A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Anglo-American Empire Set To Continue The Blood Letting.

 I dug out this old post to demonstrate that the future is relatively easy to Predict.



No evidence of an Al Qaeda training camp or indeed any trace of a group, which may have had a hand in the attack on the World Trade Centre in 2001, has ever been found in Afghanistan.

It was exactly the same form of excuse, as was employed in order to justify an attack on Iraq, for which Bush and Blair were recently judged culpable of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, in a War Crimes Tribunal in Malaysia.

The continuing fighting in Afghanistan therefore has nothing whatsoever to do with any terrorist threat, neither can it be justified as a form of retribution against the people of Afghanistan, whom are guilty of nothing.

This is a political war, as was the attack on Iraq. Now, not content with two ongoing illegal wars, an attempt is being made to deliberately provoke Pakistan.

This will soon be followed by an attack on Syria, after that Iran, after Iran, if there is an after Iran, what then for these mad men?

By what right are these maniacs torching huge swathes of the planet?

Is it, as many observers claim, an attempt to generate the excuse to declare The Third World War?

The murder of Gadaffi and most of his regime, was presented as a victory for freedom and democracy, however there is little sign of this freedom on the streets of Libya. The Media ghouls have long since left town and Libya has quietly slipped out of sight on the News agenda.

From the outset, I had little faith in the direction of the “Arab Spring.” With the appearance of members of the Elite, such as Al Baradei and the Muslim Brotherhood, I could see full well where it was headed.

When this latest caper of NATO draws to a close, there will be little left of the dignity of the Muslim World.

The possibility of hostilities with Pakistan does not auger well for the streets of the UK, where there is a large Pakistani community. They would, quite rightly, be outraged, at such a cold-blooded incitement to war.

The huge increase in cancers, which has afflicted Iraq, since the first war in 1991, has yet to be felt in Libya or Afghanistan. The use of Depleted Uranium tipped ordnance is itself a War Crime.

It is also something which will before long affect us all. It has been found that the entire world has been contaminated.

In light of all of this, it becomes difficult to understand, for the benefit of whom, all of this carnage has been inflicted.

One thing however is beyond dispute, Hillary Clinton, Nicolas Sarkozy, Barak Obama, David Cameron and William Hague are dangerous psychopaths, one and all. As for Rasmussen, the wild-eyed NATO executioner, human life to him seems of minimum importance and exists only to serve as a target.


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