A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Everyone Is Complicit, Nobody Can Be Trusted.

Not for the first time, I find myself choosing the music of Barry McGuire to illustrate, not the state of the world, that speaks for itself but to pose exactly the same question: Why do you not believe, we are on the Eve of Destruction?

Back in the Sixties, when Barry McGuire recorded this song, the threat to the Western World was minimal, now, we are the target. What is happening to Black and Brown people is just a mopping-up operation.

It is now evident, to even the most patriotic of people, that we, the West, are the true scourge of the planet. The most recent example of this blood lust was the destruction of Libya. The people of Libya were given no opportunity to decide for themselves, the future of their country, that decision was taken for them, in the name of Democracy and Freedom and what they have lost, will never be recovered.

To most people, to suggest that there is such a thing as a benevolent Dictator, is a form of heresy and yet, in the UK the people adore the parasitic royal family and will not hear a word spoken against it. They in fact restored their King, having got rid of him and have since allowed whomever it suited the Shadow Government to put in his place, when his family withered away. Right now they are of German stock, well blended with the banking families.

The new target is another gentle Dictator, Assad in Syria. The opposition to this man, whom I believe, studied to be a dentist, has been generated in the West. Alain Juppé a French politician, whom was implicated in the Genocide in Rwanda is once again embroiled in the under-handed attack against a Sovereign State, without UN complicity, in the form of a Resolution.

It has been disclosed that French News Outlets have been manufacturing reports from Homs, through embedded Security Service employed reporters. The British MI6 lost two of its “journalists” whom were killed in Homs.

CNN were caught, red-handed, doing the same thing with Syria Danny, whom is in the employ of the British. The unedited film of his charade for CNN is available on-line.

It has been evident, since the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, that the “Free Press” in the West, works for the Government. I have watched  many manufactured stories on Sky News, ranging from the filming of the pretend whipping of a woman in Taliban controlled Afghanistan to the pretend opposition to Assad in Syria and Gadaffi in Libya. The British SAS were caught planting bombs in Iraq, as if there had not already been enough death and destruction.

There can be absolutely no doubt, that the UN and NATO are manufacturing chaos to suit the aims of the Bankers by whom they are controlled. When a group of unelected Dictators such as the Arab League, are standing in judgement of other Arab Dictators, one can only marvel at the stupidity of those whom accept this without question, ie the Western Media.

When one adds the almost total lack of reporting of the use of Saudi Arabian forces in Bahrain and the collusion of the US in the ridiculous “One Man Election” in Yemen, into this stew, the reality of this wholesale deception cannot be denied.

Meanwhile, back in the “Free West” an old-age pensioner, in the UK , while getting a handkerchief out of his pocket, accidentally pulled out a Ten-Pound note at the same time, it fell to the ground. A passing Policeman saw the note fall. He accused the old man of dropping litter and gave him a fine. Protesting changed nothing.

Another senior citizen snagged her clothing and a piece of wool fell to the ground, she too, was accused of dropping litter and charged with the offence. That is the encroachment of Agenda 21, where the wool from a Sheep, which is ubiquitous in the countryside, snagged on bushes and shrubs, becomes a crime against the planet in the “Free West.”

In the good ole USofA, things are even worse. A woman was obliged to pump breast milk, in a toilet, in front of  people coming in and out, to prove to the Government paid goons of the TSA, that the pump was not a bomb, and they squeezed her breasts to make sure that her swollen  glands were indeed full of milk.

This, in a country which plays down the death of an US Citizen in Syria, a one-eyed journalist, whom was in the employ of Rupert Murdoch and was sacrificed by the so-called Syrian rebels, with whom she was embedded, in order to take the attention away from the part played by journalists in the manufacture of “friendly” News and of course, as was suggested in Libya, the passing of information to the “Rebel Command.”

Iran, through its News Channel Press TV, much to my dismay, played a part in the disinformation, which was generated and distributed against Gadaffi. They are also on board with the Global Warming farce and are handing over Historic sites to UNESCO.

