A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Just Give Me Some Truth, All I Want Is The Truth.

“mmmmmm…,,,,,,, mmmmmm no reply ah geeeeee you disappoint me,, a man of your astonishing background your complete control over not making spelling mistakes and of course your fantastic interpentation of world history now now this will never do……. people might think you are getting shy…….. so come out … come out were ever you are the cracks in the woodwork are getting smaller all the time .. we all love you.”

Don’t worry, I’m still here but I do have a full-time job to do. You have apparently not found my reply to your last little bit of truth. Look under Who Owns Your Mind.

We must be talking about two different World War 2s, if you are only 80 years old you must have been in nappies when you were flying your Lancasters, were you in that raid on Dresden?

You seem to be a bit like me. You do not just accept any old crap that someone tries to stuff down your throat, do you? Neither do I, So you can help me sort something out. You say I am like some fellow or other called Gobbels, whoever he may be, he has a name similar to one of Hitler’s men so maybe you mean him.

This guy, you say claimed, that if you tell a lie often enough, eventually people will come to believe it. You are right. Do you see, we are not too far apart after all. So here we are, on my site, you said I would not publish your comment but I have and not lost it on a comment page but in full view of my readers. So here is your opportunity, to put up or shut up. OK!

Can you explain to my readers, How the claim of the gassing and incinerating of 4 million Jews at Auschwitz, had to be reduced to 1.2 million after it was shown that there had been no incinerators at Auschwitz, until after the war. The plaque on the wall at the factory, shows quite clearly the number 1.2 million. That means by simple arithmetic, that the holocaust total should be 3.2 million. Can you, with your vastly superior knowledge of these things, explain, from where they found another 3 million victims, because they have maintained the 6 million figure.

You see it is little inconsistencies, such as this, which lead to confusion. I am not as old as you but I am old enough to know a few pearls of wisdom, such as, “If you catch someone lying, you can not trust another word they say.”

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmLookin forward to your reply.

PS  I had forgotten all about this stuff until someone opened it today. I was being hounded by a bunch of folk in Florida, a while back, who claimed to be Jews, one of whom flew bombers for the RAF during the war. It took me a while  to figure out what it was all about myself.  I hope that clears up what reads like garbage. should it ever be read again.


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