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911 Evidence Points At Jews Not At Muslims: Why No Enquiry?

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Based on the flimsiest of evidence, two illegal attacks, against Iraq and Afghanistan, were carried out in response to the attacks on 911, in New York and Washington.

All of the hard evidence pointed in one direction, towards Israel and Mossad and yet, despite many arrests and the admission, on television, by Mossad agents, that they not only had advance knowledge of the attacks but had been in place to film the event, no action has been taken.

Should the same amount of evidence have been made available against Muslim operatives, one can imagine the carnage that would have resulted for the Muslim world and yet despite damning evidence, which implicates high level Jews in the US establishment, no investigation has been carried out. Why?

If any country, whether it be Christian, Jewish or Islamic, is allowed the freedom to carry out an attack such as this, with impunity, none of us are safe.

The same connections can be made against Mossad and Israel, implicating their involvement in the 7-7 attacks in London, yet, as in the US, there was no investigation whatsoever, a group of young lads, were blamed for the attacks, out of hand, with no hard evidence other than the dubious word of Intelligent Agency operatives.

Despite the fact that London is equipped with more CCTV cameras than any City on the planet, no evidence has ever been produced of the presence of these boys, in London, at the time of the attacks, because the train, which they had been instructed to take, had been cancelled and they were not there. All of the Transport system CCTV, which was under Jewish control, of course, failed to work on the day.

The government of the US has pledged its undying support for Israel and continues to supply it with weapons, which are being used against civilians in Gaza and the West Bank. Despite the fact that Israel refuses to allow inspections of it Nuclear Weapons, by the IAEA, which restricts the support admissible under US law, Obama, pretends to have no knowledge of these Atomic Weapons, so therefore they do not exist, making it possible to continue funding Israel.

The UK government has also announced its support for Israel and continues to ignore the aggressive behaviour and blatant refusal to accept UN resolutions of the Israeli government.

The Israeli government, for its part, has announced to the whole world that they, control the US. Presumably they are content to leave control of the UK to the City of London, which they certainly control.

The current state of the world, the loss of freedoms and restrictions on travel, draconian laws which limit democratic rights, were all introduced as a result of 911 and 7-7, should the attacks turn out to be “False Flag”, in order to justify the imposition of these laws, to suggest that an investigation would be a “Ludicrous Diversion” in the words of War Criminal Tony Blair, is an incredible indictment of the Judiciary, which is not dependent on the say so of the government in order to administer the Law.

What has to be borne in mind, is the part played by the Freemasons in the administration of Western Democracies. In the UK for example, most Top Cops and Judges are Masons. This has already led to the gagging of the results of an enquiry into the murder of a group of children at Dunblane in Scotland, in order to hide the involvement of high-ranking politicians in the Blair government, in a paedophile ring installed in a secret Masonic Lodge. The guns used in the killing, were supplied at the behest of the then NATO chief, Lord George Robertson.

There is mounting evidence that the top brass in Freemasonry is Zionist controlled, which would render the whole system of the Law and Policing policy, as unreliable at best and under outside control at worst.

We have all stood back watching our loss of Democracy  without a murmur, all across Europe the people have been denied a vote, or indeed any input whatsoever, on the idea of a Federal Europe. They were assured, over a period of years, by politicians of all persuasions, that Europe was a means of enjoying closer co-operation and nothing more.

Recently, David Cameron declared that any idea that the UK would leave the EU was an illusion. The same David Cameron, whom declared that the failure of “New Labour” to allow the promised Referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon, was “The greatest political deception of all time.”Really? So why not grant the right of a referendum?

The entire British Establishment knows full well that given the choice, the people would vote to leave the Union, as have all the voters whom have been allowed to vote. So what sort of Democracy is that? Is this the form of Democracy which Cameron and Sarkozy will impose on Libya?

These same characters are now leading the charge to set up a Europe-Wide economic transfer of power into the hands of private bankers, claiming that only they, can properly handle our affairs.

