A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

When A Phrase From A Song Says It All.

Should you ask a fan of Jackson Browne, to name their favourite line from one of his songs, no two would be the same. My own particular preference is for.” Take my hand and lead me to the hole in your garden wall and pull me through.”  Anyway, right now the phrase that concerns me is from the above song,”Fountain of Sorrow”.

“When you see through loves illusions, there lies the danger. When your perfect lover just looks like a perfect fool.”

This describes perfectly the process of waking up to the reality of the capriciousness of our leaders.

Just like a lover, you believe them to be of good nature and intelligent, sadly they are no different, when the scales fall from your eyes and you see them for what they are for the first time, you can only wonder why you ever believed a word that came from them.

The recent destruction of Libya is a good example of an eye-opening event. It did not just demonstrate the cold-blooded nature of NATO and of all its members, it also opened the aware eye to past events. Sadly, it also illustrates the complete stupidity of what our leaders refer to as The Herd.

Gadaffi’s first major blunder was to believe that the British could be trusted, when in fact he knew better than the rest of us, that the British are cold-blooded killers of anybody and everybody, whom stand in their way. He understood how the British operate, he had no need to look farther than the carve-up of the Middle-East, after the end of the Great War to comprehend the meaning of divide and rule.

Libya itself has now been divided and in future will be ruled, not in the interests of its Peoples but in the interest of the Elite, whom of course operate from the City of London. That strange construct over which the elected British Government has no control.

The method used to destroy Gadaffi was simple, construct an attack, by a group of paid “rebels” and when the Government responds to an armed attack, you send in the willing coalition of murderers called NATO, to change the regime.

Hitler, in the manner of Gadaffi, also believed that the word of an Englishman was his bond, when in reality it was more likely to be a convenient lie. The fact of the matter is that the English understand nothing else.

Hitler’s downfall had been in the planning since the dismemberment of Germany, after the Great War. Germany was cut to ribbons, with the intentions of creating “flashpoints” for the future. These “flashpoints” would serve to provide an excuse for the continuation of the Great Culling, which had begun in the Great War and more importantly, for the castration of Germany.

Danzig, which had been part of Germany for thousands of years, which had been declared a City State, after it had been taken away from Germany in 1920, was  predominantly of an Ethnic German population.

The City of London instructed the Polish Government to create ethnic disquiet in Danzig, which led on to serious attacks against the German citizens.

British Minister, Anthony Eden, advised Hitler, whom had received an agreement from Neville Chamberlain, that the British were in favour of German claims to Danzig, that some action must be taken, against Poland, to stop the racial attacks.

Hitler, repeatedly refused to take the bait.  He was however up to his neck in the pooh. The Jews had long before, declared war on Germany. They were interfering with German trade, interference which included the murder of a German diplomat in Paris, which created “Crystal Night” in Germany as a reprisal.

It was not until Poland launched an attack against Germany, that Hitler finally responded. This is the reality which has been suppressed ever since. This was all part of the plan to provide an excuse for the Jews to claim Palestine, a land to which they have no rightful claim.

The City of London which planned the coming hostilities , had other irons in the fire. Their man in Moscow, Stalin, was preparing the invasion of Europe, which was planned, also from London, to take place under cover of the up-coming war with Germany.

Hitler, fortunately, spotted the military build-up to an attack and fought off the depravity of the Russian Army, saving us from the Stalin treatment, which the Germans whom were trapped in the East were subjected too. Another suppressed story is the tragic tale of systematic rape and murder of huge numbers of German women and little girls, which carried on even after the war had ended.

The Peoples of Europe, whom were thrown into two World Wars, in little more than twenty years, still do not get the picture. They are being slaughtered. One group of people, whom believe that they are the true inheritors of the Earth,  are still in the process of eradicating the rest of us.

It is fair to say that there is a discernible pattern to all of this. There is also a lack of political voices standing in opposition. Libya was a war crime, that is beyond dispute and yet there was no outcry against it. Politicians across the Western World aided and abetted the crime.

One of the favourite tunes of the British is Rule Britannia. Britons never, never, never,will be slaves. What a joke. They have never,never, never been anything else. Every serving Military Man has sworn allegiance to the Queen. Not to Britain, to the Queen. They are fighting for Queen and Country. How adorable.  In reality she has sold her Subjects down the river. She could not care less about her “people.”

The City of London, speaking like the voice of Delphi, through the mouths of Cameron and Osborne, are telling us that if Greece leaves the Euro-Zone the world will come to an end. Why this should be so is not clear. The rest of the world, including the UK is managing quite well outside the Zone. The Queen, without reference to her Subjects has signed six treaties which have dissolved the UK, into the hands of those whom believe themselves to be the inheritors of the world.

The Queen has assisted the Central Bankers in the theft of the wages of her Subjects, which has been going on since one of her ancestors handed to the bankers, the right to issue the British currency, with interest attached, in return for a cut of the profits.

Using the incredible wealth, which was created, the bankers encouraged other “Royal Families” across Europe to accept the same racket. Those whom refused were destroyed. This use of force to achieve the acceptance of Central Banking, is still going on across the Muslim World, which has refused to charge compound interest.

In truth, when the illusion of the monetary system, is fully understood and the criminality in its structure made clear, the lack of political response is proof positive of the complicity of the political classes in the deal. There is a revolving door between the Banking System and the Political System, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, now have contracts with the bankers. These same bankers are now placing their people in positions of power in Italy and Greece.

The British Sheeple are now getting ready to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Everything is Terrific and Super and so exciting. There really is no hope for these people. They pay their taxes to Her Majesty. Their Government is controlled by Her Majesty. Most of the UK is owned by Her Majesty and the people still adore Her Majesty.  Another of Jackson Browne’s majestic phrases could well apply to the British  public:

“I thought I was flying like a bird, so far above my sorrows, when I looked down I was standing on my knees”


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