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The Growing Scandal of the Secretly Capped US Oil Wells.

The US Oil Barons, are not only buying up the options on huge oil reserves and capping the wells, they are at the same time forcing smaller companies out of business.

By making use of Agenda 21, they are calling for the land, on which exploration has yielded evidence of huge deposits, to be placed under the control of the Environmental Protection Agency, to prevent the owners of the land from pumping the oil. The big oil companies are funding the “Green” NGOs for their own gain.

At the same time they are closing down oil refining facilities in the US, in order to make it impossible for smaller companies to refine their oil.

The US, is at the moment, even without access to the huge reserves which are being kept under wraps by the Globalists, producing more oil than they consume.

This oil is being shipped off to China, where refineries are being built at the same rate as are coal-fired power stations.

The multi-national oil companies are forcing the smaller oil men to sell their product at Seventy Dollars a barrel, almost half the current market value.

They are also refusing to buy the enormous stocks of Natural Gas which accompany the oil.

The huge reserves in the US, which some claim are greater than the reserves of the entire world put together, are being exported to China, helping to make China the foremost producer of Gasoline in the world. Sounds familiar.

The US public, despite these riches are being forced to pay extortionate prices, at the pumps for a commodity, which is available in such enormous quantities, that its real value is minimal.

This sad tale is even more corrupt than that. The puppet governments which are being put in place in oil-producing countries such as Libya and Iraq, are signing  contracts with the likes of BP, for nominal sums, the Iraqi puppet government, has given them the right to pump oil at Two Dollars a barrel.

With the Future Markets in the hands Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, they have a strangle-hold on the price of oil. This strangle-hold is being used to destroy the worlds economies.

All of the companies and banks, which are involved in this theft, are in the hands of the same people.

The EU, which is complicit in the fraud, today announced that the price hike in oil, which was brought about by Iran’s decision to stop supplies to EU Countries which were not prepared to sign long-term contracts, would cause a sharp fall in Europe’s recovery. This is a lie, as they well know, that Europe has no need of Iranian oil. The planet is awash with oil.

The entire output of Alaska’s enormous reserves are being shipped off to China. All of the rewards, for the natural resources of the US, are being stolen, from under the noses of the people.

To be allowed to pump Iraq’s oil to Israeli Ports, to be sent to China, at Two Dollars a barrel, while the Iraqis are obliged to take loans from the likes of the sharks at the IMF, in order to rebuild their country, which was destroyed to suit the bankers and oil barons, is obscene.

I have yet to discover whether the Bankers have managed to get their hands on Libya’s Gold Reserves, nor is there any clue as to the price being paid for the oil. The country of Libya itself, has been suffering a wholesale slaughter, with the knowledge of the folk whom brought humanitarian aid to the people, but whom no longer care about the reality and consequences of this aid on the ground.

See  Huge US Oil Reserves Have Been Kept Secret.

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  1. kenneth1

    These people are a bunch a professional liars just like Obama and the rest of these American Nut Cases


    July 28, 2014 at 02:03

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