A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Rape and Pillage of Libya is Gathering Pace.


The United States and NATO are even now finalising the plan to invade Libya, with the intention of creating, through the International Monetary Fund, a debt which can never be repaid. In return they will steal Libya’s water and oil wealth.

The so-called rebellion in Libya was deliberately created by the USA, UK and Israel, under orders from their masters whom refer to themselves as The Olympians.

The same process has already been carried out across Africa and has recently been turned against Greece and Ireland. The intention of the Olympians is to control the entire world and all resources.

In order to achieve this aim the Olympians have employed “debt” as a weapon of control. The current monetary system is a fraud, which has been allowed to continue through the complicity of every Western Government.

The International Monetary Fund and The World Bank are the Front-line of the legalised theft of resources. They are owned by the Olympians as are the major oil, food and water companies. Western politicians have already allowed and encouraged the passing of control of resources into the hands of private companies, creating enormous Monopolies which have taken control of all of our lives. They will soon be deciding how much we can eat and drink.  https://enochered.wordpress.com/2011/03/22/the-united-nat…-who-set-it-up/

We, the people of Free Europe, despite centuries of experience, are standing by, in the 21st Century, watching the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people, most of whom are Muslims, at the moment, apparently without a concern.

Europe has already been Raped and Pillaged and the people have become so stupid and fat, that they cannot see what is being done to them. We have nothing left in Europe. Industry and jobs have gone far away and they are not coming back. The freely elected governments have convinced us that the only way out of the current mess, is to destroy what little remains.

The litany of the last ten years has been Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, as if they have been harming us, what nonsense, how can any person with even half a brain believe this rubbish? We, have slaughtered Muslims by the million. What, for example gives Jews, the right to steal land to which they have right of ownership, from Muslim people who have lived on this land for thousands of years? Why do Western politicians prostrate themselves, before these Jews swearing undying allegiance?

My people are guilty of no crime against these Jews and yet I am obliged to accept that the my own elected politicians, grovel before these people. There can be no doubt that Israel is orchestrating events in the Middle East and the Maghreb. This state of affairs has existed ever since the establishment of the State of Israel, the so-called Ulster in the Middle East.

Why does the UN and the European Commission stand by, watching this rape and pillage, supplying the fire-power, when necessary, instead of ordering rogue states like the US, UK and Israel to conform to a civilised set of rules. Is that not their role in world affairs, to put an end to war? Why are they declaring wars, which appear to follow closely the stated aims of groups such as The Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Committee on Foreign Relations?

My own opinion is that they behave in this way because they are an unelected tool of the Olympians, why else would the five permanent members, all of whom are under Khazar control, be given a Veto? Where is the democracy in a Veto?

The same thing applies to the European Commission, which pays out a fortune in salaries and expenses, to elected members, who have no power whatsoever,  to simply hide the fact all decisions are taken in secret by an unknown and unelected group such as the Club of Rome. Our perceived reality is a sham.

I am not at all sure of the actuality of Gadaffi and his aims or desires, I am subject to the same propaganda as the rest of the world, however my gut feeling is that he is a good man who has invested Libya’s wealth wisely, there is no evidence that he has been hoarding all the gold for himself.He seems to have been too busy adopting little children, only to have them slaughtered by “Our Boys”.

The same people whom have been setting up Libya for destruction, have been doing the same thing for years. The SAS were caught red-handed planting bombs in Iraq, to stir up sectarian violence, just as they did in Ulster. The reality of the Irish problem was that most of the bombs were planted by the same SAS. The IRA was an asset of the British in the same way as Al Qaeda is an asset of the CIA.

This endless state of war will continue until the people get rid of all elected politicians and set up a system which conforms to the needs of the people. Unfortunately no change will happen through the instrument of Political Parties which the people have been brain-washed into believing are an essential feature of democracy.

The same thing applies to banking. The current system is a fraud. Should you choose to buy a car, you can obtain three years interest free credit. The car is a solid object, which contains the end product of the work of many people, it is real. Why can this system not apply to the purchase of a house? The simple answer is that it can. That was the original purpose of Building Societies. A group of people, pooled their money to buy land and building materials, to build a similar home for each member. There was no interest added. The object was not to make a profit. When all the houses were built and paid for the Society closed down.

Money men took advantage of this good idea and set up so-called Permanent Building Societies, which at a stroke doubled the cost of a home. Most of these have since been transformed into banks, taking control out of the hands of the small investors.

Gadaffi charged no interest on loans in Libya. The people of Libya have no idea what is about to be dumped on them in the form of debt, should Gadaffi be driven from power. They can kiss good-bye to their precious pure water aquifer, which will be stolen to pay for all the bombing. The Libyan people will very soon learn to regret the appearance of The Muslim Brotherhood in their midst. How could they ever have been so stupid as to invite the British and French into Libya?


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