A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Who Is This Man In The Street And Do I Owe Him Anything?

I spend most of my time with people who fully understand that we are being manipulated into a cataclysm.

While in the company of this group, it is hard to understand why most people do not understand your fear and  they do not want you to explain it them.

With older people they claim to be too old to have that rubbish stuffed down their throat or on the other hand, what is the point, it wont change anything.

I was taken to task for spending so much time writing and distributing leaflets, which can be costly, while expecting others to copy them and spread them further afield.

When asked if they were aware that during the time I have been doing what I am doing, we have had the Arab Spring, riots in London, The Spanish Spring, demonstrations all across the US, and even demonstrations in Israel, so how can they claim that nothing has changed? They claim that there is no connection, even though most of them were completely unaware of these events as they were excluded from the News output on television.

How can it be that our democracy is controlled by the likes of these people? On what do they base their vote? They have no understanding whatsoever of their Democratic duties. Most insist that their vote will change nothing.

We are no longer in a position where we can “Vote the other lot in” and hope for the best. There is little of our democracy left. Our Parliaments are purely decorative now. Nothing of importance is discussed. Important decisions are made behind the scenes, both in Europe and the US.

Russia and China pretend to be on the outside of all this, when in fact the so-called Communist Dream of World Domination is unfolding in front of our eyes and most are too stupid to see it, we are all Communists now.

The only thing which has been kept from us is the identity of Big Brother, he, who will very soon have control of the food supply of the whole world and be in a position to ration everybody on the planet into submission.

Is this all fantasy? Am I to all intents and purposes a nut case? Are the bankers, whatever their religion, working in my best interest? Do they care about us?

Well allow me to remind you that these are the same bankers who financed the Russian Revolution, and were the overseers of the slaughter of an estimated  65 million  Christians in Russia.

They financed Hitler and the Third Reich and at the end of WW2 continued the blood-letting by starving an estimated one and a half million German prisoners of war to death. This carnage was carried out by a man whom they had selected, against the wishes of the US Military, to be Supreme Allied Commander in Europe.

These same bankers financed Mao, in China, where the greatest known culling of human beings took place. They were then instrumental in the one child per family law, which led on to the slaughter of female babies and a gender imbalance in the population.

These, are just some of the crimes which can be laid at the door of these criminals, I could go on, but what is the point? These events are too horrifying  for most people to accept them as truth.

There is mounting evidence that not only were 200 million native Americans wiped out, there was also a white American Holocaust, which cost the lives of an estimated 7 million people whom were displaced during the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression.

Now the question to which all of this has been leading: Can we expect mercy from these psychopaths? Are they looking at us and thinking, “We must spare these folk, they are so much sweeter than all the millions of others, whom we have exterminated” Well personally, I don’t think so. In fact I believe that they are gagging to get on with the butchery.

So do you see the problem? In order to make a start on solving this business, before the blood-letting begins, we need to use the Democratic Process. In order to make it work, we need the help of the man in the street. Therein lies the paradox


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