A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Blind Stupidity Of The Herd.

I recently listened to a debate, which was discussing the troubles in the Maghreb and the Middle East. Part of the discussion was the audacity of the dictators in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and Libya, who were intent on handing over control of their respective countries into the hands of their sons. What a bizarre idea. Who on earth came up with a scheme such as that? I found myself in full agreement with those who opposed this idea. How could an accident of birth be justification enough, for the wealth of a country to be handed over to the first-born son?<

Following this debate I listened to another programme which posed the question; “Should the British taxpayer be expected to pay for the Royal Wedding?” A part of the programme was to ask the opinion of the person in the street. Most of those asked were proud of the Royal Family and felt that there was justification in asking the taxpayer to finance the event, because it boosted tourism and was generally good for the country.<

Not one of the people who expressed an opinion, held the view that it was unacceptable for a “Royal Family” to be allowed to keep hold of power in a country which was supposedly democratic. Most were of the view that the “Royals” no longer had any power, they were, in fact, completely unaware of the actual extent of the Queens power.<

The true wealth of the Queen is a secret. The people are not allowed to audit her accounts. Only a small part of her wealth and holdings are made public. The Queen operates through innocent sounding bureaus such as the Duchy of Cornwall, which is part of the estate of the “Prince of Wales” and gives to “Prince Charles” an income from tenant farmers and other rents. It is not of course as if he really owns the land, the people really own the land, Charles just keeps the rent for himself, with the blessing of the people.<

The Queen herself has holdings in many companies such as BP, along with her financial advisor, Lord Rothschild. There is much evidence that the Queen and Lord Rothschild own The Bank of England, and that the so-called “deficit” is being paid directly into their coffers. Every last penny of income tax collected in the UK, is being passed to The Bank of England, every year. During “Hard Times” when unemployment strikes, there is not enough Income Tax to cover the debt, so funds must be taken from elsewhere, like the Health Service or Education, for example, to make sure the Queen and Rothschild are paid. That is the reason for “Austerity Measures”.<

So perhaps some enlightened intellectual could explain to a dunce such as me, the difference between Gadaffi in Libya and his aim to install a Royal Family and the system in the UK, where the history of the monarchy has been a blood-thirsty affair. The present holders of this title are not even English, they are Germans. During many years they spoke in German in Buckingham Palace.<

They were selected when the previous lineage died out, which would have been an excellent moment to rid the UK of this anachronism. However the establishment had other ideas, fearing for their own possessions and power, they scoured Europe to find a replacement, in order to continue this costly stupidity.<

Perhaps Gadaffi would have been wiser to take the title of King of Libya, in the manner of the “Royals” in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and all the other “Kingdoms” which are accepted by the “Royal” loving British Governments.

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  1. Your site is excellent, I too am trying to wake the masses. Please check out you tube
    ” mrmaxbliss ” I believe we have a window of opportunity until the conquest of Iran and the intro of electronic money worldwide.


    August 15, 2012 at 10:54

    • Sorry about the delay in responding to your comment mrmaxbliss I only have USB Key for internet, and I appear to have caught a virus which is undetectable to the naked eye, so I have been unable to watch you videos. I have been having some doubts about Iran’s part in the grand scheme of things of late and I am not at all sure now that an attack is coming. I have been concentrating on Sky News and George Galloway in recent days, both of them need watching with an eagle eye. They are both past masters at slipping in the kidney punch when they think the ref is on the blind side. Keep up the work and remember to shout out of the window when you get a chance.


      August 26, 2012 at 18:25

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