Strangely, the threat of an immediate attack against the Islamic Republic, is now being quietly put to bed. This nagging doubt persists in my mind, that it was the West which took down and killed the Shah and it was the French whom housed and fed the Islamic replacement Government.

George Galloway, that champion of the Muslim World, still insists, against all of the evidence that Islamic forces carried out the 911 operation.

On Press TV, an Iranian News Channel, he is in  a position, to at least demand the evidence against this group of Muslims. He accepts word for word the tale which was first delivered in the streets of New York, within minutes of the Twins Towers coming down.

Galloway must be one of the few remaining people on the planet whom believes this nonsense. He insists on confirming every last detail of the story, Building 7, the miraculous passports, the round hole which a plastic nose-cone left nine feet into the steel reinforced concrete of the Pentagon, all of this must stand, to keep the finger of blame pointing directly at Muslims. If any one of these details is called into question the whole story collapses. Why is that George? Why are you so sure it was the Muslims?

He might at least question these events which were,after all, the excuse to unleash this wave of carnage against the Muslim World. He wastes no time at all  shouting down callers whom question the banking system, this he suggests is verging on anti-Semitism, before the word Jew has been mentioned.

Galloway knows full well that these bankers are not Semitic people, they are Khazar Jews from the Caucasus. However he allows the finger to be pointed directly at the Muslims, whom are Semitic people, without any reference to the anti-Semitism involved.

He also invites experts from Chatham House, The Royal Institute for International Affairs, which is called the CFR in the States and The Institute for European Affairs in Europe, a group which was set-up by the Jewish Milner Group and Jewish Cecil Rhodes, the man whose fund educated Bill Clinton in the UK, which has the aim of taking control of all of the worlds resources, on to his Press TV programme. The question must surely be asked, whom has control of Press TV?

Galloway needs reminding that the only arrests which were made after 911 were of 75 Jews, many of whom were admitted Mossad agents. The US government,of course, released them, to brag about their filming of the events in New York,  which they knew in advance would take place.

Galloway, whose greatest claim to fame was his extraordinary greeting to his acceptable Dictator, Saddam Hussein, while on a visit to Baghdad, he of course changed his position, when it was put to him by a caller to his programme, that perhaps Pakistan was better served by its then dictator, than it was under the totally corrupt Bhutto family. Galloway nearly had an apoplectic fit, ignoring the fact, that it was the CIA whom wanted Bhutto elected.

The rogue States of NATO are already seeding Africa with manufactured excuses for an invasion, in order to carry on the Cecil Rhodes campaign of robbing the African Peoples of their wealth. Somalia has been allowed to fester but is now getting a few “drone” attacks to soften it up for the coming invasion, it appears that Somalia is rich in resources, what a surprise.

Uganda, which was the scene of the Israeli contrived hi-jack of an aircraft in order to blame the Palestinians, which gave them the added bonus of a “false” rescue mission, at the height of Idi Amin’s reign, is now being targeted by no less a personage than Lara Croft herself.

That’s right Angelina Jolie is calling for an attack against a War Lord whom has probably been dead for some years, Joseph Koni. We of course know how it works, as with Haiti once the US arrives they never leave, they simply rape the women and poison the water supply.

So here we can see the complete  media operation in full swing. We have had the film “Raid on Entebbe” glorifying Israel, we have TV News manufacturing daily events and accepting rubbish from embedded spooks, Journalists passing GPS positions to NATO and politicians whom present all of this garbage to their voters with a straight face.

I think Barry McGuire was right to be puzzled when he asked about us believing that we were on the Eve of Destruction. The whole Western World, while being distracted by Arab Springs and Humanitarian Invasions and all the other underhand deals which are going on, is being taken apart and the people cannot see that either. The US and Europe are done for. That is plain to see.

All that will be left soon will be a belated attempt to prepare for the worst, much like the rest of the Third World is doing.

Footnote:  Just when you think you have covered every angle, it has just been announced that William Hague is being charged with having passed information to NATO, which led to a drone attack killing 40 or more people including Malik Daud Khan in northwest Pakistan in March 2011 while attending a gathering of elders. Hague is accused of passing information to GCHQ in the town Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. This information was passed to NATO and used to direct the drone.

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