A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The United Nations Is Openly Using Al Qaeda, As Are The UK and USA.

William Hague, that strange, bald headed fellow, who is so uncertain of what is called “his sexuality” that he sleeps with men, just to prove to himself that he is not “Gay”, appears to be just a little bit hazy over the definition of Humanitarianism. He recently appeared on television, in front of the world, to proclaim that he was genetically obliged to lend a helping hand to anyone who was in need of humanitarian assistance.<

Hague, whom I believe is called Billy Boy, by associates, a reference to the Bill Hicks routine “Goat boy”, offered no explanation as to why this genetic obligation, was not triggered by the continuing brutal Jewish attacks against Palestine and the Genocide which is taking place there. He made no reference to the continuing slaughter in Bahrain, which is far more serious than anything which had been taking place in Libya. Yemen, Egypt, Darfur, The Congo, Tibet were also ignored, while strangely, Syria is always, on the radar as is Iran, which is a peaceful country, despite repeated attempts by the US and UK, to stir up a rebellion.<

The UK Foreign Secretary, was speaking after a decision had been made to pound Libya into submission, for fighting back against a group of terrorists, which had been put in place, well in advance of the current events in Libya, by the CIA, Mossad and the SAS. These terrorists, without any reference to the Libyan people, have now been set up as the provisional government of Libya.<

The intention of Hague, along with his quirky Prime Minister, David Cameron, is to facilitate the destruction of Libya, into Tribal areas, reducing it from its proud position as the most forward looking and dynamic country of the Maghreb.<

The only authority, which was given by the UN, to NATO, was the installation of a “No Fly Zone”, over  Libya. This can not be interpreted as to mean, attacks on tanks and other vehicles, which are being used to quell and armed attack, which was deliberately provoked by the Globalist controllers of the UK. It does not allow, the UK controlled Terrorists to fly their own aircraft against Government forces, which is happening.<

The Globalist controlled media, are reporting the uprising in a manner, designed to give the impression, that the terrorists who are repeatedly attacking towns, along the road to Tripoli, miraculously, kill or injure no civilians. Civilians are being killed or injured, only when the Government forces fight back. The media are telling us that Gadaffi is killing people and dragging the bodies to the site of a NATO bombing attack, to give a false impression that civilians are being killed by the folk who claim to be there to save them.<

In Bahrain, the UK supported Army from Saudi Arabia is deliberately targeting injured demonstrators, who are doing exactly what the British are attempting to encourage in the Peoples of Iran, Syria and Libya. In fact, the US and UK, for some time have been demonizing the regimes, in all of these three countries and yet when the uprisings began, they began in the countries which were protected by the West. As usual the West was obliged to create an uprising from the outside in Libya and Syria, while pointing to Iran as the creator of unrest in the Region.<

Barak Obama, parroted Hague, saying that whereas some countries, were prepared to stand-by, while innocent people were in need of protection, the US, which has slaughtered more than two million innocents in  ongoing wars, could not. So he ordered that these people should be protected by launching a couple of hundred cruise missile, war-headed with Depleted Uranium, contaminating thousands of square kilometres of the Country, laying down the possibility of unknown, future problems for these people in need, while at the same time laying to waste anything of any use for the future.<

As for the Rebel Terrorists, who are being supported by the West, they have already displayed their true nature. They have set about lynching or beheading Black Libyans, who they claim are fighting for Gadaffi, when in reality it is a form of Ethnic Cleansing, as the darker skinned Libyans are traditionally aligned with West Libyan Tribes.<

Should Humanitarians, such as  Hague and the rest of the cold-blooded scum, who are engaged in wars and atrocities, across the Muslim World, have their way, they will be unleashing a bloodbath in Libya. To expect Gadaffi and his supporters to lay down their arms and welcome this Western controlled group of savages into their midst is ridiculous, they would be slaughtered.<

To where in all this has the UN disappeared? Not a word of concern about the way Resolution 1973 has been interpreted. The UN ordered the war, so it should be conducted according to their specifications. Protecting civilians, by whatever means necessary, means what it says. It does not include allowing Western controlled terrorists to attack towns containing civilians while attacking the Government forces should they respond. It does not include allowing Terrorist aircraft, with which they have been supplied by the West to carry out attacks.<

The real concern should be, the UN ordered this war. It was a direct attack against a member state, which posed no problem. It is quite obviously for regime change, just as it was in another war, under a UN Resolution, against Iraq.  Now, just as they did with the Resolution justifying the attack against Saddam Hussein, we have been presented with yet another ambiguous document, which International Lawyers will be arguing over for years to come.<



This is no accident, they are in possession of ample evidence demonstrating the misuse of no-fly zones in the past. They were used against Yugoslavia and Iraq, with devastating results. So why has the UN learned nothing from these experiences?  Well put simply, they have learned, they have learned that they can get away with it. They are trying to say it is not their fault, they had the best of intentions, it was others who had misused the good intentions of the UN for their own ends. In other words we can trust the UN.<

In every case, the UN resolution has benefited the very people who set up the UN to serve their own purposes. The Zionists control huge tracts of Eastern Europe. They have installed a Rothschild Central Bank in Iraq. Rothschild interests control the Oil. In Libya, even before the people have had a chance to vote, Rothschild has installed his Central Bank and the provisional Government are in favour of privatisation of the oilfields and water reserves. The UN is a tool of Rothschild and the Zionists, it should be either disbanded, or control must be placed in the hands of elected representatives and taken out of the hands of private corporations.<

Finally, if the UN is not satisfied with the way the war is being conducted, they gave permission for the war, they should now withdraw that permission. For the UN to be caught justifying the use of Al Qaeda, to overthrow a member State of the UN should be the last nail in  its coffin.


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