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The Leveson Enquiry Obscures The Issue.

Rebekah Brooks,  the ex editor of the News of the World, under questioning at the Leveson Enquiry into Press misbehaviour, in response to a question, told how David Cameron, signed off his text messages with Lots of Love. This is apparently indicative of a too cosy relationship, when it is borne in mind that Rupert Murdoch and Brooks, were intent on gaining control of satellite company BSkyB.

Brooks, her horse trainer husband and Cameron were long time friends and lived in close proximity to each other. Brooks and Cameron often went riding together. They also celebrated at Christmas, in each others company.

Under those sort of circumstances it would stretch things just a little, to believe that serious matters, such as the Governments approval for Murdoch to be cleared to buy BSkyB, were never discussed.

Rebekah Brooks was also under scrutiny for having published details of the illness of Gordon Brown’s son. She insisted that she had the all clear from the Brown family. Gordon Brown however, was reduced to tears at a later date, while explaining the personal pain he felt, knowing that his sons medical details had been hacked into.

Brooks was also questioned on her part in the “outing” of paedophiles  living in the community, which had led to vigilante attacks against innocent people.

All of this “Publish and be damned” attitude, when it concerns trivial matters, which should rightly be covered by gossip magazines, should not be allowed to distract from the far more serious question of deliberate disinformation, which is an integral part of the Murdoch News output.

I am far more concerned with what Cameron and Murdoch discuss while sat together at the Bilderberg meetings, which they attend, when ordered to do so, than what may be discussed at a Christmas party.

Whether Murdoch gains approval to buy BSkyB or not, pales into insignificance, when the question of whom has control of the subjects which Murdoch’s Hacks are allowed to discuss with politicians such as Cameron during an interview.

Murdoch’s Newspapers have never posed a serious question about the destruction of Libya. They misled and lied about every move which was made by the coalition murderers. Along with Sky News, they presented a totally distorted account of events leading up to the brutal murder of Gadaffi and most of his family.

The Leveson Enquiry, posed only those questions which a primed Frontman on Sky might ask of a Prime Minister, on a political programme. Just enough to sound tough without doing any harm.

Any enquiry of this nature should cover all forms of skulduggery on the part of the Press. When it is perfectly clear that Rupert Murdoch and his boys, have never taken the politicians to task over EU Referendums for example. They are still, as the Ice Age approaches, pushing for Carbon Taxes. They are on board with Free Trade and Globalisation and all the rest of the tragedies which have destroyed the British economy. So what is the point of trying to claim that there was the possibility of a “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” deal over BSkyB?

The British are so unenlightened, that they voted, cross dressing, whisky swilling, mass murderer Winston Churchill as their all time favourite man. Churchill was responsible for a far greater genocide than could ever be laid at the door of Adolf Hitler, however the British Press kept mum.

The fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as reliable News in the UK. The press of the day concealed the extent of the Irish Holocaust, where in the name of the Great White Queen Victoria, five million Irish people were starved to death by the English. A huge English garrison stole, at gun point, enormous quantities of Irish food, which was shipped to England to feed the avaricious English Military. The English of course deny this Holocaust. The mass graves across the length and breadth of Ireland bear witness to this slaughter.

The likes of Brooks and Murdoch, English and Australian, now of course Murdoch is an US Citizen, would never discuss in their pages another of Churchill’s murderous campaigns in India, where he ordered the seizure of all food in Bengal, starving seven million people to death. He claimed to need the food to feed the British Tommies, whom were preparing to fight the Japanese in Burma and Malaya, during World War Two.

This was a lie. The Australian’s had enough grain to satisfy Churchill’s needs, which could have been used to feed the Bengali’s. Churchill and the Australian Government conspired to withhold the food from the Indians, a deliberate act which  caused the millions of deaths. The grain had to be stored in hastily erected silos in Australia.

We never hear too much about the genocide in Ukraine, which shocked even the German troops, when they entered Russia during the war. Stalin a Jew, Like Churchill a Jew, were both responsible for mass killings, way in excess of anything which can be laid at the door of Hitler.  So why are we, on a daily basis, so long after the end of the war, still drowning in rubbish which is laid at the door of Hitler?

Can this be merely an irresponsible media campaign or does it serve another purpose?  Whatever the answer, there is a paucity of real journalism in the UK. There has never been a thorough examination of 7-7 in London. When an Irish journalist asked a difficult question at the Copenhagen Climate Conference, he was taken away under armed guard.

The Leveson Enquiry will not ask anything that may result in a truthful response from any of the witnesses. This is a game of cover-up. Any serious follower of World Events, knows full well that the British News, from whatever quarter is controlled.  Honest journalists are now working on-line.


Blair At Leveson; The Lies Continue

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