A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

What A State The Propaganda Machine Is In.

I watched an interesting programme on Press TV the other day which presented the current state of confusion with which we are presented.

During a discussion, an Englishman described Iran as “One of the most evil and oppressive States in the world.” That this should be said on Press TV, by a representative of the Country which has so recently made the same claim against Libya, is not surprising, as Press TV grants freedom of speech to all of its guests, what is surprising is the fact that Press TV has presented the attack on Libya, in exactly the same manner as the rest of the Western Media, which apparently means that they were prepared to accept Western propaganda against Libya, while protesting their own innocence.

Having urged all of the Maghreb and the Middle East to stand up in support of Libya, otherwise they may well find themselves in the same position, I can fairly claim to have told you so. There is, as yet, little sign of change in  any of the so-called “Arab Spring” States. Egypt is a Military Dictatorship, Tunisia is still in turmoil, Yemen is still calling for UN intervention, despite what has happened to Libya, which as far as I am concerned, we are being told  to prepare us for a military action. Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are still crushing their Peoples into submission. While the Arab League is expressing its surprise at the devastation which has occurred in Libya, what a bunch of hypocrites.

The Western Media is calling the Libya operation a great success. That the people of Libya will be glad to see the back of Gadaffi. They express no concern for the thousands of people whom have been blow to pieces by Western bombs and artillery. No explanation is offered as to the difference between “rebels” pounding a city with heavy weaponry, while it is still ,packed with women and children and Gadaffi doing the same thing. Nor does it explain why these actions do not attract a raid by the forces of NATO, whom we are told are there for “humanitarian” reasons.

It has become clear to anyone with eyes to see, that the Libyan operation, had nothing whatsoever to do with the well-being of the Libyan people. Their voice was never heard. We were presented uniquely with the carefully selected, perfect English voices of spokespeople whom furthered the lies of NATO and the West.

While the remnants of Gadaffi’s forces are fighting to the death, the back-lash is already under way and under-reported in Tripoli and other places and yet the propaganda machine continues to feed us a diet of total victory for the “rebel” and the joy of the Libyan people, whom presumably can look forward to the same rosy future as their Iraqi friends, under the Jackboot.



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