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The Growing Evidence Of Manufactured News Reports.

Frail looking Conroy has since made a miraculous recovery from his serious injuries.

The supporting evidence of a personal campaign, which I have been conducting against, Sky News and Press TV, is at last being exposed.  Take a look at this recent post.  read here. It is now becoming clear that even the portable telephone films were fake. Film has emerged of men staging events, using apparently,  injured children, whom are still distressed, to fabricate sympathy grabbing lies.

Sunday Times photographer, Paul Conroy, whom is allegedly an MI6 “Spook” whom escaped from Homs, in Syria, when it was liberated from the French Foreign Legion and other “Rebels,” by Syrian Military Forces, leaving behind the body of colleague Marie Colvin, appeared on Sky News on St. Patrick’s Day.  He spoke vehemently against the Assad regime.  He inferred that it was the regime which had planted car bombs in Syrian towns, which killed and injured many people. He warned us, without a trace of irony, not to believe a word spoken by the Assad regime.

It has been suggested that Conroy used this video as a means of passing a message to his “Runner” at MI6.

The “News Hen” of the day, to her credit, reminded him that he had absolutely no evidence to support his claims. He agreed, however he stressed that having been in Syria for three weeks, embedded with the “Rebels,” he knew exactly what was the reality on the ground.

I understood that the job of a News Reporter was to objectively report events.  Conroy, was with a group of journalists, all of whom have come under suspicion of being in the employ of various covert Intelligent Services, can make   no claim to objectivity. He can however make claim to having put the lives of honest journalists at risk.  More journalists are being killed while reporting conflict than ever before.

In Libya, it became clear from the lead-up to hostilities, that the journalists were reporting lies. Sky News, BBC and Press TV all failed to track down one single person from the huge number of Libyans whom supported Gadaffi. We were presented with footage of men in “flip-flops” shooting their guns in the air, at a safe distance from where the “real” hard men were slaughtering thousands of Libyans. It has been estimated that at least 140,000 were killed.

The most disgusting part of this sad tale, is the fact that people whom present the “News” are fully aware of the deception of which they are a part. Journalists’ always know the true story. Once upon a time they were brave enough to speak out.

During the Libyan Holocaust, I was so annoyed about the reporting of Press TV, that I wrote a few posts questioning the integrity of the reporting of the British teams of Johnnie Miller and Nick Jones and the biased version of events which they presented. Jones is now being held by one of the Tribal groups in Libya, on suspicion of spying. Would it not be nice if the Press could hold its head up and claim, with honesty, that they would not engage in that form of deceit?


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    ho hum yawn same old bullshit…… when are you ever going to learn that the crap you come out with is so ridiculous it becomes laughable…. so do carry on its nice to see your entourage making fools of themselves….. much better then we could ever do…why don’t you stick to the real stuff and get them Jews… your admirer maxine


    March 18, 2012 at 14:54

    • Why don’t you people take your hatred of Jews and your Holocaust denials elsewhere?


      March 18, 2012 at 17:20

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