A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Biggest Heist In History Is On Television In High Definition.

Merkel und Sarkozy

Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy appeared on TV today to announce that they had concocted a scheme to pass trillions of Euros into the pockets of the banking community, which has so recently accepted bail-out funds which have simply vanished.

These funds, have in fact been stolen. They have been stolen with the connivance of our elected politicians. They are all guilty. They are preparing the ground to dismember the sovereign states of Europe, which will be passed into the hands of private Central Bankers.

Ask yourselves the simple question, “Would any politician, whom was working in the best interests of the people whom had voted them into office, be seriously considering, against the expressed wishes of the electorate, the passing of the control of their country into the hands of an unelected dictatorial Commission in Brussels?” I doubt whether many people would find that to be a normal step to take.

So why is it happening. Why despite all the evidence from past recessions, that the best way to promote growth is to increase investment, are the governments across Europe doing the opposite and insisting on austerity measures?

The answer to all of these conundrums is the same, because they are being ordered to do so.  When Sarkozy and Merkel announced their grand plan to refinance failing banks, with trillions more of our money, whom amongst us could believe that they, had decided this. They were simply telling us, to our faces, that they are stealing our wealth and giving it away, to feed a non-existent debt. They are busily destroying Europe, to order.

When these Leaders of ours have finished with our economies, we will find to our dismay, that our governments, if fact have no control of our resources. All have been privatised into the control of the Central Bankers and their agents. They have even introduced a new form of thievery, which they call Private/Public Enterprises, which in effect means that we pay for construction while they reap the profit.

The European Central Bank is holding an obscene amount of money, which has been paid in interest, on the trillions of Euros, which circulate in the Eurozone, while we are being robbed to continue paying this “Debt.”

Even our schoolchildren have become debt slaves to these grim-faced psychopaths.

In the US,  the people have taken to the streets to call for the dismantling of The Federal Reserve. In Europe the call must be for the dismantling of the entire Central Banking system. They serve no good purpose, our politicians are quite simply passing billions of Euros needlessly into the vaults of these criminals, who will make use of any form of blackmail or threat of violence, to keep their pawns compliant.

If the people do not take action, the next step will be to pass all power into the hands of these jackals, whom have already announced their intention to cull the herd by several billion of us.

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