So to get this straight, the bankers deliberately create a false debt, they call the debt “Derivatives” or “Credit Default Swaps” or indeed anything that will confuse the “Sheeple.” They then claim that they are too big to fail, so the people must bail them out.  This false debt and its payment has created serious liquidity problems, for all of the countries which have agreed to pay this false debt. The spokesperson for the bankers then claims, that individual countries to be incapable of controlling their own finances, so control must be handed over to them.

There has been no voice of protest from our politicians. They are in fact controlled by the bankers and have been for at least two hundred years. Now, just as they passed us all into the European Union, under orders from the bankers, they will now finish the job, selling us all, like chattel, into the claws of these people.

These “bankers” are already making moves to take control of our pay packets, extracting whatever they choose, leaving us with whatever pittance remains. Cameron in the UK has already put this aim into the arena.

Furthermore, they intend taking control of every aspect of our lives, food, water, power etc. If we allow this to continue, this Zionist dream of world domination, there will be no going back. We are on the cusp of disaster. Don’t bother to look for leaders, they cannot be trusted. Do it yourself. Support but do not take orders. We have to take to the streets. Hope to see you there.

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  1. tsh , tsh, tsh…… there you go getting all hot and sweaty again and using words a man of your fantastic educational background should never use………. now just to show you im on your side we decided to start a blog to help you in your humanitarian endeavours… we named our literary masterpiece enoc-he-he. Now as you know,,,, we dont have the fabulous sources of information at our command as you have. Soooooo we have come up with aplan that will meet your approval…… oh I can hardly wait to tell you this……… we are going to to have a blog that contains only what appears on enochered. yes you heard right…… we must make sure the world is gifted with your genuis……. and this is our way to insure this to take place….. yes.. yes word for word exactly as you have written your masterpieces………… with the only exception being when you right the word JEW….. we will substitute ARAB…..when you write the world ROTHCHILD….we substitute the word….. O.P.E.C………. when you write the word ENGLAND…….we substitute the word LEBONON………. when you write the word AMERICA………. we substitute the word……. PALASTINE .Now please dont disappoint us. all we want in return is your continous flow of your magic words…….. I remain your admirer Hearald P.S… now dont dissappoint us keep that key board humming. so we can get started


    September 30, 2011 at 22:55

  2. my oh my oh my……….. here iv been giving you some fatherly advise and you still persist with thise jew thing .. the english thing……the american thing…….. now you proberly a palistian or a irainian or whatever, but i keep on telling you,you are going about it in such away you make the three above look better all the time.. let me give you a example…… if the o.o2 percent of all the world population could accomplish all that you continualy accurse them of, they must be all genuises or in fact gods chosen people..which i doubt…… now the english if you think how they stood alone for a long time against the nazis……. the americans who continually fund less fotunate people including the palistians. do you realy think all this crap you keep coming up with that the average intelligent person will believe………. I will tell you you what they believe….. you are either Iranian or palistian running the usuall propaganda and in the most unbelivable stupid way possible…. keep, it up .. you make the jews , english, americans look better all the time your buddy… hearold


    September 29, 2011 at 20:17

    • Well hearold or maybe hearald or maybe maxine, You keep on trying to get something across but to tell you the truth even google translate cannot figure out what language you are using. But to put you straight, The Americans have been torturing and slaughtering during their entire existence. Over 200 million Natives slaughtered. The British much the same. The Jews, well just read your Bible. The Jews wrote it you know. Full of child sacrifice and casual slaughter. Do you believe they have changed? But don’t worry, they are fair people, they are wiping out the sacrificial Jews whom have been rounded up in Israel to be contaminated with depleted Uranium along with the Muslims. Do you not watch the News? Even the Israelis have figured out what’s going on and are rioting. Keep it up asshole. One day you might convince me that you are as stupid as you appear to be?


      September 29, 2011 at 21:04

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