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Sky News Reports From Syria Are Embarrassing And Shameful.

That wretched little Zionist, William Hague has announced that the UK may not allow the Syrian Olympic Team into the UK, as it would be unseemly to allow those whom may be guilty of offences against humanity the freedom to compete.

There is of course, no question that he will allow the Israeli team access, despite them being representative of the most aggressive perpetrators of Crimes Against Humanity in the Middle East.

These statements are being made in furtherance of claims being made against the Assad regime in Syria, following a murderous attack, from which Assad had everything to lose, while the terrorists, whom are being armed and trained by NATO, had everything to gain.

Sky News, whom we are expected to trust, as they are of course The Free Press, while not even being on the ground in Syria, are reporting every word which they receive from the NATO organised Opposition, which has been caught red-handed falsifying the News, as if it was reality.

They have chosen to ignore the recent election which was held in Syria, despite the fact that more people turned out to vote, despite the ongoing violence, than bothered to vote in the last election in the UK, as if it meant nothing. That it did not even merit a mention.

This type of reporting is consistent, across the board, home and away at Sky and it deserves an investigation. Sky News is engaged in an all out effort to send the UK Military into yet another, deliberately provoked attack against a country which poses no threat to the UK and whose people are spoken for by the liars whom report the News on Sky.

This is exactly what was done to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Do the dumb idiots in the UK not detect a pattern in this? In the immortal words of Bill Hicks, “How far up your ar*e does a  di*k have to be, before you realise you are being f***ed?”

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