A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Legal Murder And The Other Sort.

While that strange, shaven headed little specimen, with odd sleeping habits and an alien, unearthly accent, William Hague, is straining at the bit to destroy Syria, let it not be forgotten that this obnoxious little chappie was gung-ho for both the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, in support of that other contemptible specimen of humanitarianism, Tony Blair and on his own account the destruction of Libya.

Every time Hague opens his mouth, lies and disinformation pour out. His presentation of events in Syria, along with those of Hilary Clinton’s are so embarrassingly false, that the man should have no place in any form of democratic government.

Is it any wonder then, that this man considers himself to be a “Friend of Israel,” which absolves him from culpability of the murder and maiming of the innocent and of course gives him the right to lie through his teeth. Oh, and  to change British Law in order to allow Israeli War Criminals to visit the UK.

In France, we have just witnessed a crime, which was so obviously a set-up, that any responsible public servant should be appalled and calling for a Public Enquiry into the events in Toulouse. However they remain silent.

Marat, the selected “Patsy” must have been under surveillance all through the build-up to his shoot-out with Police and Security Agents, to make sure that he was available to be shot, to shut him up. These people never have their day in Court.

What we never discover, is the identity of the cold-blooded tools of the State, whom are paid to kill in cold-blood, the selected victims. The SAS and Mossad are full of such vermin.

The US Armed Forces is not short of this type psychopath either, as the case of Sergeant Bales as the slaughter of women and children in Afghanistan demonstrates. The US, with the support of the world-wide, controlled media, is still insisting that only Bales was involved in the atrocity, while everybody else, including the Karzai Government and many eyewitnesses are talking of the involvement of at least twenty GIs.

Bales is probably lodged in some secret luxury apartment, where he will remain until he is taken to a meeting with a Military Court, where he will discuss where he would like to spend a few years, probably in a sunny climate, with full pay and expenses, until an adequate excuse can be dreamt up to release him.

Bales is a professional soldier. He has served fifteen years in the Army. He will have already killed dozens of civilians during his time in Iraq. He allegedly raped the women whom were killed in Afghanistan, there were serial rapes in Iraq of both men and women.

His every act, while in the US Army, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan was illegal. Both invasions were aggressive acts against countries which had not attacked the US. People such as he, should be taken to the International Criminal Court, along with the Politicians whom ordered the attacks and charged with Genocide.

While endless excuses are concocted to account for the savagery of the Bales of this world and no mention made of the other vermin whom are holding the joy-stick of a games console to control drones over Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia and just killing brown and black people for fun, what is happening back in the USA? The Witch-Hunt to hang Zimmerman.

It is now being proposed that a black man cannot be monitored by a security man, simply because he is black. The fact that he was found to have items of jewellery and a screwdriver on his person must be ignored. The fact that the security man was necessary because of local break-ins must also be ignored.

To suggest that there was nothing suspicious about a hooded man, walking through an enclosed housing project, at night, with no reasonable excuse for being there is ludicrous. The security man had already called the police, he quite obviously felt that if he did not keep an eye on the intruder, he would disappear before the Police arrived. This is not justification for the powerfully built footballer to attack him.

However, to watch the public uproar and the media attention given to this sad tale and the outpouring of cries of racial profiling and all the rest of it, in a country which quite cynically condemned the Muslim community to a life of misery and Police harassment, in the name of a crime which was carried out by  the people whom had already planned the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, and in which the Muslim people had no hand.

The death of any child or adolescent is tragic, however where are the teeming hordes, crying out against the millions of deaths of slightly lighter skinned Muslims? These people are quick enough to say that the Gadaffi’s of this world had it coming to them. The US is responsible for the wholesale killing of so many people, without a word of admonishment from the vast majority of the American people that it is a disgrace.

I have checked out the comments of many different people over the past few days and the bigotry I have uncovered knows no bounds. Zimmerman, will never be left alone for the rest of his life, whatever the outcome of any Court Case. I have no idea of the actuality of the events on the night of the boy’s death, however one must ask ones self the question, should a burly footballer throw you to the ground and start to beat you, how much of a beating must you accept before taking out your gun?

It would appear that the black President can give himself the right to murder any US Citizen of his choice, without the necessity of evidence or Probable Cause. This has caused no outcry in the US as presumably the average US Citizen, believes that this will only apply to those brown people, whom of course must be monitored and profiled daily, just in case they decide to pull off another impossible attack in New York.

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