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What is Going on at Press TV: part two

Press TV has been coming under attack from the UK Broadcasting Watchdog Ofcom. Recent criticism has revolved around the reporting of the Israeli attack, in International waters, on the “Peace Convoy” which was heading for Gaza and the 2008 Christmas-time bombing of Gaza and the slaughter of more than 1000 innocent people.

Ofcom considered that Press TV had not given adequate coverage of the opposing viewpoint.

This is the same Ofcom, which has apparently failed to notice the totally biased reporting of the attack on Libya and the actual misreporting of events, in order to present a case, which is in keeping with the claims made by the UK Government.

The same slanted coverage is being given to the disturbances in Syria, where paid killers have been crossing the border from surrounding countries and have killed and wounded many Syrian soldiers and civilians. There is footage of these events, as there was of the “Yellow Hats” indiscriminately shooting people on the streets of Benghazi in Libya, in an effort to generate an excuse, justifying Western intervention

There is however no coverage of the continuing oppression in Yemen and Bahrain. No explanation has been offered as to why Saudi Arabia can invade Bahrain and enforce a virtual Military Regime, in  support of the detested regime, which the people want rid of, with no criticism of BBC and Sky News for this lack of fair coverage.

Amongst the Press TV programmes, which were criticised, was the George Galloway fronted, “Comment.” Galloway had referred to some of Israeli actions, as war crimes of the worst kind.

He declared, in  defence of his position, that “The Holocaust” was the most horrendous crime of the 20th Century and that to suggest that the Nazis, who had allegedly, carried out the crime, should be granted the same amount of time to explain their side of the story to be incredible.

Having heard this assertion,  I was immediately offended. In whose opinion was this the worst crime of the 20th Century? The Jews figures were cut in half when they were forced to reduce the claimed  deaths at Auschwitz from 4 million to 1 million leaving a total of 3 million, even though they still “mistakenly” refer to the original total of 6 million.

How does that compare to the 65 million Christians put to death by the Jewish controlled Russian Government under Lenin and Stalin? Or the massacre of 85 million Chinese under Mao? Who was of course funded by Bankers, many of whom were not Christians.

Or for that matter the 3 million German soldiers, starved to death under the orders of Eisenhower, who was himself a Jew, in Concentration Camps at the end of World War 2. The rest of the German Army was handed over to the Russians, to suffer probably the same fate as the Cossacks.

We could talk of many other atrocities, Dresden, Hiroshima, Rwanda, The DRC, the list is endless. So why should George Galloway, the Muslims friend, pick the Jewish holocaust as his example of the worst crime? Why pick the event which has been used as justification for some of the most appalling governmental behaviour in our time?

In my opinion the “holocaust” should never be used an example of an atrocity until it becomes permissible to discuss the subject openly, without fear of prosecution. Israel has been allowed for long enough to present themselves as the eternal victim, by constantly referring to this event.

For Galloway to suggest that the people who were accused of the crime should not be given the opportunity to defend themselves is  outrageous, particularly in view of the doubling of the body count at Auschwitz. If this was wrong, what else was wrong? We must always keep in mind that the SS was set-up by a Jewish Nazi, working for Hitler, as were many other Jews. Yet no mention of Jewish participation is ever mentioned.

Galloway has recently asserted that a bad man, like Gadaffi can do no good for his people. Even when he appears to doing the decent thing he is not. This is placing the idea into the minds of Muslim people, that there is no crime being committed by the “Allies” in Libya, that it really is a humanitarian act to contaminate the entire country with Depleted Uranium, to destroy the countries water supply system and indiscriminately murder Libyan citizens.

Sadly, we have been presented with a one-sided version of events in Libya, by Press TV’s Johnny Miller, a man who seems prepared to accept any assertion from the rebels, whether it be backed-up by evidence or not.

Despite massive turn-outs in support of Gadaffi, we have been given no true picture of his actual support across Libya. The Western Press is presenting the opinion of the Rebels as evidence of growing support for the NATO installed so-called government, which is actually a tool to steal the Libyan funds in Western Banks.

The reality on the ground, whatever Galloway suggests is that the vast majority of the people were living a good life under Gadaffi. Should he go, they will never again experience the same level of support or freedom.


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