A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Cradle Of Democracy Goes Commando.

Greece is preparing to make use of the Irish Gambit, that is, to make sure that Greece is choked with yet another loan from sharks circling in the Aegean, before allowing the people of Greece their democratic right to a vote.

This ploy is to ensure that the incoming  government, of whichever colour, cannot be blamed for doing what they would have done anyway.

The strangely named Democratic Party, are insisting that Papandreou resigns, before they are willing to set up an unelected coalition, in order to carry out a policy which they know full well the Greek voters oppose.

In Libya, a forward-looking country, which employed a system of Direct Democracy, would have automatically left the decision to the people. They, of course have now been Democratically destroyed, in order to impose an inferior system on to the Libyan people.

I hope the Irish had the foresight to take out a copyright on their “Gambit” as Berlusconi becomes the latest Prime Minister in Europe to make use of the ploy, to deny his people the right to vote on a political decision which will enslave them and lead to the dismemberment of the Italian infrastructure. Lord knows what these people will be expected to do, when the next financial crisis arrives and there is nothing left to sell. Perhaps an invitation to Bunga Bunga from Silvio will have to do.


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