A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

We Are Entering The Final Lap Of The Race To Hell.

Our Zionist controlled politicians, are busily preparing the ground, in exactly the same manner in which they provoked Japan and Germany into the Second World War, which has been so named in order to bring it into line with the so-called prophecy of Zionist and Free Mason Albert Pike, whom spoke of three World Wars, in order to provide the possibility of Zionist control of the planet, to force us into a Third World War, which has been spoken of as a war against Islam.

The Muslim people are being destroyed, while we watch the spectacle, in the manner of Romans in the Coliseum watching Gladiators fight to the death.

One by one, country after country, the Muslims are being cruelly put to the sword or simply condemned to a slow and painful death by radiation poisoning. The West is of course distracted by far more important events, football, tennis, Tour de France, golf and very soon the Zionist Olympics. No wonder these caring folk have so little time to spare, worrying about others.

They seem incapable of even the slightest concern about the millions of tons of radio-active waste, which is hurtling towards us from Fukushima. Fish is still very much on the menu, despite being already contaminated. There is not a cubic metre of air on the planet which has not been contaminated with Depleted Uranium. So what! Appears to be the common reaction.

There appears to be a total lack of concern for the well-being of the paid killers, whom we refer to as “our boys,” as they are daily contaminated with this Uranium,  as they fire their weapons at those unfortunate people whom find themselves in Free Fire Zones.

The British public is extremely upset at the moment, because certain Military Regiments are being disbanded. Amongst them is the Regiment which was awarded eleven Victoria Crosses, for the courageous slaughter of Zulus’ with spears, by men with Gatling Guns.

The British have a lot for which to answer and the day of reckoning may arrive very soon. They have just voted for the second Zionist controlled Government in a row without even noticing. They will vote the first one back into power at the first opportunity and will expect a different agenda next time around.

They have been so distracted of late, by the sumptuous wedding of Kate and Wills and the lavish celebrations of the sixtieth anniversary of the Queen’s reign, that they have failed to notice the thousands of elderly folk whom are being starved to death in hospital wards, that is, should they have survived the winter. It would appear that death by dehydration and starvation has quietly become the most common cause of death in our hospitals. The alarming increase in the rate of Autism in children and sterility in both men and women would appear to be of little importance.

The Bankers whom have been caught cheating trillions of pounds out of other people’s pockets seem to be guilty merely of ignoring regulations, Grand Larceny is not a crime for bankers, it would appear. This is of course because the folk at the top, will have made a fortune from the deal, so we cannot expect the Queen and Rothschild to be arraigned in Court. They could of course not have been unaware of what was going on. It will be fun watching the “whitewash” live on Sky.

The Serious Crime Squad, should they want to, will not be allowed to check Rothschild’s or the Bank of England’s accounts, Rothschild demanded this right for himself, he is too important to have to answer to the Law, as the rest of us must.

So here we are once more, in the middle of all this mayhem, still trying to destroy Syria. Hilary Clinton and William Hague are vying with one another, to present the most ridiculous hyperbole and lies surrounding events on the ground and the guilt of the various parties involved, most of whom are in the pay of NATO, a Zionist controlled corporation.

There is little to choose between the group of GI’s, whom under the control of Sergeant Bales, killed and raped their way through two villages in Afghanistan, burning the bodies of the victims as they went and the paid groups of mercenaries in Syria, whom are doing the same thing. Folk like Hague and Clinton are responsible for both. They should be driven from power, not Assad, whom has invaded no country.

Politicians in the West, apparently have the same exoneration from guilt as do bankers and industrialists, they are, after all only following orders. In the UK, the Queen is the Head of State, which makes her responsible for all of the Acts of Parliament, which have been passed under her signature. She is ultimately responsible for the carnage which is being carried out by her Military. She could stop it quite simply by ordering her Military Men to withdraw from illegal wars, in which the UK is involved. She is the guilty party in all of the illegal UK operations since nineteen fifty-two.

She has stood idly by, watching the destruction of the UK and the impoverishment of the people, without batting an eyelid. She it was whom signed into law all of the illegal EU treaties, which have destroyed the UK. She is in fact a traitor, as are all of her Prime Ministers, since the days of Churchill, that mass slaughterer of innocent people, whom helped force the world into the Second World War.

The British people have been so dumbed down, that they cannot understand the simple maxim, “It doesn’t matter for whom you vote, the Government always wins.” Which is why they have been involved in a game of Yo-Yo with the two main political parties in the UK.

This bunch of jokers in Parliament, do not even bother to read the Bills for which they vote. They will not have noticed how Blair concealed, in one of these un-read Bills, a change in the Treason and Sedition Law, in order to prevent the prosecution of himself and his co-conspirators, from the revenge of any “Free” government which may come to power.

The French have displayed an equal degree of blind faith in the political system, by voting into power François Hollande, a professional politician, a Free Mason and Bilderberg member, believing him to be trustworthy.  His first pronouncement, after election, was his willingness to support an illegal war with Syria. He then, of course, backtracked on all his “rhetorical” election pledges.

As with the war against Hitler, the City of London is mounting a coalition of the guilty, to take out the last of the debt free Muslim States. Just as with Hitler, whom believed himself to have the support of Stalin, only to discover the ulterior motives of the Russian Jews, Assad believes he has the support of Putin in the struggle to save Syria from the Zionists and the debt soaked Central Banking system, he will be sadly disappointed. Russia “collapsed” to order, it has been under Zionist control for generations.

Hitler represented exactly the same threat to the Central Bankers and industrialists as did Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi. Germany was mutilated in exactly the same manner as were Iraq and Libya. Nothing has changed in the intervening years, the tactics are the same. Germany has now become a central part of this new” Coalition of the Guilty” and under the present Zionist Government, will with zeal, deal out the same form of criminal attacks against other states, as were once perpetrated against Germany. Where are the free German people now?

When it finally dawns on these deluded disciples of Democracy that we are just cover for a dictatorial group of criminals, intent on total control of the whole patch, it will be too late to do anything about it. Despite a surfeit of evidence, they refuse to accept that they are voting the Mob into power. Take a look at a few films about the Mob, Scorsese’s “Casino” for example and ask yourself whether you can expect any sympathy or understanding from this type of psychopath. These are the type whom have already taken control of politics. Be warned, we truly are a long way down The Road to Perdition.

This clip is truly disgusting. Please be warned, if you are even slightly squeamish you will find it hard to watch.

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  1. Vidd

    Brilliant again. Butikk are you sure about Putin and the Russian elite?


    July 18, 2012 at 05:43

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