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The Destructive Power Of Free Trade, The Modern Form Of Slavery.

 This is a re-issue of a post, which I first published back in January 2012. Not much has changed in the meantime, but Trump and Brexit and with an upsurge in support for Marine Le Pen in France and various European ‘people first’  groups across the EU, are holding out a slim hope of change.’


Back in the day, long, long ago, the people of the Western World, actually made things to sell. This will seem strange to the younger people whom may happen to read this article. They will probably have trouble digging out anything which has been ‘Made In Their Country.’

Once upon a time, in Europe, we made Radios, Cars, Washing Machines, Motor-Bikes, Televisions and a whole range of other things. The people of Europe had the skills to make these products and for a period,  after the Second World War, Europe enjoyed more or less full employment.

Then came The Common Market.  This was an agreement on trade amongst the members of this small group of countries.

Those countries which were not members, were warned that should they remain on the outside, they would not have access to the new trading group.

The Common Market became the European Economic Community, then simply the European Community, in fact for a while, in some places to this day, people are not sure what it is called, in my neck of the woods it is referred to as Europe. All of this fiddling with the name was to avoid using the word UNION, because of course it was not a UNION.

Things progressed for a while in a reasonable manner. Smaller countries like Ireland, Portugal and Greece, now called the PIGs,  were bought over with financial aid from the deep coffers of the European Commission in Brussels,  which had sprung up, unelected, out of nowhere. At the time it was an opinionated character called  Jacques Delors, whom held the reins of power and he it was whom sprinkled around the cash bait.

As the Community enlarged, European countries on the outside, began to notice that major international companies, such as Toyota and IBM, were opening manufacturing plants in member states of the EC, in order to gain access to Members markets. If it was made in Europe it could be sold in Europe.

The UK for example, which had lost its way in the Motor Industry, benefited from the arrival of Honda and Datsun whom along with Ford dominated car production in the UK. The same thing happened to electronics, old names such as Pye and Murphy vanished to be replaced by Japanese manufacturers.

Ireland gained advantage from the burgeoning computer industry, apparently because they could speak English, which made things easier for the Americans.

Things rolled along quite nicely for a while, the Common Market, EEC, EC quite suddenly became the EU. Then we began to hear talk of Free Trade.

This was of course a device to help all those under-developed countries, which had been suffering from trade tariffs, which made it impossible for the poor souls to sell us their produce, so we must do away with these barriers which restricted fair trade.

Then up pops that other word Globalisation. Another nice word, it means, sharing, yes that’s right, sharing our wealth in order to bring a better standard of living to poorer countries. What a laudable idea.

Hot on the heels of Globalisation, we have Global Warming. Now what can this mean? Well it means we will have to close all of our factories in Europe, to cut down on Carbon Dioxide emissions because it has been decided that Carbon Dioxide is killing the planet. Well of course we must do something about that, mustn’t we?

So what do we do? Well we pay the factory owners to move out of Europe to China. Yes you did hear correctly, we ‘pay’ factory owners to export their factories overseas. Wait, there is more, our leaders then guarantee, to pay any loss of profits incurred by the factory owners over a ten year period, as a result of this relocation overseas.

I have never managed to find any logic in this exercise. Right off the beam,  we were presented with a load of Cock and Bull, about Carbon emissions. On arriving overseas, these same factories can emit the same and more Carbon Dioxide as they produced in Europe because there are no restrictions on Carbon Emissions over there.

In the meantime, over here, there are no jobs and no factories and no skilled workers. But of course we have Free Trade.  So where does that leave the people of Europe and the UNION?

Well to put it simply, unless we can come up with a whole range of useful gadgets, which cannot be manufactured overseas, ensuring the jobs of European workers, we will have to compete with the slaves in China and India.

On top of that any salary will soon be losing fifty per cent of its worth, through Value Added Tax and Carbon Tax alone. On top of that there is still Income Tax and Duty on Petrol and Cigarettes and Alcohol. Then of course we have Local Taxes, in France Tax d’Habitation and Tax Fonciére, Tax on TV, and various other bits and pieces, finally ending up with the Death Tax.

To wind up this article, because it does upset me to just think about all of this criminality. All of it is based on lies and deceit. It is a means of keeping the people in misery and preventing them from progressing to a higher and better form of life. Greedy people with a lust for power are keeping us in the Dark Ages. So let us take a look at where we now find ourselves.

Now that our Traitorous leaders, without our permission, have chosen to sign Free Trade Treaties, the end result will be the inevitable loss of all good quality European Industry to China or India, where the cheap labour lives.

Should we wish to compete, we will be obliged to work for less money that is obvious, our leaders are already explaining this in subtle ways.

The very reason for the European Union no longer exists. Free Trade makes a so called Trading Block obsolete. Have you all failed to notice, everything is made in China. It is not manufactured in Europe in Chinese factories, as were Japanese cars, back in the day, it is all imported from China directly into Europe.

Who gains from all this? Well the Multi-National Companies of course whom were subsidised by us to move out.

European Politicians talk of “Green Industries” what does that mean? What “Green” things can we make that the Chinese will not make. I, personally represent a vestige of European Industry, and I have people who will secretly take a photo of my things, from every angle, to send off to China for cheap copies. That is the real meaning of Free Trade and Globalisation.

The next step will be the closure of the remaining industry,whether Japanese or local, to set up in China, in order to be able to compete with companies which are already established there. Big Name Japanese products, such as Rockefeller’s Sony are are already made in China.

You do not need to be very smart to understand that this cannot be allowed to continue, things can only get worse. The Bankers financed China. They have now managed to group all manufacturing into Asia, where the workers teem around like ants.

Through the use of puppet politicians, they have managed to chain us together with United Nations Treaties, as if the UN has some sort of power over us, it does not. It is simply another device, which was set up by the bankers after the Second World War,  in the same way as was The League of Nations after the First World War. After the up-coming Third World War, they will be setting up The One World Government.

Their minions have just signed ACTA into law, yet another International Treaty, to stop us from freely using the Internet? The Internet will soon be for the private use of the big Corporations and Banking transactions, which we will all soon be obliged to use, to buy and sell, as the Bankers are, even now doing away with cash.

Industry is not coming back to the US or Europe, that is, not until they have decimated European man and brought in a new slave population. The people of the Western World have been duped into submission by bought and paid for traitorous politicians.

There are three imperatives for Europe. Firstly dismantle the EU. Secondly dismantle NATO and thirdly dismantle the UN, all of these bodies are controlled by the Bankers. None of them work for you. Eventually they will turn on you. It is NATO which is killing us already with Chem-Trails. When called upon to do so, they will send Foreign Troops into your country to kill you.

These people are ruthless. Do not be fooled into believing that they will not do to you, what they have already done in Russia and China, where millions were slaughtered. Be Warned.


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