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George Galloway Defends Obama.


When a caller suggested to George Galloway, on his Press TV show, Comment, that all did not appear to be as it was presented by the US Government, in the attack on the compound which was alleged to have been the home of Osama Bin Laden for some years. Galloway immediately sprang to the defence of the ever-changing tale that had been presented over the past few days by the Obama White House team.

He asked the caller how much clear evidence he needed before he was convinced that it was all straightforward and above-board, that even the wife of Bin Laden had confirmed that it was true. As had Al Qaeda? Presumably he was not referring to the branch of Al Qaeda, which is still working for the CIA in Libya against Gadaffi.

He was also denying the word of Benazir Bhutto, whom he has claimed as one of his best friends, she had said on film, that Bin Laden had been dead since 2001. On his radio programme he averred that he had no problem with her schoolboy son being declared leader of her Political Party after her assassination, “After all,” he said, that is how things are done in Pakistan. Well that’s all right then. Madeleine Albright said the same thing, that Bin Laden was dead since 2001.

He also claimed that Bin Laden had gotten what he deserved, as he was a cold-blooded killer, who had been responsible for the 911 atrocity, which killed thousands of innocent people. The attacks on Embassies in Kenya and even the 7-7 bombings in London. Plus the Madrid attacks. When a caller suggested that Obama was a liar and that he had not carried out any of his election promises, such as the closing of “Gitmo”, George made a robust defence of Obama, and told the caller that he should not make these sort of allegations about Obama without evidence to support his claims. So  he cannot see that this applies to himself.

A recent article suggested that there is such a thing as “The Gullible Mind” People who are afflicted with this problem, easily accept whatever comes from a “trusted source” such as the front page of The Sun. Gullible minds find it hard to accept that journalists would deliberately mislead them, whereas people like me, well we would feed them any old guff.

George had made the remark that the Twin Towers had collapsed, after being struck by aeroplanes, which had been hi-jacked by a group of men from Saudi Arabia, whom had over-powered the crew and crashed the planes into the towers. Of course the towers could not have collapsed, they were steel framed, they were pulverized to dust.

Another caller  had managed to get past the monitor by asking a question on another subject, they then asked George why World Trade Centre Seven had collapsed, as it had not been struck by a plane.

Galloway accused the caller of being smart, by pretending to want to ask one question, when in  reality they wanted to confront him with the unanswerable question of WTC 7. All of these responses from Galloway, conform exactly with the symptoms of the Gullible Mind Syndrome. However I do not believe that Galloway is at all gullible. I believe that Galloway has set himself up as supporter of the Muslim World in order to misinform, those people whom genuinely are gullible enough to believe what he is saying.

Osama Bin Laden was a member of a rich Saudi Arabian  family whom have financed many projects with the Bush family. To this day they are in partnership, building the huge complex in Iraq, which will be used to house the fifty thousand US troops, who will be staying in Iraq, after Obama has brought them all home. Bin Laden, who has been described as a dreamer, was also known as Tim Osman, when he was first employed by the CIA, to fight alongside the Taliban against the Russians in Afghanistan.

He has never been found guilty of any of the crimes,  which Galloway accused him of perpetrating. In fact there is a wealth of evidence against the Bush Regime and Mossad, in the 911 attack, which has never been properly investigated. Galloway’s apparent naive acceptance of the Bush version of events is stoking the fire of Muslim Terrorism, which is not only not true, it is also part of the excuse for the events which are even now taking place in Libya and soon Syria.

I have heard Galloway on many previous occasions suggesting that there is only one truth in the 911 event, 7-7 in London and the Madrid attacks, that one truth is always pointing the finger at the Muslims. I am losing faith in these people who push all the right ‘I support the Muslims buttons, while using the impression of gullibility to push forward another, more sinister agenda.

The attack and killing of Bin Laden, was a summary execution, much the same as an attack against a Hamas Politician in the Gaza Strip, carried out by Israel. Is Galloway defending this sort of murder? No Judge. No Jury and the body dumped in the sea?

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