A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Putting Breivik Into Context.

While Anders Breivik is on trial, accused of a blood-thirsty attack on a group of teenagers, in protest at the continuing immigration of Muslims into Norway, word is leaking out from Libya, about the ethnic cleansing of a city of 42,000 mainly black inhabitants and the hanging and dismemberment of many of them.

This state of affairs is a result of a NATO intervention, which was said to be for humanitarian reasons, in which Norway participated. Not one of the countries which took part in this attack has made mention of the state of affairs, which they helped to create. It is, like Iraq and Afghanistan, just a footnote of history.

Yet to suggest that the people of Norway should consider the attack by Breivik in the same manner, would cause an uproar.  Such is the selfish attitude towards brown or black people. It compares with the Jewish claim that a million Arab deaths are not worth a Jewish toe-nail.

Meanwhile in the US of A, the opposite appears to be true. Trayvon Martin was shot dead, the perpetrator was considered to have behaved justifiably. He was described as white, which was good enough to start an outcry, which is now spreading across the world. Old Whitey attacking the blacks. But wait, that is not quite the whole truth, for example there are 43,000 or so rapes per year by black men on white women, in the US, yet the colour of the man is never mentioned, that is not PC

The number of black women raped by white men is virtually zero, that also is never mentioned. In fact the whole business lacks logic and appears to be a case of expediency.

An American soldier attacked, raped and killed a group of women and children, in two villages in Afghanistan and then set fire to their bodies, the soldier, Sergeant Bales, was part of a platoon of GIs on a mission, that is clear, a helicopter was involved and witnesses saw at least twenty soldiers. This is a War Crime. These are NATO forces.

Back in Libya, there is a struggle taking place between the various groups which are vying for control, over Saif Gadaffi and where he should be tried for his crimes, whatever they may be. One thing is certain he will find no justice whether his trial takes place in the Haig or in Libya, should he fall into the hands of the men whom brought justice to his father.

Neither are we hearing from the parents of children whom lost limbs during NATO air strikes, which were simply intended to destroy as much super-structure as possible. Nuremberg declared that claiming to be following orders was no excuse for committing crimes against humanity. This, of course only applies to the losers.

So to wind up I suppose it would be safe to say that most of the slaughter is carried out by men in uniform, with little punishment for their crimes, while a person whom carries out one or two killings, is referred to as a “serial killer” and fear stalks the streets until they are caught. Military Men are responsible for the most horrendous crimes “over there” while the people “over here” in general do not appear to give a damn.


Anders Breivik States His Case

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