual were probably more guilty than the losers.

There were also several agendas to set in motion. With nothing to go on, the figure of six million Jewish deaths was calculated and the Exodus by the European Jews towards Palestine began.

At the same time a German government was being put in place. This government was dominated by Khazar Jews. This was important, because once again Germany would be expected to make reparations for the war. The paramount obligation would be to pay a fortune to the European Jews, to set up home in Palestine.

At the same time the drive to set up the Fourth Reich, the ‘real’ Holy Roman Empire, was launched. This was to be the continuation of the original plan, of which Hitler had allegedly, been a part, however this time the union was to be achieved through economic methods.

This aim has now been achieved. The transformation of the entire European continent, into a Khazar Jewish dictatorship, has been so successful that most of the European people will not believe that it has happened.

Even now, the Globalists are mopping up the resources of the Maghreb and the Middle East, while the people believe that they are being supported in their struggle for Democracy. These poor dupes are seeking something that they believe exists in the Western World, they do not understand, Democracy is dead.

So there you have it, Hitler and his ideas had to be completely obliterated. No hint of the success of his independent currency must be allowed to leak out. We are being forced to continue paying the Central Bankers billions of Dollars for nothing.

The miracle of Hitler’s economic recovery in Germany was never allowed to be repeated, after the Second World War, the bankers came up with the Marshall Plan, to pay for the rebuilding of Europe after the war. The last government to give a hint that they may be interested in repeating Hitlers experiment was the Polish Government, they were quickly put in their place, six feet under.



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