A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Adieu Sarko.

After a nail-biting election campaign the Bildergerger from the Left has narrowly beaten the Bilderberger from the Right. So with a huge sigh of relief things will continue as before, in France.

During the last day of campaigning, I had the opportunity to interview a member the UMP team. He had served in the French Embassy in Dublin for three years. He was well acquainted with the Irish obstinacy to both the Euro and the Lisbon Treaty.

However when I asked him to explain why he was in support of destroying the sovereignty of France in favour of a Federal State of Europe, he refused to comment. He made the same response to the question of linking the French economy with that of Germany, with the Germans in the driving seat.

When asked about his view on Agenda 21, he said that he had never heard of it. This is a politician, seeking the backing  of the electorate, whom apparently feels no obligation to explain the intentions of his government. He asked his secretary if she had heard of Agenda 21. She shrugged her shoulders. I explained to him, that should he enter the interior of any Mairie (Town Hall) in France, he would be greeted by a wall full of posters, explaining in some detail, that all of the Mairie in France are in an Association with Agenda 21.

When I asked him about his feelings on supporting a Government which had signed the Treaty of Lisbon, against the wishes of the French people and how he could expect to see this Government re-elected, he started to make his bid for freedom.

I could see no purpose in allowing him to fill my head with tales of generating jobs, reducing immigration and so on and I was certain that he had sensed that my next question would be on the vexed subject of the millions of Euro, which Gadaffi had so generously contributed to the last UMP election campaign, so I called it a day.

Shortly afterwards, the town Mayor and his team came by, supporting François Hollande, the Socialist candidate and in fact the winner of the election.  I had a copy of the Socialist manifesto with me, which was very short on definitive policies which would be pushed by Hollande.

I asked the Mayor why there was no mention of the Lisbon Treaty, it was clear that the vast majority of the People of France were opposed to it, so why no question of calling another referendum, which might include the question of leaving the Union?

He started to explain that the Socialists had nothing to do with signing the Lisbon Treaty. I interrupted, had not the Socialists collaborated with the UMP, to make an amendment to the French Constitution in order to “legalise” the signing of the Treaty? I asked. He mumbled something about being obliged to lend support, however things will be different this time around, the Socialists will have full control of the Government for the first time in decades.

I asked him about his attitude to Agenda 21. I have already interviewed several local Mayors, whom are likely to lose their control of local affairs, when they become merely an annexe of the large regional towns, under the control of the Département de Développement Durable. (Sustainable Development)

He said that he hoped everything would come under scrutiny and that many things would change in the near future. I have spoken to members of his staff on many occasions and they fully understand that the aim of Agenda 21 in to empty the country villages and to force the people into large Urban Human Habitation Zones.

Well that was Friday, today is Sunday and a few minutes ago the exit polls announced that Sarko was the first French President not to win a second term since Giscard D’Estaing, the criminal traitor whom wrote the Lisbon Treaty.

I have already heard whispers that Hollande is back-tracking on his opposition to the fiscal austerity measures which he has been promising to review, all through the campaign. Well he is after all, a member of the French American Foundation, along with the likes of Alain Juppé, Emmanuel Chain and Christine Ockrent,not to mention Henry Kissinger and the Warburg family. They were selected back in the last century, to fill the role of linking the European Union with the soon to be announced, North American Union.

Of course Hollande’s membership of the French American Foundation is not his only qualification, he is also a Bilderberer and a Free Mason. Sarko, like Gordon Brown, was given the job of signing the Lisbon Treaty, which has in effect, destroyed France. He did not quite manage to finish off Syria in the manner of Libya, he did however make a great effort to do so. He should now be eligible for a job, along with his half-brother, where he can profit from the wars in which he engaged France. In this role he will be linking with Dick Cheney and the Bush Family.

Hollande, for his part can claim not to be responsible for the mess which he has inherited and to be unable to undo the Lisbon Treaty, because history has stopped, he has, it appears, been elected into a position of no authority, he will simply conform to the orders of the Merchant Bankers, as do the rest of the twenty-seven heads of state of the European Union.

2 responses

  1. Scaredypants

    Yes same in UK . Cameron promised referendum on Lisbon and it totally vanished. Now the left are becoming popular again- all Bilderberges. Different side of same coin. What to be done about it is the question. Blair coming back into politics. Suppose he is co ing as a Knight in shing armour to save labour , start another war and enslave the gullible people. These people really need an oscar


    May 7, 2012 at 12:05

    • They’re all Bilderbergers. It’s the same thing all over Europe. When you watch PMs Question Time, with half of the Front Bench on each side of the House members of Bilderberg, it makes you reaise that it is all just a farce. Behind the scenes they are all in step with each other. The rest of it is just Cinema. Thanks for the comment.


      May 7, 2012 at 14:29

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