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What is Going on at Press TV?

Firstly, I must hold up my hand and admit that I have become totally disillusioned with George Galloway. My disillusion is now spreading to Press TV, which is giving Galloway a platform to disseminate what can only be described as British propaganda.

During a recent tirade against Gadaffi, he dismissed a callers claims that Gadaffi had done a lot for the people of Libya. The caller explained that Gadaffi paid the account for students education abroad, which could be as much as 100,000 dollars. Galloway responded by dismissing this gesture, by explaining to the caller that Gadaffi had done no such thing, that the money belonged to the people.

Perhaps he could explain what the British Government had done with the British people’s money, leaving students in the UK with thousands of pounds of debt before they even entered the work-force.

Perhaps he could explain how it could be that the British were being forced into austerity measures, while Libya had been functioning perfectly well before the French and British set-up an attack, after sending hired killers into Benghazi to provide the excuse.

He also, in response to another call, claimed that the best thing about the form of Democracy which existed in the West, was the possibility of voting the Government out of office.

This one simple claim, shouts out loud, Galloway’s cynical support for Establishment inspired lies and misinformation. Perhaps he would like to explain what the UK Labour Party did with the promise of a vote on the Lisbon Treaty?

He may also like to explain how I might vote out of office the Commission of the European Union, which has Dictatorial powers. The same applies to the United Nations. I was given no vote on the set-up of this Dictatorship. However Rockefeller had a quite a lot to say on construction of this organisation. George however will not discuss this as he claims not to know whether Rockefeller is Jewish or not, so we wont go there in case it might fall into the anti-Semitism court.

The truth is as Galloway well knows, there is no Democracy in the West. Elections are rigged. All three main Political Parties in the UK are indistinguishable from each other. They all lie to get elected, only to continue the policies of the previous administration to the letter.

Galloway shouted in  anger when Gadaffi was presented as a reasonable leader, saying that he refused to accept that Gadaffi was any sort of Socialist. Personally, I am pleased that this is so. The majority of people have been led to believe that Socialism is in the interest of the working man, this is just another Political lie. Socialism is just a form of Communism, which is 100% in favour of the Elite. The only thing that Socialism or Communism has achieved for the people is mass slaughter.

I could carry on in the same vein for hours. I have noted dozens of snippets of Galloway, not only on Press TV but also on his Talk Sport Radio Call In programme. He is adroit at presenting the establishment view, in  a way that is not to be found even on the BBC or Sky News.

In his most recent broadcast on Press TV, he discussed the Norwegian attack. He rightly accused the press of claiming at first that it was a group connected to Al Qaeda which had carried out the attack, without explaining that this was improbable,as Al Qaeda was currently working for the British and French in Libya, where four of the “Rebel” leaders are working out of the CIA headquarters in Virginia.

He went on to emphasise the cardinal points of the released tale, that it was a lone gunman, ignoring reports on CNN, ABC and France 24 that eyewitnesses had seen two shooters. They all gave the same description of the second man. Tall, dark-haired with typical Norwegian features.

He also failed to mention that the police, in their press briefing, in English, explained that they arrived on the island at 5.28 in the afternoon and at 5.30 they arrested the gunman. They simply called out his name, which must have been delivered to them by divine providence, the man put down his gun and walked over to the police to be arrested.

Galloway then announced that the man was an extreme right-wing lunatic who was in touch with other right-wing lunatics across Europe, giving a necessary helping hand to the Elite in their desire to now set-up White Al Qaeda, in order to make us all potential terrorists, thus allowing a further step in the direction of total dictatorship.

There will of course be no need of a proper investigation of events, as the man has admitted his guilt. He will now be hidden from view until his next appearance in Court, allowing ample time for the case against him to be built up, connecting him to as many dissident groups as possible.

Galloway is now assisting in the demonizing of white people, to suit the Elitist agenda, in exactly the same way as he apparently thought that Muslim people had been unfairly treated after 911 and 7-7.

Galloway is a professional politician. He understands how the system works. He knows full well we have been fed lies and deceit since kindergarten.

I can see clearly where Galloway is coming from, the only thing which is unclear is the real position of Press TV in all of this nonsense. They have some sharp reporters working for them, why have they not been unleashed on Galloway? Or perhaps Press TV has an agenda of its own. We must wait and see.

They are constantly pushing the disgraced “Global Warming” agenda, in exactly the same manner as Sky News. All the evidence suggests that we are in fact heading into a mini Ice Age. One might expect a News Service which was truly free and independent might give an airing to the views of the thousands who have stood up in condemnation of Man Made Global Warming, through the use of Documentaries presenting the truth and exposing the lies of the IPCC.

Today in the South of France, at eight o’clock in the morning, my hands were white with the cold, while people in the street were muffled up in winter clothing. It has been much the same story all through ‘Summer’, is this Global Warming?” Will paying a tax to Rothschild change this? I think not.


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