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The Continuing Campaign Of Lies Against Syria.

The Sky News wandering reporter, Stuart Ramsey, delivered the most biased report from Syria since he last posted his News. This man, along with the rest of the Sky Team is quite obviously working for the UK Intelligence Services.
His report from Homs, which was delivered from some distance away, was as usual, based on information received from a source which could be trusted.

There was the usual portable telephone film clip, which as usual could not be verified, but Ramsey felt could be trusted, which showed nothing, apart from men shouting and film of running feet.
From this evidence Ramsey deduced that there were many casualties and hundreds of deaths, from an unprovoked attack against civilians.

Meanwhile back in London at Sky Central Command, Tim Marshall, was remarking that whomever was handling Public Relations for the Assad regime, should be sacked, for allowing the Assad Forces to launch an attack so soon after the Russians and Chinese had vetoed the UN Resolutions. He felt that it would have been in Assad’s best interests to keep things calm for a while, instead of ordering an attack which put the whole thing back on the Front Pages across the World. I could not have put it better myself Tim.
Just as the violence which started at the moment that the Arab League Team arrived in Syria, to investigate the source of the violence, was quite obviously initiated by the Mercenaries.

It would of course not dawn on the Sky Team that it would be the best thing that could possibly happen for the folk whom are working so hard to bring about regime change in Syria. Well it would dawn on them but what the hell, They’re not paid to report the truth.

Back in Homs, Ramsey ominously announced reports of aircraft being heard flying overhead. He had of course not heard them himself, but his source could be trusted.

Meanwhile, back in London, avowed Zionist and veritable piece of vermin, William Hague, was complaining that an attack on Syria would not be quite as straightforward as had been the complete destruction of Libya. He felt that with the full support of The Arab League, one and all dictators themselves, a way could be found around the Russian and Chinese vetoes to get rid of Assad. I did not notice if he finished his statement with his usual declaration of total support for his friends in Israel, whom are, of course demanding the destruction of Syria.

The hysterical US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, was babbling about saving the people of Homs from this vicious dictator and bringing the blessing of Democracy to Syria. She stressed how the suffering of the people of Syria was the responsibility of China and Russia, whom had refused to support the ending of the bloodshed.

This, coming from the mouth of a spokesperson for the US, which has vetoed every UN Resolution against Israel. Which has told the world that Israel has the right to slaughter 1,400 innocent women and children, and lay a tiny enclave to waste, in retaliation for a Standard Fireworks bottle rocket which was fired at them by Hamas. Yet Assad apparently does not have the right to retaliate against a group of Foreign Mercenaries and Agents from MI6, Mossad and the CIA, whom are attempting to create an excuse to bring the same form of humanitarian aid to Syria as they have recently brought to Libya?

Her President, Barak Obama, was occupied with a discussion of the next Israeli target after Syria has been broken, Iran. In response to a question, he stated that he fully supported Israels fear of the possibility of Iran creating a Nuclear Bomb. He failed to explain why Iran should not be worried about Israels Nuclear Bomb. The President of the US must lie by his silence on this matter, should he ever admit to the existence of Israel’s Bomb, he would automatically render the funding of Israel by the US illegal, as Israel has not signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.

Why, whatever is happening in Syria should provoke such agitation in the British, when they have just clinched a huge arms deal with Saudi Arabia, which is of course the most repressive of all of the Middle Eastern Dictatorships, knowing full well that these weapons are destined to be used against civilians. Saudi Arabia is even now carrying out a brutal suppression in their own State and in the neighbouring State of Bahrain.

The slaughter which is taking place in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen, where the killings have been going on for some time is given no coverage on Sky News, which is evidence of the control which is placed, not only on Sky News but on all UK News outlets, including the BBC.

Coverage is still available on Russia Today, which has not yet suffered the fate of Press TV which has been taken off the air by Hague’s Government, in order to hide evidence of the control which is placed on the British Government by the Zionists in the City of London. There is no advantage to the UK in the destruction of Syria, that is specifically for Israel.

So we now have the Anglo-American Empire in a position where it must scratch around looking for an excuse to by-pass the need of the permission of the Zionist controlled United Nations, in order to attack Syria.They may well find a way to use the Zionist controlled European Commission, where decisions are taken without recourse to the Elected Members and certainly not to Russia or China. One way or another, a way will be found to destroy Syria, of that we can be sure.

As with Libya, the people will not be given the choice of voting to retain Assad, as the people of Libya would certainly have done had they been allowed to vote for Gadaffi. What was inflicted on Libya was a Crime Against Humanity and certainly a War Crime.

The remark is often made that nothing seems to have been learned from Iraq or Afghanistan, this is a nonsense, things are going exactly as they are intended to go. Death and destruction is the name of the game. With the British it has always been so.

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