A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Give Us A Job Mate. I Can Do That.

European Governments, have quite deliberately destroyed European industry. All of the manufacturing jobs have been exported to China and India, under orders from our Globalist masters.

They have been systematically destroying the cohesion of the Sovereign States of Europe. Now, surprise, surprise, we produce nothing and we are broke.

We are now being told, that because of some piddling thing or other, that we risk going into a DOUBLE DIP RECESSION. What absolute pap we are fed by these cretins. We have  been in a total depression for at least three years.

We are now being told that the private sector will provide green jobs, to replace the real jobs, which have disappeared.

The whole idea that  ‘man’ is destroying the planet scenario, is garbage. Firstly it is not ‘man’ who is destroying the planet, it is Greedy Globalist Psychopaths who want to control the planets resources, folk who will destroy forests and level mountains, in their desire to grab profit  for themselves.

For the vast majority of the world’s population, including you and me, there is no future. We are all on the kill list. Bill Gates, is already taking advantage of the crisis in Somalia and the Horn of Africa, to send in his fiends with their contaminated vaccines, to contaminate the children, as I was contaminated, when a child, with goodness knows what sickness.

The entire planet has already been contaminated by these vermin with Depleted Uranium. The Middle East will soon be a wasteland. Both Jew and Gentile will be laid low. The rest of us are already under threat from Fukushima, a disaster which hardly merits a mention on the controlled media.

As with Chernobyl, we are being lied too. In reality it is dangerous to consume dairy products and large-leaved green vegetables.  So where is the guidance? Why are we not being warned about these dangers?

There is mounting evidence that we are living in a sort of micro-wave soup, which is cooking us, while storing up disasters for the future, all in the name of progress.

Sadly, my prattles are like messages in a bottle, should they fall on a beach somewhere in the not too distant future, the suffering dregs of humanity will shake their heads sadly, wishing they had listened, when they still had the opportunity.

We must get rid of professional politicians, get out of Europe, dismantle the United Nations, arrest the Central Bankers and get some real Democracy for a change.


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