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Beware Libya, the Sharks are Circling

Gaddafis forces step up fightback: U.S. ...

Without a trace of irony, the hypocrites from the UK establishment are talking of the likelihood of bloodshed in Libya, should Gadaffi regain power.

John Major the once Prime Minister of the UK, is warning of the shame that will be felt by the rest of the world, if nothing is done to take the tyrant from power.

The unelected and unknown opposition in Libya has been recognised by Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President, as the Government in waiting, a good start for Democracy.

It is becoming clearer by the hour, that Gadaffi is not being taken from power for the benefit of the Libyan people. The mercenaries, whom,we were told, Gadaffi had brought in from surrounding countries, to kill his own people, were in fact hired by Western security forces, to create Civil War, in order to generate an excuse to invade.

All the same excuses that were used as justification to invade Iraq, are surfacing, in order to demonise Libya. Hillary Clinton has expressed concern about the possibility of chemical weapons of mass destruction, without solid evidence. We are hearing that maybe, there will be hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing the country, to escape the hostilities.

All sorts of elite forces have been apprehended in Libya. In other wars, they were referred to as advisers. Presumably they are carrying out the same duties with the Libyan freedom fighters.

What is not clear is, why were the SAS in Libya, with a British Agent? What are British intentions in the region? They, along with their allies the French, are responsible for putting the Dictators, who are now being driven form power, in power in the first place.

Now, instead of leaving the people to sort things out for themselves, they are already making sure that they will, once again, be in a position to take control of the oil reserves, for their masters in the City of London.

The mere presence of foreign hands, in contact with the puppet Libyan leadership, which has just been recognised by Sarkozy, should be warning enough. The West will be in control of negotiations, when hostilities come to an end. So sharp minds will be needed by the people of Libya, to avoid having another puppet forced on to them.

Many reputable observers, believe that this whole plethora of rebellion’s, were initiated, to create a smoke screen, to give the Western powers, working in unison with Israel,an opportunity to take down the few remaining Islamic states, which would not bow to the orders of the Bankers and Oil Men.

It has been quite clear that they have been paying particular attention to Libya and Iran, ignoring the death rates in Egypt and Bahrain and other places, while constantly talking up the death rate in Libya, without any solid evidence.

I am not a supporter of Gadaffi, just as I was not a supporter of Saddam Hussein, however having seen what the animals from the UK and the USA have done to the people of Iraq, makes me very happy not to be British or American. I would be sad, should the people of Libya, find that as with the people of Iraq, when the caring forces from the UN have finished with them, they may long for the good old days under their Dictator.



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