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Strauss-Kahn: The Plot Thickens.

Lord Rothschild

Commentators, who should know  better, are presenting a view of the character assassination of Strauss-Kahn, that is teetering on the brink of a call for pity, for one of the most despicable of all the servants of the “Parallel Government.”

During his term with The International Monetary Fund, Strauss – Kahn has overseen the wholesale robbery of many under-developed countries in Africa. He could not be unaware, for example, of the effect, of what was in fact an insignificant loan, which was made to Nigeria, has had on the people, who were already living an impoverished life. Through the use of Usury, which is one of the heinous devices of extortion, of which the IMF has made use, the debt owed by Nigeria, increased one hundred fold, it can never be repaid.  Fifty times the value of the original debt has already been repaid and the value of the remainder is increasing remorselessly.

As part payment of this debt, control of Nigeria’s oil has already been passed to the Multi-National oil companies, which in  turn are owned by the same bankers who have control of the IMF. It is in fact a giant racket.

Strauss-Kahn sat back and watched, silently, as the most recent fraud was being generated, which was a means of robbing everybody, through the use of blackmail, the demands of which were presented by politicians of the calibre of Gordon Brown, who is controlled through his fear of being “outed” for his private peccadilloes.

When the fraud was exposed for what it was, by the people of Iceland, Brown, with the backing of Dutch politicians attempted to force the Icelanders to pay up, as should they continue to refuse, other debtor countries may be tempted to do the same.

Strauss-Kahn, has just forced a huge loan down the throat of Ireland, knowing full well that Ireland had no debt of its own. The debt was  false, it had been deliberately manufactured, by Rothschild controlled banks, to generate the need of bail-outs by the Irish Government, which would in turn lead to the necessity of a loan from the IMF, which would create DEBT.

Spain, Portugal, Greece and soon other European countries are being led by controlled politicians into the jaws of the IMF. The question of why the IMF, which works in tandem with a group of International Investors, who never seem to be short of money to assist struggling economies, has never been adequately explained.  We are all still bailing out these banks, yet every penny of our money is apparently being loaned back to us at interest, in order to be paid back to the banks. This is fraud and it should be investigated. Sadly our politicians work for the people who invented the “scam.”

Strauss-Kahn is gaining sympathy in some quarters, having been publicly accused of attempted rape. He is however totally guilty of Public rape on a grand scale. He has been the “Puppet” of a private bank, which operates a system of extortion, stealing money from the poorest of people and passing it to the richest.

Attempts are being made to present Strauss-Kahn as a man who was speaking out against the excesses of the IMF. That he had upset Baron Rothschild, whom must certainly have been involved in  the machinations which are taking place. The only thing of which we can be certain, whatever is publicly announced by “World Leaders” can be dismissed out of hand. They have no control over who will or will not be Strauss-Kahn’s replacement at the IMF, that decision will have already been taken long before the director of the farce called “Action!”

Personally, I still have the gut feeling that Strauss-Kahn will be cleared of all charges, which will regenerate his campaign to become President of France, replacing the CIA imposed incumbent, Sarkozy. His likely opponent in the election will be Marine Le Pen, of the Front National, a Party which is still, laughingly, presented as Fascist, when in fact the Fascists have long since taken control of France and the European Union. The average French voter has absolutely no idea of the meaning of Fascism,  believing  it to  be something to do with immigration.

The French explain the problem of Strauss-Kahn thus: “Fais gaffe au pére Strauss-Kahn, il a le démon  de midi, il court aprés toutes les nanas du bureau, a la main baladeuse et te sautera dessus si tu te trouves seule avec lui.”  Now it would appear, that his well known weakness is being employed to serve another purpose.



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