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Al Jazeera Excuses Zionist Aggression. It Was All Osama Bin Laden’s Fault After All.

I had already braced myself for bad news, when I decided to watch the Al Jazeera documentary, The 911 Decade. It was even worse news than I had expected.

We were presented with a version of History, which was complete,  with the inner thoughts of Osama Bin Laden himself. We were told that Bin Laden had decided that the only way to destroy the Western Infidels, was to trick them into invading Afghanistan and Iraq, where they could be picked off like fish in a barrel.

We were assured that this was a war that the US had very nearly lost.  It was not a war against terrorism, as we had been told by George W Bush, it was in fact a war between ideologies and cultures. Wars between Nation States were now a thing of the past, we are apparently back in the days of the Crusades.

Al Qaeda, using funds from an unknown source, are taking on the might of NATO and the Zionist bankers in a grim war of attrition, in which they may be victorious.

We were told that this slippery group, which can only be found by young Muslim lads, from across the globe, whom hear the call to arms and not by the combined might of Mossad, MI6 or the CIA, were in fact responsible for all of the attacks against the West in recent times, 911, 7-7, Kenyan Embassy, USS Cole, until they finally slipped up in Jordan, where they bombed a wedding party, creating a back-lash against themselves. All of this was related without a shred of evidence to back it up.

We were offered no explanation as to what sort of campaign against the West was being continued, in view of the tiny number of fatalities on the coalition side compared to the millions of deaths, serious injuries, malformed children and destruction on the side of “Al Qaeda.” They would appear to be doing nothing more than providing an excuse for the continuation of the carnage, so beloved by the Zionist West.

This “Al Qaeda” is openly helping NATO in the present dismemberment of Syria, as they did in Libya, against Gadaffi and will no doubt be prepared to fight against Iran, should an attack take place. They are also in control of large parts of Yemen, where the people have been conducting  peaceful protests against the Saleh regime, which are now, thanks to Al Qaeda, becoming violent, which will generate an excuse for a NATO intervention.

So there we are, every effort to create this ideological war, this Clash of Civilisations, between Muslims and the Jewish-Christian Alliance, has achieved nothing more than to provide exactly the excuses for which the Zionists and Neo-Cons have searched, to commence the destruction and the taking of control of the Muslim world.

We were told that the West was in the main, peaceful, moderate and Liberal, while Muslims were fierce and warlike and actively sought this Clash of Civilisations, giving the West no alternative other than to do what they like doing best, terrorising and slaughtering innocent people.

We were offered no explanation as to why this brave group of “Freedom Fighters” did not offer assistance to those in real need of help in Palestine nor indeed make any move against the interests of Israel.

Strangely, throughout the film, no mention was made of the part played by the CIA in the control of Al Qaeda, which has recently been demonstrated in  Libya and Syria and in the past in  Bosnia. No mention of the fact that they had sent their top man Anwar El Alaki into Yemen, to construct Al Qaeda in the Arabian Gulf, the man whom had assisted the FBI in many under-handed events in the US and was in the employ of the CIA.

To sum-up, all that was lacking from this piece of propaganda, which was put together by a company which includes many faces from  Sky News and the BBC, was the nauseating voice of Stuart Ramsey, doing the talk-over.

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